The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on March 22, 1977 · Page 6
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 6

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 22, 1977
Page 6
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PAGE 8—NAUOATUCK NT5VTS (CONN.), MONDAY, JUJ/V 8, 1040 Salem Next Three Days Rangers, Highlanders Continue Win Streaks NEXT FOR JOE? ey JOCK aorew frfun "dllilii" Htiirrlnj; Klta. lluyworth In ono of the most clls- CtlH.sml films of till: yi.'Iir. On The Air Today lt:mi i>. in, Wi-ll )•;.,•> A,,-, lMt,,.p- ;ti,if;'. n .i .->;.--vii ti;lli i>. in, U'lti; V M.i'i, l,n M .;-.,».- l II: I.'. H. hi WHiiv \'. h.n T.III. . ii.,.|,, WAIIC In Mv l,|,|ii',,11 wl'ir l'i,,- .".. ii,-i,i..., Wiill I'M T> , i.Mi -.SANDY BEACH I.A H K Q I,'. VSS.A r.\ l!G DK.'K I'-IM.KV, Mi,-r. Open ID A. 1>1. td K) r. M. limiting 9 Iliitlilng 9 Hi-nlcs SOLI) Sprrhil Uiili't on Trullcrn OttANtiK TK.M1.KU UK.VI'AI. SKKVICF, nli'd In I hi.-.11 I'll* ]l,iril»,ir.' unlit, FoIfA ~(~A~B TEL. 5285 HAY df NKillT Independent Cab Co. KM; smith Miiin si. v.-ix A: i,.n i'i ".•».'•,,! i \VTIC yilli-lly M|,i,I'M IV,VI I: N, -.vii; llili-iIU'l" Wi'll -V.-, Ii |i..v..|,t..i' 11:1,', n. in. U HI;V.\v.\l;i'- NPV.-H Till N'i'W Wi:,\r-WTh' -l..i«,-ll TliiiimiN W'Hl -Slii n I,"inn* IVATi:' l'|.'.'i<.lii.' ii:i.l I' 7:1111 p. in. lf;rl;l .MII-.I,- >|.,|| \.ui-.i WAI: W.,111-: 1 I 1 ,'!- ri;.;-l,.h WMAI- 1 W'l'li i Sm,|.«i- ('lull "..I/. II,.,,11,ni- l-:,liH,»i ~!l," p, in. . w ni;"".w,\::i" si.j-iin,- ii,,iif u A r. 1 : • A<lv,-niiii»-:i hi Illiyrhm W'U: Au.-W'-r .M.III ~:"r, ),, in. V.'.XVIl • N,-\v« ',VI:i;v WAI.Ii 1 I!.,I, li.iwU | 1VI 1C.»•(•:.»/••... Ac,.Uh-l Hi,, T»JIVII Brasscos Victors In Recent Contest MffT. Joe Samoslca's Brasseo bounced hack into the win colum Snturdny nlBhl in noslnp out th Alabama Red Sox, 4-3 and will fac a pair of worthy opponents thi week. The strong Mount Vernon Re Caps will furnish the opposition for the BrnH.scos Wednesday even InK while the famed New Yorl Police will be in town Saturday Both contests aro scheduled fo 8:'li. ; :it the Municipal Stadium. The locals came up with a nev hurling star Saturday in Wnl Cnthmnn of Yale who set the Rei So.x down with flve hits in posting w. 43 verdict. Gathman. o.omhinnc with Frank Cjuinn to pitch Yale to the Eastern Intercollegiate Loa KIIC title this year and showed r world of stuff Saturday in besting (tie fiouthcrncrs. All three markers garnered by the Alabama combine were unearned, two coming in the second on a single, an outfield error, a orifico, double steul and an in- M'l :niscuc. Tony Cuccinelio'M boot, a stolen base, another sacrifice and Mjjr. IJucU Folder's lonf; fly chased homo mother tally in the sixth to pivu the Red Sox a 3-1 mlvanttiRG. Billy Moore's homer in tho first accounted for the only local run up until he lime. I-fTiwovor tho Brnssooa recovered one mnrUer in tho bottom of the sixth on ulnKlc.'i by Whif.ey Piurclc .-ind U'hitey Kunlclcwio: and n mls- ei:« anrl knotted the count in the seventh. With onf oat in Iho eighth the r-Jivinnco.s won tlic contest when Moore tripled to loft center ami Allenmen Still Undefeated As They Defeat Millville In Close Contest Ctime home on Q pei'fcctl.v-cxccutcd squeexe plai', Johnny DcVllo bunt- 1 int: hnr.k to the mound nsi the Wa- tcrvill,: sluRRer crossed the plate. Raliiman may be hnuk on tho lilll Wc(lni).«clay the Red C;ipM as Mf;r. Ssimoska w;is well plofispcl with his performance. Bill I VVhciSor who set down the J.ick- ; .sonvlle Katies hc!-n two week; i is a ropular mcmhor of the Mount [ Vcinon Mound Corps, and may I u-ork :iR-.'UnHt the Brasscos. In ths ! evnr.t V/heeler doesn't show, Emeri non Diekmnn, former Red Sox hur- i lei', may ^et the call. In amateur Ica-ffuo tilts played yesterday, the Rangers and Highlanders continued their individual winning .streaky, when the Rangers odjred out the Millville A. A. 11- j ~, at the Recreation Field while ' the Highlanders traveled to Beacon Falls to take the measure of the saders by a 14-4 score. Millville surprised many Sunday when they threatened the league leading Rangers several times throughout the error-marred contest which they played at the Recreation field. Outside of the first two inning's, when errors and poor flcldlnc; plus a few timely lilts guvc the Rangers nine runs, the-Millville club played riau-less ball. In fact, it is believed that if Usakicwlcz, who relieved Jones in the third, hud been able to start the same, the Association inifrht'vo taken the measure of the loop leaders, ur.d would have performed the major upset of the season. Tho Highlanders, who stond one pame behind the Rangers due to- a, lefcftt by the Rangers in their first cafuic, stretched their win- struak to four straight, when hey trounced Beacon Falls at the liter's home field, 11-4. Due to Ills overwhelming victory and tho arrowncss of their defeat at he hands of the Rangers, much at- ontion will bo focused on the Highlander!) and Rangers when hose two teams, meet again. The Rar.scr.s have yet. to' lose contest but have had to omc from behind in several to in the con-tests. Their record is C-0. The one difficulty which faces the Alicnmor,'• iu that they only have one. reliable pitcher on the sn.un.d, and if he blows up In any contest, they, havo no proven- hurler t.o replace Him with. Rudy SzcKoslu!. -their owno hurlbr, has shown signs of weakening In several contests, but has always man- nged to out-last his opposition. So we'll just have to wait and see what happens, if he ever docs get "knocked out of the -box." SPECIAL! u A n Y W A L K 1C K S S598 BEACON ICI'DDIK CKNTXr, 73 GKA\I> STKEKT Our .-iidrc iiri<l plant will In; i:lii.s<id from .Inly 7 to .Inly 22. I'l.-asi- mil fur your clothes to | |>MEVMAN~~*i j sV LEANERS I 1IAVK YOUR AUTO KADIO In Tor ro.viimo.v I'lir >'inir .Inly -Mil Vuciilion mid ],«HK Aftrrwiii'ilH rrmniit Kc|iiilr \Vorlt All Muke.s WILLIAMS RADIO '.":•: NII. Jinin HI. • ;;-r,.-,77 (f.tll) [i. tn wi!i:v-w.\ni:— Milton H»I Wnl: liiil, rli -I (fiMlr.T \V I-: .M-' -'I'. -I, .phi, MI' llcuir WATU-w.r/ -i ncin in VVTH'-\VIOA|,' — liiKnliiinn (.)|,.-h. Wi)H---iiiiy Liiinlmniii WATK-IVMK— IMUI \n.ii»ninn (I:,-,:, ...... . WATK-U'JX— Ifnc-ry ' u - l.«nl-.>r IU:UII n. in, \VIWV-\V-AHU— Scri'iiii (!u II, I IVfllt-.HnxlIlK JIC'lllH WATIl- -Kuruni rif Up. Air I II; 15 p. in. VVATlt-WJK— N.irniiin Oi-ch. H).-;iO n, in. wmiv-\VAni:— Tdnimit «.-i rir i.'— Hi'. J, O. \VATIl-UMV.-P.iil Criinn Turn. Illjl,' p. in. i;i- Iliirry Cll'i.-!!. i'.-;nk' I.>lni:ii 11:110 p. in. AI.I, hit:itl,iii!i — .Vi.wn 11:1.-. p. t». \VIU1V-WAI1C— II tiiiiplnn Orch. «-ATI:-VVJX--SI.TH...V Orcli, Wlik.U'lOAI-'-WTIC— N'OWH I I :.'!(> D. in. WIIHV-'rt'jMIC — Ulliwn Ji'AiTOII . \VA'l'li-\VJH— (.IIMIIII; Orrli.-iilni W|.;.M.'— llriinilu'yinli' • Orch. St. Priincis. who.drew a. bye yesterday, .-ire still up In the thick of the, with only ono defeat marring -their record. They have -.-nly played four Icapuo ffamos, thoug-!), v/horcas the remainder of the teams in the, longuc have played five or botte_n.-; -,!.., • By Thomas Fitzpatrick Junior Baseball muo.h to talk about Once aprain we fatjc an apparent week of inactivity with little or no for 'Nuugrutuck this wock. This fact is easily explained when you realize that NEW CLASSES , I'hnnn or Cnll for ' lO'tC Bulletin A coat ol paint OD the wood' work nnd walls -will make that room new aguirvi And if you use the rij;ht paint, you cm ensilv keep it clean «od new- Jookin^j with soap mod watcri We recommend Murphy Paints IxUHor . Chrysler and Plyinoutli G. M. C. Trucks JL C. Raytkwich, JR ACCESSORIES Sw Our t.nrRo Stock of LAWN and GARDEN SEEDS Jilxo All Kinds of Fertilizers xoor.s KOK unit 1. \\Vtt • HMOVMI-S floiiK "Mil »liort lilitullr.H) • <iAUl)KN UAKKS • IfOKS — S7'Af)15S • GUASS SIIKAKH Games Scheduled For This Week The Mi'lville .. Association t will play a baseball contest this, evening at 6 p. m. at the F.ecroation field, It was announced by ..AI Brewer today. 'Ho asks . that all team members be present. .. The Bristol Company will play a '-rematch with the -Mad Merry Morticians Tuesday night at tho l-'latts- Mills field, .it .wae- an- nouiiced by Jack Garland of the Bristol team today. The Morticians .vei'c 1-0 victors over the Bristol tcnm in. a recent contest. • The St.-Francis CYO will travel tn Wal.crbury to play the St. Fran- : els Xavier -in Wednesday's con. tests. The Merry Morticians will travel tn Mid<llc.bury to play a Middlebury ,ten at the Quussapaug Field 1 ; Wednesday, evening, 6 p. m. Grays Trounced By Termites .Tho Naugatuck .Grays fell apart at tho seams yesterday, when the Litchfleld-, Termites on nine- hits, trounco'd the local team, 20-5, at the. lattcr's homo field. How can any -loam score 20 runs 1 on nine hits, you may ask, It's very .simple when you perceive that I he locals accounted for 10 of the 12 errors committed in the [rarr.o; that 'their pltcheni only throw 7 wild pil.chOH .and only walked U men, and six passed balls got Ihi-jugh tho assortrribrit of catchers that wore used by the Grays. Score by innings; Termites ij 0 2 fi S 0 0—20 3 2 Gray- 1 ). 0000311— 5 S 10 Batteries: (winning .team flrnt), Hladlck, Borlugno and McGuirc.; Fruin, Dbmlnlck arid Sullivan, jpui-ko, ;' Umpires: Cassldy and Stabling. the most part, the local factories arc now observing; their annual vacations, eliminating; pla.y in ihe Softball leagues, with the .exception of the local teams who are taking' advantage of the league respite, to play a Tow. game:; on their own hook. As for the Amateur League, their schedule is so muddled, it's pot us. befuddled. . . , There's activity though that is not, dead, and ono which we hope will .not suffer its final, throes of until summer pelves away to ,thc ravages of fall! That is the recently -ormed Junior Baseball league, which Coach Peter J. Foley b.cgan last week. . The benefits that may be derived With the addition of Titus Moody to the Merry Mortician squad, Paul Buckmiller, has one of the most feared combines in the area, Paul says, with all kidding aside, that he would like to play the Free Thurston Ice Loam, in the near future, although we have heard, that the ice-men have refused to p:ay the mites. Why? . . .Benny Bengough caught the last few innings for the Phillies the other day. Too bad they didn't have Gomez or Ruffing to pitch, He caught both those gents in '32, when he was the Yankees' first string catcher. . . .We'll have to end now, ns we just ran out of paper." • •• • Merry Morts Travel To Middlebury Wed. The strong Merry Mortician KOft> b.nll -ton will travel to Middlebury Wednesday to engage the ati-jnfj Middlebury ten, m a n a ff c d by Charles Ch.ipmnn, nt the- L.altc Qiinss.-ipaug; diamond, it Wns announced by Coach Jimmy Ri£g» .todny. , . , . • It is expected that. If Billy Rado, pi-telling nee, •still suffer."! from n sore arm, that the Morl.ys will pitch Joe Uealy, who recently pitched n 1-0, one-hit, shut-out over the stronR Bristol company team, with cither Sullivan or Rowley catching him, Eddie No'ldc, who starred in the recent firanic, wiJi continue to be lead-off man, while Rado will mqve up.,, in, the butting order from fifth', 'to second. 'Weaving will remain, at clean-up. ClnRhorn and Titus Moody will play, Coach Riggs also revealed. Team -members arc asked to meet nt tho Buckmiller Funeral Homo, 22 Park place, C:30 p. m. Wednesday. Game-time in MicJdlc- bury is 6 p. m. Baseball Standings . NATIONAL I.KAGUIS Bring-s Back 'Bacon* Yos1crd:ty T s Ito.Kults Boston 3, Brooklyn. 2 (1st). Brcoklyn 1. Boston 2 <2d>. New York 2, Philadelphia 1 OsU. New York 30, Phil.-idelphia 2 (2d). St. Louis 4, PilisburRh 3 (1st). Si. I,ouls C.. Pittsfoui-Rh 0 (2d). Cincinnati G, Chicago 2. The S(,'U)diii(T W. I,. Pet. Brooklyn .18 2C .G'ffl ?t. Louis 43 31 .581 Chicago 3033 .542 Cincinnati 3136 .186 Boston 31 40 .-1C9 "•Jew York 33 4] .446 hiladelphia 30 30 .435 iltsburgh 29 •)•! ,3D7 Todn.v's Games, I'lfr.liers No games scheduled, „ AMERICAN LKAGfK Ycstorday'.s I!esn!t,s Boston n. Washington J Osl). Boston 0, Washington -1 (2d). New York 7. Phi.'ndelnhia 3.(1st). Phil.-jdcJphia -I. New York ] (2d). Cleveland 3, Chicago 2 (1st). Chicago o, Cleveland 0 (2d). Detroit 3, St. Louis 0. ROCKINGHAM OPENS TODAY Snlcm. N. H., July S—Racing today returned to the green pastures in which it originated when a sev- Besides : the town's youth a SWIM AT QUASSY BEACH : LAKE QUASSAPAUG CANS, Inc, Maple St. Tel. 3507 ADIRONDACK CHAIRS CROQUET SETS Repairing- 100 SOUTH (V7/Vt>f ST. NAUGATUCK HARDWARE CMl.M.. ItiiHsr^ Kim Djri'rt In llritcll CI.'E.XXKST SPOT TELEPHONE Agnes Davis arid Walter Cassel SOLOISTS .'. -** I'll Snc You Again from "Bittersweet"' "Oklahoma" '...,'. Some Day from "The Vapwliond King" Oh, What n Beautiful Mornln' from Ono Alone from "The 1 Dtoscr't' Sons". Poor Pierrot from "The Cut anci the Fitltjic' Boss, You Is My Womiin-from "T">rt f-n-'r' • (i n*1 <% WA««I'* . ' '• ' t ••..-•..-'•",' *"i ''.' . Coward .RodperM '.'.'V-k-rlml , Sraar'c colbrsr\ medium of recreation during the summpr months, the lonijuc will show them Kportsmnnship and Sair play. It will improve them physically an morally. Cei-tainly such nn organization, can be nothing:, but a benefit, j M". Folcy has cnlled upon all local I civic croups to aid him in the! formation of this league, nnd since it is humanly impossible to contact | each 1 and everyone who may be in- . tcrosted .in Jiiding- in this, group, he I asks that all interested . persons r.ontact him, any. weekday, at the local Recreation flcld, , Calendar JottinRs We saw thc-Phillic-Brassco game Friday, and were very imprassod with tho'mirhbor of pct's'Sns''who tit- by youngsters from a league'such on-wcelt moe-tin- started at rural "J J -> [-1 r- . j-> ^ 0 ), • ^ rl V, ^ ,-^ 1J,,,,1 F as this cannot be conceived, if such a. gioup is organized. The-problem of juvenile delinquency, that is .facing this country, :( we .ire to believe the nation's alarmists, is frightening. Personally, we hold no stock in such fears, but if such fear is necessary, n. junior league is certainly the answer to forestall all fears of that nature. . . kinr;hain Park. The little jewel of a race-track shone brightly in the sun as a limit field of thoroughbreds paraded to the post for the first race of Hie meC'ling;, and indications were that all records for attendance and mliiucl handle would be broken the first lonp .summer meeting awarded to the old Rock in several A new cicctric lamp, powerful as a 1,000 watt bulb, but only half the size of a sUort lead pencil, has been perfected in U. S. experimental laboratories. ' , tended. Outside oft that there wasn't LITCHFIELD SUMMER THEATER "Opening Night SKYLARK July 8-13 Seats 75o,".SI.00 ,?I.SO, S2.00 . plutt lux .'CURT/UN s:4o Bownrv/ittons' Tel. Litch 880 PARK DEPT, €ONGERT Hamilton Park Pavilion (WATEUBURY) THURS. JULY 11 <8:«0 r. M, Rain or Shine) Civic Orchestra of YVutorbury , (Mario DiCcccoV Conductor) NAN MERRIMAN Sfcir iof. Concert.) Rn<liov Opcrn , Trices..— ,.$l.2«,,.!fil.80, $2.00 (tnxes included) • (TTCKKTS A The Standing \V. .Boston 54 :^7ew York .',7 Detroit ,52 Washington 37 Cleveland 35 St. Louis ,").] Chicago 20 Philadelphia 22 L. 23 31 32 ,•50 •12 41 •11 'Jl Pet .701 .COS .•I 53 .3!)" .301 A satisfied smile Is worn by Sammy Snesul of White Sulphur Spring, W. \'a., :is he lovingly lipjd.s the trophy lie won lit St, Andrews, Seotland. after copping the British Open Golf Champlon- slifp, SiK'ad's 72-lKiN' r;ird nf JftO, 2 under par, gives the l ; . S. its firhl victory in tlie famous International tournament since 1033. (International) St. Francis Sports Activities ^ Tho St. Francis CYO will piny iv.'ny Wednesday evening, when Lbey or.snRO the last place St. Francis Xavior in M lenRiio RMme, The locals arc f.ivnrod to take the nicas- uro of l;i,sl pl.'ioc Xavjnr to.'im, •inrt if they win, ih^y will retain .-> two-way tie '.in first place in the le.-iRiio. The leaRiie is currently tied three wnys. hut wiih St. I-ucy's and SS, Poler and Paul facinc; off, ono of the throe will ho eliminated. Each of tho throe sport records of 3-1. St. Francis has formed n junior team which they will on-ter into the recently formed Junior league, run by Petor .7. Foloy. The new- loam will enRajjc the CYO in a practice game tomorrow evening a-t the Recreation Field. . . The hand prenade takes its nnmn from tho pomopranato because, of tho similarity hoiwoon the shapes of the two objects. Today's Games,-' ntehors A*o frames schodulcd. SALEM PLAYHOUSE Tues. - Wed. - Thurs. [titkitimirmvntflt am mum Today: "COSIE AND GKT IT" '•''•••: • nnd- MADK >n; .\ KILLER" ALCAZAR TODAY "AliotmenTwives" "Gangs" Inc." Tues. - Wed. - Thurs. Roy Rogers in "Song of Arizona" Also Penny Singleton and Arthur Lake in "BLONDIE'S LUCKY DAY" LoeujsPOLI MOW SHOWING "IT Ji A WONDERFUL MOTION PiCTURE!" - ww roar rvwy nm A Great Author'* Moit Engaging Story—Superbly Brought To Lif« To Mako *A WONDERFUL MOTION^ PICTURE"! M2 NOKTII M:\TX ST. Union City - Tel, 2GR.1 HAVING TRO U B L E WITH TOUR CESSPOOL? ,.-?•'' USE ^ Starco CESSPOOL Jtf O BOTHER — FUSS : or ill/ SHUTDOWN' RELIEVES CLOGGED OR StUS'SISH' CESSPOOLS SEPTIC TANKS — DRAINS ELIMJNATES'ODORS' 1 5-IO-25-50-IOO Pound Containers S PL D 8 Y Naug-atuck Lumber Co. 2!) Bridge St. Tol. 224!) STRHHD 2nd BIC WEEK *' Katbryn Juno GRAYSON- ALLY SON Jimmy DURANTE TWO SISTER -- BOSTON — — 2nd HIT — PflSSKCV TO DHRCER Sfcphqnio Kant KICHMOND ;»m r > aamr \ : men or GREAT OUT' SB " 1946 G. E. RADIOS (Immediate Delivery) ; , .WEISS'';.; Ben Franklin Store ir.2 cuuncrr STRKKT CHAS. COBURN : 7OM . , KVtKY DRAKE • TYLER HUME CR'ONYN GLADYS COOPER DEAN STOCKWELL RICHARD HAYDN k MUSICU KNOCKOUT FREDDIE STEPOTT .f.-tacit SKWART Chcrlcs BARNETT — WEDNESDAY — . COLBERT In 'Without Reservation" and "BAMBOO

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