Covina Argus from Covina, California on February 27, 1909 · Page 4
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 4

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 27, 1909
Page 4
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The Covina Argus BALL TEAM REORGANIZED COVINA. CALIFORNIA. Jvmered at the Postoffice Covina, Cal,, as second-class matter. Published every Saturday by the Co vina Argus Publishing Company, Inc. OlOCK j! i, MA T T«Kw 8 - pubH.ho,: Improved Grounds and New Suits. SCHKCHII'TIONS: ?1..--.<! ' "'•>"' -- deeided In Covina Is to receive a. npetus. Four promiii'-ni business men of the town have undertaken to ffirm a stock company, ami lo ! put the club on a firm flnanelal fooilnif. II Is th' 1 Ini'-ntiou of these fiil'-rpri^- Thsplay advertisement at reasonable j tu , f .|ii x ., IH t( , |, : ,.,.,, ,),,, |e;,,n ; , H miirh rates. Prices on application. Changes . j n (],,. ;,,,,,•it,.,,, elass ;IH possible, by One Year in advance-. Six Months Three Months Sinflc Copies AMVKHTISKMKNTS: ; BENJAMIN FRANKLIN LIVINGSTON A ; The F'ico Weekly C'hronicle pays the I following ftibutr. to Ih'- ehaiactfT of % our latf ff-llow townsman. B. F. l.iv- f iriiision. who was laid to n si on \Ved¥ i fc> m-.-ulay of last week at FtfiKf.lalf; feme. ~^»ill KM.V: ".\s ;i lawyer, men of me.'ins came ro him liecaiiHe he knew how to, i win. Widows and orphans sought hif. ,. . advice Ijecause hn did not tape his Sniiflay- , , „ ! 1 «•£.'?!] effort :i by the Si/." of the ff-e ex- j.ecte'l rinrl li'-rauH'- he Knew how to ; H.vmpai hi/.(' at all tiims with the poor ! ;iml needy. Worship at thf- UaptiHt. Church at j .\ kindly love,- ,,f j,, mianit y. sympa- Th< j;c\. Frank M. |thi/,irif£ will) th" people he met, lie had C.'liurch of the Urelhrr-n: Hchool 10 a.m. Herrnon 11 and 7 :'. (,'hristlari Workers' <j:4Fj. Kvf.-ryo welcome. Worsh the upiiol hour. Wadley a well known UaptiHt minister \ ; , host of f|.|,.,,,] K who vvi , from thf. F.HHt, will preach at both ,„ k ,, ow of , lis ,,,.,, be rnornitiK mid evening sei vi I .ova 'i y l o p: in- Iciple and love of Hii;d' and research :nade as per contract.. ui-ini' \<,i-,t\ plavers e x e|ii:d v"lv. Mow- Liners .Sc per line each insertion. ,. v ,. r| elifibililv lo plav will h.. decided. he^al notices .rl.on per inch fi rst s ,, j,., | v according lo 'merit, ;md with! Services in 1 hf Church of t he. Holy W(/l '' n 's main dial aetei isi ie .4. f(e insertion, '0 cents cadi subsequent, in-; th ,. ,,i ;/ani/.ai ion ' of a s'-e'ond t.-;,m. Trinity- Kirst Siimlay in Lent : Holy ; H\"'l a. life ol seme" to hi.-; ia:,ii;.v. Sot/day! his friends and ins country." Kcrtion. CfJV'IXA, Febuary. 27, 1'JO'i. PROPOSAL FEDERAL STEAMSHIP LINE, .lam'-;-. compel ii ion for i h should !/<• !'.'•<• n. ' 'I'he fompan.v will fii:-;t ;:: p .Hiimc all accounts of the picycnt teain, ami dis- ' argc all llahllli i"s. Th" grounds south of town will h" leased, and more .. ••nsive bl"aeh"is "reeled. Thf; f on;.'r's:-:man .lam";-. Mel.achian on ;,„.,,„ wM | ,,„ ,,,sp|end"nt in new tinl- \V"dii"s.lay at Washing-ion in: roduecd , ,•„,.„, H , )f ,,.,,.,< j,,.,,,.,^ v .,, (| ,„..,„,,,. trlm . a hill asking an appro,,rial ion of tho , ri | rif , Hi !)ri( | of , tlf! ))f . H , m;i |erbil ot,. sum of ? I H.000,000 from the treasury ,a| n ablc. The gr-y suits used al pres- of Ih" Criite-fl Slates for the imrpoKf; ' of establishing and operating a line of ("n (irsl-class steamships of 5000 Ions bnidfii "ar:h for Ih" transportation c!' passengers and freight along lh" I'ael- fic coast of ('tilled Slates in connection with ihc Panama railroad, "iii have h""ti disposed of to Ihe hi^ri With Ihe end of the wlnler season of haseball approaf:hln«, th" minor loams of th" Month at" eorisld"! IriK the forma- lon of a l.-a^ii" lo embrace ten f;lnhn C'ommunion 7 :.'!() a. in. fic.hooi !):!") a.m. .Mon.iiiK prayer 11 j a.m.; Hiih.ject, "The MiH-.iori offJof-'N Pt;ofiU;." KveiiHOUK 7 :.'iO p. in.; Hiilj- jec.t, "H"st in C'hriHt. " Olfeitory fliif;t by MisH Kloti.'hf.T and MJHS AIoLfOfl. (,'hriHtian f/'hurnh: Hunday-ficliool 0:55. PrctuihiiiK by tho tho pastor ] 1 ; Hiihjcfit., "How We Alight lin Kx- oused. " Solo by Mr. Draper. Junior :!. JntermefJiute and Senior Endeavor (Ji.'iO. J'reaohiriK by the J>UH- Ihat hav" l,""n playing flrHi-ela>:s hall i '" r 7 : ' !0 - An offering foi the Htip- '•""!"« ;" "II Hi" I'l-lncipal I'acilic ,,,„.,„,, ,,,„ will ler.' Covina has dis- port r,f the Living Link missionary, r::;:ice ll ;.:;,r il> - p "d'':;; ^:;w:X;±;:;i^;T;rr^; ll " H " „";„:";;,•' ,;;!!! Knv - K - K - *""'"' wil1 li " t « kc » '-* Seatile. Tacoma, l-ort.and, S,n F,,n- , ^ '^^ ^ ^ ; | "^ J 'f;;;., 1 ;;;; j hnlh Horvi^H. Alia,, cordially ,„. San I'edro and San ;)|e;.o, also j III L' r"|u venal Ion of th" ^ani" her" i.; |a,,;ci' ,M"xiean polls, and I'a na ma. ' w m ,„,, ,..,„,.,. ,,„.. j,,,,.,, jn ,,,,. ,,..,, .„„•;. Ilivrshl" will I/" on hand H : n"xl Sunday. Shane and Smith, Ih" ed. I'reHhyterian Sunday ('orn'i•e;-.:-iinan McLachlan I HCihool !l:irj. I'reachint? by [iaHtor 11 i Sherman Indians, will compose tlieia. in. Snb.jerit, "('niitrasl, j>ot, atif] lornia ami if I," can suff;""d in >.',,•! l II.K ; |, ; ,,, ,.,-y. I'lK-h.-r Shan" ha, },<•<•„ seen Abraham ih" moiioii Uirou^h Ih"", ),.• will ,,„,,.,. | l( .,•„,,,, hul wa,; haiKllf-apped by a :-;lra.n;'" ealeher. U'illi Smilli, his have r"iid"i"d :-;i;',nal :;erviec not only o ii," du.iiiei he i"|,ie;:enl;;, bill I o; ,.,.;-,liar' a;-;: ii:-,'ta ul "a I Hi" receivi,,'-' end '»« ^''•'Ine.Hfla.y eve h" whole I'a.' iii,; eoa_!-:i. The refusal;., ,•„ ,.,„,,,.,,,,,. ,.,,,,, i, in;i , j o)l JH assured. r"d serviffi 7::!0. I 1 . ; Tenl and Itrf 1,'ehii Its. in Junior Kndeavor, ',', fi V. I'. S. C. Iv f;::ui Prayer meet evening 7 :.')<). fJ-jH Wa liter] to liny- (,'h <; i cash, a good family row. Phone Mil. it FOR SALE, riules, Hares and Colts Hurley's Hardware COVINA, GAL, V»'e carry a full line of Builders' Hardware Our Tools and Cutlery arc from the best manufacturers See our Stoves, Heaters and Ranges of every descripcion Washing AWhines end hsuse Furnishings Painters' Supplies Wire Matting and Pottery A word from the KiKgin.s F;irm and Kanoh : ] Kditor Argus-—"Smart, pec pie I changf, thn othfr fellow can't." ' Wo ooth raigo nn our ranch, 01 ship from other stales, young a.i tiles, man*, etc. Knowing tho ruling practices of men ot long experience; in bolh using anr] working mule.f ;inrl j hoiHi'H, we drought, i nl<i the market the l,OHt lor ;ill IOIIIK] lisf well known fact thai neil her cnntr M E A L D ' S 614 South Grand Avenue, Lot Angelet, California. Tho greatest business training institution in the south. Open during the entire year. Write for particulars. j. w. LACKEY. Manatrer LARGE ORANGE SEEDLINGS FOR ORCHARD PLANTING J* } H .. Santa Barbara soft f-'holl Walnuts. Kurrka Lemons, I'omolos, Phoenix Cannricnsia and Washing' toniii UohuKta I'alms. Camphor Trf-'-s. A*!L';i'.T..-i. UOSOM, etc. '" Ml " l' :i;i1 " r "'" '•''••''•nil v.o\ermii"nl , ,..,„. ri , v j n ;, lh ,. |j,,,,.,,[, wi || |,,, ; I'. :'I'ewl and Ilri 1,'esnlts " \ 10 ;--,uh..;idiy,e Ani"rl"an ::le;nn: hi p lin' s ; i,-,, j ,.|,. ,.;, ,.i,,.,.. K-I,., ,..,, ,.|,,..,. 111,1.,,,. ,. ,, . ., , . , , '. i.ium > , ilniily lliviled toanyol these si-rvices. Paul '!. Stevens, pasior. K lio ha.'. ie:-.ulied in i In ov-'in,!', mo:-.i of ih"j|j|...| i,;,.,.. ^tewari «ceo oer-an hiisine;;'; inio i|i<. hands of I'or- ; p... i hi i d' ha 11 ,"' Mu;'h"- "h-.n ship owners, and it IK ahom I in," | ;,,',,'„,,.,,,,,,. _ |,.|, Vi"ld T Ii. . , .., to icmed.v this stale of affairs. Tills |j,.| r | Kendall rlL'hl fidd " I eounlry i.-i n'"i'i "tioii^h and rieh A, ran^eiiM'tils ha ve alsr, h.^en made ! enough nol onlv lo build and maintain ln | |IIV ,, , h( , Sunbriuhl P.alx-s and lh"l *. AIar - v tor er farmers who want, I tin best practical nnd economical resnltw, any ~_-~ longer u ;i; the very large, either! mule or horve. Talie a medium sixe ; intilo or lioi'sfi nml .von get. hHlerj f "' f! '''"'" wot I; and at. much lesn feed. Men! ate coming lo IIH and hu.\ing our | innlf'H anrl ni;ii(.n and \\<. will noon be ! Held mil and want, the people about j Covina not In overlook the sale. Can SUUrm.A.NIJ Nl'KSl-RIHS, F. H. Uislirow. 1'ropriotor, Pasadena, Cal. Huint'2520 Main U-13. has returned t. a Krcaf licet ,,f hatileshlpH lo protect j; . ))( ., ,,| y her eoasts, hut also lo siibsidix", erpilp ; |o ,..,, ,||aniond In a few w<.e|<s. or own a vast number of swll'l nleam-| "i's and clipper ships Ihal shall carry the produce of her plains mid the nian- ilf.'iclures of her ftllics to Die ever-ln- leani a.ppear on I he | '"' r " lf ' r'".sil ion as trimmer in Miss Kefluirrl'.H Millinery store, af'ler '. THORPE ereasin^ markets of turn la.den wilh rich frei^lii from the Orient. We rtfiiigralnlale .\|cl,af;hlan and wish him success In this Ids In- illal efforl to Improve and foster the ocean going whipping of ibis country und iniHi ihal )n Iho near I'utiiie tho HIGH SCHOOL NOTES. Klhel Snider, 'II, has left Covina am Mabel Hoitser, 'Id, who was Injured by being billen by a si ray dog, has entirely recoveieil and Is attending school again. Fred Chcmbei len, 'II, had the misfortune io crush his hand badly last spending .several weeks in wholesale houses. sell you a .span of mulei from 8'JUO to gliUO. Have a most liberal pro- [losition to offer. Oome and see us, Kiggin.s Farm and Kanch, Covina, Cal. Phono 110. CEMENT CONTRACTOR Manufacturer of CEMENT IRRIOATSNQ PIPE All 3 ix,cs carried in stock. Reinforced Concrete Buildings a Specialty Yar<' VVe^t Cvpreas Avenvie Telephone 4037 llugol iho American Mercanllk; Marine week, by a heavy bur ol' Iron falling may proudly float from Ihc masts of! upon Amcrican-bulll ships In every port of the world THE UNDERSTUDY. Hevcral limes In Ihe history of this land, tin- mistake of placing too lltllo Importance' on the calibre of mini that shall fill the. vlco-prcsldon! lal chair has been brought homo to us In costly exemplification. Weak men have been iJirust Into rh<! highest odlce through tragedy or unforeseen doaih, and Ihe ship of (Half swung wide with a flapping lillor. We have one instance to Ihc' contrary In the person of our retiring president, hut II was through no farsightedness on Ihe parl of politicians Dial Kooseveli proved lo be a grcal leader. Ulllc is heard of Sherman in ihcsc days of preparation. The counlry Ignores him. The understudy to a grcal actor Is not known lo Hie people In Ihe crowded house, until ihal nii'.lit when the star falls and I'allers, is carried off Ihe hoards, anil Ihc 1111 i up Ihe slory's MIK. lies! Mr. Collins. Prof, van Vllel and the senior boys are planning a trip lo ML Wilson. They will huivo today and Intend Hi be back in Ihno for school Monday. Covlna druggists will please lay in a goodly slock of llnlmenl lo be ready for ihom upon tholr relurn. Two baseball games have been played Ibis week upon the High School grounds. The first, High School vs. Second Town learn, occurred Washington's birthday. The town team had several members of Hie Hist town loam In Its line-up, Itui thin did not aid Ihcm any. Ill^h School played a good game with few errors and hit Coolman, Ihe town leam pitcher, repeatedly. Three baggers weie plentiful. High School won easil) |i\ a. score by II lo ;;. The line up was as follows: I lij-'Ji S'-hoo| I'Hcher Hull iiiet which has been dh.aslrous in p.'i l. In Sherman we have a brilliant i|) im i,.| man ol businc: :;. an :icec|>lci| pleader of !• real business cause . 11 is mm.. ! \ ( . • i ban likely l hat he w mild ri.,e lo an\ I dul y I Innsl upon him in a lii;-lil\ erc.l 11 ( .,,,,,, ii ali'e m.inner. | nil i h, {niblic is, ;•. i\. : '.|.| eriic-d lars'ely ibronrb eon lid.'lice, and j,,,-.. lor ! Ills I ea'-'.oll I be \ ice p| c h|, 1)1 , | ! v '.^ should be more Inl inn I idy in I In Illind . of I be people. ||e is ,1 lion.'II 1 i t v m .'ilia pc the de.'-l i ny of I be cm I.ell Field ( 'elller Short Slop Mrsi Ila:-,e Second llarii' Thlid llase Celllel h'ieid Klrhl Field Town Team ('oolniiin King Cllil lei buck Layman l.ibby I I Wallace i Tay lor M iddaui;li Harris •' eci >n I ;M me, Seniol s \ .. .1 iill- ccu i i ed \\ i dne.-d iv a ; i >•; m ion. Ill \'.is lno.scl \ placed and lull ol' e; ror;;. 1 caused b\ ha\iti" i ne\ nei ieiici'd men ,, ,, i , , 01 : "" ll " 1 ' 1 '''ains. Thi-i e\ened Ihin:;: up. e n i/ n I b i' < • a i • d u 111 > n o i • i ,. i , , . , . , ...... . ' .1 I" 1 S' mots had e\..|-\ thiiif.; Hit ir own wav, leadlu;' b\ a score of li lo :;. when in i he last p-iri of i he se\eiil h, l he .liin- wiih the score '.i lo s in t vv s: DON'T DELAY LONGER. A i eminder in i he c'lslei u Mihsci ih ••I'* of ihe Arr.u.-i jusi al ibis lime con j The line-up was as folb cc'riiltiK, ihe weather of the San Ca-| Senior.-, Illie] Valley is iplllc pel linelil. Yull! I'll.'her n-inciiiber, dear leader, when juii were \\'aid "ill here on ihal little \isii lo Cali.i |.,.n |,-j,.|,| foriiia. Ihal the tale, tobl <if ihc cli-; \\'altcrs male wei'e not cxai'L'.-! aicd In order! (Vincr lo Keep iii loueli wilh the land which : llodi;es was so much lo youi liKinr,. vmi hav been subscribing to lh<' Aimi.., ami to Asc oilier Calilornia papcis. and ihc nev\ : , of the valley of the San (labiicl ha i;,ii| had an added interest sinc'c \mi, visit \\ c \V i .s h I o l', e 1 1 1 I V I i • 1 1 1 i 1 1 1 1 \iill I 1 1 . 1 1 1 ; i i Hie children aic allendim; ihc ...chool... bcie midci ihc lnic;,i comliiioii: ihal Ib- '' Xl ' ;iin "heie III Ihe World, While llic I '"""" : ' '" lh| - '' a ' 1 •'"• -^hlli ill bv Mi/ ^n /ml- \\ouldii', ii he a I'ooil le.sidu in, i i^n on \rnii pa 1 1 i o come mil h< re. i his i In 1 ime lor .1 pei maiiciii ;,' a v . and sla it a I I h Short Sl..p lors came lo. wol,e up and slammed mil a emiple of runs, winding up the name eir favor. .lilliiors Kinnins Kirhy (!ryal v a Ship\vay H.'ll I lepner v m.i 11 H'b has .b'cnlc.l to enter I he " i.-a I I ,ca.i',uc o| '-ii mi hern I '.ili for \\ ' ha \ c sonic \ ci \ ;.-oo,| maieriai '> ' s : and ouuhl to be abb' to make bo'.', j Hi, in l||c COlll e- I -, •' '•''' •' expression ol inv anioiii/ '" • .1 .lolllld W l.icb 1 ••:,, 'lulde-, 1 " '' loin cal:, sci a ppliu: on sollc. VV I,.,! like and should b... All |-.l|:'e|!e I ,, 1 I'.,; |) I.' ;M! ,,' ;)., i;, i ,,.,.,,, ('. n '. , and . ;.• • -I II1. '. I . 11c. . • . I u I ' 1.1 11. An.-.-l. .. its d nd.j, ii! •. ' ii Th u. -da '. ,il . . i,. ..... S.Mllh 11,1. .., , | ARMSTRONG'S Covina Nurseries J. W. ARMSTRONG, Manager Call No. 125 any time or Come to the Nurseries at 222 East College Street Covina, Cal. ARMSTRONG'S COVINA XL'RSKRIKS Ornamentals and Orchard Stuck PALM THOUSANDS OF THEM. Now ready. Exactly the rig-lit season to plant. Order now. The R.ibuMa |.a!m is |,r.,l-ahlv unexcelled for street and iK curative pl.nitinir. lV-! tlu- !• IUK1RA anil l!u- 1'hu, nix e'atiariensK wi-ll-known .late palm i the Cliatnacruj)-, atul tlu.; Sai^u palm. KYim-inlKT ton, that niv best in landscape ilecuratinii. Then as tude.uh:,,;,,!^ tm-k aK au trees. .1 •M.iiu' vcrv r.irc. v.tru'tu•> Inside-, tiu th« H-.Il' !»..:- vcfed to y.iu in any .jUJintity. Then there KxceSa nr Windmill palm, the Drecaena monrioiu'd c.)'.:ii:iy raj)idly into use for the ••'^ ;i v. •! !: Li-. A!: in sjiK-mlid '.'nndition. '.•/.e[l ,,[• i;; tile t 1.1 'U - ,'t II d !••:> i [' V. ••] i'l.i' Peach, Plum, Apricot, Pear, Nectarine, Apple, Qu nee, Pomegranate, Persimmon, Airnond, Walnut, Loquot Oranges and Lemons of course.

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