Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 6, 1954 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 6, 1954
Page 2
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V, * •• ^ v S i i * ,Vv^ s. , ' " tH<S Wom- M&ttan Service of ' will be t 2 6*ttf .„ . Albeit QWrtsfe, erf.thc t>«>- * ^ t. Chitt-eli will meet 'flf, at «»e tamjte oi. " at" the March meeting. The mem- bfeis also decided (hat the cJub treasury will-pay one-half the cost of the m&B-JfciBx projisci . ^ >Trs, Sanders siipei vised a tec- .fpotion period and. those winning prizes were Mrs. Joe Martin, Mrs. Vferrion Mcivturtrey arid Mrs. Parts Anderson. , Members secret pay fcftts were * 'morid Collins, Mis. CaifioMi, Bbb tJtcCorrnack and * Mrs. '-M& Murlroy, ., ,., ) A dessert plate watf served to the fro. fsi, -R&J! Steplienson, A impart v>rfi b<* he 'nojftiriaiinfl commit- pstead Gewhty Class* Association Ml School oft tues T fjy u s fa "teacher from 1 Ger- School Class of will nave bttrflnesS nrtdi social 'Tu&ddy night Fetf- . t. Go-hocterts.as will cy antf^VaiiUVDcnn /Mm »•' A.' SprftfglfiSf \vili ' Will be held at 12 o'clock 0. Hod' ftobert LaGrone and'Mrs, J. A. #e Sanders <• •> O r ^Vft*c ^ flvHn ^flnrif>i*s ly,ml9» ti'-iyuQ jy«uuuj;e 'iggwa'Fr 29 South, was ttyo '""' !?ihe February .meeting of ySefotyboVs Club, t < ei|ri#'was > opened by thp ^Mrs! v "Pm?is Anderson, leH feave the devotional rtiembers, orfe hew mem ber and a cHitd/' 1 , , The member's adjourned to meet at the home of Mrs. Ge6rge Anderson nest month and all members art ui'gpcl to attend. Clubs BI2VIS At the Jcnuary meeting of tho Blevir'j Homo Dcrrtp);strjation Clu)) Mr?. Jferbort.M.'btetjhens, program leader in charge, feavo some in- estitiij faott. on knowing your food (loj)ar: , also We importance of leBi'ning the fnod that are lo>v in coat but .valuable 1 in nutrition. "tiow to Make ana Us? Homemade Mixes" Was discUs'sou and recipes givcri to each >»c3nbcr by Mrs. Lorr.iinc B. Wylie, Home Demonstration Agon'. Mrp. Itugh Crouch presided during thp busings msoting. It was vdted to contribute five dollars to the, March trf Dimes. Thoso p^e^ni were: M^rs.Adn Owe'l'S, Mrs. Norman Jones, Mrs. jfelvin Campbell/, Mrs. Maye Kirby Mrs. B'iijrih Stcpheiu 1 , Mrs, Seas Tinslay, Mrs. Horber.. M. Stephens Mrs. Ralph Brvcc, Mrs. E rwin. Brook.-., Mrs. Miliufn Tippitt, Mrs. Cecil StewelJ, .Mrs C. , F. Goodleit, Mrs. < Lori'aim B. Wylie and tho Jipst e',?e£, Mrs, Hugh Crouch and Mrs. W. D. Gorham. 1 Mrs. Tinslay jed the group in recr-Mtion. Refi'i'yh'mcnf were served by tho hostesses,' after,' which' the club adjourned to met* foitlj Mrs, Herbert M. Siyphett" in Fubruary. ' 'Harid by Mrs, David" wdddlf 'and Mrs. R n. Iiinaker and.*a aemonstration on making seq,uirf5 J tie&'"iwas denio^- sti'ate4 "by Mrs. Lc&rpime B. ' Wylie, DcrnonstriHiori A|dnt, me\ lot-Its"January meeting at; thdjhome of Mrs, Wa§ctie,with! Mrs* -1 -,.—.. „ ,.|lil. jjl,,,? 'n-J-.—. e the ,devotiona w; Mi-s,: Version the, inlniifes, and JOHNHODIAK ' ROBERISTACK r JOY^AGE iV^* i - -.' !«'«} „ j i> EJa. .* "<» ,V " * ,. ' < Adventurer! WILD OJF SHERWOD FOREST Chapter 9 of Serial "J,ung!e Dryim$ of Africa" Shaving Mugjs" Cartoon Sun.-Mon. The Story of « Greaf Mother Love! ' *• J • R. C. SrtcJgrov? as co-hostess, Mt*. Sntlgrovc. Vice-President, •esidt'c" durin/; the tusiness meeting. Mr— Sid Rfcinnef was elected Satfct'tary attd trpferer. Th^ tltlb """i^tled as Its jirofect for the year -.JSSstf paokal^.'s of Ire-quested items to tfifi ArkaMsfe tiipfitetf ChiWreh's H6m® These packagt^ will be «e6t •Mrf *» fhdhifi'S "A-f h secortd project foi the y^ar, thp club voted 'o raise $100 00 to bMy ftirnshings for the now ho^pitnl. A d( nation of $5.00 is given to the, March of Dimes Campaign. Thy following \vere elected leaders for the year;Garden and Orchard— MrS, Garl RiichT-ds, Sr.: Poultry — t-K. P, F. Campbell; Dairy--- Mr.7. C. ft 6*aUght; Clo'ninfi— Mis Hugh feeardon; Foods arid Nutrition — Mrs!.' ufamic Bonders' Food Pres- cefvetlofi — Mrs. Vernci Goynes; Family Life — r4r& Denver Goynes; korhe Industry —Mrs. Waddle, Home Management —Mr?. D. M. Collier, Home Grounds —Mrs. Siid SifinHcr, Recrcatioj) —Mrs. Lee Downs and MrF. Johnny McRoy; 3aUi and Safety— Mrs. W. C. Beck; Legislation— Mrs, Waddle; Citizenship — 'Air*. Si'.elgrove; International Relations ^—Mrs> Downs Serapbirbk —Mrc. McRoy. Refreshment were served to 14 iiifimbtrs. and ' £ v:fitors —Mrs. Clie'Kter Mullens and Mrs. Pearl Sanders. The February meeting will be with M'. s. Hugh Bearden. DOYLE Disjusssions on f&ehions and stand-ifds for ba!:ed foods were led by Mrs. Odean We&ifall and Mrs. Lav/ton Colb wlifn -the. DoyJe Home Demonstration Club met February 2 With Mrs. ..J, L. Wc-slfall. Mr.i. J. :P. Hutson led the 8 mem|-erE, 2 visitors pnd 4 children in .'grave,! singing. Mrs. J. L. Westfall gave the 'dovntionpl and Mrs. George Booker Jed in prayer. The tqllowing subject matter lenders' were appointed for 1954; Garden and Orchard —Mrs. Odean Westfall- Poultry —Mrs. J. L Wcr-t- fall; Dairy —Mrs George Boozer: Clothing Mrs. Lawton Cobb Food, and Nutrition —Mrs. Mark Jackson Food .Preservation —Mrs. J. P. Hutson • Family Life -—Mrs. M. D. WaUtoii Home Industry —Mrs. Sid Morton Home Manpjrnent —Mrs. Dildy Byers: Home firounds—Mrs. James Brandon; Recreation —Mrs. Didly Eyei"i a^rl Mrs Lawton Cobb Health and Safety — Mrs. Mark Jackfaon, • During the burliness session, plans wore made to erect a sign marking the Doyle road with Mrs. Mark Jackson ana Mrs. George Boozer a R tile committee. The cemr otery committee gave a report. Tho groUp voted to give he commission made ff-om Jhe sale of'ma- gazine subscriptions to the March of Dimes. , ,!The i mooting will be with (ffii - The Army's 43 on. tanks ittrtV can don w.it -r wfegs O croSs dr-eo streams and lakes aiid keep on fighting at the same irhfe .-.,- :• • „'.- Ddvelopnient of flotation 6B(tiipv ment to permit this was announced by the Detroit Arsenal too^rj*,, '. Actually, the water wings afo ig floats made from a solid, oam-type plastic which support he tank in the water. he Army .said, it has tested tho quipment - on M47-..- And M48 nedium tan^cs in Lake St.. Clair. The plastic floats Were described is less .. than half the xvsight if balsa wood. Balsa, is the'Pnru- 'ian wood which became especial- y famous for its use in the'trans- 'acific "Kon-Tiki" raft voyage. The raft was built 6f balsa trees. Not only can thr> tanks cross e'ep waters but they can fire heir OO-millimctor- guns and nia- hine guns in their turrets while n motion. Tho crewS aren't ex- •osed, Steering is done from with- n. Once a tank, reaches shore, it an . drop its water wings in an nslant. The floats keep the tank on the urf'ace. However, in event of 'ough water, there are snorkles or the engine exhaust and air Snake. • LAST DAY * RUTH TERRY ROBERT LIVINGSTON Tell It To A Star" JOHN WAYNE — in — ,i "NEW FRONTIER" Serial, "Capf. Kidd Ho. 9 Sniffles Color Cartoon SUNDAY ONLY BUUET SCREAMING FURY AND SUSPENSE) i • "Cheesspurglpr" Cartoon • Comedy, "Chimp Antics" » Travel, "Johannisburg, City of Gold" UNTIL FURTHIR NOTfCi,WlWILL BE OPEN ONLY ON SATURDAY AND SUNDAY, — New Opening Times — Bpxpffic? opens ] 1 ;45 a m Saturclgy ' T ~ Show runs con- from 12:QO noon. e oiaens 1^45 P. M. Swdoy -— Show ryn,5 ;Hg*!A,JLt. A ^^ Tanks Can Now DoH Waterwings 0f»*l SANTA'S Tullulah Is Looking for SteadyJob By BOB THOMAS , HOLLYWOOD 'M — Tallulah 3ankhead'is looking for a steady ob.,. To ' the layman, it would seem hat the magnolia blossom from Alabama 1 ' is busy eiioug'h. In the jast year, she has: 1. Made her niijsht Club debut at he Sands in'Las-Vegas', where sh'e return's next Tuesday .; 2. Appeal' on everything in PV from Ed • Murrow's Person to Person to Hedda Gobler to the- Jirnmy Durahtc show, which she does Sunday; . 3. Authored an autobiography :hat-leq nonfiction books for five months and sold ou; the first two 35.-cen,vS editions of 250,000 apiece; 4. Acted in a movie, "Main Street to Broadway." -. -r -But all this-is not enough for tallo->. She toW me her troubles "n her hotel suite where s.he was battling,-"tha ctor's nightmare,' ( ' aryngitis, - She explained that she ivasn' ; t- supposed to .smoke -anti proceeded to li>yht a cigarette every-two minutes. , , ."I'm not supposed .to taljc either,' 1 she added. "But you know ,iow irfjposible that would be for me, baby." She then .poured forth Lhouijaiids of,, .words ;in an endless stream, .t noted that" sKe seemed fo tiave given'up "darling" Everyone was ' ijaby." "I can't go on doing work in bits . ancl pienes, really I can't, baby," she remarked. "I've got -to have some/steady line of work to keep.-the.-'.wolf from that door. Years ago, I bought a', perfectly tremendous plnca in the country with a huge swimming pool ami everything. I, thought I would ro- tiro tlio.ve and snjo>, the country life.', .-" , ' "But I have to keep working my fool head off to afford 1 the place People in our business should neyer acquire big possessions. You become a, slave 16 them. .< I "Two courses are open to me: 1 could go back 1o the stage or I could do 'a regular TV show. I still read all the. play scripts that are jubmitted to ID;- agents. So far I. haven't found anything suitable It's pretty Tn-arff to find a. star vehicle I don't mean the play has to be tailored for me. Lord knows in my -two, -grc-avcst hits in this- country, .aside f;-cm 'Private. Lives' which was a revival — I'm tajkinr,' abput., "Tljp Little 'Foxes' nnd. 'Sinn of Ovr Teech' — niy part wasn't big at..all. "'i wouldn't mind poing back jo the theatah, except for -one thing.:the road. I .suppose • if the show ivere a hit, I would have to trave,! all over the country with it. The th'oufjfht. of it bpi-es me. It's .all right for spme stage-struck child, but I've been through.,all .that. "Bf,sWeS; you have such ;i limited audience in the theatah. In eight performancps a week, you play to perhaps &.000 people. You can play to more people in one light on TV than you could in a jfeliine in the ihea.tah. Being in radio end TV has brought me. to Tullioii- of people who never knew existed. The sale of my book proves how important the mass diidience can be. "The other thing I could do Ka regular TV show, and one is be- .ng cooked up for me. No, I can't ;ell you all about it, .bflby,. but it \vill be a situation..'comedy show. Something in which -would 1 have an ; entertainer and perhaps a figure in the news as guest {stars,','I would be .able to play my'self, not a crude caricatwe, , "I wasn't happy with the revues I did last season. It was like being shot out of .a'-,cannon. WJien you'i'e playing with all those guest stars you have' to do tnings that areft't suited >to yoij. I felt .that the only thing I rpally did well was the closing''monologue. In the rest .of closing monologue. In the rest of the gh,o\v,I was Ukc a fjgh out .pf wateo." ' 1 might add that Miss Bankhead v/as sJpplijg tea. She'espJained that she was still recovering from the celebration of her 51st birthday. Mrs. Roosevelt Takes Stand Against James McCarthy Says Commies Were Really Scared SPRING A-TIRE—Five-year-old Cheryl McDonough looks in wonder at tho headpiece dreamed up by her mother, Mrs, Colby McDonough, of Dallas, Tex. She robbed her husband's prized motor scooter for the makings. With a tire as a base, seat springs flangle at each side, a flashy torpedo light gives ^asymmetrical chic, while a can of motor-scooter grease and a 'silvery radiator ornament top off the "creation." Mrs. McDonough wore the hat to a hat "style parade' 1 breakfast held by the Junior Oak Cliff Society jaf Fine Arts to raise funfe for its philanthropic projects. Sdnday & Monday at Saenger Sy PASADENA, Calif. (UP) — The estranged wife of James Roose- aMsnnni hsesW?4vlw hfn rfdwyp veil faced him in a dramaticcourt- room appearance today and took the stand to testify inhe r separate maintenance suit she has a monthly income of c"only $200." monthly income of e"only $200." Mrs. Roosevelt, who has charged her husband with marital--infideli- tids \vh 12 women,- riine /bf whom were named in a 1945 letter sighed by Roosevelt, seeks monthly support of $3;500 for hserself and three children. She testified that from her se- curitiessh e received a monthly income of only $200 ''From this I contribute toward he support of my mother," she told a packed courtroom. Her attorney, Arthur Schifferman nterrtipted the proceedings brief- y to ask that the press be barred from the courtroom. - . Judge Kurtz Kauffman denied the request, stating "there already has been so much publicity about this trial I Illsoe no reason why the press should be barred now." ""-•''• Roosevelt's attorney Samuel Picone, in turn interrupted to ask that "neither party made' derogatory statements or remarks about each other in t prhfwy dw ly bg z , lory statements or remarks about each other in'the presence of the children." Schifferman nodded his agreement, x i '•'.'-•' i .'.; ' : The three children were not present in the courtroom. Mrs. '. Roosevelt continued that she based.' /her estimates of her needs on . her life with Roosevelt for the past 12 years. She listed, among her monthly expenses an item of $500 for household help, including -$75 for a gardener, $200 for a housekeeper, $.100 for a part-time governess for the children, -$50 for a cleaning wo 'Jane WYMAN and Sterling HAYDEN'have an argument in this scene from Warner Bros. 1 dramatic triumph. "SO BIG." Spndoy at the Rialto BJrp, J. P. Hutson on March a. ft!rS| Hwtfcon, food preservation- , Jeacl'r, wjJJ be in chyrge of the Rory CALHOUN gives Cotinne CALVET the fireman's jift in this scene from 20ch Century-Fox's "POWDER RIVER," in color by Technicolor, WASHINGTON CUPI . —.Sen. Jo : seph R. McCarthy today brtishj aside a charge tfu.< cogressiol investigators hampered American propaganda effdrts 1 abroad and declared "we scared hell out of a few commies." The Wisconsin Republican, ap- faeareJ unimpressed by the com- blaitv fired by a presidential commission. He said his Senate Permanent Investigating Subcomrmtte would take n new look at the overseas information agency soor The commission said the wn\ w of the Voice of A.nerica and other ovonaas information agencies was 'Inregtily offset it not destroyed' by congressional investigating last year. It noted the information program wns investigated by McCar- hy's group nnd a Sennte Foreign Relations subcrmmitte and suggested it be "spared" further inquiries until tc has a chance vo 'provr; itself." "I know we scared hell out i few Commies and demoraliz hem," McCarthy declared of his | nvestkiation. "I don't mind di\- j rnorlai/ing the Commuist party. But Sen. J. William Fullbright \ (D-Ark) a member of the Foreign | Relations subcommittee, agreed £ with the commission's complaint. And Sen. Henry M. Jackson ID- here yesterday as police aproached a parked car in whirl; he was sitting. .Police Chief Met Galligher said officer; were summoned by a taxi- iab diiver' who said Williamson was in his ciab talking wildly and brandishing a gun. When offisr arrived William hal 16ft the cab a.'id was sitting in another car. He shot himself in the head as they approached. Galligher Said Williamson, a former employe of the Cotton.Belt Railroad, had been ill Jo.^ nearly two years. : ' • '.)''' ..: CHICAGO. •— (UP)8 animal lover Irene. Castle,' ontime darling of tha Broadway stage, today of- ierc:l to let a mad' dog bite hor to save her four-footed friends News Briefs LITTLE ROCK (/P) — Joe D, Villines, Harrison, filed today as a candidate for prosecuting attorney in the 14th Judicial Circuit, composed of Van Burean, Cleburne, Newton, Searcy and Boong counties. The incumbent, Alton Bittle of Heber Springs, has not yet filed for re-election. ' . ALAMOSA, Colo. —William H, (Billy) Adams, 92, grand old man of the Democratic party in Colorado and the state's only three- The average American js. using about 30 per cent fewer oranges anrt grapefruit ^h£)n before Wav If but about 1,500 per cent more canned orange juice. hotel room here, the past several months. In early manhood, Adams was a store clerk, cowboy, teamster and hay hand. He gradually acquired land and cattle until he became one of Colorado's most widely known cattlemen. He after voluntarily retired in serving six years .as 1933 gov from., the pain and danger of a hypodermic needk'. The state of Illonios ordered j time governor, died today, every cleg and. cat ir-. Chicago in-| He had been bedridden in his ocula^d against rabies in an ,un- precedcnted stop to halt an epimic of the disease that has killed one child and ,sf-e)i several mass attacks by slavei.ing dogs. Meanwhile, dog pcud were filling up like Yale bowl on an autumn Saturday r.nd officials said they may have to start destroying strays in wholesale lots to make rom for newcomers. As humane society officials' called for "calmness rather th.m hysteria," a farmer near Chicago telephoned the sheriff's 0 ffice to report that he had shot, both his dog and cat,because of fear of rabies. Miss Castle, who is now Mrs. Georf'j Enzinger and operates the famous "Orphans Of The Storm 1 ' animal shelter at nearby Deerfield, J11., ::aid "inoculations would paralyxt' the hind legs of dogs." ' : 'Sho offered to put up $5,000 and challenged, "no one can prove that a person bitten by a rabid dog ever died- as a result." "Sho would most certainly die," said Chicago HeqiJSth Board President Dr. Herman Bundesen. "WeJl, why don't they let me dp it, then," she answered. EL DORADO (UP) — Tommy said Wood apparently was 'eriroute dead, pinned under his' overturned the r'actor. Wheels slipped off the way 15 near here yesterday. Union County Sheriff Rv El Buck said Wood apparently tyas entoure to his neayby farm when one of the tactor whels s slipped '-off thp road h'r.d overtuiriedx.the machine into the rabine. "•; ^ , u .Wood was survive^, b^y" his. wife arid'four children. ,'f'.. vf?}, LITTLE ROCK (UP)—Law books were getting agoing-over herfe'M day for the answer to a poser ^ is the Arkansas rive? a navigable stream ThV question <&as put to the Arkansas Claims .Commission by thp Clark. & Furrcll Construction Co. Brinkley. The fhm asked $14,408 damages because one of its 59- foot high barges couldn't ( under the river biidge at Van Buron last year. The firm said the federal government listed the Arkansas rivei as a riavigable stream but lift equipment on the : 43;9-foot high Van Buren bridge was dismangled several years ago. Attorneys for both sides agreed to •• check 'the; law books. • Ht/N'i'FVILLE' (UP) — Circuit Judgi) Maupin Cummings has se aside a stock law voted in three Madison County townships in the 1952 general elections, Tho iowhslv.ps involved were Lincoln,' Ball Creek end Hilburn. Livestock ovners in the three townships sued to void the elec tions called by County Judge Howard Hankins after free-roamint, stock owned by Ray Holland was confiscated by Mack Williams, Judge Cummings ordered Wil Hams 10 return the livestock, two yearling heifers, to Holland, and held ihe election void on grounds the county court was without prop erjurisdiction , ernor, 38 years as state senator, two years in the State House of Representatives, 'two years as Alamosa mayor and two years as county commissioner. LITTLE ROCK (/P) — Fifty business establishments in four Arkansas cities have been operating without sales tax permits, Revenue Commissioner Vance Scurlock said today. He said the figure amounts to about five per cent of the total number of accounts examined in Arkadelphia, Stuttgart, Paragould and Morrilton. Spurlock said this was about average. The commissioner said depart' ment auditors will spend ab&ut three weeks further checking suspected irregularities in accounts already examined, r Scurlock said th,e auditors- then \vill move into other ares in t)je check of all the business accounts in the state. PINE BLUFF (U?) '— Robert L. Williamson., 62, a retired railroad . machinist, shot lulled Wash member cf McCarthy's lien | <*• subcommittee, called the commission's report important. The t/.' o. advisory commissif^ on information, hcadc'd" by Editor Edwin D. Canban- of the Chrstian SciencG ' Mr.ntiro, dcc-iared in its report: "TJw wide and .unfavorable publicity that resulted from one of Ihe congressional investigations gave tbe agency such a bad name that professionally' competent persons were reluctant to accept employment in it." ' _ McCarthy's investigation, whie erupted into a "book burning" c' troversy over allegedly pro-Communist volumes in U. S. overseas H- br'arien, attracte.l most attention last year. Trie commission said "some oC the investigations" produced "un- arnong the very persons U. S. favorahle ' impressions abrond_" f amo ig th e very persons U. propaganda wr.s aimed at. f, "Ho\v car; we expect them to | have any confidence in an agen(|r ( whicn doea not enjoy the confidence of those responsible government 'officials who acem constantly to be attacking it" it asked. In Addition 10 Canham, the report was 'signed by commission ning Post and Justin Mille board chairman of -the National Association of Radio and Television Broadcasters. - Costal States Try to Block Attack WASHINGTON (UP) — Four Jdratal states which stand to-reap "rrviuions from .tideland oil riches asked the Supreme Cour.l today to block an attack on the legality of a law Hiving states title to of|j[? shore lands. . • Attorneys for Texas, Louisiana, California, Florida and the federal government took their turn; Cat 12 noon, ' EST/ before the court to defend the submerged lands act passed by Congress last.ycnr Alabama and Rhode Island named the four slates as defendants in their attempt to get a court test of the law. Tho two states contend the tidelatids act was an "illegal "abdlcaton" of i'e@ eral powers by Congress. The hearing will determine 1 whether the court will permit a formal suit to be filed, It is the first skirmish in what may be a long legal battle. Ben Cohen, representing Rhode Island, asked 'the justice, 1 ? yesterday to turn a deaf ear to warnings that they turn down the case because tonics." of its "political over- man and $90 for a laundress, She said occasional help for such things as entertainment and windowwash- ing could be estimated at about $50 a month. She is asking for the support money pending completion of the separate maintenance action charging her luanky husband with marital infidelities, Roosevelt, who said he is broke, was here to deny .his wife's allegations he iw worth more than $2,000,000. '•*" NOTICE Sunday morning starting at about 7:30 there will be qn interruption of light service for about 2 to 3 hours in portions of Ward No. 1. Including portion? of streets as follows: Parts of South Main, South Elm, 2nd, and 3rd Streets. South Walnut, Hazel and Laurel/ West 5th and 6th, . This is necessary to change over from 2400V to 4160V on Main Feeder Circuit. In event, of bpd weatfier this change will not be made. Clyde Zinn, Water & Ught plant Manager

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