Covina Argus from Covina, California on February 20, 1909 · Page 5
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 5

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 20, 1909
Page 5
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local Events,, v> Hagrrty ranch. & Hoinpel can sell your Holy Trinity Church Guild mot (Ills week with Mrs. I. I. Cook. Hagerty & Henipel—country property exclusively. The Young Ladles' Xoodlc Club mot tills week with Miss Mabel Hastings. Hagorty & Ilenipel can sell your ranch. The Farmers' Club will moot this afternoon at. the homo of Mr. and Mrs. B. L. Reynolds. The Misses Arhepast of LOUR Beach are spending two weeks with Mrs. D. E. Huff. Mrs. Lucy Parmley and son, Mr. O. A. Parmley of Ogdon, Utah, arc guests of Mr. and Mrs. A. ,1. Warner. Mmes. J. H". Coolman and P. L. Nash were guests in Los Angeles last. Tuesday of Mrs. Clarence Mcnefec. Miss Jean Gooch of South Pasadena was the guest from Friday to Sunday of her sister, Mrs. Louis Harris. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Thorpe spent a few days this week on a business and pleasure trip to Plru, Ventura county. The Rev. Alfred Fletcher has been attending the Clergy Retreat held at Redondo by Bishop Johnson this week. Mrs. M. Thompson of Milwaukee, Wis., was a guest Friday at the home of Mrs. I. I. Cook. Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Xye wore dinner guests of Dr. and Mrs. 0. D. Jennings on Sunday last. Mrs. .1. M. Whit sol is spending a week with her mother, Mrs. Osbornc, at whittler. Mrs. Chns. Madison of Pomona and her mother, Mrs. Mary Madison, were & If. 1 en n Ifagorty ranch. Miss Mabel McCourt of Pasadena is the guest of her sister, Mrs. H. ('. Hartley. Mr. James Matheney, of Myrtlr Point, On 1 ., in visiting friends* in Cu- vina. .fumes Heinle arrived recently Mr. from Kreilley, and will spend (lie winter with hi« son, Hoy. Mrs. K. I". Warner has been confined to (lie ho'iise hy sickness during the past woek. Mr. and Mrs. X. D. Mtisscy have been spending the week with relatives in Los Angeles. Miss .Tosie Rosenthnl is spending the week end with her sister, Mrs. P. J. Clinc. Mr. nnd Mrs. Joshua TCeed nnd daughter, Miss Li ek. of Polo, 111., were visiting old frii'iids in Covina I ho past few days. The Kpworth League will serve n OUR , Whitsel & (o. Home's Grocery Pomona Sanitary Laundry '• Hot Tamale Slipper at the M. K. guests on Thursday of Mrs. Kistler. Miss Leon a Gooch of Rivera, Mrs. Belle Harris, and Mrs. McDonour of LiOs Angeles are spending the end with Mrs. Louis Harris. Church on Tuesday evening, February 2:ird. After K o'clork a program will be given. Supper, -•"> crnts. Mrs.-A. \V. Johnson and children, Charlie and Mattie, of Longmont, Col., who are wintering in Los Angeles, were guests on Thursady and Friday of Mrs. H. H. Cushman. Mrs. Gilmore, teacher of the argumentation classes of the Hig h School, who has been ill for some time with la grippe, has sufficiently recovered to resume her teaching. Mr. James Seiple of Mount Carrol, Illinois, is visiting his son Roy here, after an absence from Covina of ten years. Mr. Seiple is greatly impressed with the substantial growth made by the town. Mr. Stanley Josling of Paris, who is the guest of his friends, Messrs. Rail! and Rubie, is detained longer in California coived portraits of J.os Angeles beauties. K. L. than lie expected, havhu six orders to palnl miniature Hagerty & exclusively. David Foster left last Mexico to look after the ests Hn-re of himself friends. llagcily &• ITempel h Hiinill ranch. Saturday for landed inter- and Covina ve buyer for Everybody oorrio that has a ticket Monday night at 8 o'clock nnd see who gets the pillow at Cumming's Confectionery. Phono 4'J. Mrs. N. J. Crawford of Burlington, Towa, is spending the week with Mrs. Leebrick. These ladies are old friends who have not seen each oilier for twenty years. Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Hull entertained al dinner last Sunday in honor of their daughter, Miss May's, birthday. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Roy Hutchison and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hull of Pasadena. The ornamental pillow with tbo hoir brush painting of the now high Hcliool buildinn will bo drawn for at 8 o'clock Monday night at Cumuiing'a Confectionery. Charles P. Colver nnd family, recent arrivals from Montana, have taken possession of their orange grove Cienegn ave- ily welcome JEROME REYNOLDS REAL ESTATE Orange Groves, City Property Walnut and Alfalfa Ranches C'.M.r, AND 1.1ST YOl'R I'NOl'KNT Y Oflico with A. M. Ponce, Need Hll:.' COYINA, GAL. For Rent, Exchange, Lost, Found Miscellaneous. Uagerty ranch. >S: He in p recently piinumscd on benn Mr. and Mrs. T. Huff of Virginia, who are traveling in California, called to see an old friend, Dr. F. J. Clinc, last Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Evans were dinner guests on Wednesday of Messrs. Rail! and Ruble, to meet Mr. Stanley Josllng, the artist. Mrs. Johnson and children, Charlie Anderson, of Cedar .Falls, wan a guest one day this week of Mr. and .Mrs. .F. II. Fabric!?. Mr. Andi-iv-on was :,]. I formerly a newspaper man and a chi«o personal friend of the Fahrh-ks in the east, lie is delighted with f'ovina and hones some day to be able to locate here. The Misses Maggie and Mamie "Murray, of LOH Angeles, this week have Angeles, were of Mrs. H. H. and Mattie, of Los guests on Thursday Cushman. Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Griffith were among the guests at a birthday surprise party given for Mrs. C. L. Smitlj at her home at Azusa. Mr. and Mrs. G. N. Atwood entertained at dinner on Tuesday evening Mrs. been visiting and, assisting Misses Dr. and the Misses Herron, Tatilm and Mr. Robt. Walker. Joseph Seaton of Santa Barbara and his bride, who are spending their honeymoon in Los Angeles, were guests this week of the former's sister, Mrs. D. W. MacDonald. Covina guests at a luncheon given at Pasadena on Friday by Miss Myrta Sturtevant were Mmes. Ennis, Plant, Jennings and Miss Pomeroy. The affair was in honor of Mrs. Cilley. Mr. and Mrs. Ethan Cole of Huntington Beach, and Mrs. Mary Goff of Iowa, are spending the week with Mr. and Mrs. Scofleld. They will all attend the Iowa picnic in Agricultural Park on Monday. On Wednesday evening the Rev. and Mrs. Harry White gave a dinner parly In honor of the Rev. and Mrs. J. A. White of Pasadena, the guests being Messrs, and Mmes. Wesley Hodges, Geo. King, S. Douglas. The Junior C. E. of the Presbyterian Church, gave a reception in honor of their new teacher, Miss Wynne on Tuesday evening. Walton acted as Mmes. Stevens and hostesses. Games were played and refreshments served. Mrs. H. M. Faulder was the week end gnerft of Mrs. G. N. Atwood. Miss Agnes Mali's of Minnesota, who is spending the winter with Mrs. Knnis, is the guest this week of Mrs. W. II. Collins. Mr. and Mrs. R. 11. Myers returned to Redlands on Saturday after a pleasant week spent, at the home of Prin. and Mrs. A. H. Collins. Mr. and Mrs. J. Krause of Ixis Angeles were also their guests on Saturday. On Thursday evening the monthly reception in honor of the ladles was held at the Country Club. The evening was pleasantly spent in playing "500," after which delicious refreshments were served. The Revs. Herman Haveloek, Harry White and W. A. Brown of Uis Angeles left on Thursday morning with W. M. Warren in his touring ear for Sierra Mart re. They will spend a few days on Mount Wilson. A pleasant afternoon was spent a the home of Mrs. W. H. Collins by some young ladies, who had an informal "good time" und organized Hie Pi Rho dun. Those present were the Misses Fletcher, Faulder, \Vidney, Elliott, Douglass, Mairs, Cook, Hastings, Devendoif, Herron, Charlotte Herron. Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Warren entertained with a dinner parly on Tuesday evening, the guests being Rev. and Mrs. Harry While, Rev. Herman Bumham of Haveloek, N'ev., Rev. and Mr.-. J. A. White of Pasadena. The table was artistically d«.-eoruti-d wiih leathery acacia sprays. Lula Webb and Myrtle Graham in preparing for their spring millinery opening next month. These young ladies will open with a splendid display of spring and summer hats. In honor of the thirteenth birthday of her daughter Muriel, Mrs. C. E. Bemis entertained thirteen little girls last Saturday. Games and music were enjoyed and refreshments served. The guest of honor received a number of lovely valentines. Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Warner, who have been spending two months with Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Warned and other Californlan relatives,, have left for their home at South Bend, Ind. They are delighted with the San Gabrie Valley and consider it the garden spot of the world. As soon as possible they will return and settle here. Guests at the home of Mayor am Mrs. Lahee this week were: Sundiij for dinner, Mmes. Moore and Crosby of Pasadena; Monday for lunch, Mrs James T. Drummond and brother, Mr H'-ix/ard of Chicago, staying at the Lankershim, Los Angeles; Mr. am Mrs. Cornelius Kendall, cousins of Mr .nlifM. from Chicago, staying at Hole Ireen, Pasadena. On Friday Mr. am Airs. L. I. C. Spruancc and baby o ,os Angeles. Mrs. J. J. Fitzgerald of Holed Von lomo gat bored a few congenial friend o play "500" on Monday night, as i surprise for mine host, and in e.clebra ion of their twelfth wedding annivor sary. Mrs. Robt. Howland won (Irs irize. Those present were: Mrs. R 3. Buller and son Charles, Mr. and Mrs. E. Smiley and nieces, the Misses Savage of Salt. Ijiko City, Mr. and Mrs. Case, Mrs. Merrill, Mr. and Mrs. Stool, Mr. and Mrs. Howland, Messrs. Puige and Frazcr. Mrs. A. Merrill and Mr. and Mrs. Howland have taken the former's brother and sister, Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Case, of Ohippewa Falls, Wis., on a number of interesting sight-seeing trips this week. On Monday they went by auto to Pasadena and I be Ostrich Farm, and on Thursday to Klvfrsitlf and Redlands. On Tuesday they took the electric Hzilloon Route I rip to Venice, Oeean Park and Redondo, Mi- joying a tisli dinner at Hie Redondo Hotel. On Wednesday they wen) up Mount Lowe. Mr. and Mrs. Case are delighted with California in spile of the unusually bad weather uo They nre ,y the Argus. A telegram was received Friday nun Rev. S. M. Martin risking tor n veek'a delay in beginning I he revival icre, lo enable the evangelists to omplcto their work in the north, .'heir campaign in Covina \\ill begin March 7, The home of Mr. and Mrs. G. N. \twood was a scene of unwonted gaiety on Saturday evening, n, five lundred parly being on the lapis. The .nests were Messrs, and Mines. Reich - ard, Devendorf, Ben Thorpe, Korck- loff, Given, W. II. Collins, Senator and Mrs. Buller, Dr. and Mrs. Lewis Thorpe, Mrs. Faulder and Miss Mairs. W. B. Broadwell has been making jxtenslve alterations and improvements in his dry goods store, chief of which Is the building of a deck or gallery with panelled oak front along the south side of the store, which gives htm considerable more space in which to display his large slock. We would call especial attention to the elegant display in the windows of ladies and men's shoes from the best makers. W. B> Broadwell can always be depended upon as being strictly up-to- date In catering to Ihe wants of his customers. Mrs. S. S. Aschenbronner was delighted last wnU by the visit of her uncle. Judge Ames and wife, of. Boston, who are touring California with one of the Raymond-Whilcomb par- lies. He was attorney-general of Massachusetts at Hie same time lhal. Col. Campbell of Rowland avenue was pr vale secretary to Judge Allies, and whilst here he called on lids old friend. Judge Ames, who Is a w< preserved man of 71, has written an iiulnbiography of his experiences al the Ma."sacluiyoils bar. and Mr. Asch enbrenner possesses a treasured copy of it. WANTED. To know who borrowed my roller coaster. Party will please advee. Hp. W. I). MUSSKY. lion will never bo brot on by W.W. & Co.'s pastry. The grand llnal touch to thd Sun- dny dinner W.W. & Co.'H pastry. Ilagorty & 'Ilonipel—country properly exclusively. Furnished room to Kent Knquire at 12-1 West Co I logo street, Covinn. For Sale Pure Barred Mock eggs S-1.00 per hundred. Benjamin's Alfa I fii Knneli, Covinn. Itp. Parties wanting brush to he'p fence washes can get, two or tliioo loads by applying to Argun elllee. Highest cash price paid fi,r fen or fifteen fresh miloli c.imn. Corina A most enjoyable valentine par! y , )i( (() was given by the Missus Murjorlc Capron and Celo potler ;) t. Hie borne of the latter last Saturday evening. All i ehe.H, HKHIO AHAJN- Parasols, lops and wagon umbrellas ropaiied and covered. CJeoige Ii. Detwiler, umbrella rnnker al, Siemear'H Furniture Store, (jlendnra. Phone 78. FOK KXCHANC1K -flood 0 room house and two largo lots, well located in KcdlaudH. Price 80500. Want Covina residence or grove, mime va ue. Jerome Reynolds, Cnvina. Special offering in young men's miitH, all wool materials, worn-oily tailored at 815.00. The new derbies For l\(,nt, Comfortably furnished rooms. Mrs. S. Allison, Doxter Wutch Iho papers next week fortho announcement of M ins Reokard's Millinery opening. Wauled—To rent about half an acre land for four or live months. Phone 20H8. W. A. Leu. You'll know why it'.s so popular when your cup is filled with Premier Blond Coffee. W. W. & Co. For Kent—(!ood five room bouse on tbo Han Bernardino road. Jerome Reynolds. Drink to me Uiron or four times if it is Premier IJlend Coffee. For sale by W. W. & Co. When you are hungry and don't kno.w what you want, try W. W. & Co. 'a pastry. Place your spare cash in Iho Covina Valley Savings Bank, a safe investment at 4. per cent.. For Halo — Thorougbhrcd poultry eggs for hatching nnd ii incubators, K.C.Cusad, Phono 1128, iiwindnlo. Wanted- a girl to learn millinery. Apply at MiBH KockanPs Millinery store, across tbo street 4 frnm Clapp'H drug store. For Hale— (lurid modern IIOUHO on (-'enler filrcisl. Lot. 50x175, good burn, fence. Price SliHOO, easy tc.nns. II. Armel, Covina. '2-liOp All your troubles will bo wafted away upon Ihe balmy southern •/ephei-H when you drink Premier lilend Coffee. W. W. .V Co. WANTKD All kinds of poultry; also boef cows '-nd cnlvcH. Henri postal card to ,!IIH. II. Haudors, San (Jnhriel. ii-iiOp I'XifJH FOli KKTTINfi Thoroughbred While Leghorn, dipt. Mitchell strain, 81.00 por Helling. W. W, Nu/.um, W. Double Avn. 4-1 Tip I^ancy ribboiiH, widths 1 to '! in- woven patterns. Values up kinds of novel games were enjoyed, Hi*; one which occasioned most fun being that of shooting arrows at a paper heart, for which Ben flissori received Hie Those present were Helen Mr a nd Mr>'.. B-n at .lin.M-r on sts I,, inu- Mi::. . Tlior|,.-- enu-r- .....,.-liiy .-..-.lii.i.- A, .Venill, M r. B.. Broadwell, Ruth Arthur, Hazel ford, Minnie Sisson, Hessa Graham, IMIO Van Anken. Muriel Kherwood, Ha/el Polier, Mark (,'usier, (!len Leisure, Hubert .Veil, Clarence Fabrick, Roy and Ray Kistler, Paul Leebrick, Glen Waterhouse, Geo. Atwood, Allison Given, Harold potter. of Ih" merries! of Valentine enjoyed on Saturday evening by the young people, who met at the invitation of Miss Klsh; Daniel:-. Each person was asked to bring a v-il- en'iiie, which was home-made, and prize- were given for the piettir-nl and the one who was presented with ihe most. Other a[i|'i'"|'rii:ir- i/ames were lilaved. Ret'i • -..-.hmeni -: were M-ivcd, to 75o at 'J5c. We offer a line of infant's slippers 5 to H, fiOc. Children's 8! a to ii at I'atent lealber shoes, II to 5, UO.V'H tan HboeH 81.45. Big line men's shoes 82.00. BKOADWKLL. 81.00. 81.50. One land ami of Hi', Mr. and M.- Mr. i.Md Mi- Kie-'l •v. and Mi- .lam--.-, :nit .-,|,,-HI I hi.- .ve.-l-; Key. H;iny \Vbi;e. R. H if,lie.; i.i ,;\- i Mooie. Hnmt'eii. Folio' j Steven*. Mcp.i :<:•• Mo< i'e 1 hail,Ml. Seiple 'I hon,|, -ir i Miller. Mr. ami M: I' 1 .mil Mi.-,. C. ('.. Pit:.-.. hxndwie w,.,.. 'h- '-,, and e Mi.-..-es Mason and Me ..-.i.-.. Kendall I!o- Mi.-. O.-.ear i io. 'on , M : For Halo - Hunch IIOI'HOH. 1100 HIH, Hiiitable for much work. Also one pony mutable for school purposes. T. H. Knapp. ii '^7(i Anyone wanting extra fine budded KngllHh Walnut trees Hhould apply to P. F. Stevens-, Walnut Center. Phone 4 107. If LOST A bay hnr-.o, weigh about. 1050 pounds. While star in fore head. Shod on bin I feet. Front feet bare. Apply Hurry Meada, <ino. MullcndornV old place. FOK HALK Com,,': idioiiH Piuiking llouwe In Covina. Formerly owned , by Kuddock, Trencb Co. For Part in 'OK HAI.K: MULKS, M A KKH j ,,| HrH nrldresH Anniriean National ANDC(Jj/rS: The KigginH iiancb ! Bank, LOH Angidr:H. i Fit/f Jeialrl A-. Barry of J'uHinlena loan money on raiiehen and improved real CHtate at Iriwr-ht current rali H. Write or telephone them at PnHitdena (,r call up .J. W. PrentihH, Covinn phoni! VillH, and »Hk to hiivo a repro H«:iitai,iv(; of the firm call on you. MihH K«-okard in making r lioii for Ihh larget-fc KV-OI t mr-nt H|,i ing Millinery that hah ever known t.i bf: in (,'i.vina <'.onhci| eveith.yJog in V'int'T hut'i v, i 11 v,ld at, .your O'AU flgiuc'.. *:i. ( Ki l.uv any iriiui;.. -J in the MM offers about 825.000 woith of mules, j mareb and colts. We will guarantee under proper condition that any span of inult-s or inai-es we Hfcll will be worth, under good treatment, 8500 canb more in one year than we he for. One year's woik free and 4- cash in certainly good enough t' anybody. Come and see for yoimd Willjtake hauling contracts, e; fnininh*r/ian find teiiniH with whorl n ll If W C^ you deaire everything in Clothes that money can buy, here ia the place to come. Picture to yourself the finest all wool suit it is possible to procure, and you see precisely what you obtain by ordering the famous International made-to-measure Clothes. The prices are popular and your chance for selection is the largest in the country. \V 'a'.-.niv :nnl f;u;i; ;in'.(.v a lit. Store L ET IT HEREBY BE KNOWN TO THE YOUN- ger generation, his brothers, and his daddy as well as mother, that I have just received a new assortment of muscle developers of all kinds. Baseball goods and other things for athletics. Let it be Known that they are for sale and are being sold and "the pick of the pick" is fast disappearing. "NiilfSed" What Is HABIT? Some oncliiis defined a tf<iod liabil as "Yesterday's adm-viiiK'Ul talking tin: sliiif; from today's toil." The. Savings Habit is universally c.oin'.i'iluil to be a liabit, and this dcliuilion stall", tin- rxacl truth, based on llic cx[)i'i'iiri)i:'.: of thousands of savings banks depositors throughout tin- world. Our Savings Dcpartim-ut is at yotii service. We pay •! per cent interest on all such accounts. The Covina National Bank Capital '-toO.OOD ]' s. What have .you'.' HiMj/iiiH Ranch, 1 1 '.i. Tell your I.e a favor. it , 1 1 y n. d GttT»VVWmW'**W^ —ENDORSED BY DENTISTS— Euthymol Tooth Paste liny it from W. W. NASH Prescription DrLi^j^Ist ;* 1MIONK 12 COVi.NA.CAl, 8 It ,VW&VWi^%VV!^^^-S^'!iV1^5»'i < i'iV5yMi«iWa« The Argus Turns Out First-Class Job Printing

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