Covina Argus from Covina, California on February 13, 1909 · Page 2
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 2

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 13, 1909
Page 2
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KIND WORDS FROM OUR EX CHANGES. Our nfitfhlmr. the f'ovina ArK"", ranif out with mie of' th" mo -t attnic- tivc special edit i<in« v:e have yccn IP- i-f-nflv. Tlif- handsome pictures sh'.-w tho to\vn ami community in the most plfasinK colors', and st iiini-i't'i \v)n> read this iiiiinlier cai, hut !•(• imprer-wed with the town in which il 'IK puldi.Mli'-d. ••- A/iii'ii C'al.j I'oniot rojiic. Tho f ii\'ina .Ni^im i-.siied a special illustrated twenty-l'nir-p,'i(,'e flitimi )a j l Saturday in which the o\'l raordinnry advantage-! of ('nvina ami virini'y •'!('<• set forth. It was a fine niinilier and no doubt pl'oveii of :iuic|i in ;i f e r i a I in lie lit, not only to I'M citi/cn-' of that town, lull tn ihe eililoj- a- well. Nor wall-: f'al.) rail. 'I'he ''oviha An,:'M :-e|i'l : OM! lai*f vea- S'lli Olie of tl,e lie.) 1111 i i' i a V ll'IHlll''!-' thai iias eni'ie to our ii'iMce. It con- si-'t" of t \s I'lii v-lo'ir liaL'o'i, lim-lv em . ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE WHY ORDER Or SALE OF REAL ESTATE AND PERSONAL PROPERTY SHOULD NOT BE MADE. fn COVINA INDUSTRIAL DIRECTORY. ARCHITECTS. C. H. Wedgwood. W. E. Allen, Chas. E. Paige. ATTORNEYS-AT-LAW. j.-., ,,,.. rif fj||,. rl Andrew M, Pence, George L. Sanders. AUTOMOBILES. Covina Garage & Machine Shop Aa- The f'ovina Ar^il" I'elelii.-ileil fjin*<t- 7IIH.1 \i',' is'-iuint,' *! sjii-cial eilition contain- iiijj nianv fine illnsl rut ions :nu| ;i com- jir-li'Tisi v ''c.Hcrijif ion of Ihe advantages of (,'nviii.i iinil surrounding conn- try, ft W.'IK :t linn rnmilicr timl u.-fl/tetH the rapid and substantial of that, little city arming (.he orrmtfe tfriiVfH. — Pasadena ((,'iil.) Star. The f'iirint mas nnmlier of t.ho Cov-ina Ar^ns was iHsneil on H;i(urd.'iy mill in :i rreditnlil" |nili!ic;it ion in every wny. Il coiiMists of twenty four |i;i^"'H piinled on liook |iii|icr ii rid conliiins fnnch de- niiitt'-r ;md rriiiny illnsl.riil ions nf ('oviiiii iind its envininincnlM. The e'-'ition wiis pri'iled in the Al'i^iiM ollice, | In Hi" .M-'lt, r of I! I). I)'! ' i -. I I, ' ' .,-• fj. •-••il:-J Inti !• v|, il i'l Hi' c^lal'c of '.-:i|.l il' e,:,y-<l, :ij,jn:il ll'.fole th'- '-a|<l H>l]i''ri'C ''O'I'M-I V'i',r'.'' ,',(' "\',,\'i "HMp/l'iY;,' BUILDERS AND CONTRACTORS. MOM:- . '";." y'nT'VUJrofS!,;,' A',,«M''' : Clarence Allison, M. B. Folsom. J. L. sia:- -if '^iiforni.i, io fhow e.-nr--' v.-i,y • Moxl'iy, G. W. Coolman, U. G. Kring, ••.i io H,'H. van B'-ntlensen. 'l': i BANKS. Vii'i i'vii -i ,.,,..- f f iii- ,,-,\, -i, M i f r ' rst Nation-it Bank, W. M. Gria i-Y<c''i a'r'ie-'-',;' "foiii'' v:,'- 1 '-.. :''i-'--'' v .,'.','-•/.'•" i'," i wold, cashier; Covina Valley Savings le ''••!•• IN:: Ai:r'i . a . i'v,: pa [,'r pri n f <•'! Ban k ; Covina National Bank, V, O. ii.ji put.ii-i:i'l I., :-.,i.i co...My or i.o : -: AM- English, cashier; United States Sav.(.VAN-;.-!. -'. i .•[••!•-.:•'., i ir) 9 3 Bank. ,,-,,-,' ,..',','"'"'•'•'•' 'i 1 ' 1 ,',^' 1 ''' "'"'''"'''"•' i BAKERIES. ' " .' r..:.!•:!• ' .'-. \.'''\-1. -;ii t>\\'i:-, ' Home Bakery, Stevens ft Mafney. '>'>'. M. I-;IM-- M .\ < P|.I i. ' proprietors; Warner, Whitael Comi-l K.-l.'l I' l-yceuni Lecture Hurenu Course. Thf; fliilen f'U' the rcrrinitiiiiK imm- ln:t'n nf (.do lactnrn cdiirHf; huvn hceri Hut IIH followH : Philtifirmnnir; Quin- \t\\\i-., TJinrHflny, l''c\i. 2nt,h. Alton Pnc.htmi, f.Jio V April 7t)i. (iov. Folk, Mny 21«t. Orif: other r, dntc not urmniirioerl. iniiny of III- hll^er nllieeH ill Soul ll-l'll ' 'iilifi/i nt:/. I'omoiiii M'iil.,) l'ronr--;s. Tii- ni'.sl in el enl ions iinnn;i| issued l,v liny weid;lv |i;i|ier in I he slMle W;IM ^foll..n (/ill l»y III- ''ovinii A S'^MH. It w;i' J h.'indsoinely [ninl-d on lioo|( |I;I|,Minn! I lie illiiMl rul io/M ;/;i<i .4|n-ci;j| ;irli'des ^.'IVe il t'lrikilltr |il'e <e)it ill ion of Ihe clilillH of fllilt |iCOv|i<M'lllH i'll'l I'llll'l- |.ii^:n!^ little eilv in ihe S;in <l;ilni-l Vi.lley. •Ii'i\ p ei 1 «it|e (I ';il. ) I'll" s. f'elfei' Irili 1 lliMti lie'/er. \\'e Iliou^'lil- lessly neylecled \n inenlion l.'iMl weelt I In 1 lieiini i I'nl I 'lirisl .limn eilition of (.he 'V.vinii Arum!, wliii'li llrolher MnllhewM edits ,'ind pnliliHheH. This immril edition of I lie ('iiy'niii AI'I.MIH is replete vvil.h illimt riil.ions of Ihe new buildings, t.lii! tn'iHl, nl I riicl i vi' scenes and Ihe prettiest, homes in nnd iihonl, our Mister town. The. press h:is been cure- Inlly pill, tne;ellier nnd the whole work iDiikeH ji pii)dic)i|,joji tliiil, vvill do ('ovinii. find envii'diis lol.s of jjnoil IIH nil iidver- tJHCl/i(;/it.— 1'i.iilionti ('.'ill.) Review. Don't Get a Divorce. A westerii juil^e granted ;i divorce on account of iil-f.<!tnj»ar ;irifl tutfl breath. Ur. Kind's New f^ifc I'illH vvonlrl hjivc: prev«:tite(l it. They cure Constipation, c.;itiHi))« bad breath and Liver Trouble the ill-leinpci-, dispel cold, banish h'tad- .'ic.hcs, (.-.oiifiiicr chills. 2"c at C,' K. Clapp's. TO ALL FORMEE IOWANS. The. Iowa AsH.ociiil ion of .Southern ('iilifornin will hold iln iinniiiil picnic, Febriiiiry 22, HUM), i,l, Anricnll,imil I'firk, J^IH AngelfH. (Not. lOiiHt Inke, IIH heretofore.) At, thin nrf-fit, p;iit heriiijr of residfint, nnd visiline; IOWIIIIH I.he opportunity will be tfivon, (is in Conner yeiii-H, l.o renew iiciiiiainl.iinces nnd to pnnnoht the fnitcnuil spiiil in (hose who conic from the tjnind old common- Aveiillh of lowii. .Should Ihe wenlher be bud for n dny or two preceilinn; the -I'd. or be niiny on Ili/il, d;iy, ,'i posl- ponelneiil will be iriiide to Sn I nrdiiy, f'Ybniiiry L'Tlh, nl Ihe Mimic pliice. We desire to .extend :i cordial invi- l:ilinn In ill! I ii U,-i us In lix'i'f wilh IIM Ihis year. Ninety nine connlv heail- (|iiiirlers will be established mid I here eiicli one may meel iind ^lecl old friends and form new ac(|iininl;i i s. ('..mean.! join our jolly lhoiis;i mis. The connlv lic:idi|ii,'irters will be Im-aled I,, ciin I'oriii In the eoniilies Oil Ihe niilps, ulllch will be freely .list i il.iil.-d on I he j,'i-oiindM Ilinl diiy. (ieiieral headipia rl -rs, will be Hear the celller, al |l-s Moinei. Mriii;/ yunr b.-i •<!«•! - ivell lilled and be Ue.'ici 011*1 ill ill \ilin;; I;. In a r rivals I'l.ini b'\va lo i njoy N 1 ,.!. r hi.-.pi!;, 111 \ . CALirOJINIA'S AID $1 Hd.nin). WASH I \<;T< >\, ,l,in, :'.'. New Vorl, Ii i '-I , I ';i I.I'nniia n-cninl. is I In \\ ay I he iep,.i I-, uf I he \,il iniia! b'ed ( 'in . S,i chly shoV! tin- li^iirc'^ repr. si'iii in;.; thr '.', nel nsil v c,!' I he --lil Ii •, |nl\ ,-H'l I he Italian i a rl li.pia I, e su|l'..|-|.|-s. The li'_;ni-i". represeiil inn 'he confnb n'ions nl 1 \arions s| ; .|i'S wire'ont'ii to ( alil'oi nian-, today by Mis,-, Mabel I',0:1 id ma ii, naiional sec'-el a rv, New ^'o|•U, up ,',, dale, has coiiliib llled :ji.'iMli.mi7. I'alit'ornia cullies ne\l \s it Ii .* I SO,noil. I ll'iind*. i-: I hiid \s il Ii .•»!)) ,ni)ii; Mi.s.soiiri fourth with .*ri7,n."iO. The collt rilniliolis of Ihe oilier stales are consider,'ibh' belo\v th'.ie f,'i\en as ihe li-adliij,' four. KIVEK ON RAMPAGE A. J. ROOK5 Genorol QZaolcsmitHIng All kinds of (general and lieavy We manufacture Ridkers, Orange Racks :in<J J!ox PTCHSCH Horseshoeing a Specialty Home Phone IOQ? Shop West Badillo St, Csvina Cal and Sec Us If you need anything' in the HARNESS line and we will #ive the best goods at the lowest price. Satisfaction guaranteed. Co\/lna Harness & Saddlery Co. Phone Home 1170 COVINA pany. BUTCHER SHOPS. Covina Valley Market, Frank Kendall; North Side Market, Robert Crenshaw. BARBER SHOPS. The Owl, Marshall & Cheney; The Richelieu, Hesseltine & Lewis; The Stag, J. O. Talbot. BOOT <& SHOE REPAIRING. Covina Shoe Repairing Co.; Llndop Repair Shop. BICYCLES. Covina Cyclery, Franz Rlchter; Pioneer Bicycle Shop; The Bicycle Repair Shop, G. D. Davis. BLACKSMITHS. Johnson & Nlgg; A. J. Rooks; J. N. Wilson. CONFECTIONERY, O. B. Evans (Palace of Sweets); Cumminjc's Confectionery. CEMENT PIPES AND BLOCKS. Ben F. Thorpe; Patrick H. Tally; Bonham & Ritchie. DENTISTS. Dr. F. J. Cl'me; Dr. J. C. Barney. DRUGGISTS. C. F. Ciapp; W. W. Nash. ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES. Pacific Light" & Power Co.; Roy Winder. . ORCHARD FUMIGATION. Stowell Fumigating Co.; Houser- Ohaver Co, FURNITURE. Covina Furniture House, W. Q. Custer, prop.; Brow & Son, New and Second-Hand Furniture; Hull, Second- Hand Store. DRY GOODS, BOOTS AND SHOES, GENTS' FURNISHINGS. The Broadwell Department Store; The People's Store. HARDWARE. F. H. Fabrlck; W. L. Hurley. HOTELS. The Hotel Vendome. HARNESS. The Covina Harness & Saddlery Company. IMPLEMENTS. Twomey & Dlller. IRRIGATION. Covina Irrigating Co.; Columbia Land & Water Co. EXCLUSIVE INSURANCE. F. W. Sherwood. JEWELLERS. F. E. Wolfarth. LAUNDRY. Covina French Hand Laundry; Pomona Steam Laundry. Pomona Sanitary Laundry. LUMBER. . Kerckoff-Cuzner Co. LIVERY STABLES. Avenue Stables, J. W. Keefer; City Livery Stables, Charles Smith. MILLINERY. Miss Sarn Reckard. MILLING FEED. San Gnbrid Valley Milling Co.; J. H. Matthews Co. MACHINE SHOP. Kellar & Thomason Co., Inc., Manufacturers and Inventors of California Farming Supplies. MONEY TO .LOAN. Oscar Miller. TRANSFER. Covina Transfer Co., Hutchison Bros., Props. NURSERIES. Covina Nursery, J. W. Armstrong, prop.; A. W. Pooley; Arthur Yarnell. ! OSTEOPATHY. .| Drs. Stevens & Barren. All work guaranteed and prices ; PHOTOGRAPHERS. reasonable. I c - w - Tucker. ! PHYSICIANS. Reed & Jennings; Roxie E. Bates, Dr. Lewis Thorpe. PAINTING. | C. H. Klstler; S. E. Coons; A. H. , Crawford. PLUMBING. W. Sides; F. H. Fabrick; E. L. Jackson. GROCERIES. Warner-Whltsel Co.; J. F. Home; Robert Crenshaw. REAL ESTATE. Hazzard & Welch; J. M. Stanton; Pollard & Hutchinson; A. J. Reetz; , A. Warner & Co.; Sanders Realty Co.; artfe ami cunipU-te .st.--.-k uf every- Jerome Reynolds; Covina Land & in the IIIH-. Loan Co., William Clark, J, H. Matthews; Covina Realty Co., Douglas & I Miller; Edwards & Wildey Co.; I. C. ': Fairly; George Covert Co. i ROOMING HOUSES. William McLeod; J. H. Mann; J. H. Whlttaker. SIDEWALK CONTRACTING. Bonham & Ritcha. TREE PRUNING. William Sumr.-iers, Ed. Goodnight. TMI.OUS. Steven.-, Hi,,thers, l'n,, D M Sutherland; Charles Harris, i>..,...,l /•"•..i. , i>: '«•• „* cleaning and pressing. ISreau, Lakes, Pies, larts, J TEACHING. Madame Van Vliet, voice culture; Robert Phifleo, violin; Prof. Groom, ASSi >K'TK 11 i'l )>.' l-'l-li 'I'll »\ K K' V school music and vocal and instru- 1? .Mary i.s 1, It \\ith linn. ! ' mental instruction; Mrs. Harry Dam- Pails il< lis eric.-) iu I'usin.i u u! vi erel, piano; Mrs. John Brunjes, piano; nits in ui.i IK-W \v..-,ui. Mrs. Ben F. Thorpe, voice culture; Miss Meta Brunjes, piano; Bess Welch, flTK'l'S AY1-;., O.A'INA voice culture. Shoe Repaiig (o. • j FfXK SIIOK K'KPAJRINC K'KASON'AliU-: PRICKS Citrus A The lil I le I us\ Ii ol' Tcliaiiia. aim::! luiir miles lied HliilV, is under I'I-IIIH lil'I i-.-n In ! hiri v I'ei-l M|' water In uiuhi and a jioniim nf the iiilialiilJin!"- tn the liuliilier nl l',nu unv lakeli nut mi a .-(H'cial train l,s the Smilhein Pacific ('iinijia n \- llii^ a I i ei -IP mil. The Sac- nilllellf n |H el' ic'iclled I lie llei/ill ill' tliii'lv two fed llr-- merni'i^ al Telia ma, [Miming an imini-H'e \niuuN' nl -\vatcr intii the Inun. \\lnch >\\iiled 'hmiiuli ihe .sirei-t-i siii,-i:,iiiaj,f all nli-ia clcs in .-inlll. Illljie tier.-, and liin- emu in^; diiwn I lie riser sniaslird iiiln Inui-e.-, fitnis, A S'oillio n,:.r ill,- ii\i i lianK and line tlniii fmiii their I' 1111 n • I a I i 111! s. ! I •>. 11 i n ; ; them 11 n u u Mr-'ain. A Ssil'ile l,!n,-k nf hnllse-i S\ere S\M-|I| a\sav thi-, a II e| 1111,in ami arc Jloa I Hii_' alu'iil tin- lns\ii Issiiits I', , I alinS'l- I III -t I . t t |eS e|. I )U-ill!.. r I" I lie i|ill"U \\ ill U .'I' I he I S111 It 11 e r 11 I' : i e 11 i, • i ' n M 111 a 11 s in •_; e 11 i n I In (',-( !,•_•,M-, ii.i' -li I I,, -| .1 /• -.11 I ra 11 lei 1 I S e - SS < I i I' > - I IK YOU WANT ANY PAINTING KALSOMINING OR PAPER HANGING done, sci- nu- bH'un.: vou let vour job. Thorn: SI. C. H. Kistler J'ASO KOUF.KS HOT SI'RINGS ')n (ho C>i,-|:t. I.inf. '\\\<: <-<\\v\\ of ;,n\ii tlic: uorl'l ;!tul -ft in the. mi'!-t of ^lu-ii •lini:iiic roii'liti'iii- ;i- c'lir-t'nitiy in\i;e M tli'- '.[I'D ;iir. ,-\ (|f-ii'j!-,tiul I)!;M:<; for n -t, r'-ciif;'Trili'iii. coii-MMitional tr'-.'it- i!"iit'-. ;-ii'l r'i nation. 'llv IK •>%• hath *!'.-!-'-. v,i;!i it- *.ii|ifr!) crniipur-nt, i- un- riv.-'Ii-'i liy anytliiiix in tlii-i country. I (y- •I;-'.|.-:i!liic tr< auii'-nt-, iiin'i 'bat'-, i, swim- iiiii;; !/;'tli=. 'l'crl-:i-ii !i:ith-. Par!irular= .! SOI'I ill.RV f'.Vil-K; (M-l-'U F.S. Assessment Notice. (-'ollJinliifi Lanrl and \V?tff ; r C'orn- pfiii.V, j>r!nci[ ul pluro of hn^iticss, f'nvlriH, H'nvliiiifl Towriship, f-'otnity of f.f,s ,\ri(.'f/lf-.s, Stuff; of f ,'»liforrjia. Nolinc IM hereby t-'ivfMi tluit ;it n rricnlitiu of the flircrttrji-s. held on thf; f;lf;vf nth fj;iy of .Jfi;infiry, HJfJfJ. fin ;tsf:f'-(finif:nt. of -1(10 r-f-iitn p r 'f fchiin; IV;IH l«;vi('fl upon the, r.(ipit;il htock of tbi: Jibovf; iimr.i-il f:rjrfmratioii, pfiyable imtncdiiitcly to thf; m-crt'tary, a I, the oflicf! nf t.ho ('.dinpany at, C'nvina. County of LOH Angeles, Htatc of Cali- fnniin. Any stock ufion which tln'H aafecss- rncnt fihall remain unpaid on the 14th dny of February, 1HOO, will he delinf|Uf;nt Hnfl advertised for rale at public auction, and unless payment !H inHdo before, will be Bold on the 7td day of March, 190f), at 2 o'clock in thfs afternoon, at the office of the company in Covina, County of Los AiiKcIes, Klnto <i( California, to pay t.ho dcliiKinent asseswrnent, together with the cost of advertising and e.x- (K-liSf; of H.'llf;. J. JI. AIATTUHVVH, Hncretary. Covina, Cal.. .January 11, 11)00. NOTICE TO CREDITORS. No. 13954. In Hie Siipfi-ior Court of the State of Crilif'orni.'r, ii) ;IIK| i'ttr tin; (.'onnly ol' Los Aiij^i'le.s. In I In- Matter of the Kslate of Orvil I/. Maxlielil, l)eff!i«eil. Not ire in hereby ^iveii by (he under- sijffieil, executrix ol' tho eslatfi of.' Orvil l>. Maxlielil, decefise'l, to the creditor.-) of, and all persons having claims afraiiiHt, the said deceased, to exhibit the sarnn with tho npfessftry vouchers, within four months after the first publication of tlii.s notice to the said executrix, at, tho office of 11. B. Bidwell, (flondora, Los Angeles Co., Cal., which said office is hereby designated as t.ho place of business of said executrix for said estate. Dated this 30th day of January, A. D. 1009. MRS. EMMA MAXFIELD, Executrix of Said Estate. Tt. B. BTDWELL, Gleridorn, C'al,, Attorney for said executrix. Brave Fire Laddies. often receive severe burns, putting- out fires, then use Bucklen's Arnica Salve and forget them. It soon drives out pain. For Burns, Scalds, Wounds, Cuts and Bruises its earth's greatest healer. Otiickly cures Skin Eruptions, Old Hores, Boils, Ulcers, Felons; best Pile cure made. Relief is instant. 25c at C. F. Clapp s. JUST RECEIVED A new .irid up-to-date supply cf Cards and Folders for your photos. S; echi 1 prices during September. C. W. Tucker's Studio KODAKS AXD SIIPPUICS C'ovin;i, Cal. F, E, WOLFARTH , . Jeweler , , ,, ... . f ,, , • , , K..,-a| r u, R of all knuls. i wi.rk ;i suociallv. . watcu ••,•! ..ovina. I al. Home Bakery Biscuits, Doughnuts U|)pl(-o and f.iur W. W. A ('... 'c- ibiUK'lJuut-j, \\bai \sil! sl,r havv U-ti'r Tlireu ajijib-s. 1909 Model Kissel Thirty Motor 4 ' 4 'x4.'.;'—.^0 h. p. Wheel I3ase- 107 in. Floating Wear Axle. I Heani Front Axle. Selective Transmission. Rear Springs ^4 Eliptic. Weight—2000 Ibs. Timkcn Koller Bearings. Weeels 32x3.';. Speed- 45 miles per hour. Kissel Thirty Roadster $1500 Kissel Thirty Surrey $1550 FOR SALE Fire room house and barn, lot 5Cxl75, fenced, close to Citrus avenue and electric road. $1800. Lot 50x175 adjoining- above, full bearing Washington navels. S850. Four room modern house, two porches, bath, cellar, electric lights, large lot 00x175. E. College St. S2500. Five room bouse and lar/^e lot 60x175, in center of town. $3500. Larffe lots, 60x175, full bearing- navels. $625. Larrre corner lot 95x175, solid to full bearing 1 navels, close to Electric road. S1500. Business lot on Citrus avenue, 55x155 with enclosed yards and sheds, 55x80, hauling wa y on either side. The finest site in town for any wholesale business. Close to electric road. Price $6000. Good terms can be had on all the properties. J. H. MATTHEWS REAL ESTATE Sole District Agent Citrus Avenue Covina, Cal. YOSEMITE VALLEY Open All Year Why Not Sec Yoscmite This Winter? It is a magnificent sight. It is a quick, comfortable trip. Daily train service, and good hotel accommodations. For through tickets and further information, see SOUTHERN PACIFIC OR SANTA FE • s or address O. V. Lehmer, Traffic Manager YOSEMITE VALLEY RAILROAD Merced, Cai. f New Pomona Double Plunger Deep Well Pump Head s ^BUILT IN THREE SIZES, From Ten to Forty Horse Power It is the smoothest running- deep well pump because there are no dead centers, no jerk or jar, and no dangerjjof breaking the pump rods. Be sure and write for our big catalogue. Watch this space for further information. Pomona Manufacturing Co. Pomona, California WW j, i : <! 4 4 I i; REO Covina Orange Groves \Vo have a large clientage Inlying good nrange groves. If you want a quick sale, list your gruve with us. "IT PAY.-* Ti> SKK l'S M EDWARDS & WILDEY CO. ( i ClI"cl <r <B I -•"- l-a]gh!in Hlil-r., I v0i Angoles ,-l\.\ i 1). W. McDonald, Covina representative Huine phone 12')5, Covina

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