The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on March 22, 1977 · Page 4
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 4

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 22, 1977
Page 4
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. PACK •!—IJfAUCATVCK NKWM (CONN.), MONDAY, .TtTLY 8, 1!MO JEtaflp Published Every Evening (Except Sunday) by THE NAUGATUCK N10WS CORPORATION NAUOATUCK. CONN, RUPOL.PH M. HENNICK, President und fr-uollahor Telephoned Z22H ond^ZZZD—All Department!) t-'ntorod its »ocond cluaH rnuttdr at tho post office In Naugatuck, Conn, SUBSCRIPTION KATES payable In Advance month $1.00 1 Year .$12.00 Member: The American Newupapor Publishers Tho N. E. Dally Newspaper Pub. Ass'n Tho Conn. Nownpapor Publshors Ass'n MOMMY, ,JUI,V H, 10-10 Debt To Veterans .Responsibility for Hurling jolts Tor vuL- erfiiiH (loos not rust solely wit.ii t'edortd a^encii'S, It is cvorylindy's Imsinoss, ae- cordine; lo Perry I'^iulkner, chief of the Veterans' Kmploymcnl Service in 'Washington. Hi.' reminds the country that in the midst of war's alarms a halo was put around the heads of the fi^lilmi,' men, But once tin; threat to safely is over and the men are back in civilian suits with X'old d iso.lm iw buttons in their lapels, it is easy lo for^c-f that I lie nation owes them a #iwil debt. Most veterans want to render a dollar's worth of-service for a dollar's worth of pay. They are not asking indulgence or favoritism. They want, a chance to support themselves and their families. ,ln the presetil economic upset, it is frequently difficult for these voim"; men to f£<-t back into industry. Conditions have chan.e'ed durin.n' Ihe war- and they find it hard to pick up the new clues. For many, the post-war job will be the first they have held. The nation will prosper as these ex-l'i^lilitii;' men prosper. It is up to every community I" see thai (lie cooperation, in 'l lie form of definite ehinery for employment »f its own eran citizens. Do You Remember? From the Files of the Naugatuck News 20 Years Ago Mr. and Mrs, John Hawkins, of. Beacon Falls, wore visiting In Boston. .o—O—o Mr. and Mrs. William Hall Miner of Hillside avenue left to spend the month of July with their daughter, Mrs. G. W. Adams, in Groton, Massachusetts. o—O—o. 30 Years Ago Mrs. William Denny of. Walnut street spent her vacation at Walnut Beach, o—O—o Charles Broclie of Scott street left for Maine for the" summer, POSSIBILITIES OF THE ATOM Around The Clock 1'e is vut- lu u recent letter received by the army recruiting station in Waterbury from a local youth, Pvt. L. Praleikas of JSpriui;' street, tliu recent enlistee praised the army, and stated that, lie was more than glad that he had joiued the anncd forces, Ll, i-.larrv; Kot'f, M'lio is in charge of the station, informed us The letter read in part, "I'm doing well in the army and am glad that I joined. 1 volunteered for the paratroops and am now receiving infantry training in Fort McLellan, Alubama. It is a IHCC camp"; in reference to the army food, lie staled, "The chow here is much better than in Fort JJix, N". .]., and is extremely edible." lie told of the two week bivouac which his group was to take out to tho target ranges, and said that he was looking forward to tins trip very much. HEALTH FOR ALL Technique For Peace Xornuui ('ni'wiii, winner of tin: first. "\\Vinlcll Willk'n- "( (IK.- \Vorl<[" pri/i; award, in n spi-i'di bcl'mx 1 tin.; Amt.'ncan Boolwllurs Association, satil lliaL. what \vi- iii'iifl in nriliT Id ri'tili/u \\'un<U'll AV'ill- kio's concept of Oiu 1 World is a U' nii|iic. lie [minted din HIM! tyrants luu'u always owed llieii- temporary suc-coss In \vell-llinii-'hl-dia plans, which they stuck Lo like .U'l'iin donlli, Tliry had immense fnei'Ky and slnyin.u' power. He \vctil on: "II' tyranny has employed superb lech- nii|iies. why, (hen, haven't democracy, peace, nnily and I'reeildin '. \Vliy doosn'l Hiieh u universally allrnclivr idea as One World enjoy superb technicians .' "The answer is lluil it has, and that in fji'dwin^ mi'iisiirt 1 i( will eontiniK' In. .But in the past the (cclinicians "I" social x'ood have been Inn few, the support ol' them (oo shallow, Iheir lives, al;is, loo brief," ('hief amorii;- those who think miiver- snlly he lists Ihe arl ists—painlrrs, poets, playwrights and novelists—because lo In; fiTeat I heir work runs! come close to the heart nl' Immunity, and Ibis heart beats with (he Name rhythm everywhere in (lie- world. They iniisi apply their nnder- slandin.!;' '>!' human nalnre to other mailers limn Iheir work i I sell', lie added: "Any uuin, especially the arlisi, who never hikes sides, who never votes, never yi^iiH a petition, never speaks his mind, Panics, depressions and t like weather," Perhaps there is hope for tho world, in spile ol'all I he .U'loomy prophecies. .But it will remain just a hope unless people are •willing to put into i(.s reali/.ntion the yame quiet, intelligent determination that. S'oes into developing such teclmii|iies as that of 1 hi' artist, the musician, the inventor of n nc.w and useful machine, Mrs. Katharine Radcliffe of HotchMss street postcards from Pittsfield, N. H,, to say—"Hello, Naugutuck,.—On my way to the White Mountains—Lovely weather up here!" WALTER WINCHELL Coast-To-Coast (Copyright, 1946, by Tha Hearst Corporation) Digest is n civic drone, come to hii American Vacation made-in-America vacation tour at- ing many people on holiday is the A tnic cm.- l.o South Diikohi's Hlack Hills, Ihe "rnosl.est mountains in the smallest space." .111 1 iv aru the Cathedral Spires and Needles, rock formations towering lo the sky, and canyon-deep streams filled with J.roiit. On the granite face of Mount Knshrnoro are the colossal portraits- by Onlxon Bnrglum of Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and Theodore Koosevelt, a shrine of democracy to give all American visitors a new thrill of national pride. From bridle paths can be seen buffalo and elk, both national symbols now almost' y oxtiiu't elsewhere. Americans are great travelers. This year they will learn much about tlioir own bceuitii'ul and interesting laud. in tho July issue of Header's I here is ;in anecdote in tho "Life In These 1 United States" section by Mrs. M.aybelle IT. Osbonie, formerly ol' Nau- tfiituck, now of. Wast Cheshire Mrs. Osbonie tells us the incident occurred just about n 'year ago Our good friend Jim Khian of the magazine i^ivcs us permission to reprint it—for tho bone- fit of those who haven't already road it: " (>n a Connecticut road one Si.nulay afternoon my husband and T and our two small da lighters stopped by a pasture e-ate as a farmer sent bis dot;- to fetch the cows for milking, "Do you mind an audience;'" we asked. "The children would like to watch." The Farmer nodded assent, and my husband tried vainly to strike a conversational spark. "You don't talk much, do you 1 ?" I finally remarked. The farmer turned and. surveyed me, "Look, lady,"-he said, "I read that magazine, too. And if anyone's .u'oin,!;' to make a hundred dollars out of any funny saying's of mine, it's e-oin^ to bo'ino!"—Maybelle H. Osbonie (Xaug-atuck, Conn.) (Editor's Note: Tracing the farmer in question, we have sent him his $100, too.)" Mary Grant is enjoying- her annual week of relaxation Mary was thinking about taking a trip to Maine Art Fager spent a busy day today in the berrypicking fields Local stores today started their summer program of closing all day Monday. Man About Town Former Ambassador Joseph P. Davics 1 cljjhtr nnrl her audio;- proom have nnnolions. He is Hans H.iho, who aulh'u "A Thousand Shall Frill" . . The Charles Spi- ™lts, hc'.s the btitonc'i'p, will -sock a lefciil separation after 13 years of "perfect married bliss" . . . Fred Stone's fii-Mt grand-tot is on th:; way via the Michael 3lo:<ncs (Paula ! Slonb) . . . Maestro Tommy Doi-sey ) (whose Pat Dane is reported melting matters) has a new rhythm. Her name is Candy Toxton . Jerry Cooper,'the' thrush, denies reports of a reconcijiation. He hny sent his Martha (GoldthwaiLc) the noenssary tariff to begin divorce proceedings . . . T-iOC Trent ;-,.ncl Jacqueline Fontaine 1 ai-e among (.he Julytoiny She's ut L:L Congu, nnd he's in "Tidnits of ''Hi" which debuts tonight tit the Plymouth . . The in- vosti^'iitior. of Kllintt Roosevelt's deal (with A&P's Mr. Hnrtford) cost the :rov't $100,000. and it wound up sending him :.i Itix refund . . . License Conim. Fielding, who stripped the- stripeoiers of their licenses at Conuy Island, will cracli down on some mud);l agencies . . , Mayor O'Dwyer is said to have told Gei-alclinc Brooks, the sl.arlot, that The Avenup of the AmcrTciis will soon he mimed nth Avenue acrain. Two Uttlo Girls in Blue: The lovely, blijiidc, mitI<Ilo-;iKi!cl lady fliK|>."fi,si/ijr sodas at Nicholas' in the Graiul Central Tonnituil was njico one of 7 J \rz'<M'ii most cclchrat.<.'<l hcaiitif.-s. H'.'r mum: is Doris Curlson . . . Another beauty in tin; same Zieprfel'l show ^:il depart- mi'iit rci.-onlly purchased 11-1 E. '10th StiMijt (invar CiCTcriniiial) for Her iinino: 1'olly J>n.\ p . hns tf) tiro half of them The Senators who :iflTec<i to tbu pay tilt demanded that that may he dls- (•.liargcd to m:ikc up tfio. new cx- pi!/isc! . . . Nciv York realtors are planning to whip the >'. V. State rent control by utsing NBA as u precedent . . r According to Hnnio.1 Ilolano, Jr., the Delano family lias prlven 11 Presidents to the nation. j llc'll tell all about it in a tome . . . J. Martin, Hous<; minority chief, will Ret his political opposition from Mrs. Martha Sharp, wife of ;\ minister . . Scc.'y of State Byrnes, they say, told Molntov to quit voloinp "the ponce of the world." Did he mean the tninquil- ity of China or the quiet and Ciilm of Mrs. Paul Field), whose (Virginia ahrogtillon plans were confirmed, just learned that j her rich parents in Britain are also : dividing . . . The hero detective i (Ho'ran) who captured those. Cen- > li-al Park killers is the kid brother i A s a 'l ' who suspected that she might he ' named in 3. couiHor- divorcc suit by Ann St. George- against Alexis Thompson, the millionaire, ha? left town . . . The new March model agency 00 52nd Street is staffed with ex Gls. The ftal in ehrirge is a former WAG ... ..A 20th OlABETES When we rend about people wh'o lived in the Middle Ages and come across a description of the meals which were served then, sometimes we arc ahocked at'the quantity of food that -the woll-to-do consumed. Perhaps we should remember, however, that people were more active in those days than they arc today. Some of the diseases which people have today may be -traced, in part, to their failure lo adjust their eating habits to the lives they lead. One of the reasons that diabetes i-ns become more common In recent years may be that people ore eatinK loo much rich food while iff lather sedentary lives. This, of course, is not'-the only explanation for the greater prevalence of riiahetes but it is undoubtedly one I of the factors involved. ] Diabetes in due to an ovcr-abun- ^ lance of sugar in the blood. The | body requires sugar for heat and iorc;y and it obtains this sugar from carbohydrates—such foods as sweets, bread, cereals, potatoes, nonron ->nd spaghetti. I more sugar is consumed than the body can use, the rest is stored n.way or turns to fat. Conversion of sugar into heat and energy is made possible by a secretion in the blood stream called insulin, which is manufactured by cells in the pancreas. If anything interferes with the flow of insulin, the body is unable to use the sugar f.nnsumed from carbohydrates and diabetes results. - . Early symptoms of diabetes are constant thirst and hunger, even igh a normal amount of food is oaten, loss of weight for no apparent reason a.nd spells of weakness and dizziness. If these symptoms are present, the individal should consult a doctor immediately. He will make a urinalysis and test the blrod for «uiar content. The earlier diabetes is discovered, the easier it :s to control it. The dinbe-tic patient should bo on a special diet as recommended hy a doctor. Indiscriminate cutting down of carbohydrates is not sufllienl to control the disease. Tho pa-ticnt should he under medical care. Often the diabetic must take injections of insulin, made from the pancreas of certain animals, to supply the deficiency ir, his own blood. Insulin neither cures nor prevcn-ts diabetes." It is an aid in controlling the disease and should be used only as the doctor advises. Any infection may have serious consequences for the diabetic. It is of the utmost importance, therefore, that extreme precaution be exercised to avoid infection or, in the case of even a small cut, -to consu't a physician. In the next article, bed rest for the tuberculous will be discussed. Talbot Predicts _ Enlistments Will Strengthen Army Washington. D. C. (Special) : prcscnlative Joseph E. Talbot I weekend broadcast stated thought voluntary enlistments bring the armed services up tlioir authorized strength by J U I V N lfl-17. • . In » review of the amended si loclivc Service Act as passed hy (he Congress, man Talbot lisicd the made In conscription and the belief that recent pay- granted the armed forces wi'll'n! suit in increased enlistments. The broadcast, onliiled "F to the People" was hoard over"tin!i Connocticui radio stations. The Naujjatuck Ccngi cssinnn a pressed the opinion thnl volume™ and 19 year-old inductees win ma j,, up the. greater portion of the arnJ forces by July I of next year. Outlining the advantages extend cd by the govcrnmem to those wh] enlist. Congressman Talbot uiW' eligible listeners to give care;!;! consideration to volunteering \J, .service, ' ';' Talbol pointed out tljat he hil first presented the proposal ^ service pay raises in letters to t)J Secretary of War and to Chairm,,! Mny. of the House Military Affe-J Committee. "i "It has gratified me lo sec \\Jt such incre'.i.scs for the soldierj ^ sailors have recently been put ,> lc effect, and in my opinion—u- the were not ns gre&l I had suggested—they will do m,& lowHi-d multiplying the numbw of voluntary enlistments in nil ches of the service," U) C Coi cut Congressman said. ARHK.ST Cromwell, July 8 <UD~A forme! prison inmate is under arrcstJ charged with alt.ickir.g two 'j;l year-oM jrir).-!. Tho .vnspect is 3fj ynnr-old Carl Hackloy O f H&r 1 ford. PLAY POOL On First Class Tables R & M ALLEYS 155 MAPLE STUKET Peter Paul Inc. NAUGATUCK. CONN, Wnlltt-i- .ol the films and Dorothy ; Patrick are swapping little white i Julys . . .That attractive person you j saw with Fat Di Cicco is named ; Truly Barbara, her real lag . . Dr. j Ale?:anclf. Y i- Knyo. chief Burgeon at i West Side and Physicians' Hospi- i tals, and June Survey go to the I altar tomorrow. The Washingtongiie-wagKOrs; Washington still has 8,000 clollnr- a-year-men . . . Income tax chief Niinan Is not happy over the pay ruisL- ff>r all hi.s mrn. Because he Jews Protest Palestine 'Tyranny' THE MOTHER-IN-LAW Lay yoffl J^iy off! Wo are getting weary! Our hancl.s arc wobbly, our eyes arc bleary! We nro almost rcat'.y lo make a draw. From hearing so much of the mother-in-law. She mny have been fine, she may have been true, The mother of ten or the mother of two, But the minute that one of her Inmbklns wod, Then nhe begins sprouting some horns on her head. Anrl she makes good copy; so every wag, Who indlton n clltty, or pens a gng, Who manages also to wangle n. saw, Begins 10 depict her—the mothcr-ln-lnw! . . . Ho should he thrown in the pond to soak, And then when he can no longer croak, Be hung In the tallest tree to dry, While the birds of heaven honk as they fly. Deriding the man with tho gall in his craw, That monster—dcfamcr of Mother-ln-lnw! FLORA B. WALKER Our thanks t.o Mrs. Thomas Lilkin for IICT kind words nboilt ovn: column Glad Lo have you with us, Mrs. Litkin, and happy that you took time to let us know vour sentiments. Crime in tho II. S. is now at its greatest in 15 years, the FBI reports, with arrests up TjO per cent in some- areas." "What will the Russians think when they hear " ovors next husbfind may he Major Ltfirry Pascal. They met only rc- nenlly. Her ex just wed Candy JorcM . . . Lylc Stuart, he's the rr.nnaginc; editor of a music ma: and society mode] Mary Louise Buckler will merge any sundown . . A Communist leader has told asso-. fjiates that the party mny soon be forced underground as it IK revolutionary by nature . . .L. E. Sheter reports this VVnll St.-cet episode: A depositor buys four shares of bank stock ynd tells the bank prcxy: "Just Icccp running tho bank the way you have!" Tho most terrific anti-trust action in the history of (.he U. S. Is shited for 71 will involve at least seven of the hcst known brokerage housos, nn insur.incf firm :m some hanks . . . Wendell Rerge's (B. of .7.) triist-hustors will charge (hat U. S. production Is <!(?- llhppiitrly hot.tli'nrckcd hy the monopolies fnvolvod . . . One of the digest mags for has the ox- <'lusive s(ory on i( hy IV Atlas . . . Wall Streetcrs arc poised for the. big explosion Mint will shaltc the nation's sc(-iip. "eyes" at a patron who lurnod out to 'be 'U detective. The spot now lias a gendarme posted to look over 'lie peculiar customers . . Ine:-. Norton, former honey of the Into Arnold Rothstein, :s now a. big success at a seashore resort as manager . . . Many 1st grade detectives wi]] be J'o'turncd to uniform next week . . . The cop who tried to kill himself the other day Cafter .1 woman wns strangled) knew what he w:»c doing, according to police insiders. Remosc plus . . . Fritz Knhn's former Bund office in Yorkville is new H phycho-analyst's . . , . Sally Broomcll <N. Y. and Palm Beach Hotel publicist 1 weds Wendell H. Arnold of Cleveland on Thursday at.- Bronxvillo, N. Y. . . We've finally figured out why Mi.ssissippin.ns kept sending Bilho and Rr.nkin back lo Washington. They don't want them in Mississippi. Manufacturers of ,• Nation's Largest Selling' 0 CANDIES AND f CHEWING GUMS i Leaving tho White House (top) In Washington, are four of the members of the Jewish Agency for.Palestine who had just conferred with President Truman on tho recent events there. They arc (loft to right), Louis Lipsky, Kablii Abba H. Silver; Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, and Dr. Nivhum Goldman. Shown below,'thousands demonstrate in New York to "JFifi-ht Britain's Tyranny !n Palestine" while several In the E r oup curry a British flag on which appears a swastika. (International Soundphoto); It's a 7 Ib bass-player for tho Clyde Lombardys. Dad's in the 1 Ch;us. Ventura crew . . . Alky distillers are breathing easier because the gov't is considering increasing the number of operating days from 3 to (i ... George Fra?.lcr's smart- Iclc _cn Toots Shor in a mag has a loa.d of zingy comments' abovit many of his belter known pnlrons. It's all too true, loo! . . , Magda Karl mcmos the col'm: "De Bour- bon-Parrna's claim lo you lhat he doesn't know me docs not upset me one bit. But your believing it-does!" . . . i?. Gregory Taylor, host' at tho St. Morifx. i.s ditto to General A. Papagos, Field Marshall of. Greek Armies during the fight against Germany arcr! Italy. He arrived Sntdcc via the Queen Mary . . . Adding agony to in.jury: The new song, "I I^eft My Henri in Mississippi," is inching inlo Ihe hit division. Martin Block, Ihe publisher, paid S30,000 for il. . Allantic City is again "wide open"—everything goes. Dr. .'John S. Mavis das prepared a new cigfii<! \\hjrh will he marketed hy onu.of tni> leading clgafi'tie firms next inpiilh. This cigarette, they sny, dilates the blood vessels ami wil rniM! t):i, skin-.trtnt f.'Him- 1 -degree, whereas the popular brands are said to lower It hy several . . . The Iodide* in this new cig counteract thu cfli'O.t of nicotine and it is reported to have been tested successfully on-,over 400 modiofil students . . It is also supposed to have lowered their hifrh blood pressure . . lit, mime (nix letters) stars with " D" Night spot proprietors arc in for more headaches from Pctrillo in Sept. Local 802 will jump musicians' scales 10 to 35 per cent . . . Count Basic, whose fans in Red Bank, N. J. are talking it up for him to run for mayor, will decline the honor i . A 52nd Street pianist was fired pronto after • makin g CANNING Our Complete Services Give You Carefree Vacation Driving! ! POUST'S SERVICE STATION 144 Rubber Ave. Tel. 4935 C:>r« Called For and Dcllvera) JARS \PS, LIDS RUBBERS And follow inntrucuonn in the Boll Blue Book. To pet your copy *eml lOc with your rtftme and nddrem to— BMl BROTHERS COMPANY, Muncic, Iml. SAVE CASH & CARRY If You Bring Your Own Laundry CALL WAT. 4-4106 A MERICA /. I * \ l> K > i-liniiirx\ MILL SUPPLIES • POWER TOOU 22 SAVINGS ST.. TH.5-2J« NAUGATUCK SPORT & AUTO SUPPLY "ROSS" WEAVING, Prop. J Wlnslow Court . Tel. MM AUTO PARTS SPORTS GOODS}, SOFTBACK SUPrUKS I VENETIAN BLINDS •n Stork, Thrr* Uny Orll^rjr. LEBON'B VRNRTIA1V RMND CO. •!7<l No. Mil In St. Trt, H-722T =SWnli*rl>ury R&P METAL WORKS nn SO. MAIN STBKET (Ke«) Export Welding of All TyP» Forf-rlngr. Sheet Mctnl ant Ornuincntal Stool Work Txlriihiinr (1377 WATCH FOK OUR BEXOVATKD STORE'S GJtAND OFENINC: CORNER CANTEEN S'M No- Main Street "I»i>ni" Trllrrlru. Trop. KVS MIN<i ChlnrM-Anii-r-l<-iin KKSTAIJKAST M4 KAST MAIN MTBBBT WUIW MKIN Anil OUirr Food To Ilnkc Hin»". Oprn 'diilly II "- m. '» ' S»(urilii,v to S a. m> Similny 12 Nonn in 1 »• ' Try NEWS Want Ads—they bring re suit*

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