Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on April 19, 1943 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 19, 1943
Page 2
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M 0 P I S f Vk R7 ( H;0l t; A ft K A N S A $ lv«rr •waWMfaV' afternoon br i.... StoMhiblUhtno Co. Inc. !L->ML E. Palmer and Alex. H. Washbum) , ctf IM Star building 212-7U South Wolnu itre«t, Hope Ark. AttX. d'to V a^d Publhh.r / f. Entered OS second class matter at the 'PoStolflc* flt Hope, Arkansas, under the > Act of Marth 3, 1897. (AP)—Means Associated Press... —-Means Newspaper Enterprise Ass'n, * ' Substflpttort Ro»» (Alwoys . Poyoble In Advance)-. By city carrier, per week I5c; Hempsteod, Nevada, Howard,- Miller ana f Lafayette counties, $3.5O per year; else^ where. $4.50. Member of The Asioclotad Pre«»: The Associated Press is exclusively entitled to the use for republication of all news dispatches credited to ft or not otherwise credited in this paper and also the local •tews published herein. Advertising Arkansai OalHei, !»«.: Memphis, Tertn.. Stenc* Building; Chicago, 400 North Michigan Avenue; New York City, 292 Madison Xve; Detroit, Mich., 2842 -W. Grand Blvd.; Oklahoma City, 414 Terminal IBdg.; New Orlearts. 722 Union St. Hold Everything "He's holding .out for ham and eggs!" SIDE GLANCES NOY7 P Diary •died on the Book-of-the-Month i.-- J tfi THiOASKlS i I "The Jap planes moved among the ships like preying sharks." "Anti-aircraft guns thundered "Twenty-four Japs were knocked down by our fighters as they streaked for home." By Galbraith O ATURDAY, AUGUST 8, Cont.-As the Jap planes O roared in to attack our ships in the harbor, the tlulnder of the big anti-aircraft guns was augmented by the fierce rattling of smaller anti-aircraft weapons, and the whole sound swelled in a quick diapason until it scerned to swarm into your ears. Suddenly 1 saw the first Jap moving in among the transports like some preying shark, skimming low over the water, and 1 thought, "Torpedo plane!" Now I could see other Japs, the same Hat, sinister shapes, prowling low over the water, darting among the transports. The ships were moving over the horir.on now, rac- ing for the narrow straits which led to the open sea. But the splashes of bombs and torpedoes were-coming .closer. Our fighter planes dived into the foray. I watched, fascinated, while a Japanese plane arched into the water, and the slow white fountain of a great splash rose behind it, and then the white turned into a brilliant orange as the plane exploded and sent a sheet of flame towering a hundred feet into the sky. ' . The panorama of action stretched all the way from East to West. One Japanese bomber fell in flames far to the left. Now, to the right, two others were falling in clouds of smoke. Then, suddenly, the sky was empty of Jap planes. The awful storm of firing stopped. 1 found out later that there had been 40 Jap planes; that 16 of these were shot down on the spot. And the remaining 24 destroyed by our fighters as they streaked for home. Going back inland to catch up again with the Marine forces making their way toward the airfield, I passed two Marines bringing in the first Jap prisoners. 1 here were three of the Japs, all of them puny, an<1 none more than five feet tall. Down the. road I met and joined up with Capt. Wilfred Inc. UlstrlbutfU b» Kinir Fcaturw Syndicate In co-opcrntlon with the Ringer,'who was about to lead » party into an abandoned Japanese tent camp., When we got there we knew why we had been ablt to sail into Tulagi Bay and under the jap guns without being fired upori. The enemy had been caught completely unawares. When-1 finally found Col. Hunt's command post, the colonel told me that he had encountered no Japs all day. But, as the afternoon sky drew darker, and night came closer, the eerie feeling that-we might have walked into a trap grew more pressing.... (Continued tomorrow) Ilook-ot-thc-Monlh Club, Inc. r I OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major Hoople G\TS> WORKED AROUN5O LfxK SOO IS, , T UP LAK A KOOWEO CAT- K!n K Fenturos Syndicate. Inc. Text copyright. 1943. by Random llou.o By J. R.Williams OUT OUR WAY FUNNY BUSINESS EGAD.CftVBOM .' WHEN ROLLS AROUND, EXPECT OH, THAT 3 OMUV STEAK CCXDKIM' IM 'AT HOUSE -COME. HERE AM' SMELL TH' LIVER AW JDS' EMOLieH BREEZE T'WAFT 1H 1 DELICIOUS SCENT RIGHT IMTD YOUR. FACE.' (AMOV\J COMFOUMOeD BOAT OW THE A TOPA-Z. TWO CORRECK AHE/XO OS M&-^-l &OT GO I KlM OUCK TH 1 BROON\ PR.ETTS &OOD ' COOKIM' IM THIS HOUSE.' .S-SS-MPH-OH, BOV. COPR/m? BY SEA BEHV1CE,1NC. T. M. BEC. U. S. PAT. OFF. "It's the cheapest Easter hat I ever bought! Funny thing. — when we 'finally get a bit of money saved up, it's no "Private Dobbs got himself a waterproof bed for the rainy season 1" longer good taste to make a splurge,!" Dividing the Spoils By Roy Crane Good Hunting Wash Tubbr r i-VR.S. DlMD 1 ^' r\3SE-T,"V' 1OU ASO N LnTuE DSAVS.R., BiJT' A PO-KQ STAl I t 1 OvVT HE-NR. WHAT V/ CovtRtD-' / *V' V f ,^O\0,CHIEF.' VOfLL ALL \ SPLIT Tt-t' . N NO.^ET FRO."\ "VOOR 1 \ LASTHVort STiCX-liP-' .£, , ANOTHER ATTACKS, THE rlYINfi FORTRESSES ZI6-2A6 |R A TI6HT fORMATIOM TO «AVOIO THEIR P\RE, AT THE . SAME TIME<6MCENTRATIW6 A TERRIFIC PIRE POWER THE Thimble Theater "Reservations to Nowhere!" By Walt Disney Design For Leaving! Donald Duck HECK!i WN MOT SEEM THREE OREAM6DABOUTME 1 OXDKE; CjOOt) LOOK _AT'»-U UP B'FORE I COULD vvrrw NO . PAY IN 'ADVANCE. GUESTS ^ WITH BAGGAGE ) AS ^ ,r IM • ACXANCE AT TH© JOINT? By V. T. Hamlin By Chic Young What's It All About? Picture of a Man Talking to Himself ( NOW, DOMTSTOPME.IF YOU V - HEARP IT, 'CAUSe I V/AMT ' TO HEAR IT AGAIM HEH! KJONMTHAT X'VE) C3OT THEM OUT OF { THE WAV, I CASi GO OM VJITH MY CAMPAIGN! BVTHENWAV, AMOS.V WHY,SURp....X TVvOKiDERIFVOLJ \ CQPL.D °° .£, P AMO OOOLA VslOULta A LOOK A7_™| DOVE IWTO UEESBIt3/E»^KT LIGHTS _ SOME s( AGAIM F^ ERGAMDS THAT f \ CHANGE HAVE TO &E. ATTENDED TO .. YOU THE OTHER VJELI ELBEGT.ISEE U LISTEN...I BOVO YOU'VE BOWED TO THE \ TO NOTHING AMD DON'T YOU FORGET IT/ INEVITABLE AND PUT OOP TO VJORK. DETERMINED THAT ALLEY OOP 16. GOING BACK TO MOO, VJOMMUG EVOLVED A SCHEME ,..THE EXTEVJSIVE OF Y>UCH STILL. By Merrill Blosser Hector Comes Freckles and His Friends By Edgar Martin Leave It to Rosie Boots and Her Buddies Oio YOU KNOW ) WHAT TANK? ABOUT THP J I'M DOING ~" "' IF HE LIGHTS THAT FIRE . THE DO YOU SUPPOSE HE SUSPECTS Loon. HILDA --THERE'S SCUTTJ.E. AND HE'S BUILDING A FIRE , vOVV.'b - COVN'n AN , RIGHT WHERE WE DUG THE HOLE/ SOONEP. OR. LATER AND up Goes . THE .vJHATLL EVIDENCED WE DO? THE-KiLJS HAVF DISCOVEFJeD A STORAGE FULL LINE /IT KINOA TANK I APPS UP . THAT WAV/ BURIED ON OLD MAN SCL.T.TES LOT. AND

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