Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland on September 24, 1944 · Page 6
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Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 6

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 24, 1944
Page 6
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SUNDAY TIMES, CUMBERLAND, 51D., SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 24, 1944 L.SEMOVE& Firti Biography of America's Groat Gonoral t. »M4, A.. WM4w»HI Mttlrri WBA ferric*. "BEST LfKEI) ANI> LEAST (Hello, Betty, How are you, Betty? SOCIAL ..." ... WU1 I have lunch with you? XV . , . Sure, Betty. I'll see you tit .__ _ „ „. spend and efficiency with one." He then faced the bewll-jthe pltice because the pjetentlous- Oeneral Eisenhower's suite was composed of a living room, a bath room, and two bedrooms. He chose Marshall, back in Washington, and read: "You and youf command sailed with the hopes and prayers of America. For months you have planned, trained, and conditioned yourselves for the great task ahead. above the other. I repeat, by day; fly the French tri-color rmd the American flag, one above the other, or two—I repeat, two trl-colors, one above the other. By rilght, turn on a searchlight and direct it vertically loward the sky. 1 repeat, by night, Godspeed to your success. I have turn on ft searchlight and direct it complete confidence in your leader-1 vertically toward the sky. ship and in the aggressive fightingi " We come ' . x repeat, as friends quality of your troops " General Eisenhower, not as enemies. \Ve shall not be which Eisenhower works and accs^dered correspondents was demonstrated to correspond- "Great fellow, Betty." enus who complained about mill-1 This was too much tary censorship In England. The Lyons, who exclaimed, "Great fe'- and said,:ness of the lobby of his previous 'quarters was too much for him. for Leonard. .- It made me feel as thou g h ] were living in sin." he said. general asked for specitlc complaints-low? What kind of man's nanu' and found that there were only two'is Betty?" censors who were working 2-4-hour! Eisenhower replied, "Since .-itreiches. After hearing the com-jmlra) Stark graduated from thejVal aide, Lieutenant. plaint late In the afternoon, cor-(Naval Academy his nickname has Harry C.'Butcher. respondents found h« had remedied i been Betty. All his friends call him The two men closest to General'. The general lived in London with A "" : his close personal friend and na- Commander and waited. On the morning of Nov. 8, 1942, the world was startled by the news: "The Americans have landed in North Africa." - The greatest world's history, 850 ships—had armiida in the up to that time- brought the only be useful to our enemies. We summon you as comrades to the common fight uguinsb the invaders of France. The war has entered the phase of liberation." The voice over the radio, speak- remarked, "He (Giriuid) and I understand each other • perfectly, I am sure ot this. There "Is wo doubt about the complete unison of both sldi's to work together to establish a sound basis for the conduct of affairs in this country.". In the meantime Americans were battling for Oran, the capitulation * t the Axis along t.iip coastihis while the i General Montgomery with the fight for freedom, and so to hasten British forces were driving across French Arniy again to take'up .thejmessage; "I iiwite the'French fleet; up fight On liio side or the Allies, he to Join the United Nations in iheiGc the day of .-France's liberation. Hitler has taken your country and North Africa to join Ilim! Another cruioial decision co now he wants.your ships. Do not]fronted Eisenhower. SVho should ., let him take them. The enemy isjiutr.ush'd with the political ndmirj close upon you, sail at once -•-•••• - Gibraltar and join us." for]-isIration • of- the -French territory jnow under his command in North of which ' was the equivalent of the duration of French resistance. Elsenhower, sent word to Maj.-Gen. } e f » 51 of asablanca, on Nov. 11, Eisenhower faced the chuicc of driving on into Tunisia or going into Lybia. He decided to make the Africa?"Thc French were politically divided into two groups. Admiral Jean Francois Darlan declared himself High Commissioner in French North Africa and J~*I.3^1J11U» Cl . Jt-llL- It VJLU LW i\*.i>.J .""wism. I ~ — „_--_-_. -.- -._—-.- _- _ .-_ Lloyd R. Fredendall to "clean it up.") gamble to "grab Tunis," and bottle! (Continued on Page 15. Col. 3) Upon the completion of the- taking 1 of Oral), ,Genei'ti! "Ike' started in and made a said, "He job of it. Everybody did a fine job. I'm sure proud of my boys. Remember, they hadn't had any sleep since Friday American army to the battlefront fir _ t ln e in General Eisenhower's .name. I night. After their long sea voyage "if. !rang out over land, sea and air. .there was no question of the hardi- Thev had rfou r, and 1 da vbreak «,». da . breil r- " e!C four censors morning. In England Ih^v dlscoyerecljBetty. and I'm one of his friends. Elsenhower are Butcher and "MlcK-i won 1300 miles c •Ork the runclTW?; i.u,. I. .. .'n» <~?o< » lol. fif things ; <»v" A,T<-K>oc>h, *.h; gfntn-al's r>rHc t -)y ; N n ,-th anrt Wovt ; done that way." "Butch," now -53. Is a village boy;from Algiers and 1 th- ' "Frenchmen of North Africa: hood o! our soldiers. The air. navy «». I ,\ i FaltW ul to the tr ^itional and age- and ground forces co-operated e 'H old friendship of the government beautifully " " t.t« When & Morocco, with the aid of Elsenhower soon be-; ' * * from Springville, Iowa. Hus wife and Eisenhower, „„., . ilc ull) „, a pleasant legend tuid wnsi Since the beginning of hu> com- General Elsenhower's wife were in- British had outwitted Hitler Jcnown as the "best liked nnri least ;mnnd In Europe, the general es- timate friends and lived together Mussolini .wrial of American officers." ?hcwed all social gatherings for;In Washington aiier their husband; 1 His treatment of military menithe duration of the war. This pol- left for the war. of Hit United States! when his Intelligence officers in- i for France and French North Africa formed General Eisenhower that 01 i a great American army is landing | Hitler was plotting to seivze the The purpose of the f French fleet, "of > ===== the! U unique and Informal. Corre-!icy was decided upon when, at «: It is said that when General Eis- spwitlents one day overheard the!London parly, he found himself !enhower was assigned to command following conversation. -nt the handshaking end of a re- the European war theater, the gen- "Hfilo . . . Yen, this Is Ike . . . celvliiff line of 2600 persons. -eral's wife called Butcher over the — —- —— War needs all his time, the gen-;phone 'and broke the news to him. DattrinArl MlntAri^tf cral belioves ' al 'd a,s a result he, "I'm going with him!" Butcher ndllOrlCa rnOTOriSrS prefers the quick, interview to U\e• replied. He immediately resolved to formal conference. He hates dawd-^gct himself assigned i.o his friend's Now Get Extra Gasoline Mileage General Eisenhower's onlv your auilr mission is to protect the North Africa from of Halo-German invasion, jour principal aim Is the same as in i!9n, vhnt is to say, the annihilation com-j o f ij ie enemy and the complete lib- ' he broadcast this if Get Up Nights You Can't Feel Right Of the Frnnrh Navv nnVM'rMliVru" wl " lc " vc J ' uui SUUl l "<= sovereimitj : If you h»« to cet up 3 or more tlmei • t L ^ t i JV - ,;, P" rULularl 5'iof Fvence over French territory re- : night, jour r«t isWen and If* no wonder the coast batteries. We don't waiHImini rnmnlplr. Wr> 1-nr.n. «•« ,'™,, f« y°« '«' ol< * antl run-down before vour 10 fipht the Frenrti nnr) thnv nrnl'l'.. ' ... ' . ' . . " Ca tlme.SoH sou G« Up Nights or suBctttom linB and unnecessary respect. When staff. Butcher gew what he goes expending effort which might welling,," nna mm aicieii^ , ICP ,J n i,.,j ni .« ,i,~ ,, nmn , n 'n «„,>,„,.i 1 ^ 5•. ,„ Al over rnH«.npd car owners, taxi cubs, motorcycles the; a junior officer hesitated before '. after, and thus wo _ -entering his office, Ike growled, 1 . to Genenil Elsenhower. : ^ , J"Look hore, tlammtt, if you have Sergt. "Mickey" McKeogh, coumry. thousands of L nylnlngi brijlg it in . Don . t act likt-;Beneral\s orderly, hails from tnick npe?«,! lhl wns ft bondolr " in Queens. Mick-ry was a bellboy nt n7i nnd tractor | V j» B , P -" ' the Plaza Hotel in New York when If" ' mcnt as he left Gibraltar to advance his headquarters to North Africa was. ''The only thing I was disappointed in was the resistance , t- L. i. T-. . , , --niiitiia v-wniiJicii;. *vu fxllUW We UtlH lo fight the French and they are count oa J om . -support to open the opposing us. holding up the lob and! rotitl which tends to victory and ™ "" eration of invaded Prance. The diiy j when the Italo-German threat no longer menaces French territory we will leave your soil. The sovereignty .be used aguinst the common -Germany: 1 toguie we haU r- Painful Passages. Backache, Leg Palnj, Nervousness, ftheumalfe Pains, or Swollen Ankles, due to non.orga.nlc and non-systemic Kidney and Bladder Troubles, you should try Cyilcx (a physician's prescription). Usually, the very flrat dose or while he - , nt UL^ UO JIUlIlt: WlUlt? HC WH^^ .*»^- s «"*.»* IL\JI.^. Hi *1V.^ i */. r, »>*n,[||J-^_ gasoline savings upj| n Ix , ndO!l be cause a sunniing rulel^'ar broke out. Enw-ring the service^'. jeople have been en-; forb | (ts srno kj) lf . in British club'of Uncle he was sent to Texas. hr ^ rf jfiyitm extra sjasolme mileage by m-jdinlng rooms. Not knowing of this:Eisenhower, then con. •italllns! i\ Vncu-mntic to their car-,regulation he once lif up in a club'"re. .ipotied Mickey bnrotor. ThLs nrw device Is entirelyj arter a lm ,. u course and was im-i"^ 6 r! §'H- stuff in ; Within two daj's an armistice WHS ! cyste*"EMS right to'work .. t . l ,...., ...„ „.„ v .-j 1 JJ J^- slon , Wi ! s j reached—the French ceased firing ; ^ fl j?ave°"c t au«d"«ur S froubi? st so'uke e rrencn irom Hieir. anc ) Algiers and French Morocco j Cystet exactly as directed and'watch for '.'"L*,, 0 el ^ a e eln y ar -i surrendered on Nov. 8. 1942. i ••-• this ...'...... _ _ ._ r _ pacicage ajid"ycTur money-^ack Is guftrunte'ed'. Don't sutler another night without trying guaranteed Cyjlex—only 35c. Tear this out: rate to your tfrugpijr: be sure to get genuint. euartinteed. Cystex. Advertisement broad- t- " """' WHY DARLAN' ' Cona ^ U ^ 1 ^ a ^; Ih 'i ••Fi'enchmeu of Noah Africa, thej n Ls nol our^Jmion to record „ him." : forces which I have the lionor of i the history of the war in North automatic. Nothing to regulate orr i " i ; e rt'i«tely""corrM:te'rr by'"his"" host When' it was discovered that i comi »8iiding. rome to you as friends! Africa:" neither shall we attempt to ndjust srui can be installed in 10j iin( i ^^g waiters After lliis ex-i Mlck *J" wa - s a whiz at the wheel ofi,° maKe W 4f. "gainst your enemies.|pi- C sent all the members of Eisen- mimites. The Vacu-nmtic Co., 7B17-jpe r i cnC e he ate in the hotel suite : an automobile, he was assigned as; 1 5"? n «:», 1mi ; 1 . ta ^' operation directed j bower's great staff who assisted 074-0 State St.. Wauwatosa (131!that WM his London home. ilke'.s qhauffeur. They were s«)n lo^^ 1 "^ 11 ^^ in his epoch-making cam- Wwconsin. are offering a Vacu-: "Elsenhower Flat," was guarded ;be separated, however. The "boss"i'° r ^ '" ,°" n , Afr ' c ''' Our onl J paign. We -shall confine ourselves rnatic in anybody who will Install itjb v rj s Marines On the ton floor : wa5 called to Washington nnd made 1 "°-^ c '" 1^ lo oc.eac thi' enemy nno largely to Eisenhower, himself toi '-' -* '--'- : '•— "'•-' ' ' ' - --' w ocatcd'i* maj01 ' eeneral, and Mickey was- ° lrec France. T need not tell you keep vou scan ding by his side as hei weie locatcn.,,.., ... u: _._, _ , gam Houston in; that we have no designs either on [directs these battles, and issues his i youthful feeling and Joy In living. Cyitex must surprise and delfcnt you, and satisfy completely or you sltnpiy return the cmpiv f* Uelier Than ADVICE, Hou>- everWell~Inten- tioncd A few minutes talk with us about *~*- making funeral arrangententt will give you the protective knowledge that may safeguard the family's interests at some future lime wherever you may happen to be. Seek our countel at freely at it it offered. Your tiiit teill place you under no obligation*. on thnir car and help introduce It i the generals of flew ^..^ .^,^..,. ,. , . . -= t m olher.s. Write them today for pnr-jnie rxact siluation of the General •'i?" 1 . jchlnd at Mcnlars as ta how you can get vour HeadounrterV was kept a \7rni" Vacu-iuiutc or |usi send your name "cc?et "w » bomb droned iu™- •uici address on n ponny post rard—Iv v th c Rnci address on n rXMmy post Advprtisement. by ;have netted the c S. T. LttHe Jewelry Co. 1|i w*-«..*ivi *••" .*uj.u •^•i+iii • juu^f ku* i XT ii AT- "•|vnic:(ji«i mrjotJ uui i_ico, it iitl JivjtitS II US ': i Texas. But Major-Oeneral Eisen-; Nortl1 Africa or on any part of the! orders to observe hi.s reactioa^ as , . .,"',hower did not forget hint. He scnt : . Frene " Empire. We count on your!a, mal \ as we j| ns a .^idier tre GcrmaSis woii d for wlck °V to comf {o t)lc nation's; fri ,p« ld£hi P. and «'p ask your aid. i human Eisenhower! J VlUl „!„ ' capital. f have given formal orders that) w e see him first us a rtinirmnr J^^PJ 111 "- "MlcteiV eNclaimcd the major- !»o offensive action bo undertaken I as ,« sits in conference with"" general, "how would you like to go-agauisl, you on condition that you j American advisers his British col- to London with me?" I'or your part take the same atti- i leagues, and French leaders. Mickey said he was "flabbergast-nude, lo avoid any possible mis-1 When on Nov 10 19-12 he aped" 'Sure," he said. "I'll go any-: understanding, makc ih e following : proved the French General Giraud \vhcre you go, general." . sg L la ;f : ^ y . tlle Frene ^ tri-color | ^ leac i er O f the French Forces in "All right." Eisenhower replied.;and the American flag, by day. oiiejy 01 . lh Africa> to organize the "<~"-« home and pet your mother's'— ^ _. — Send your friends overseas something thar will give them comfort and inspiration. Easy to Read BIBLES 85c Pocket Sires New Testaments up Metal Covered TeitomenH Catholic and Jewiih flayer Go permission." Let motiier McKeogh. buck homei In Corona, tell the rest of this story."My permission? Why nothing on j earth could keep Mickey from go- i ins to the ends of the earth if the, general said so!" General Elsenhower shared; his quarters with a Scotty puppy, an acquisition of the general's after he: stamped into his office one day nnd; asked whether there was any regulation forbidding him keeping a pel. Informed thar. there wasn't, he. .said, "I want a dog. I need somebody to talk to. And I want some-! one -who can't ask questions about I he war and cannot repeat what; I say If I say anything." The staff chipped in and pur-j chased the puppy, -which was named! "Telek" and which w*s hoiiscbroken i by the staff. S3.75 quality paper $2.75 «P PRAYER BOOKS and HYMNALS Miscellaneous Religious BOOKS and MANUALS X:- Fine Selection ROSARIES and MEDALS SICK CALL CRUCIFIX SETS *-* and '•* S. T. LITTLE JEWELRY COMPANY —Jewelers since 1851 — 113 Baltimore Street ."WE COME AS FRIENDS . . ." XVI [ • At the end of October, «. story. I was "planted" In ths newsp-ipers 1 ! to the effect, that General ELsen- : hower had been recalled to the j United States for a series of discus- • sions. This rumor accounted for; his absence, an absence later ex; plnined by the fact that the general [went to Gibraltar. He was given' j command of the fortress. "Never in my wildest dreams in ! my West Point days," he said, "did ' I ever think that I—nn American ; general—would ever command the British fortress of Gibraltar." j His headquarters were under 1400 feet of solid rock and con- .stituwd 40 rooms. The only exercise the general and his staff was nble to get. consisted of running to their offices through a dripping tunnel. Many a private was startled .at the sitjht of his commander nnd his staff sprinting through the narrow passageway. To outwit Hit.ier and divert German attention. General Eisenhower had ordered that units of American fnrce.s bo outfitted for the Arctic. The Eisenhower strategy worked, ocrfrctly. The Germans were re- i ported to be bolstering their defenses in Norway. : All through the night of Nov. 7, General Elsenhower worked in his' cavern UoadquarterK. Great events, were impending: great chances were; being taken. The die was being • cast. Tn his hand he held a decoded' 1886 OF SERVICE TO THE NATION 1944 *Shop at Sears and SAVE* message. It svns from General The FIRST National Bank Offers YOU Five Simple Loan Plans! 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