The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on March 24, 1977 · Page 2
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 2

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 24, 1977
Page 2
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PAGE 2—NAUG/VTUCK NBWfl (CONN.), TUKSDAY, JULY 0, 1»48 DREW PEARSON ON WASHINGTON MERRY-QO-ROUND Where Hughes' Plane Landed And Burst Into: Flames Plane Wreck Hero Drew Pearson Says: Sen. Barkley Got Burned By Erie Metals Too; Taft Rows With Utah Senator Over OP A; Democrats Unite To Block Hurley's Senate AnTbitions Washington— "I ouKht to be klel'.nd In the prints," Us the way hardworking, dlKnlfled Senator Berkley of Kentucky describes his part in the famous Erie Eiialn metals war profiteering case. Mont, of Barkloy's colleagucM illdn't know that In. addition to Con- KroHHmiin May of Kentucky who IH In the war profiteering? case up to hl« mick, thw senior Bemttor from Kentucky also wua accidentally involved. Harkley'a hon WAH hlrnd by th'i Krlc company, And what the Sun- utoi- may not know IH that the husband of oni- of his secretaries, Rhnrlfiu Chance, wax a contttunt hnntfer-on around tho Erie ofllceii In Wnxhlnj£ton. Barkhiy explains that when hist iion f.'ot. out of tho Army, ho ro- i vlvr-d viirloim business offers, 011(1 of thfrri a tempting salary from thi? Eltfln Watch Cane 'Company. Wlii'n the hoy usked the Senator 1 !) ndv|e:«:. IttirMiiy advised him to tiikc thu Job with the best salary, which wns Eltfln, u part of tho KHc RiiHln munitions empire. "Tho word KlKln WUH wha.t throw off." Barkley explained to Son- ate colleague.'!. "I thought It win the IClgln Watch Company. I hud nrj ratti It was tho Eric Basin corrt- [iii nv." • ' ' ' Charlie Chtinco, husband 'of ono of Hai'kley's sucrnturluH, was ft fre- i|in:nl waller at the Krle Uasln of- fici«« 'In Washington. H« matin cfinrftunt Kiigge¥Uun» ubout whore the company conic'. get prlorltli'M nncl iniitorlulH. Whether he WUH p.ilil Is n-rit known. IVoto •--When the Erie company rirnt cumu up for investigation by thft Mi;/wl Committee, Burkley tried to Mldotrack tho probe. Ills efforts were not as pertilHtont at) those of Uiipresontfttlve May, how- fv«ip. Tuft 1'roiH'iiuUtn Ol'A Thn backstagn battle over OPA wan not finally settled until mlkl- j'/mnnurud Democratic; Senator Abu ;vi unlock of Utah had engaged In a vwd-Mll/i>,'l(>g con-tost with GOP Mimator Bob Tuft of Ohio, loiiUor rif the anti-price control bloc. Fln- rlly, Chairman Albftn B a r k I o y culled both to ordur, All durlnjr lh« duy-lonj; mfietln;,', Taft had boon butting In on the testimony of OPA Administrator I'oiil Porter, acting like u pronn- fnitlng iittcirney. Thf* Ohio Senator, who hrtpunn» to lit 1 one of the blj,'- J'.cst ri-al nMtalo owners In Clncln- nati, refu.Mcd to let Porter complete answers to Committee questions. Finally Murciock bjcw up. "Mr. Chalrmnn," he said to Eurklcy, "I'm Ko'iK lo nsl ' vou to Insist on some order In thin pro- i ceedjnf.', Mr. Porter cannot answer fiucsftlona If the Senator from Ohio contHiuos 'thOHu tactics. This has been golnjr oh all day and I'm. Retting tired of It," Mucdot'k added .something that gave the Improiifilon Tuft WUH try- Ing to filibuster- the meeting. "I resent your implications," shot hack Taft angrily. "I have every right to nak questions iioro." Civiu Snrlwtv 1KII ll/VNK XTHKUT Buckmillcr Funeral Home 22 PARK PLACE Telephone 4334 Fitzgerald Funeral Home 320 NORTH MAIN ST. Telephone 4187 C.H. GREEN FUNERAL HOME 62 Oak Street Telephone 4843 "I'm not ' trying to take away your right;", snapped tho Utahan, 'but' with ' all due rctipocc to iho Senator, he should not bo allowed to monopolize the discussion. Other people hero also have a right to themsulves and the 'wit- should bo allowed to reply without these constant Interruptions," ' ^^ •' Barkley broke up the spat, announcing he would thereafter In- »l*t on "strict- order;" This took the wind out of Taft's sails, and'he subsided. ' — Inside fact !s that OPA Bos* Porter- was not at all keen about Biirkley's compromise amendment to the guaranteed profits proposal lor manufacturers, even though Taft described it ns "Pu.ul Porter's bill." Tuft had held out for manufacturer price ceilings based on prollti) during October 1-15. 1041, plus average cost Increase* since, Uarkluy's amendment, us approved by the Committee, changed t.hri huso period to the 19-10 calender year, svhen the uvcrape profit level was considerably loss than In the two-week period in 1941. "I can administer the act with this provision In It," .said Porter, "Lint If you want to know my frank opinion, I'd rather It wii» left out." I'lit Hurley For Semite When Gov. Jack Dempsuy of New Mexico onlled On the President last week, Truman took occasion to put him 'on the spot In n. friendly way a hunt whether he would support GOP Pat Hurley, ex-Secrctaiy ot War, for tho Senote, Dempscy, a Democrat, came near di-I'catlng Democratic Senator Dennis Chavez In the primaries;, and It Is generally conceded that it' Demprfiiy .should back Republican Hurley, the latter could win. So I Truman tactfully Inquired: i "How do things look In New Mexico, Jack?" "What do you think?" asked the fornior Bit/olclyn subway conductor, half bulHtrerently. Thn President replied that he had hwird rumors JDcmpsey might throw his weight to tho Republicans. "The answer Is," replied GbVur- nor Dcmpoey, "Chavox. is going to b» eloctod. I'm n Democrat first, lasit, and always." St-natorlul Discomfort Senator George of Georgia, 'Scn- iit-jr Barkloy of Kentucky, and friends went chuckling 1 over the embarrassment of their colleague, Tydlngs of -Maryland, the other (lay. "I nover knew any man to make :iu many mistakes," remarked Oeorgf, rofrrrlnf,' to the way Tyd- IMJJS had backed the wrong 'condl- clateu h\ nearby Maryland. "It just KOC::I to show what you get when you desert n co!!cavut* and try -to ciiki; over contiol ot a state." George and TydlnyB onco wora niont sympathetic to each other JMore Meat For fri ' M. •'>.'•? ft £ The Nation Has Been Promised The <By United Press) nation has been promised more meat within a week. Thousands of animals arc jamming the mld.-west stockyards and the major packers have entered t)x; market for the first time since the end of .OPA. Held In Beacon f- • * . Falls AcciHeiit Frank Dalosra. 25, of COS. North Riverside si red Watorbury, Wajl taken into custody yesterday hv Wnterbury police and was turned over to two stale troopers from the Bethany barrucltii. The any State police had In, , arrest, and are char K i,> K him with r*vflf?in(w i-ftHi-n-,n«illiCu*,. *„ _ n in Trade sources- predict that the ! rc siinir olli<-r-r •iir-no!i"ri I , 1ol . e - v ' a IvMtock wiH appear on tho but- ^^T^opc^V.^P ^L° ^ ihcr's «o-Jnui-s within u-wock. And Dimllro Pawchyk of ih"»ui.P P ust to stai-t your mouth watering lice. ' er tlie burnecl-o'ut houses iind" garaffe in : Be,yUriy.-Vlllls, Cullf," where intllionnirc sports- iowurcl HiiEhes and Ills'XJT-11 photogrriip1iro Vl i>laMe crushed on Its inttljim test flight. A ilromun looks ovei mun-plano builder How —„ .--- »— - 11*1.1. IfUKhus tried to land on tho nearby Bevurly Hills Countrj' Club when trouble developed .A the plane H landing Rear. TiiUcn to «• hospital. Husrhcss was pliicod In an oxygen-tank. He hud third-degree burn* und u punctured lung. Doctors guve fldghes ulxnit a flf ty-lllty chunce'to recover. (International Soundphoto) Badly Hurt In Test-Flight Crash Famed pl«ne inuniifacturor, and pilot, movie producer Howard Hughe* is pictured In the amlmluuco \\-hlcli rushed him to the hosplt:ij,f after he wns crlticnlly injured when a new experimental plane he was piloting on 11 test flight-smashed Into n SI.00,000 residence In Beverly IllllH, Culif., and burnt-Into flumes. (International, Soundphoto) Result Of Ejection In Mexico Uncertain Tijuana, Mexico, July. 9 (UP)— It still isn't certain who is to bo Mexico's nuxt prcskient. And neither candidate has c clareci himself on the subject of open But nightclub owners in Tijuana, Mexico, are getting the roulette wheelii polished up—just in case. Miguel Alemun is hnlipved to have a :;al'e enough lead in the election and one newspaper .snys he is generally thought to favor as few restrictions iu< possible. A supporter of the other presidential candidate —Ezetjuiel Padilla—has said It's possible gambling mi; be restored along the harder wtiore the tourist business IS a major Industry. nonv RECOVERED Lawrence, Mass., July 9(T,'P) — Pollen have recovered tho body o" Many Servicemen But Id Arrive In New York Today (By United Press) Four troopships,' including one hospital -ship, arrive today, all in IS'eu 1 York harbor. The Bardslown victory will arrive with 1321 troops from Bremen, Germany. Thn Toxnrhann. Victory is expected with 3132 servicemen from Leghorn, Italy. The Lehigh Victory is due from Lo I-Iavro with some 10-13 soldiers. And the hospltn! ship Charles Starfnrd will arrive with G90 military unci civil'ian patients from Bremen, Germany. CHILI) DROWNED PoKt'landi Maine, July S lounty Attorney Richard S man has 'returned .1 final (UP— Chap, verdic ...,°t '.iccidontal drowning- in tho death 14-yc:tr-old K/iymond Roussclle ot i of four-yenr-olcl Patricia Smith ol Lawrence. The boy had been sought' Wcirtbrook Saturday. The child': fell I boj -'' wa « found in tlie Presumpsco Rlvci- after a posse had conducted a search for nearly 24 hours, Chapman said that .a compl-ete examination of the death failed to since Sunday. He ,nto the water accidentally. India ;« composed of 1,570,000 quni'f ml IPS and contains mon: FLOWERS For All, OocoMions KVKIIYWHKKK MELBOURNE'S FLOWER SHOP ! , 130 RUBBER AVIWUK | Telephone C22S J Fall 'Term Opens Sept! 3 THE PERRY SCHOOL for \>tt'runii Triilnlit}; nroivji IJJilir. \VillrHmry "Tlu- I'tTry '\Vu.v AicuiiM llt'Uor I'IL.V" REPAIR!! when Koowirvelt Invaded their i than 400 rr.'ill'«-i persons. -•Jtatrs In the "purge," In that campaign. Tydings had tho vigorous utipport of his Senate collcaguo, Oeorgo Radcllffe, Despite the fact Hint Radcllffe and Rooscvolt had been llfc-lonK 1 {fiends and bank- partners, Radcllffe became Campaign manager and holpcd materially to re-elect him. When Hadcllffe up in the recent Maryland Primurics, how- over, TydingM deserted him and ;ook a lofty neutral position. Not lil'tln); a. hand for his old cam- nmnaiftr, Tydlngs concon- :rjit«d on trying to nominate hl» hand-picked candidate as governor, thus win over tho state Democratic machine. The man he picked. lowc-ver, had offended • patriotic -Vlarylanders by • driving a state- •>wned Cadillac all the way to Georgia during the war when other people saved their' gasolinu. Ho lost. Instead, Maryland nominated one of -the HvuHt, moat 'forceful young Democrats In tho state, Preston Lane, a strong Roosevelt man. Lane's term as governor will expire Juat as Tydlngs comes up for re-election. So Instead of eliminating- fu-turo competition against him, tho Senator from Maryland has Increased It. That's why Barklcy, Gcorg-c ct ttl were laughing- at their col- discomfort. veal any evidence of foul play. Tol RADIOS AT SWAN'S' 2<574- 15 Church St. — Kst. 1925 — (Copyright, 1940, Syndicate, Inc.) by The Bell GET A JEEP IMMEDIATE DEIJVEKY •four Wn.I.YS-OVKIir.AM)' n.-nli.r LIBERTY MOTORS, Inc. "•i IliirrlH/m Avcnuo Off KvclniM,'.. I'liirt, <Vui,frburr 'I'hone 3-linos ALUMWUM WIRE IN ALL SI2ES COPPER LEADERS and GUTTERS PAINTS— HARDWARE— GARDEN TOOLS KITCHEN CABINETS " BALSAM WOOL and ROCK WOOL INSULATION *** FLINTKOtE ROOFING SUPPLIES''*^ • Metal Utflity Tables" • Gallon Picnic, Jugs '•' Step Stools '(aluminum and wood).' For a Complete One-Stop Service PHONE 3-5991 Go, Plans For Blood Bank In Conn. To Be Discussed M-Sjrt. William T.loyd (above) hruveil fire and g jriiKOllrte tb: diiiih Into the wreckage to remove injured millionaire Kportsman-plane builder Howard.' Hughes from .'his sma«h«d plane near the Beverly lllUiii 'CaHt., Country Glub golf course.': Ooctorx gave- Hug hew n fifty-fifty'Chance-to recover, (in; • ternatlonal) . •. • • li chei just to stai-t your mouth watering a little early, thoy tied that the meat will be In the form of chops, roasts ;md alouk.s. However, an official of thfr department of agriculture says the livestock runs may be sbort-)ivi:d. He suys the animals coming in in- ciuJi; stock that should have been marketed in Juno, and some that would not have been mailtclecj until fall under normal circumstances. And ii.'s genial-ally agreed ili.-it retail meat pi-icc-s will be higher, with estimates ranging from five to 14 cents a pound. responBibfiity in connec tion with a recent accident Eencon Kails. r>eU-ctiv . .. a »r 0 J p n It is estimated that there wa* an increase of 300,000 business es- tabJisbmenu in the United State, durinj; 3915. o««ea I Hartford, July 9—(UP)—Cover-j nor Baldwin has called a • meeting for July 17th to discuss, plans for establishment of a state-wide blood 'bank. The governor asked representatives of the American Red Cross, the Stable Medical society, Hie State Department of Health, and the Connecticut Hospital association to meet with the legislative council. It Is proposed to use • the wartime Red Cross facilities for collecting blood donations. The plasma would be processed by the State Pepartm'ent of Health. Quantities of. the. life-saving serum would be situated about the state for emergency use. . What's Doing In Naugatuck . i A calendar of events for today, tomorrow and every day, July II School Board Meeting. July 18 Marine Corps League Meeting. July 1!) Dance, Linden Pork, All American Veterans, RESIGNS PASTORATE Manchester, Conn., July g_(up) —Rev, Dr. Ferris E. Reynolds, pastor of the Second Congregational church for nearly eleven, years, has resigned. Reynolds will become a theological teacher at Elon College, Elon, N. C. Rent-Freezing Order To Be Tested In Massachusetts I /; ; Eoston, June '—(UP)—An investigation into the first defiance of Governor Tobin'o rent freezing order is scheduled today. .District Attorney William J. Foley wiJl attempt to find probable causes for prosecuting u. Revere landlord for alleged increase in rents. The landlord, David J. Billiard, hay announced that lie will appear at Foicy's olllce today 'to answer any questions. Meanwhile 237 additional f.omplaints of threatened rent increases and evictions have been reported in Massachusetts. TREMBLOB. RECORDED Weston, Mass. July 9 (UP)— Father Darnel .Unahan • of Weston College reports that a "minor" earthquake has been recorded on the institution's seismograph. The ciuake was recorded at about 8:27 p. m. 'The' temblor was placed about 9000 miles froni Weston, but the director'was uncertain. TOTE GRILLS The Complete Outdoor Fireplaces ALL TYPES OF RADIO RKPAJR WORK Order Your Hot Point Electric Appliances HAWLEY HARDWARE ; • 10« CHDRCH ST. Telephone 40S«' I WHITE FISH MARKET I JOSEPH CABRAL, Prop. i 8 South Main St. ^! Choicest selection «f nalt and \ treuh water fl»h at lowe«t! J PUBLIC HEARING Hartford, July 9 (UP)—A public hearing on proposed state rent controls will be held this morning at tho slate capitol. The State legislative council' expects to have discussed 'a version of the New York State law. Lady's Stomach Was Like A Gas Factory; Meals Turned To Gas Full Line of BICYCLE PARTS ECONOMY AUTO SUPPLY STORE 80 SOUTH MAIN ST. TEL. 6162 NaugatucU, Conn. One lady said recently that her stomach used to be like a "gas factory I" That is, when she ate a meal it seemed to turn right into gas. She was always bloated, had awful stomach gas pains, daily | headaches and constant irregular bowel action. Now, however, this lady says she is FREE of STOMACH GAS u.nd she says the change Is due to taking ERB-HELP, Her meals agree with her. No gas or bloat after eating. Headaches and constipation are firono. "Oh: what relief!" states this lady. "Why dorj't other gas and constipation sufferers get Erb-Help?" ERB-HELP contains 12 Great Herbs! they cleanse bowels, clear gas from stomach, act on. sluggish liver and kidneys. Miserable people soon feel different all over. So don't go on suffering-! Get ERB- HELP. Sold by all drug stores here in Naugatuck. I PROMPT WATCH and JEWELRY REPAIRING William Schpero JEWELKR ISO Church Street Now Available EMERSON RADIO 413 Xo. Main St. Tel. «.')! Union City SWIM AT QUASSY BEACH LAKE QUASSAPAUG C.R.A.J.. 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