Covina Argus from Covina, California on February 20, 1909 · Page 4
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 4

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 20, 1909
Page 4
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The Covina Argus FANS WITNESS FAST GAME. COVINA, CAUPORNIA. Entered at the f'oslofficc Covina, Oil. as second-class matter. Published every Saturday by the Covina Argus Publishing Company, Inc. I J. I,. MATTIIKWS F'ti 1)1 isher SI.'HSCHil'TIONS: One Year in fid Six Months Three Months Copies . T)i»pl:iy advertisement at reasonable rates. Prices on application. Changes ina'lc as \n:r contract. Diners ?,c per line c;ir.h insertion. Ke^al notices tl.'iO per inch first insertion, SO cents each subsequent insertion. COVINA, Kcbuary. 20, 1'JO'J. GREATNE8S AND GOODNESS. At HodKfnvlll'!, Hie birtlinlace farm of Abniham Lincoln, on f->b. \'i, I'.tH'l, Theodorf: Hoosc volt. Hfild these words: "There have boen other rri'Ti iiH K''eat and other men OH nood JIH Washington and Lincoln; bill, in all the hlnlory of mankind there are no other two great men an ^ood an these, no other two wood men an great." Very little need he unlfl at thin lime of theelondn, of calumny lhal hung about the head of Lincoln throughout. his public <• Very little mention neerl he made of !!ie' disloyally of the Amerlean people lo the lOmanelpator at a. I line when he IIIOHI sorely needed loyalty. Only a reminder of Ihe din- rupiiotiH whieh svere eoiiH.larii ly occurring during the Amerlean Hi niggle, eaused by the cheap and Ihe jealous, need be 'kept before ns In order to teach us not lo take credit loo deeply to ourselves for the thlrign this man accomplished. (Ireal In the face of I reacheroiiH opposition, Lincoln smiled through the Sunbright Babes Are Hopelessly Outclassed by the Locals, COVINA 8, 8UNBRIOHT BABES 4. Tit': final Keorc when the .-:moke rolled away from the scrappiest diamond Inil.le that has been wiliies-ed i In a long time. It was a gloiious day for it. hard-hitting organization, and that IH just what (.he home boyx proved : themseJveH to he. Kvet.y man on the | teain found an offering to his liking, land got him one. p'onr of the boys jrepealed the performance, making thlr- I teen safeties in all, again:-:) nix for the ' opposition. II was also a happy day for the fans. The splendid record, and the reputed speed of the Siliihrlght Mabes, had ffiad' 1 everyo.'io dubious of victory for the homers. Then to see ihe hoys gel in and fiut point the visitors In every department of I We game, brought endless cheers from all present. The threatening defl of the ne-ir big leaguersf?) was called In so decisive a manner that no one could mistake Ihe superiority of the f'ovtna (earn. A glance at the score sheet eonlinnK any doubt s along thin linn. In nenrly every div'sion the visitors were doubled, and they never had a look In after things livened up. Just, once' /lid things look had. fty p ihr; end uf the fourth inning the Hun| briglits were leading f to '.',; then tilings happened. Hughes wen! to liist : by Wilson's error at third. Llbby and j I'fng n»\'f on si walk, and fielder'.'-; | choice renpecl Ively. Fat Hlewai'1 am| hied lo (he plate amid Ihe yells of ih" 'fans to "get. a three.bagger." The husky second baseman certainly was nexl, for he picked (en lo one of Der- 1 enla's pel. slioois for that, very thing, i The three men raced across the pan, •and Kai poichod on Ihlrd. Hcorc. f! to This looked like enough, lint Alon- Snuday School Banquet. ! MISSIONARY MEETING. More than 2',0 members and frionoV '''he monthly meeting of the Woof tlm Kundnv-school met at Ihn : '"""'J! '•'' ) '" i *" Mlf-Blonary 3"f:io|y "f ,,,... , the Presbyterian Church was held on f.'hri.sliHH Churr.h Wednesday f:ven-j vverlnesrlay afternoon with Airs;. Hnnis. ing for a socinl time. A dp.light.ful j The program consiKted of a discussion K«*5*$«$$$$$$$$$SS$$$$$S Iirograrn of musii 1 and recitiitirjiiH uasjof the followed f,y »n elegant rr-pns', furnish- c.fl by thfi Indies of the church. This Kiicst.H of honor were 00 members of Hie school '.vho had been present on time for twenty Humlaya in HUCCCH- sion. 'I'he occasion was voted a ^rait c,uccf)Hi by all piRHUii'.. firotherhuod of American Veomen. (i. W, O'ihlcr of f'ornona, CJal., District mniifi^er for the tibovo order in C'ovimi, c.\ fiects to organ i/c a hornesle;jd heru next week with a representative meriiimrHhip. wringing liearlache thai gripped him. ! |.,(,,,,, ;ill ,| (•;,!, [.'airly came in for an/I /dodder] on. Today we remember . u,,,),.,,,,|, ( ,i[| drawing hit s. Ktewart and only lhal. he was a greal man and an .Montague Kcoilng, making a total of American, liul in spile of !he I raglc |- |V( , ,., IMH (•„,, n,,, inning, termlnalion of Ills career, the Ameil-[ 'p|,| s j s r ,,.,||y all that happened, for can people of Ilia! time were not grate-j,| |( , Hf .,, r ,. ,||,| )}l) \ change In Hie iie;.t fill enougli to him for his service to torn- rounds. Again and again tliedis- render thanks In the proper spirit. A friendly foreign power was obliged to point, out to America the I'aet that Lincoln's wife was In sore need, and Hhanie can never be wiped out. Roosevelt most, aptly and sincerely pointH out the two great and rarely hlendwl f|iiallll('H of the man When (hone. (|iialllies of goodncKH and great- nenH find lodgment In the same soul, then rne.n of tli« cal'.bre of Christ, of Havomirola, of Lincoln nncl of W;tnh- IneLon rwik« Iliclr ImpresHlons upon the flvlliatitloiiH of (!io world, LINCOLN MEMENTOES, Among the family heirlooms treasured by Mrs. W. Thorno aro a bow of crop« (ill ached to a piece, of rod, whllo nnd blue- ribbon, worn by her father, the lion. Benjamin Prtnglo, assemblyman from New York, tit. lhc> funeral of the martyred president, and a black- bordered paper containing an account of the assassination. Philharmonic Quintette. This company of artinlH and nnti-r- tnliKM'H ia prcH<!iiti!(l with full asmir mire that It will commond i twill' to evL'ry lovi-r <if kiluli class eiitertnin- nu'iilH. Tho personnel of tho ooni- jmny is JIH lollowH: SnliDiia liillnmn, contralto. Minn Jiitfman, tin artist by birth and training, IH the poHSHHcor of a voice of (ixceptiiunil (pinlily. -It IH no ••(tort for her to render the nuiH't <li- Illcnlt. Heli'cti.niH with ease. LOU'I.HO Nixon Mill, me//o soprano. Her rtiiiilifion of Kn.tch, Irish nnd Knglish songs IH nniHl pleasing. Kni.l Lynn, Whistler. In her artist in work clearly demonstrntoH that tho whistler has at lasl (alum a place in tho llehl of iniiBlo. Shu POHHOHSIW a cluirming and graceful personality. Klnid Olive, moiiolngiHt, lias tmiiH- ual laloiit HIM! tho llnest I Horary dis (iriiniimlinii. llor solnotloiiH aro en tiroly (liliorout from those iisuaJly given on a platform. Shu is onually at home in serious and otnotional work, as well as the nmnhcr.H that, aro full of human naluro and liubliling <ivor \vilh laughter. May Orcol.t, H(do piiiiioint and ao- a |iianint nt raro aliility. Her romarluildo lechni>|ni>, domlilucd with an iMiiisiiiill.v arli.stm lempur iiHiut, uiiablos her to givu with i'ano •mil cll'iidl tho classical woikn uf Iho old miiHliir.H and HID later works of the romantic, nohuol. heartened Mabcs tried lo boost Hie ball out of sight, but If couldn't, be done. I'. Fairly was right. That moans lhal. the Angoleiion were up against the original light, wad of the mound position. He served an array of bonders that completely mystified his victims, and made the bout, slickers of the visiting team look like a collection of raw amateurs. Derenla Is not within striking distance of our lanky homo product King, wearing the armor, played an nggm-isiv; game, caging a few strikes before they reached Hie batter. In the sixth he was out, for a minute, by receiving a blow on tho neck from a pitched ball. Kendallwas new in the game, and rimdo n good star! by hilling once and Btcallng two ba«ea. The only orroi'B for Covlna wore made by Shirley at Uil I'd, and Hughes at. short. The outfield was great. The work WHS clean and fast. Not a thing got away. The Html light shone brightest on Stewart and Fairly, and they got Ihe credit due Ihem; but every man on the team played baseball and the wliolo bunch deserve praise for their efforts. Ferreris and Derenia wore Ihe hit- lers for the oilier team. The former came through wl!h a double and a triple, which helped I heir, out remarkably In Hie run column, but It required more than this to win from Hie orange boll play; TH, and that Is just what they did no! have. Following is the score-. AM. II. IM.SIU'O. A. K. , ss ..... r. :: i: i i i i THE WASHES. In I'irfl week's Argus we called at- leniion to the dangr<rons state of the Dalton and Han JJimas washes ahovf; Vovlna, and a a result a moe-tlng of the owners of property adjoining the washes held a. meeting on the ground near the mouth of the canyons on Saturday afternoon and thoroughly examined Ihe water courses and then adjourned to Monday evening, when they rnef, at. the offices of Ihe Covlna Irrigating Co. at. Coviria, when It waw decided to fence two miles of each side of Sari Dimas wash and committees were appointed to secure funds for thai purpose. The estimated cost, of the work Is $'1,000. The Home Telephone Co. have installed n new automatic address machine, which will greatly simplify the oflice work of that estalillshment. The second entertainment of the HcricH of five,given by tho town of C'ovina, will he given t\t Hie WnrnfinV; Club Mouse, Thursday, Feb. 2fith. This is to tie first cbiHH in every ro- fir.ocl; HO guaranteed by the Lyceum Uiireiiu. ft is to instruct and entertain. It is to he hoped that the public generally will show their appreciation of this, tho first effort made hy Ihe town of Covina, to bring to the town a Hf.Ties of Jlr.yl; cla."» enterlnin- meiitH. Kcspuotfully, S. W. OAOE. work among the Indians of California, led by Miss Virginia. Root, and an Interesting talk on China by Miss I'omeroy, showing the great strides In civili/Hflon and Christianity made in Hi"' benight.-;') country. Mrs. Knnis and AiiKS Porneroy also spoke of the pleasure and advantage to be derived from the monthly I'resbyierial meetings In f.os Ancolf'S. Th" hor-.teiises served delicious refreshment:-;, sandwiches, Waldorf salad, olives, tea. arid coffee. The following officers were H"c!ed: President—Mrs. \Vaterhoui-o. First vice president,—Mrs. J'tevens. i-eeond vice president- -Mrs. KniiiH. Secretary--Mrs. Ohaver. Trt-ii surer—Mrs. f Iris wold. Secretary of Ilteiaturc—Mrs. Simmon:-:. The March meeting and installation of ofllceis will be held with Mrs. Stevens, when Mr. W. W. W. C. White, who spent seven years in Africa, will speak on the dark continent. llagerty & llempcl — country property exclusively. FOR SALE, flulcs, flares and Colts A word from the Riggins Farm and Katich : Editor ArRiis—"Smart people change., the other fellow can't." Wo both raise on our ranch, or ship from other states, young nmles, mares, etc. Knowing tho ruling practices of men ot long experience in both using and working tnules and horses, we brought i uto the market the best tor all round uses. It ia a well known fact that neither contractor or farmers who want tho best practical and economical results, any longer 1110 tho very huge, either rnulo or horse. Take a medium size mule or horse and you get better work and at much less feed. Men are coming to us and buying our mules and mares nud wo will ROOM be sold out and want the people about L'ovinti not to overlook the Hale. Can Hell you a span of mules from 82UO to 800U. Have a most liberal proposition to offer. Come and see us. Farm and Ranch, Covina, Cal. Pboue 119. SEASON FOR DECIDUOUS TREE PLANTING Get j-our trees now of Armstrong (oviiH Nurseries j _ _ Peach, Apricot, Plum, Apple, Walnut Half a million Eucalyptus Trees ready for planting. All kinds of berry vines. We can supply anything you wish in the ornamental line. CALL US BY PHONE OR COME IN AND SEE US \ Home Phone 125 222 East College St. H E A L D 'S 614 South Grand Avenue, Los Angeles, California. Tho prrcntcst business training institution in tho south. Open during the entire year. Write for particulars. J. W. LACKEY, Manager. /UMllinen? 3rd and -4tH We wish to announce the openinjr of an entirely- new stock of stylish, up-to-date spring 1 and summer goods, invited. All are cordially Webb & (Srabam Next to Warner, Whitsel & Co.'s New Store Bldg. Citrus Avenue Covina, Cal. Libby. Ib. I'. Kalrly. p. Slewarl, 'Jb. Montague, I. f. It Kalrly, e. !'. King. e. Shirley. .Hi. Kendall, r. (. Tol ills Holello, c. Cnrvan, "h. pelleroc", r. f. *l|oguu. e. I'. li't-rrerls, s. s. Ksilllo, I. I'. Wilson, lib. Sidas, Ib I I " I l I I 1 n I I I s I 1 . 1 All. It. lll.SII.I'O. A. K. I I' I 1 1 I II 0 I ^-1 1 Covlna Mas., lilts Masi- Illlrt 'riir.'c-hasi> Score by Innings. 1 1> u ti a n D n * * '2 :\ 2 l :', o l l * i:: U :t " 1 •' " " " (l ' u I! 1 - li li (l ( i " - (i Summary. hits -Klcwart, l-'.-rrarhi. hits Klun, Ksllllo, !)ff- Monday Afternoon Club incut. r.utei talu- Au fiitcrlaimncnl will Im ^ivnn for tin 1 lifiii'llt nf Ihn Moiiduy Atlfi-iitioii t.'luh on Tiii'sday cvciiiiiK. I 1 '' 1 ' 1 ' - :! " l H j). in. Foil, , \\inn is tho iironiiim : 1'AKT I. Conuit Solo "Si'ii-nadf, " Shu lu-rt Mr. I'.duar.i Wallvrs. Vocal Solo "('!••. ilc Lo\ •> Si:u«, " JMwurd lifliuonl Smith .Mr. 11. N. Wells. Music Si'lrcli-'l. rAirr u. SliAKMSl'I'lKIIAN ('< i M I '. "The Ladies S|.cnk at l Mclii-th Mis. .1. .1. Two-hasr cuia, l-'crrarH. Sucrltlc.' hits l.lhhy, St. -wart. First luisc on errors Coviua, I: Stinlirijihts, :!. Mas.' on halls Off Fairly, '2; off 1 ).•!'- i-nia. -. Si ru. -U out My Fairly, 7; hy l'>'i- .•iiia. :'.. Hits uia.l.' Off Fairly. ('; off Dff- ciiia, I.!. Hit hy |iiichi'.l hall Kstillo. Time of Bailie I hr., .'..". mill. l'ni|iir.' (\. Scorer \Viu.lei-. 'llo^an liattc.l out uf turn in ninth. Tomorrow Ihe home tram has a num.) .scheduled uith tho lielvidere team. NEW CAR. SI anleN ^i e.liner I > 'Hi •d b\ Selialdl Hllllel lu Hull, r as a bil (hdi.v pi iii i 'i >\ in:t mi Tliui -d '.> Ophelia Mrs. Ml.H. J. 11. D i'orlia Mie. Ci. 1). . \V' BIRTH. i|-i\ Mi ami .•,1 .1 \\ i-leume Hie shape n[ Mrs l-'ianK aiUin ion ii .'. i» illlH'ili.~ The Broadwell Store COVINA, CALIFORNIA Shoes Wear We think it's wiser to sell only good shoes, and we can refer to many satisfied customers who know the quality we seJI. Mr. 13 says. "I've worn a pair of your Norman & Bennett Elk Shoes 18 months and they are still good. Mr. K has a boy who has worn a pair of American Boy shoes 7 months. Mr. J has worn a pair of our Menz-Easc shoes 14 months. Mrs. A says, "I have never experienced such comfort, wear and fit as found in your Acme shoes.*' We will give you the names at our store. Men's Shoes There's nothing like leather Now, lust as you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear, no tanner, by whatever process, can make leather of equal value out of all parts of a hide. Nature has made that part of the covering- of the animal called the "bend" linn and closely knit. As you go towards the head and down toward the belly line the hide becomes more porous and spongy and that condition continues in the same ratio in the leather, or linished product. So we think it wiser to sell good shoes. The new freak toe for men $5 00. Dr. Heed's Cushion Shoes S5.00 Other lines S3.50 and $4.00. Men's heavy buckle work shoe $1.65 All \V. I,. Douglas patent and tan shoes at 25 per ceot off. Special Shoe Bargains Discontinued lines women's $4.00 heavy calf shoes 2'/4 to d, A and B only $1.95 Boy's $3.50 patent shoes $2.95 Boy's tan shoes $1.19 Women's Welt Blutchers $1.95 Special 5 to S children's skuffers $1.50 We sell Grover's shoes 25 and 50c per pair less than city stores. An exceptionally strong line of women's new pumps. Kvery wanted style. Note the quality and price. Careful fitting ." $3.00 Children's Shoes. No store, anywhere, offers you better lines and larger assortment. The new Skuffer, Elk, tan and patent. Every conceit so dear the mother's heart, and the prices are reasonable too. NEXT WEEK WE WILL SHOW the new things in Klaxon wash goods, Merode Underwear, Hosiery and Messalines. And by the way, we are going to the prices low, much lower tliau the quality warrants. Onyx make SHIRT WAISTS We offer an exceptional!} 1 fine line of net waists. Lerner, one of New York's popular makers, the style and fit of whose garments are well known to Metropolitan buyers, has given us the exclusive agency for this valley. Our low expense account enables us to offer them at a price much lower than our city competitors. __ __ FOWNES GLOVES \Vo iiujKirt uiir uwu Ui.l gloves. Fowues li\- nearly every dealer to be the heat kid ^luv lU-sirovs uf iiii'reasinj, r our gluve >l>leiidid line uf kid gKives at price Dammars are acknowledged m.ide. \Ve are especially business and hive decided t< > uller this u=>ked !\.r in, my iiifrrim' makes. "Merode "A?& Underwear Six Pairs for Two Dolkrs tbrMerv, Womeix 6.rvd Guldrea,

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