The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas on October 6, 1961 · Page 7
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The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas · Page 7

Ottawa, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 6, 1961
Page 7
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Brown 9 s Bylines New Wheat Test Is Simple, Quick an- 4-H Notes Now Is Time To Join Club CLOSED, OPEN NEXT YEAR-Jim and Helen Lederer, RFD 2, Pomona, members of Junior Judgers 4-H club, make a winter inspection of the 4-H concession stand at the county fairgrounds here. The building will be opened again in the spring. (Herald Photo) Permanent 4-H Pop Stand By JIM LEDERER Junior Judgers 4-H Club For the last few years, the "Franklin County 4-H Council has had a pop stand at the fair. It had to get its own stand, which meant borrowing a fireworks stand or a small building of some sort. After consent was given for borrowing the building, there still was the problem of how to get it to the fair. Trucks were used to haul it in to the fair. After the building had been cleaned, it was then put into use for selling pop, candy bars, gum, chocolate milk and milk. After the fair was over the building had to be hauled back to the owners property. But this year, due to the generosity of Mr. and Mrs. Ben Heidner the council has a pop- stand. It was built by Heidner, and was formerly used by them for selling watermelons, cucumbers, tomatoes and cabbages during the dry 30s'. The Heidners gave it to the 4-H Council. The Ottawa Tractor and Implement Company furnished the truck, and the Ottawa Co-Op furnished the paint and spray-painted it. The building was located on K-68 near Richter. The Heidners did • big business, selling cabbages at $6 a ton and tomatoes for $1 a 20-pound bushel. Their 20-acre truck farm was irrigated from the river. The Heidners hired from 15 to 20 workers at a time for planting, sorting and picking the vegeta- The recently - announced wheat sedimentation test is a simple, quick test which the U. S. Department of Agriculture has announced will be used to determine premiums for next year's wheat crop. A premium schedule based on sedimentation tests will be nounced in the near future. The purpose of using the B e d i m e n- tation test instead of t h e protein test is to r e f lect the quality value of wheat in p r o- ducer support prices, thus encouraging the production of higher quality wheat. Don Brow* Farm Agent 59 come from hard wheats (other than Durum) and is used most widely for bread flour production. Protein content in this range runs from 12 to 14 per cent with glu ten quality generally good. Hard wheat of weak varieties fall in this category only when the protein content is very high. While the sedimentation test is not absolutely accurate, it is thought to give a better measure of the bread baking strength o wheat than any other single tes except for an actual bread-bak ing test. Climatic conditions probably have as much to do with protein quality and quantity as variety but for wheats having compara ble protein content, Comanche, B: son, Ponca, Raw, Cheyenne, Ten marq and Rodeo are expected toe ave the high sedimentation val-1 "Exciting Year" For Lutherans es. Broiler Industry Asks For Help WASHINGTON (AP)-Secretary if Agriculture Orville L. Freeman lad under consideration today a ecommendation of the National Agricultural Advisory Commission that he take action to bring stability to a price-depressed jroiler industry. The commission, which closed a two urged day session Freeman to Wednesday, convene an LINCOLN, Neb. (AP)-The impending merger of four Lutheran Church bodies promises to make ext year "an exciting, historical ear," the seventh annual con- ention of United Lutheran Church Women (ULCW) in the central tales was told Thursday. Mrs. Fred Wiegman of Phila- lelphia, ULCW associate secre- ary, urged the women "to trengthen yourselves and your ULCW through knowledge, prayer early meeting of representatives of this industry to see what could be done to relieve its current distress. Commission Chairman Harry B. Caldwell told newsmen Freeman should look into the possibility of recommending to Congress legislation which would permit tht government to regulate and control production of broilers bj means of a federal marketing or der. Congress turned down such I proposal at its recent session be cause of a sharp division within the industry. By ROSS NELSON Most 4-H Clubs have completed election of officers and are preparing for a big 4-H year in 1962 The members, Clubs, leaders and parents have made 1961 a good year for the Franklin County 4-H Program. October is the ideal time ~~" to enroll in 4-H. This allows you time to visit the club and see how you like it. This also allows you to attend all t h e meetings. By enrolling now NELSON you may select the projects you desire to work with and you do not miss any of the project meetings. Project meetings are conducted by an adult selected to instruct 4-H members about their project. This adult trains you to use the proper tools and equipment correctly. By meeting with 4-H members these adults show the correct procedure to build or complete the project. The 4-H member does all the work that he can do safely. Adults assist with the portion of the project that the 4-H member cannot do alone. 4-H clubs meet once a month vegetables were sent bles. Their to many places, Western Kansas, Denver, Colo., and people would come for 100 miles just to get their vegetables. HDU News GOOD NEIGHBORS — Met with Mrs. Roy Gerhard with 10 members present. Plans were made for a public community meeting. William Bowers spoke on "Wills and Titles," and Rosalie Osburn showed a film on tuberculosis. RICHMOND — Held its October meeting at the home of Mrs. Reed Goff with nine members present. After the business meeting the lesson on Fibers, Fabrics, and Finishes was given. The rest of the afternoon was spent playing games and singing. CENTROPOLIS - Met at a community - wide meeting, with Robert Pinet, lawyer, the instructor for the lesson "Wills and Titles". A solo by Vicki Clark accompanied by Anita Clark and piano solo by Becky Myers completed the program. The meeting was at the Centropolis school and coffee were served by the committee to members and guests. to conduct their business meetings. This is where 4-H members learn how a business meeting is conducted. This is important to them in other group meetings and in later life. We never know when we will take over as chairman for a group or organization. 4-H A Basic Educational Program By HAROLD E. JONES Kansas State University October, 4-H Club Enrollment Month, high lights one of the three basic educational programs of the Kansas Extension Service. The three programs are in agriculture, home economics and a boys and girls club program, popularly known as 4-H clubs. Youth between the ages of 10 and 20 are invited to learn more about 4-H clubs during October, the first month of the club year, from their county extension agents, leaders and members of clubs in their community or county. Boys and girls may become associate members when they are eight years of age. One of the strongest reasons for no cultural slum areas in the rural sections of Kansas is the 4- H club program. The primary purpose of 4-H clubs is to provide opportunities for mental, physical, social, and spiritual growth of Kansas youth. The success stories of the nearly 250,000 "graduates of the Sunflower State 4-H program is sufficient to warrant the belief that club work is one of the most important educational activities that could be undertaken in the state. The test is based on the known facts that gluten protein absorbs water and swells when treated with lactic acid under certain conditions and that the amount of water absorbed and the extent of swelling depends on the "quality" of the gluten. The results of the test are obtained, as the name implies, by measuring the sediment in a cylinder after the testing procedure has been completed. Sedimentation values range from about three to about 70 depending on the strength of the wheat. Wheat with a value of 40 or more is preferred. Sedimentation values of 60 and over come almost entirely from hard wheat (other than Durum) and is nearly always over 14 per cent in protein content. It also has superior gluten quality. This type wheat is used mixed with — n TONITE and SATURDAY All in Scope OT JMMMCZF~I ^-* LBmiNBI OF JUS HILLS •(•rrfng LOLLOBRIGIP SOLOMON THE OTTAWA HERALD Friday, 'October 6, 1961 and love" for service in the new church. The merger of the United fcpth- eran, Augustana, American Evangelical and Suomi synods is scheduled to be completed by Jan. 1, 1963, she noted. Ottawa Roller Rink Public Sessions Wed. and Fri., 7:30 to 10:00 Sat. nights, 8:00 to 11:00 Private Parties Mon., Tues., and Thurs. 2nd and Main CH 2-9704 NOW SHOWING MATINEE SATURDAY 1:30 P.M. Tonight — Box Office Opens 7:00 P.M. Due to length of feature — Shown only once at 7:45 P.M. TECHWCOLOr MCKMI UOIMCt WATKE.1flDIHUK.IUmT nwuE HUM M< n«t M nutn CARTOON 7:10 8:55 lower quality wheat to make bread flour or for the production of a very strong flour. Sedimentation values of 40 to COMING SUNDAY Ever See a 4-Sided Triangle — See GARY GRANT DEBORAH KERR ROBERT MITCHUM JEAN SIMMONS 'THE GRASS Ys GREENER 7 SIT * HUWDON nOOUCTION • * WmMUl-MTEMIMIOMl lOUSt HlLLCREST DRIVE-IN THEATER STARTS SUNDAY Box office opens 1:30 p.m. FREDRIC MARCH BENGAZZARA DICK CLARK INA BALIN EDDIE ALBERT UOUNG FEATURE AT — 2:20 — 4:25 — 6:35 — 8:40 CARTOON — NEWS NOW! A NEW WORLD OF WORTH! Members are urged to give project talks and demonstrations. This may be difficult at first but they soon overcome this. Most 4-H members give 15 or 30-minute talks before they are out of 4-H. This is not required in 4-H but is valuable training. Recreation is another part of the monthly meeting. This varies in different clubs. Mr, and Mrs. Richard Hewitt are conducting a monthly meeting in the auditorium on the second Saturday to teach 4-H members how to dance. This is only a part of being a member. Each member is required to complete his records and projects in August at the close of the 4-H year. If you are interested in being a member, contact the Extension Office, Club Agent or a 4-H member or leader. SELF SERVICE DEPT. CHILDREN'S SHOES Two Pairs 5 00 PAINE'S BOOTERY Specifically, the Kansas Extension Service youth program strives to help young people in their formative years to: acquire knowledge, skills and attitudes for a satisfying home and family life; enjoy a useful work experience, together with the responsibility and satisfaction of personal accomplishment; develop leadership., talents and abilities to achieve their citizenship potential; recognize the importance of scientific agriculture and home economics and their relationships to our total economy: explore career opportunities and recognize the need for a continuing education; appreciate nature, understand conservation, and make wise use of natural resources; and cultivate traits of heathful living, purposeful recreation, and intelligent use of leisure time. 162 CHEVROLET JOBMASTER TRUCKS WITH NEW High Torque Power! J GILLETTE J ^ Super Power Bar ^ •Tractor Tires • ^ See Us for ^ ^ FAST, EFFICIENT + J TIRE SERVICE ^ ^ on All Tractors! ^ • Right Down Town • • 110 West 4th St. • iC*Nt'r Tire & J • 9dm 5 Supply, Inc. J are uninsurable? All owners of Kansas Farm Life's GPO permanent type policies ARE Insurabla-Kansas Farm Life's GPO (Guaranteed Purchase Option) means that you can add to your base Life Insurance polity without evidence of Insurability! Aik your Farm Bureau Insurance agent about GPO—today! Here's new High Torque power for every weight class—light, medium and heavy ... the most powerful engines in Chevrolet history . . . sure saving power and dependability for every job! Tough job, problem job, any job ... there's a '62 Chevy that's a sure bet to whip itl There are plenty of powerful reasons for Chevy superiority. High torque reasons. Reasons that range all the way from a mighty new High Torque 409 V8" for heavies, right down to the thrifty Sixes in the light-duty models. Reasons that include the brawny new 4-53 Chevy-GM Diesel and the tough new High Torque 327 V8* for middleweights, and the High Torque 261 Six* that's available for the first time in light-duties. Loads of other reasons, too. Like the new work styling with downward-sloping hoods that let drivers see up to 10'/j feet more of the road for better maneuvering, safer driving. Like Chevrolet's proved Independent Front Suspension for even smoother riding, easier working trucks. Like the heavier duty hypoid rear axles for middleweights and the rugged new I-beam front axles* (9,000- or 11,000-lb. capacity) available for extra-tough jobs on Series 80 heavyweights. Like the longer lived mufflers on all models. Like work-proved Corvair 95's (2 pickups and a panel) that haul up to 1,900 Ibs. of payload with low-cost dependability and sure rear-engine traction. Like to know more? See your Chevrolet dealer. •Optional il ixtra cost KANSAS FARM LIFE LEO C. MILLER 320y 2 s. Main CH 2-4122 tllSIl 135hp;217 Ibs-tt torqut 116 Spwlal III 135hp; 217 Ibs-ft torqut 111 Six 150 hp; 235 Ibs-ft torqut Ml VI 160 hp; 270 Ibs-ft torqut «7VI 185 hp; 305 Ibs-fttorqui 141VI 220 hp; 325 Ibs-H torqut 141 Hi 80hp;128 Ibs-ft torqut 4-NDlMtl 130 hp; 271 Itas-ft torqut NEW CHEVROLET-GM DIESEL DURABILITY Here's new earning power for middleweights . . . rock-bottom maintenance costs, compact size, tow weight and top torque—all backed by years ofGM Diesel experience. Ideal for operations with high mileage and few stops or those calling for extensive engine Idling. 4N VI 252 hp; 390 Ibs-tt torqui NEW HIGH TORQUE V8 The huskiest Chevy V8 ever . . . the new High Torque 409 V8* with 16Y t per cent more torque than ever before available from Chevrolet. See your local authorized Chevrolet dealer MOORE CHEVROLET-OLDS, INC 412-418 South Main St. Ottawa CH 2-3640

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