Covina Argus from Covina, California on February 20, 1909 · Page 6
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 6

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 20, 1909
Page 6
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ORA AND LEMON $10 per Acre and Cheap Transporta tion to Eastern Markets. Situ;i!..,'(! in UK- famous Ifues(t-:a Valley on water transportalion of the Pamica River to Tarapico. the rapidly growing part of Mexico. Regular steamboat service to and from properly. In the ha Jiolsa Colony, consisting of 20,000 acres. A lownsile has been laid out and tracts of 5 acres adjoining al '5125 to $135 each, and also subdivisions of lift v acres each at Slo per acre. Terms, otv.:-third cash and balance in C> months and 9 mo.; S per cent on deferredjpaytnents. Discount given on tracts of :'><)'> ;;<•:<•', ;:'.i<I up. Fine hunting and fishing. For further particulars apply to MATTHEWS & COMPANY, Local Agents, or MOATS, FOWLER & DIBBLE Box 168 TAMPICO, MEXICO Suggeslive Questions on the Sunday School Lesson by Rev. Dr, Linscott for the International Newspaper Bible Study Club. Feb. 2lit, 1909. Hlcplicn the Klrsl Christian Marlyr. —Acls vl: I In vlll:,'!. C.oldcn Tcxl - -They siloneil Stephen caliini; upon (lod, and s;i\'lni.',, Lord .Icstiii, lecolve my Hpiril. Acls vil;.',!!. Study Acls vl:S-l. r .; vli:.'! In vlll:::. VtM'sc S.—'-Wliii waw Slcplii'ti'.' Chap. 7, VIM-HP r, I. Whaf Is II. which cnls wnmf-c doers to I lie heart moro than anything elnc? If Ihcso nilcrs liail hcen Iniioconl of Ihe char;;(! SlcplnMi hroniiht a..i4al.isl them. Would liiey havi.- been (Mil I () the heart as they were? \Vrso F>r>.--\Vlnit, do yon tindoi'sland Jiy SicpluMi boliiK I'u 11 of l he Holy In view of proscnl day disl Inel Ion.-!,; Wplfil 7 would .voiM'nll Sl.-i'lien a layman or n' \ V |, at (1 |,| Stephen Hce when he eleii4\inan. j loo|<od up into heaven? Why Is It not n crime against the 1 ,,.,,,, , , , , ,, gospel, that the preaching or the uospel! U '"' d Ml " "" VV 1 "' 1 '" h; ' v ',' I 11 ;" 1 " 1 ' 1 '-'' * seen the same IhiiiKS, as Stephi.Mi, If is so professionalized, thnt our pultiits , . , . , , „ today in the towns arid cities, are prac-i "'" y ha(l I "" U "' 1 1 ' 1 '' tically cloned to the laymen of the) Verne fiil-TiT Did I hoy hcllevi- Sic- church, so thnt even men like Stephen,! phen's lost linoii.v as to what he s;iw'.' have to "keep silent" in our church, ,. . . ,. .. , pulpits? (This question is to ho an- 1 "' r" 1 ' 1 I""""" 4 "™" 1 1 '" IU ' 1 " 1 , 1 » H !1 Bwercd in writincj by members of the ni1 ':- llilv " •'»? «-'"Hhl,-n.',. ,11 Ihe ex- II J ' perlences ol lho;e who v. a 1 K and talk whh ilon? \Yhal \s a i li" •:• erd of Stephen's power a: a |n..ieher. and lo \\lial o. , \' 1 'i'^ 1 ' .">. How would these people |.|:i may e\.-i;, l.".iii,iii I,, e.m. lil.e insl'l'\ I hi'in.'el \ e .. for conihiil i lie' • his '.'.leal crime 1 .' Where was Johnnie when mother homo,? .In tiio pantry eating W. VV. A; Co. 'H P1K. OVHTKKS--l<Vom this timo on wo will carry fresh oysl.oi'H in bulk at 20o a do/en. Cronshaw's Grocery. Tho nionl HPorns inenrnpleto without Froniier Likud Cnfl'uo. And it in. \V. \V. .t Co. Tho HnutliucHlorn iii-nluM-agn Company will buy your onmuus fair cash. II, (). Simpson, iiRont. Ofllco with California Citrna Union. tf Schedule For IZIectrlc Cars. I, cave I. os 5:50 ;i. in. 7:(>5 H : 1 1 1 p m. KILL THE COUGH AND CURE THE LUNCS WITH Dr. King's New Discovery rnn ^%<r>ii<nu« PRICE rllH • wm«flio soo & $100 • U" V(*OLDS Trial Bottle Free AND ALL THROAT AND LUNSTROUBLES. GUABANTEEE, SATISFACTORY OB MONEY REFUNDED. 1.5 V 1 -i • i ' '.' \Vln ii III :i n iiniiiii d. Ii .MI • i hail liv iirdiii.ii \ i i-j i 1 1 1 i • I • 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 i 1 1 n V iinl i!. I. in CUM- Leave Covinn 5:50 a. m. d:55 <S:,io 11:10 i 12:.%ii p. m. • l.-in .<; I '• .s: (it i 10:oo -,'i* . ' ,*> \~~) Howell & Howcll BREAD Light, Sweet mid Wholesome FK'KSll KVKKV DAY AT o"'*' ! Crenssheiw/s l{\\ "'.: \ • I Cake and Confectionery $.1OOOO TO LOAN in sums of $500.00 up on clear improved real estate at 7 "per cent up for one to 4 years privilege to pay S500.0Q at any interest paying 1 date or all at any time without bonus. I buy trust deeds, mortK'ag'es and contracts for deeds. At 150 East Pucnte St. except Mondays and Thursdays. Phone 194. OSCAR MILLER. SUCCESSFUL B3& ~ SUND FOR POULTRY RAISERS USE Los Angeles Incubators EVERYTHING IN LEE'S EGG MAKER POULTRY SUPPLIES Acme Roup Cure—SOc Postpaid HENRY ALKERS CO. 534 S. MAIN ST. LOS ANGELES See P. E. DOUGHTY for Buitk and Maxwell Automobiles COVIXA, CAL. Phone 2188 N. WILSON The Blacksmith Vv'.i'' u.'-h valley daily l:Vv'^'' la 1 !u> inost ski!1 ^ ul mechanics and the best equipment we can ''•'•• k£. j do yintr work in the most workmanlike and best manner in shorter ™» ; time and at a reasonable cost to you. \ el I him III ( 'III i ,1 i in II \ ; I'ldeSs ||c i : a liiiecu ; i i Kei alter Irnth lull is It! Chap. S. \Yrses I:'. \\lial was lilt lilo'ly lo convert the liearei:;'.' ; lllea..uro •. i!' Saul'.- sin ill lile stonilli; o ill mere o|iinioii. and u ill in <'i'iidi limed liecansc ol wroli'-; doc 11 hie:-; i.e. wronj.! opinions'.' , When a man will, Uul.t Mews ol ' Don't Get cl DivOfCC. , ^ triilh. f-'.vts annry at the man with A western judi.;c granted a divorce mi * wronn \iews, and does mean things to aivomit ol ill-temper and bad I ivath. him, thai the latter takes wnh penile- 1'r. Kind's New Life Pills would have ness- which is likely lo he the heller prevented it. They eure Ci institution, | *. man ol the iwu'.' i an.iin^ bad breath and Livei Trouble ..,, •(,,!, i ,• the ill-temper, dispel eold, banish head- NX hy is II thai men who proloss re- , ' , .,- -,- ,. ,. . , nil i aches, conquer chili.-.. J^e .it I . !•. liUK'H, can act so lil.e devils, when ,, , . ' new truth Is presented to tliein as in ' '' this ease? ' "" * •#• *• * * * *'* * * * * * * * * * r: * * * * * * * * * \\V also carry a line nf /Ifir. IRanchcr X' 11. Can a man's word in u .See the s n Unions dispute be ile|iended iipmi. on »U (' a mattir of fact. If he Is nmriie to hi: con.-cieiii'e and to (lod'.' ,«'i<ti'!>t valtMit ine n *M CoilfiuM ioilel V. inrush oysters, '.'Ue a t'rellrllia VV '.s ( il'oeery. at * * * * How i.-, it ilia' iinrU'.hieoiis men wi (ij^hl lor tlii-ir false religions eieed. Hid s'liinls from no soil ol i.isealiiv i theii |uil pose '.' try a Can \oii rive an\ o'ln : u a-oii ihan ,... ... ,, I,, ir ui.riiihl,•„,.,...,.: ,„ :,-, :•„ i,, :i i.v II""""-- 1 ' >"«• ( "• r In r |u inei | de i h> • ha i • •! < I i in-••• • < 11 • 11 lor .-n I o \ i 1 \ ,' t i •. i. . , '' i a - I i * \\'lial are yon lining fin' t!u> liM-a-ie" in your oraiii;e ni.i\f* I'.ver ^ knife? -'.H- al Kellal ; * tf ! * Von are conductint;' ;i bii^ tinsiiiess more iiioiioy in- vesteil than inanv husine>s houses do a j^ood deal of correspondence, don't yon.' Do you always have suitable paper handy when you wish to write? Do you know that we can furnish you with the very best of writing paper anil envelopes, neatly printed \vith your name nr the name of your r.uieh. plaei' of residence and (Kite line, cheaper than > on can secure tablets and envelope-, in .-.mall iiuaii- litie-.' Ihi- .\i'.l make V'-iir •M -* * * i # * * * i * : *, *: * * * * * * Jshnsan BLACKSMITHS Bldcksmithing &f nil Kinds Our Specialty Shop on Citrus Ave Farm Implements, Wagons, Etc* and if you are thinking of purchasing a vehicle o< any kind we invite you to call ami look over our line and talk the matter over. We will ij-uarantee you a square deal and save you a few dollars besides. Patrick: H. Teilley Cement Pipe flanufacturer ALL SIZES AND IN ANY QUANTITY Estimates furnished.—All work guaranteed. A Horrible Mold-Up. Agent for KANSAS CEMEINT " Large or small quantities. "About ten years, a^o my hrother w:is . ••held up 1 in his work, health and hap- i ards, Azusa Avenue, just north or haa IJernarnino Koad piness 1)V what was belived to be hope- ,_, , less Consumption," writes w. K. Lips- Telephone, Home 324') Postoftice Address, Covma coint). of Washington. N. t\ "He touk .— • • > all kinds of renn from several dooti ""i i .11 n ay t ;ilk ;il '• lit I lie i ill \ u \i\<-r : * I --idiii v llaly aiul l-'tai.e", I i.t \, t.iil . * ah i •:;. | al e \\ i I 11 11.> :o ':i.a .1 i. d e s * I 1 .: -MI :' u • i . i l'i' a. ii r Hi. ..d C. n , r. * \\ . \\ . AC. ,u,d ::;.;,• >.'!.'..-M. :.t. * * * « Ci).'!\A .'..hi, -. 1'K 1 X'l'K N'S * * * He-, '.-,, but found no help Dr. Kii i;'s New Discovery ed t'V six buttlt's. Are You Ooinir to Build? h'xiuie'K t . It' so, it will . :v you t,< let me figure v-i».h you. Firsl cls-:js - f..r weak or \vurk, prict.s ri>.'' . satisfaction o-uarn.;;: ••;. ,'.!..! * ' M. B. FolSOm Contractor and Builder l':u :ic 214 COVIXA, CAL

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