The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas on October 7, 1961 · Page 4
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The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas · Page 4

Ottawa, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 7, 1961
Page 4
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OTTAWA HERALD Page Four Saturday, October 7, 1961 Editorials A Shot In The Arm This area's economy soon is to receive a shot in the arm from the announcement this week that A. F. P'arm- elce Companies will locate a manufacturing plant here. The firm which will make optical equipment eventually is to employ about 200 persons, most of whom will be women. Many persons assisted in locating this business here. They range from nate their skills to renovate the company's building. The efforts of these persons and their cooperative spirit certainly must be commended. Location of such a plant here brings Ottawa many benefits. Besides tapping local employment sources, it pulls in persons from this entire area, bringing them here to work and to spend their paychecks. It is gratifying that the officials of this company have recognized Ottawa's city officials and officers" of Ottawa In- strategic location, that a suitable build- - - - - • - • • • mg i s available and that this area can supply the type of labor needed to make this new business a success. Saturday-Sunday TV Highlights dustrial Development, Inc., to private citizens and the community's public- spirited artisans who have agreed to do- This And That by i Saturday Evening ' 6:30' Channels 5-13 — "Perry Mason " The first officer of a ship dumps a lot of cargo overboard and saves a ship, but gets into a lot of legal difficulties, or, another hour-long show is Channel 4 - "Wells Fargo." This one is about that fella who gets out of prison and is seeking revenge, which isn't exactly a new plot, or, another hour-long show is Channel 9 — "FCC Special Report." A discussion of the history of the Federal Communications Commission." 7:30 Channels 5-13 — "Defenders." This hour-long show is about plans for a prison riot, and the title, appropriately enough, is "The Riot," or No Ugly Americans Here JPH KARACHI — It was close to two o'clock this morning when we were awakened by the sound of music. The band had been playing for hours prior, but for some reason it had turned up the volume enough to stir •as from sleep. We peeked out the window and saw three hardy couples still dancing in the garden below. We listened to "Mammy," "Third Man Them e," and "Tea for Two" before slipping off again. Less than an hour later there was a distrubance in the hall. People and their luggage were going out to catch BOAC, eastbound. Around four there was the sound of arriving guests on the tiles along the hall. They could have been off either KLM or PAA, going west. Karachi is on the main line, speaking in global air terms. It is so situated in relation to the world terminals, however, that most of the best planes make their stops at the very worst hour of the night. The consequences are that there always are people stirring around the Hotel Metropole, and that its lobby and lounges always are filled with people who have just dropped in from literally anywhere. There are English and Egyptians, Japanese and Germans, Italians and Iranians, Arabs and Sikhs. There are black men from who knows where in Africa, and yellow ones who may be businessmen from Singapore. There are some who easily could be Russians, since there is a large permanent display of motor cars, machine, and merchandise from the USSR fc«aiWHing Television Log Channel 4, NBC Saturday Sunday Evening 1:00 Channels 5-13 — "Lassie." An officer and his dog are hurt while chasing a criminal. 6:30 Channel 4 - "Disney's World." This is the second part of the story "The Horsemasters," or Channel 9 - "Follow the Sun," adventure. There is a blackmail threat and some other trouble, or Channels 5-13 — "Dennis the Menace." There's some other trouble here, too. 7:00 Channels 5-13 - "Ed Sullivan." Taped portions of a show presented by big-name performers in West Berlin's Sportspalast, with Sullivan as master of ceremonies. 7:30 Channel 4 — "Car 54." Top brass is wondering how Gunther 13:00 4—Series 6—J»ck Mitchell »—Movl« 13—Series 12:30 4-13—World Series 6—Studio Five, "So Proudly W« Hall" liM 4-13—World Series 5—Studio Five, Channel 5-1$, CBS Sunday . 5— Light Timt 13— Oral Robert* • :1S fi— Davey * Goliath 1:30 4 — Scared Heart 6— Talk Back 13 — Davey and Goliath 8:45 4 — Chrlstopers 13 — Christian Selene* Toody and Francis Muldoon have managed to work so long as Channel 4 — "Tall Man." Patj prow i car buddies — longer der the table, was still going noisily and strong when last seen. There are a considerable number of Americans among the ever-changing but never really changed group who are here today and gone who knows where tomorrow. There are a forlorn few who have brought their wives and children along because they did not know where to leave them. But most of them are men alone or in small groups bound by a common mission. And so far there hasn't been an Ugly American among them. They are out doing a good deed in a naughty world or trying to make dollars blossom in in strange flower beds. They are international traveling salesmen, engineers, exchange professors, scientists, military men, promoters, civil servants, and possibly, in a few cases, plain adventurers. A few of them are starry-eyed and a few are cynics. Most of them are just plain doing their respective jobs. They are trying, not always with success, to make the schools, the farming, the public finances, the utilites, the army, the general health, or some private business operation just a little better than it was before. Typical is one with whom we had dinner last night. He looked every inch the young Harvard professor, and that's what he proved to be. He is a historian. Not of people, nations, or plants, but of the world as God's handful of rocks. He was going by plane, jeep, and camel, respectively, to his camp up in the hills near the Afghanistan border where he will remain for some months. Somewhere between 50 and 200 million years ago, it seems, the world had a still mysterious geological change of life. By patiently studying the folds in the hills he hopes to find out why. We asked him what good it would do if he did. Garrett and Billy the Kid (they aren't really Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid, of course, because it's just a show) are invited out to dinner. Doesn't sound exciting, but you can bet it is, or Channel 9 — "Leave It To Beaver." 8:00 Channel 4 — "Movie." It is the 1953 film, "Titanic," the story of than any two officers have been able to get along together, or Channel 9 — "Lawman. 1 A blind boy is a witness to a murder. He hears the killer's voice. 8:00 Channel 4 — "Bonanza." Some of Chief Cochise's braves have been killed, and the Indian chief is pretty mad about the situation, or the unsinkable luxury ocean lin-1 i Channel 9 — "Bus Stop." A er that sank. It's a two-hour mov-1 1 ™** ?, f " iys l ery ™ ^ ep j S °? e> • titled The Resurrection of An- I me Ahern," or Channel 9 — Boxing. Cassius j Channels 5-13 — "A Musket for Clay and Alex Mitcff, heavy-1 Jessica," drama. weights, will club each other around for 10 rounds, or less. 8:30 Channels 5-13 — "Have Gun- Will Travel." Paladin goes to a saloon called Big Red's Roundup. Big Red is a woman saloon ana mercnanaise irom me uaiuv «?••»•,„.««•>••«"•& »~ «—.-- • D — -- —— only three blocks down the street. Yesterday "It would," he said quietly, as he took another there was a barrel-chested young Finn who, aft- •--'-*•' -' : ~ J —•**- —' -•"> "««"'" ™ er putting two sets of drinking companions un- To Your Good Health forkful of curried mutton and rice, "satisfy my curiosity." keeper. Probably a pretty rough establishment. 9:00 Channels 5-13 — There's some fightin' and a fellow gets murdered, or Channel 9 — "Lawrence Welk." 10:00 8:30 Channels 5-13 — "Holiday Lodge." In this final show of the series you'll see a re-run. Jack Benny'll be back at this spot next week. 9:00 Channels 5-13 — "Candid Camera." Zsa Zsa Gabor livens the j action in this offering in which | Durward Kirby and Allen Funt "Gunsmoke. ' !p ose as confused motel clerks, or Channel 4 — An hour of enter- .tainment, titled "USO—Wherever I They Go." Big stars in this one, | or i 9:30 Channels 5-13 — "What's My Channel 9 — Start of a new show, "Straightaway." It's about car racing and racing cars. Late movies include "The Grapes of Wrath," 1940, Henry j To Glory," 1936, Fredric March, Line?" Actor Hugh Wyatt Earp O'Brian is a guest panelist. Late movies include "The Road Fonda, Channel 4, 10:15. I Channel 4, 10:15. Infection Means Bacteria By DR. JOSEPH G. MOLNER "Dear Dr. Molner: Please name some ailments that can be caused by an infected tooth. Discuss in particular infection of the lymph. I have just had a stubborn case of this and it yielded only after determined efforts by a doctor.—R.H.D." Don't expect me to be surprised that the case required a doctor — nor that the doctor finally succeeded in defeating the stubborn case. But I am a bit surprised at the first sentence of this letter. What's R. H. D. looking for— something else to have, the next time he has an infected tooth? Because there isnt any way to "list the ailments" that can lie caused by dental infection, whether abcessed teeth, diseased gums or other conditions. Here's the point I'm getting "*• 9iolnep at: These infections mean that bacteria are present. Now the blood stream normally is sterile, that is, free of germs. Where there is infection, any sort of operative procedure, from prophylaxis to extraction, can result in a temporary increase in the bacteria released into the blood stream. In a normal, healthy person, the blood itself will destroy these germs rapidly, perhaps in 10 minutes or so, and no harm is done. This is a "transient bacteremia," or temporary presence of bacteria in the blood stream. But when some defect is present, this transient presence of bacteria can last long enough to let the germs attack the weak point. For one example, a man living in my neighborhood not long ago had a flare-up of a heart condition (bacterial endocarditis) following trouble with an infected tooth. Or the lymph glands (which serve as "filters," trapping and discarding dead germs or other "rubbish" in the blood) may themselves be affected if they are overloaded. Most of us, 1 dare say, have had some slight experience at least with glands in the neck, armpit or elsewhere swelling while we were fighting off an infection. Painful arthritic joints many times are afforded relief after an abcessed tooth has been removed, or the infection otherwise halted. Fever, headache, and other pains are quite common in bacteremia. So whether an infection is in the teeth, tonsils in toes, the first thing is to get rid of it. And the second rule, perhaps, is to remember that, so far as the taeth are concerned, the antibiotics are wonderful. They have been of inestimable aid in controlling the transient bacteremia that follows an extraction, and it's not too much to say that it is a general rule to use the antibiotics in case of extraction when the patient has had rheumatic fever or any similar heart condition which can flare up from the sudden even if rather brief surge of germs in the blood. "Dear Dr. Moliier: Does it take longer for a sore to heal if a person is anemic?—Mrs. L.T., Jr." It may. "Dear Dr. Molner: My daughter, who is now grown, broke her leg when she was 2. It slowed the growth and the leg is now two inches shorter than the other. We wonder if medical science has, in the last few years, developed any new technique whereby the difference might be corrected. She wears a built-up shoe. Would there be any danger in not wearing it any more?— B.M." It is possible to shorten a limb now, but it is an extensive surgical operation and whether you can find an orthopedic surgeon to perform the operation is another question. I don't think it will be easy. Ten years from now — who knows? Maybe. But there is no easy or inexpensive way. 25 YEARS AGO As to the built-up shoe, I would think it wise to Aulcl Lang Syne Laff-A-Day 4—Series 5—Studio Fiv», 9—Bowling t:00 9-13—Series C—Studio Fiv» 8:30 4—Series 6—Studio Five 9—Dan Devlrte 3:00 4—TV Teen Hop 5—Championship Bowling 9-13—College FootbaU 1:15 9-13— College Ball 1:30 4—High School Ball 5—Bowling 9-13—College Football 4*09 '4—High School BaU 5—Three Stooges 9-13—Football «:30 4—Mr. Magoo 5-13—Game of the Week 9—Football 5:00 4—Bullwlnkle 5-13—Game of the Week 9—Bowling 1:30 4— Jeff's Collie 6—Lets Oet Growing u—Bowling 13—Football 6:M 4—News 5—Newsis Weather 9-13—Scoreboard 8:1* 5—sports witn Harold Mack «:30 4—Wells Fargo B-13—Perry Vlasoa 9—Special 7:00 4—Wells Fargo 6-13- -Perry Masom 9—Special 7:30 4—Tall Man 6-13—Defenders 9— Leave It to Beaver 8:00 4—Movie, "Titanic" 5-13—Defenders 9—Boxing 8:30 4—Movie 6-13— Hav« Gun Will Travel 9—Boxing 8:45 9—Make That Spare 9:00 4—Movie Spectacular 5-13— Duns moke 9—Lawrence Welk 0:31 4—Movie Spectacular 6—Third Man 9—Lawrence Welk 13—Blue Angels 10:00 4—News and Weather 5-13—News - Weather 9—Straightaway 10: IS 4—Movie, "Grapes of Wrath" 10:311 4—Movie, 5—Movie, "Boots Malone" 9—Movie. 'Prince and the Pauper" 13—FootbaU 11:00 4—Movie 5—Movie 9—Movie 13—Football 11:I!0 4—Movie 5—Million Dollar Movie 9—Movie li—Football 12:00 . — Wrestling 5—Million Dollar Movie 9—Big Show, "l —Laie Show "Devil's Island" 4— Industry on Parade 6-13— Lamp Unto My Feet i>~- It la Written 4 — American! at Work 4— Thli U the Antrwor 5— Look Up And Llv* 8 — Direction 1 ) 2 13— Herald of Truth •:45 9— War We're IB IfeOO 4— Frontier of Faith 5-13— Camera Three 9— Womena League Bowling 6-13— New* 10:30 4 — Faith tor Today 6 — Chrlstciphers 9 — Wonderama 13— Washington Conservation 10:55 13 — News 11:00 4— This Is The Llf* 5 — profile 9 — Wonderam* 13— Look Up And Liv* 11:15 5— N.F.L. Highlights 1V30 4— World Series 55— Football 8 — Metropolitan Movie, 13 — Pre-Qame Show 12:00 4-13— Series 5— Pro Ball 9 — Metropolitan Movie 12:30 4-13— World Series 5— Football 8— Metropolitan Movie 1:08 4-13— Series 9— Special I *30 4^-World Series 9— Special »— Football 13— Series SsOO 4-5-13— World Series 9 — Bowling 4-5-13— Football »— Football 5— NFL Scoreboard 13— Series 3:00 4 — Bowling 5 — Movie, "Boots Mak 9— Pro Football 13— Film 3i30 4 — Bowling 5— Million Dollar Movie, 8— Pro FootbaU 13— Film 4; Ml 4 — Let's Oet Outdoors 5— Million Dollar Mori* 8— Pro Football 33 — Amateur Hour 4:15 9— Pro Scoreboard 4:30 4— News Analysis 5— Million Dolltr Movl* 9— For Ball 13 — College Bowl 5V: 00 4— Meet The Press 5-13 — Twentieth Century 9 — Funday Funnies 5:15 8 — Scoreboard 6:30 4— Best of tht Post 4-13— Mister Ed 9 — Maverick «:OS 4 — News S-lb — Lassie 8— Maverick 6:30 4 — Disney's World 5-13— Dunrus u>r Menac* 9 — Follow The Bun 7:M 4 — Dlsney'i World 5-13— Eil Sullivan 8 — Follow The Sun 7:30 4— Car 54 0-13— En Sullivan 9 — The Lswmai. l:<>0 4 — Bonanza 5-13— G. E. Theater 9— Bus Stop • :30 4 — Bonanza 5-13 — Holiday Lodge 9— Bus Stop »:0» 4 — DuPont Show H3— Candid Camera 8— Adventures to Paradls* HELPFUL MENACE—Guest star Jay ("Dennis the Menace") North helps the Freeloader (Red Skelton) spruce up on Red's show at 8 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 10, Channels 5 and 13. Directors of the Ottawa Chamber of Coin- keep on using it, to keep the body (and spine) nim , e ad j oul . ned their luncheon meeting early at relatively normal angle. .---._. NOTE TO E.J.A.: The "undescended testicle" is by no means unusual. I regret the conflicting advice you have had, but here is my opinion: At age 9 it is not a bad idea to wait another her right wrist, year or two, hoping for nature to bring proper descent. If not, then (just before puberty) a series of hormone injections may succeed. Many times tlu's works. If still no luck, then surgery at age 11 or 12 should be considered. so all could listen to the World Series on the radio. Janelle, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Jones, 605 E. 4th, fell from a swing, fractur- A son was born in Mr. and Mrs. W. P. McCracken, of two miles south of Ottawa. 50 YEARS AGO Count your calories the easy way! To receive a copy of my pamplilet, "The Calorie Chart," write Dr. Molner in care of Box 158, Dundee, 111., en- p a j|., parade, closing a long, self-addrssed, stamped envelope and 5c in coin to cover handling. Campbell Ilcrrdn of Herron Brothers Dairy was taking his first vacation in seven years. He went to Kansas City to see the Priests of Prayer For Today Sydney Jult-son was redecorating his ice (.•ream parlor and confectionery on North Main in preparation for the winter soup and hot drink- season. That I may gain Christ him (Philippian- 3:8-9 RSV.) and be found in Ottawans were watching the sky for an airplane. A group of airplanes, each carrying a pouch of U. S. mail, were attempting a coastPRAYER: Help us, 0 God, to that self-sur- to-coast trip. The one Ottawans were hoping to render which will interweave Christ's life with f» w « s «Jeduled to fly from Governor's Is,,. .. . , ... ,, ... ,.. land, New York, and in the Middle West would ours. Strengthen us m faith so that nothing tlus pick up (he SanU Fe railroad ^^ and foUow world doeb to us can ever seperate us from Thee. t | u ,t line to the southwest. It was expected th« For Jesus' sake. Amen. trip would require about 16 days. ; 1061, King- ftatuns Syndicate. Inc., World right* ruervcd. 'Remember, men, it matters not if you win or lose—what really counts is whether 1 keep my job." 4— DuPont Show 5-13— What's my Line? 9 — Adventures to Paradise 14):06 4 — News, weather 5— News, Weather 9— Way of Thinking .'3— New* 10 ill 4— Movie Spectacular, "Road t* Glory" a— Twilight Zone »— Newa 10:25 13— Weather 10:31 4 — Movie Spectacular 5— News 9 — Open End 13— Michael Shayn* 10:40 8— Five Star Theater, Parkington' 1 11 :M 4— Movie Spectacular 5— Five star Theater 9— Open End 13 — Michael Snayn* 11:30 4— Movie Spectacular 5- -Five-Star Theatr* 9 — Open End 12:30 •—Daily Word Mr*. Monday «:OA ^4—Continental Classroom 5—Light Time 13—College of the Air 0:40 5—Davey and Gollatli I:S» 5— Farm Fact* 7:00 4—Today 5—College of the Air 13—Rush Hour 7:15 9—Good Morning World 4—Today 5—Moment of Meditation 9—Shakespeare 13—Rush Hour 4—Today 5-13—Captain Kangeroo 9—Cartoons 8:15 5-13—Captain Kangaroo 8:30 4—Today 5-13—Captain Kangaroo 9—Wlilzzo'a Wonderland 4—Say When 5—Jack La Lannt 9—Romper Room 13—Calendar Channel 9, ABO t:3t 4— Pla> lour Hunck 5-13 — I Love Lucy t— Movie, "The Company Iht Keeps" 4— The Prie* t* RlgM 5-13— Video Village 9- Movie 10:3* 4 — Concentration B-13— Surprise package 9— Movie 10:St 9— Newt UtOO 4 — Truth or Conseuqencei 5-13— Love of Life 9 — Texan U!3f 4 — It Could Be Tou S-I3-^Search for Tomorrow •—Love That Bob 1J:45 5-13— Guiding Light 11:55 4— Newt 13:99 Noon 4 — High Noon Cartoon* 6-13— News 9 — Cainoulfag* 12:05 5— News, Weather 13— News 13:10 13— Markets fe Weather 13:20 4— News ti Market* 15:30 4Accent 5 — As The World Turns 9— Make A Face l:oo 4 — Jan Murray 6-13 — Password 9 — Day In Court 1:30 4 — Loretta Young 5-13 — House Party 9— TOPPER •t:a» 4YouiiK Dr. Malone 5-13— Millionaire 9 — Number Plepse 7:30 4 — Award Theater 5-13— Verdict la Yours 9 — Seven Keys :i:00 4Make Room For Dadily 5-13— Brighter Day 9— Queen For A Day Stl5 5-13— Secret Storm 3:3« 4 — Here Hollywood 6-13— Edge of Night 9— Who Do You Trust 3:55 4— News 4:08 4— Kukla and Ollie 5 — Early Show "A Son Comet Home" 9— American Bandstand 13— News 4:05 4— Mr. Magoo 4:10 4 — Picture of the Day, "Charier Pilot" 13— New* 4:15 13 — Car loom 4:30 6 — Early Show 4— Picture m The Day 9— Deputy Dawg 13 — Cartoons 4:45 9— Rocky and Friends a*:00 4 — Picture of toe Day &— Early Show 9 — Popeye 13- Yogi Bear 5 ran 4— Highway Patrol 5 — Three Stooges 9— Yogi Bear 13-Pilm *:4» 13— sporta — De» Nelioa jj — Buslneaa New* 1:55 5 — Sport* with Harold Mack 13 — WeaUMt — Gordon Jump 4-5— News »— Man from Cochls* 13— New« — Don HarrKo* • :10 4— Sport* — Monte Moor* 5 — Weather— Bill Yearout «:U 4 — Huntley-Bnnkley Report B-13— Douglas Edwards an4 Hi* News 1:30 4 — Groucho 5— To Tell the Truth 6— Cheyenne 13— To Tell the Trutk 1:00 4 — Montavanl i-13— Pete ana Olady* 8— Cheyenn* 7:30 4— Price la Right 5-13— Window on Main It 9— Rifleman 1:00 4— 87lh Precinct 5-13 — Danny Thoma* 9— Surfsicle Bix 8:30 4— 87th Precinct 6-13— Andy Orimtk 9— Surfslde Sit 9:oo 4~Spec!al 5-13— Henncsey 9 — Ben Casey • :» 4 — Special 5 — Sport* man'* friend 9 — Ben Casey 13— I'v« Got A Secret 10:00 4-5-9-13— Newi 9— Peter Gunn 10:10 4-6— Weather 10:15 4 — Jack Paar 5— I've Got A Secret 9— Peter Gunn 13— Weather 10:20 13— Sports 10:3* 4 — Jack Paar 5 — I've Got A Beret 9— Peter Gunn 10-45~ MrS ' °' °° eS T ° Colle «* 5— Five Star Theater, "Buck Bennf Rides Again" t-BIg Show, "End of t, Gun" 5— Life of Riley U:uo 4 — Jacu Paai 5— Five Star Theater . 9— Big Show 13— Movie Time, USA, "Seven Day* Leave" 11:30 4— Jaefc Paar 5— Five star Theater 9— Big .show 13— Movletime, D.8.A. 13:00 4— Reporter's Scratch Pad 9— Daily Word IS: 10 Ottawa Herald 106-108 8. Main Published dally ««pt Sunday «n« Holidays. Second class postage at Ottawa, Kansas. Robert B Wellington Editor Guy Snedake. Publisher Subscription rates to trade area—By mail, one month .85; three months. $2: six months, J3.75: one year. J7. Subscription rates outside trade area —By mail, one month, Cl.SO; three months $4.25: *lz months. 18.00: on» year, J15.00. MEMBER OF THE ASSOCIATED PRESS The Associated Press I* entitled exclusively to the use for publication of all the local news printed in the news, paper aa wall as all AP new* dispatch. Sunday 7:00 Sign On 7:00% Easy Melodies 7:30 News 7:40 Weather Forecasts 7:45 Easy Melodies 8:00 Church Program 8:3U News & Weather 8:40 Easy Melodies 9:00 Family Worship 9:15 The Christophers M on. thru Fri t>:00 Top of the mornln 6:30 News &. Weather 6:35 Top of the mornln 6:45 Weather Roundup 6:50 Top of the mornln 7:30 News 7:40 Markets 7:50 Top of the mornln 6:30 News S:4U Top of the mornln 0:00 Morning Devotions 9:15 KOFO Serenude 9:30 NewB & Weather 9;35 KOFO Serenade 10:00 Mary Slain* KOPO 9:30 New* 4 Weather 9:35 Easy Melodies 10:00 Church Prog:ara 11:00 Church Program 2:35 Sunday Serenade 3:15 Serenade in the Blu» 3:30 News & Weather 3:35 Sunday Serenade 12:00 Music of the Masters 4:30 News & Weutuer 12:30 News & Weather 12:45 Piano Notes 1:00 Mt. Oread Mualc 1.30 News & Weather 1:35 Sunday Serenade 2:30 N»ws * 'Veather 10:15 KOFO Serenade lu:30 News £ Weather 10:35 KOFO Serenade 11:00 Bulletin Board 11:05 Around Town 11:30 News & Weather 11:30 KOFO Serenade 12:00 People's Exchange 11:10 Noon Tune 12:15 Farm Show 12:25 Noon Tune 12:30 News 12:40 Noon Tune 12:45 Noontime Weather 12:50 Noontime Weather lift) Garoett Hour 4:35 Sunday Serenade 5:15 Kas. O'door SporU 0:30 News & Weather 5:45 Sundown Serenade ti:25 News 6:30 Sign off ":00 KOFO Kamvaji 5!:;iO News & Weather 2:cu KOFO Karavan 2.45 Homemaklng mem 2:50 KOFO Karavan 3:15 Service Program 3:30 News & Weather 3:35 KOFO Kuravan 4:0ii Bulletin Bowel 4:05 KOFO Kuravuii 4:30 News i Weather 4:35 KOFO Serenade 5:30 News & Weather 5:45 Sunduwn So eiutd* 6:25 News £. Weather <:30 Sign Off

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