Covina Argus from Covina, California on February 27, 1909 · Page 3
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 3

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 27, 1909
Page 3
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.'*« THE o fc V t) I S a 1 fi a il SMALL INVESTOR'S OPPOR TUNITY. This part of Southern California is dotted with Eucalyptus trees planted for beauty, fuel, or to break the force of -winds, but none have yet, been, planted in past years for commercial us ( \ Small tracts are much IMS apt to be f ; ven the care in planting and cnltiva- tion, and are far more difficult to put on the market. Tor none but largo tracts would justify the establishment of wood-working plants to turn the trees into finished manufactured pro ducts. All over this section arc r;i:u:lc trees which, for fuel alone are worth 91-5 to $25, and for finishing lumber, [ S tat posts, ties, wagon material, insulation pins, and clothes pins, are worth many times sxich sums. Planted eight feet apart each way there are 680 trees to each acre. By watchful oversight during the first year and by careful cultivation, during the first three years, there is every reason to oxpect practically this whole number of trees to be brought through to maturity. The Etiwa Eucalyptus Company has a half section of the best land yet devoted to Eucalyptus. Fifty five-acre tracts are to be planted and put on the market. Oscar Roessner, accredited by the State Horticultural Bureau as one of the best qualified growers of Eucalyptus trees in this state, will select the trees and have exclusive direction of the work of planting them out and caring for them during the first year and the company stands responsible for two years thereafter. The Savings Bank and Trust Company of Pomona will act as trustee of the entire tract, collect the payments and guarantee the fulfillment of every contract obligation to the purchasers. The taxes, interest, and all charges for cultivation will be paid by the Trustee, and it will hold ir trust the deed to the property delivering deeds to the small tracts, free of all encumbrance and charges as soon as the pavments are made. NOTE THIS: ALL RISK OF LOSS AND ALL COST OF CULTIVATION comes during the first three year;;. The tract lies immediately west of litiwa station on both sides of the Southern Pacific railroad, and will be open at all times to the inspection of purchasers who will have no need to take the word of anybody but may see for themselves how their investment progresses, The tracts will be sold at the rate of ?20 down and $5 monthly payment for 36 months for each acre. All unpaid payments may be discounted at any time, 10 per cent, being allowed for cash. If for any reason it becomes impossible for the purchaser to continue the payments till the tract is fully paid lor, a deed for a proportionate acreage •will be delivered on application. A guarantee of 600 living trees on each acre sold at the end of three years, will Jbe made in the contract. Suppose now that only the guaranteed number of trees is matured, and that it takes twenty years for the trees NOTICE OF SALE OF REAL ESTATE AND PERSONAL. PROPERTY. In the Superior Court of the County of Los Am:o!es. Stale of (.'alifm nia. In ihe m;in> r of the I->t;ue uf (iil- lierr T>. Davis, deceased. Nolle" is hereby gi\fii lint in pursuance <»f an order of said Court made (.11 llu 1 Mh day of Frbmury, I! 111 '.', in the ii!>ove entitled mutter, ihe undersigned .\lnier Alfred Davi.s and \V. M. (iriswold. executors of said estalo, will sell ai private sale io the highest bid- lev for ca: 1) gold es (subject to coin of lite I'niu d j •onlirmaiion of said j Supe v ior Court) on or afier tho !lth| day of .March, I'.tOfi, nt tho law ofl'ice of A. AI. I'onoo, Rooms 7 and S Hood Building in the City i.<f Co\ina. County of l..os AM.HOlos. State of California (at which place offers or bids will be re-j reived) all right, title, and interest of said Gilbert. D. Davis, deceased, at the time of his death, and nil the right, title and interest which the said estate has since acquired by operation of law or otherwise, in and to the property described as follows, to-wit: Parcel I—.Lot One (1) of fractional Section Thirteen (11!) In Township One (1) South, Range Ten (HO West, S. R R & M., in the County of Los Angeles, State of California; also that portion of the "Old San Bernardino Road" now abandoned, bounded Northerly by the Southerly line of said Lot One (1 ), Southerly by the Northerly line of the San Bernardino Road us now established, and East and West by the East and West lines of said Lot One (1) extended South to the Northerly line of said present road; except the Northerly Sixteen and one-half feet thereof conveyed to the Southern Pacific Railway Company; together with wale;right. Parcel IF.—Lot One (1). In Block One of the Phillips Tract, in the Rancho La Piienlo, County of Los Angeles, State of California, as per map recorded In Book H. pages ',', and -I, ! Miscellaneous records of said County: 'containing Eighteen and ono-lnlf acres more or less; logo!her with r>,~> shares of the capital slock of Hie Covina. Irri- sating' Company. Parcel 111.— Lol Two (2). in Block One (1 ) of the Phillips Trad, in the Rancho La, Puente, Count \ of Los Angeles, Stale of California, as per map recorded in Boole !), Pages :; and -i, Miscellaneous records of said Comity: containing Seventeen and three- fourths acres more or less; excepting abaut Three and one-half acres there- from situated in the Northeast corner of said lot; together with Fifty aluires of the Capital slock of the Covina Irrigating Company. Parcel IV.—Lot Seven (7) in Block One (1) of the Phillips Tract, in the Rancho La Puente, County of Los Angeles, State of California, as per map recorded in Book 9, pages '.', and 4, Miscellaneous records of said County; containing Ten (10) acres more or less; together with Thirty shares of the New Cadillac Thirty This car is absolutely $15oO, which includes horn and !':vc lamps. .^2x.^ 1-2 tires. Think of this The Cadillac people in Los Angeles have already taken 254 orders for Cadillac cars. Doesn't that speak for itself? The factory has notified them that they can only have MM cors out of 12,iHHi. It will pay you to look into this car if you are in the market. We can make a few prompt deliveries by having had our deposits up since June 20. Call and see us and have a demonstration. Home Phone 4'); 2.M-242 West Third St., Sunset, Red 4'H. POMONA, CAL. OSLER& MATTHEWS f -oifli Rich Delta Land in Kings County $45 per Acre We have for sale in tract to suit purchaser u40 a.:res of rich delta land near Tulare Lake. Soil is deep sedimentary deposit, best in the world for alfalfa' which grows to perfection here. Land is subirrigated. Alfalfa land in vicinity produces $40 to $.=>() per acre without irrigation. Only .^ miles from growing town and million dollar beet sugar factory. Near one of the largest and most successful Jersey farms in the state. '( you want to buy rich land at a price which insures handsome returns, investigate this proposition. to become worth $10 each. These figures are extremely grotesque, in the face of growth of eucalyptus trees to he found all through the Cucamonga and Etiwanda district. But take these figures as a possible basis: Each acre •will then be worth $6,000, a net return of $300 per acre annually for that time. There is no reason to believe but that the trees will be worth that sum in less than half the time mentioned. YOU ARS DEALING WITH HOME PEOPLE. If you are interested in a proposition "big with promise for big profits with only a small amount invested, and that under your very eye, write or call on Win. Clark or Andrew McAllen of The Covina Land and Loan Company, room 4 Keed block, exclusive agents for Covin?.. Thesg gentlemen will gladly give you information concerning contracts and other matters in connection with this enterprise. THE PYGMY EARTH. Vast Dimensions of the Sun as Compared With the World. A dime hold :it arm's length from the eye will much more than cover the J. H. flatthews REAL ESTATE LOOK! LISTEN! If you want to sec that nice new AUTO Laundry Delivery Wagon, just drop a card to Lorbcer !>ros.' Pomona Steam Laundry, the ablest and mos't up-to-date laundrymen in the valley, and teli them to call for your laundry or give you their price on work. We call Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Work strictly up-to-date, POMONA STEAM LAUNDRY capital stock of the Covina Irrigating Company. Parcel V.—Lot Eight (8), in Block One (1) of the Phillips Tract, in the Rancho La P«ente, County of Los Angeles, State of California, as per map recorded in Book 9, pages 3 and A, Miscellaneous records of said County; containing Ten (10) acres more or less; together with Thirty shares of the capital stock of the Covina Irrigating Company. PERSONAL PROPERTY, TO-WIT: Twenty-five and one-hall' cords of wood; One Jersey cow; One. Bay mare; Three set of harness; One pair of mules; One cream mart!; OIK; horse | cult; One single buggy; One driving [horse; One p:iir of gray horses; One white marc and colt; Ono Main wagon, i\'z inch tread; One Main wngon, :! ineh road; One Studelmker wa*oii; Two Potter Cultivators; One double disk )low; One ICIght disk harrow; Two walking plows; One spring tooth harrow; Farming tools .Miscellaneous; 1,0(10 shares of the capital slock of Pratt's Kncalyplus Association No. 1; Seventy-five shares of I lie capital siock )f Le Sage Bros, Co.; Fifty shares of the capital stock of the Pacific Wireless Telegraph Company; Twenty-five shares of the capital stock of Consolidated Mineral and Chemical Company. entire disk (if the sun. If it were placed at the exact point of coincidence and its diameter and distance from the eye accurately measured, it miglii lie used as a means of determining tho sun's diameter, his distance being known. The foremost philosophers of long ago would have been appalled al the true statement of both tho sun's distance and its sl/.e. The sun's diameter Is about fi(U5,0<)0 miles. It. Is bewildering to be assured that it would take 1,:;OU,()OO earths to equal tin; sun in volume. If the Interior of that truly gigantic globe were hollow and tin.' earth were placed at HH '•enter with the moon revolving about It at its usual mean distance of nearly 2-10,00') miles, there would still exist a vacultj between the moon ;yul the Inclosing shell of the sun of nearly i!00,000 miles. This Is perhaps the most graphic and impressive illustration possible of the sun's colossal bulk. \Ve must note, however, that the density of the sun is only about one-quarter that of the earth, HO that it would weigh only as much as .'{.'ill,i)<!0 earths) In very round numbers the sun's weight may be stated at two octillion tons, which if expressed In figures would require almost as many ciphers an a newspaper line can accommodate. A very comprehensive illustration of the pygmean dimensions of the earth as compared with the nun Is to represent tin.- latter by a globe two feet In diameter »nd the en.'th by a dainty pea. And yet the lUtle pea weigh:-; more than six qulntlliion tons. As le the solar surface, it H uome 12,0o<) times that of our n!:in«-t. Yet th<- -.111 When|i,in-d with its true peers, the nt;i!-s. is n it <->n.y "f >• \ traordl;iar\ fc!/,.. I.lit ir: ;i'! pr.ibubi.ity Ir. on!;, t'. ;( . r:ih!..- 1 .•!..;.1:1-' !!,•• ::.••!:>,:.' K«-!f '. \ Terms—Ten per cent of purchase price payable at Ihe lime of sale, and Ihe balance of the purchase price payable upon confirmation of said sale by above entitled Conrl. ABXER ALFRED DAVIS and W. M. CMIISWOLD, Executors of said estate. A. M. PL'NCE, Attorney for said estate. First publication, Fob liOih, l!Hi!i. House Moving; McCRARY BROS, are prepared to make contracts to move buildings of every description, heavy machinery and tree moving with promptness and despatch. We have the experience of years in the business and guarantee our work. McCrary Bros. Hay, Grain, Cereals and Fuel Delivery to livery Part of the Vailcy SAN GABRIEL VALLEY MILLING COMPANY Home Phone I 1 ' CO YIN A, CAL. •••**• CITY LIVERY STABLES C. r. SMITH, Prop. W. Badillo St., on the new electric line. COVINA, I'.arn Phone 240 Res. Phone I'.iH COVINA MEAT MARKET J. F. KliNIMLL, Prop. Orders taken and deliveries made daily. Orders in town will receive prompt attention. Fresh and Tender Beef, Mutton, Pork, Etc. ARGUS KLOCK Phone 5008 GENASCO Smooth Surface Roofing An iih.solutvly new prucivs.s Hint rrslsls nil wcii(lii-i a Kerckhoff-Cuzner Mill and Lumber €2. Home 148, Sunset 25.1. Covina, ('a'. Clarence Allison Building Contractor Plans furnished for all kinds of buildings. I Ionic I'bonc LARGE ORANGE SEEDLINGS FOR ORCHARD PLANTING Siinlii Unrlinni inil'l i'.lii'll Wiilni;!:'. Kui.'l.'i I .mnnii i, Pinri"lii ,. I'lincnix <'iiimrlrn-.hi mill Wir'lilliK- 11 Hi in I dil ii a r.'iliiKi. I'HIM i .Inn • T !•'•'• i. Arm in: i. tin i'". !•!.•. SOIMIII.AM) ISl'KSI:KII:S, !•'. II. In.luuw, l'n,|n i"lnr. iM.Miili-iiii, Oil. rimnr;- Hi.MI.' :'.v.:'i M.iin :u:i. CI;MI:NT CONTRACTOR M;i mil. id un-r n!' CEMENT IRRIGATING PIPE A 1 1 sixes r.a cried i 11 stuck. Kei n forced (Idili'cctr I Ju i Id iti).' p s a Special!)' Van' Wi-,-,1 ('vprcvi A vniMi- Telephone -1037 COYiNA, CAL. NOTICR OF HHAIUXC I'KTITIOX FOR TIIIO VACATION AND AUAN- DON.MKNT OF PORTIONS OF HONITA AVKNl ROAD I.IIST11H K IN (i I.ION DOR A , COI'NTV OF STATK OF CANLOS ANGELES, FORMA. ; Notice is hereby given that a petition, signed by R. F. Sut ln-i land and sixteen others, praying for the vacation and abandonment of ail those portions of lionila avenue as the :-anie Is shown on a map of th(. Subdivision of the Rancho Addition to San .Jose, recorded in Book -!li, ill page L'1, Mi.-eel- laneoiiH Records of Los Angeles County, running In an oasioily and westerly direction through the center fif Section 7, T. 1 S., R. !l W., which lie outside of ;i strip <;o feel wide, '.'.(> feel each side of the center line of said Honita avenue in said Section 7. 'ind situate in the Glendora Road District, County of Ixs Angelew, State of California, has been filed with the of Supervisors of :-:ai(' county, and that said petition will be heard by said Hoard, at its office In the County Courthouse, in tin- Ci'.v of l/os Aiigeli-.-;, California, on Mondiv, March -., p.jiili, at in o'clock a. in of .-aid da v. |iv order of ihe I','.aid ol Supervi.-.orH of |.o- .\IIL-.•!••- ' 'ouiit •• . ' '-Hiloi iil : i, l,.,ld.' F.-I.IIIHI i".. i'"'' 1 C <; KKYF.-' Creates* Hledrir I'dilwjy System in the World" The Pacific Electric Railway %6 Milcj of Modern fiuilt St.jnddrd G.iu^c Lines Reaching the Principal Cities and Towns, Mountain and Seashore ResoHs of Southern California Luxurious Observation Passenger Cars. Prompt and Reliable Freight, Kxpress, Telegraph Mail Service. ind C. S. For information and literature re^ardin^ the tfrcat MT. LOWK Trip, BKACH KKSOKTS and other [joints of interest, sec local a^cnt, or address (iencral j'assen^cr Department, Room 2'»>, 1',-nihc |-'Je> trk, Uuildiiitf, l<os An^el C Hurley's Hardware COVINA, CAL. We carry a lull iine ol Builders' Hardware < Jin- Tools and Cutlery an- Irom the best manufacturer, See our Stoves, Heaters and Ranges (il ever V desci'i |M ioM Wnshinj) Mnchincs end Munse I'lirriisliings Pointers' Supplies Wire, Molting and Pottery The Argus Tunis Out First-Class Job Printing H E A L D ' S I,-. !..,» A..K.-I,'.. (, . '. ,' n. O|,. n .1,11 II:;' ll:i- i'! .1 V. I .

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