Covina Argus from Covina, California on February 13, 1909 · Page 3
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 3

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 13, 1909
Page 3
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\ t" COVINA FURNTTURE CO. FOR ANYTHING IN THE LINE OF FURNITURE or FLOOR COVERINGS SAFEST PLACE TC TRADE W. Q. CUSTER, Manager 11VRON HOT SPRINGS Within easy reach of S;in Francisco. Wonderful curative propertie?! of the nnitl and niiiura! l);i|!\s and waters. Keai'hed from I.os Anodes through the San Joa<|i!in Valley. Information at SOUTIIF.KN PAt1FIC OKK1CKS. FOB A STATE HIGHWAY SYSTEM. Out of the intricate maze of legislative matters, the pulling and hauling to gain this or that advantage affecting some little corner of California, there occasionally arises a constructive idea —a big wholesome measure upon which all of the people can lay aside their sectional prejudices and join hands to urge forward as promoting the interests of the entire state. Such a measure is the conception of Governor Oillett to create a fund of $18,000,000 by issuing 4 per cent bonds for the purpose of building a great system of modern highways throughout the state. It is a plan which should invoke the deepest interest and most enthusiastic approval of every loyal citizen—every man who has the material welfare of California at heart and whose deep desire it is that his state should show the greater measure of development and progress. The governor's scheme to carry this into effect is something new, Init carries with it sound business sense, which precludes the possibility of squabbling enmity between different sections. Th<! money, once the bonds are voted and sold, is to be expended under the sole direction of Hie state's engineering department, with no special salaried p<i- iitie.'il ' ; rond commissioners" fo prey upon the public fund. The state is to redeem the bonds, iis they mature, from a sinking fund provided for tin; purpose. The various counties are !i> pay only the interest, on the bonds, each county to pay inlert-st only upon the amount which lias boon expended within its borders. The slate; is to maintain the highways, once they have been constructed. With th(i completion of this great arterial, highway system, cnnnc'c.ting every county seat, traversing valley and coast and routes of magnificent scenic attraction,, built in the most approved manner known to modern engineering, the various counties can build their lesser roads up to equal efficiency, making a complete system unequaled in any state in America. True, some of our counties are already well inoculated with the good roads virus. Sacramento is spending a million on new highways, much has been done by the coast counties and through the San Joaquin valley, Los Angeles has ever been ready to expend money upon public improvement and San Diego has set a shining example through combination ~<J? "public and pri- -vaie • witerpr'Jse. But there is no gen- oral system, no uniformity, no connection. Under the proposed plan every county in the state will practically be given an opportunity to borrow money at 4 per cent, interest to build its main state roads, will have no principal to •pay back and will turn the finished road over to the shite to keep in repair. That's ;i good enough pxijinni- tion, isn't it? Surely there enn be 710 objection upon the part; of the individual county. And as Governor Gilleft has pointed out, no state could derive greater beiir- fit from a comprehensive system of good roads than California. Good roads are needed over which to haul our fruits to market. They will develop o>-r rural sections. The state's manifold attractions will bring thousands of tourists to automobile or drive over-scenic. California with rhe certainty of good roads and tlui reasonable certainty of ideal weather conditions. It will induce settlement, adding to wealth and population. The advantages arc immeasurable. Two measures affecting the good roads issue are now pending before the legislature. One calls for the submission of the bonding proposal to the vote of the people. The other provides for an apprnjiriat ion for preliminary work to map out the course of procedure. Let your legislator know thai you and your neiylib'irs are inter- '•sli'd in the passage of these two HII-HS- nre-i. There will bo ample time In stmlv the matter in delnil before Hie bondin" <|iicstiou is submitted to vote. Kvorr < 'ali I'D 'iiia n slu in Id it. Your enthusiasm will grow as yon progi-o^s. LEGAL NOTICES Summons. In the Justice's Court of Ko\v!and township, County of I.o.-, Angeles, State of California. Stair of California plaintiff, vs. J. K. .Jackson, and K. 1'. Davidson, tie fondant-.. The people of the State .if California .send greetings to:J. I 1 '. Jackaon and K. P. Davidson defendants. You are here directed to appear in an action brought against you by the aftove named plaintiff, in the Justice's Court of Rowland Township, I..OM An- Co-.inty, State of California, and answer before the justice at his ,ce in Covina, in said Township, the plaint filed therein, within five (exclusive of the day of service) the service on you of this sum- if served within the Township, ln v 'ch this action is brought, or, if se rj e< -9Ut of said Township but within said C., nt y i w ithiri ten days; or with'" ' Wel 'y days if served elsewhere., Ana y«t^ r e hereby notified that unless i you so \j||ear ar:d answer said com- i plaint, tikbove required, said plaintifl' will cauty our d e f au i t to be entered i and cost in the complaint a^ arismy UR., contract, or will apply to i the Court. V r t h e relief demanded in the compla^ i to-rether with the of suit. \ Given ui,'\ my COVINA "A City Among the Orange Groves" above were the words which fell from the lips of Gov. J. N. Gillett of California, when lied visited recently this fair gem set in its semi-tropic surroundings. No wors more fitting could have been chosen in describing-Covina, the chief town of the far-famed San Gabriel Valley Every boulevard and driveway for miles in every direction is Hanked with peerless groves, and the very atmosphere in the early springtime is laden with the perfume of the orange blossom and the trees laden with the golden ripe fruit. Along-these tirm, oiled driveways, ornamental vegetation of the common and rarer sorts grows in profusion, and withal are the lovely homes set in spacious grounds, where roses thrive in such varied richness that they appear voluptuous even amidst indescribable floral wealth. Sublimely eminent over the landscape that blesses the eye from Covina is the majestic peak of San Antonio and those of lesser altitude, but none the less beautiful, of the Sierra Mad re range, with their snow crowns shining and sparkling like jewels. Covina has no rival in Los Angeles county for beav.ty of situation. Enhanced by the markings of civilization, its scenic loveliness, viewed in broad perspective, is hardly surpassed anywhere. There is little danger of incuriug any tourist's resentment by advising him to tarry at Covina for more than a casual glance about him. Many things he will treasure in memory are to be seen in and about the pretty burg, BIRDSEYE VIEW OF COVINA To the homesceker Covina extends a standing invitation. The right band of hospitality is all ways extended to all worthy people to cast their lots with ours and enjoy the grandeur of inountain. the perpetual gladness of vernal life, fruiting and flowering- in perennial concert, an atmosphere blending- the azone of mountain tops with the tincture of the sea, the conveniences of civilization, and an opportunity of securing handsome returns for their labors in the cultivation of our groves. Covina was incorporated as a city in 1901, and at once took rank as one of the best governed cities of California, which position it holds steadfastly. Our population is estimated at 2500. Covina is located twenty-one miles east of Los Angeles in the upper San Gabriel Valley. It is connected with Los Angeles and other points by the Southern Pacific railroad and the new line of the Pacific Electric, which furnishes . hourly service, with a running time of 35 minutes, through many miles of the finest orange groves. The public schools of Covina are the pride of the people and the buildings arc constructed after the most approved modern plan. In all respects they arc up-to-date. Our high-school certificates arc- accepted in the leading colleges and universities, East and West. Grammar school graduates accredited in the high schools of California ruid all other states. The people of Covina are, emphatically, church-goers, and each of the. six different churches are well attended. The Methodist and Haptist denominations are both building now edifices to accommodate their respective congregations, which had outgrown their present church buildings, No saloons exist in the city, and those who desire to raise families amid good social and moral environments lind here an ideal community. Covina boasts of a beautiful Carnegie library, built is 1M05, which is largely palronixed. An especial 3c UT co >n - . ,n s the children's reading room. In few commimi'ies, even in Southern California, can there he found a people, more universally imbued with civic pride thamare the citixens of Covina. Tin: Cuvina Hutm: Telephone Company 01 • cupies its own building and furnishes a complete, and eflicient service. Subscriber.-* have tin: u->e of over MO phones, including free connection* with tin- towns of Axn.tU, <i!eniloia, San DimaH, Charter Oak, Irwindale and 1'iu-nte. The Covina (iaa Company, alao a local inntit ution, fumi'the* g<is for both fuel and illumination. The San Gabriel Light and Power Company furnishes liyht f >r Covina private homes and streets, which arc well lighted by a complete system of inoandevent light*. Tin: Covina Land and Water Company, controlled by II. Iv. Iluiitingtun, furnishes the city witn a [jure water supply under excellent pressure. We have two national and two savings bank-.. Our stor<-» are of high order and all leading lines of business are represented. The Vcndome is a first-class country hotel. Our clubs are of a social, literary and musical nature. The Monday afternoon Club, a ladies' literary, federated organization, owning a harjd.->ome club-house on the corner of Citrus avenue, and Center street; the Fortnightly, a gentleman'* literary club; the Amphiori, a musical organization; and the* Covina Country Club, equipped with a suitable and charming building; the San Gabriel Valley Auto Club with its sixty-seven autos make frequent delightful run:» over the dm: roadways; and the interest.,, C<<vina Valley Farmer^' Club, devoted to horticultural and publi (juoiH of fraternal organizations. Cuviiia ranks a-i the leidin^ oran^i; district of I,o-> An(.;c!e-> c'.-iuiiy. l f '.ievn <.'/mpletely packing lioiises ar'.- reijuired to prupar.: J <r iuark'.;t the th'/u ~.<i ml-, of <.ari'.ad-> of or,in;;"-> pcd fr',m thi.-> jj'jint ..nnually to U,e ea.-i'ern ni,irki:t-.. In .iniiiiii! ,->hi pnifiii •> Cov A nyrici co'.iii'y ati 1 ! tiiir<l i:i the :•; <rl<!. 'I i.»:;.; '/f II-UK i..-, i> ;:i-.o .'i \i-:i'' our i, it rii i pr •/!!•.• •;;•>. i !•••.! 'n,,u -> f rui' •> a . d i/'-rri'- •> of • vr ,• k in'! an: LTO'.VII i i, a o ha.-, also it-, full i> h .ir<: hh ijj- i r,ink-> hr-,t in !,<,-, •/ : i m!' Jie-iid.-.-> •la •,-.•-. A ,"ii' iiMural Select Your Route TOURIST CARS To the EAST Via New Orleans, El Paso or Ogdcn Personally Concluded Tourist Excursions from Los Angeles to New Orleans, Washington, Cincinnati, Louisville, (rhicago, St. Louis, Kansas City, Denver, Omaha, Minneapolis, St. Paul and other points in the Mast without change of cars. Th|-on-.;-li the warmer climate of the South, with its nee. and cotton lields; or over the route of Hie Pioneers of '-I'), and across Great Salt Lalu -"^oing to sea on a train." i). M. SCIIKNCK, A<;-ent. Coviua 1 lome phone 1-14 or Ci. L. TKAVIS, Commercial A»'eul, Pomona Home phono hi; Sunset Main 7(1 Southern Pacific Los Angeles Office, <>()0 S. Spring St., corner Sixth Covina Livery Stables J. W. KEEPER, Proprietor Special Rates to Travelling Men horses Bought, Sold and LZxchangcd Home Phone 30 i AA/S/WVSAAAA/V tAAAA*A/<AAA*AAAAA ! It takes a good deal of Machinery to run your ranch, doesn't it? .Something ne:.-d fixing? That's what we do - WE FIX THINGS Thoroughly equipped for all classes of machine work. Patterns made. Kstiinates furnished. We manufacture the "KT" valves and gates. THE KELLAR-TIIOMASON MFG. CO. Shop ami ( M'liee opposite S. I*. Dep jt Home I 'hour 2'Vi (!ovi n;i, (!al. WEPAVa BANK «v -. MAIL ON ONE YEAR , * THERM „•,•;;»V ' ON MOWTHtY, 1 BALANCES*• WE WELCOME accountH of any amount from IB.OO ^ Currency rnay he Hufely uc.nt through the mail by registered ' letter, or remittance may be made by exprena money order, ( bunk ch<-rk or druty, which riee<l not be registered. :: :: ' Loan* ar« mvU only OB lwBr*r«d r»«J »»«*>• in f«w bvtkUMl !**»•*•• i I Writ* for DD/S \7lir\SriVnr MwtMiUDulMliif.l Book!*! <* r'rfVSVILJC.IN I Uan 7U»««latlIit 11 J. M. HUNTEA, 3*c,y MM! M«r. • VSI fc. Mwy. U* A •«**». Cat Moving Heaven and Earth And also anything else t hat will move. Tr<tnsfc:ririfc furniture, pianos, dfiiver- \n\r express ]iat Ua^es, ' arryiii^ I'niled States mail, taking out parties to the canyons and hearhes. Hatilino- oranges and all kind-, ol heavy u-amin/. OI-'I 1 '[CK: VYitli Wells-l-'aryo on Citrus Avenue Covina Transfer Company Ke.^. Phone 1 10S Il(;mit Phone MO Subscribe for the

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