Covina Argus from Covina, California on February 20, 1909 · Page 7
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 7

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 20, 1909
Page 7
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THE SMALL INVESTOR'S OPPOB TUNITY. fbls part of Southern California Is dotted -with Eucalyptus trees planted for beauty, fuel, or to break tlio force Of winds, but none have yet been planted in past years for commercial use. Small tracts are much less apt to bo given the care in planting and cultivation, ami are far more difficult to put on the market. For none but large tracts would justify the establishment of wood-working plants to turn the trees into finished manufactured products, jUl over this section are single trees which, for fuel alone are worth 815 to S25, and for finishing lumbar, posts, ties, wagon material, insulation pins, and clothes pins, are worth many times such sums. Planted eight feet apart each way there are 680 trees to each acre. By watchful oversight during the first year and by careful cultivation during the first three years, there is every reason to expect practically this whole number of trees to ba brought through to maturity. •The Etiwa Eucalyptus Company has a half section of the best land yet devoted to Eucalyptus. Fifty five-acre tracts are to be planted and put on the market. Oscar Roessner, accredited by the State Horticultural Bureau as one of the best qualified growers of Eucalyptus trees in this state, will select the trees and have exclusive direction of the work of planting them out and caring for them during the first year and the company stands responsible for two years thereafter. The Savings Bank and Trust Company of Pomona will act as trustee of the entire tract, collect the payments and guarantee the fulfillment of every contract obligation to the purchasers. The taxes, interest, and all charges for cultivation will be paid by the Trustee, and it will hold in trust the deed to the property delivering deeds to the small tracts, free of all encumbrance and charges as soon as the payments are made. NOTE THIS: ALL RISK OF LOSS AND ALL COST OF CULTIVATION comes during the first three years. The tract lies immediately west of Etiwa station on both sides of the Southern Pacific railroad, and will be open at all times to the inspection of purchasers who will have no need to take the word of anybody but may see for themselves how their investment progresses. The tracts will be sold at the rate of $20 down and $5 monthly payment for 36 months for each acre. All unpaid payments may be discounted at any time, 10 per cent, being allowed for cash. If for any reason it becomes impossible for the purchaser to continue the payments till the tract is fully paid for, a deed for a proportionate acreage will be delivered on application. A guarantee of 600 living trees on each acre sold at the end of three years, will be made in the contract. Suppose now that only the guaranteed number of trees is matured, and that it takes twenty years for the trees to become worth $10 each. These figures are extremely grotesque, in the face of growth of eucalyptus trees to be found all through the Cucamonga ..and Etiwanda district. But take tbese figures as a possible basis: Each acre will then be worth $6,000, a net return of $300 per acre annually for that time. There is no reason to believe but that the trees will be worth that sum in less than half the time mentioned. YOU ARE DEALING WITH HOME PEOPLE. If you are interested in a proposition big with promise for big profits with only a small amount invested, and that under your very eye, write or call on Win. Clark or Andrew McAllen of The Covina Land and Loan Company, room 4 Reed block, exclusive agents for Covina. These gentlemen will gladly give you information concerning contracts and other matters in connection with this enterprise. FATE AND A NAME. John, When Borne by Royalty, Seems Linked With Misfortune. It Is IntorostliiK and somewhat curious to noti' tiie persisti'iico with which misfortune has iloswd tho name of "John" whon homo by royal persons, although no ill omen seems to ntinch to it In the cast.- of ordinary c-Iti/.euB. For Instance, KInj,' .lolm of Kugland has always IK-CM regarded, whether nl- tosether justly or not. ns a most Infamous prince. John of France was takc-M captive- by the Black Prince, nnd John Bitlliol 01' Sent him' WEB most thoroughly despised by his countrymen on account of his fawning attitude toward the KiiKl'sih. Ttot.ert III. of Scotland changed his name from John, hut this did rjt save him from his destiny. He hlianetf was a cripple and died of n broken heart, the mo^t tragic fates Imd'ig overtaken all mot! 1 dear to him. John I. of Bahemla was blind. Thr Pope John I. wa* Imprisoned by tin king of the Goths, nnd Pope John K. was driven from Rome by the Duke of Tuscany. Pop* John XI. was linpris oned by his brother and is supposed to have been poisoned, :: faie similar to that of Pope John XIV. Pope John XV. was forced to flee from Home nnd died of fever In Tu*any. Violin XVI., dubbed the "antipole," after a troubled career, was brutally tortured and consigned to a dungeon for the brief remainder of his life. John I. of Constantinople was poisoned; John II. was killed while hunting wild l>oar, and John III. was dethroned, his eyes put out and left to die in prison. Jo"hn I. of Castile \vas kilted by a fall from his horse. This Is not hy any means a complete list of the unlucky Johns, but It serves to show the fatality which seems to cling about the name in so far as royalty lit concerned.—Chicago Record Herald. : NOTICE OF SALE OF REAL ESTATE i AND PERSONAL PROPERTY, ! Tn the Superior Court of Ilio Counly of I.os Ansrrle?. Rtato nl' California. ; i In tin- matter of the Kstale of (Ml-; bert D. Davis, doconsod. ! ; Xntiro is hereby iiiveu in pursuance of an order of said Court mado ! on tho Mh day of February, lltnfi. in; ' the above entitled malt'.M 1 . ilie under-: Kianed Aimer Alt'ied Davis and \V. M. ; •Grisvrold, executors of said estate, will : sell ai private sale to the highest bidder for cash sold coin of (he I'nitcd' -States (subject to cnnlirmat ion of said , Superior Court) on or after the !)thi i day of .March, liHlSt, at Uie law olllee of' I A. M. Pence, Rooms 7 and S Heed I ! Building in (lie City of Covina. Counly ;nf I.os Angeles, State of California (at i which place offers or bids will he re- |ceived) all riglu, title, and interest of I said Gilbert D. Davis, deceased, at tho I time of his death, and all the right, ; title and interest which the said estate j has since acquired by operation of law | or otherwise, In and to tho property ! described as follows, io-wil: ! Parcel I—.Lot One (1) of fractional | Section Thirteen (HI) in Township One ' (J) South, Range Ten (1(1) West, S. B. B. & M., in the County of Los Angeles, State of California; also that portion of the "Old San Bernardino Road" now abandoned, hounded Northerly by the Southerly line of said Lot One (1), Southerly by the Northerly line of the San Bernardino Road as • now established, and East and West by the East and West lines of said Lot One (1) extended South to the Northerly line of said present road; except the Northerly Sixteen and one-half feet thereof conveyed to the Southern Pacific Railway Company; together with water right. Parcel 11.—Lot One (1), in Block .One of the Phillips Tract,, in the ttancho La Puente, County of Los Angeles, State of California, as per map recorded in Book i), pages M and i, .Miscellaneous records of said Counly; containing Eighteen and one-half acres more or less; together with 55 shares of the capital stock of the Covina Irrigating Company. Parcel JIL—Lot Two (2), in Block One (I) of the Phillips Tract, in the Rancho La Puente, County of Los An- j geles, State of California, as per map 'recorded in Book 9, Pages ,'! and •!, Miscellaneous records of said County; containing Seventeen and three- fourths acres more or less; excepting about Three and one-half acres there- from situated in the Northeast corner of said lot; together with Fifty shares of the Capital stock of the Covina Irrigating Company. Parcel IV.—Lot Seven (7) in Block One (1) of the Phillips Tract, in the Rancho La Puente, County of Los Angeles, State of California, as per map recorded in Book 9, pages 3 and 4, Miscellaneous records of said County; containing Ten (10) acres 1 more or less; together with Thirty shares of the capital stock of the Covina Irrigating Company. Parcel V.—Lot Eight (8), In Block One (1) of the Phillips Tract, in the Rancho La Puente, County of Los Angeles, State of California, as per map recorded in Book 9, pages 3 and 4, Miscellaneous records of said County; 'containing Ten (10) acres more or less; together with Thirty shares of the capital stock of the Covina Irrigating Company. PERSONAL PROPERTY, TO-WI.T: Twenty-five and one-half cords of wood; One Jersey cow; One Bay mare; Three set of harness; One pair of mules; One cream mare; One horse colt; One single buggy; One driving horse; One pair of gray horses; One white mare and colt; One Bain wagon, 2'/ 2 inch tread; One Bain wagon, 3 inch tread; One Studehaker wagon; Two Potter Cultivators; One double disk plow; One Right disk harrow; Two walking plows; One spring tooth harrow; Farming tools Miscellaneous; I.OOd shares of the capital stock of Print's [Cucalyptus Association No. I; Seventy-five shares of the capital slock of I.e Sage Bros. Co.; Fifty shares of (he capital slock- of Ihe Pacific Wire- loss Telogri'ph Company; Twenty-five shares of the capital stock of Consolidated Mineral and Chemical Coripany. Terms—Ten per coin of purchase price payable at the time of sale, and the balance of the purchase price; payable upon conlinna't ion of said s:ile hy the above entitled Court. ABNKR ALFHKI) DAVIS and W. M. (JRIK\VOLI), Kxecuiois of said estate. A. M. PKXCI-;, Attorney for said estate. First publication, Feb. 201 h. H)(I!J. XOTICIC OP HICARIXC, PKTITIOX KOR Til 1C VACATION AM) AHA.V DOX.MICXT OK I'ORTIOXS OK HOX1TA AV'HXriC IX CLICXDORA ROAD DISTRICT, COl'XTV OK LOS AXGICLICS, STATIC OK CALI-i KORX1A. | Xotico is lu-rehy given that it pe- \ tltion, .signed hy R. K. Sutherland and, sixteen others, praying fur tho vacation and abandonment of all those, portions of Bonita avoniio as the. same IK shown on a map of the Subdivision of! | the Rancho Addition to Han Jose, !<• : j corded in Book 22, at page 21, Miscol-j I laneou.s Records of Los Angeles | i County, running In an easterly and I i westo.rly diri-ctlon through the center i I of Section 7, T. 1 S., R. !) \V., which lie | , outside of a strip CO feet wide, ',',() feet i , each side of tiie center line of said • ! Bonita avenue in said Section 7, and ! iriituate, in the (iliMidrira Road Uistrict, ! County of l>is Angeles, Stale fit California, has been filed 'Aith the Board of Supervi.sois of .-aid county, and thai : • said jietiiion will be hoard by said 'Board, at its office in the County Courthouse, in tlie fir. or 1 fx.s Angeie.-;, Call. t(;rnia. on Mond-i>. Miirch s, t'jii'.t, at 111 (/(-lock a. m. ut .-a nl day. Retribution. Tommy-Pop, \vh;ii is r,-tr!!-ink n? T.'imm.N's Pep RetriUiti'in. mv si-n, (>-. sfiiiic-thiir.' that w t: af" sun- u'iil ev(-n- tnaily overtake other i.eopie. I'hiU delphla Record. Uy order of t In Boai d of Of I.O-. Allgeji.., Ci,ll||t>, made Kebniai v i.". I'.m'.i. C. ', KKV1-. -i ;.; am! ' ••. ofhr- aid of .-' ;.•••! '• i.- hllpf-I'Vl.-.Ol .-. Calitdi ni'j, New Cadillac Thirty This car is absolutely $1550, which iuchulos horn and 'ive lamps. 32x3 .1-2 tires. Think of this—The Cadillac people in Los Angeles have already taken 254 orders for Cadillac cars. Doesn't that speak for itself? The factory has'notified them that they can only have 300 cors out of 12,000. It will pay you to look into this car if you are in the market. We can make a few prompt deliveries by having had our deposits up since June 20. Call and see us and have a demonstration. Home Phone 4'); 234-242 West Third St., Sunset, Red 491. POMONA, CAT,. OSLER& MATTHEWS Rich Delta Land in Kings County $45 per Acre We have for sale in tract to suit purchaser MO acres of rich delta land near Tularc Lake. Soil is deep sedimentary deposit, best in the world for alfalfa' which grows to perfection here. Land is subirrigatcd. Alfalfa land in vicinity produces $40 to $50 per acre without irrigation. Only 3 miles from growing town and million dollar beet sugar factory. Near one of the largest and most successful Jersey farms in the state. If you want to buy rich land at a price which insures handsome returns, investigate this proposition. J. H. flatthews REAL ESTATE LOOK! LISTEN! If you want, to see that nice new AUTO Laundry Delivery Wagon, just drop a card to Lorbecr Brog.' Pomona Steam Laundry, the ablest and most up-to-date laundrymcn in the valley, and tell them to call for your laundry or give you their price on work. We call Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Work strictly up-to-date. POMONA STEAM LAUNDRY House Moving McCRARY BROS, are prepared to make contracts to move building's of every description, heavy -machinery and tree moving with promptness and despatch. We have the experience of years in the business and guarantee our work. McCrary Bros. ARGUS BLOCK Phone 5008 Covina, Cal. OFNASCO Smooth Surfacc Roofing V«^ L_4 • • J •k^ ^^^ \>^r An iih.solutcly new proct'.i.H lliul rtvslsl.Hull vvenlliiTs Kerckhoff-Cuzner Mill and Lumber Ci>. Home 148, Sunset 25.1. C«,v!ii;i, CM!. Clarence Allison Plans furnished for ; kinds of building's. 111 Building Contractor COVINA, CM4. The Argus Turns Out First-Class Job Printing < M. Mr-PH ! /'Greatest Electric Rdilway Sys'em in the World" The Pacific Electric Railway 566 Miles of Modern Built Standard Gauge Lines Reaching the Principal Cities and Towns, Mountain ' and Seashore Resorts of Southern California Luxurious Observation Passenger Cars. Prompt and K'c liable Freight, Kxpress, Telegraph and I J, S. Mail Service. For information and literature regarding the great MT. I.OWK Trip, UKACH KKSOKTS an.i oilier points of interest, see local agent, or addres-> (j.-n«-ra! Pa-y-.etiger Department, Room 2')<>, Pai r ilic Klectric iSuiMing, l<o-. Angele-,, C; t |. Hay, Grain, Cereals and Fuel WHOLESALE AND RHTAIL Delivery Jo Every Part of the Valley SAN GABRIEL VALLEY MILLING COMPANY Home Phone 1') COVINA, CAL. CITY LIVERY STABLES C. F. SMITH, Prop. W. Badillo St., on the new electric line. COVINA, Barn Phone 240 Res. Phone l'J8 COVINA MEAT MARKET J. F. KENDALL, Prop. Orders taken nnd deliveries made daily. Orders in town will receive prompt attention. Fresh and Tender Beef, Mutton, Pork, Etc. Home Phone 36 LARGE ORANGE SEEDLINGS FOR ORCHARD PLANTING Mnntn lliirlmi'H imfl ulir'll VVlllmilii. KnniKu liiiimum, Pomclm, I'tumnlx Canliri'Sinlil luxl Wlinhi loniu I'alrnH. Cmmtlior Troon, AcculfiH, UIIMHM, ulr. SOirilll.ANU NUKSIiMIKS, K. II. IHnl/row, IYf>|iriitl.i>r, I'li.Hiuluilii, Clll. riium'M: HiitunVW Mnin IMil. Your Winter Trip East SJIui-'U) i:K VIA The Sunset Route 01'' TJJK Southern Pacific OK VIA NEW ORLEANS TO Washington JTtJ Chicago X Cincinnati IN THROUGH TOURIST SLEEPERS RICK--COTTON si ;< ; A R( : A N K MOSS COVKKKI) LJV'K. OAKS "K I N K-l 1 K A I > Ml) PI < ' K A N I N N KS" JSAJAJY HKKK/.KS TJIKOIHIK THK DKKA.M Y SOCTIl I). H. SCMKNC.K, Agent, (',, vina J<. -TK A V IS, Co ial Agent, Pumi/n,i SOUTHERN PACIFIC

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