Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 6, 1954 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 6, 1954
Page 4
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'ABMffeS '« MI Wittl Tha Actauftt U Poy' tt »a*i ttt_— D»yi Month .90 1.20 1.60 1.80 f 4.20 1.60 iS.40 170 I.W 1.60 §.M 160 1.00 1.80 4.00 4.60 1.00 UO For Rant MODERN 3 tooift hdtl**, water, J»8taiOs School. 20W. , f ' lift BEDROOM unfurnished houit.' 1118 Pttf-k Drive. $4100 ire* inol* J>noJie 7-2441, 1 " 4 room Availbale now. Space for . 120.00 mtinthly. C. 18. Weaver; Phone 7-3143. * 4*3t DISPLAY ,.-.... . 60c per Inch . 60o per Inch above or* for eon* Irregular Of *kto- ,.„ th* one-day fat*. ettsiified odvertUihfl copy . accepted until 5 p.m. for frfbrt the following day. _ ibliBliBWr* reserve th* right to la* edit all 6dr«rtt<em«fltt of' M«r publication and to reject iObitetiOmible advertising tub«* k i ' IttdM of one or more letters, '•'•"'^ *loure* tUeh 01 ho number* count tit Staf will not b« retporv. „- . - rori In Wont Adi unlm f* wltad jo our attention f./IRST Insertion of ONLY the ONE nrtttr' 160 1.00 10.60 IJ'SJ NICfi unfurnished 2- or 3 frS apartment. Private j 1 " 0 " 6 . 7 ' 3891 NICE 4 ROOM unfurnished house'. Hardwood floors. 'Venetian blinaJS. 7-5850 after 6:30 Call'M3«, 8-3t Near Brookwood School! Phone PHONE 7^431' indOffW' Jf* >PE STAR 1899; January UNFURNISHED Apartment. Suh. able for single pers&n or couple. Close uptown. Utilities paid. See or call B. R. Hamm. 5-3t 3 ROOM furnished Bills paid. 4 room house. 102 South Phone 7-2103, apaMrricnt, Unfurnished Washington. 5>3t 5 ROOM house. 408 South BonnCr, Call 7-3724. fca HOUSE. 4 rooms aud bath. Close in, $30.00 per month. Call Howard Houston. 7-2281 or 7-2257. 6-3t For Sale DAIRY Feed. Hog feed, meal hullfc mixed. C. S. Meal. Salt $1115 per sack. DANNIE HAMILTON >; 1929 'Palmer, Puitdent J,'H. Wofhburn, Secy-Tree. Th* Star BulWlna .South Walnut Street, Hope, Arkaiuai Editor & Publlihtr Jon»i, Managing Editor , W. Hoime', Mech. Supf. ,«flyi«, AdverH«lng Manager 8 COLUMNS, heart Cypress tongue and .groove, IS feet- hlrij, 'di«rt»- ctcr at bottom 24 Inches'and 20 Inches. See D. r J>. Ellis, vlllc, Arkansas. .' ^ 40 ACRE farm new; Emmet/ A:rk> ansas. Nice modern, iflvc 'r6p1m house. E. M. Br6swell'« Pre'scptt. Phpnc 683-W. . i'at second clou matter at " Office at Hopo, Atkantai, i Act of March 3, 1897. r/'ef' (he Audit Bureau *f itlon Rate» (payable In ad*/•£' -v ' ', Ier;.ln Hope ond nelohbor- «i^~ ''V*i i .. ....... ."....% ............. 13.00 loil'ln Hempttead, Nevada,' ;<,Howarff, >and AfUller eoun- REGISTERED Angus bulls^ V'ip choose from, your credit is good. See A. J. Israel, 1 mile wesixoa old 87, Phone 7-2858.' " "" HAY, Johnson grass &,.lesped'eia mixed. T. S. MtibavitU. Phone 7-2116, 7 T •, }*?tt PARAKEETS. Young birds ready to teach to talk.- Ca'ges and'food'. Billy Wray, Phone i7-3fl22. , Servicei Of f«r«d ,83 [MATTRESS rcnovatipnT; Truth Kits to Go Ahead of McCarthy By EDMOND LE BREfON WASHINGTON lift — The Democratic National Committee said today -St Is sending "truth kits" ahead of Sen.. McCarthy -(fl-Wis) to edhcrs and party workers, in the cities, along his present -apeak- ing route. . ' , > • i The committee paid In aa'accom- panying letter, it, Is -providing the material becawfc of indications that McCarthy ''has;-been, considerably, mpre.'ca'relesa /• with the truth while.spea^lri'g 'away from WflshirtgUm tfiaa'he ,faa$ been.'In the\*a'pital wher,d he-Is; ijnd'er the scrutiny of reporters-who-have-the PRESCOTT NEWS Day itcur^ last 'Wth Charleston, era of recent. DembcrXtic. admin- fstratlons wa's "20 yisara of tre'a- " • son.', _ 'The, .Wlqc'osin tre'a- "*' swator;siid the with (he idipcy'bf.a'TVuniy; rtt- ted -;by. the/ deceit of an.'Achesoa; rrtjptr-d *by,' the 1 Red) slihie of "a I*, u. . i W--M. fr. of the First Baptist Ch'ureh rtiftt on-Monday afteftioort tor a combined business and com riiunlty, mfesfoft pfoftam with 17 Hietnbers and a new member pi-eserit. f he president, Mrs. Roy Sliinton presided. "Chriat for the World Wfe Sinf" was the opening sonf. Mfs. J» O. Coleman led in prayer. The utftg were read and reports were heard. < . ! devotional on "Come Women Wide Pro'clalm" was glveft by Mtp. Rpy Loomts. ; MM. J.T.JVicAae, Mrrf. Fred White Miss Lillle Butcher. Mrs. Hai**li tines, Mrs". Watson White Jr. and JLts. Mettle Robinson gave discus- Ions on the program topic.'"puf Community A part of the World." MM. *Stainton .and Mrs.' Wllburn Willis used a flannel graph to close he program. the meeting adjourned with prayer by Mrs. Lewis Garrett. Mr*. Frank Haltom Jr, Mattes* To W. 5. C. S. Cfrcle 3 Mrs. Frank Haltom Jr. was hos- ess to members of circle 3 of the t . S. C; S. of the First Methodist hurch at -her home on Monday ftcrnoon. The chairman, M*rs. Lee Kinney, resided and conducted the busl- ess session, The program was opened with uiet music by Mrs, Haltom. The "devotional on "Master Calls s To Service" was given by Mrs. ohh A. Davis. Mrs. Wayne Elcy discussed "The Work Among the Rural Negros." •Dainty refreshments were served td ten members. ELECTED - M6sa ftjade ii the new president of Vugo- ilavia's parliament. Pijade, 63, one of the country'! three vlc« presidents, . succeeds Milbvan Djilas, who was recently expelled from the Communiti Central Committee. Help Needed by Ike More Than Ever Wh'ltcl 2.60 >*!*• I »«•***•«••• *M« It 10 ^»— '-2» f.,./. ,.„.„,..., 6,50 ..Tj......'., .....; '] 3.0Q ' ' 10 kepresentatlvei) t .lnc.; 1602 Sterlck . ^i-tsienn,, BOB Texai ^Dpllq« 2, Texai; 360 N. e./JChlc:ogo I. J(|.; 60 E< , tw ,Yorlc J7, N. y.^1763 ^BldB-, Detroit' 2, Mich.; Oklahoma City 2j rpfSithe-Associated Prett; ' i Pres; • I* > entitled <«•/(• „-. -'-,*«»• for repUWIcatlon fldeojinows printed in ,th|§ "-" "*" ai oil AP-newi spring work. 316 t^Sputh i Wa ' expert beauty care. lone - lasting p'er- . |BEAUTY SHOP Phone 7-2615 MUTUAL INSURANCE and, Week-Ends 7-2436 ,Ea ? t,16th Street $ WESTERN SHARES I am back In .South «N« , '.controlled the v of snjn Ration for ,. ' 3i3"ce*iM%l f Avtan Stambs, i Arkansas." 'I&pW'^ in Stampsj -Ar^ansas^eb'.a^- Help Wan • W. 8> C. 8. Circle + Meet* In Sage Horn* Eleven members of Circle 4 of The W, S. C| S. of the First Methodist Church met on Monday after- ao*n' in the home pf .Mrs.. W. B. Sage with Mrs. Lewis Conncll co- hostess fpr the regular meeting, Mrs. R. W. Hanibrijfht presided in the absence of the chairman, Mrs. O.G. Hirst, and presented the devotional talk on "Master Calls Us To Service." ' r /The program on "Work Among The Rural Negros" was in charge of Mrs. E. 'M. Sharp. Dainty refreshments In the Valentin? motif,were served. 'Ffr'eebyterlan, Business "'-"" Meet'"' By JAMES MARUOW WASHINGON 8 <ff) — Eisenhower is. like a man Bobcats Smash DeOueen Pack By 71-61 Count Hop,e Bobcats jumped off in the eftd -last night ahd stayed ahead Ur.tftjg^vay for a 71*61 victory over ;he> tJe.Qtie.en Leopards in the loea gWiii;'.tt was the 16th straight win ' " or Ihje.'seaSbft fdr the" v ife iheTd a 16-12 margin at the ;-S9f .th* fittt quartelv:The feob- cats putscored theif-gaeitts by tight mints in the second quarter as they ook a ,:63-23 count at hamittiew . The -Gats offense /clicked at top e6d); M' the kthird period, i which astgppd foi 20 points. Eighteen of tos.e.ipdints. were- .dropped .in by ' : ' ' needs the help of his neighbors at harvest time and has to be careful he doesn't make them mad when they .get a notion : 'to trample his flower bed. He could run them off with a shotgun when they come trooping into his front yard, heading for the flowers. But then they might not come when he called them 'to Hope atch rlffin albert itchell tanlcy ' ussell uddleston right t President I Hollis ., an «/hh > .. . , The : L^6pardB finally got their de- ense : r'ollihg ,in the final period, illftg/up.i 24 points against the- Bob- ats;' 18 .during that stretch, but ley couldn't get closer to a tie han 10 -paints* LloJrd Elliot Was' the high scorer f the; night with 30 points for the eop>rds. Sonny Griffin and Garnie [at'c'h 'with 25, . and 20 poihts re- pectivel}: led the Cats, In the prelimsry- game, the Hope obkittens after leading for three arters;: were tilted' 36-33 by the r. Leopards in the .waning minutes f'the game. Tommy Polk with 13 nd Larry Bruce' with 11 points led he Kittens. who get the crops Or he could in. stand his ground, The'/BUsinfess- Women's Circle of IA t 19r«eKirfar > f aT^ ' /^Ktti-/>K ti-i^f /YPI ? '/I Company, Personn*p'»itectfr p 1El "^-^d, ArkftaaMi * ,--. M - ?./. r .' t ;O'.'. r rt;- r -i' i :!' f " | iy H»e COX'S Cafe at fullon' Turkey dinner,, Sunday, Febru'a 7. $1.00 per plate-jilue drinks.' SUBSCRIBE TexarkanA' Complete Sports, .'Other' news. KCMC-TV fPro Phonp Dale Hartsfleld. Prospect 7-4610. Feb. 5-lMo. WARDLAW !^ Street Taller 8hpp Hlphway 67 We»t CK'S USED N1TURE CO, ^JJIty Uimlti West d Sell Used Furniture Hone, Ark, Ust ris ,rf, , , r .« p. / "' ' Chprch met on ^ 1 , TT . evenint in the home of 'las/ Ju'lla -Logan. •**•••' chairm^Si.' Mrs. Max Bryant, "'^opened the meeting prayer. *' J \ * : i 'ig-fhe business session Mrs. Hubbifrd was .elected co- i?n and Mrs. Max Kitchens secreta'ry' and treasurer. Work books' -were filled out and pi*ns for the year discussed. • ^Mrs. C. H, Moore gave the Bible Study on "Biri;h of the Christian Church." • ' 't Dclijptfvl refreshments were ser- vjed to 12 memb«ts, Mrs, T. E, Lo- K n, president. Mrs. Moore and Mrs « Garland'of Eawti. , saying pleasantly but firmly "Pjlease, don't." They couldn't gat mad at that. That might even gfct into an argument about' their whole expedition and walk off without 'bending a daisy. Elsenhower has seldom relied on a shotgun. A good example is his handling of the Bricker amendment, • it was clear when Eisenhower took over last year that in a Congress as evenly divided as this Totals ; DeQucen Elliot . .. Staggs . Turner Park. Mattison Lambert Downs , Totals G 8 9 5 2 1 0 1 1 . 0 27 G 7 2 G 3. 2 0 0 F 4 7 2 1 0 2 .0 0 1 17 T 16 0 3 2 0 0 0 TP 20 25 12 5 2 2 2 2 1 71 T-P, 30 4 15 8 4 0 0 20 21 61 At Blevms last night the Hope Senior girls won 40 to 33 but the Jiinitfr boys got? beat 33 to 26 and presidential frorit yard, and with no on)e very mad at him, publicly, ' ' one betwefen, Democrats publicans he'd need all " is ) '; thejr. are wiry-of va dlci e _ Gulli'Ha* Meeting ! of thi We leyan .JJuild of the Methodist Churc W,as h?ld'-on jMfondiy evfenlne in th BROVW find whtye dog, part collie, J052 hunting license ;tag-and 1053 rayles vacclnatipn, tag on collar. Answer to "Tex", Reynard. Call 7-2670. Hope, t Solesmon Wanted WOULD like to hear from man with car who wants to step into bOB}t ness of his own in Hempptead County, Buy on time— pay as you sell, AKA-641-TC also other localities avail- Write Rawleljh'5 Dept, Tpnn.g-l The Negro Community Or briry, item, to Mli •t Hick* Funergl Choir No 2 of Bethel AME Church wjll rehearse Tuesday night, February 0, at 7:30 p, m. AU member^ are urged to be present"} 1/; The Senpfr choir of BeeBee . lal - J 9 MB c t u »* h ' wMl' re 'Thursday njght, ' February'' 'Ji; at 7:30, n, no. 4U member^ are W,$ to be present. Pdst . ,ycfit<ir4$y. untfir intense; ' administration, pressure. The vc.te v^as'18 tp '?, ?• It provides 'or a ,penn* 'increase -T from three tp 'four cents — pn the first ounce oJ' first' class jtfail fpr cut-of-town, deUvfer^, There would be no change In the 3-cent chargi fpr "lo?al mall.'J i The commlU?e, considering • an hind Closed doors, nipt ajiin today ta act on other phases of the President's request. t Those include a s(.ven,-scnt airmail ptamp, insteaa p,f six, \, to bring in an estimated $15,600,000 more a year. The President also hprne of Mrs.-H. E.. Lindbead will ^lll Gordon associate hostess president, Miss Frances Bat .- presided over, the business ses sion'at which tlm4 Mrs. Bob Davi gave the. Social Service report. study book, "Within Three Borders" was given by Mrs, L. 0 Lee. A delicious salad course was scr ved to 23 members. asked for hijws in -second class publishers' rates and third class circular mail <o bring in another $76,000,060, annually. * WcCormsck a'jd Ks Is ordering a "nosi 1 count" ?<moiigf Democrats ,to thvi oyt how they, stiincjl #n the four-cen samp this sefo. A sim- jlar poll during he corjiimittee's extensive h4».->nfi3 Ust yiar, he said, showed U) tp' J against it. Those from put of- town a tending funeral services here Mon day for Mrs. Earl Menser were Mr Jack Martin Gushing Okla., Mr abd Mrs. Leonard Martin,, Wfllard Martin and Mrs, Jack Goff of.Tulsa 'Okla, Mr, and Mrs. Don Qa'vanah Magnolia; l£on Martin Shrevcpori La., Lige Martin, Sicl Martin anc Mr. and Mrs. Hintpn Martin of Stephens, Ark., Mr. and Mrs. Bill Martin and Terry of Waterloo Mrs. Bafthden Britt, Hope; Mr. and Mrs Allen Connell, Ljttle Rock, Riland Menser, Hot Springs; Mrs. Jess Phillips 1 and Mrs. Floyd Coopwood Blevins, Mr, and Mrs. Clifford Shop Emmet; Mr, and. Mrs. Jimmy Ersklne Magnolia: Mr. and Mrs. F. Howe Fprdycfe; and Mrs. Ida Weir, Delight. Killed in N, M. ALHUQVERQUE, N.' 19-year-old .Arkansas Bpy wag one of two persons ki«e« &b$ ( n , ftie par Jn whicjh they wwi Ming ovirJ turned ncai N. M., Ho WAS-. identified-.. i|s , Nelson 6t nesjr-ii Pnc other person f|s , 'Ark. Mrs, J, T. Worthlnatpn returned Tuesday from a visit with her sister Mrs. Jpq Turninello and family in Shreveport, La, Mrs. R/P. Ham.by visited friends in Hope pn Tuesday. Mrs. C, G. QpJtdPn Br. Mrs. J. A. Tancey, Mrs. L D. iunney and Mrs, J. V. , Fpre were Tuesday visitors in Camden. The con<JHion,of Mrs. Le^ Rogers reported satisfac'tpry following ma\or surgery at ^ie Cpr^j Dpnnell Hospital on, Tuesday Her' daughter Mrs and Rethe help hti could get from both sides -td put his program over. ' From what is publicly known about his relations with the lawmakers he has never given any of them reason to be mad at him on' personal grounds, as former President Truman sometimes did. ,He has had some vigorous encounters on issues, as he did with Spn. McCarthy (R-Wis). but kept them on an impersonal pltfne. ' It remains to be seen whether this studied consideration r fo^ jjfep- ple's feelings can rally to' him all the -support he wiU nc£d oa_ legislation he most wanti v pSssed. . Hp started pff the year well. The Senate approved United "States -no- operation with Canada, on the St. Lawrence seaway; a project which lor * 20 ypars .ne'ver'got / to ba.se in the Senate. J i v T.herfe was unusual suport. — . 63 seniors at> one time— behind" iho proposed of Sen. Bricker vft-otuo to;'aTnend v ,-the' Constitution " jltf'.a wa^^that would:/ ' ;-- s > r' ^ * Restrict 'the extent of treaties jnade by the President with th» •Senate's consent and provide for popgressional regulation of executive agreements made by the President himself with other countries. Several times last year Eisenhower said he was against thp particular amendment Bricker was Bowling Meet In Final Stages LtttLE ROCK W) — Final stage of play in the Arkansas Handica Bowling Tournaineni gets under way here today in the doubles single class. Eighteen teams also will bow in the finals today and tomorrow Texarkans, Hot Springs, Fay etevillti. Fort Smith and Pine Bluff will be represnted. Scoffs racked up last week bj Greater Little Rock players will be targets for to-lay and tomorrow Basketball ,-By Th« Associated Press tioly Cross 78, St. John's Brook- yn 58. ; Princeton 74, Brown 64. Maryland 54, Virginia Tech 41 Wake Forest 77, South Carolina i2. Austin Peay72 .Arkansa s State 39. Westminster Mo. 79, Tarki 64. Canine edlcure Modern civilization has brought many problems to the dog but, too it has often provided Its own solutions. And so it is with the effect of hard roads and sidewalks on a dog's nails. Lon;j nails can make walking painful for a dog —particularly when he is on a hard surface to whicn he is unaccustomed.' it they are allowed to glow he is apt to avor them by walking flat footed, thereby pushing the rweight -far jack over the pastern. • •-' But, cri the other hand, the dog hat is almost constantly'running n sidewalks nerds attention • far ess often because the cement ends to wear the nails "-down''and 1 nay keep them under 'control for long time. Nevcvtheless. whether It is oricti month or only three or four times year, just about overy dog should Baker Kan 80, Friends 62. jhave r.n occasion! pedicure. of Emporia 71, McPha Best method is to clip the nails, and they may then be smoothed College on 60. Kansas Tech 91, Fairbury 89. . Emporia State 55, Rockhurst 52 Washburn 88, Fort Hays State 78 Central 4. Mp 87, Culver Stockton West Texas 90, Texas Western 53 Southern California 53, California 0. UCLA 92, Stanford 73. Colorado A/M 47, Wyoming 43 Fights Last Night By The Asoo'-lated Press Now York Madison Square Garen— Joey Giardello. 157 , Phila- elphia, stopped Walter Cartier, 61, sMew York, 1, West Palm Beach Fla. —Franie iodano, 128, Philadelphia, outint- d Marvin Dick, 133, New .York, J> Philadelphia— Jim Soo ' 135, 'hiladelphia, stopped Billy Franis, 130, Baltimore, 3. he B boys were soundly licked by Blevins 63 to 45, The Hope Independent Girls ourneyed to Texarkana last night nd Was defeated by the Red River Arsenal 34 to 27. t up with a file if you wish—but this isn't really jiecessary. Cave must be taken never to cut too far back and get into the "quick," which is the live part of the nail. This is easily Seen in white nails as th« colored portion ncarcs,, the toe, but it is more difficult to se3 in dark colored nails. The safest procedure- is to Work from the under side where the quick section has a soft spongy appearance in contrast to the hard brittbr.ess. of the nah itself. .: KCMC Television Sunday, February 7th . 3:00 Test,'Pattern What's Your Trouble • Hinshaw Quartet ..--.' Churches of Christ '.; v This is the Life The Best Sidq of. Life '.>. The Living Book Omnibus CBS George Jessel ABC Paul Winchell NBC Jack-Benny CBS • Toast of the Town CBS Mr. Peepers NBC Man Behind the Badge CBS Loretta Young Show NBC Dillard's Amateur Talent . Show 10:00 News Headlines 10:03,,v.Th"e Pastor Calls 10:20''Sign Off ' 1:15 1:30 2:00 2:30 3:00 3:30 4:00 5:30 6:00 6:30 7:00 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 •»ive»r. Onteafted. 4wtoBdj to toow: - ot SJieHjr? suggesting. When debate, was .set to begin in January, Eisenhower flatly and tmbliclyj came out against the anierjdment but not against Bnpjf. ?r, He said the proposal would tie lis .hands in foreign affairs _ Some Bricker critics thought Eisenhower should have pulled a shotgun right there by refusing to make anv concessions/thus forcing he Senate to choose between him and the Bricker group, Eisenhpwer might have won crushing all the Bricker amendment talk. Also, he might hav<» ost if enough senators had dp elded this was as much a contest between the White House and Sen* ate as It was between Eisenhower nd an amendment. Win or lose, the result pipbably VOuld ,have been a pool qf "bitter- ...Jcb Stephen 11 tT" Tactfully At. nil I; qttder irt«e« to,ke 4toj, » jlcML- _, old friend; win eoitte 'care for Stephen'* pa- -..'- • WX ,,.. THE .next Friday evening, Stephen brought pr. Talboy to his home for dinner. Not unexpectedly, of c/ounie. Shelly had been the one to suggest the invitation. '"Shan I.aak a girl for him? Or is he married?*' |=fhe laughed. "You see, I don't know a thing about him, Stephen! Except hia name and that'ifl oo— weU It i« un- uwiaL* , ' Stephen nodded. 'I've heard it suggested that he has Indian blood; I, am hoping- that Mother and her pals don't fasten on that, and— Hf«JH~<-yoB tooir!" He grinned at his pretty wife, , "What tribe?" she asked in de Hght. •1 dotjt knpw. But he'd tell you, if you'd ask. The point IB, all those narrow-minded women — " •T W»w th« point! Now I am to *6« Wm- .!• it much ing to miss your bacon > and eg kiss every'morning!" The feel o his arms about her— How woul she get through that year—tha long year! That had been Wednesday, an now on Friday evening, qrjajg Tal boy came into the Stephen. His strong hand enfolde hers, bis black eyes seemed to ex plore tha inner channels of he mind. He recognized her amaze ment, and asked her what cause* it. "Well, aha aald, "you're olde than I expected . . ." Her colo deepehedi "Now that's a terribl thing to say. Isn't it?" 'It is," agreed Dr. Talboy, read Uy, "because the minute a man be comes forty, he also becomes sensi live .about his age." "Only men?" laughed Stephen. "My dear man, women never.be come forty. Even your lovely Shel ly here will get only to her late thirties and then exist hi a state o suspended animation until proudlj she can confess to eighty!" Shelly laughed merrily, and th landsome tall man nodded. A jrickling of excitement tingled along her splner Over their cocktails, Stephen explained about the house where he md Shelly lived. "My grandfather juilt it VaJidervoort's deco- btoodT" "tie's dark, and there's that odd. to nam^-beyond that, enough to drovyn sonj« f.!EJsenhower'§ projepts when they ?ft9J>ed ? the Senate lister, chose a more-,, moderate making '}{ jmpossible for nypnp-to' say he wa? unreason- W Stubborn, He s^id he'4 com- rfprnise,, that « the senators really .some kind pf amendment d he woy}dn't 'pb1e, ft f to qje th|t said no treaty ie «»fri Constitution.' the view of sdm,e . Geq. and granddaughter, Miss r For fwp ye«rs-4(j of thp vplcana Jher» were and . r,em Arjte Ga« af Wich.Ua falls, Texas n,d therefore he harmless eanjngless. This moderate stand f, Eisenhower, whether he i s^w -4t f qr not. gpt fast resylts; j ft tabled a bunch Pf, Bripker's pff his killed hJ? ) almost, -the v Senate gpt debate ^hout'a com- or, perb,aps . no ; jamend-. all. , . ' j ,' ^ the argmiient subsides i. ChUvph wil} rehearse night, Febru wy % 8 t at his would nicely «r« - to has returned to her home after being » patient in the Cqr$ ponjielj Hospital the past lx?tU}r put that on — ** Friend? at Mr. Sam GiU will re. gret he js sertewsly yi in the Cora Hp?pitil following » heart the Senate may give- -up the-whoje ill in the £or« #n,d walk pff nothing. Really, darling. If I yoU, |'4 forget it," she said m« V "Byt you could tell iimited No, thatlwi't | c«> eee H'm to be Shall I invite into ey rigging *'N feftft)}. her .. te«» struck by a wonder. Jdea^ W« caja marry him to I , jt-8Toaa«4 m Jh4» 'fot ^p from rated it—but all the pretty parts are Shelly's contribution. That," he added, with a smile for his wife 'takes the sting from the family's relegating us to live hi town rather ban out at Carr circle. You have to have brick dust in your hair to earn that Honor; it's the family's own special type of silicoais,' Dr. Talboy cast his eye about the handsome room, and repeated the glance when they moved into the dining room. "I can't and any argument for silicosis, family type or otherwise/' he declared, When they were seated about the table Talboy said "I think we should explain to Shelly why I'm here. I mean, why a man of my years and obvious experience should be taking a locum Job. That is what you're anxious to know, isn't it, Shelly?" "Of course," she laughed. "I have various faults," Talboy was saying. "I play hot jazz on all pr any pianos. I do it well, but a lot of people don't like Jazz. I their right to that taste. "And Keep right on playing their planps," chuckled Stephen, "Until they stop exposing their mahogany to me, yes. I also have a. dog, Shelly. A Scottle, named Donald. AS independent -as any hog on ice, And he goes around with roe almost everywhere." Stephen grinned. "That 'almost' mean? he does not go Into the ' rppmf oc isto the homes of rtain. sort of patient," 1 chooses pretty oareful' y, |He knows whom he likes, and what he llfees. And does nothing to conceal that opinion." "Wtes Ms Blaster," murmured Stephen, "Certaistiyl* agreed Pr« Talboy, "J'w s|jl) waiting "" chuckled ~ "" r— ^™"f i • r"*-rr':j«&-~ f'Vf^^ 1 *" i—the pn^ he'll!, giw you, Shelly-^-of his McepJUnjpbur offer here.'*' A ; t^' .''.'.-/*-•' " ,-.; rea^isnidfdl he give your* asked. ShoUyiiuioklyi--- ,j, Dr. 'Taiboyv^horted. SMy^.' on1y>. one. I needed a job. Bui I might " 'the matter of why I needed aa you red Stephen, "and admittedly M -'- ^doctor." , , .^ .-ijt you hav» noitt* buttona t« sew on before yior trip, old boyt," asked his friend."! want to talk to Shelly." .-...- "Dpn't let me stop you. I eajet sew and listen at the aajrne Ome." Craig turned his shoulder b» Stephen. "You see, Shelly." he said in the manner in which a popular uncle addresses a Uttle girl, "I needed this locum job because I am an iconoclast." He leaned toward her. "Do you know what that word means?" "Yes," she said gently. 1 dp know." , " Dr. Talboy's white tee.th flashed In a rewarding smile, "As Stephen tias said," he continued slowly, with the briefest inclination of his head toward his host, "I am a wonderful doctor!" "I went no further than good," murmured Stephen. Craig ignored the sound he made. But I am also, Shelly, a great sinnerl" : : Her violet eyes widened. "In a medical sense," Craig assured her, ' Now it was Stephen who snorted, and thp other man grinned. 'You see, Shelly—I'll call you darling 1 once we get this boy off to his war! But for now well pa discreet". , • . : "In this town/' Stephen informed him, "that's a good plan for UM future, too." "You mean Tm not going to like t here 7" Stephen laughed. "Go on and confess your medical sins to Shelly, I'm running out of buttons," Th# butler, who came Just then, looked at him in alarm. Dr. Talboy stifled a laugh. "I see what you mean about th* own," he murmured when tht vhlte coat had gone through tie door to the pantry. "But to mak« a long story short, Shelly, I—my in lies in the f apt that I am • ebel in the closed ranks of medi- ine. What is worse, t don't coiiir fine myself to feeling rebellious; pr ven to snorting around among my Immediate colleagues, 1 have to g? and write my stuff down on paper, and somebody nearly always print* what I have to say, That way, U eta pn the record," » er pretty. Intent faee, "Jn my 4ear," he said gently, "J writ* for newspapers and swes—pppm*r mag*sin.«w, . -iedical Jowpnajs—and in those ar? cles ( I attack the Holy Cow from orn t9 tail!" Shelly glanced at her eed i i

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