The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on May 22, 1998 · Page 18
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 18

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 22, 1998
Page 18
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C4 FRIDAY. MAY 2g. 1998 SPORTS THE SAUNA JOURNAL AREA TRACK HONOR ROLL T HIGH SCHOOL REGIONAL TRACK Boys 100-METER DASH Appelhans, Hill City (2A) 10 44 Moore, Hays (5A) 10.57 Newman, Salina Central (5A) 10.61 Esslinger, Concordia (4A) 10.70 Felver, Goodland (4A) 10.70 Wilson, Oakley (3A) 10.79 Dickson, Southeast-Saline (3A) 10.80 Pfeifer, Colby (4A) 10.87 Pruden, Smith Center (3A) 10.92 Carson, Clay Center (4A) 10.94 200-METER DASM Appelhans, Hill City (2A) 21.24 Moore, Hays (5A) 21.41 Newman, Salina Central (5A) 21.50 Felver, Goodland (4A) 21.77 Pfeifer, Colby (4A) 21.92 Esslinger, Concordia (4A) 22.05 Dickson, Southeast-Saline (3A) 22.25 Sheets, Colby (4A) 22.31 Young, Salina South (5A) 22.46 Carson, Clay Center (4A) 22.50 400-METER DASH Newman, Salina Central (5A) 49.28 Carter, Oakley (3A) 49.31 Dickson, Southeast-Saline (3A) 49.67 Felver, Goodland (4A) 50.07 Whitney, Russell (4A) 50.37 Wurtz, Clifton-Clyde (2A) 50.62 Chance, Bennington (1A) 50.65 Bossert, Colby (4A) 50.93 Carlson, Atwood (2A) 51.15 Gibbs, Washington (2A) 51.19 800-METER RUN Bishop, Smoky Valley (4A) 1:54.65 Sanders, Smoky Valley (4A) 1:56.78 Ca.Smith, Ellsworth (4A) 1:58.26 Bohm, TMP-Marian (4A) 1:59.97 Bossert, Colby (4A) 2:00.06 Heller, Chapman (4A) 2:00.27 Schorn, Salina Central (5A) 2:01.13 Porter, Quinter (2A) 2:01.60 Chance, Bennington (1A) 2:01.63 Ebert, Salina South (5A) 2:01.65 1,600-METER RUN Bishop, Smoky Valley (4A) 4:22.31 Ca.Smith, Ellsworth (4A) 4:29.17 Moos, Salina Central (5A) 4:30.52 Orozco, Ellsworth (4A) 4:30.64 Cole, Russell (4A) 4:34.38 Porter, Quinter (2A) 4:35.72 Pingel, Beloit (4A) 4:36.17 Bossert, Colby (4A) 4:37.90 Foltz, Abilene (4A) 4:39.60 Co.Smith, Ellsworth (4A) 4:39.74 3,200-METER RUN Orozco, Ellsworth (4A) 9:58.26 Tedford, Goodland (4A) 10:00.95 Co.Smith, Ellsworth (4A) 10:07.56 Cole, Russell (4A) 10:13.66 Craig, Southeast-Saline (3A) 10:14.05 Moos, Salina Central (5A) 10:16.96 Chatfield, Belleville (3A) 10:17.81 Engelbert, Beloit (4A) 10:19.63 Porter, Quinter (2A) 10:20.42 Kendall, Phillipsburg (3A) 10:21.06 110-METER HURDLES Carter, Oakley (3A) 14.23 Paul, Chapman (4A) 14.30 Cullens, Sharon Springs (1A) 14.46 Penn, McPherson (5A) 14.60 Carlson, Atwood (2A) 14.62 Reitz, Goodland (4A) 14.78 Worcester, Hill City (2A) 15.02 Getting, Tescott (1A) 15.05 Miller, Tescott (1A) 15.30 Hein, TMP-Marian (4A) 15.38 300-METER HURDLES Carter, Oakley (3A) 38.31 Paul, Chapman (4A) 38.80 Riley, Hill City (2A) 39.58 McGinnis, Beloit (4A) 40.50 Bieker, TMP-Marian (4A) 40.94 Stites, McPherson (5A) 41.00 Belts, Southeast-Saline (3A) 41.05 Young, Salina Central (5A) 41.11 Kolman, Hillcrest (1A) 41.26 Uglow, Mankato (2A) 41.27 400-METER RELAY Hill City (2A) 43.21 Salina South (5A) 43.55 Hays (5A) 43.56 Salina Central (5A) 43.68 Goodland (4A) 43.69 Oakley (3A) 43.82 Concordia (4A) 43.83 Colby (4A) 43.88 McPherson (5A) 44.72 Atwood (2A) 44.75 1,600-METER RELAY Colby (4A) 3:25.74 Salina South (5A) 3:27.75 Hays (5A) 3:28.72 Salina Central (5A) 3:28.83 Oakley (3A) 3:29.41 Chapman (4A) 3:31.59 Goodland (4A) 3:32.10 Smoky Valley (4A) 3:32.25 Concordia (2A) 3:32.60 Ellsworth (4A) 3:33.30 3,200-METER RELAY Salina Central (5A) 8:13.06 Smoky Valley (4A) 8:13.12 Chapman (4A) 8:25.36 North Central (1A) 8:25.91 Ellsworth (4A) ....".8-28 91 Herington (3A) 8:30.90 Concordia (4A) 8:31.12 Salina South (5A) 8:32!29 Smith Center (3A) 8:35.95 TMP-Marian (4A) 8:38.6C DISCUS Thompson, Beloit (4A) 194.7 Jones, Logan (1A) 182-6 Zimmerman, Concordia (4A) 162-7 Philpot, Norton (3A) 161-; Letourneau, Concordia (4A) 159-2 Butler, Salina South (5A) 158-3 Joy, Hillcrest (1A) 157-6 Feil, Lucas-Luray (1A) 156-5 Herl, Hays (5A) 156-5 Danielson, Lenora (1A) 154-9 HIGH JUMP Honas, Ellis (2A) 6-8 '/4 Kruse, Washington (2A) 6-7'/s )olton, Lucas-Luray (1A) 6-6'/2 Hale, McPherson (5A) 6-6 vliller, Tescott (1A) 6-6 Zotti, Herington (3A) 6-6 Barta, Smith Center (3A) 6-5 Baalman, Oakley (3A) 6-4 Eilert, Beloit (4A) 6-4 Hendricks, Cheylin (1A) 6-4 Kanitz, McPherson (5A) 6-4 Klein, Clay Center (4A) 6-4 Koster, Hoxie (2A) 6-4 vloore, Chapman (4A) 6-4 Naslund, Beloit (4A) 6-4 JAVELIN Letourneau, Concordia (4A) 209-11 Rohr, Hanover (1A) 208-9 i.File, Beloit (4A) 202-10 Joy, Hillcrest (1A) 202-5 Riedy, Hope (1A) 198-2 Herl, Victoria (2A) 195-6 Schwarz, Southeast-Saline (3A) 187-4 Smith, Osborne (2A) 182-7 Thompson, Beloit (4A) 181-5 Born, Morland (1A) 177-3 LONG JUMP Newman, Salina Central (5A) 23-4 Ziegler, Trego (3A) 22-2 3 A Moore, Hays (5A) 22-2 O'Hara, Hill City (2A) 22-1'/> Gray, Beloit (4A) 21-10% Wlson, Oakley (3A) 21-6 ullens, Sharon Springs (1A) 21-5 Vz Barta, Smith Center (3A) 21-4 Vs Jackson, Salina South (5A) 21-4 1 /4 McGinnis, Beloit (4A) 21-3% POLE VAULT Milhon, Russell (4A) 14-3 1 A Young, St. Francis (2A) 14-3 Breault, Concordia (4A) 13-8 Kindel, Concordia (4A) 13-8 Klima, Belleville (3A) 13-7 Baker, Washington (2A) 13-6 Goseland, Chapman (4A) 13-6 Lewis, Concordia (4A) 13-6 Stites, McPherson (5A) 13-6 Welsh, Sharon Springs (1A) 13-6 Werth, Quinter (2A) 13-6 SHOT PUT Thompson, Beloit (4A) 64-6% Letourneau, Concordia (4A) 56-9 Butler, Salina South (5A) 55-11 Shaver, Hays (5A) 55-2 Philpot, Norton (3A) 54-5% Zimmerman, Concordia (4A) 53-4 Herl, Hays (5A) 52-6 Vfe Joy, Hillcrest (1A) 52-0 G.File, Beloit (4A) 51-10 Burns, Clay Center (4A) 51-8% TRIPLE JUMP Gray, Beloit (4A) 45-4 Vz Cullens, Sharon Springs (1A) 45-0 '/> Koehn, Canton-Galva (2A) 44-3 Huntsinger, Mankato (2A) 44-1 1 /2 O'Hara, Hill City (2A) 43-10 McGinnis, Beloit (4A) 43-3'/ 2 Randolph, Hoxie (2A) 43-2'/ 2 Vogel, Hillsboro (3A) 43-2 % Long, Quinter (2A) 43-1 1 / 2 Barta, Smith Center (3A) 43-0 1 /4 Jueneman, Hanover (1A) 43-0'/4 Girls 100-METER DASH Kuhn, Smith Center (3A) 12.05 Milum, Minneapolis (3A) 12.45 Starns, TMP-Marian (4A) 12.67 Teeter, Grinnell (1A) 12.67 Degenhardt, Russell (4A) 12.70 Stuart, St. Francis (2A) 12.74 Bradley, Downs (1A) 12.80 Courtney, Oakley (3A) 12.80 Eck, St. John's Beloit (1A) 12.88 Stephenson, Colby (4A) 12.88 200-METER DASH Degenhardt, Russell (4A) 25.27 Kuhn, Smith Center (3A) 25.90 Anderson, Concordia (4A) 26.00 Frost, Salina Central (5A) 26.03 Eck, St. John's Beloit (1A) 26.10 Brockman, Clay Center (4A) 26.12 Milum, Minneapolis (3A) 26.39 Cook, Oberlin (3A) 26.45 Roadhouse, Osborne (2A) 26.75 Courtney, Oakley (3A) 26.80 400-METER DASH Eck, St. John's Beloit (1A) 59.64 Teeter, Grinnell (1A) 59.67 Grace, Beloit (4A) 59.96 Anderson, Concordia (4A) 1:00.00 J.Williams, Salina Central (5A) 1:00.24 Stephenson, Colby (4A) 1:00.28 Milum, Minneapolis (3A) 1:00.29 Strecker, Hays (5A) 1:00.78 Holzwarth, St. Francis (2a) 1:00.87 Block, Clay Center (4A) 1:00.91 800-METER RUN Dubois, Russell (4A) ;.v..2:22.70 Pederson, McPherson (5A) 2:24.10 Block, Clay Center (4A) 2:25.12 J.Williams, Salina Central (5A) 2:26.39 Rome, TMP-Marian (4A) 2:26.56 Pratt, Salina South (5A) 2:26.70 Ferguson, Clay Center (4A) 2:27.93 Hodgson, Washington (2A) 2:28.18 Welsh, Sharon Springs (1A) 2:28.45 Stephens, Colby (4A) 2:29.38 1,600-METER RUN Nelson, Solomon (1A) 5:25.47 Dubois, Russell (4A) 5:27.27 Ferguson, Clay Center (4A) 5:29.46 J.Williams, Salina Central (5A) 5:33.70 McCumber, Salina South (5A) 5:36.82 Pratt, Salina South (5A) 5:38.80 Hodgson, Washington (2A) 5:38.88 Cort, Clay Center (4A) 5:40.02 Duerksen, Hillsboro (3A) 5:40.59 Stover, Quinter (2A) 5:43.06 3,200-METER RUN Ferguson, Clay Center (4A) 12:07.49 Cott, Clay Center (4A) 12:08.35 Taylor, Marion (3A) 12:22.71 Dietz, Osborne (2A) 12:27.52 Ross, Golden Plains (1A) 12:32.27 Brady, SE-Saline (3A) 12:36.65 Smith, McPherson (5A) 12:37.20 Walter, Norton (3A) 12:37.87 Catlin, Clay Center (4A) 12:38.54 Irwin, Russell (4A) 12:46.11 100-METER HURDLES Eck, St. John's Beloit (1A) 14.66 luggiero, Smoky Valley (4A) 14.80 Baldwin, McPherson (5A) 15.63 Cox, Norton (3A) 15.71 : erris, Abilene (4A) 15.72 Robinson, Hays (5A) 15.75 tabonneau, Phillipsburg (3A) 15.82 Beydler, Trego (3A) 15.84 ~haffee, Clay Center (4A) 15.89 Sowers, St. Francis (2A) 16.01 300-METER HURDLES Eck, St. John's Beloit (1A) 45.19 Ruggiero, Smoky Valley (4A) 46.29 Baldwin, McPherson (5A) 46.90 Ferris, Abilene (4A) 47.07 Latham, Triplains (1A) 47.26 Ohlde, Clay Center (4A) 47.80 James, McPherson (5A) 47.90 Sowers, St. Francis (2A) 48.07 Heinrich, Grinnell (1A) 48.16 Warren, Beloit (4A) 48.36 400-METER RELAY :|ay Center (4A) 50.41 Salina Central (5A) 50.81 TMP-Marian (4A) 51.05 Beloit (4A) 51.20 McPherson (5A) 51.40 Hillsboro (3A) 51.65 St. Francis (2A) 51.91 Concordia (4A) 51.93 Abilene (4A) 52.06 Salina South (5A) 52.06 800-METER RELAY Clifton-Clyde (2A) 1:48.99 Pike Valley (1A) 1:50.49 St. Francis (2A) 1:50.79 Hillsboro (3A) 1:51.02 Plainville (2A) 1:51.02 Washington (2A) 1:51.57 Hoxie (2A) 1:51.91 Downs (1A) 1:52.26 Oakley (3A) 1:52.40 Smith Center (3A) 1:52.52 County schools ready for regional meets today South, Central staying home for Class 5A meet at Salina Stadium By The Journal Staff Salina Stadium will be the host site of a Class 5A regional track and field meet today, one of the 24 high school regional meets being held across the state. Regional meets mark the end of the high school season for many athletes, while the top three finishers in each event automatically qualify for next week's Kansas State Championships at Wichita's Cessna Stadium. Both Salina South and Salina Central will compete at today's 5A regional in Salina, along with teams from Buhler, Great Bend, Hays, McPherson, Topeka Seaman and Topeka West. The meet begins with field events at 4 p.m. Track preliminaries start at 5 p.m., with finals to get under way at 6:30. The Salina Central boys and McPherson girls were regional winners at Salina Stadium a year ago and both teams went on to earn team trophys at state — Central for second place and McPherson for third. Other Saline County schools will head in three different directions for their regional meets. Sacred Heart, competing at a Class 1A meet for the first time, will be one of 27 schools at Emporia State University today. While most of the teams competing at Emporia are from southeast Kansas, other area teams joining the Knights will be Hope and Centre. Field events begin at 3 p.m., followed by preliminary races at 4 p.m. and track finals are scheduled for 5:30. Southeast of Saline and St. John's Military will be among 16 teams at the Class 3A regional today in Smith Center. Joining the Trojans and Muleskinners will be Belleville, Cimarron, Ellinwood, Hoisington, Holcomb, Lakin, Lyons, Minneapolis, Norton, Oakley, Oberlin, Phillipsburg, Smith Center and Trego. The Smith Center regional be- BRIEFLY gins at 3 p.m. with field events. Preliminary races are set for a 4:30 p.m. start, while finals will begin 45 minutes after the completion of the prelimaries. Ell-Saline will participate in a predominantly northeast Kansas regional when the Cardinals travel to Onaga today for a 2A meet. In addition to Ell-Saline, the 16-team field includes Alma-Wabaunsee, Valley Heights, Burlingame, Canton-Galva, Clifton-Clyde, Goessel, Jackson Heights, Moundridge, Onaga, Rossville, Troy, Valley Falls, Washington, Wathena and Jefferson County North. Other regional meets involving area teams will be held in Abilene and Scott City (4A); Cheney (3A); Hill City (2A); Marysville and Hays (1A). The Abilene regional will include the defending Class 4A state champions in the Beloit boys and Clay Center girls. The meet begins with field events at 3:30 p.m, followed by preliminary races at 4:30 and the finals to start 30 minutes after the completion of the prelim-; inaries. 1,600-METER RELAY Beloit (4A) 4:08.20 Salina Central (5A) 4:09.59 Clay Center (4A) 4:10.34 Colby (4A) 4:11.95 Concordia (4A) 4:11.98 McPherson (5A) 4:12.10 Hillsboro (3A) 4:12.80 St. Francis (2A) 4:12.88 Russell (4A) 4:13.26 Oakley (3A) 4:14.53 3,200-METER RELAY TMP-Marian (4A) 10:16.45 Salina South (5A) 10:31.17 Goodland (4A) 10:34.86 Clay Center (4A) 10:36.83 Beloit (4A) 10:37.44 Ellsworth (4A) 10:40.33 Oakley (3A) 10:41.35 McPherson (5A) 10:45.20 Russell (4A) 10:45.46 Smith Center (3A) 10:45.47 DISCUS Holloway, Russell (4A) 149-9 Brosius, Concordia (4A) 146-0 Dutt, Abilene (4A) 134-11 C.Triplett, Logan (1A) 128-9 Patterson, Smoky Valley (4A) 125-9 Riffel, Abilene (4A) 125-9 Ade, Southeast-Saline (3A) 123-6 Mears, Cheylin (1A) 121-4 Comeau, Plainville (2A) 119-3 Stadel, Salina South (5A) 118-1 HIGH JUMP Manning, White Rock (1A) 5-7 Robinson, Weskan (1A) 5-7 Robinson, Hays (5A) 5-6 Barrett, Jewell (1A) 5-4 Ohlde, Clay Center (4A) 5-4 Abrams, Tescott (1A) 5-3 Nelson, Lenora (1A) 5-3 Bennett, Marion (3A) 5-2 Cox, Norton (3A) 5-2 Schieke, St. Francis (2A) 5-2 JAVELIN StClair, Ellsworth (4A) 134-4 Parks, Morland (1A) 134-2 Oetinger, Clay Center (4A) 132-10 Corwin, Osborne (2A) 131-11 Barrow, McPherson (5A) 131-6 Ade, Southeast of Saline (3A) 131-3 James, McPherson (5A) 128-7 Hagedorn, Hanover (1A) 128-2 Johnson, Colby (4A) 128-0 Kruse, Hanover (1A) 127-1 LONG JUMP Tetter, Grinnell (1A) 18-4 Eck, St. John's Beloit (1A) 18-1 Vi Chartier, McPherson (5A) 18-1 Frost, Salina Central (5A) 17-9 T.Williams, Salina Central (5A) 17-3 Adam, Tipton (1A) 16-11 1 /4 Hein, Hillsboro (3A) .- 16-9'A Hoffman, Hays (5A) 16-9 Roskens, Chapman (4A) 16-7V2 Bird, White Rock (1A) 16-6 1 /i> Cook, Oberlin (3A) 16-6 VS> SHOT PUT C.Triplett, Logan (1A) 48-5 1 /4 Holloway, Russell (4A) 46-1 Raney, Pike Valley (1A) 41-4% S.Triplett, Logan (1A) 40-10 Stadel, Salina South (5A) 39-8 1 /4 Comeau, Plainville (2A) 38-7'/2 Brosius, Concordia (4A) 38-3 VA C.File, Beloit (4A) 37-4 1 / 2 Dutt, Abilene (4A) 37-4 V* McCarren, Clifton-Clyde (2A)....: 37-1 TRIPLE JUMP Teeter, Grinnell (1A) 37-0 '/2 Ferris, Abilene (4A) 36-1 Vi VanScoyoc, Clay Center (4A) 35-7% Adam, Tipton (1A) 35-7'/ 2 Anderson, Phillipsburg (3A) 35-5 Vz T.Williams, Salina Central (5A) 35-2 1 /4 Bennett, Marion (3A) 34-11 1 / 2 Lichty, Quinter (2A) 34-10'/s Robinson, Hays (5A) 34-10'/4 Eck, St. John's Beloit (1A) 34-10 Honor roll marks can be called In from 4-9 p.m. to The Journal office (1-800-827-6363). Area track meets with six or more teams will be published. Either mall (333 S. 4th, Salina, Kan. 67401) or fax (913-827-6060) the results to The Journal. Tannahill-Cross capture Cruiser A feature Bart Tannahill and Kenny Cross took the points lead in the Cruiser division by winning the A feature and their heat race during the second Wacky Wednesday at Salina Speedway. Tannahill and Cross took the lead on lap 10 and held on for the victory in the A feature. Shane Meeks and Chad Markley took second and Douglas and David Clement third. Bud Lee and Don Beggs took the lead on lap eight en route to winning the B feature race. Justin Carlgren and Ron Jacobson finished second and Brett Barleen and Josh Peltier third. Cruiser heat winners were Jeff Graves and Tracy Hanback, Meeks and Markley, and Cross and Tannahill. John Kohler took the lead on lap seven and won the Strictly Stock A feature. Early leader Jeff Welsh was second and Brad Whithorn third. Cherish Ebert named to all-conference team SEWARD, Neb. — Cherish Ebert, a former Southeast of Saline Softball standout, has been named to the all-Nebraska Iowa Athletic Conference first team. Ebert finished the season fourth in the NIAC in batting with a .403 average. She was fourth in runs scored (30) and runs batted in (32). Concordia was 13-3 in the NIAC and finished second in the NAIA Great Plains Regional Tournament. Wesleyan's Holmes to pitch for U.S. team Chad Holmes, a Salina native and pitcher at Kansas Wesleyan, has been invited to pitch for the USAthletes International the Prague Week Baseball Tournament June 19-29 in Prague, Czechoslovakia. The event is sponsored by the Czech Republic Olympic Committee with teams coming from Hoi- GET TRAINING IN TRANSPORTATION- PLUS A BONUS OF PRIDE. The full-time pride you'll feel as an American for your part-time service in the Army Reserve is a sound reason for joining. Another is the excellent experience you'll acquire in today's latest procedures in moving people and materials. You'll also be well paid for part- time service-usually for one weekend a month plus two weeks' Annual Training. And for college students, money from the Montgomery GI Bill added to pay earned during a standard enlistment could provide over $25,000 for education. Make a positive move for your future. Look into the Army Reserve. Think about it Then think about us. Then call: 827-3666 BE AIL YOU CAN BE? ARMY RESERVE land, Germany, Slovakia and the United States. Holmes pitched for Salina South and was a first-team all-Kansas Conference selection this spring at Wesleyan during his junior season. The U.S. team will play four exhibition games June 21-23 and one game each day from June 24-29. Holmes is seeking sponsors to help with the $2,498 cost of the trip. Contributions can be made to the Prague Baseball Week '98 and sent to Sunflower Bank in care of Jacque Connor, 2090 S. Ohio, Salina, 67401. Blaze open season tonight at home The Salina Blaze open the season at 7 tonight against the Wichita Twins in the first game of the team's annual Memorial Day Tournament at Evans Stadium. Coach Warren Olsen returns for his fourth season after leading the Blaze to a 28-10 record last season. Salina plays Columbia, Mo., at 7 p.m., Saturday; the Wichita Jets at 7 p.m. Sunday and the Olathe Outlaws at 3 p.m. Monday. Five Salinans on 1-70 baseball first team Five Salina athletes have been named to the first team all-I-70 League baseball squad, as selected by league coaches. The first team includes three players from Salina Central and two from Salina South. Manhattan and South shared the league title this year with 8-2 records, but the Indians had twice as many first- team selections as any other school with six. Central players selected to the first team were senior catcher Clete Wilson, senior shortstop Todd Just and junior outfielder Bobby Bartow. South's first-team picks were junior shortstop Shaun IF YOU KNOW TRACTORS, THERE'S NO OTHER CHOICE. American-Made, American-Owned By MTD Since 1981 Model 2185 4188 1 18 HP Kohler Command V-Twin OHV Engine 1 Full-Length Steel Frame 1 Shaft-Driven Hydrostatic Transmission with Cruise Control Price Includes 48" Full-Floating Cutting Deck 1500S. Broadway 1-800-WIL-RENT 827-0847 Store Hours Daily 7:30 AM-6:00 PM Sunday 12:30-5:30 Puvogel and senior pitcher Doug Hill. ; South infielders Ryan Tomlins and Jason Meysenburg, catcher Troy St. Clair and outfielder Matt Moody were all named to the second team, along with Central infielder Brian Lamone and Just at pitcher. Cowley County to defend baseball title GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. — Cowley County Community College begins its defense of its 1997 National Junior College Athletic Association World Series title Sunday. The No. 2-ranked Tigers (50-8) play San Jacinto, Texas (44-13) at 9:30 p.m. CST in their opening game. The 10-team tournament be-gins Saturday. Cowley County routed Garden City in the Region 6 playoff, 12-15 and 21-2 to earn a return trip. KSAL honors five Saline County athletes Five Saline County athletes received $400 scholarships during KSAL Sports Casters Club/Salina Fellowship of Christian Athletes Recognition and Awards Banquet Thursday night at KSU-Salina. Salina Central's Terence Newman, Salina South's Bo Maynes, Sacred Heart's Chrissy Blagg, Southeast of Saline's Thane Douglas and Ell-Saline's Jenni Lindquist were honored. Salina South girls basketball coach Bruce Erickson received the Bill Burke Memorial Coach of the Year Award. The Pete Phillippi All-Sports Award went to Salina South. Wichita State basketball coach Randy Smithson was the guest speaker. From Staff and Wire Reports

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