The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on March 24, 1977 · Page 5
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 5

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 24, 1977
Page 5
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NAUGATTJCK NEWS (COXI-O, TTrE"T>AT, JTTLY 9, 194ft-PAGE 5 f" Wisconsin Man Made Grand Exalted Ruler Of The Elks 'New York, July D—(UP)— A Wisconsin rncllo executive and publisher hfts boon named to head the Benevolent and Protective Order of' ICIks. Sfiventy-throo-yeftr-»ld- Chnrle.s E. ProilRhton, president of Radio Station VVHBI- In Shcb.iyKan, Wise., ond president nnd putlishor of the Shehoycnn Press, has been elect- Surrounded By OPA Problem Man Tells Of Buying Valuable Painting For Boston, July 0~(UP)— The mystery of tho disappearance and reappearance of a Rubens' palnt- Inc; apparently has bocn cleared up. A Boston interior decorator said he bought the painting for $40 after finding it in the basement of the Boston Art cluh. Marry Lfioov said that he didn't suspect anything was wronf,' until in 1 Heard recently that n Pennsylvania vjciulkc was suing Harvard over the disappearance of the masterpiece. Mrs. Jean Darlington of West Chester had sent tho work to Harvard for appraisal, And her attorneys way the suit will be pressed despite recovery of th "Descent From the Cross." CHAKLKS E. BHOUGJ-ITOM ed Grand Exalted Ruler <">f the na- l'.'>n'.i 800,000 Klkii at tunli 1 convention In Now York, The election of Broughton, who In ch'ilrnoan of the ElU.-i' hourd of #rand trustee*, wax unanimous Ui- dny at the 82nd national convention of tho organization at the Wal- dorf-A.itorla hotel. He micceedw Wneir Kepncr of Wheeling. West Broughton was hoi-n In a log cfibln In Wlsconttln and worked himself up from printers' devil to his present position of Influence In Wisconsin. Hi; was born In I-.a- martlnn, Fond Du tvc county, Wisconsin, nnd attended the public Hchr.ola of I'*ond Du Lac, When he wn« 11 years old, he went to work on tho Fond Du Lac Commonwealth, tlo attended nlf;ht m:hool and hUMlncsy colic;),'!.', became n rnpnrlor for the paper and fln- nlly city editor. In 1007, he moved to Shuhoynan ivt the request of an "Id friend, the latn ConRrcjiMman Charles !-r. WclNse, to take over tho Shehoy- san Pi'esH, now the only dully In fihnboyprn'n county. . A well-known editorial writer, Broufrh-ton was a leader In the flRht against prohibition find bc- catno known for hin Interest In civic and philanthropic activities throughout Wisconsin, Ho founded the Shoboykan Kiddies' camp to [ jslvo nned"y chlUlren an olKht-weeU.s I «ummor oii'llng. And In 1!H2. he | wn.'i one of eight pcraons In 'the | world to rnciilvo th« Salvation ' Army Distlnguliih'id Sei-vlcr award. I The Extended Weather Forecast For New England Boston, July 0- (UP) -Kxtondetl vvxithcr forecast for New England: Warmer weather by the end of the week will cause 'temperatures In New England to average two to four decrees above normal during 'the period from Wednesday through Saturday. A few nor- mals for the period are: Boston and Now Haven, Conn., 72 cloffi'OCH: Providence, R. I., 73; Nantuckot. 07; Concord, N, H., find r-irtlnntl, Me., -68; Burlington, Vt,, 71; ISastport. Me., (50; Groenvllle, ; u><! Prusciur Isle, Me., C5 decrees. Showers occurring principally In northern Now England about Saturday will produce 1-3 of an inch or IOSH of rainfall. Burglars Robbed Safe Of $5,000 Wrs-tbrook, Conn. July S CL'P)— A curious wife shook her sloopy .spouse nnd said, "John, see what all that racket Is about," Her hiihby yawned and replied, "it's prnlty Important or they woiiMn't be making noiso like that at this time of niitht," then ho turned over and went back to sleep, ft was important, as police have Ifwirnod, The nolan was caused by burglars craekintf thr safe at Cns- Ucbrook Jr.n and taklnp JC.OOO. Surrounded hy letters anil teleprums from his constituents regarding 'tho OPA. Senator Robert F. VVtiffnor (D) of New York, ponders what to do. Of the 980 telegrams -ho received, in WiishlnRton, 950 wore in favor of the OPA nnd 30 ufruinst. Practically every member of Con- hus been swamped by me.ssaRes from citizens. (International Soimdphoto") NAT'L HOCKEY PLAYOFFS Fall River Mass, July 9—(UP) — Tho Chicago Vikings and the Pall River Porrta Delfradas are even at •ine coal each in their 'two-same series from the United' States Na- Monal Open -soccer championship. The teams battled to a one-to-one Ue In the openfnp; game yesterday. The second game will be" played -icxt Sunday in Chicago, . SUFFOLK M15KT SUCCESS Boston, July 0—CO P)—Suffolk Downs horse race track reports .hat its first 3G-dny meeting nn- HOPE SHARES;pR.(»EtT •' vviKi.-pOR •cus i Wiiw>$V > :; r . ..-who vvcdr..-.,,*.'Vi U.VDTCR CONTROL I.owlaton, Me,, July 9—(UP) — Firomen have controlled a forest fire nlnnp the old Webster road after it burned over about 40 nr.-res of woodland. Tho flames rajrct! for about 15 hours before 'hey could bo controlled. Fire officials believe that a cigarette thrown from an automobile may have caused tho blaxo. No houses were in tho path of the flames. . _ Y«, you cc( « *1.00 silt HOPE DENTURE POWDF.R wllhout charge. Buy. at our store, a $1.00 size ai (tic ipecial price of 79c each. After you have bovfcht three packages of the *1.00 ilie mall •he profit jharinff panels on pnckas" "> MOPK. Inc. (addresj on paAjsc) who will »tnd you a Sl.oo size without charcc, Thu is a real IIIVI'DK—four tiacka£<i for the price of three. HOPE DENTURE PO\VDTR is acclaimed by thousand!. It is so plc;mnt to U3C..TM.1 caressingly soft powder sprinkled on plate holds false teeth much tighter. Amai- wg comfort for ncrvoul people. OLSON DRUG STORE der new management wan tho most successful in its 12-year history. The track ha.s a total, pari-mutucl handle of more-than S-15,000,000 for an average daily handle of over ?1,000.000. The total attendance was about 093,000. Sufi'ollc Downs closed Saturday until September. THE NAUGATUCK NEWS AMAZING OFFER All The Best Sellers You Can Read BURKS ^SUPER TURBINE PUMPS ONE . 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