The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on March 22, 1977 · Page 2
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 2

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 22, 1977
Page 2
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PAOE Z— y/UJOATPCK NEWS (CONN.), MONDAY, JULY 8, IMfl DREW PEARSON X. ON °The WASHINGTON MERRY-GO-ROUND Drew Pearson Says: •Colleges Will Get Government Boati To House Vet Students; Missouri Gang Has Veto Power With Truman; Roosevelt Children Stage Row Over Seattle Congressman Waiihlmnon—VotGranH who go to college will be living In houseboat* If n plan by Oon. Gruvn« Er.ikine, chief of the I>abor JDepurt- ir»;nt'n Kctrnlnlnj; and Hoomploymont AdmlnlHtnitlon, 1st adopted. In ordev to allovluto hoimliiK problornfl for war vet students ut col- ItiK'w (ind unlvursltloM, Comical lOrakina has por-iunded the 'Maritime CornmiHHlon to provide HUrpIuH river boats for colleges In waterfront cttlfiH. Thn bouts will bo loanod to the achooln at no cost, except far upk««p, und will bo utfcd ns rlontinf,' dormltorlts for the vet students.' Tho votii will bo ch/irj,'<>d « smn be by fur- tho imrn for lotlKln^ and will nl.HliocI two rncalH n day Government i'.t low eo»t. Two Much vessel. 1 ), with .stateroom accommodatlonH for '100 vritncnnn Mich, soon will bo brought to Wn»h- innton, D. C., to houuo overflow wtu- (Icrit;: In this area. N'oto—General Eraklno Is bolng bombarded with roport.i thut with Incroanod llvlnf,' coats brought on by ConjrniHslonul ncuttllnjr of OPA, WUOU K AT— PIERPONT'S f. , A l HANK r Funerals Mr«. Mury O'Kmifo The funot'iil of Mrs. Mary (VKufCi., fit iO(; Hccitt Htrue-t, who (ll«<l 2''rl<l(iy til Bt, Miiry'.-i hospltul, WIKI hold this moi-nlnx tit (l;30 o'clock, from tho Buckmllkir Ku- iicrnl iluinti. 2i I'wi'k jjlacu. A r«i- civilum hl>rh MUSH wa« culubratod at 10 u. in, at St. Francis' church by HIJV. f/noi'Ko F. Dunn. A !i|xi<'lul 'jrKlin prCKi'fun by Minn '(''riincon fflifffliti Incliult'd OKI r'u- niTiil March, I'lu JOHU and Load Klrully Ll«h-t, Hnuroi'H wore: ISd- warcl Woavlnjfi Jumow .Sulllvnn, Henry Mlllnr, Conjumln Kloi-nan, David Dillon iiml Wllllani Mc- Ciilrii. 7.<tirlii! WHH In Mf. .Jnmi'H 1 PI rni'tiiry, with committal iiorvlco.'i by I ( 'athur Dunn. t'lclwnril Vv. Smith i'l-ivnto funoi'iil servlcn.M wore hi'Ul ycntnrduy iifturnoun at .thn Aldnrxoii I''nn«r«l Honir, 201 Mnucl- (>w Htrcct, for TCdwai'cl W. Smith, formm 1 local rcmUUmt, who ulcicl I'Vicluy In Durby. Iti:v, ISilwni'tl Jinnee, pastor of tlio CungroKntlon- ul uluirch, olllclattid. Uurlal will In/ today «t tlio convonlencu of the fiunllv. Buckmiller Funeral Home 22 PARK PLACE Telephone 4334 Fitzgerald Funeral Home 320 NORTH MAIN ST, Telephone 4187 C. H. GREEN FUNERAL HOME 62 Oak Street Telephone 4843 many war vet college students cannot make ends meet. In many casec, veterans htivo been compelled to restrict themselves to two maals u. day. Why Trumitn Has Trouble At n recent Whlto House Cabinet luncheon, Juclffe Pr.)d Vlnson proposed the appointment of Gaol Sullivan, hnrd-hlttlnf,' Assistant Postmaster General, as the new Director of tho Budget. Attorney Gcnernl Torr. Clark Im mediately rulclad his enthusiastic endornoment. Bob Hannofjan also ffavo his support, though he he would hnle to lose his assistant, Tho Presidential lurchers then looked ut the new Secretary of the Troasury, John Snydvr. Ho la the Cabinet executive who would have to work closely with tho now D!; rector of the Budget und hU OK would bo (isHtmtlal. Snydflr, hosvevor, said nothing.',.It wa» obvious ho did not approve of, Sullivan, Thlo Illustrates on<> of the little- understood factors which operate llnsldu . the Administration, It is doubtful thut oven the President himself fully understands it. His frloml.M don't tell him. Truman has boon constantly bemoaning tho fact that ho cannot enlist proo/. men for Govurnmcnt service: but he does not seern to realize that many good men refuse to aervc because of the Missouri gang. They know that tholr work would ho con.itantly vetoed. Missouri Gang Hun Wort! Ono such case occurred tho oth- .'!• day when Truman Invited J. R, Barton, wealthy Texas ol! man and .•x-ruunibor of tho Texas Unlver- Ity Board of Regents, to become ihalrman of tin: Full Employment ;!ommlttcie. Later Truman an- lounced Partim would not accept ho WUM making too much iciioy. That, howevcP, was not vhat Parten told either the eni or Speaker Sum Rayburn who lad urgod hlti appointment. Partcn toicl the President -that Im thought tho job of Full Employment Chairman and Director of tho Budget should bo io!lod into ono. If thn Comm'l-tteo to bring Pull Employment Is to promote Government spending, then It cu-t.s across the l:urr:uu of the Budget, nnd the two Jobs go hand In hand. Knowing the c-Iosr> frlcndnhlp between Truman and John Snyder, fnrton did not acid (what he told others) that ho could not work with John Snyder. E-j, since Sr.yd- er und -the Director of tho Budget musit cooportito, tho To.xus oil man politely docllnud on the ffround that he had to undergo an operation. Many other well-qualified mon iavi: due-lined Presldcntlnl appoint- UtintM for exactly tho same rca- »n. They don't like the Missouri Ki\.t\K VUI.M any more than mem- bi;r.-i of tho United Nations like Ambassador Gromyko's veto. They know that Home of thn old, old \ friends who sit very close to Mr. Vacation Bound 6 Steps to On-the-Job Training File application (Form 1950) with n«or»st ' V A; office. V A. will proem it and ten you a Cwlificatt of Eligibility. S«cr«tury general of the ; United Nations, Tryffvt Lie 1» shown with Mrs. Lie, just hfifore they took off from LjiGimrdia Field In New York for their liomn In Oslo, Norway. After « fc\v days in Oslo, Mr. Lie plun» to visit Geneva, SwitzorlunJ, und tin; uffiiu, the- Netherlands, to Inspect' fncllltles. (International) Typos Make Plans "o Seek Pay Raise Members of Local 329, Interna- t/jnal TypoRraphical Union, met yesterday at Moose Hall, Waterbury, to discuss the questions of a union raise, and worldnjr conditions. The meeting was well attended, w!-th President Lester Warner presiding. ' , Not all firms or* on the "approved" li»t. Mott V.A. office* maintain a Hit for their area. VA. will then enroll WM to receive a •ub»l»tence allowance, tool* and supplies But now, the voters of Seattle ire watching a rod-hot family con- .<;st between the two mos-t poll- ically-mlnded of FDR's children. Jimmy, no«- Political Director of ho Independent Citizens Committee, has 'thrown all his weight behind fighting Representative Hugh DeLacy, while sister Anna Roosevelt Boeuigor Is trying to help Howard Costlgan retire DeLacy in the Washington state primaries Tuesday. The family warfare started last month when Jimmy, ill and unable to appcnf in person ,spnt a warm endorsement of DeLacy to a Seattle mooting of the Independent Citizens Committee. Jimmy also supported Senator Hugh Mitchell and Congressmen John Coffee, Henry Jnckson and Charley Savage, all of Washington and all' Democrats. Hosvevcr, Howard Costlgan, a former political ally of DeLacy's, jumped into the race .it the last minute aiul wrote Jimmy protesting the DeLacy endorsement. Pick the trade you wont to learn and tht'firro where you with to Itarn It. " O Wh«n you enter training, g!v« the firm your Certificate of Eligibility to be tfldor Eligibility and forwarded During training you may receive up to $65 mo., if without dependent*, or 490 mo, with dependent*," plu* your wage*. No Serious Mishaps Reported Trunum have a lot moro Influence with him than members of the Cabinet, KooMovHt Chlklrfn IJo\v For years, tho Roosevelt family hus stuck toge-thcr, Battered continuously from the outside, some- tinius weathering dlUlcult illvoi-ce stornui, ihrj KooHovolt children nuv- ur once had any political different; OH -ut loust puhllcly. Fall Term Opens Sept. 3 THE PERRY SCHOOL fur Vi'li'ru Jlrmin jlj,!,:. "Tin. l'i.rr,v \Vn.v TnilnliiK [GET A JEEP IMMKDIATJC DEIJVKJIY Your Wn.l. i LIBERTY MOTORS, Inc, 51 i:\i-iin Avrnui. -f. M'uiiTiM FLOWERS For All ITLOWKUS TKIJOOKAl'HKI) KVKVYWIIUItlC MELBOURNE'S FLOWER SHOP KTJBBKR AVKNUU Telophono G22C . DODGE S/U.BS — SEKVJCi; Hotchkiss St. Garaga 47 IIOTCHKISS STBKET Tol. 5727 .1. I* MAKILAUSKAg, Proj), immy asked for n letter from DeLacy outlining his political philosophy, gx>t the letter, and then sent CostiKan a sweeping endorsement of DeLacy. Meanwhile, sister Anna, who hns lived In Seattle for some years, viewed her brother's intrusion from California with, jaundiced eye. I Doubtless iihc felt somewHat like Senator George of Georgia when her father invaded tho Senator's home state and proposed that Geortre be defeated. Anyway, sister Anna wrote brother Jimmy a letter attacking DeLacy find pra/sir.(.,' his opponent Costlfcan. She also wrote Costlgan (riving h!m her unqualified support. Finally she authorized publication of both letters'. Meanwhile, DdLacy, unuble to j, p et equal publicity in the Seattle papers, has made recordings of Jimmy's endorsement, nnd Is playing them over Seattle radio stations. So tomorrow, the people of Seattle will have to chooso between tho t«'o opposing candidates of the Roosevelt family: In one corner Howard Costlffan, wearing the colors of sister Anna, and in the other corner Hugh DeLacy, present holder of the title, wearing- the colors of brother Jimmy. It should be a Rood bout. Capital Chutl After the last war rents jumped to in& per cent of normal. After this war the OPA prevented major rises, Accordinfe' to N. R. De Mexico, Editor of the "Building Re- portnr," 61 per cent of the wur veterans cannot afford to pay rcr.ts above $30 to $40 n. month. He also warns that removal of ceilings on bulldinp; materials will zoom bulkl- intr costs and rents- far out of the veto-reins' reach. .. .The rpji! catuto lobby was active backstage In gut- Unf,' OPA, but after the Truman veto, Howard Carpenter, Jr., President of the New York State Asso-1 elation of Real Estate Boards warned (.hut the scrappinp of con trols was "the worst thing tha could have happened to property interests in the state." Gpnnecticut. returned to the job today—after one' of 'the sanest July 4-th week-ends on record. Uijj-ht deaths were reported but only two—both drownlnga Thursday.—wore attributed to holiday observance. No serious accidents— despite heavy traffic — occurred over Saturday, and Sunday. The greatest congestion since before the war was reported on Morritt Parkway where 31,000 vehicles passed in -the 24-hour period' ending Sunday midnight. This total was far 1941. less than reported in To Represent A. L Auxiliary At Derby Parley Mra. Cornelius Van VJandren, local American Legion Auxiliary president, and Miss Anna Nolde, will represent the local auxiliary at the regular meeting of -the Second District, Wednesday night. 8:30 p. I m. at the Veterans' Memorial Hom'e .' in Derby, it was announced by Mre. I Van Vlandren today. : GUS'SMOKE SHOP i! 102 North Main St UnJon City Gus KJInvwzuwHkl, Prop. ; "We have your favorite newir paper, magazine or other periodical. A signature "X" has not always been a symbol of illi-teracy. In ancient times it was required on all signatures as a profession of good faith.. CESSPOOL CLEANER BARN' BED PAINT SHINGLE STAIN PITTSBURGH PAINT GALLAGHER'S HARDWARE 178 MAPXE STREET (Acrog» from City Bakery) Free Delivery Telephone 5044 (Copyrifrht, 30.16, Syndicate. Inc.) by The B«l : WHITE FISH MARKET JOSEPH CABRAI-, Prop. 8 South Main St. Choicest selection of salt nnd fresh water fish at JoivcHt ; prices. 10% Discount On Cash & Carry Brliift your laundry to 150 Muln Street. Curi'fiil, thorough laundering for 10 p«r c«-nt les.s when you hrlnir It in, pick it up when lt'« finihliud. Full runrce of oerv- lews, Including- "Dntctl Lauii- dured" Shirts, Quality Dry Clenninjt Health Talks li,y N BpNDESBN, M. ' MIND and .body arc one, For good or ill, the body IH controlled by the mind arid tho mind is, in its turn, influenced by the health or sickness of thu body. Just o-i certain physical illnesscG causte merr'oil depression, so emotional up- Kets can result in physical disorders. It is well-known that worry and fuur may produce symptoms which duplicate thoue occurring in ulcer of the sioma'ah. There is no ulcer. but such patients may suffer :is acu-lely and in much the same way as they wold if an ulcer weru present. 1'aJn Not Imaginary This does not mean that the pain and distress of so-called nerv- OUK indication are imaginary Symptoms are very real and <hey are due to the fact that the atom* ach and bowel ore not functioning as they should. Furthermore, the symptoms may keep the affected person from eating the right wort of foods und, as a result, nutritional deficiency occurs. Accordinjf .to Dr. Charles T. Stone of Galveston, Texas, common complaints of patients with this type of. disturbance lire pain in the right lower part of the abdomen which often may be mistaken for chronic appendicitis, and pain in the left upper, part of the abdomen which is often called heart -trouble by the patient. There may be pain in the pit of the stomach with vomiting. Other symptoms include the formation of excessive amounts of jjos in -the bowel, bloating and rumbling noises within the abdomen. The treatment of this typ'c of disturance may be best carried out if the patien-t is put into a hospital. He can bo kept at rest and efforts made to restore his nutrition. The overweigh-t person should be reduced in weight and the underweight person should be brought up to normal weight Hf of these individHls arc not 'nh i cully tired, so -that induction. V rest arc useless and of no nurii lar benefit. ICB ' It la important the ««,. sort 'if relationship- O r fribndjb? be established between the doctn ind tho patient. An explanation !J just what is wrong may be w effective In brlriRin); about h? ^•ovement. The patient should L. allowed to talk about his ideas * H reactions. ™ Proper suggcsllons ^ rom th - aoctor arc also of.tun helpful A the other hand, the patient mill be made to discount the remark, and attitudes of other persm about his condition. Of course, surgcrj- in useless in juch cases because there are n ictua) physical defects which ft :an correct. Naturally, It should h. xvolded. The doctor must reali that the upset digestion Is j ust * ,-eflcction of upset emotions an j i-ha-t th<! one can bo cleared up only when the other IB controlled Hence, ho will help the psulem to gm. ut the source of his cmo lionnl disturbances. Often IK many fears that bcsc-t such D a :ient.s can be shown to be srouw. ,css. Koasr.uruncc and tact aim ;yinpu-thetic undnr.siiinding on the ^iart of the physician often add un to restored confidence and CUM .'or the pu.-ticnt. (Copyright, J916, Syndicate, Inc.) Kinfi TOTE GKII-LS The Complete Outdoor AI,L TVPES OF RADIO ItEPAIK WORK Order Your Hot Point Electric Appliances HAWLEY HARDWARE 102 CHURCH ST. Telephone 4086 GARSTON'S Good Companions FOR A MAN'S VACATION ... BATHING TRUNKS j \ PLAY TRUNKS \ Fine quality wools and gab- \ * Cool, Hard-Wearing | ardines. Solid colors and Ha-J ? G'lh'U'dllli 1 ' waiiiin patterns. Full lined J t * built-in supporters. \ J Good looRing whites, tans, ca> > J nary and blue shades. 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