Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 16, 1974 · Page 8
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 8

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 16, 1974
Page 8
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^agc Kiftht SIDE GLANCES IIOPK (ARK.) STAR By GILL FOX "I DID close my eyes, but my head won't turn off!" OUT OUR WAY ByNEGCOCHRAN / SAY/ YOU'RE OMLY GOIW<3 {'CAUSE THEKE'S A KIP WHO ', TO TH' CORMER STORE FOR / Ll\yeS OVEK TH' STOKE WHO'S / A FEW GROC&R1BS>! IA/HY \ <SOT IT IM fOK ME .' HE DK0PS V T HE UMBRELLA OM SUCM J BAGFULS OF WATER PROM A SUWKJV DAY? ^_ rr1 _ r -^7 TH' WIKJPOW AMP HE'S 5OAKEP ME 2 OUT OF 3 . TIA/CS/ I AIW'T TAKIM' \ AMY MORE CHAMCE5: OUR BOARDING HOUSE By MAJOR HOOPLE JAKE MUST)*, FOUND f NAvW. J^E ACTUALLY WHERE Trl£ MAOOR 5C.OREP/ALL PR. R3WEI?^ HIPE5 HIS JUG.' HE'S./ HA5 SEEN OF THE W0RLP CLMMIN' .SOME 016 < 16 A KNUCKLE-CRACKIN', EDUCATOR IS HIRIN' ) CONTEST IN THE HIM TO OPEN A ral LIBRARY REAPING CAMPUS. 1 yPV-,.' ROOM. 1 JAKE JUST BUTTERED HIM UP MORE THAN A PISPLAY BOX OF POPCORN! EEK&MEEK The Band e' to Previous Puzzle FLASH GORDON ftlwiffay. ScpOmbcr If!, 1!>7I By DAN BARRY ACROSS I Flriiv- insirurtK-n' 8 Kirvl 'it ti'ir n 12 T'iv.;irrl 'hi- -,hHt>T'"l -I'll- I i Kni>h-,t,< i". I) Slori I'; S'Klll IB 'Kfii 17 Thou 18 l;iki' n i. in "i --'.'i- 24 l.;iri!i' hiiis- i nsl ruin'-M' 28 An> |)l,-iM'i liii- tit'nl iiuiii> U2 Sol;ii disk :« \r«i H5 I- Icsh (mill iWi Sh|i|jci \ :(7 I vil Ifihnlil riuiMi •II f'url.sol churrhcs 42,S)ii!hl poke 4-1 Triniifx'l rcliilivc 48 .Si«|ii<'MCT (it si'lit'lutn.s .i2 Operatic solo fi.'l (irccnhinil Kskimo nfi Kn^listi rivi-r 57 Marrtiw Ixiarrl f)8 Kinnlt- 5!) N'ci'vc network BO KlrmKcilcrl lishcs 61 Slrcct.siiil) i l>2 ThriK'-s|ii>l ifjirdsi DOWN 1 Owns 2 Olive ni'tui.s It CluniH't ni'i'd CARNIVAL ) H.,;•.,!': IT::(>'" 'M j I'M-- '-. -I' ', HiL'l .lS '.•.'iM'.i: !>.!. K |ji^!i>'iiinn«l Id l!'.v I 1 Iliiii-ii. i-i-iiii- ]') liiirn i- -.'i.|i Jl S|--< ,ln J4 . MINP Ci/CffS i/KE A COMPU TER HE RECALLS THE FORMUlA HE OMCE LEARNEP fROM IOHG-FOR6OTTEM MEMORY TAPES.. :m in- 40 ent 41 MI-' i uliiiiin t-1 I \iiii\i- mi-mi- 4o Mm ;iii riM'i Ixirdi'i 1 I'n'vM'SMxi' 4B li-;inmn ciiin j<i')i)'mn'|)l 47 N'alionals 'utj i iuii|);is> point 49 Small arnm Hi's|xinsit)ilitics 50 Alwa>s Slate • ah 51 Learned h> eai An '|ireh\' 54 Powerful .s explosive to protect 5fi Niipoleonif instnimeni marshal ., THE OF THE T/ME WARP , WITH A FEW BITS OF HIKING, H£ REACTIVATES THE BORN LOSER ByARTSANSOM ALLEY OOP ByDAVEGRAUE By DICK TURNER THE RAMP'S IN , PLACE, MR. LURCH/ YOU CAN DRIVE THE VEHICLE OUT ANY TIME.' ,,,ARE THE ^ ALLEYS WINDOWS ./TAKING COVEREO^CAR 5 OP DOCTOR? 7 THAT NOW, , ORVILLE.' THEN I'LL GO AND GET MY 'BABYV Y kNOW, DOC, I'M DYING TO SEE THIS/ SO . 'BABY S OP HIS.' ( AMI.' CAPTAIN EASY UP A L6AP FERN- ALIA£-PEVOM'S CAR, HAg gPOTTEP THE "CON 0IKi"l By CROOKS & LAWRENCE r F^I.T A Y wo: i THOUGHT IMPULSE- 1 YOU WERE THUGS "CE THE / VVOfJKIN.'^ POR. DASH, •' "Bug-off, Murdock! This is MY little old lady!" BLONDIE \'ou can recogni/e an in- tc-lligent man immediately by the way he agrees with your opinion. La/iest man in the world i.s the fellow who drives his trailer home over rough roads to shake cocktails. : AMP ,DEA (?!... 1 WASN'T RUNW)W6 By CHIC YOUNG What Ihe tavern juke box needs is a selection that buys three minutes of silence. DAS WOOD, WAKE UP ITS TIME TO GO TO WORK .' WHAT ABOUT MY BREAKFAST ? YOU ALREADY ATE ) YOUR BREAKFAST f THE LEAST YOU CAN DO IS -, KEEP YOUR MUS8AMD AWAKE v WHILE WE'S EATIMG/ By HOWIE SCHNEIDER WINTHROP By DICK CAVALLI THE TPCfS-£ kJITH ME IS I'M TCO SERIOUS AU. THe TIME ! I'M JUST UNLUCKY; i GUESS. THE PEOPLE NEXT POOR SO OUT TO BUY A PET... . AND WHAT DO THEY j COME BACK WITH? ) flib BtcSiSEST PUSSYCAT IM THE CIVILIZED SVORLD ] r A>a r ir FRANK AND ERNEST ByBOBTHAVES CAMPUS CLAHER I^HKH ONfc OF YOU OPDEPED THfc PIZZAS SO WHEN I HEARD THAT OVERCROWDED GERMAN COLLEGES / WERE TURNING STUDENTS — ' AWAV... i By LARRY LEWIS HELP FILL QOOL'TTUB co UNFILLEO CLASSROO/VAS.. SO MERE NO.' ARE., SHE w/A\' T ED TO ; MOVE OJR CLASSROOMS TO BUGS BUNNY ByHEIMDAHL&STOFFEl PRISCILLA'SPOP IT'S oooo T HA\ e^ ' | HIYA r ' ~\ PUHH, ~" EGGHEAD,) HELLO Ll'L WHAT'S 2 BUDDY' LES J-ET" T^ REAL SOON/ LONG TIME NO SEE. / GOOD —If NIC3MT, FOLKS.' l\ DO COME AGAIN 1 AL.L YOU WATC M T •^\ •<i^ \ I By At *>-,.^v« . ^•^ ^ &r ^, ~ I i-RiENDS \ r^K?oP if-i ON A FOOTBALL / ' i ^v x - Ni ± H y; .-'i v ^^! f; i^ V^?nr 1 i ^ v Ji \ w - x •43 ' :;hj( , Utfll MJ ^: e ^ A

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