Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on March 3, 1976 · Page 6
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 6

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 3, 1976
Page 6
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Church: Goal of Probers to Restore Confidence in the FBI and CIA By Iowa Daily Press Association ' DBS MOINES — From the beginning of its investigation the overriding goal of the Senate intelligence committee has been to restore full public confidence in the CIA and FBI. That declaration was made by U.S. Senator Frank Church, head of the investigative committee, during a whirl-wind trip to Des Moines last week. "We need these agencies," the Idaho Democrat said in an interview, "but if we are to preserve a free society we must make certain in, the : future that these agencies operate under our supervision, confine their activities to the limits of the law, and that Congress exercise a proper oversight of intelligence operations." It was the failure of Congress to oversee the operation of these intelligence agencies that may have contributed to the abuses uncovered^by the Senate committee, Church said. He hopes this can be corrected with the establishment of a permanent oversight committee. The Senate committee is in its concluding phase of investigation and Church hopes that it can make its final recommendations to the Senate by March 15. Since the committee has not yet voted on specific recommendations, Church was somewhat leery of Many Oppose Conversion of MHI to Correctional Facility , By Norwin Merens (Iowa Daily Press Association) DES .MOINES - "This is not Mount Pleasant's problem alone. It is a problem for the 800,000 people living in the 23 counties of southeast Iowa who'rely .upon this institution." That statement was made by Marge Harper, a representative of the Henry County Area Betterment Council, who expressed her concern about a proposal to convert the Mount Pleasant Mental Health Institute into a medium-security correctional institution. About 200 people turned out last week for a public hearing WATER WEIGHT PROBLEM? USE X-PEL Excett water in the body due to build up of premenstrual period can be uncomfortable, X- PEl... a mild diuretic, will help you lose excess body water weight. Only $2.67 — 60 tablets. We recommend it. GIBSON'S at Mount Pleasant on a proposal pending in the Legislature to convert- the institution to a correctional facility on July 1,1977. "Can we serve our institutions best by simply bumping people around?" asked Harper. "It's like robbing Peter to pay Paul.'' From the sentiments expressed at the meeting, most people in Mount Pleasant believe mental health patients will be robbed if the institution is forced to shut its door's. Dr. William Hasselmeyer, president of Iowa Wesleyan , College, said closing the' facility would seriously impede programs currently being carried out between the institution and the college which has its campus at Mount Pleasant. Some 30 students, he related, are presently receiving clinical experience in psychiatric nursing at the mental health institute. Psychology students also are carrying out research programs at the facility. A community service program could be affected if the conversion goes through. "We at the University of' Iowa have been aware of the increasing potential of Mount Pleasant as an institution for cooperative ventures in a variety of educational areas," said Dr. Fritz Henn, a member of the department of psychiatry at the University of Iowa. A number of cooperative programs have been initiated between the University and the Mount Pleasant institute, he said. These include programs to determine the causes of mental illness and research into the areas of alcoholism, drug abuse and crime. The Rev. Charles Comfort, representing the Henry County Ministerial Association, said he has worked with both prison inmates arid patients at the Mount Pleasant Mental Health institute and can sympathize with the problems of each group. However, Comfort expressed skepticism about closing one institution to help another. "It doesn't seem logical to meet the needs of one group and take something away from another group.'' Rev. Comfort is very impressed with the mental predicting what the committee would recommend. But he did outline some areas that he expects the committee will touch upon in its report. "It's very likely that the committee will recommend that a basic statutory law be written for the FBI, which has none, surprisingly. All of its powers have been decreed by executive orders through the years. It's a very unhealthy condition for a government like ours. '.'The National Secruity health institute and its programs and does not see why it should be closed. Mrs. Kalph Mead, readings petition, asked Nicholas Grunzweig, acting director of mental health in Iowa, if any other institution, specifically Woodward and Glenwood, had been considered as a possible site for a third correctional institution. Grunzweig replied that plans are underway to upgrade programs for the mentally retarded at the Glenwood and Woodward schools. Out-Of-State Visitors In Auburn Times Herald News Service CARNARVON - Mrs. Charles Morgan, St. Joseph, Mo.', was among visitors in the Gene Boeckman home. Steve Olericn, Emmetsburg, spent the weekend in the Robert Olerich home here. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Alesch brought their son home from the hospital in Des Moines Friday night. Mr. and Mrs. Roland Thorpe were business callers in Sioux City Monday. WELCOME TO CARROLL GIBSON DISCOUNT CENTER WHERE YOU ALWAYS GET THE BEST FOR LESS I master charge j Prices Effective Thru March 7 — Right Reserve To Limit Quantities PRINGLE'S NEW FANCIED POTATO CHIPS 9-Oz. 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The guests were Mrs. Herman Mohns, Mrs. Orlando Hansen, Mrs. Lester Clark and H.J. Kienapfel. Kienapfel spoke on New Hope Village. The Club made a contribution to this project. For roll cail everyone brought an article for the Manning New Hope Village Store. Alice Mohr received the hostess gift and Phyliss Eherls received a birthday gift. The Manning Legion Auxiliary Post No. 3517 melon Feb. 19 with 33 members present. President Mary Ann Miller presented Grace Andresen with her membership pin. Edna Hiatt gave the rehabilitation report with 2 "get well" cards sent and 2 sympathy. Virginia Johnson reported on the Jr. Girls meeting. Twenty-five dollars was given towards a band uniform. Kay Pfannkuch and Esther Williams gave reports. The cl.dsing ceremonies were, according to ritual. Bertha Ruhde won the 'draw prize. Gertie Dammann and her committee served lunch. including passage of a criminal law that would prohibit assassination activity directed against foreign leaders. "It's very likely that these limitations would also include a prohibition against CIA penetration of the press corps, of student and university organizations, and of missionary activities abroad. "I hope the committee will recommend that the term of the director of the CIA be limited, to say no more than seven years; that no one can hold that office and all of the power that he has iithis hands for too long a period of time. We learned the dangers of this in our investigation of the FBI; I think a similar limitation should be recommended on the directorship of the FBI. Sen. Church said these are the kinds of recommendations he expects in the committee's report. What kind of reaction has the committee had frotii the general public regarding its investigation? "People are both concerned and confused at the moment. On the one, hand they have read about the serious abuses, contempt for the rights of individuals and the criminal activity in which these agencies have engaged arid they have been very disapproving of that. On the other hand, attention has been directed to the leaks that have occurred, people are worried as to how secrets will be kept; they are groping, I think, in their own minds for a proper solution to this problem. The Iowa Book Shelf Edited By Mary Ann Riley THE ORIGIN OF JOHNNY. Malcolm Ross Macdonald (Knopf $7.95) It is seldom that a book has a broad enough appeal for the whole family to enjoy but this lavishly illustrated and clearly written volume describing the very,latest scientific thinking about the universe, the beginning of life and its probable end is that rare book. Macdonald, a novelist as well as a science writer, takes the reader from the cosmic 'big bang' some 15 billion years ago all the way through the most advanced speculations-a bout evolutionary wonders to the 4-HNews l ^M^^^^AA^NMM^A^^AM^ TEMPLETON - The Templeton Troopers 4-H Club met for their first meeting on Wednesday evening, Feb. 25 at 7:30, Election of officers was held with Joni Ferneding being elected president, Kathy Sturm, vice president; Lauri Bueltel, secretary; Barb Bruch, treasurer; Rose Kerkhoff, historian and Jo Ann Stevens, reporter. Jeanne Kerkhoff is in charge of recreation for the club. Leaders and helpers of the club are Mrs. Tom Schmitz, Mrs. Gary Rupiper, Mrs. Harry Behrens and Mrs. Sylvester Irlbeck. Hostess for the evening was Connie Behrens and her mother.- birth of 'Johnny', a real twelve year old boy asking, 'Who am I? Where did I come from? Where did everything come from?' Scientific concepts (such as the molecular structure of DNA), are more than difficult for adults, much less children, to grasp. But this imaginative presentation mak^s order out of the chaos and is neither too technical rjor too simplistic; it tells what we know now, what we guess at now, and what we don't know yet. The illustrations are a great help. A 'must' book for the home library. — Mary Ann Riley THE STRANGE CASE OF DEACON BRODIE. By Forbes Bramble. (Coward, McCann, and Geoghegan, Inc. $8.95) Against the authentic background of eighteenth century Edinburgh's tap rooms, cock fights and respeciaole salons, Forbes Bramble has constructed this novel, The Strange Case of Deacon Brodie. It is based on the actual historical facts behind the man who inspired Robert Louis Stevenson's Dr. Jekyll and'Mr. Hyde. Deacon Will Brodie seems to be a pillar of respectability in the eyes of Edinburgh and the world. He indulges in the expected vices of that time, gambling, drinking and wenching. But Brodie takes it all one step farther. Having no wife, he keeps two mistresses, is an addict of cock fights and a connossieur of wine, as well as a cheat at games, using loaded dice. His ultimate vice is robbing his friends and business associates in the dead of the night — and enjoying it hugely. He takes three seedy accomplices who ultimately turn on him and cause his capture. Deacon Brodite is sentenced to hang from the very gallows he had ordered built as a member of the city council. But once again, Brodie outwits Edinburgh and death. Or does he? Forbes Bramble marks his American debut with The Strange Case of Deacon Brodie and a strange case it is. Brodie is so bad but so likeab'le that the reader can't help but wish him success in all his evil ventures. Bramble writes with great feeling for personality, place, and period. This book is story telling entertainment at its finest — Joan Allender Business & Office EQUIPMENT • Desks • Chairs • Fifing cabinets Check With Us STONE'S Hwy. 30 Downtown Carroll Semi-Annual Our Entire Stock On sale...smooth-sanded furniture that's ready to paint or stain. Buy Now! Sale prices apply only to stocks on hand. Come soon ...while they last. 4-DRAWER DESK & CHAIR 10-DRAWER DOUBLE CHEST DEACON'S STORAGE BENCH FULLERTONS HOME CENTER Heires Avenue Carroll, Iowa Phone 792-9226

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