Covina Argus from Covina, California on February 27, 1909 · Page 1
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 1

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 27, 1909
Page 1
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II •** f * > ""M Faultier , Mr*. H. M, F. H. FABRICK HARDW F. H. FABRICK PLUMBING I a " LEADING NEWBl^PiaiWaAN GABRIELViLLGY VOL 37 COVINA, CALIFORNIA, SATURDAY. FEB. 2 7 , 1909. INO. 13 PROFESSIONAL CARDS QR. STEVENS OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN Phone 298—Argus Block Dr. Olinda K. Stevens Tuesdays and i r ridays . J. C. GOODELL, OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN Office, First National Hank Jjldg-. Hours 9 to 4. Phones: Res. 250. Office 175. & JENNINGS, PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS J. D. REKD G. D. JENNINGS 8-10 a IH 10-12 m 2-4 p m, 7-8 p in 4-6 p ni Offices in Reed blk., Phone 40. Residence of Dr. Reed E. Badillo st. Phone 48; Residence of Dr. Jennings on Reynolds addition, E. Badillo St. Phone 299. COVINA, CAL,. p. J. CLJNE, —DENTIST— Office hours: 8:30 to 12, 1 to 4. Home Phone 47 Office: Bank Blk., - Covina, Cal. PR. W. W. SCHIFFMAN DENTIST Over Argus Office Covina, Cal. Phone 284 £ t H. WEDGWOOD .„ „_.. ARCHITECT AND . .^UILDiNQ CONTRA CT9R Residence, Cienega, near Grand R.F.D. box 204 . Phone 3065 ANDREW M. PENCE ATTORNEY-AT-LAW Notary Public Phone 1039 Reed Block Covina, Cal. QEO. L. SANDERS, ATTORNEY AT LAW Offices 325-333-335 Wilcox Building, Telephone, Home 425 LOS ANGELES, CAL. MISS ALICE WYNNE INSTRUCTOR OF THE PIAXO Pupil of Calvin B. Cady Chicago Conservatory of Music. Residence, M. Congdon, K. Badillo St. Phone 8 * 5 WE CAN FIND YOU * A BUYER * * * * # * * * * * * # •* •* For Orange Groves * Alfalfa Lands or * City Property * List your property with us. Covina Realty Co. * SECOND IN SERIES. Philharmonic Quintette Satisfies Large Audience in Locally Given Concert. Pearl Helen Herndon, I ho leader connected with the Philharmonic Quintette furnishing the concert at Ihe Woman's club house Thursday evening, was undoubtedly aimverhUed nion; than sonic of the reriiainini; members, hut the big audience showed warmth at the conclusion ol' all Ihe mimbeiK. The event was Hie second iu the series irivoti by (he Covina Lyceum Association, of which Rev. Paul (J. Stevens is president. The two evenings now spent with Ihe talent furnished by Ihi.s association have proved lo he enjoyable and in every way sali.ifaolovy. The unavoidable absence of Miss Xixol Hill, the character contralto sinner advertised for this occasion, was certainly a disappointment. Miss Hill \\a.-i recently heard at an open meet hit; of Ihe Aniphion society at; Glcndora, ;i,nd is remembered pleasantly for her interpret ai ion in costume of folk son^s. Her place on Ihe program was laken by Miss Xuncie Zabini Hitman, a singer of power, who rendered a number of well-received SOUKS. Miss Lottie Huisserel, a violin virtuoso, caught the audience in a most receptive mood. Her character songs in Scotch costume were daintily rendered and received the applause they deserved. Miss Buis&erel'is an outer lainer of the lighter type who really entertains. The whistling solos by Miss Enid Behymer were a novelty, and Miss Agnes Buisseret played brilliantly at pianoforte. Miss May Burnham had no unimportant, part as piano accompanist, following the singers in a creditable manner. The management of this aggregation is represented by J. L. Allen, who while in Covina was the guest of Rev. Mr. Stevens. Other creditable entertainments by the Covina Lyceum Association are to be given during the seaaon. ORANGE GROVES SELL. Two Thousand Five Hundred Dollars mi Acre Paid for Sightly Property. The Sunders Real Estate company reports tho sale of the ten aero orange COVINA'S MUSICAL FUTURE. The wlilow eif ex-Governor Oliver Ames, the millionaire shovel maker of Massachusetts is dear. Before this afflict Ion came upon her she was a performer of high merit in music, and is [prove, Valoncins and navels, ImlunR- j Kl111 " 'ii'^ician. for the loss of heiirlng jiiiKtoA. M. White of Cypress avenue • (1()<>s no( especially signify dial om> i to Mr. Riidisch of New York Oily. I llla - v oeeori" marooned from the mu- ! Price 818000. Mr, Ru.lheh will re- I* 1 ™ 1 "j 1 ."' 1 ''- ;.! s '!'" (>!lr « I(M '« »'" tloll >: . , ,, inale die allee'dotis. lul after this ,H..lL. ,,,, IhnpropcHy. | misfortune I. was nalural dial large 1. C. Fairly reports the following ovchoslral and band organi/.ai lorn LIBRARY NOTES. f '•'''"*"•>*«'«•...« Late books recently added: Bazln—Redemption. Bindloss—By Right, of Purchase. Cable—Kincakl's Battery. Conrad—The Point of Honor. Crawford—The Diva's Ruby. Gale—Friendship Village. Hall—Three Acres and Liber!y. Hough—54—40 or Fight. Jacobs—Salt haven. Jordan—Many Kingdoms. Lincoln—Cy Whittaker's Place. Low—A Chronicle of Friendships. McCulcheon—The Man from Jirod- ney's. Mitchell—The Red Cily, Olli vanl—The Gent It-man. Sheldon—Coffee and a Love Affair. Viek—Heartbreak Hill. Ward --The Testing of Diana Mai- lory. Wharton—The Hermit and the Wild Woman. White;—Tho Rivernran. *| E. P. HULL DEAJUEK IX New and Second-Hand FURNITURE Queensware, Granite and Tinware 'a^h paid for S<.-o<iml-Huml Furmu-rc WARM WEATHER STYLES. One of the events te> be looked forward to among Covina business liouse-s is the disjilay of millinery ai die- establishment eif Miss S. Re-ckard on Citrus avenue, whei will make an especial effort on March ildi and Sib, Saturday and Monelay. Miss Jtcckard Is at wen k with her force, lire-paring die voi v latest styles in paiiern hats I'or spring and summer, am! .slates lhai her stoe-k will emb.ace piaciically e-ver.\ i hing that e:an be obtained in the large-si establishments o! l.os Angeles. Miss Hf'ckar-'l argues righd> when she main lains that her p! ices are mue-h satisfacteiry than aie 10 be encountered in Lets Angeles, and die good.-, ai tin- same lime weil lip lo uandard. The peipuliir Covina. milliner j:~ asking 'h the ladies of I hi.-' loe-'.ilii> ill.-,| eel I, sieick em tin- dale.-, aho-.e III-MI! ioi.e-el. NOTICE TO ALL PROPERTY OWNERS. I \vill folium nee on Mnmla\. Ma'ch Is;, cleaning all weeds between ciuli- ing ami sidewalks and beiwien sidewalks and propei i > line, and will charge cosl o!' same to owner.-; of abutting property. Parties wishing to do ihe wot I: themselves will plc,.s< commence np- cta'ions at once. N. H.-Weeds must not lie thrown in Ihe Htre< is. M. I* MKH.VKKT. rjty Marshal. ACCIDENT. As William Kmrich, a linen,an in Ihe employ of die (|e>mc Telephone Company, was climbing a pern- ai Wai- nut Cenier 01, Friday, DM- pole bioko ;.-ml Kmrich fell 10 die giound, ,im! aldiough no I,on. s w-ie broken 'he- l:i:|.-.c|e.-; (,! h ! •, fee: aitd ie-, V, e 1 e ~<> mill.--'-'! thai he Jia.i l<e.-|| lili.,!,ie to L'ei aboil' 'Ai'hoT 'ii.- aid '.! .'•ales: Five- acres, lu'lweeii Cinuid urn (ih'iieloni avenues unimpreivcil, l-c leuiying to Thomas Whitley to \Vil Jiitm Kmriok and J\. U. Price SHOO, j lirie-k flats em First street, j ing to J. K'. HoeliU's to J. C, buck. Price 82500. Six acre Vulenciiis with house of of properly Wallers Hoi Iciiliucik Hvenui', I he; .). H. Adams to ,}. C. Covina. Price SlfiOOO. .Messrs. Ralli and Ruble' have- sold their ten acre> orchard em Covina avenue near (Jrand le> Thomas Powers, consideration $17,500, with I'uruisheel home. These gentlemen came' here' three and one-half years agei for their health and have more than doubled their money. They will leave' in about two weeks time for New York and Europe. ap- pealeel lo her more than Ihe lighier forms. She bad millions lei spend. She spent Ii generously on si niggling sei- cielie>s eif e-hora! work, on bands and orchestras in her own stale-. dually she' turned her addition lo ilhe schools of her native' town. She supplied the mo<i expensive instruments and die msl capable teachers, , making a brass bam! and orchestra in ! the schools a possibility. |."or seven (l ,,iye'ars there- have been four le-achers of music in ceuislanl allemlane-e in the Hchools of Kaslem. The resiih is worlh comme-nl. Many of die pupils uban elom;d the- study of music on leaving school, Alaiiy olhei's slill kepi up slml.v in ceiiine-cdon with the sierner ''airly. ) F helniig- Clutter a grade, about three the town. The horse Unavoidable Accident. Activity on the part of an ambitious humane officer in Covina on Wednesday of this week caused a small brain storm locally for a few hours, and resulted In a case before Justice Marshall. Clinton Hutchison, one of the delivery 'men In the employ of the Warner, Whitsel Company, ran Into a horse belonging to a Mexican, while coming down miles east of was tethered by a long rope at the side of the road, and as the delivery wagon approached the horse started to cross in front of the moving team. The rope brought the animal up with a jerk In front of tho grocery team, and the pole struck the horse In the; right hip, making a savage wound. The; horse broke away and ran Into an orange greive;. It is thought (hat die drlve-r coulel no! possibly have' forcse-c-n Ilie ae-e-idciil unde-r the; circumstances, but Humane- Officer A. W. Assle-rliaugh was nodde-d and arre-sted Hutchison on a charge eif cruelty lei animals. The- boy, not knowing his rights, pleaded guilly be-fore Justice Marshall, but Alleirne-y A. M. dice, see-ured by the Warner, Whilsel Ceimpany, arrived before seniciie-e was prommnccd and e-aused the- plea lo he wilbelrawn. The case was ihen sei for trial feir March I. The- affair areiuse-d conslele-rable* e-ommenl, and 'iiei'al eijiinion see-ms lo be that die large- of crue-lly against Hule.-hk-ein is unrounded and without fad. MONDAY AFTERNOON CLUB. The- next ineeling of the above will be at ',', p. m. on Monday, Mrs, R. M. Douglass, being chairman. Then- will he a laughable fare:e, "Men \ol Wanted," by die Misses Anna Re\- nolds. Kihel Hoiiser, Lola and Ruby Keeier, .\iiibe-l and Nellie Hi-e-kail. I'jlna Snave-ly, l-;ihe| liousei-and Mai. 1 . 1 JOllege. .Miss I'eime-roy will read a PH|:I'I- on "The History ol' die I'. K. KxpS'eS '." i-ml I hel e will lie Illll- ieal CITY COUNCIL. -•nla r meet it,:? ( ,| i h f'ily of Ciivina was I ' on- on T"( sda'. i- 1 -. en : I " -. be-lllL 1 pi'e.-e||l V.'I I I. • busiiiessi\s of life, (gillie ! eel music as a career, and in every case, the eiriginal beiiefador supplied Ihe'in with, funds when It was necessary. Today (here are eiver one hundred yeiung men and women who nre known throughout, the- Knsfern stales as accompllsheel vlrluoso musicians— graduates from the' KaHlein High School. One Is at lle'rniuela Islands ellrecling an orclu'slra; eine- Is al Sara- loga Springs, aitel the He>lo 'cellist of Fadetle's fainous lady orchestra Is an Eiuston graduate;. All this Is primarily lei sheiw what can be done in Ihe high arts In thr- formative period—just before, the turn- Ing point—before tho hardening process sets In and the High School scholar becomes a man or woman. The results are wonderful. And hero, In Covina, we have a musical organlza- U6n In 'the High School which, In a brief time has accomjilishod creditable work. There are no remarkable) musicians as yet. But the nucleus of something which will reflect credit on Covina Is In the making. The music In the schools should recelvo support from die- tax-payers, from the' resiele'iiL-i, properly owners and business men eif Covina. It will pay, If you like; lo look at II In that light, II will jiiiy In fuliire- pride-. The- study of musie- lii'tn people above die loved wile-re e-rillle I.; e-oni- mitle-il. Tills Is eilK- of die |]|-sl steps. It makes gentler cid/ens wilhoiil the leiss of sterling worlh II brlng.s ra- dlane-.e- inlei (lie home- il reliiies die coarsest nalnres. If I he Covina I'nion High He-hool band needs uniforms and music, these milsl he supplied them wilhoiil epiesdon. The iinifoims are nee-essary in this e-ase. Tbe n . | H Imr- inony In e-olor as we-ll as In sound. Tin- people of the town miiHl purchase HICKC, eir aulboi'i/e die school hoard lo make this expenditure for tlie-m. K miiHl IK- (lone right away. Make prep aralloiiH lo do this al once. The Argus has spoken of It before, if some action is neit taken the .Argus will ke-ep speaking of II iindl our sdieli-nlH are imp plied wilh (he assMane'e necessary I'or dieir musical elevelopmeiii. SHAKESPEAREAN COMEDIETTE AND CONCERT. I'ower Co., $11.^0; M. I,. $:: l.iln; Covina I'nbljc l.ihiarv, |l:.'l!i • I. A i ihe close of I lie bn:-lnc:, ; \| i . Olinr-.ted of the firm of Olmsieil h (Illleleu, civil eimilU'efH and ex|/e|) ; ; on modern sev/euj^e system, (/ave ih(-m an iiiteresi IIIK talk on modem sewer ai-'e a.'ld exlender) lo the Irllhlee..; an il and veic-il pa 11 :> w ere well i en and iiiodue-i-d loud applause, Mr. ha '. \l\',' I o i c..poiid I o I h i ee en The ;.(.-. el al ( hai adei .-. In I lie We-| e p|. a iillgl', lepl e; l'i me .1 .1 Meri'.an. 111 Id ei| and <; 1 1. 'A 01 i h '. of not lee dial dieiie ua tda veil In '•" a i.- ago. i h- e-a.-.t Ii a i * o \ e 11 a i n i d ladle; SUNDAY SCHOOL PRIMARY UNION Invitation to sped in" 'r'fv •hat viciniiy. Tho flno down to .Naples and in i ,\w. farm and wo: I... in Olll flieellll!.' Was e pi K-Ildeil lai-,1 Tl|e;;dav. lirocli way v, an with u leachinj/ i|,.. |i..,,,on in li:/hi fn| wa y, .-.he ' h '',i ve m .iij)/:.'e.-,iioiiK on iiiimar pill painting of School L Kelhfey, l!," ! i! w I'ilccti ic luilrortfl, •J7 H. The hai>(|^oii,<; cookin •/,as to I.e «i\-i:ii a '.•• a y t ol oakiiiK [,',v,d(-i at. Morocco le.athrr with (.lie hair tfio iii:w (,'r.vma wai won Ly (/'. Jf. nl of tho I'acidr; ith ticket No, r-iallv -well at All.--;:-; Mime and l.e-i;le|e:i hei ov.'ii denial!', helpful pinloi >uid III lermeeliat': Woil: Childi'i-li. i;e!ee!id .liom die diffeii-n' Sunday i-ehooi. , ga -, e a -hoii piogiam illu.,1 i adng die- .ong a/id liilde Kloib--; !a:;j'hi lo lb« m A ;.ocial hemr folio/,' e| dm in;/ v. lilch %ent . means a season of fasting; of abstaining from all that is "worldly." A season of looking over "the self" and picking out the "weak spots." ^A "weeding out" of the unwholesome and an "adding to" of those things that make a life right and good. Our line of canned fish has -been thru a Ler\tcn season. It comprises only the best brands attainable on the market, fresh canned fish that is just as clean and wholesome and appetizing as if caught from a nearby brooklet. SPECIAL PRICIuS Sal nion in tins 2d,. _ ] .-,. i ij i,,-, ](),• Mackerel in HUH 2i)r, or 2 Tor .I.Sc Kippered Herring ;;o ( ; Suited Mackerel H)c, ],s t -. Salt Salmon llcllics 3 f (>1 . \^ c , Salt Hiirraciulii io c ,, er n,. "If you can't conic, phone" . DIRECTORS OFFICERS C. E. Amlorwm (•'• V. <M»t.|> J. It. Kllinl.l W. II. llullliliiy ('.. M-iM'f,.,. A. I'. K.-rrldioir Muivu II. Uullnmn W. II. HOI, I.IDA Y, I-rcHlilniH. H. M. lloinutr MAIUX) 11. IIKI.I.MAM. Vi™ I'n-ii. J. <). HOIIHIT .1, It. KI,l,H/rr, Vlc<- I'KM. W. M. (illlHWOI,!), Canlili-r Capital and Surplus $90,000. oo Covina IDadcy Savings ffianh Covina, Cal. DIKICCTOK'S i il^I'MCJOK'S ('•i-ii. ]•'.. AiiiliTHiin W. II, llullliliiy A. I'. KI'IIICKIHH''!' 1 , !'!<•;, .). It. Mllinll. II. M. HHIIMIT II. M, IIOII.'il'iK, Vln, I'M-nlili' Miii-i-n II. llrlliiiiiii A. I'. Ki-rrldiuir W. M. (, CII,I|I|.T Capital and Surplus $42,000.oo < > < • EucalyptusWood AIJ, SIXKS AND [,KN<;TIIS KOK s'i'o\'i-; OK' I''IKI'' ( I'LACI'; ^Q.5O pe^r cord Two lil'/i l<s west ol ^r.iiiiitiar '.cliool. BHRT H. H KM WICKS .'.-'.llfl rilOlle 1 1 17 ••••••••••«•••••••••••••••••«••**••»••••••••••••••••• GROCERIES 1 v, liii-l; the purchaHi-i '.Viirnei, \Vhil-,e| ,1 ('.<> '-> is i,'i. I. >•!', I ' ''•):' 1-1 ),ejrj v.,i-. 'A on NEW AND FRESH Home's Grocery I'lioiie 1 ', Give Us Your Order ••«••••«•»•&«••»•••*••*•••»•«•••»•»•••••«••»•«•••••*•

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