The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on March 24, 1977 · Page 4
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 4

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 24, 1977
Page 4
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PAGE 4—iVAUGATUCK JY1SW.S (CO>TS".>, TUESDAY, JULY 0, 1040 Published Every Evonlnp (Except Sunday) by THE NAUGATUCK NEWS COKPORATION NAUGATUCK,' CONN. Do You Remember? From the Files of the Naugatuck Newi RUDOLPH M. HENNICX. Prewldent and 1-uDllshor Telephoned 22Z8 and 222£>—All Departments Entered as uocond claws matter ut the post office in Nuugatuck, Conn. SUBSCRIPTION KATES Payablo In Advance month $1.00 1 Yeur $12.00 Member: Tho American Newspaper Publishers Jvas'n The N. E. Dally Now«pupor Pub. Aas'n Tho Conn. Newspaper Publshers Ass'n TUKSOAY, JULY (), IMG Successful Campaign ..uttick' rcs'ulonts who helped the ('oimt'clicut Society for Crippled Children by jHircliasiiiK Master seals this year will be interested in the aniioinicement that a total o,''$1 ~M,-24'2.'>4 was received. Tho financial report on I lie cainpni.uni shows an increase of $."1,000 over the previous year. The additional funds, it lias been stated, have made possible a $.150,000 budget for the year, providing fur the extension of the society's workshop and home services to many more physically liaridioapped peojile in Ibis state. The society has, for many years, been doinf? such splendid work that, it is ^'ratifying to note that the drive for funds was not. only a success, but. (hat many more persons have come to appreciate what a fine humanitarian service the organization i.s vendor!u;;'. II is (o he hoped that the public's interest in the society will continue to increase and thereby make it possible to inclndo more ami more physically handicapped persons umoun' its beneficiaries. 20 Years Ago Mr. and Mra. Emll Mannwcller, of Rockwell avenue, opened their summer homo at -Laurel Beach. Frcemont Thurston of Culver Heights purchased a new Cadillac sedan. o—O-~o 30 Years Ago I. A. Moi'30 of Cedar street returned from Mount Vernon, New York, where he had been visiting relatives. o—O—o Miss Mary Reilly of Morristown, New Jersey, visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Reilly, of North Main street. NOW THAT THE RESTRAINT IS OFF-!' A Revised Opinion '>ns differ as lo whether the re- Bikini atom blast lesi was a snc-i Some persons s;iy that: it was; •; insist it was a failure, so far as •Kneeled 'resulls were Around The Clock Clarence IT.aigh returned from'a peaceful weekend in New Jersey Mrs, Ford Wulfuck spent tbe..Fo.urth oi! July holiday weekend at Lake Wanunaug- and (h'otou Longpoint. She reopened the Service for Veterans office yesterday morning, after her four-day sojourn. . , . Frank "Spue" -Shea-is still going "great guns," out on the Pacific Coast, and latest reports indicate that he will return to the Yankees, in the near future ' Brownie Kara ban and Edward Walker are preparing their summer wrestling season, which will start; at the Watcr- biiry Municipal Stadium, July 25 The planning commission meets next week, to discuss that oft-discussed' proposal concerning the Veterans' Memorial auditorium. . BEACON FALL S T~ Correspondent. Thomria Fltxpntrlck, Telephone 430.1 Legion Forming Softball Team; Library Closed United Church Ladies' Aid Society Plans Supper Thursday Night The local American Legion is planning- -to organize a softbal team, it was learned recently. The team, when organized, expects to l/jolt games with teams in this area. It will be announced when the team Is fully formed. Library Closed The public library, located in Center school, will be closed during this week, and until Tuesday o£ next, while the librarian, Miss Maude Kggleston, takes her annual vacation. Prckairccrs Beady Al Mcnnillo, owner of that famed softball ten, Al's Packagers, announced today that the local team would be ready for action next | week. The playoiis took 'the first two weeks of July off, as a vacation period. WALTER WINCHELL Coast—To—Coast (Copyright, 1946, by Th« Hearst Corporation) O (•.out. I'ress vice-president l' 1 i tholomew, who represi'iited Hie press l.o--watul.i (he bombin.Lc from j liarely 'JO iVMU'-s from the bull's eye he has revised his opinion since IK saw [lie bomb explode. "J was eX'pecl in;;' a yreal deal than aclnally hajipeued," lie said, was because of the extreme safety cautions before (he lest." But, Bartholomew, this disappointment ened al'ler lie flew above I he smoulder- ing (.ar'^'el. ships the nexl day, and, later landed on Bikini for a ehiseup, What lie saw then convinced him that the bomb was a poweil'ul weapon of destruction. ank ar- comlmu'd iu a B--0 cyi 1 , says first more; This p re- says less- Borough rambling-s . . . Seen on Maple street . . . returning from a day at the lake, Anne Byrne and Jane Ruccio . . . Francis Shanahan hurrying nome to a waiting supper, and to prepare for an evening engagement. . . Eddie Gargonia and Bob Lawlor selling tickets to the All American Veterans' dance to be held at Linden Park hall Friday evening, July 19, . . Billy Rado, Lefty Farrar and John Celello gracing the Main and Maple corner, trying to book softball games, rjotio Paslio (old us a story the other day dial's worth j-opeaLin^. . . . Some day we ini^'hf Meanwhile, Geno is .satisfied to say that the local police department has his vote of thanks for a job well (.lone. Why Be President? I'Vifeii;'!! i\l mister ever dealt.". .So (ireat I'ldeii described new president of of his i|iialifiea- powerless jol) like "The ablest I'Yeur with whom I have Britain's Anthony .Oeor.u'es Bidault, Hie I'Yauees. Why should'a man tions take an almost the I'Yeneh presidency.' I'crimps he hope to make somelliin.y of it, especially in I his I ime of s| ress, Yd even in quieter days successful premiers like Clenien- I'eiiu and Briand strove for the presidency, and were broken-hearted when it was denied them. Most French presidents have been nououtilies, so much so that there was point to (-lemencean's bitter fit be a bou I a presidential election, "Vote for the stupider". Perhaps the lure of the presidency is like that of ribbons and medals, value/less in Ihemselve, bu( appreciated because tliev arc hard to yel. Helen and Leo Carroll postcard from Lake George to say the fish aren't biting the way they're supposed to Brother Elmer and Dick Pinto came home the other morning from their secret spot with a fine flock of fish that would make Helen and Leo forget all about Lake George. From l'"d McGrath, popular and capa hie public relations boss at the Footwear Plant, currently loafing at Cape Cod— "This is certainly a swell spot: to spend a vacation Never saw wnch beaches. You ran walk foi; miles without finding a slone Connecticut has nothing that can compare. ..... Sec you soon . . ." Thanks, Kd—but. we hope the ('onnccticut Chambers of Commerce don't see this. Voicing 1 Their Protests While the members of the V. S, Senate continue to debate on the OPA compromise bill, prices on many commodities are rising anil consumers' protests are growing' louder and more numerous. Tt will be well for the members of Congress to listen to and give earnest consideration to what the protostants have to say. If Hitler had never existed, the N'axi criminals now on trial at Nuremberg rnig'lit have found it helpful to invent him: .For all their crimes (hey put the blame on dead Hitler. Very convenient, but a little too convenient to be convincing. They say it will take (wo years now to fill the car orclc?'s. And by that time there'll be a new army of kids demanding* curs. Mae Clark of the synthetic plant switchboard is vacationing this week. Ray Dinkle recently visited Washington, D. C,—but.briefed his stay when he found that a breakfast of one egg and grapefruit juice cost ninety cents We're not even sure that he got coffee, Burgess Dom DeCarlo is due home tonight from his vacation Borough Clerk Charles Daly starts his annual loaf- awhile next week. A note .signed by Vernon Stockcr and Hubert ttagle Eye The Badge" Hall, who claim to have officiated the game, stales: — "We wish to dispute the item you had regarding the softball contest involving Regan's A, C. and Bud T.ano's Terrors. The Regan hoys were swatted down and the only honor "Bowler" Regan had was to pay for the refreshments ..... The final score (say the latest reporters) was Terrors 22, Regan 3." We hear tell that Frank Johnson's "Blvyj Goose" is up for repairs. '. . . . When 're you going to retire that bus, Frank? .... Howard Dunn of Lewis street, attached to the Army Receiving Station at Oakland, Calif., is home for a brief furlough. . ..... Door George Arliss made ,$610,000 In Lhc United States. That was his nc o.state, at any rate. Compare him with Wm. S. Hart . . . Ariiss didn't bequeath a peso to any American charity—not even to the Episcopa Actors' Guild, of which he once was, President. Phoney . . . Al Woods ihe Broadway showman, reported to have lost $!>,000,000, didn't lose a penny on the market. His wife lost it all ... Fred Billebnind at ~i'2 enters a local school of music, r'ivo years ago, not knowing 1 a note, he composed, a Negro spiritual which w;is a smash hit. So he decided to write an opera. That explains why he is going- to a music school in a. class with kids , , .The reason author Michael Strange (pen name of an ex-Mrs. John Barry- rnoi-n) isn't listed In the Social Register as Barrymore is this: Stage names are not listed, Barrymore's real name is Elythe . . . Elisabeth Bcrgner, the stnr, was turned away at the "On Whitman'Ave- nue" box office the other cve'g. The show, i-appod by the critics, was sold out. The sign above Sliubcrt Alle reads: "In honour of those \vh irlorlfy this theater und who us this thoroughfare—Shulxirt Alle> . . . But when the gale beneath, dnsed—a sign on It slap* you I the face with: "No Thoroughfare Edgar Bergen, no dummy he, socking a mint into television Two girls ouch earned S500 weckl before the war as featured pel formers with a well known dnncc (hey nrc now hoofing for $10 pe week |n the line of a night spo Nice girls, too, and excellent dan cei-s. What happened? . . At a nctors' matinee of "Private Lives i.n Greenwich last week Tulul Btinkhcad asked to meet the gs in the audience whose laugh is MC much like hers. They met. She I Bibi Of.tnrwfi.ld of "Three to Mnk Ready" . . .'s feller ciur '.nK his Navy days was Dimitrlo; Vllan. Ho i.s now acting- under the name of Alex Rand . . .Velly, velly InlriKting. Wherever their picture play opposite each other, Margare O'Brien oiiUlraws Jane Russell by finite a comfy margin. George M. Cohan put on flops, trio, in case you hadn't hoard . . , Hut rvon the great showman couldn't save a badly jumblct: ... -Wilson Mlzner, who luuin't so<;n George since the wod- (llng of 11 pal years lioforo, iv<>nt a to sny hello . . "Isn't It strango, George," sighed Wilson, 'the only time we scom to meet is it weddings—or funerals." In ''The Bandit of Sherwood Fores'; 1 ' adverts, Robin Hood 'saves'the Prince," which any student of history knows is wrong. The r'oungstcr, was the King, which is vhy England had a Lord Regent The Shoobs just hawt a big- hunc of rnidtown realty. Whad— i.gain? . . . Ed Darling, the one- imc Palace booker, is writing a ook about It, -. . Birmingham, ilabama, is where operettas are a OCR clock. The Starlight Opry Co. currently starring Gene Marvey nd Mimi Bunzcll of the Met in Nawdy Marietta") will play to ver a million Alabamans- this ummer . . . Jerque of the week: The imbecile who set off two, fire- rackers in the Roxy balcony on night of July 4th, If he had tarted a panic, he would have been ysterically happy . . . During Gyp- y Rose Lee's visit to H'w.ood she was invited to a society dinner for I charity. The invitation read: "Dress Optional—But Positively Necessary!" .Tames Mason Is a .British movltf star who won't como to America because the Immigration officials told him they would quarantine his 13 cats for a few months If. he brings them here. So ho won't come. He's biff box office in J^im- non . . . The Yanks couldn't got ;x good game out of Bill Zuhor. So they traded him to thoir rivals, the Boston Bed Sox, and he hurls a three-hitter. Who MOM'S dropping John Crawford, who went to Warner's and copped an Oscar. Carmen has sold over one million recordings of "Warsaw Concerto" and "Polonaise." Carmen also retains the highest rating for a daytime musical radio program .... The 3 Suns have another com- mersh—starts Aug. dozen. A milk sponsor . , . The George L'lptons (he's Pawnee Bill in "Annie Got Yer Gun") were expecting an Image at Park East Hosp as this hit the newsstands . . . Add street scenery: .George O. Welles, whoever he is, and Pamela Drake sitting on the 8th Avenue curb eating hot dogs . . '. Beginning of the End Dept: One of the events scheduled for the outdoor circus on Hamid's Million $ Pier at Atlantic City is a marriage in the lion cage with the Big Cats obliging as witnesses . . . . Oz Nelson'says Con. May's front page scandal should he headlined: "Very Warm for May." C. W. Goddard at Delta, Ontario, I says Paramount Is punishing him | by not mentioning his name In con- 1 nection with It new picture titled "Perils of Pauline," which he says ho originated . . . Paramount legalists told Goddard they could Hnd no logical way of mentioning that he originated the first serial by that title . . . The author says: "That's sil.'.v. you merely have one character ask another who wrote 'Perils of Pauline,' and the other replies: "Charles W. Goddard.' Unless .somebody puts In a word of publicity for mo, 1 ' continues Mr. Goddard, "I will spend tho rest of my .life answering:; 'I thouglit-yoii-ivrotc- tli<>Perils-of-PniUine letters.' " Of all look-alikes!: The ticket take)' at Locw's Mayfair Theater, An uncanny resemblance to likeness of the founder, Marcus Loew, on the plaque a few feet away. . . Louis Haywood and Ida Lupino bought a story together when wed. Now that they arc divorced (and he's a groom again) they will produce it together . . Elliott Lawrence Is the pianomaestro clicking- via the Pcnn Hotel's Cafe Roupe. He's only 21. The gab of music circles, they say ... In Rita Hayworth's next film. "Down to Earth." the gink playing a stigohand is Count Stofnnclli of Italy. Hi, Bub! . . . Phil Brito resumes via NBC Aug. Serviceman. Home Seaman Joseph Rybinski was a visitor at his h-Dme in Germantown, over-the week-end. J^ocal Sailor on Kwajaleln Leonard Mitchell, S, 1-c, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mi-tchcll, hais written from his base on" Kwaja- lein, in the South Pacific. Seaman Mitchell is a member of the famed atom bomb operation, "Operations Crossroads." He stated in his letter that he would like to hear from his friends locally. His address is as follows: Leonard Mitchell, S. 1-c NAB, Kwajalein, Navy No. 82-1 Box I, Care of F. P. O. San Francisco, California. Return ,. From Vacation Mr. and Mrs. Rocoo Sabia and their dauaghters, Livia and Vincy Anne, have returned from a week's vacation In Rhode Island, VieVctjqyj A LOAN GUARANTEE BY.THE VETERANS ADMINISTRATION ISA ' VALUABLE PRIVILEGE IT WISELY. . or correct infoimotion conl'oct you eorest VETERANS ADMINISTftA- TION otlicc. SIX .STOWAWAYS l-j.-rton, July 9—(UP)—A record number of stowaways arc being icld at Boston. Six Finnish youths arrived aboard the Liberty slilp James A. Weimorc seeking jobs n ihe United Stales. They will be ;iven a hearing at which their status will be determined but 'for the present they arc being held at. the detention headquarters of th U. S. Immigration service. Atomic Test Predictions Disappointing The Crusaders, iri their recent defeat at the hands of -the Naugatuck Highlanders, were disappointing, but this was attributed to the fact that several of their 'players arc on vacation this week, is is their manager, Charlie Kevit. The locals arc expected to play a much better brand of ball, when the current vacation period ends. Karl Moran Discharged Earl J. Moran, S. 1-c, of Feldspar avenue was discharged from the U. S. Naval Separation Center at Lido Beach, Long Island, Sunday, July 7. Iln enlisted into the Navy shortly after hits graduation from Naugatuck High School in 1940. Iron was inkcn d Pennsylvania as early as 3730. from !s'c\v York mine locations Advisor for Women Ve|» Pot Luck Supper The Ladies' Aid society of the United Church arc going to hold a pot luck supper Thursday evening at 6:30 o'clock in the church hall, it was announced today. I i FIRST BLAST, June 30th. Fiv» ihfpi iunlc, nine' ihipt wrecked, forty-five ihipi reported damaged. _^^^^9^^^^4^^PC^~^9v*AMfliv^- J THIRD TEST, to bo ilog.d next . yoar. Prad«lioni of tamo who wil- ; netted Ut Ion oro that all thipi will be tunk within 50 mi'ct of blatt area. SECOND BLAST, inls w.<,kt - ; - expect o. .cruthing effect on ihipt' • hulli, Great radioactivity in water. ", ' Giant waves to. iwtep over ihipt • . and itlond. L lit bomb dropped by plane. 2nd bomb to be planted jutt under «urfa» of the water. I 3rd "balhytpher*" bomb to [explode ol depth of U5l>'. . 2nd . ".'. Larry Brooks (star of "Sons: of Norway" rc-c'd a sold cig- Kie case from his fan cluh prcxy. Jean Harmon. Larry doesn't smoke so he KRVC it to her uncle, th theater's doorman. He pravc it bac to her as'a. hiph school graduation gift. Tommy Bomey, according to Tin Pan Alley, Is supposed to hnv« corpornOd liim.sclf—sold all tin stock for half a million—paid of his income tax wfth it—wnd bank ed' over 300 Gs as capital (jains Henceforth, the lerjend would havn you believe. Dontcy will work for n stralRht salary for the stock holdrrs Confrrcxivmiui William DUWKOII (r»em. of Ills.) jiist forwarded his personal chock foi $1,000 to the producers of "On Whitman Avontir" to be spent for ;iny use they se<? fit to help kooj the problem show running. He is a N>KTO, as is the star, Ouinda l,ec . . . "Icetlme" at the Center has been playlnc to standees at all po.n- forninnces nnd at $2 tops. It Is outdrawlns: all the. other shows on Broadway. It almost hit SiO.OOO In-st woelc, compared to "Annie's" 45 Gs ut SG.fiO top. . . A cortntn husband-wife' radio tcnni Is frcttlnff ready for television . . . They'll leave the shades up. Vflrmrtr Attm mi>/n>/i(m PMo Mira Winifred L. Slilwcll, rectnllv I«p0f0l*d from tht WAC'f with Iht n»ic of lieutenant colonel, hat been rtomtd odvitor to General Omar N. BrodUr, Admlniitratot of V*l«rani' Affoiri, oil matltri pertaining to women vtlerom, Miw Slilwcll, whoie home i« in KatiMi City, Kani,, tcrved in the Philippine! M offictr-in-ehorse of the WAC ufik of General MacArthur'* heodauoftefi. rha latest reports from scientist.-) and military officials at Bikini state ,hat the atomic bomb exploded in Uie fi.rst test has lived up to expectations. The fact, that 5 ships were sunk, 9 wrecked, and 45 damaged, more than proves the vast destructive force of atomic power. In the •second experiment, to be held JuJy 35, the bomb will be suspended In a container beneath a bar,ge at a depth of about 18 feet and detonated by radio impulse from a ship 20 miles away. Vice* Adnv Blandy, who Is In charge of operations, predicts that waves 50 to 7» feet high will sweep across Bikini. Others predict that the hulls of the ships will bo crushed and the lagoon waters will become strongly radioactive. During- ;the third test, which is to be held next year, a "bathysphere" type bomb, capable of withstanding tremendous pressure, will be exploded -In the open \ea at a depth of 125 feet. Some official* who saw the f first test believe that the bomb that depth will sink all ship* within a fifty-mile radius of the immediate blast area. (International) CASE CONTINUKD Groton, Conn., July 8— (UP) — The case of the girl-friend who police say turned gun-moll has been continued one week in Groton town court. Counsel for Lillian M. Murphy of Hartford rco^.stod the continuance so that he could prepare a defense. She was arrested laist nlgth on complaint of Stanley Zagorski of Hartford who said she forced him at gun point to drive her to Grolon and relieved him of hla wallet. GENERAL DIE & STAMPING CO. B. & S. Collets and Feed Fingers Draw 3ars MILL SUPPLIES• VENETIAN BLINDS I Orllvrrr. LEBON'S TE.VKTMJt BLIND CO. vra Np.. ttnin it. Tvt. 8-TX2I METAL WORKS !>!) SO. MAIN STREET (* Expert Welding of AH T.vp» Forging, Sheet Metal »n<J Ornamental Steel Work SAVE 10% CASH & CARRY If You Bring Your Own Laundry CALL WAT, 4-4106 A MERICAN 7 \ I \ l> I! 1 • ^ 5VATCI1 FOR OUR nBNOVATBD STORI'> => GKAND OPENING! CORNER CANTEEN S92 No- Main Street Try NEWS Want Ads—they bring results

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