Covina Argus from Covina, California on February 20, 1909 · Page 1
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 1

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 20, 1909
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Mr,. „. F. H. FABRICKPLUMBING F. H. FABR1CK-HARDWARE LEADING NEWSPAPE SAN GABRIEL\ALLEY VOL 3T COVINA, CALIFORNIA, SATURDAY, FEB. 20, NO. PROFESSIONAL CARDS DR. STEVENS OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN Phone 298—Argus Block Dr. Olinda K. Stevens Tuesdays and Fridays f)R. J. C. GOODELL OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN Office, First National Bank Bldg-. Hours 9 to 4. Phones: Res. 250. Office 175. & JENNINGS, PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS G. D. JENNINGS 10-12 m J. D. RKED - 8-10 a m 2-4 p m, 7-8 p m 4-6 p m Offices in Reed blk., Phone 40. Residence of Dr. Reed E. Badillo st. Phone 48; Residence of Dr. Jennings on Reynolds addition, E. Badillo St. Phone 299. COVINA, CAL. p e J. CLINE, —DENTIST— Office hours: 8:30 to 12, 1 to 4. Home Phone 47 Office: Bank Blk., - Covina, Cal. 0R. W. W. SCHIFFMAN DENTIST . Over Argus Office Covina, Cal. ^^^m^^^^^^^,^^ A wr.HTTRCT AND k ' ARCHITECT BUILDING CONTRACTOR Residence, Cieneya, near Grand R.F.D. box 204 Phone 3065 ANDREW M. PENCE ATTORNEY-AT-L/AW Notary Public Phone 1039 Reed Block . Covina, Cal. (JEO. L,. SANDERS, ATTORNEY AT LAW Offices 325-333-335 Wilcox Building, Telephone, Home 425 LOS ANGELES, CAL. * * # •*. * * * •# * * * We Can Sell Your Orange Grove Our branch office in Los Angeles, 525 So. Spring street, enables us to get in touch with buyers. List your property with us. Covina Realty Co. HIGH SCHOOL GIVESCONCERT New March Applauded. Next Debate With Hollywood. Tho concert given by the Covina High School orchestra and baud under the excellent leadership of Prof. R. \V. Groom, at the Woman's Club House, last night, was a decided success, both in a financial and artistic way. The concert reflects much credit upon the High School and also upon Prof. Groom, who is to be congratulated upon bringing our musical organizations to so high a standard of efll- ciency. The club house, which was handsomely decorated with red and white streamers, ferns and potted plants, was well Tilled before the opening of the program, which was rendered in a brisk, pleasing manner. The members of the band presented a very neat appearance, wearing dark suits and having upon their coat lapels natty little cockades of red and white, the High School colors, which were also supplied to the orchestra. The program opened at 8:15 with the spirited march, "Greater Covina," composed for this occasion by Prof. Groom. This Inspiring selection was vigorously applauded and formed, a suitable opening to this very pleasing evening. "The Message," a trombone solo played by Walter Aschenbrenner, was impressively rendered, the orchestra playing an excellent accompaniment. Miss Josephine Stumpf's violin ( - • . • :. . . *, •. . '. ' .. ^ «• ••.>'.,-. **•*.» * ' ' 'it-'iH-L '.lU». .'-,'..•• . waa LINCOLN SERVICES. At all the evangelical churches of the city Lincoln centennial services were held Sunday morning. At. the Methodist Episcopal church the Mayor, E. H. Lahee, preceded the sermon by I ho pastor, Rev. H. W. White, with a brief address on his personal recollections of Lincoln as lie met him from time to time between the years 1SOS and 1S(M. In 1S5S he first saw Lincoln in his debate with Douglas. "On this occasion,' 1 said the speaker, "Lincoln rose from his seat as if In sections, until he stood towering above every ollu-r man on the platform, then taking bis overcoat, off, he turned to a friend will) the remark, 'Take my coal while 1 stone Steve,' and the thorough manner In which ho did the job is now a matter of history." At the Presbyterian church a special address to old veterans was delivered by the pastor, Rev. P. (!. Stevens, and speeches were made by Capl. N. D. Mussey, J. Ii. Raymond and ,1. S. Walton, who served during the entire war. At the Baptist church the pastor, Rev. S. W. (.luge, paid an eloquent tribute to Lincoln's character, as a man, a statesman, a patriot and a Christ in. There was a largo ;iudioneo proacnt the following veterans bolng among them: Casey, Poo, Congdon and Heath. HEAVY SPRING PLANTING. Armstrong's Covina Nurseries Well Stocked for the Season's Trade. Four IniiH nC poach pits HIV to be plui'i'd in Ilic ground during the coining week by .1. \Y. ArniMlroiig, proprietor of tin 1 Coviiui .\nrnrnes. The planting is to be iloiic ;it AnnntrougV lil'treu- ;icro ranch in Oiitiirio, which he has been at work improving for some time. It is est inititeil by the nursery ma n tliiii the four ton:! ol' pits will grow iibout 100,1)110 pench I IVCH for the regular market. AvniNt roiii;•'N rnneli 'IH silnateil in the Monte Vinln tract, Ihroo miles out siilo tin 1 city limits of Pomonn. The peach trees will be ready for market ii! two yea I'M. Mr. Armstrong is alyn making" ground ready for ."."i,000 orange trees, anil he intends to plant lijr trees and ornamental I reiv-i as we'l. While lln< yiealer portion of his nursery stock will he grown in Ontario, Mr. Armstrong slates tlial his business will be done from ('ovina. The nursery at Covina has recently been slocked with a block of 100,000 eucalyptus liven in boxes. MONDAY AFTERNOON CLUB. At the club house at <1 p. m. on Monday afternoon an enjoyable reception was tendered to the daughters of members of High School age, and some of their girl friends. The program was in the hands of the Misses Elliott, Heath, Devendorf, Douglass,- and Anna Reynolds, as hostesses. Miss Heath read an interesting paper on St. Valentine's Day, and other much appreciated items were the vocal §M4*HPW : A VICIOUS DOG. On Tuesday a stray thoroughbred 'brindled bulldog visited several of the ranch homes around Covina, including those of J. R. Elliott, Robert S. Walker and the Duller ranch, snapping at any- 'one he encountered. He finally reached the home of J. O. Houser on San Her nardino road and lay down on the front porch. Miss Mabel Houser, on coming out of the house and seeing the dog there a:tempted to caress him, when the brute sprang at her and caught her by the hand, tearing a piece of flesh from one finger. Mi. Houser promptly shot the dog. and then applied carbolic acid to hiu daughter's wounded finger, which was later treated by Ur. Reed arid no serious results are anticipated. Owners of dogs cannot be loo careful in look ing after their pets in ibib semi-tropical country, where Die e:ect of a bite is liable to be more .-• ! :oua i:han in <i colder r:liin;it". It would also be a-> well for Di'-in 'o i eiii'-mlio; thai own« :.s a.'e liab'i- to in' iie.!<">-<i in h'-a'. :• good orchestra' selections, • Wallace: Reed rendered" Lange's "Flower Song," upon the saxophone, in a very pleasing manner. Tho famous sextette from "Lucia," arranged by Prof. Groom was excellently played by Messrs. Walters, Leisure, Atwood, Walters, Asch- ehbronner and Ward. Each and all the selections given by the band were well rendered, but among the most pleasing might be mentioned "The Wayside Chapel" and "Sweet Remembrances." The program closed with "The Star Spangled Banner," and at the opening strains a beautiful United States flag was dropped from above the stage and hung fluttering beside the players while the audience, rising, stood at attention in silence till the last notes had ceased. This patriotic occurrence concluded one of (he best rendered and mosl enjoyed programs ever given in Covina. There will be no .school on Monday, Fob. 22, Washington's birthday. Dee- lighted! Assistant County Superintendent of Public Instruction T. ,1. Phillips visited Covina High Thursday, Feb. IS, upon a round of inspection. He expressed himself as being very well satisfied at the progress being made by I lit: pupils In their studies. The basebull ground has been cleared of weeds and smoothed ready for action, bats, balls, catcher's gloves, masks and other paraphernalia rosur- recled and baseball upon Die High School grounds lias begun once again. The first, game occurred on Monday afternoon, between the Sophs and Juniors. The former won in a walk by a score of 8 to 1. The second was played Wednesday afierww!: between the Seniors and Freshmen. Oh, why should, tho spirit of mortal be proud? The haughty Seniors we ; e outplayed at every point by Die insignificant Froshies, many of v/hoin aio not yet wearing "long pants." Tho humble Freshios won by a score of 1 I to ','. Hut tremble, Fresbies. tremble! Your lime will come when you play the Sophs! There will be a b;ilile royal. Dial's a cinch, whin you meei Diem upon Die diamond. So cheer up! You can't do any more than lose. The worst, is yet to oorno! At a meeting of Die In-bating I eague of Southern California, held In 1»H Angeles. Feb. (\, it was decided that 'we'should hold our next dolnte wiDi Hollywood High School, but Dial Hollywood should submit tbo question and name the place instead of Covina | doing K'>, as was bofoie mentioned in these columns. Because of thai I be debate wll! be held at Hollywood on or before March W>. Hollywood bus a-:ib- j rnitted two questions from which we : are to .-elect tLe one we wl.-:h ro do- ; bate upon, also the side we wish. They are as follows: "Resolved, Tb-H the power now lodged in I he Speaker or the National House of RepreseniaDve:-, IK detrimental to the bo.-.t. inl<-i o.-1 -, or our country," and "Ro.>olvod Tbit ir, ; Die larger CalifoinU) ri'ie.-, all pov."-i-. of ill-- c:ly yov'-riiiii'-iit .-.houH <>•• v.-.i'-d in a commi^.-ion ol uoi iiio •• th:iu mil" men eler:. d b;. 'ie- •, o:> ! -. a' PpwBS Next Monday•fai'ete^u'tw 1 - a' program in celebration of Washing, ton's birthday. Some ladies on the stage will be in costume to illustrate readings by Mrs. Gilmore. Club members are urged to show their loyalty by bringing a good crowd to tbo entertainment on Tuesday evening. Mrs. J. J. Morgan is working liard for this event, and we do not want her to be disappointed. A NEW ARRIVAL. Mr. M. Wright and wife, from North Dakota, have arrived In Coviria with a view of permanently residing bore, Mr. Wright has taken the storeroom adjoining C. Tuekor'B photographic gallery, and intends opening on March I a watchmaking and jewelry business under the style of the C'ovina .lowolry Co. Mr. Wright stales thai lie has Inspected mosl. of the towns of Southern California in search of a suitable place to locale In, and tin; business activity of Covlna appeals lo him the mosl, land lie hopes by good workmanslhp land square dealing lo obtain a .share of Die public pal ronage. REAL ESTATE SALES. Hay./.avd & Welch report the sale of sixteen acres navels and Valenclas at Sail ninias, owned by Chas. A. Tlnsley to M. V. Melwlck, of Covina. Consideration $1-1,500, a, house and lot at Ocean Park valued at. $'1,000 was I a ken as past payment. Mr. Wardman has sold his twenty acre ranch, ten acres in oranges, ten acres unimproved, situate at the northwest corner of ftarruncii and Workman, to II. F. Bnller, of Covina. Consideration, $10,000. Ilagerfy and Hempel, I-fellmau Uldg., L. A., made the sale. ' Another largo deal in orange groves .was palled .joflf 'this wook when tlio ^ftSfeR^Ji'- M>Y«)ft Go, sold tho fine iVy3SF^&3$$£$ktt&:j \ti^m$?jJKMtitf the Badgei- cBtaW" Wcaloel on co»-nor San Bernardino and Vincent avmiuofl, and in a fli\o, full-bearing orwt, hning part VnloiutiiiH ami part navoin. Tim urop, which waH heavy, WIIH included. Tim price paid was #17,500. We regret lo announce the dealii at her son's residence, (Jlemlale, of Mrs.) Lois Parker, Die mother of our former i .well known fellow townsman, C. I 1 ', j I Parker, for m.iiiy yearn Justice of llioj I peace I'ere. Cnimlmu Parker, who I hived lo a ripe old age, was a very 'bright old lady and made a bosi ol'| friends during her renidenre in Covin;:,; ; who will regret to bear of her VALENTINE'S DAY. Last Sunday was tho day sacred to the exchange of love tokens and the mails have borne an extra burden. Our children have littered Die houses with colored paper, crayons, and paints, but Homo wonderfully artistic creations were evolved. One little girl of ton put thin original poem on Homo of hers; "When valent IIIOH come, Oh Dion 'Us Jolly fun, For valentines BO bright, Bring you such delight. When valentines are found On porches all around When valentines come. In the schools valentine boxes wore set up on Thursday, as Friday was kept sacred lo IJncoln. This was only done o/llchilly In the Diree lower grades, and their teachers gave each child a pi'oii y one. Dame Rumor asseils Dint Karl Kmm has become a siiecenKful booslei for Southern California and Dial ho has pei.-iuaded a. young lady well known In nodal circles in Die northern part of Die slatit lo oat;t In her loi with bin for heller or for worse on Weilnes day next, and lo make tier home In the Sunny Soulb. Congeal ulal Ion::. "Premier Blend" Coffee Premier 'Blend Coffee is real coffee thru and thru. It's aroma is ri^ht----it's flavor is true—it satisfies. Why? Because it's got to be. Our reputation is at stake for Premier Blend coffee is roasted, packed and sealed to our order. When we protect it with our reputation we protect it with the life of our business. Best for Breakfast The breakfast test is the hardest coffee test. We prefer your trying Premier Blend at this time. Best for Luncheon No other coffee; is so satisfying, so refreshing at lunch as Premier Blend. Best for Dinner Premier Blend Coffee is 1 lie peer of dinner coffees. No other coffee is so rich in aroma, so delicious in the cup. Best All the Time. Premier Blend Coffee makes good cvcrytimc, everywhere and with everybody. If you have not tried Premier Blend you don't know how good coffee can be. "If you can't come, phone" DIRECTORS QFFIC1CRS O. E. Anilorfitm Mnrvo H. Ilollmnn W. II. 1IOI,UOAY, I'rnnlilnnt I. P. Cliipu II. M. HoiiHur MAKCO II. IIKIJ.MAM, Vluu I'm .1. It. ICIIIi.U .1. O. lloimnr J. It, IM/MO'IT, Vl«« J'rcn. W. II. I!(ill!<!iiy C. W. M. UIU.SWOU), C» • A. P. Kureldiofl' Capital and Surplus $90,000.oo ' h ;n:< .Mt'i'ii i Covina \Dallcy Savings ffianft Covina, Cal, DIKKCTOKS nl-'FICKKS (icd. K. AniliTH'in W. II. llnllliliiy A. I'. KMUCKJIOI' 1 !''. J'riMililcnl J. II. Kllloll. II. M. lltniMiT II. M. IIOIIHKK, Vim l'i-»mt.l«i>l Munai II. llclliiiiin A. I'. Krrrlilinll' W. M. OltIMWOI.I), CiiMlili'r Capital and Surplus $42,000.oo 4 i A EucalyptusWood ATJ, St'/,KS AND IJ'lNdTIlS KOK STOVK OR KIKK J'hACK $Q.5O pe^r cord Two blocks wi-st ol ^riiminar sclio<;l. BERT H. HENDRICKS 11-17 Toilet Soaps NOW! OR NEVER! Large variety of fancy toilet soaps at HAI/K I'KICK | while stock lasts. 23C cakes for ..................... 1 -ii. lOc cakes for .................... St: DC) N'T miss tliis g-ood bargain at Home's Grocery

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