The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on March 22, 1977 · Page 8
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 8

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 22, 1977
Page 8
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R—yAL'OATUCK XF.WS (COVN'.), MONDAY. .TUI/T 8, IMfl Three Forfeit Bonds On Traffic Charges In Court Figures In War Profits Probe Gormley Warns Motorists That Drive Will Be Continued Borough court fiiccd u buoy »on- alon thin morning, with «lx cn.iuH being (llspobui! o£ by Judt,'» Murtin l>, Culni!, Fuur of thoso CUHCH wen; motor vohlclo law violation!!, Involving porwjnH who hud Ignored Bto'i slsfn.i or rod lights, Chief John J. Cormloy of the pollen dopurtmoat, has aturtoU n. drive to nrnko drlvor» Hop ut nil of the i]top Ml«nn. imcl llKht.s. Of th« four motor vohlelo;) CHSOH uchoduled to be heard, thi'oo of tho ptsriion.4 fulled to appear for the Hiiaskm and forfultod bonds of $;; each. Tho&o who forfeited bonds woro: John I.ohduclo, 37 Orison Nli'oot, Bri«tol, paMKftd Htop- light, arrojw made'by Patrolman John Hunluy; Arnold Llnko, 23, of 10(j Husitmtt utrout. Now Hiivon, piiHuud «top llf;ht. arrant madu by Patrolman Martin .Oarrlck: Anna Mulunk, Beacon Valloy i-.jiid, panned »top ni»;n. KiTo.stod by Patrolman Wai- tor I..ynklt]wlcs;. Andrew Murklo 21, of Prospect, •who was chiirgud with ptusiilng a atop til^n and ojjorating without u llctincn, WHS flno<l W on tho first count, iiritl ih» second clmi'KU wan rolled without payment, ' Kulth Johnson, .'i3 of Onborno road, charjrud with brunch ol pcuci- WIIM llnnil j:i3. M« WUM ILI- rttstud Sfitiinluy by I'nlrnlinon John Ifunloy and Joseph Konnoy, RUinloy Bogliil.'tkl, ,'!(>, of 30 I'rnn- pocl MtrtiK, ohurgod with breach a poaco, WUM Kl'Untod u nolle with out paymont. i Saugatuck Clamming Trip Enjoyed By Group Of Men Church Notes -ST. FRANCIS' Tho CYO baseball team will practice on Tuesday evening at U j). m. aw will tlii! nowly formed St. Francis Junloni. Tho St. Francis' Amatour toam will practice Wodnosclay evening at C o'clock. * Masses on Sunday for the remainder o!' th<; .summer will bo held at 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 a. m. Thu re will be no Masses Celebrated In tho basement of tho church. A month's mind Mass of requiem will lin .snld Thursday mni-ninif, j 7:30 o'clock for Mrs. Anna Maria, Volpc. On Friday, a first annivur- j sary high Mass of Requiem will bo Vernier chief of the Chemical Warfare Service, ex-Maj. Gon. William N. Porter (right) Is shown in Washington as he testified bofore the Semite War Investigating Committee against Rep. Andrew May (left) during the current w:ir profits inquiry, rorter testified;'that Slay advised him to "stop on" Col, 11. Ii. Tctlow, of. the Anny\ Services of Supplies when thu latter asked that a contract with Butavlo. Metal Products, Inc., lie voided. Tlie hearing ivljl be continued. (International Soundphoto) ST. MARY'S Dovotlona to Oui- Lndy of tho Miraculous Modal have boon discontinued for tho Summer. No high Masses are .scheduled fo! ihis weuk. Tho wuokly parish bingo will |j,< celebrated 1'or Mrs, L.ucy Petru/,i, o. fifth anniversary Mass for Mrs. Mary O'Brien Saturday 7:30 p. m. and at 8 o'clock Saturday morn- Ing, a month's mind Muss In honor of Mra, Helen Crowe. held Thursday o'clock. evening at if Vets Picket House What's Doing In Naugatuck A calendar ol events for today, tomorrow and every day July 11 .Sehool Hoard Mooting. July IH Mfulno Corps IjiniKue M July l!i Dance, r,lnd(;;i i'«rl(. All ifiui 'v'l.i.erann. May Appoint New Bank Commissioner In Massachusetts Amur- [Umton, July H (UI'> M».>i;ianhu- Hi-t!« limy h/ivn n new bnn|{ com- rtilHsloner. Th,i -term of the |n- ciirnljont, l'\ I'lnrl VVi'llaco of Walto- rii-ld, I'Xplivd hist April. And It was reported thut fi'.ivernor Tnbln wan eonjilcJuj-lnK Timothy J. [Jonu- van of MHtnn as Wallace'.! siic- t'.vyxfir, Dunuvnn hii.i been n Nn tlonal Khnwniut bunk of liuston as- HOolato tur 'tbo past 2.1 yeurs. He now Is the, hunk's resident attorney. n'Jiiuvnn wan a cliisMniutu of Oovi-rnor Tobln'n at the ni>;h .School of Commerce. Granted Nolle In Waterbury Court OiarliiH Vi:rcosl<l, 31, of 12 Goldun Hill otroet, Union City, ap Ten Union City Boys Leave For Camping Trip Ton membors of tho Boys Brijar- •.t!i; of St. I-fculwlK's Church. Union C-'ity, loft today with Rov. John Wan.'tt IP. cliarKo. to spend a week at i.'anlp, In Colchester. Tho boys constitute half of tho Croup In tho brigade, and it was staled by Father Wanat that tho remainder ol tho Kroun would tro to camji next month. Thosi: who left this morning aro: William Scholtlif. Stfi.ilcy Rykow- ilii, Frank Struslnski, John Wojan- nwski, John t'olakowHki, Williiirr, Humphries, Tliooduie Cruchlnski. Stanley Zr.patka and Edward Pil- ckl. New York Man Purchases Sloop Built In 1823 Driver Absolved Of Negligence In Auto Fatality Says Nazis Were Active Against Pres. Roosevelt BY UNITED PRESS A Justice Department . official has made the. startling revelation that the Nax.i government of Adolf Hitler used to be active in .American politics. Tho oflfcial—Assistant U. S. Attorney General John Rogge—says that the Na^is were active in two presidential campaigns—-1940 and •44 and they tried to beat the late President Roosevelt both times. P^ogge, however, has refused to tell how or whore the Nazis tried to influence the American campaigns. He 'eays that their plot, before the war, involved the use of a huge amount of German funds held in the Nazi embassy in Washington. During, the war, he adds, their activities necessarily were limited. Roggc is preparing a. complete report on all phases, of Nazi activity in this country for his superior, Attorney Genera] Tom Clark. The report should be ready in a few weeks. And says, Roggc, it will "name names." Gleaners To Meet Wednesday At Home Of Mrs. William Brush A group of Cotton Hollow men went clamminp; Sunday in Sau tuck, having: great success, it was reported today. Those who went •in the 'trip tiro: Andrew Wasdo Henry Satek, William Hull, McLellan, Joseph Sargent, Fred Ardry and Samuel Earto. Camping on tlio lluusatonlc William Hutt, J)-., Robert HiMt and Robert Lynn are on a one week's camping trip, on the Housatonic. ViHltln/r Rhode Island Mr. and Mrs. Charles Van Neo- sen of Ueacon Valley are upending a week in Rhode Island. Grange News The Beacon Valley Grange will play Bethany Grange in Belbany Wednesday night. The Gleaners of the Grange will hold their a',l-day meeting Wednesday, at the home of Mrs. Wi liam Brush. Following a brief business mce ing which will beheld Friday nigh the Grange members will go on mystery ride and picnic. All mem bora who attend are requested t IITABL ISH ED 1885 SOME WONDERFUL BOKAHARA SOFT FACE VELOUR FINISH COTTON FABRIC LOUNGE ROBES FOR MEN $7.50 A sensational price for these attractive well tailored robes in strikingly new and handsome pastel hues that drape comfortably from the shoulders with a pleasant tie girdle amid ships and an air of casualness and relaxation as an' aid in the art of gracious living. It's a great robe to be seen in for your free hours, as well a smart robe to travel with. P.ojfge talked about reports of a bring a basket lunch Mrs Vlor 50-ini)lion-dollar investment which ence Taylor is in charge 'or ar Goerinfir Reichsmarshal Hermann was supposed to make in American Coroner Miles F. McNIff, Jr., has ^"stiy. According to the assist_ „_ __ _. , ._ „ ! ant attorney general—the money A cnuiile of members of the Anierieun Veterans Committee in Oallns, Tex., picket the iipn.rt- MH'iit house owned liy Mike O'Diininl, son of Sell. W. O'Diiniel (n.-Tex.>. They were, proti-stitis: foliiiK 1 O'Dnniel's ac- r.,iibi'C. Maino, July R—(UP)—Ai 23-yoar-old sloop has boon farmed | nit--ii» it wor. The sloop Brilliant! lio " in serving an eviction notice - coristruotod In KH23—has been' on an ux-GI Wi.-slet Briuut, fihoit- tmrehriHcd by Ckironco Colson of! '. v sifl''>' tll( ' OTA hnd expired. Now Yoi-k, Ho will overhaul it I Senator O'Danirl mado hoiidlincs completely and |)laoc it on oxh:bi-[ with Ills filibuster against con- tion In Now York na a memento of ! tinuiitlon of the act. (Intcrna- tho old sailing days. I V/hon first built, tho Brilliant cnrrli'd oargo between Capo Cod and BOHUHI, Tn ix"-0iit years, the sloop hii.s boon sailing butwconi Liiibiic and [^nstport for tlio Seaport, St. Hedwig's Plans Bazaar Final plans fur n. church b.T/.nnr. tn bo holrl by St. Hodwig's Church, iniiirod In" Wat'erbury City' Coii'rt Union City, are belni; made this Delay Due-Date On Library Books All hooks d.uo this wcok nt the Whiltornoro Adult Public Library i;;ivo ix'iin made ivtiirnable nex-: •vook, without asisoiismont of flnos, Mrs. Jessii! F TJoShong, Librar- i;m, annoiincod today. The library is closed Tor tho v/ook for 7'edocorntlon. Books duo on n ny dato this week, wlillo the mod Saturday morning on a charge of W1 "'"' ^'-voroncl S K Nnlowjnk, n|lm| . v ; ,.. r|r)q }>p ,. nt(|l , violation of tho rule;, of fhe ,. { « u i.; ["istor. announced today. The ba-, Ju , v lr wjlho ,,, t a . SSO ssmont. HlH-ruso. was nolled by j udK() |'/aiLr will be hold on Saturday and Thn cMMl . un ' y library will Charles H, Humnm, upon puymont ^'inday, Julv 2, and 28. on the .,,. ljn n , ls llsua , of $0. Nation Is Born church .'.'rounds. A total of .1,7-11 ,£171 iiliens rnRls- tiTod In tho U, S. under provisions ol' thu federal compulnory rcKlstru- llnn Itiw. npor I,ftkt.' Okoochoboo in Florida, although <IO miles IOIIK and 2S milos wide, in only 22 foot deep jit its doopost point, Most of tho lake is 1 much more shallow. ihsolvod Henry B. Boyle, 17, or Waterbury of criminal neijliRcnco in tho death of Angela Filipponc, 'II Watorbury, re'sultinfr fi-om an accident in Boacon Falls, Juno 30. Mr. Filipponc died onroute to St. Mary's Hospital, after toppling- from a moving- auto drivon by Mr. Boyle on Bethany Rd. Coroner McIN'iff stntcs that on June 1C about 12:3O a. m. Fillip- pono was 11 pissengrcr in tho rear seat of n car owned by him and drivon by Boyle which was traveling- westerly on Bethany Rd. •Filipponc opened the rig-tit rear clou:- and fell out, striking; his head against the highway, the finding states. As a result, ho sustained severe injuries, including multiple fractures of tire skull which resulted in his death. According to the finding, FiHp- pono, Boyle and Helen Kohanski, 'lf>0 North Main St.,. had visited relatives of tho 'girl during- the ovoningr of June 35, approximately • hi-oo-tcnths of a mile east of the fatal accident scone. The three Jeft ih house, about'a: half hour after midnight. Tho finding says: "Boyio was driving and Filippone was, .riding in tho back sent. Miss Kohanski refused to .enter the car. There was no ovidonco that cither Boyle or Filippone wa.s under, the influence time. "As Miss Kohanz'ci walked away from tho house in a westerly direction nlong tho highway, Boyle stoppud the car at least twice in iiji el'Iort to pci-sua'do her to enter and be driven home. "Ho thon started the car rapidly in n westerly direction, down to tlio grade and ai-ound a curve to iiis right. Tho accidunt happened when the car was uut of sight ol Miss Kohanski and a short distance west of where she was walking. The testimony and physical evid- onco, thu coroner states, found at tho scone- indicate Filippono foil to the road, The injuries were very .'•.overc but there was 'no evidence was not Goeiir.g's, but the Nuzi government's. And it was not for industrial investment, but. for use In the 19)0 election. Rogge is the Justice Department's export on Nazi activities in this country. Ho recently spent three months in Germany investigating, the war criminals, and while there, learned of the Nazi conspiracy from none other than Heimann Goering. Says Rofsge: "Goerint? was perfectly frank with us." State Health Nurse To Conduct > Mothers' Course After care of tho mother and baby, 'and parent relation of the new baby, will Be stressed at the July 11 session of the class for mothers-to-be, held on Thursday at 2 p. m. at tho Whittemorc homestead,. 361 Church street, Naugatuck. This is the fifth in a series of six meetings sponsored by the Naugatuck Red Cross. The classes for this week and next will be conducted by Miss Gezarian, R. N., 'o'r''into"xicat!ng"riciuoi"at"that j supervisor in the State Department ] of Health, in the absence of Miss Sullivan, who is on vacation, • Victoria falls was discovered in South Africa by Livingston in 1S5I3 ^and named by him in honor of Queen Victoria of England. Our' Diamonds ara varifled for color, valglii, quality... ^ yourtfuaranU-e of Lona riau quality assurance o fatinf.icl.ion WILLIAM SCHPERO ISO CHURCH ST. Naucatuch, Conn. To Save a definite portion of yonr Income, and stick to it! More and more people are learning the value of planning i'or financial sccnrHy. Bnild a VOSLTVO fund— protect, yonr faimly with low-cost Savings Bank Life Insurance, a combination that will help you face 1he future with confidence. We will help you work out n p]an. NAtWSATUCK SAY m C $ - BA4S K 1870 WENTY FIFTH ANNIVERSARY I94£ AUDEPOtlK FjUttY GUARANTEED ~ .See Us for Your i VACATION LUGGAGE J Umbrellas Recovered, Repaired J FISHERS I 111 S. Main St., Waterbury 5-1871 | \VKODING GIFT KLECTI1IC riiKC with chronic tniy, sugar creamer, complete M. WOLFF S3 GUAND ST.. WTBRY lind Cattle Prices Hit All-Time High TJilM rudlophoto, which was Just received In the U .S., Nhow.s thu Xm«rlc«ri flue 'holiifr lownrod during' July 4th Inilnpt'ndonco Duy commonly In Manila mid ttic nii- tlonnl fluff of thu now republic behiR ruined. Former HlRh Coin- inlsNlOnor 1'uul V. McNiitt, who riklHiid tho flue, uutonuitlc4ill,v he- canto t)m V. S, ,_ _, .(Intonuitlonul) indicating- that they wore caused by other moans than a fall to the roadway, the coroner continued. Eoylo was an unlicensed operator and was Illegally operating a car upon tho highway, the finding assorts. "There is no evidence to indicate that Boyle was proceeding 1 fit an excessive rate of. spood or I operating recklessly or negligently svhon tho accident occurred. Also that there is no evidence to indicate that Eoyle knew the Filippone had opened the door of the car and was attempting to get out or that ho did or failed to do anything which directly resulted in the acci- dor.t," tho finding adds. "I find that said death was not caused by the.criminal act. amis Kior. or carelessness of any other person or persons within the meaning of any criminal statute," the coronet' concludes. HELD BY RUSSIANS Berlin, July S-(UP)— Major Gen! oral Frank Keating, U. S. military I govornoj- in Berlin, disclosed today that an American warrant olilcer nncl his wife -who have boon misB- ing eight days, are being hold prisoner by the Russians. THE TABLET FALSE TEETH 'imply pltct • Quickdom TVblet •nd pUte tn wttcr — in • jiffy plftta will b« ipotieuljr cltvn. HO MIASUKING NO MESS NO TIOUILE OLSON DRUG STORE A very liusy iiuin is Clurcnco Ziigonbuchler UK he posts the day'.s receipts of stock on the bulletin board In front of the sockj'ivrd officn lii ClilcJiKo. Ponti were filled will animills following the end of OI'A price ct'lline's. Ciittlo costs soured to uiv all-time high with a jump of three dollars u hundredweight in price. (Internutionui Soundphoto) A Local Lady Spit Up Acid Liquids For - Hours After Eating 1 For hours after every meal, a local lady used to spit up a strong-, acidulous liquid mixed with pieces of half-digested £ood. She says it was awful. At times she would i nearly strangle. She had stomach ! bloat, daily headaches and conutant, irregular bowel action. Today, this lady eats meals and enjoys them. And she says the change is due to tnking ERB-HELP. No gas, bloat or spitting- up after eating. She is also free of headaches now, and bowels arc regular, thanks to this Remarkable New Compound. ERB-HELP' contains 12' Great Herbs; they cleanse bowels',' clear gas from stomach, act 'on sluggish liver and kidneys. Miserable people soon feel different all over. So don't go on suffering! Get ERB- HELP. Sold by all drug stores here In Naugatuck. Full Line of BICYCLE PARTS ECONOMY AUTO SUPPLY STORE so SOUTH MAIN sx. TEL. 6162 Naugatuck, Conn. SWIM SUITS PEDAL PUSHERS T-SHIRTS And Many More Items For Summer and %'acution Need NAT'S 410 North Main St. Union City TEL. 6136 Largest Selection of Kiddy Furniture In Town on Our Second Floor O FULL SIZE CRIBS • YOUTH BEDS • SAND BOXES • SWING ON METAL STAND • HIGH CHAIRS • METAL BABY CARRIAGES BENSON'S 130 SOUTH MAIN ST. STRATTON'S RESTAURANT 18-20 Park Place CLOSED JULY 1st TO JULY loth FOR SUMMER VACATIONS i! Great Oak Farm! jl OXFORD ROAD Tel. 5049 $ 'i PERFECTLY PASTEURIZED } I! MILK and CREAM j ,[ Delivery To All run* «r NiuiK-murk t SIK'S i . 10 Center St. Waterbury, Conn. » FACIAL TISSUE } BOXES — $1.25 EDDIE'S Corner Spring & Diamond Sts. GROCERIES - VEGETABLES FRUITS - ICE CREAM SODA FOUNTAIN" SERVICE Free Delivery Tel. 4919 Edward Viaskauckas, Prop. GALLO CALIFORNIA WINE Half Gallon $1.98 J. K. STORES CUT RATE, LIQUORS, WINES, BEERS SOfl N. Main St. Tol. 4879 Free Delivery Anyw.Scre In Bnrousrh FOOTWEAR PLANT EMPLOYES ARE NOW ENJOYING ''';' ' A TWO WEEKS PAID VACATION Work Will Resume On July 15th UNITED STATES RUBBER CO. Footwear Plant Naugatuck Coim. LAWN MOWERS SHARPENED & REPAIRED SAVINGS ST. S»vlDi» Bunk DIAL 5-OS47 Try NEWS Want Ad».— They Bring ReNult*. Little Hof Brau 400 NORTH MAIN ST. "Al" und Vera Budris, Trops. Hig-hland Package Store 93 lliffhhmd Ave. — Tel. SDSS Dully Luncheons, Dinners und A La Carte Menu v .Full Liquor License DANCING FRIDAY, SATURDAY, SUNDAY Open Daily Until 1 A. M. Anthony Fn-rrar, FREE DELIVERY All Parts of Nmijraluck >S**^>S»**«s»*>*>»*** f***^********^** DANCE Every Saturday Night n P. M, TO t A- M. at DUFFY'S RESTAURANT WATER STREET Music By Tho Fam.oiw G. 1. TWILIGHT TUIO LESS COST — MORE COMPORT HEAT AUTOMATICALLY with FAIRBANKS-MORSE STOKER and RICE COAL It feeds Coal and.' Removes the Ashes Constant Heat — No Cold Spots CALL us FOR A SURVEY The Naugatuck Fuel Co* 87 CHURCH ST. . PHONE 5238.

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