Covina Argus from Covina, California on February 13, 1909 · Page 4
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 4

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 13, 1909
Page 4
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The Covina Argus COVINA, CALIFORNIA. Entered at the Postofficc Covina, Cal., as second-class matter. Published every Saturday by the Covina Argus Publishing Company, Inc. J. L,. MATTHKW9 Publisher .7.5 .50 ,o.s : SUBSCRIPTIONS: One Year in advance Six Months - ... Three Months - Slnple Copies .... AI)VHHTI3EMK>?TS: T)isplay advertisement at reasonable rsites. Prices on application. Changes aladc a» per contract. Joiners tc per lino each insertion. Legal notices SI.00 per inch first insertion, 50 cents each subsequent insertion. COVINA, Kebuary. 13, IWX LIARS AND WOMEN. A lie, common or compb x, like a coyote, has a burrow somewhere. Tiack it. patiently and you will eventually find it, at home. Men of the lowest, grade of morality learn in a few years of 'ss to n'ut lying. 'I'hoy may pos- tho profonruleHt contempt for morals, but, they learn to toll the troth —-in husiriosn. Nearly nl I Hifl ly'"g done by men is to f:nmo woman, or wftmeii. The same lie:, will not work with men. The liar would not a; tempt it,. A man naturally desinis to appear wdl irl the eves of Worn/Ml, of fit' "Uiln'i one woman. < 'heap wen often m.'ikf tiff mistake of lying to them, lioasiing, it !•< . FOIIK.-I iim-s called, lint (lie nolni' plpxii.s name for il is lyinj.'. I'righf. wo/nen delight in ''baiting 1 ' men who nnj inflate/), bungling liars. lint it i", enough In ciMi. j <t Ihn f/lovy of righteous (itiger |o fan io libi/i-'in (he bif''i.«t (.-(' 'fill Mullen!, infill, when he heaiH jelail'-d from some t nisi ing woimm'-i lips the story of Home olii(-r man's alleged aciilii'-n and money in Iheue d.'iy 1 , Th'.' tale is fiftenl im/'H followed Iv/ (lie woman's inmnua lion that oilier men might profit, by this bonnier'H /,-xamole --shy "other men' 1 vnenning the, parti- fulfil' man who lins listened to the re- /•itiil. Many timcH Ihc. li'ir'o n/'.counts /if his dei'ds nrf 1 such ingenious inventions as defy c/iiitradicfi/in. lie has left no tracks to the burrow. When Ihe gentleman ac/piaintance of n woman talks to her of successful business battles, the act, in itself should |«? miffi- ciont tu warn Ihe woman. Mho is bo- \\HCd us u "''nlch-nll " for t,ii(! man 's Lyceum Lecture Bureau Course. The first number of the Lyceum fjGoturo Hureau noiirsr; provefl such B decided success, that thnr« rotn»iriH no doubt but that (,'ovinn can will snstnin B atitirNn of tiio very talent AH one number hHH been giver/, eea«on ti<Sketg for t hit: remainder of thrj course will he gold ftt a reduction fif no cents from the S'2.00 price. AH we are asHiired that tho remaining u umbers will prove equal in interest If) the lecture of Jacob A. f?ilft. there should not be a vaonnt aent from thin time no,,. Hei^tn fur the PinMhnrtnotiio Qifiutette may be ri'HCrverl free by itnlrlern nf Oojre tickelH beginning JVloViday next. After th« '20tTi sinR r e nrl'mlHiirins for this evetit will be sold for fi() centfi and on these ticket n-iervatioriH Will be made for 10 er-ntH aflditi',nal. Ohnrt« may be seen at, Nanh's drug 8toi:e, wrj'd tickets will be on f-:ale SAN DIMA8 WASH. Tii" r-ontinnoMS rains of the pn«t few v.-e<-!-:« have ralir-d gen- ral attention to t!i" coi.ditiou of the different \vuaht:y 'irouiiM 1 fiivina, and it i* ffiund that the i*an iJimfiH wa^li IK bcf-oiriin^ vyty ,/laij* gc'i-fiuu tii property owrif-rH. .ly ; , [(£. f?j liott. the well-known Hnp'-rint/'jftjlfjjjt rif the < oviti/i , Irrigatrnfi; r '' ""'' Mlfuff ft apr-cia) itlHfrf-ritiiHi to the Argus that unless HOI taken t<> prevent it, groat darn a go was sure to result. He Krtggf'wfs that the Wfi«h he feii'-ed for two lni!f;v( eas.t of f'itrm avenue with barb wire fence ;ind brush and that, immediate action |.u N".vt wf-k a pifition asking for «<ub- set ipti/ii'n from tin- propr-ny owners for the pni-|io".e of sf iriighternrig and securing the liank of the wa«h'Xvill b ; Onlaled, find in view of th'-'j.fl'i fiorfjiaec of the mefter, Ih" director" of ' he ' ovii:a. I rrif/.'itmg ( oinj/aiiy '.','HI .•l q ' J i«l. All .properly, ownw;-(-t nli"i)id .tnalf,? :i personal inspectio.'i and MUM becomi; convinced of the great neee»ity for united ai?d ihirriedi.'itV' ar-ffo;i. Ornn«e and Lemon Market: Advices from New York (niote thf> navel firan^o market an HtroriKor and HliKht- ly higher. The lernon market IH lower but the demand IH (|ulto active. The trouble coihos when thr> chats about it to her husband or her best friend, 8hn 'Mtneiwn 1 * \VhHf, he)husband is. M sho hits believed tho words of the slitlsflGil hd/isier. (lie Inm- buni,l is placed in H bad light. He feels 1tmn.ll, Mayho he Is small, but the chnnoes fire he isn't nny morn puny and inefficient than the boast.or who comes out of his burrow to Ho to women, All women do not, trustingly take the ell'uhioTis of boasters at the boaster's valuation. If it were true there would be even more ruined lives in this world than the met.rnpolitan papers could chronicle. We would wish that all women were like the famous "Haman- tha Allen," known lo all lovers of humorous fiction. Hnmantha nnd her husband, .losiah, were visit ing Huston. Samnnlhn spent an afternoon at Ihe Museum of h'ine Arts, and ga/.cd long at the statue of Apollo. She said: " Wnl, .[ have seen Apollo, an' I.'vo seen .losiah, my husband, ami between (he t Wo give me Joshih. '' THE TRAVELING PUBLIC). There is a crying need for a correspondence school teaching Ihe art of trunk and Miil-casc 'inching. I'lspeciallv is it important thai the Imin-i In <',i!i fornia slmreii indulge in n few lessons, bill with the esla blish inenl of Ihis milch need' d school, men ami women in all walk-, of iil'e would ipiickly anil grille- fully ma t ri'-nla I e. Some there are, women cipccially, who show an alinosl uncanny ability to gorye Ihe tra\e|ing cases \vilh the in ssary impediments of the journey. llnl the average man b lines a futile, frothy lipped maniac before his chillies are hidden from Ihe vulgar stare ol the public. Ami (hero invarialdy comes a lime while en route, win II the Mill r;iM- -Ihiulil be op-lied ill order to extract sumo nilirle \iial to the comfort of the traveler, but the operation is postponed until il cannot any longer be avoided, I'oi 1 , with I hi' loosened strap comes a cascade of articles of intimate association, into the aisle of the car. l.iltf '' il umpl v liumpty," all th" king's horses and nil I he king's men couldn 'l gel the con tents back without a bail half-hour of endeavor. I'oals nnd 1'0,,.,,-is (\\-<. ;,[,. speaking of gentlemen's sni'-cases i never look the same after this ordeal j of packing. Many a man is carrying' t->.-o big grips who could travel with one small one if In- possessed a diploma! from an internal ioaal suit case packing | School. This is the age of speeia|i/u- j 1 ion. A ml t his is :\ hint to t he rare .. OIKS born great in this line. '• i COLD WEATHEH. T" feel • • chilly ' ' M1 s,,ul hern l eli- , t'.iniia i- largely a mat I. -r ,,|. iuiagi'ia- tion. lUiring this 1,-i^t i.-iin^ ,-,|,,|l the, *mnll stove has deeii an addil :on in I crentuiv i omforis, | h , ,|.nib-, :,!,,! ^en. e- 1" dri\ ,- away I hi- dainpne-.-, i ,,,,. , lint 10 shi\'i i ainl -l!-i!;e in 11,,- ,,,,,,, ..,],- : bei-aiite l here i, ;; l,i, atli blot\ ii ';• I r.nn Ihe sn.,w~ ,,|' • •( i|,| |!a|,| v ' ' ,-.,11, ,-,,, ., till le ( In i-l ia a Si-ieMi-e I n at lhe:il . Ti.,. ;i ''' '^ s-'iin 1 i ii,,--. lik,- .,11 ( 1,-lnbi r -l., \ , ; ' I'" I •("•-' 1 idl ..I l h,- 111 vigura! ie i t., i. r '!'•'" I'e'll-.e-. !, u;.|.| ;, „,„„( ;,,;, ,.. j,,'; I'm inj! He- i a -' ,-, , ,-i, ;, ,|, ; ..|i,. l, ; ,.,,,, <•'•'•• ' '-' ( -n , .'i.'ie ' -n i I,,- , ;,-; and m.d>i!i "'•;'- . l.'eMien.l ,-, !Ml .,, j,:, -.,,,,|,/ lV " r ''""l : "'' i"- 'l in. I.-, rti.ii I i ,-i ",c a' a • ->.'"id-nili. Ii.,i. ': -I, v, r. ,• v.-,.|.l in • Did the Best He Knew. Oeotdle Horn wan a character w-all known among (lie country folk of the Scotch highlands twenty-live years ago. lie belonged |on f-laKM rather hard to cluHHlfy, for he was neither a train,) rifil' a farm band, although frequently I following the habits of both. \Vaii- I derlng f/'om farm lo farm, the greater prirl: "f time hrj wa.s kindly treated aut( ^JioKpflubly e|||ci'ialiie/l generally. A-ybllo. Jiu wan a iijai) uf (jtrenglh, Ini V\I\H menially weak exceedingly lady. "lie's a f{!a cule f-hlel, though nlow In Ihe iiptaek" (mnlersiaiidlu^), was the way a good many des'Tibeii him. One day he arrived at his: friend the'n and eoiupl;ilne/l of a severe b(iin la \1\H hreai-fl. The doelfir liaiided ujm a plantc-1', wllh InslniclIoiiH to put It on his chest without delay, Ooordle gave him one of bis knowing looks and took his departure. The doctor met him a few days later and Inquired how he was feeling HOW. (ioordle re- idled, "Niio iK'ttc-r." "I)ld you do a.s I told you with thu filaHler?" the doctor wont on. "U'eel, uo, not exactly. J doho the best I could. I didn't have a chest, HIIC J. Htnck It on my bandbox" (hat box), Tue ty A Ifempej «old IVlr rs' ranch Ostler-Evans. A telegram from Visalia renched Covina this week, announcing the marriage of Miss Florence P^vans of CotrJun -und Wr, FfanM Ofitlef-j of A^nsrt, bat nr>W a rftfeohfcr 'itiany wn^ti: friends 'JberQ wliiJc sh« WHS nfftht'ofl'erfltor for th'e tele'tiborie company, resigned her position two weeks ago, presumably to visit her father, who lives at ti!nd«my. Mr,, OfetleE ( -, formerly ...dE^VAo^Lc Moiijiyiin Vxiftvi 4tni^e a'Tid!} is nil Rniv hitroiiHlir.'d'iriatfitriinfs yountf molt, « hafive f)f Ohio, MiHs Kvans first JH«! .Into Covina Orange Groves We have a, large clientage buying goo4 oranpe groves.' If^ \' i watft a quick Sale, li|t ^ojlf gr^ye'jwjith us. ' ''" ' * ' ' ' 232 Bldg:,, Los Angeles D. W.. McDonald, Covina representative. Home phone 1295, Covina r)|.' Tllti t/'h? First National Bank of Covina . . , , . AT COVLN'A. in tin; State of California, at the close of business, Kebruary S, 1909. (Charter No. .5830) HELP flTART. An Expensive Doflari Not long ago \i\ tbig toWtt'h. friend of tho /uijili-y^oVb. one of the kids a dollar. Qt K'OTlrse It -was too much lo K«t the kid get out nnd speud for unruly and. Rum, HO U-\VIIH I'oll- KiouMly put tip tm the sideboard or Borne; other' wife place lo be kept—Just for what ihe deponent wilth not. In about a week 1 Ihe Juvenile owner of the Idg round coin remarked at tJu> lirealtfiiHl table, "I'apa, manuim .spent my dollnr yoHtorday." The head of the house took the hint and fished up anolhor dollar, which, like Us predecessor, wan placed In a good mifo phi/je to keep. During Ihe next month by a carefully labiilaled record which he kept on his cuff h,- repaid thin olunlve dollar thirteen Union. So at the end of the mouth you will not bo surprised lo Irani that our friend sent the donor of the original dollar Ibis curt unto: Hunr Kir- Im-lo'-ed you wilt Urid n rlipok for fl, It'.s ihe dollar you jjnvn our youngster. I reliirn It Hlmplv In nvnUI Iiiiiil(i-U|.ley. Already It IIIIM cosi me HOIIHI- wliorii lii-iwri'ii liflcen and tweiily, f.iumili (Mo.i Democrat. Dollar Fish. "Have you any dollar llsh here'.'" n woman nskeil ol oii» of the nl lendaius at I he mpm rlii in. \\'hile (he i|iie.slloii may seem eurl oils, II W:IH really very simple, for the dollar llsh Is only a young inoontlsh. Tho iiioonlish Is a ( urlous Imt Itenu- lll'ul frontun>, alinoHt round In shafie and extremely thin and having the lovelies! of pearly sides. It swims 0:1 edge, so that l! always presents Its shies of pearl to view. It takes Its name from Its shape and bociuiso. further, In color II siiggeHtH the silvery moon. Young moontish of die H|/O of a Ktnmbml (diver dollar and (hey are Heaivcly any (hhker arc called dollar (Ihhes because of their rt'seinlihiiice to that coin In size and shape and color, and the woman making the Iminlry aiioiit dollar llshos was duly In for mod that there was none h\ (he (links at the present lime, but that they did have them occasionally. - New York Sun. Thro* Sabbaths Each Week In Tangier. Morocco Is a country of many Sab- I'.-ilhs. The lirst three days I spent lu TiuiK-liT weiv all Sabbaths. Arriving on a Thursday night, the next day wsis Friday, tho Mohammedan Sabbath, which was followed by the Jewish Sabbath the Hebrew element 111 Tangier Is considerable and strict In re ll;:l'uirt observance and th;:t In turn by Hie Christian Sunday. Subsequent e..iii|cirlsiin, however, revealed little d!!f.Ti-Iico lirtweei; ail) d;i\ s of the week, (in th,. Mohammedan Sabbath! n bine!; ll:ig Is In,1st.-it nil ihe iiilnnivis j -'I' Ibe l'l':i> ei- ,,f ,|.i uii, Inste.-ul of the I Mow nmch 'loon the young Jndy, of H'liilhern ','aljfornia. exjiect of (ho rn.'iti \vlio asftiren to be her husband? is it. Tint a fact that, I lie yon tig man faces n Cbigfjer problem hor/o . than flHowhero? evVhn.1, kind fit' a home /loos tho. young 'Truly dernand? Moy/ many times each finth /Iocs she i|i;<ist, on (irsfc class f<oals at Ih/! (ipoTJi* This in w country of wealthy people -.-retire/I men who worked like galley '{ihives in n cold climate, until they fl massed a respectable pile. They sometimes bring sons and daughters hero to- help disfribiit n tho booty. Tho poor young man, breaking into business liar- ri"s-; ha:( his gait set by them. The unthinking young lady (if his aspirations kei ps liini dodging nine different ways for her entertainment, and pnnidven- ture, ehi/JoH him for not "getting ahead." Im 't if true? Isn't it :i fact, girls,' Hive- !!'.(•• young Hl/lJt n show. I'res-'-at him from H pending money rather unthinkitigly spending ft for him. Live in a rented bungalow on an obscuro street tiiilil the young man ojitdies his stride, fin anil ask some ol these old follovvs of the leisiU'lj c-lass how many years rolled by boforn "wife and I" had seats in the pit at the opera. It's up If) the girls. Ifagerly & FTenipel H0 ],l TucHdav. ratic.h KEBOI/'RCES, , • J.onn* and (Jinoftiint« ... :'. ,...'..$]! OvordraftB, Rocuro<I and unsecured .... .. 2316.55 U. S.. brtml.n to Rncnrn circulation .'. .:... 25,000.00 I'rcmi'.imH on U. S. Bonds 295.00 Bonds. KocuriticH, etc ...... ..', 17,!»8fl.OO BqnkitiK houKo, furnltilre and fixtures.. 17,614,45 lJuo from National Banlut (not rcHervo scents) '..,.,... 3,395.17 OIK; from state and private banks and bankers, IruHt cornriariieH and xnvinttH hanks 2,735.67 Duo frf,m approvwl renerve a>?cnt« 68,990.13 Cb':ck« and other cash items 83.57 Notes of other National Banks 600.00 Fractional paper currency, nickels, cents . Jfll.79 Lawful Money Reserve in Bank, viz: Kliecin 13.224.60 13,224.60 Redemption Fund with U. S. Treasurer 5 per cent, of circulation 150.00 Duo from U. S. Treaimrer 1100.00 Total I.I/MIII.ITIKS, •341,129.23 Capital Slock paid in $ 50.000.00 .Surplus fund ;.. . 311,000.00 Undivided profits, leiia oxpongea and taxes paid... National flunk notes outstanding..,,,. lJuo to TriiHt Companies and .Savings Banks Individual deposits suhjeet"to check'. /Icrnand certificates of de-pout ...1f..949.0S •••23,i)00.00 ,...4.097.77 215.027.41 ••.1,155.'X) Total . 341,129,23 Sl;ltc of Cnllfnrnin Coinitv of JL/,. S AntrcloR ss- t, \\ M, UfinWoUl. Ciisriicr of ihc abovc- ililmbil Itillik, (Id dolemnly swear that the above ntiitemcnt is true tn the best of my knowledKf and hellct. VV, M. CKISWOLD, Ciubler. Correct—Attest; J. 0. Houser ) A. P. Kerckhoff t Directors H. M. Houser ) Subscribed and sworn to before me this llth day of February, 1909. E. P. Warner, Notary Public. <_ 6!4 Soulh Gmwl Avenue, Lot Angelei, California. Thn prrrategt buaineSs training institution in the south. Open during the entire year. Write for particulars. . ' J. W. LACKEY, Manager. ENDORSED BY DENTISTS Euthymol Tooth Paste PHONE 12 Buy it from \V. W. NASH Prescription Druggist S . 1 COVINA, CAL. /BMllinen> We wish td aunotitlce the opening- of nil etitiffcly new stock of stylish, up-to-date spring aud summer goods. All are cordially invited. Mebb & <3rabam Next to Warner, Whitsel & Co.'a New Store Bldg. Citrus'- Av'cnue Covina, Calv ! hat ami..mi- es the time "'• j'-rtv t \ H. mi,,.i ...,„ M .'i ...,,„,. J'Mi ' ', u !iii llf\ nil..I!-, nil Lllu-r i|;i\s || I'l'lllillll i ! up iiMil iht- iniildl,- of tin) i' i I'.V u lii''li I iine e\ er.v l.i.ily !•; .s|||i|,,,si-,l I" li:|1 '• l'"ii-:'l cut \\ hat day it is. i Ni'\v Vui-U iVat. HTHREE things to re•*• member in buying silk gloves : 1. Pure silk wears best as well as looks best. 2. Cheap dye injures the fabric, lessens the wear. 3. Get as good a fit in silk as you do in glace or suede, it is just as important. BUT if you are careful to get GLOVES you can forget all these things, because "If it's a Fownes, that's all you need to know about a glove." For one hundred and thirty' one years, one ambition, one accomplishment: to make the best gloves in the world for Men/Women and Children. Never sold under AM/ other name than Fown«s. QOOD GOODS 'i'lifj efiming year will ivitness the HtrdiigoHt advertising campaign ever attempted in this country'. Tlie tn'en wftb make good goods are to attempt education to standardize 'mcTch'anVUse. Whilo certain interests are trying to get Congress to pass a pure leather law, n pure clotn'os la* an'd Various other laws, these manufacturers propose to show we now liave too many laws, The consunfer can, get what he pays ttiv. ]Te can get more than he payH for. But he must be honest hiniHolf. Ho buys an article which has been satisfactory--say a pair of shoes for, say, $4.00; ho admits they were the bout ho ever had. Next time he needs a pair ho reads that, Hluaoni & Co.-, who ran the big firo sale, are now selling $4,00 shoes at .$2.8!). Mo gons ii|> against their gaaie. He threw down Mio manufacturer who made an honest; article. Ho threw down the dialer who gave Li in a square deal. Would a law proloet liini? Thorp would be no shoddy goods if the public, refused to buy them. These makes represent honest goods: Brocton Co. of .shoes. .1. ,1. (irovor Soft. Shoes for tender feet. K 7. Sluirtors, Kayser Silk (Moves. Cadet Hosiery. - • ()nyx 1 losiery. , .M erode I'nderwear. Maasing l'inler\vear. ' •' Siisnana Silks. ' • - •'' ' • THE ROYAL TAILORS. • .' ..-.'.' Who is ytiiir tailor? We don't care who or whore. Pour hundred thousand men in theM« Ciiitecl Slates last year wore liovnl Tailor Suits Come in nnd si-e the lish ol' C'uvina men; look at the suits when you meet Ihein. (live us your order. Whin done don't accept them if 'not exactly as yon expected. More: We guarantee then, every thread wool. We guarantee th^m to hold I heir color until worn out. (io up against the cotton cheat if von like him, and every bargain sale. Hut don't ask Congress to pass laws tii protect yon. A sucker is born every minute and a thief is after him every second. When you start in to observe the golden rule you won't need any jmro food laws or pnro clothes laws. "Merode " (// iiul- Fin I shed ) Underwear. Not All Silk Gloves Are Kaysers Until three years ago, nearly every silk glove was a Kayser—with the patent double tip.- ^ ,. No other make was Acceptable, - : ' • Every woman wanted' the Kayser fabric. Kayser fit and the Kayser fiuger Up. The old-time silk gloves were ill- fitting and worthless. Very few women woro them. It was only when Kaj'Sev created perfection that silk gloves hoc-ame the suninic'r gloves of the milJipn. Why Inferior Gloves Were Worn. When the- sudden craze for long gloves came, we could scarcely begin to meet, it, 80 oThC'V niiikiM'S Wfit'i 1 cfillod on, and all sorts of gloves Wol'o sold. Tlvon luce luit.ts find stocking to'ps, ;it t.'H'licd to short gloves, sold mi hist ;is the nialccrs could miikc tlii'ii'i, Any makeshift was wch'onii.'. Qualify was forgotten; This Cry was for any long glove. ' Thou millions of women, who could not get Kaysers, m-cejircd incxperiencetl makes. Patent Fingnr-Tippicl Silk Gloves. A Guarantee in Every Pair. Now conditions have changed. Wo have immensely inci-eased our (rapacity, This spring you can all gi | Kaysor gliiv.'S--;!iiy sliadi; or style nr length. 'I'liere is no iiei.'d now to take inferior makes. You can get the Cloves you want—;ln- Kayser. lint there is need t/i he careful. \ou r it is necessary to insist on tho Kayser, and to see the name on the hem. Then you are sure /if the gloves which, for twenty-live years, haw- hecu lonnd so satisfactory. Not Easy to Make. A perfect silk glove isn 't easy to make. That is why other mnkers fall short. It I'L'ijuii'es years of experience-, find infinite skillj to make a silk "lore that will fit. One must make his own silk, and dvo it himself, to attain a duralile ffihric. And our patent tips are essential. Karli Kayser glove goes through fifty I operations before it h'-coines the perfect i ylove that you see. j "i et you pay no more for Kaysers than for gloves half as good. Yon'have ' .simply to see that vou get them. I Short Silk Gloves,' 50c to $1.00. I Long Silk Gloves, 75c to $1.50. , JULIUS KAYSER & CO., MAKERS I NEW YORK. | Also makers of the famous Italian , Silk I'nderwear — the most luxurious lin- , gi-rie in the world, yet the most economical, l-'or it outwears cotton ten to one, I as thousands of women knu\v. Made j in every niide; .jarinont that a woman j i wears. i The Broadwell Store COVINA, CALIFORNIA

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