The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on March 24, 1977 · Page 6
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 6

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 24, 1977
Page 6
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6— XAPOATTTCK NEWS (CONN.), TUESDAY, .9, 1948 •••Pittsburgh Gliinpses Three Surviving Quads No Activity In Major Leagues Yesterday By Jack Sords Due to tho All-Shir pmn«j which 1* belns puvyed today thero vi'cro m> KUIIICH phiyod ill t\iu major loaKtN's yesterday and there will bo no activity tomorrow cither. This follows n yearly custom linvinc off days prior to, und after the all-star cum text to ffive the players ample time to return to tlieir respective clubs. A. L. Juniors Meet Thursday, Play Saturday Afti-r mi unto trip from Now Vork city,- William (Bed) Thompson IN shown In this exclusive photo, giving hln son, Mlclic.v, ml oxprrss wiijjiin ridp in this hack yurd of 'Pittsburgh, F':i., home. The nmtlicr, .'Nurnh durpi-nliir, iiiiii <liMieht<<r.-<, MiKlclclne and Miiuruc.n join in tlic turoily fe.sth'ltics. The triplets, surviving im-nihrrs of tin 1 famous lirltlsh quads, arc dressed l.i their Stuiday l«>st and wcm to onjoy their now Kiirroiimlliii;*. Tin; cuiiiili' plan tn murry wtlhln a fuw days. Copyright New York Dully Mirror. (Intuma- tlonal iSuundpliotn) On The Air Today U'l'.HV Vim WA III ' M- !••! V.-.IV, Wlli.-i W.Vnt AI 11:411 |i. I U'T/C- ..l-'lvn .MI.-IIJ'.I SANDY BEACH J.AKIC tJl/ASSAl'AIJO 01CK KJM,KV, ,-VK'r. Opon K) A. M. to lo V, M. Houtlng 9 lj;itliliijc « 1'lc.nlcfi HOI,D Hiilr-i on TralliM'.i I'Vir \'aculluii UMO OKANOK THM1MK ItKNTAT, SKltVICI': TK(.«('i;il.NK .\iuiiriitMrk .'t«IN >nl<'K In rnlnii Cilr Iliinlwim 11:1.-, i,. in. In Khvlhm 7:1." p. m- ii,,ii,i,. ,,r ,si,,,.-i WATK -,\lci,|ii>:iv!< Ali •»V!:;A 1 '--Kii-IU-iihoi n K:;;n „. WIIIIV M.-AKI'. III.: Ti'. '.Vf :.\ f- l\"CJ( ' Jultutty ' Illllif. U'JI'. '.v.ix -Tii,. '.VATK- --I FOR A CAB TEL. 5285 IMY or NJfiUT Independent Cab Co. 11X1 Sniilh Muln St. SPECIAL! 15 A B Y WALKERS $598 BEACC Kl'DDIK CENTEU 73 GRAND STREET Watcrlmrv , M 1 .l/...l',-ATK Wf'l:— '!'!,•.• H i'- TII, ' !• n u Ji,\i !0 41. i «;.-.- \vi:t':v-*.v ,\ tl:»ll n. w I :'.; v \l'A in ' -- M'.ij. ni IVK.', f-M-"||- . V. I..- A't'l; -i ;i. t, !•:••! .1 [..niicr WJ'S. T.'.l Min V.',.1-1,1 N<- W I, A fresh coa« ot paint OD the wood -work mnd walJs will ronkc fhnf room new ag.iioj And ii you use the right paint, you can easiJv Icccp it clean and nt-w. looking with soap and water, 'We recommend Murphy Paints . interior KallroarlM r ,r the United State uiud l,H!M,n.|7 nji| lv , rjf tt ., t! ,, h<3n( "-nil tc-l<-grri|i|, wii-.-a. fquivalrnt t ,"i tliuofi aniund ihu globe at th line of |he eijnntor. Sen Our Ijirvo .Stouk of LAWN and GARDEN SEEDS All Kinds of Fertilizers TOOf.S I'OK GAKDI£N mid .I.AWN SIIOVJ':i,H (lojij; and short llll'll(IIOM) (JAKDKN RAKES 1IOKS — SPAOKS 1'TIUNING HIIKAKS OKASM SUKAUS CANS, Inc. Maple St. Tel. 3507 NAUGATUCK SPORT AUTO SUPPLY \VJ5AVJ.\G. I'rop. . " rt T,-l. :i3!M i AtTO J'AItTS SPORTS GOODS { KAl-OK LIKK rKKSICHVKUS POOL On First Class Tables R & M ALLEYS 1153 MATI.K STREET Our store and .plant will ho closed from .luly 7 to July 22, Tloasc call for your clothes to iivold disappointment. HAVE YOUR AL'TO RADIO in TOP CONOITTON For Your July •Hli Vacation ' und Loiitf Afterwards rroniiit livjiair' Work All Makes WILLIAMS RADIO 2'-'2 Nn. Mnln St. x-rtSTt Sports Chatterbox By JACK DARBY Odds And Knds We have Inside information thnt I .a try MncP.'inil, bow; of the N. Y. Yankees witnessed "Spec" Shea's recent four hit, '1-0 victory over Seattle out on the Const a few days JMacl'hall, who tern)!.-.! "Spec" r.s our: of the Yanks best prospects in spring training seoirsed very in- loresitr-d In tho yong hurlers re- l.urn to form after his appendix op- oration. It is a good bet now that, the Yanks "'1)1 bring 1 Shea bock to N. Y. In late August or "September when they arc- making their final, bi'l for inn American League fjug, Tnridently "Spec" nov. 1 has n record or i; wins and 2 losses with tho leajruc Oakland club . . . Tho report that $10,000 is being raised for a "Welcome Home" celebration for World War II Veterans seems greatly inflated. We don't deny that our boys earned and dc| servo a groat celebration for tho j part they took in Victory., but it j i:< our opinion that the majority of the Veterans would rather see the •• used-to increase tho recreational facilities in the borough With the New Dam condemned for swimming and the hig school bc- ln.<: forced to play its basketball games in Watcrbury next year, it would" i-ioom much more sensible 1 to ptit the money into a public swimming pool or towards tho needed Gym-Auditorium that the Vet's llicmso.'vcs proposed, instead of un- i";,' t'uch an enormous sum just for the decoration o!' building.'; anrl floats for a parade that has no las ting value . . . The Mealy twins "Vin and Joe" arc? scheduled to attend a baseball school in Watcrbury next week. The 1,'oyK really live' and' breathe nothing but baseball these days, and although \vc arc looking very '-" ahead if tho Hoaly's ever were The American Legion Junior baseball team will meet Thursday evening at 7;nO o'clock in the Legion home, for a very important meeting, it. was announced by Manager Eddie Noklc today. Photos and fingerprints are to bo Hilton at the meeting, und the resenco of every team member is required to have these photos taken. The local Legion nine will begin i.h'jir season this Thursday when they engage the stiong Ansonia Junioni nt the Recreation Field for its opening district league game. Oames following this will be: Thursday, July 18, Nnug-y at Soy-, mour, 0 TV in. Saturday. July 20, Seymour at Naugy, li:30 p, ro. Tuesday. July ^3, Is'nugy at An- sonja, C p. m. Tennis Courts Open For Season Announcement was mtulo today by uthlntlc coach, ' Putcr J. Folcy, that the tennis courts ct the local Recreation Field, ape open to all loca.1 residents for their use. Mr. Foley is considering starting o tennis tourney and would like all local residents, regardless of .age, to come down to the local field and life the |oc;H courts. Ca.-ich Foley also staler! thnt several (jroupfi have informed him of heir Intention to form junio learns and that he is" gratified foi the assistance which these group, arc giving him. Many Local Youths Entered In YMCA Swimming Classes American League Favored In Today's All-Star Contest Feller And Passeau Will Be Opposing- Hurlers In Won der Game . . . Baseball Standings NATIONAL WAGUE No Yesterday's Results games rschcdulcd. Tho Standing W. L. Pet 48 HS .640 43 31 .551 3!1 33 .542 31 36 St. Louis . . Chicngn .. . Cincinnati . Boston .... New York , Philadelphia Pittsburgh . 33 -11 30 30 29 -U .486 .•159 .446 .43.-J .597 to get into tho JWfijor Dengues to-i St. I> time tho very Chicago Philadelphia Today's Games, Fltchers No games scheduled. Mrnneapolisi clubbing a fancy .343. And short- si top Sibl Sisli of Indianapolis is hitting .3-n. KCther, It would be the firs 1 , in history that twins made "bitr time" i''or ail you Red Sox-Yankee I'j'.ns there will be Sunday doubleheaders bntwesn tho two clubs at Yankne Stndium or. August 11 anrl Sepiorubor Und. it would bo a good idea to start planning to attend no 1 , 1 , 1 a." Uckct.s u.'uiaily pet i:eare a week or so hefoi-u „„ tlni'.'. In case ynu f.-ina mi^ht not know how to s'et the I|UO«I.K, simply .••riul 11 check in- money ardor to the "A.mei-ic.-in T-.cai;uo H.-iselid.!! Club of New Yorl:. -HIS Fifth Ave. New Yni k 22. N. Y." The Phllly Klucjays who Ivent'ttic \Vaiurbiiry Brassco's J3-3 Friday linvo taken a Jlklfiff to the J3rass City, in fact club officials think tl.-al \VViforhuiy would make a good farm city for the Phillies Our All-Star tatm predictions turned out fairly well, ot the 20 r/um .squads we picket!, I'.i plnyors from each team were also wele'ctcd by the Major Lcapuo Managers, j The four we mi.HSBd in the Amorl-1 ton, hut the othe,- "experts" left •can :Uv, J: ue wore Groenberff, of DC-' ih^-.c boys out. (darn it) By THOMAS FITZTATRICK The thirteenth annual all-stai ( between the American and National baseball leagues is beins played today .at Fenivriy Park in E-jstou. The -paxne, which started at 1:30 this afternoon-, finds 'the largest polaxy of stars -in the's hiatory, with the absence or several worthy major-leaguers appearing vei-y noticeable. When tho choices were announced last week the names of Hawk Grccnberg of Detroit, ' and second baseman -Berardino 1 of the St/'iioui-a- Browns, -were notable, due'to their absence,' When Wicir ,cs did not appeal 1 , it caused a lot of criticism in many circles as to the method used in choosing the all-star teams. Joe DiM/is-R-io, who was named, will probably not be able to play today, r.s he suffered a sprained •ir.klc and knne sliding into second jasc, during a recent gramc, ajrainst Philadelphia. 5 for today's ffamc which is already in progress as this is being •cad, this writer will pick the American League to win. Bobby Feller will start for the American eagucrs, apainst Claude Passeau of the Nationals. Feller will be fol- owod by Ncwhouser and Spurjjcon 'Spud" Chandler; 'while the Na- ionals will rely on T-iuke Scwcli i and Mort Cooper after Passeau fin- i ihes his three Inning ntint. Fucts And Figures Of the six pitchers, Spud Chandler holds the individual honor, of bcir.K the one of the group to have won an all-star game. He pitched four innings in one all- star game, allowing no runs, striking out two, and walking nobody. Dom DiMaggio, who will start BATTERS off in tomorrow's contest, has the I3o:Uon, July n—(UP)—Two Bos- | distinction of being the only ba-t- ton Braves cnstoffs are among the '- CI ' with a 1.000 hatting average leading halters in the 'American ! in thc classic. Dom in the one association. Flrs-t Baseman John ny McCarthy of Today's Gainen, Pltc.hcrs No games .scheduled. MS AGUE No garncs'scheduled. The BoHton ., . Now York Detroit , .. Washington Standing W. L. 51 23 . -17 31 42 32 37 30 Cleveland S. 1 ! 42 34 41 29 44 22 Cl Pet. .701 .G68 .507 .455 .403 .307 .301 Local Groups Announce Intentions Of Joining Poley-loop Both the MHivillc Association and the • St. Francis church have announced Intentions of forming junior tennis to enter ii'.to the newly formed JuniOr -Baseball league, started by Peter J. Foley. Lutes; reports srty that many locnl groups urc Intending to form junior teams to enter into Mr. Foloy's loop. It In hoped that th<> organisation will prove lo be a success. Today's Lineup National Leagtie all star team— Rod SchocndienNt of the St. Louis arclinals; Del Ennis of the Philadelphia Phils; Johnny Hopp of the Boston Braves; Dixie Walker of he Brooklyn Dodgers; Whitey Kurowski of Si. Louis Cardinals; Johnny MIKC of the Mew York Giants; Valltcr Oocper of the New York Slants; Marty Marion of the St. .lOuis Cardinals, and Claude Pas- eau of tho Chicago Cubs.. American league all star team— bhnny Pesky of the Boston Red '•ox; Dom DiMagjjio of the Red •ox: Ted Williams of the Red Sox; Iharlio Keller of t.hc New .York Yankees; Bobby COCIT of the Boson P.ed Sox; Mickey Vernon of , T ,, I- i' a " k ™* ycs ' and Bob Feller, a!) of the.Cleveland Jndiaiis, troit, Bera.tllno of St. L and Johnson and Pvobinson of the Yankees. We admit thnt the two "Yanks" were rather bad choices but still can't see why "Hamrnorln Hank" and Beradino were not picked for tho team. In fact St. Louis had lodged an official protest about the omission of Eerndino. For the National League we picked Stanky of tho "Bums" Hack of. the Cubs and Vic Lomburdi from the Dodgers nK with Tommy Holmes of Bos- but ROLLER SKATING LAKE QUASSAPAUG PAVILION EVERY AFTERNOON, 2 TO 5 MON»AY, TUIWDAV, THURSDAY, FRIDAY NIGHTS 8 TO 11 r. M. Tlw; Coolest and Best Skating- Surface in'Connecticut BU'SES LEAVE PARK NIGHTLY AT 11:30 P. M. the classic. g;imi_> in which ho played, pot up once and got one hit driving in ,-.)ne run. Yankee manager T5j]] Dickey has appeared in more all-star con- •tostfi than any other player, appearing in seven. Only four home- runs have been garnered in the classic by members of this year's teams, and all of those by American luaguers. The homo-run Jilt- tcrs are Ted Williams, Rudy York, Joe DiMaggio nnd Bobby Doom ' LITCHFIELD SUMMER THEATER Opening- Night SKYLARK July 8-13 Seats 75o, 51.00 ,51.50, $Z,00 PARK DEPT. CONCERT Hamilton Park Pavilion (WATKRBTIUY) THURS. JULY 11 (8:30 T. M. K:iln or Shine) Civic Orchestra of Walcrliory (Mario DiO.cco. Conductor) and NAN MERRIMAN Stnr of Concert, .Rnilio, Oporii J'rlces — ¥1.20, sfl.SO, $2.00 (tuxos included) (TICKKTS AT McCOY'S) 2nd PIC WEEK Knthryn "• tune GRAYSON-ALLYSON Jimmy DURANTE TUIO SISTERS PflSSKKV TO DflllGER Srophan/o SACHtlOR r Kan» RICHMOND - WEDNESOAT Kuur i mm GREAT GUY ssn quEnun CONNJCCTICOT'S MOST LAKE QUASSAPAUG MXJSIC COMES TO— . JBY, POPULAR, JIECJU1JST!, F 31 A N O I S " " DELFINO MIS SAXOPHONE AND 1HS RKCORD-BKEAKING ORCHESTRA 13 — PEOPLE — 15 Starring FANNIE ROSSI, VINCENT MANZOLI *nd MONROE DANCING AT 8 ATOVI. (tax (nc) 70C plus CURTAIN 8:40 Reservations Tel. ADIRONDACK CHAIRS CROQUET SETS - 1946 G. E. RADIOS (Immediate Delivery) WEISS' Ben .Franklin Store j«2 oiruncii KEART BUILDING . TJEL. 5212 Shea Announces Important League Meeting- Next Week Amateur I.c.-ifftic President Fr:u.-!t S. (Shea jmnouncMl Ixt- day (-hat a Hpocliil mecdnn: of the m:m«Ber» and offlclolH of the NaiiJTiituck Ai»:itcur »;i.Ne- h:ill Lfiasruc xvill !)<>, hold- next Tuesday evening at St. Francis school. This ineetinK in scheduled for 7:30 p. m. Arrangements will bo mftda at Tuesday'* far pJiiy- inp Meveral postponed loop panics as twlHght contests in order to start the second half race on Sunday July 2«th as scheduled. H was rumored today that all cunies ill the short liitlf race will tw played nt Iteereatlon Field In the future. A do/'inltc. vita will be Uiltcn on tliin matter at the • next inectlitfr. IXMicuc Secret-'iry All>crt R. Brewer also requests managers who have not returned players contracts to do so at once in order that their play- ijrs will l»c cliRlble for Suj>day's frames: Hifi-filiinders vs. Millville. St. Francis vs. Rangers. ] Girls And Boys Both Taking: Advantage Of Instruction At Local Y Plaits Mills Nine Defeats Millville The strong- Plaits Mills A. C. pushed two runs across in the sev- "n'.h inning last evening, in .1 contest ngrsjnst the Millville A. A. to break .1 2-2 deadlock and win the contest by a -i-2 score. Single markers were garnered hy both teams in the firsi iwo innings, bxi-t 'then the scoring stopped until the seventh. A Bin- sic and an error, coupled with a long double cave the Mills boys the winning margin. Millville made their bid in the last of tho seventh by getting two men on, but then Doolittlo settled down and struck out the best the ocal aggregation could offer. Thursday evening: Millville will ;ngage the Highlanders in a. postponed Amateur League contest, at .be Recreation field. That contest will start at C':30 p. m. Score by innings: •laus Mills 3100002—i 6 2 Millville 1100000—252 Batteries: (winning team first) 3oolittlc. MichacJs: H. Stauffer, Jones. The swimming cl.i.s:<r.i held nt the NauRntnck YMCA nre in- crcaainR dally, and several new Classen have been added and aJ BO divided to lake cni-ft o f the groups The boys beginners class hnn been divided into two divisions, one at 2:00 and another «t 2:30. Monday Wednesday and Fridays. Some of the boys that have entered are, Richard Regan. Robert Impress, Joseph Eo.sos, Fred Sandt, Allan S.indt. Paul Kecshkas Henry Valentine, Ivan Valentine' Roy Sllnson, David Evans, Roy Woodin, Robert Roditls, William Krodel, Edward Ash, Robert Weaving, Frank Monahan, Brlcn O'Neil Robert C.'.rey, Gordon Hatch, John Stanczyk, George Spetch, Edward Pava, James Burnett, Jack Burnett, Larry Terra, Donald Linskcy John Edmondson, David Scott ttaiphs, Ralph Tripp, William Palmer, Jr., Stephen Palmer, James Upright, Frank Glllon, James Nolan. Karl Douiy, John Plnho Jr Wiliam Rcimer, John Mooncy' Ralph Hanson, Jr., Wililam Gruncr James Davcy. Robert Rockhill. Nelson G.-iiidcnzi, AnUiony- Martinez Edward Milkinuncius, Water Pi oa - ki, John Komncki, John Casper Jr Ray Skoirik, Harold Dauscy. John Brady, and Richard Schimor. Koy Stinson and Richard Schimer were advanced into the Rcffu- l\\.r$, For the next two weeks the Girl's bccinncrs will have four special classes in the mornings, 10.00. 1030 33:30 on Tuesdays, tho class being so large, that'it was necessary to divide them. SOFTBAU, CHA-MJWGB The Jndi;in Ponies softbnll combine of Ansonia who boast one of the outstanding records in state circles would liko games with any le.-im in .N'.-iijR.-ituck. n toam.s arc interested, telephone Ansonia 1758 and ask for "Lime" or write to Harry Katzman, 3 Maple street Ansonia. ' An electric motor spins 12,000 evolutions a minute to keep thcgy- i-oscopic mechanism, guiding power of an automatic p.'ane pilot, relating at constant speed. SALEM PLAYHOUSE Today - Wed. - Thurs. wit* in mi itnt*i RITA flJlYffORTB ASEBALL Municipul Stadium Wnterburv Wed. Ni K ht — 8:45 p. m. MU \'ernon Kwlcaps vs. RASSCOS ALCAZAR Today - Wed. - Thurs. Roy 'Rogers in "Song- of Arizona" Also Penny Singleton and Arthur Lake in "BLONDIE'S LUCKY DAY" (hi FOOTWEAR PLANT EMPLOYES ARE NOW ENJOYING A TWO WEEKS PAID VACATION Work Will Resume On July 15th UNITED STATES RUBBER CO. Footwear Plant Naugratuck, Conn. She wrote the book . . . But he had the ideas! When n lud.v's so cnx.v to look ;it . . . CJIM she blnnic « man if he's hard to handle? Tho story of a writer whose horo POIIIPN to life . . . and Rets plenty lively . . . with her: Claudette Colbert • John Wayne in MERVYN LEROY'S production of Without • • - - '.,. *-, *i i Reservations with DON DeFOFJBE • ANNE TRIOLA and MISS LOUELLA PARSONS Produced by JESSE L. LASKY Screen Play by ANDREW SOLT "BAMBOO BLONDE" i - •with: Frances Longford • Last Day i" "Green Years" plus "Freddie Steps Out*

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