The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on March 22, 1977 · Page 1
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 1

Atchison, Kansas
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Tuesday, March 22, 1977
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News Want Ads Bring Quick Results Bath; "A Progressive Newspaper For A Progressive Community" ft-. THE WEATHER Massachusetts, Connecticut and Klioclc Island — Generally fair to- nipht nnd Tuesday. Somewhat warmer and a little more humid Tuesday. Eostport to Block Island: Gentle variable winds tonight, be- comlnK gentle to moderate southeast to south on Tuesday. Vol. LXX, No. 157 ESTABLISHED 1885 MONDAY, JULY 8, 1946 Leased Wire Service of the United Press Price Four Cents Delayed Until Late September Klimaszewski Police Claim "Ridiculous"-Brophy Warden To Call Planning Board Meeting Next Week On Auditorium Proposal Upholds Right Of Police Chief To Transfer Men On Beats "For Good Of Dept." Third Ward Burgess Plansi Protest At Next Meeting! Of Board .; i Ti-niinlin: "i IU|I:II|IHIM" the cfalrn r,f tlilrd '.viinl I'.uff'.nxx Crtntlci Kll- (fi;i.':nrH':il;i ( I J) I hut pollen triuiM- fi'i-.i »liui.ilil In 1 iipiirnvi'd liy lliu buiii'd i'l' ward i'n and burgi'iist!!!, Wiu'tli'ii fi«o ./. lii-ophy «<iM today Ihlit I'ohci' (Itili'f John J. Ciiirm- Icy IIIIM uutlKjrlty to inukii ti'Hmi- ri'|-.-i mi I" 1 M'-i'X fit In thi. 1 bt'.it In- tcrcjitM nt tin 1 di'purtniOMt. . LATE . f * TKUMAN'S KKQUICST Wiishingun. July S—(UP)— I'ri-skli.'iit Truman has urged the ., , | .HOUMC to |iiiss this Somite-a|>- liiirjrf.-i.'i (Miriiummvsiu «akl Sat-, ,„.„„,.,., $»,7r,i'j,OUO,000 loan to Brlt- iic'lny I;,- wnulil I'l'diiHl nt the nnxt I mci'lliiir nf the hoiud thr trun.Mfi'i' ut Ihri'i- i.olii.-eaied. I'uti ulifiiin t''nirik Murluno from At Senate Probe Mill" ami Mfiplti HtrdtitM to thf NOl'th M'lln Htri'Dl. bl'llt furiTHirly covi-i-i'd by I 'atruliiKin Stiinli'y !*('• vufKlHUMlvHM; thu latter being as- iiUrin"! to thi' C'tuii-eh iitrect and Kiililii'i- avi'fiiin hunt, unit I'ntrol- rntiii Jo.ii'jih Kari'im biilng tald'ii fi'dni th»l. tuiir cii 1 duty and switched to I'litci/lrniLn Marliino's heal. I'olli:! 1 C.'hlcl' (Ittl'mlny .Mnld he wmilil "do nil my liiKdii).: liufor" Hsu Iji'iird," und n.-i.-uirti'd M« would In' |ilT:^MIlt lit III." IlnXt (tll:t'tln); tu IIHSivnr nil <|HI'.itl(;[l.4 (.'IKIL'HIlllllK till 1 tuiiDiriM'ti. A.'iki'd fur HII iiplnlmi cdiicurniiiK iHirjri'M.-i Kll[niin/i.\v.-UU'M i:(ini|ilali;t Wiirdi'ii Kriiphy siikl thurn wun rm ((tH'.'ilniii rtiiict'rnlnK i'hli'1'M iiiilhui'lty. On 1 ut for Wn dull' iipi'rliil ini'i'llni: to l»' culU'd thl:i wiink In pluci. of thn I'uKUliir mi'Cl- lux' IHJII wi-iik. r.nrtfi'im Dominic !)••• C.-nrli. IM mi u, but dm. t | ain, Hi.- say;: It's the one wuy wi; ; can avoid the clangor of u con- fllct In i-conomlc pulley between the United States and the UnJted Kingdom. • - (iOo - • MOUK CA'l'TI.I.; AKKIVING (,'lileiigt,. •Inly «—(1,'J 1 )—More lliun four llnti-M us ninny cuttle \vnre driven into tiir pens of nine iimjiir inlildli' wi'sli'i'ii stockyards tcdiiy ttiiin wi-ri' then,' n wi-rk ago, Tin- Chicago .stockyards rp- purled tin' highest entile run -nOo - SKNATOK'S KKIJL'KST Wa.'ihlngton, July S (UP)-— Democratic Senator James Murray of MoTuanii has asked- bot-h slid eti In thu OI'A dispute to give u|i what hi: culls "pressure tnc- td.'H." And although Majority Lender Albon Bnrkluy says h* Is confident it will be passud, u bil- ir thr. I t(.|. fight Is chnping up. .1.1.l.. I ,.r~\ n dOo ----- •VM.VM'ISO'J'A I'KIMAKIKS St. 1'niil, Minn., .(illy « — (HI') — ' rl "' pri'sldi'n tlnl iifiplrutlons nf Tiicwljiy night, Thi'I Humid Stassen uri- at Ntaki' In ' Ml niiesiilii's primary , clcelidn tn- ila.v. Tin- iMiiini'Niilu voters will iiniiilnnti' Kepuhllcnn and Denm- ci'uf lc-7"itrnier-l,iibi>rHe cuiidlfhiles fur rnlled Stairs scimtiir, for Him- ciingrcsMlmml sent* und for .shite offices, Stassen Is not n rn«'i'tliu; mny In 1 hi'ld tlic luttur pnrf | nf llH' wi'i'k. Tim' ttU'i'i- 1:1 U rlfl In Ihi' di'iim- rrnllc furi'i'.'i IIIIM hmui HI"'II In Ihi 1 dcJ,'M' nf ai'p''"nt nf u 1'i'i.rnliir fli'i'iiii'ii In. fill a viicanry. 'I'lii-ri' lilivi' bi'rn riinmiM uf n drill lji> twi'i'ii ri'pulil t'nIIM iind oni* ilrniii- rrnt In fill Ih'i' v.n'iincy. VVKIi n-fi-ri-Mi-c to HIM (mlli'ii tl'HNFifi'l 1 . r,IM>,'r:IS K llniC.H/.l'WM!< I .iiilil tlii'i-i' hull iiiTii <i|ii'Cillutlon 11:1 In Ihr ri'll'liill. Ill' .'Illlil III' lnti'llil"d ID "Ki't 'In' facts" ut tin' ni'Xt ini'i'l- Howard Hughes, Millionaire Sportsman, Hurt Ili-vi'i-li'V 1(11!.". Calif., .(nlv 'I'l'i T;H> tnlllliHKiIri' HpnvtMinii nnd riii-r, Howard Hughf't. fi»» hci' l;vrii mi I'vi'n chunri' to llvi', ll'-| I'l-nshi-il t.'nii night, nt 10:'iri p. m. | IK1>'|') u'hlii' hi' wu.-i tent-flying n ' ni'w jilnni' In' built tor thi' Army. ; fli' nViif:ili(i( u golf cotU'.ii' In I M<icn:i:ncy lnniUng. nn<l plnughi'd [ wlili-h he wn;i tryliu: tn miikr »n| lulu u pit l;i tin I SlOo.onn mansion In ; nn i'xi'lii-i|vi. niMlilrntlal Nectlon cif llrvi-ily I fills, '('he hoiino htirnivl I" t!" 1 irrutinil, Hinrhi'.i IM nMffi-i-lnir '''inn u ipiinrtiii-i'il lung, brolci-n rib, Ililrd di-i:i'ii|. liiiniH, nnd olhrr In- L H.v DR. J. U. Mi'ndil symptoms In mild depressions in-,. ( (l ) depressed uplrlts. Kltainy, Impelc'is attitude, (b) Inferiority cdnipli-x. («> Inability U> ''onci'iHrnie cir remember, UD 1(""' "" l»tt' even tn n point of ncg- 1(l(; t of pei'Momil iippuurance, («>• unxli'ty or fear of disease orcaliiin- I'<•". (f) I'vjiictlon of riisponslbll- Trejitnicnt: 1'hyslclu.n make:i |noi'jii K ii t-xiinil tuition to -MOO If '"Civ IM uny physical cuusio for I'liiiillilut" fur nny office, but Ills iniflnrml (ireslige us preslilentlal timber ilepends upon the outcome nl the nice I'm- the Kc|iiil>!icaii 'lemitorUil nninliKitloii, MA.N'V I.IVKS LOST Hy [lulled Press Thc tiuliim went, buck to wurk this mtirnlng lifter a lung holiday week-mid in which jiuirir than -100 persons lost, their lives. Nation-wide reports list '1011 deaths directly attrlbiitn- ble tn the l ; '(i',n-th (if July wei.'k- 1'iyl, The lull was lower than that cf previous yen IT. n.nd fur below tin.- I,,'(00 deaths forecast by the National Safety Council. Of the •UI3 fatalities, ml persons died In iiutonioblle accidents, 112 wore drowned, eight died in fireworks mishaps and KP from other ciiuseM, The relatively small toll from fireworks stems from I hi: fact that many states have outlawed the use of fireworks. i N II'ANTI M-: r.\ KAI.VSIS Denver, Colo., .July H —(l.'l 1 ) — C'lilonuln bus Tieeii given an emergency stains by the National I'Viiimljitlon (if Infantile I'arnly- nls, ''*ic slute's tuliil miinbcr of ruses of polio rose to Il>- ye.stcr- dii.v. And evi'ii at the lii'glnnliiK of this niuntb, Cnloniili) milked Nl.vlh nulling the stales in the number of polln cases. •oOo - SAl''K UOHHKD \Ve.ithr<u71«, Conn,, July S-CUP) State police have reported that a safe at Castlebrook Inn was brnkon Into during thn week-end. The loss was estimated at $ri,000. oOo STAHBINO IN GUKKNWICIt fii nwlch, Conn., .Inly «—(UP) —A stubbing wlilcli puller wild ne.curri'd us a result of u l>:ir- roDMi bruwl IUIM sent two men to (lie hospital, rorty-flvc-yriir-old .losepli 1'lliisl of Greenwich will be oliiirgetl 'with iissnult will) n deadly weapon when lie IM released from the hospital— \iallce rcjiorted. They Mfilil In 1 li'«l i.tubbed i(Kvi".n'-i'l<l H.irolil Hun- nerftiri! nf fireeim'l<'h—who previously hail knocked PlUisI down. DOf.TOK'S BODY FOL'Nn Mlddlebury. Conn.. July S—-(UP) --An airplane which joined In a ii-iirch I'or Dr. Dudley B. Doming of Waterbury luis led to the discovery of his body. The body of the "G-ycnr-old physician was found clearing off Three-Mile Former C'lilef ot Ordnance Muj, Gen. f,, II. Cunipbell Is pictured (is he testified in Wiislilngton be- fori' tin; Senate War Investigating G'ummitti.'p which ix probing munitions profits. Tin mild hi; "got lint under the collar 1 ; because Ui>p. Andruw ,1. Muy (15- Ky.) was using liis [lOMition in an "inslsteat" wuy in regard to contracts with u. group of Illinois cnmpiinles. (IntRrnntlonul) Big Four In New Deadlock Chances Of 'Full Dress Conference This Summer Are Getting- Slimmer (By United I'rrss) The: bij; four foreign ministers ;i(,'uin have met ant! aricuud. And :ip;iln they have failed to .break the deadlock which is holding up thu sending of invitations foi 1 the 21- nalluh meeting. Hlf-'l, you, ccs dost- to the Paris !•<•,!,l-ei-ene,. KUV that unless a do- I'ision is rc-achod soon, thc confer,.;!(•,. ,»av nut come off on July -'.nil us s'uhi'dulod. They say that at P ft 5'"'£ > New Book Plan Cuts Reading Cost Best Sellers Now Available At $1.25 Per- Month; See Pag-e Five The cost of 'reading has been cut to u minimum. For exactly $1.25 per month under a program made available here through The Naugatuck Daily News, all the famous best sellers — of today und yesterday—will be made available to you just as fast as you can read them. Known us the Postalending Library Reading Plan, the program is, in reality, a library in your mail box. No limit is placed on the number of books you may have monthly. Depending' upon your own appetite for books, you wil] always have another best seller on the way while you are engaged in reading one. There is absolutely no obligation 10 purchase books. The fee of $1.25 •j. m on-ih entitles you to complete •iccess to the well-lined shelves of the Postalending Library. Complete details .of the plan may be found on page five of today's NEWS. C:ip the coupon today and become a member of the latest idea to make all books available to readers at the lowest possible cost. New A. M. A. Prexy House Scheduled la Debate On loan To Great Britain (By United Tress) In the House, the beginning of four-day debate is scheduled for today orx the proposed three and :hrec-quarter billion dollar loan to Britain. The administration regards passage of this bill as the Subduing A Trieste Rioter Secretary and General Manager of the American Medical Association for li-l years, Dr. Olin West is shown after he was elected president of the organization :it the i)5th annual convention which WHS held in San Francisco. (International) "Can't Wait Until September" On Veterans Petition, Warden Says Legion Plans Paper Drive Jr Collections To Be Made By Fifty Men All Day Sunday, July 28 A new campaign t.o collect waste mper to raise funds for roh.'itaili- atibn work will be conducted July 28 by Naugatuek Post, Number 17. American I-,ejrion. _ .Chairman Joseph Raytkwich of -ystone o"r "American" foroltfri' ceo-i <-he campaign committee said to- >mio policy. "ay thut complete details have It no'phyjilcul causo ' ,. on .d about eiRht huurn after he Pnysleliui tells patient that ""in fic'» coal, but caii.'ind by 1 tonrilirtsi or probluniH which "a HBttiud to got rid of aynip- s, Inc.; dy ConsolldHtod Nuwu "cl'liiuppuuretl whi'lo on a hike, Dwith was snid to be due -to natural causes. "—.Iliii" wmthiT Hull' 1> "I'"" ll »» - ; At Hlrh-» Sllix. Slur,-. MS lliiIlK »ll!l'i'l, Wilii-rhury. thrr,. uri' linnilr<'<l» «< «'->-""• fur wiiir lii tlm miuiiii" sfiinon.—Adv. least LWI.I or tliree weeks will be lU'Ki-'.ssnry I'or the various Lions to make thuir and get lo thn I'Ye.iich capital. As things now stiind—• the 1'ight .Jtill is throe aguinst oni;—with Soviet I-'on.-Ign Commissar insisting thnt iron-chid rules for the conference be .set before InvltatTons are si:ill mil. After hours of arguing this morning, the ministers put the in- viUitinn (niesucjn to a ''ormal vote. The result .'showed Molotov holding out us «, one-man minority iig;ilnst American Secretary of Stale I.Iyrne.s, JJrILIsh rrtfirv Mi.'%'in, :ind Frnnco's presi dunt and foreign minister, Georges -LJicluult. The three ministers were all for sending out invitations immediately iiiul letting tin- 21-nations uecide tin rules nf procedure \vhen the conrerenci' opens. But Molotov said no. Young GOP Tolake Plans For Hartford County Outing Members of Nnugatuck's Young Republican club have been invited to the finmni! outing of the Young Republican Women's Association of Hartford county which will be held July 15 nt (i p. m. A special guest at this affair will be Carroll Recce, chairman of the Republican Na- tioiuil Committee, it was announced by Howard Saccndorf, club secretary today. The invitation was issued by Anna Vny Swltawaski. secretary of the Hartford group; The monOhly meeting of the Young Republicans will be held tomorrow night at which time plans for the outing will be made. Also, «t tomorrow night's mooting delegate^ will be chosen' for .hi> organization's county meeting, which will be held in Milforii, July 19. <c.v lomi If the House approves the loan, he British could begTn drawing on its credit as soon as thc Presi- Jont signs it. They would begin the loan with two per cer.t interest in 1951. the payments to be spread over 50 years. In return, Britain has agreed to grant the United States access to trading" areas, which, before the war. were involved in half the world's trade. And in addition, she. has promisee! to support America's proposals for improvement in world trade practices at an international trade conference. Heated debate is expected In thc Senate today when the OPA compromise bill reaches the floor. Administration leaders are confident the House wfll pass thc loan and _ Huc i" i thc Senate the OPA measure before thc end of the week. Legislature Of Maine To Discuss Veterans 7 Problems Augusta, M/iine, July 8— (UP)-— Mem'bers of Maine's 02nd legislature gathered at Augusta today for the opening of a special session to consider veterans' problems. The session will convene at -1 p. m. in a joint meeting of the House and Senate to hear a lengthy ad-, dress by- Governor Hildrcth. In his address, the governor is | beer, worked out for the collection program--second in a scries undertaken by the post. Great success was achieved in the first co'.lcc-' tion a few months r.go. "It was only because of the cooperation of local residents that we were successful," said Mr. Ruyt' kwich, "Wo make our appeal especially to housewives to continue saving and bundling paper in preparation for the July 2S collection," Fifty men and twenty trucks will participate in the collection which will be completed in one day. The en'tire borough will be canvassed, between the hours of 9 a. m, and >1 p. m. Some Strikers * In West Hartford Return To Work Weft!. Hartford, July S—(U Pi- Four hundred two workers reported t-i their benches at the strike- Mound Nilcs-Ecment-Por.d plant today, according to President Charles W. Deeds. The figure represented one-fifth of the dny-tihift employes, more than thr"e times the number at work n week ago. Deeds said. An estimated J.OOO union members milled about the gates of the precision " tool plant but no incidents were reported. • State Polici' Commissioner Edward J. Hicltcy was on hand wHli about 60 tr^op- Re-election Of Pres. Aleman Of Mexico Indicated (P.y United Press) Mexico has held tho o.uietesl and n.'isl. orderly election in its history. And the sovcrnment party cnn- clid;]'.", MiRuel Alnmnn, says his party's reports from most sections of the republic, indicate ho lies been returned as president. Aleman's contention is subsian- tiiUed by a statement from his opponent, Democratic party candidate E::i:qu!cl Pndilln. With defeat obviously staring him iii thc face, Pudilla charges that the election was—-as he puts it—"stained with fraud," Padilla says 'the army was successful in maintaining order at thc polls. But he adds: Dr. Joseph Baer of the State Department of Education told THE NEWS today thnt the report on the Nau^ntuck school survey would ' not be submitted until sometime in September. His statement corrected a belief thnt the report inif;ht 'oe made within a matter of a few days. Informed of the correct status of affairs, Warden Leo J. Brophy said he would call a mooting of the amiiRii commission ^definitely next week." in compliance with a petition signed by commanders of .seven local veterans organiRitions thn-t the commisison undertake study of pluns for a community auditorium. He said he had announced plans to delay thc commission meeting-, in the belief that the school sur- ,-ey report was forthcoming- immediately. Possibility of construct- i ins an auditorium in connection j with a new school biiildiiij; hae ' bcun discussed — and the survey report was awaited to note its recommendations concerning school building construction. It was believed that 'the survey will lead to recommendation for the construction of a new hifih school. Dr. Baer isaid today that although t-hc report misht "suggest" that the high school should have "enlarged facilities" it probably would not go so far as to recommend--<nnot-hcr building • -b<> j constructed. 'I'&liiD I Dr. Baor said ho knows of ms.ny | communities that were building FiftV-FOUr Thousand Non-! veterans 1 memorials in connection j with town halls, school buildings To I and other community ])rojccis. He ;idd<>d that if the need for such a building prevailed immediately there \\-os no rea.son, in his opin- Whitc~helnicled Gorizia Military policemen quiet a pro-Tito demonstrator durins: a series of riots that broke out in Trieste, the disputed city claimed by both Italy and Vugoshivui, During a two-day period of unrest, one person was killed and about 40 injured. (International) Russian Policy In Austria Be Hard To Enforce Austrians Ordered Leave Soviet Zone (Ily United rrc-ss) Russian policy in Austria is causing police in the Rod Army to withhold plans pending thc survey report. Warden Brophy said he would delay calling thc meeting of the occupation zone considerable con- I planning commission this week be- cern to city. cause or the vncntion schedule. Austriui'' police have !.>.> K un .1 I " Tlll! " looli »« wil1 h<1 '"- 1 . i wook," ho s»id. "We C:UHK roundup of 5-1,000 non-Austrians in un , n 'September." the Soviet zone. But there are indi- | ———.-—- cations thc task will be a. difficult Id next •uinot wait Actually, under thc Russian order, the 0-1.000 none-Austrians were supposed to be out of the zone-—or on their way—by fi o'clock this morning. But reports from Vienna sny h.-irdly a soul appeared fit Vienna's r.-iili-o.-ul .station this morning. And so far, there sire no signs that the muss evacuation is going on. Thc Russians announced the order yestord.-iy. Under it., pcrs'ins of G-crmnn decent nrc expelled. The It did not have the f.-iciiHii'B to | order is considered piirt of iho preven-L fraudulent mnneuvcrs." : goncr.-il Russian order to seize all expected to recommend an expan- no )j ccnl on sion of the veterans benefit pro- ' gram in Maine. Ho will call on the legislature to discuss such veterans problems as a bonus, education, housing-, jobs, rent control, Insurance and taxation. The cash bonus question 'is pcctcd to cause most controv at the special session. Some lators have expressed their favor i of a cash payment, while others favcr a revolving loan fund, -a It is believed that all the business of the special session! :omp!eted within two weeks. ] ! ers—augmenting 25 West Hartford The mass turnout W.TS in response to a company announce' mont that employes who returned to work today would receive vacation pay. Hi! Stores Adopt Summer Monday Closing Schedule FILMS SUSSING Kwajalein, July 8 (UP) ISriKa- iier General Roper Ramey snys secret atomic lllms which disap- )rarod in the eastern United States June 30th, are of no particular value. Rainey, wbo headed air units nkincr part in the atom bomb test, says the ftlm was sent only to test courier delivery channels before Iho really secret shots of the experiment were sent. SEEKING INFORMATION Washington, July 8 (UP)—Thc Juaticn Department is trying to find out whether manufacturers have been in conspiracy to hold pood, off the market in order to create opposition to thc O. P. A. The department has become .suspicious of business fields where goods, formerly scarce, appeared suddenly plentiful after the death of OPA. —I.H Chuck's Friendly Swvlcn Stn- tl.iii. North Muln fttrcft. nmp out your entire vnrnllon trill, Meli'cllni? the IH-HI rauUrf, lor uiuxiiuuiu enjoyment,—Adv. Stores in Naupratuck remained closed today,, as the Merchants Bureau observer! their program of closing On Mondays during the summer. Local merchant.'! are not the only ones who are extending their weekend by this Monday closing:, as many Waterbury merchants are doirip' the same thing-. The stores w'ill remain closed on Monday for the remainder of the summer. —For Yucntlon fiiNhlonx. K!IOI> iit Rii- lihiM'l'H,. Nnuuiiliick'tt .KtiNhioQ Center which for iniiny .vrarj* IUIH (M'cn ont- fittlw Nauiritiick'u Hinurtebt women. Nearly 3.000,000 Mexicans were eligible to vote for a. new president, n senate, and a house of representatives, And from all indications, the vote was a heavy one. Quarter-mile-lon^: lines formed before votinfr places. And in some cases it became necessary -to keep polls open 1-onp pust the scheduled 5 p. in. closinp -time to accommodate thc crowds, Padilla's charpe of fraud in connection with the voting i« based on his contention thnt -the government party swamped thc polls with electors supporting Aleman— thus makir.f; it difficult for Democratic party supporters to cast their ballots. Although election day itself was quiet, one person was killed and some 11 or more injured in pro- election violence Sunday night. German assets in the zone. Government sources say Iho roundup probably will be a difficult task because most of those nf- Butter Plentiful At Mixed Prices; Meat Still Scarce 'Bvittor, until now one of thc scarcest items on the market, lo- dny suddenly became plentiful In the borough, allhough ihc scarcity of moat seemed more acute than I'ver, Butter increased in volume with the increases of price, brought about by the death of the OPA last week. Local butchers, who today had only poultry, sausage, and very little rr.'jre In their nhow-cases, «Hat- foclcd probably have fled ,nto hid-" „ tll ,,. u cxpoct ed on increase mg or into other allied zones. jn lhoi) , s ,,£ , of mc;i , ])0ssib ] y n^n^ m " SS ''"° VUmcnt ,° f :vnoUlc tomorrow. One local butcher said Baukat, Buckmiller Attending Elks' Convention In N. Y. Exalted Ruler William Bnukat, and Pa-';t Exalted Ruler Paul E. Euckmiller left yesterday for Now York City to attend the first postwar national convention of the Or- _^ __^ der of Elks, being held at thc Hotel j sto'rmed and sacked a. "British offi- 100,000 Eui-opoans in Palestine i threatening intornatlona) complica lions. T!ic high Arab council j Palestine has lashed out at Prosi dent Truman for his stiilcmon supporting a plan lo move 300,00 European Jewi.ih rrjfug-ec.s to th holy land. The Arabs accuse the presiden —as they put it—of "empty, irrc sponsible statements" on the ques tion. They .say if he is so con cornod about future homes for th refugees he should begin his char ity at home—by admitting them I the United States. Thc problem of Jewish security has prompted a drastic recommcn dation from Premier Obsubka-Mo rawski of Poland. The premier has called for the execution of ring leaders of lust Thursday's anti- Semitic riots at Kiclcc. The deal! toll of Jews as a result of the riots has risen to -IS this morning. Another Problem Riots over another problem—thc Big Four's decisions on Trieste- have spread from Rome to Padua in Italy. Thc Rome trouble broke out Saturday, and this morning a group of university students Commodore in Now York city. Thc highlight of activities will be a. speech this evening to all delegates by Mayor William 'O'Dwyer, nt 8 o'clock. The entire organization will stage a parade along Fifth avenue, Thursday. Over 20,000 Elks are cxprcted .o attend this year's convention. I cers club in Padua—and marched off with a number of Italian women. Order finally was restored by British MP's but the students later returned British medals many of their members had won during thc last phases of thc Italian campaign, to British headquarters. —A full Iliiinir licrnHc at .ti-rr'w Rmfcinr- itnt. Cliurch Ktri'i'L. InMin-N a fnIL *'holr« of owiJInff drink*. MO rnjo.vublii iu [he hot weitlhvr btuHon.—Adv. —Man.v Inimlrrilx <if Naucutur.k fur invnern »!rciid.v li.-ivf virwi-il llift new 1!)47 Slii(lc)}!kk«'r, fin dlNiilily ill (llf Nilil- tutuck Dallcry S AuW Siin-Jc*.— Adv, today, that he had not used his hamburger grinder for six weeks, and had only Cotton one side of beef during that period. One store was Belling butter today at the OPA ceiling price, C8 cents; nr.Mlhcr hnd increased it to —GO cents; nnd one was reported making sales at H!> cents. There were indications -that supplies of mcnt. butler and other "unmentionables" of a few weeks ago would increase — and that thc price of same would follow suit. Bold Robbery Was Committed In Boston Today Boston, July 8— (UP)—Two bandits have robbed a Liggett Drug store of $4.000 in cosh. One of the bandits held two girl cashiers by the neck. And his pistol-toting companion scooped i:p the money from a table in .1 counting room at the rear of the store which is situated in Boston's shopping district. Tbc pair entered by a rear door ihorlly after the store opened. They fled on foot by thc same •ou-te even .as thc cashiers wciro calling for help. Manager Joseph ,. Pullia was in front of thc store, unaware of the holdup that took early five minutes to complete. —l-'nr rcfnmlHtilnK your liotitn. nnd (hill IK no tlnio Jlkc Vlinitlon limn. Mop Flhtiiniin'M. tltl Snuili Mnln Mtrix'L. WiiU'rbury, fur boiuo Ufcdv.—Adv*

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