Covina Argus from Covina, California on February 13, 1909 · Page 5
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 5

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 13, 1909
Page 5
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flocal Events, Eagerly & Hcnipel hnvc bm-ers. B. Casey and family have movptl tr^Front street. , v .,•;'-, "'; -..-,-' *?Mrs. Imogens Gilmore is -'jfprty'nsiy .ill a$ her home on East 'Itfctta stVeeti '"•( Hagerty & Hfmpell'want flve-acfe ranches. M.T9. II. G. Heath spent Tuosilny with fronds in Pomona. Mmes. J. H. Adams and D. A. Eckert o£>Lindaay were guests on Tuesday of Mfs. W. M. Oriswold. Ifhe Blisses Stnnliss and brother and Miss Ream of Oregon are guests of Mf. and Mrs. Joe Heath. 'Jligh School Concert Friday, TVb- rtrtry All solos will have orohe.s- trtil ncconi]>auii)ient. Seats at Clajip 's. "tloly Trinity Church \Voi«ni\'s ('mild me\ on Thursday afternoon with Mrs. I. 1 "*!. Cook. $1)0 Pastor's .Aid of tlio Presbyterian clrfireh met on Wednesday afternoon in tile Church Parlor. .Airs. Rings and child, of Los A?igc- )eS, spent this week at the. home of her Bister, Mrs, W, G. Conley. infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Mtjvtt Malnty Uns bec» seriously ill all thp week. Mr, and Mrs. A, J. Warner returned 0114 Thursday from a pleasant, vrce.k sp4nt with relatives and friends at Loiig Beaeh and Los Angeles. Mrs. J. L. Uerry, with lier little clangliter Mildred, arrived on Thursday to.epend the rest, of the week with her parents, Mr, ami Mrs. X. ]J. Mus.sey. Mrs. Ida ITielts, who has been .spending) two months with Mines. V/allaeo uni'l Hagerty & TIempel have buyers. Mr. and Mrs. C. 'L. Warner are spending fhe. week with friends nt Ontario. Hagerty & Hempel want five-acre ranches'. •.;... M^r. and JFrs. W, M^ Griswold and M^isH Adah Way are dinner guests this evening of Dr. and Mrs. Rico of Azusa. t),. A... Sprcfjb'SK of LordSJJiirg was visifijig friet»d8(| i n Covlnu on lijst Thurs- K? ";;.-) -^ \ ' ; ,, $£r. nhcf M'rBi' U. 'G.;Kring ntd family ' 1 wr-'re grtests In'st nt 8ft n J^mhs, of old friends fr(im A'ebrasUu, The Misses Bennett and Smith of Rawlings, Wyo., who have been spejiil-, ing a few days with Mrs. C. E. left on Twcsiltvy for Los AngeleS;'' i Dr. and Mrs. 0-. T). Jonningf,\ifra. Plant and Mr. and Mrs. Fabnfik |vcre dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Beti P. Thorpe on Wednesday evening. Miss Savage and sister, Miss garft, of Salt 7y,-ike City, arrived OH Tnesilay to make an extendC'd Visit with tlieir aunt, Mrs. C. E. Smiley. Mr. and Mrs. I?. IF. Case of .Chip- y>ews> Falls, Wis., arrived on Mopdiiv to spend two weeks with the forme'r.'Si sister, Mrs. A. Merrill. The finest musical program over given in C'ovina will be rendered nt the High School Concert Friday, February J9th. Seats at Clapp'd. Mr. and Mrs. D. M. Abbott, having traded their Covina property for :;a raneh at Delano, left here for tliht locality on Tuesday last. The Sunday school of the Christian church were entertained last evening with a banquet, by the teachers and officers. Mrs. .T. Q. TIepncr and little son filenn, who have bren spending the past nine months in tl.e Ivist, returned to rlieir home lasf week. They en.joyed d vrr; and McAllen, left this week for her home at Dehnar, i Tim W. k P. M'. of tlio Christian church hchl a Missionary meeting on Thursday afternoon at the home of Mrs. C. S. Beard.fJoy. The speaker was Miss .Chapiti of Los Angeles, duugUU'i- (.if ;i "Chinese missionary. The Junior Epworth Lena'ili 1 gcve a birthilay social last nijfht at the &L K, Church. The program, arrangements and refreshments were all arranged by the* young people and a very pleasant time, was enjoyed by nil present. Our readers will regret to hear that Mr.; R. A. Meredith has been confined to the house during the whole week by an ..'(Attack of sciatic rheumatism, but we,;hope to see him on the street again . wh.$i the ««n shines, Mr. J. W. Biggins has returned from a visit to his old, home in Texas'. Ho reports having had a good time and finding everything prosperous in the Lone Star State. Mr. Ruggins is look- j;J,";;^;ut time visiling relatives y'lfyeeiiig irl '''" ""' principal cities of the Merrv, patient, little Fleta liisln who joins so hearlily in all the sports of her pushed OUR AMIS: Warner, Wftitsel & (o. Home's Grocery Pomona Sifiitiff Liuiiy Mr. nurl Mrs. A. B. Frost, of Win<>na, Minn., wevo. guests ..last, Sund«y ; ^i'bjjd friends, :Mh : :dnd M|s. P. '•%.;, Stattton. '.' : ' : .-'!^;' ' "1 : -- : - ; :; : '• Woinfl^'a ..Foreign will meet on i ib»Vaflnj? 18U» at the bcaje'of Mrs. B} A. Hlob. .Topic, "What retail ins to be (lou«, lii Mahammedam Lniuls." Alt ladles oordiaJly incited. An interesting meethig is expebteJ. " The sad iiert>8 teanbed relnlives in C!bviua o£ tbe death of QorclonJjiHiR- glns, formerly of Odenu Park nt his brother's borne, Srmbury 015 Tbames, England, Jan. 20. Mr. who wus a brother-in-law of W. B, Broadtvell, bns been nu invalid for years and \vaa found by H servant flefld in n bath-tub'. . of ' , but states that hia good right is still suffering from the effects warm greetings of. Ma sturdy less airiii-teil schoolmates, was nil' the school steps last Friday at il a, m. 8he wu» (a!;en home in an auto ainl tl>", iluciov NVtiH called, as it was at firs), feared that limb was broken. She in now. 'h of the J'.rethien: Sunday 10 a. in.: si rmnn al 11 a. m. dorf; Cliri.sUan Workers p. in.; sermon each even \veek at 7:':!I) I'- "i. AJ Mones .1 meel ill"', Ihe Something hig skimmed lightly down Second street on Tuesday afternoon, and we thought at first, it was the latest, in Wright, nevopl'.vncB. Upon closer inspection it 'proved to be P. E. Doughty in his new four-cylinder Btiick touring car. It is fair, dainty and quiet, like the young lady 1 who. was his passenger. Mr. Doughty is agent for the Buick and also the Maxwell. Sorvioea in tbo Clituoh of thn Moly nil ri B ht llgt.ln Tr , uit y_g ox i llCB | 1 i,rt Sllnclny: Holy Cominvii\ion 7 -.30 a. m. Snnday 'A't, ;fiil exquisitely appointed : violet ^untlhapn, given, on Weclnesd.ay by Mrs. K. M. Douglass, the guests were Mines, Watta, B. L. King, P. G, Stevens, Goo. Anderson,' G. I\ Asclieiibrenltei', Cush- mn.Ti, Gail ftiul MiiBB'dJri A. \arge centerpiece of violets gl'ficed the table, anil the necessaries were all in keeping with , the spring time which wo would fain Welcome, CARD OF THANKS. "We wish to express our heartfelt thanks to our many friends for their help and sympathy in the illni-sg and death of our beloved son and brother, Wesley. We wish also to thank his teachers and schoolmates of the High School for tho beautiful flowers which school !):-15 n.rn. Morning Prayer ]] a. rn. ; subject, "Tim Church's Teaching about Coutessiou and Absolution." Evensong, 7:30 p.m.; subject, "Life—an Opportunity." Christian Church—Sunday-school 9:45. Preaching 11; subject, A JEROME REYNOLDS REAL ESTATE Orange Groves, City Property Walnut and Alfalfa Ranches CM, I. AND MST YOUR Office with A. M. Pence, Keed lllk. COVINA, CAT,. For Rent, Exchange, Lost, Found Miscellaneous. lingerty ^ Hempel fov ranches, will never bo brat nu by W. VV. & Co. 's pastry. TLe grand final (ouch to tlid Sunday diuiier—\V.\V. & Co.'s pastry. -" Hagevty ranch Os. .llompi'l want teu-aen Reasonnble Service." tbe oboir. Junior 3. Anthem by Intermediate cheered him so much during hi MR, AND MRS. A. NICG AND FAMILY. anil A. Walton enter- SPECIAL INVIT/ATiOJf; I want to give a Bpt'cial iiivitrtt.'.on to nil old .soMlers, vvlietlier they wore the blue or the gray, to be present, at and Senior Endeavor 0:30. Puh-iotic service 7:30; subject of sermon, Lessons from the Life of Lincoln. 11 Special music by large chorua. All are cordially invited. Worship ftfc the Baptist Church: Bible-school 9:,45 a.m. Preuobiug 11 a.m. and 7:30 p. ro. by tbo pastor. Morning subject, "Lessons {torn the Life of Lincoln." Evensong subject, "The Gospel Inv'^, tion." Junior 3 p. m, B -^..Ji,0, m. Topic, "upsanna f r(m i Job." Leudcr,, Fnrui.'iliod room to Koitt—Rnqulro nt 12J West Col lego street, Covina. llagerty X llempel sell ranches exclusively. See tlio ,s\vecteK( vnleiitiito uovcltieH nt Ciiinining'H (/onfiTtiuiiery. Yon'Jl knou' why it's en priimliir when your is (llUnl with I'ronnov Uleud Cull'ee. W. W. k Co. For Rout- (load Mvo nimu lirnif-iC! on tlif San Bernardino ninil, Jcionio Koynulds, DrinU to mo (linw or four times if it is Premier Ulend CnM'oo. For sale by W. W. »t Co. When yon are liungry and don't know what you want, try W. W. & Co. 's rmstry. Oysters nil the time nt Creuahnw's Grocery. Fresh and fhio, 20c a dozeu. ti Place, your spare cash in the Covtna Valley Savings Bunk, a safe invcs'j- ment at 4 por cunt, Lust^—Tail gate fur OldBnuilj'ile, It left at tbo'Covina Garage'suitable reward will be paid. 1/,-p Por Sale — '^hor^nobhvcii poultry Jj Muslin Underwear Sale 'fj ^w 2j Wo are now offering'the largest :;ss<irlmont of ladies' Jj niuslin utt<U-nvea.r : .li,iat hil§ ever been offered at these ^ prices lfl'Covina. , No catchy, otkl-eerlt'prices. All straight priccs'bn tlie best valini of ^optis. ! Ladies' long skirts, <le.ep flounoe, 3 rows fine tiu-lcs, two ulsi-f lace. insertion, deep itli wide lace oil go, extra iniisliii, 52.50 oach skirls, two deep rows tucks>i\ltro;ul insertion band, dee|i titllproldory riill'le, good ((iialitv sxviss. S-.(ii) each. ,— !„'._. ,j • , . - t> ......._ l^onir skirts ln-st muslin ;uid S\V Us, ;tne Iced, pleated, .tri .limed ill lace iiiid insertion. .SOc, 75c, .8Sc, ftOO, 51.25, £I.5<) each embroidered corsets covers, cist full, host quality ciiihr.iiderv tri mined 75c Corset covers, quality I.oils- dale, 5 rows lace insert ion, lace edges. Corset covers, tucked and trimmed. 15e, 20c, 25c, ,W., toe iuid Ladies' Oravvers, full shapes, peep lace and enihroadery rnlles 25c, ,W, 5lH;, ti5c and 7 So, Misses' and children's drawers ;>\td petticoats at prices to suit the purchaser. Covina Peoples Store (INCOKl'OKATICI') N/? more w'ee/i of inysterous looks and sighs and flutter~ ings of the heart, then FEB. Our tine of Valentines are go- better than rte anticipated. We've sold lots and h>e still \\aOe lots of good ones left. Better hurry though before the last final rush. "Null Sod" 14. ing the aovvlo.os at the tained last Tuesday evening, tile guests toeing Miss McKirnlinn's and Tfev. Stevens' classes of the Presbyterian Sundny school, of which ATr. Walton is sujifi'' intr-mlent. A business session onenplerl the first pnrt of the evening, and later Mrs. Walton, who is noted tor her skill in entertaining the yoilBg, introduced n number of iato.rt'stittn p;umos. Kyfvesh- inents were nerved, Rev. and Mrs. Stevens a ml Miss ^IvKivitlttin assist iny. .Among oiit-df-t<t\vH rel-.itives \\n,\ friends )'it the funeral nf Wesley \ij.'tf \vcvc, Vroiu hub An«i-les, liis sisttrr, Miss TJo.ifi 'S'ufii, ivlio is living' with (in aunt ftivX utti'mlinjsE tho University oi! Smithem California; \Fi"<. ilasshider, mother <vf Mrs. N'i^jL', anil two .suns, 11. ,-irnl (.'. Hasshider; Mrs, II. llasshi-lor, sun an/l daughter; Mr. ('. AVeise, brother nf Mrs. Xi^g; Mr. and Mrs. (Jlocev'. M,-H. AV. lleiMiner, Rev. Si-Liafl'le of 1'ico Heights, Mr. and Mrs. (.ifinnier. Fruiu •San Francisco, Mrs. W. S. Thomas. O. K. I'emls lias received n postcard, dated February (itli, from his brother Horace, who is enjoying a pleasure lour in Mexico. 71e says "f am sitting under a cwoaimt j>alm writing this, looking (it the volcano f'olima (near f!iia<lfj«,j;ira). It has just begun smoking, and thr- scientist* jiiedict u violfM eruption for tomorrow." Mr. liemis leaves there shortly (very short Is-, we should say) fur .Max.atl;m, whence, bv e'esy stages, \n- will return \a California. Friday last vr-'t" the thirtieth \vt>.!- ding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. A. CarnuhiUi, iu»l they v(-lebr;i1eil the occasion by inviting fiftv-tu-o of their frk'iuls «f tlu> I'resbyterian i-hnr.-h tn bjipnd the evening with them. Mrs. <'aranhfin was not aware that "pearl" was attributed t«j that mimlier of widileil years, until sh present nf a handsome pearl-nioi »;<)a<l fnrk an,) spoon and nrln-j- ;nt inomentops.- Refrpshiiic-nM, i-njisi 'of sandwiches, coffee, ice cream cake, were daintily serv< d by the h hostess. The Misses Lena ("art.-v and 'i .leaiii w.-re -u q.i -i.ii .| ,,u unlay evening at the home nf the mer's si>t.-r, Mr<. Imbb-r nf S:n Iiardim, ;,v.•„,,,-. where ih.-v b,,th A /iiimb- ;• ,,i i-iiiui 1 / t'l !.•!-,.U ,•-.!• church Sil/uiay nu ruing, as we ivi/( en- t<> lessons the lifu of Abrnhain 'Lincoln, AR nono of HM \vil) be iiere nt tbo next fiMitennial of this groat man's birth let us profit fis inii^h as possible, by this one. Hinc.ei 8. W. AH ftro Vhvited to Mothnrlist Ohurcb, will ba nbserved us Lincoln WemnriHl Dny, Mr. E. It; Lahuu R.C.Caflad, J?Q 0ue 1128, Irwlndale. modern house on Lot 50x1*20, good Vwrrt, fence. Price 82500, easy terras tt. Armol, Covina. 2-tJOp All yotlr tronbloH will bo \vaf(,e,d awiiy upon tlio balmy southern fcophers whnn 5'<>n drink Blend Coffeo. \V.VV. & Cu. WANTED—All ItindH 'J t UlSn boe.f OOVVH ami, (sj^ytfl. Hnnd poHtnl card to .', ari . rerriveii :i SCHOOTj ; N'nu should come 1\> our They ai'u very hulptid l<i Anyone interested in Ruiiil'a.') 1 sc]:.i,)l work. Mrs. (lark, our pi'e.sident, taught the lesvml last 'rii('Hila\ and <vo all enjoyed if. \Ve i meet iip-Vlairs in ti,e Methodist church every Tuosilay iifternoou nt :'.; 10 o'clock. The room is. \vjirai and eo'/.v, -'o you n.-ed, not ('ear the c-nUl. M vs. Uoliert^ if, to |.fcsei..l (he, lesson next Tuesday, i'<iuie rind hi-:ir her. Mir^s I'.rnckway \\'ill lie with us February '.:.',. \Vc' are plan- nisi" Vnr n special inecling at that lime NKC/.'KTA/.'V. will Kivo sonio pcrsouul VOniinis- oences of Lincoln, Jind iho pastor, Kcv. II. W. White \v(U prcnoti. nlt j ft("ifis I 1 'OR HF/lTlNd Tlmroiigli- "How to f.Vrry tttt iho Vvork \VliiiVh bred Wb\U: "oc^hivni, dipt. Wite.liDl) Liii(!nln IJfesUl',." At 7::H) (.lift hist, I film in, 81.00 »••'«"' n'-tiinK. W. W. of Iho Jiltistrjtcd tnlkH on tlK. \\ta of Nu/nin, W. I'Voubln Avo. •« '•''•" Cliriiit wili bo givou SEASON FOR DTSCIDUOUS TREE PLANTING tk-t yiMf 'trees now of (m Nurseries Peach, Apricot, Plum, Apple, Walnut A\e HOME BAKERY. ,.„]. Mtenti,,,, tlM WeeU ivcrlrtg "Tlie, n Wr-ok." Rutujay Kc!i<iol clans nieetirtg 1 '2 :1 7); Jiiiiini 1 e ',1; Heniov nnd LiiLc'nnedli\lo 1 ii ft • Ranch II for iiiiic.h •iny h'dhu<i (lt>*1> !l. II. Halor """ Leagues (J :'i(K A ennlial Invitation to uttr-nd (r'OMO HerviceH is extended.,' l<l!| to all. i ""• °>' fel ' u | Hoek ebie.i<», brmi/e W. Ue.lnn 1 Half n million KucalypU.s Tr,K:S rc-ady Jo All kinds (if berry vine;-';. We, can supply aiiylliiiiK V'" wish i" •'.'»«: CAM. US UY I'JIOS-K OK COMf; IN AND SICK US ofnuiuciiUd . wnj.'- T I 1 Home Phone 125 221 East College St. Tlio cvanf?uli«t:^ gut.t, e li'. h . r.M 1'nm- V-viv.,1 ul linn ,\nyou<'. vsiintim" 'ex , | iHh Wnhnil trf.«;« Hboul p ' , r Mtc » v . l(>i , \V;,llH'i illlllllltll I u|i[ily Cuilt.ei. Stevens \- Stevenn, y,, Sd, in, sold hi.-: share In (lie busine' Hlevelis blolhel-s ha\e en^/jj/ed ices of an ••Mpcrf baki-r "from named 1/enry Smith, and are t" turn mi! all l-n-jnl and cuut'i dured litany int\,i <iveim-n! s in ' hriiifjriiij/ ir under perfceiJv eonditioas, aed Uu-y invite -\JI I,re,-,,I u-ill be 'wr:ip. meiit. pajvei 1 , kcejiilii' it • /' /•" «OW in n , Ml Hie, Ori^uU, , ^,. { ^ , ,,„ 1 " ' W i HM ;\\n K ht V«»'' «K«» Hn'V Hn fllfl ,.,„„.„„, ,. , . ,, », ., u dr,d '" fa "'- r! !>U ' " ' ' ' |,,,,l, m.,»» ,.,1 ,. ( . H 1 fMtl ',. t( , </r , in Mi (-.v T nriMC'H"t l ',<iiOU. *l'wo ycftt'H ii i*lt hpfjdker nt the <;< ChriaUnn chuie.bftH A A ({any nt J'liwdi-ji '<f.pli(.n*- diem at I'liHiidnna i ,1 \V. I'rcntiHH, L'dVina \ itiii'l ui k tu Itav'i) n reprn ; -,f the (Inn rail nn ?("»• '- f lion lrfi KKikf.i'l 'for t)i« l in riinkliiK prep" Ht, iiHHort rui'-tit MONDAY AFTF Tn spite fit' the CLUB, t,ele,, Ut^h, H,,eHklu K ^h night f*« \H V r\w MilUoery that I.,., < in tbu anditoriuiu ^-, krU)W n to h of rlress gi./en M»M,» , - , . U eniie fll. ,• ' in I**. w ,l.! at y j l;(J y ' ,,,,y in (Jov,,,,, <v,,,H«,n <nt in wji-t-r h"* 1 "' \> O..U 1 iiiimb«-r ol '"i| ^iiii.' 1 i "'•*"• '' Mr. HcTMiliell Ho^natt'ie H el leader nnd Hololnt ot cxorti'.tt"""* lent. The pnoplft "f f,'ovJna are ii,,. ^.,>L.r;,tnhited on IliivinK rnfn ta •Han inH«-'n<-,«- f. for ' t a . • tbe 14'iod of Hit- Try our Hi' e.',uj{ri tri/iini<-d bat In tlm «t.or uy ah low us 21.00. and tin-. ColliriH 1 rKHidftucni <, . u K"i'l licad wi(.b one >/-<:ti'i A.iJ.H. AnyonH llndiiiu ham'; l«:nvf. HI Clhpp'H druu H'orearnl ./, K.STATK MALI;. / Lhnt u i:;in:ful 'nmsidrriition "f tin: biisini'SH nic.Uioils ni tliis bunk, and the service its retnUn'"* its customer,, will lea'l >'«>n to conclude thai it i- t" y° ur a<1 " vanlap;i: to do your banking busi- ness with us. The Covina National Bank Capita! .-,:><),<Kl<I , i,,r- i.- i fl tii'ke.1 Safe- II..,'

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