Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on January 7, 1969 · Page 14
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 14

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 7, 1969
Page 14
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THE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS Wives And Elephants Can't Forget By HAL BOYLE NEW YORK (AF) — Would you like to he able to remember everything that ever happened lo you? Wives, elephants and male novelists are popularly supposed to have this type of tola! recall. They never forget because they simply can't forge?. Some are even haunted for years by the license numbers of ears that, pass them in the street. Such a memoi-y. thronged by unimportant trifles, could be a confounded nuisance. But a selective memory that can recall across the years the cheerful and *vry moments of the pasi that make us what we are is a blessing beyond price. You've got a pretty varied stock of memories yourself if you can look back and remember when— You thrilled to a stage presentation of "Uncle Tom's Cabin" -o- -o- -of 'i maturing Eliza's dash across the ice pursued by bloodhounds. Half the college football players in America sought summer work as icemen because it was on such a job that famed Red Orange had kept in shape during the vacation months. You could tell vaudeville liv.l'crs by their checked suits. \ T o real lady would drink in public but a considerable number get high in the privacy ol their boudoirs on blood tonics heavily spiked with alcohol. Anyone who wore bifocal trasses was considered elderly. A boy became a man the d?iv his father presented him with a gold pocket watch. It was a kind ol solemn rite during which mother had to wipe away tremulous tears and every membei of the family remembered 1 hereafter. If you told a banker you wanted to borrow money to go on a vacation, he would have thought you had taken leave of your senses. Mo*'; of the skiing in America was done by small boys on barrel staves. N'rj smell on earth was more heavenly than the smell of home-made bread being baked by mother in an old iron kitchen stove fueled by wood. li you weren't seen in church on Sunday, everyone in Hie neighborhood felt sorry for you because they were sure you must be home ill. You could tell the wealth or poverty of a family by the amount of clothing that flapped on the backyard clothesline on Monday. A boy's standing among his peers depended to a great ex- -o- -o- -o- tent on how shrilly lie could whistle and how far he could spit. Many a farmer's cow got better medical treatment than many a farmer's wife. You could easily tell the youngest son in a large family. As he generally wore hand-me downs, his trousers were the ones that had the most patches. On paydays a smoking man blew himself to a big 10-cent cigar. The rest of the week he had to be content with the six-for-a- qu.irter brand. A lot of people who drank buttermilk regularly thought yogurt was some kind of Indian religious leader. If a fellow couldn't afford to buy something, he did without it until he could. Those were the days remember? Bridge Lesson NORTH ' 4KQJ72 V J642 • KJ87 *Void WEST EAST (D) A1086 *A5 VAKQ973 V105 • 6 4943 *654 *J109832 SOUTH *943 ¥8 4 AQ1052 *AKQ7 ' North-South, vulnerable Brest North East South 3* 34 i 4* 5* Pass 5 4 ' Pass 6 4 Pass Pass Pass Opening lead—V K. Tnirty years a g o when standard American bidding had taken on something like its current form there was a simple definition of an opening bid of three. It was made with a hand below opening bid strength but that would normally take six tricks if not vulnerable or seven tricks if vulnerable. This rule of two or Ihree has a lot of; common sense back of it. You dont mind being set provided you aren't penalized more than 500 points. Some modern experts go a lot further with their preempts. When not vulnerable a gainst vulnerable opponents they bid them with almost: any sort ot bad hand. Their reasoning is' that the hand belongs to the other side and they want to make it as difficult as possible for opponents to reach their best contract. We are willing to go a little distance in this direction. When not vulnerable against vulnerable we may open a five- trick hand with a three bid but we don't approve of opening preempts such as the one perpetrated by today's East. We really consider this son of a bid a bridge crime but: on this occasion crime paid. South wanted to double three clubs for business but. unfortunately, he was playing a double primarily for fake- out. He didn't want to pass and finally steeled on three diamonds as his most satisfactory call. At this point West came up with a brilliant bid. He didn't bather to show his good heart suit but tried four clubs. No one can blame North for cue bidding five clubs. How could he suspect that his partner'*: rmniepal strength was the ace- king- queen of this suit? South could only sign off at five diamonds but North, not 1o be denied, went: lo six diamonds. No one doubled but that made little cl i f f e rence. Down one at six diamonds was bad enough. uu \ / Appetite ? Congress To Weigh Changes In Tax Laws WASHINGTON (AP) — The tax-free status of charitable institutions and the exemption from capital gains taxes enjoyed by heirs are due for careful scrutiny in the new Congress, informed sources say. These two areas are designated for special study as part of a look at 1a>: reforms that sources say Congress will undertake re- gardles of what Richard M. Nivon does with recommendations of the Johnson administra- tin. The controversial 27.5 per cent oil depletion allowance, however, is not scheduled for review, sources said Wednesday night. President: Johnson said Tuesday in San Antonio, Tex., he is making available to Congress and the incoming administra-j tion a package of tax reform proposals developed by the Treasury Department. Johnson added, however, lie had not examined the proposals and is making no recommenda- tin concerning them. The initiative, accordingly, is left: to the Republican administration that will take over Jan. 21), Jchnson was instructed by Congress to provide recommen-i nations on tax reform by Dee. 21. His referral of ihe Treasury proposals came a few hours he- fw ihe deadline. Sources close to Rep. Wilbur D. Mills, D-Ark., chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee where all tax legislation originates, said Mills avoided receiving any advance information on the Treasury proposals, apparently preferring they go first to the Nixon administration. Mills, however, was said to favor making a start on tax reform this year, although the time required to steer a comprehensive revision of the Internal Revenue Code through both houses of Congress almost cer­ tainly rules out any final action earlier than 1970. The question of whether the 10 per cent income surtax will be extended beyond June 30 is not involved in tax reform proposals, which are concerned with long-range revisions in the tax structure. Mills has said that this ques­ tion is up to the new administration which will make its recommendations on the basis of the state of the economy, particularly the wai in Vietnam. Capital gains—the difference between the price at which an asse<: such as stick or real estate is 'bought and 1he selling pries—are taxable if the owner sells during his lifetime. However, if he dies and leaves such assets to heir, their bae for taxation is the value of: the asset at the time of death. They therefore avoid paying ihe capital gains tax if they subsequently sell the property. This is one aspect of the tax code which has come under increasing criticism in recent years. There have been various congressional hearings on alleged abuses of contributions to charitable foundations with allegations some foundations are used as a tax dodge. NOT SHRUNKEN HEADS, but decorated onions for a Swiss festival honoring the lowly vegetable. Origin of the custom is lost, but it's celebrated annually. NEWS BRIEF WASHINGTON (AP) — Production of red meat by commercial slaughter houses in November rose 1 per cent from a year earlier, reports the Agriculture Department. November beef output was up 3 per cent, but veal production was clown 5 per cent, the department said. Pork production for the month was up slightly from a year earlier but was 8 per cent less than in October. Lamb and mutton production in November was down 10 per cent from a year earlier, the department said. 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