Covina Argus from Covina, California on February 13, 1909 · Page 8
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 8

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 13, 1909
Page 8
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LIVE NEWS FROM VALLEY POINTS IEWINDALE. S. W. Hnwyer is shipping f.orn in < ar- lorn! lots. Nfr.f. 'MfMtfS of Ocean Park is visiting laughter, Mrs. Robert Kdgar, this •week. Mr. and Mrs. William Wardcnberg of f.os Angeles visited at. the A very home: last, Hiinday. Harvey Woodworth, the little son of Mr. and Mrs. I/. I). Woo Iwort.h, who lias been seriously ill, is much improved. Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Flb-dge have moved from A/.ma. lo the Fordyce Wil son house on Orange avenue. Jerome Reynolds was one of the party of business men who left, .Saturday night to inspect, land at Delano, Kern county. Mrs. Aimer Miller spent the week v/ith her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Seymour of Monrovia. I'uente ( 'o-operat i \" Water AZU8A. Ifagerty & (fenipel want 1.< -ti-;i'Tf> ranches. Mrs. Manning of Houth Aznsa riverine has been visiting her HOD, K. M,inning, of Huntingt.'m Beach. Mrs. ('. ''. Daniels entertains the I'as- tf.-rs ' A id Hoc jet v of I'rcsbvtcria n BALDWIN PARK, Lincoln's Day was observed by the school chililren Friday morning. Ifagerfy & Hempel refer to tin ir customers. Mrs. i\V. K. Johnson and family of Minneapolis have recently located on Main street. Her; ffagcrty A: IFernpel for nineties. Hagerty & flemr,e| Hold U'ardman's ranch Mond;iv. Mr. Theodore I>ci!ri«di and wif" •ft hurch al her home O n Kant. c, nter j TM ,,J,,|. |V f ,, r ,. i; , H |, U ,..,_ (Vriri T |,,. v ,,. n .,. el t his afternoon. f the former's brother. Dr. The Rebecca Lodge held a special j, for several weeks, meeting Wednesday of last week in] The Hcguni WaNT Company will hold honor of Mrs. Livvic Coombs ol Hanf.n!,, mr .,,ti lpj , ;,, ,|,,, .,.| 10 ,,| house tonight to Rosa, Who is president of the Rebecca j ,| f ,,.',,| ( , ,,,;.,,, ,,,,. m!l ,,||ine|-y v.'hieh will Assembly of California. An Old Folks ''oncer' will be given February L!'i at the opera house by the A/.usa Choral I'nion. The proceeds of the evening will go toward th" support of the V'oung Men's Alliance. The Fl Pi-nsarosa f'lnb gives one of its enjoyable danees this evening al the] rooms in 'liemlora. The patronesses be installed in their nc.w well. ''ompany issliipping tnacliinery from itsj., r ,. : Mines. Foster F.lliott, IT. \l f'onl- piniiping plant to !/os A ngcles for rcpa ir. ),.,., j ,|. Mandcvillc, King arid N'ye. Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Mead had as Ih'ir guest Tuesday, Mr. and Mrs. and Miss Robinson ami'.Mr. and Mrs. Singer ie program for l.he next meeting of Woman's Club t.hal will be held Hi February Mind Wrecked by Insomnia. Thomas K. .\T. Williamson, who has been employed by \\'. K. Stewart, of Ivist. Double avenue since last October, was taken to the Receiving Ifospital in Fxis Angeles last, Friday in a condition -vhich for a time baffled the physicians and alarmed his friends. Owing to a complete nervous breakdown and a very Sketeli of the l/incoin Cejiteiinial C'lde- be ,-is fi.llows: ] severe attack of insomnia. Mr. William- Mrs. Clara Avers and little daughter I"""'"."- ; v "' ' ;• ''• .«"""." , ,'•..... n... , i, i ,..;ti, .Sketch ol Lincoln as Seen in I,. Smith; CearaHer Ada are spending the week end with Mr-'. Ayer's sister, Mr.s. Reitx of I'asa- dena. 'd last we MM. Foslr-r Klliot.l. Mr. and Mrs. O. !•'. Wright, entertained in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Wiesi son had become despondent, and had often threatened (,, take his life. The physicians at. first, thought, he might have taken some drug with such intent but after a complete n Mt. he was able to be /roved to his hotel in a few day*. Mr. Williamson is one of many who AI iss .M yi . ie IM-IUII r MM-, i I..-M »'•'••,, ., , ; , .. . .. Air. \\illiamsoii is one o many who fm,,, s,,en,lin- s-v-ral month:-' will, her ."7K" Monday, . A bo I, llnrty, California from all" part• , \i i. i i T i • ('<-;..•, I.'P-IM Inends being present, t.i meet he yonnif, , , . " ,, ;1 er, Mrs. l.ober. »\o,,ls.-.v of S,,n I ,,„- ^ ^^ 1^ ^ ^ }> ^ ^^ , ,, world „, an e, ; ,yor to regain c^-i'ii . .. ' Ir - ' '' Miss Anna Sprotle, who has been -•(,ending a few days as the j/ucsl. of Mi-:-< Ma"e ColTman. returned to the (Jood Samaritan Hospital on Wednesday. s|ev and .\iiss been , i/il i n^' Mr-'. .1. M. C,:,,,,.. left, i Wednesday for tnlc n to I,os Angel be l',!ihr, I he Mrs. Kit/.. vi-iiled this m ighborhood Tuesday tn see (he damage done by the recent, storm and to make plain for belter ..•tnrui ditches. No aid ion will be taken until the return of Deputy Distiiel. At loi'iii"/ Shaw from Saeramenl o. Archil^ Vincent, and Mr. I/inlon of the Covina Dairy diseoven-d four men stealing oranges from the grove owiii'd by the P,adj4''i' '''.state Monday night. Mr. Vim-en! and Mr. l.inlon if ami two fnded as guards. Two wagons were loaded from the liadger and the Perry ({rnve--'. An ollicer in Co\'inn, was notified by lele- phone but failed to reach ihe scene bi,'fore the men had departed. These thieves were seen taking I'ruil in thin neigliborhoiid about three weeks ago. They are believed |i; be Dagos who have been hauling cull orani;es from the Coviim I'acking House to Los Angeles. CHAKTEK OAK. Mr, livons, who lian been sick \vilh an attack of the grippe, is some belter. Mrs. 11. .V. \Velhi ami children wen- enests of her mot her in l<os Angidi.s Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. .1. I!. Vosl and family thc'v expect lo lake up Iheir residence. Mr. ami Mrs. H. A. Slowell guests of Iheir cousins, Mr. and Mrs. ('•. A. liice, in Alhambra for the week'M end. A lively interest has been shown bv Ihe pupils of our H'diool during Ihe past IIM,nlli nver Ihe contest among the various clas'irs lo pronude betli-r ill- tendance ami application lo studies during Ihe stormy weal her. The re wards of merit were assigned lo the various classes as follows; Fight h grade A 11 enda nee. Fifth grade No lardy marks. I 'if I h grade Deport inenl. Sixth grade Spelling. FI m it h g i a di li'i-ad ! ng. The i \crci-ieM held al Ihe school hon-n 1 Fiidav in honor ol our great war I'IVM i|i-nl were very phasing and ins! ruct i\ e. The school house was prettily di'.-oral .-d \\iih ll.'igs and bun I ing. A slmrl pm gram, consisting of readings and recitations of | he Ii t'c of Li iii'olu a ml pal - liolic songs, \\as given by the pupils,; afli-r which Ihe old .soldier-; present wi re ! r;ilh'i| upon for slim t i-cminiscences of the war. WALNUT CENTER. Mr. !•:. K. Cook and Mrs. M. II. lim v left for Porterville, where in Ihey will make their fuluie home. , MaildinL'lon, S,,,lland, where his father is a wealthy lawyer and banker, sim-e The Pastor's Aid Society of the PI-CM- reiigiiing his eommis.-tion as a major of bylerian church gave a novel entertain-| I he Royal Si-ols re;;iment. ment last Friday evening when a story-i l-'ollowing in his father's foots! eps, telling conte'-'t was held in ||,» church ; Thomas Wiiliain u on ' . . .. parlors. A large cake, the pri/.e offered, j | he '((oval S<-ol-i an was awarded lo Miss Laura Dun-ell. I a ml during Ihe Moer War in Afiiea. The other conti-ntanls whose stories Last year after retiring- from (lie llril- were especially enjoyed were Mrs. j ish army, ''apt. Williamson became en- Avers, Mi', ColTin and Miss June ''lark. ;;a'.n-ii to a eharmiirj Seoli-h girl. A j typical Si'olrii eslal'- was chosen as _.\liss Mabel Davidson, who has bee,, ,,,,.-,,. ,,„,„,. ,,„,, ., ,.,.,,„,,„ ,,,- S( ,,. V an:s vi-uhng Rev. and Mrs McKee for some „„,,,,.,, ,, .,.,,..„ sl ,, l ,|,,,,| v ,,„. alDi-lion line, bei'ame the bride of Mr. Jo-i-ph „,• „, ,, , M ,,,., H ,..,„„. „„, ,,,,. , r|Mil .,. \V ifHi'iilMTL'rr of I'orl i-rvi Me rui \\«M|H •• • Ihe Storm. The almost rontlnnotis rains of this have swollen the waters of the Han Gabriel river and the various washes to a dangeroufl stage and considerable damage has been done, bridges, culverts, water pipes aud darns ha ve gone out before rilsh of water and in some- diotricte the ranchers havo suffered considerablfi Ions through the cutting up of the] groves. At (jlendorn (bo big dam in j the Dalton canyon went out and ihe i water in both the big and little Dal- j ton washes v*as higher than ever' known before. Several bridges wentj out and considerable* dwmage was j done along the Han DiniHs Wash. At Monrovia the Santa Anita andHawpit canyon streams went on tin; rampage, washing out one span of the Pacific Eleclrio bridge and cutting big gashf;s in the groves and alfalfa fields. At Covina the damage so far has been confined to washing ont the upper bridge on Citrus avenue arid cutting channels through some of the groves iii tho lower districts, but the San Dimas wash is in a had state and unless attended to will cause trouble, should another 'fltonn strike us. The rainfall for the week at Covina has been 4.20 inches, making a total for the season of ]fj. 54 Inches. his condil ion b<•caim serious that doctors onlered him to mal.e a • • 1 1 11 x 11,- 11 111 M i' M .i i u i M • 11 • 11 ,11111 1 1) n i; i j, i' ;i performed bv the Rev. \M,cc al ihe ,.,,.,,,,,,,. „,• ,,|imale at, once. lie arrived Method,si, parsonage, which had been in ,.,„. ,r rli ,,,| st:|i ,. s ,.,,,..,„„,. ., II( | vis . . i ... i i. : t .. t* i • . . i* decorated wiih lillies and foliage for the occasion. Only the immediate Me- 'lee family witm-sseil the ceremony. I!. Miller purchased last week of T. ing orange grove on A/.lisa avenue. has been considered one of the show places of the section for inanv years, being improved by a. large t.wo-slorv line barn, eti Mr. Miller has purchased (he properly for his brother- in-law, S. W. Tucker of Davenport, Mel,., who will lake possession of the properly' nl once. The price paid by Mr. Tucker was .^Ki.ridd. Mr. Knnpp and his family it ed Kn|_'l ish fi lends a t I )ua Charter Oak. His aunt, Mrs. Jean McCracken of Avenue .'!!, is employed in Judge Wilbur's ollice. Captain \\'il- liamson left, the Stewart ranch Tuesday of last week and was cxpeetiil back on Satn Live Wires. purchased on Kast Center nlnel, in j\I"i-H. Mary A. l''n rus avenno last Saturday. Tim following program was given: Vo Holo, Miss '-'I(ira La !'Vlra accompanied bv fla/.el Clark; piano solo, Mr. CJard; Miss SI iirdevaul. On club, Mr. W. P. Xye presetiled 'i silver cnndelalira. and I wo siL'cr ca miles! icks to Mrs. Artluii- P.rown, this being the lirsl, meeting of the club that. Mrs. I'rown has al tended since her marriage. The hostesses were Mrs. A. Al. Mi-own, .Mrs. (ieorge Knight and .Mrs. W. A. Sheldon. llagerly & Hcmpel. the new partnership consist ing of II. (iiiy llagerty, who is so well and lavurably known to our nmclifrs, and Walter Ilempcl, the \vcll- knowii fool ball roach and amusement manager of Los Angeles, have opened I'ldg.. Fourth and Spring stre.ets, Los entertained Ihe Angeles, ('al., and signali/ed the first week of their co-part m-rship by selling the Wardman ranch, consisting of twenty aeres, lucaled corner of Workman and P.arranca streets., ten acres in navels and ten ac'-es vacant, for a con- sidernlion of $\ fi.(ini). Also th<> fine Peters ranch of twi nty acres for !r.~0,(HHI cash, a recoril >"ile for some time past. These boys report an increasing demand for Covina proporiy, and judging by last week's business, should eclipse during Ihe eoming three mouths the record for big sale.i es| a'dishi'd by Mr. llagerly last fall, when over .-siriii,- onil win Ih of property was sold in our district. llagerly & llcmpe can seil your llagerly & Ilcmpel refer !o Iheir customers. BONHAM & RITCMA Cement Contractors nKT US FK'.UKK ON ANYTHING IN TIIK C10MKNT LINK SII)KWAM\S AND t'CKHS ()l!K SPKCIALTY We are L'.xporu'iK'ed ct'itioiit ini'ii and LMiiplov only skilled liol|>. 1 lotiu' phone lt)(>7 LINCOLN SERVICE. There will be a special Lincoln sorv- i'-c at. the Presbyterian Church on Sunday morning, when all the old Veterans living in this city will attiml. Tint mil-tic will consist of ''Kipling's Recessional,' 1 by |)e Kdveii; baritone solo THE DEPOT GROCERY AND MARKET serve you with the best. Our stock is carefully selected and cannot fail to please. OUR BLENDED COFFEE Twenty-five cents per pound, roasted and blended for the Depot Grocery is unrivalled. OUR MEAT MARKET is noted for the quality ol its goverment inspected meats, hams and bacon. Fresh eastern oysters in bulk a specialty. ROBERT CRENSHAW Our motto: Prime goods and moderate prices. Phone 22 BEN F, THORPE CEMENT CONTRACTOR Manufacturer of CEMENT IRRIGATING PIPE All sixes carried in stock. Reinforced Concrete Buildings a Specialty Yarc 1 West Cypress Avenue Telephone 4037 'j-o!'. Wells, i.vitii quartette obli-j gato. .Mr. Xye \viil preside at the organ. Sermon by the Rev. Paul C,. Stevens, paslor. There will be the unual evening service, when Mi:-;s Vi'ynu will be the instrumentalist. BIRTH. On Friday last a fine boy arrivid to jjladden the home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank A Out of town puests at. Plotol Ven- tins week were: Mr. anrl Mrs. A. P. Frost, Winona, Mini].; VV. 13. Lawrcnne, Bristol, Vt, ; M>-. and Mrs. W. J. Nash, Bristol, Vt.; J. VV. UfiiiieB, Suit Liiltc City; J. VV. Htunghtoii, Htui Pran cisco; K S. WatkinH, Rutland, Vt. ; W. B. Hanks, Ru laud, Vt. ; E. II. O'Brien, Rutland, Vt. ; B. M. McDonald, LuniHvillc; A. Weust, Brooklyn; Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Meyer, Brooklyn; Mr. atud Mra. Blanck, Detroit; Dr. G. ClosHou, Anaheim. Hurley's Hardware COVINA, GAL, We carry a full line of Builders' Hardware Our Tools and Cutlery are from the best manufacturers See our Stoves, Heaters and Ranges of every description Washing Machines end Hsuse Furnishings Painters' Supplies Wire /Watting and Pottery CALIFORNIA Air. and M rs. .1. N. llursl of Whit I iei have moNcil to (he V/uist raihh, \shen- I hi'V \\ ill n side wil h I loir >on-. Mr. and Mrs. F. I-:. ( ook and M r. and M i ^. Co n o do ii s i H-it I last Su ltd a \ \\ 11 11 M r. and AI rs. ( 'lark i 'niigdoii of Fl i Montr. Tin- Mis-., , Luella and I.cola i;,,b cts and \'iola FaMaimr \\i-n- rnl ei I aincd al dinner on Saturday b\- Miss (icr I Midi- M.'MV. | Mr. and Mrs, S. ('. Mrewstcr relurm-d Sainrday from a month's \j>n s\i|h the laltc, 's brother, Air. Plum at Long P.. a.di. Mrs. John NYlsoii has sold ten acres' ol' umiiipros eil laud to Mr. Marllcil o, Los Angeles for .T'J.'.niu. Mr. Marlb-li \\ill Imild oa ihe proper! v in tin- iiiar ' fill un -, ! Don't Get a Divorce. A 'At'.sU-rn iiitl^'c ^ r.i it t cil .i d i voivr u u account ul il!-t'. nip -r ,ihd bad biv.itli. Dr. King'.s .\\-\-. Lite 1'ill.s uniild l:,ivc prryi-ii'.i-d it. Tin -y i-in,- {'• ip.i timi, i.-iiisiiij.: br>-atb aid l.iv, r Ti-.-uli!,- the ill-u-ui]ji-r. ili.spi-i ,-.dd. ii.iiii»li be,n!.1. h<-s. L-vini iu-1 i I i'.;.,. J ..- .it C, ]'. Abraham Lincoln twice cKvted I'rosidi'iit ot tho I'nitod States, rccoivino- tho ^reatost luuior liis countrv omld liostovv, roso \.o ilistiii^'iiishod position and honor through liis porsistout I'llorts to olitain siu'ooss. Tho industry, thrift and saving praoticod by Mr. I<iiu'oln should strongly appoal to ovory youn^ man. An account with tho Covina \'alloy Savinys 15ank will liolp you to save more money. $125 per Acre Terms Our local representative is JEROME REYNOLDS, Covina, Cal. He has seen the land and will be glad to talk with you about it. S. f. MORSE DEVELOPMENT (0. -1 per oont intorost paid. Accounts of $1 and up roooi Covifld Capital Stock $300,000 Fully Paid Up Office, 351 S. Main St., Los Angeles, Cal. DIRECTORS JOHN HAYS HAMMOND HARRY PAYNE WHITNEY LEWIS S. THOMPSON HARRIS HAMMOND S. F. B. MORSE REFERENCES ! First National Hank, Lus Anijolos C'ruk'kor National Hank, San Francisco First National Hank, Delano Fir>t National Katik, \'i>a!ia 'I'lu- Nati.-:ia: Dunn Mercantile Agency Los Anyeles Chamber of Commerce Los Angeles Realty Board Title Insurance and Guarantee Co., San Francisco. *%* 2 We own four thousand acres of the richest land in the San Joa- J <*» quin valley which we can prove to you to be as good EARLY 4 t ORANGE LAND as there is in the state. Every foot of this J t land is guaranteed to be absolutely free from alkali, hardpan or It -• any other injurious substance. & ": Alfalfa at Delano is a Fortune Maker £ Anything you put in the grsund will grow f ^ Five inches of water per day is guaranteed to each twenty acres. |j ^ The price of the land and water is only & **- '•ir «4> , 9 "f t 4* 4* 44-

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