Covina Argus from Covina, California on February 13, 1909 · Page 1
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 1

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 13, 1909
Page 1
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Reading Room F. H. FABRICK-HARDWARE F. H. FABRICK PLUMBING GABRII:L\VI LEADING NEWSPAPB VOL 3T COVINA, CALIFORNIA, SATURDAY. FEB. 13, 1909. INO. 11 PROFESSIONAL CARDS QR. STEVENS OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN : Phone 298—Argus Block i>r. Olinda K. Stevens Tuesdays and Fridays |)R. J. C. GOODELL OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN Office, First National Bank Bldg. Hours 9 to 4. Phones: Res. 250. Office 175. & JENNINGS, PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS J. I», RRBD G. D. JENNINGS 8-10 a m 10-12 m 2-4 p m, 7-8 p m 4-6 p m Offices in Reed blk., Phone 40. Residence of Dr. Reed E. Badillo st. Phone 48; Residence of Dr. Jennings on Reynolds addition, E. Badillo St. Phone 299. COVINA, CAL,. p. J. CLINE, —DENTIST— Office hours: 8:30 to 12, 1 to 4. Home Phone 47 Office: Bank Blk., - Covina, Cal. [)R. W. W. SCHIFFMAN DENTIST Over Argus Office Covina, Cal. Phone 284 Residence, Cieflega, near Grand R.F.D. box 204 Phone 3065 ANDREW M. PENCE ATTORNEY -AT-L-AW Notary Public Phone 1039 Reed Block Covina, Cal. QEO. L. SANDERS, ATTORNEY AT LAW Offices 325-333-335 Wilcox Building-, Telephone, Home 425 LOS ANGELES, CAL,. ##*#####**##****** * * * * We Can Sell Your * e Grove # * * * * * Orang Our branch office in Los Ange- les, 525 So. Spring street 'en- ables us to get in touch with buyers. List your property with us. Covina Realty Co. * * * # * * #####*###*#* #####* $50,000 PAID FOR 20 ACRES S. T. Berry Buys the D. L Peters Grove E. Badillo St. Mr. D. Li Peters has sold lii.s beautiful home place, situnlc on Hadillo and Barranca streets, to Mr. S. T. Berry, Los Angeles, for the sum of ti»(l,0(H) cash. The property consists of a twenty-acre Valencia ami Washington navel orange grove, highly improved, with fine new rc-nid,i uce vsilnoil :it ^1)01)0. It adjoins the city limits and is on the main line of the Pacific Klectric. Mr. Berry, who also owns a valuable orange grove at Charter Oak, knows a good thing when he sees it, and is to be congratulated on acquiring such a splendid property. The sale was made by Ilag- gerty & Ilempel of Ml-l II. W. liellnian Building, .Los Angeles. Thin sale was no sooner made than Mr. I). L. Peters, who is always hustling, purchased a beautifully improved property in South Pasadena, having a frontage of .188 feet on Fair Oaks avenue and 200 feet on Oak and Oneonta streets, with an up-to-date modern residence of fourteen rooms. LINCOLN DAY AT THE HIGH SCHOOL. > * Despite the pouring rain, every seat in the auditorium of tho High School was filled yesterday morning by the scholars and their friends, who mot to. fittingly celebrate the hundredth anniversary of the birth of Abraham Lin' the rmuily character mid eventful life of the Great Emancipator. Prof. A. 11. Collins presided and at the close Mayor E.'IT. Lahee briefly announced that ho had placed in position that morning in the reading room of the public library a bronze tablet of Lincoln's Gettysburg address and extended an invitation to all who desired to visit the library and inspect the same. The program in its entirety was as follows: Song, "America." High School; message from State Superintendent I'M ward Hyatt, Colo Potter; sentiment from State Senator Savage, Walter Ilepner; words from Justice of Appellate Court, N. P. Chipman, Marion Adsit; "A Tribute to Lincoln," Arthur Hixby; violin solo, "Evening Star" ^Vaguer), Robert Philleo; excerpts from Commemoration Ode (Lowell), Marian (liven; Lincola on respecting the law, Sarah Crook; address, "Lincoln as One of the Common People," Kev. H. \\'. While; selection, march, "The Miday Command- ery," High School Maud; reading, "Lincoln" (liryaat), Karl Philleo; paper, "Humor of Lincoln," Myra Burpee; address, Mr. V.. I'. Warner; comet solo. "Tramp, Tramp" (Ka wlinson), Kdward Walters; song, "Star Spangled lian- ner," High School; (let ty.sliu i g speech, l-'red Chemberlen; " <>, Captain, My Captain" C Whitman». LueUa Roberts; DEATH OF WESLEY NIOO.' The sad death of Wesley Nigg, the eldest son of our esteemed fellow citizens, Mr. and Mrs. Nigg, Monday, has cast a gloom over the community. Wesley was a general favorite not only among his intimate friends and companions but among'all classes, on account of his high moral character and general urbanity of manner, and the greatest sympathy is felt with his bereaved parents in this time of deep nll'liction. The funeral, which took place on Wednesday morning in the M. K. church, was an impressive ceremony. The faculty and pupils of the Covina I'liion High School to tho number of one hundred and fifty assembled'to pay their last token of respect to his memory, and walked in procession from (.he residence! to the church. Six of his class- males followed bearing beanlifu! floral designs, and fifteen of the senior girl students all dressed in white each carrying a boquet of choice (lowers or designs, acted as honorary pallbearers. The service at; the church was conducted with great solemnity by rhe Ifev. Harry W. White, assisted by U'ev. Schafllo of Pico Heights, formerly pastor of the flerman Evangelical church of Santa Ana, of which Mr. and Mrs. Niggs were members. Prof. A. II. Collins paid an eloquent tribute. school work. In his studies he received the highest grades and he worked not only to get good marks, but to gain all the real value possible, from his .studies. In the social life of the school he took an active part. President of the Herman club, of the Juniors and of the Literary Society, basketball teach captain, yell leader, all of these positions ho filled faithfully and well, lie took a prominent part in this year Senior piny, in which his acting was very, nearly perfect. In athletics he was one of our best men. In baseball, football and basketball he was always working to gain more honor for Covina High. Wesley was ambitions. During the mini- mer vacations he worked constantly to get: money to aid him in securing a college education. Had he lived, he would have graduated with honor from Covina High in .Ii^ie. If every student of Covina. wonliif.- .take Wesley Nigg as his example aud emulate his hi^h ideals, pure life arid noble characler, we should have a higli school second to none in the characler of its pupils. When (ioil takes away from I he world a youth so noble, whose deeds might, have been of incalculable value In future hiimanil.y, had he reached maliir- Uy, it is not for us to wonder why. Some day we shall know. So let, us wait in patieneo and bear our sorrows in silence, for the plan of (jod is working out slowly but surely ami some day all will be clear to us which now is seen but, dim and vaguely. Concert Song, "Flag of th High School. CITY COUNCIL. At the regular meeting of the board of trustees of the cit.y of Covina held in tho council chainbe'-, ''ovina, on Tuesday evening, all members of the board being present, the following business was transacted: The city engineer was instructed to make u basic survey and map of the city as a preliminary step towards installing a sewer system and other improvements and to make an estimate of the probable cost of same. The trustees also voted a standing reward of $25 to anyone who will give such information as will lead to the conviction of parties wilfully damaging any treea or shrubs planted on the. parkways of the city and streets. The trustees also set apart $l,5uu for a road fund and ordered tin- following warrants paid: Paciti.- Light and Power Co., I.I.T.'.I." ; Sfiinu-I Ci.-nk, ill").5"; i has. Sthntoii. *i-'..')H; ('.,' ina Wat..-r < o., .*!'_:•, SERIOUSLY BURNED. The little two-year-old baby Annette, who is the pet of the Philleo home, was seriously burned last Saturday morning. She toddled after the .lap bov to watch him tend t he fnrna a down-draught blew the Ha me seriously burned her on the h face. I)r. Reed was called ami a; sources o)' medical u kill ain nursing v.viv employed io alii sufferings. She is now r rapidly ui.d it is believe.1 i ' will be no permanent di.-fi from the accident. bfi . Covina TOnionltfob Scbtfol ©tcbestva anfc €lub Ijous?, Covtna ' . , . Bvcnino, 3feln*uav\? totb, 1909 Hbmfssfou, 50 cents Scats tcscvvcft at Clapp's wttbout cxtvn PROGEAM. March—"(ireatcr Covina " (!;-oom Concertino for Trombone—' "Plus Message '' . I'looks Mr. Walter,!. AM-hcnbrcniior. Novelette—"Dainty Dames" l!lnl<o Violin Solo—"('rival inn " Kail' Miss Josephine Slumpf. Overture—" Lust spiel " Keler I'.id a, Op. 7.'! Cornet Duet—"The Pearls" ; Kling Mr. Kdwnr<l II. Walter*. Mr. (ileiui C. Leisure. A 'Pone Poem—'' A pple lilossoms '' Roberts Sjiaiiish Si-re n a di 1 —'' I /a I'a loin a " Tradier Saxophone Solo—-'' Flower Song '' Langc, Mr. Wallace A. Kced. Sextette from Doni/.elli's Opera, "Lucia di Lamiii'Tnioor ''. . A IT. by iirooin Mr. Kdward II. Wallers Co n ,r-| Mr. ( Hi-mi C. ] ,eism'c Cornel Mr. Chaw. L. Walters Horn M r. (ioorgc A. A I wood I lorn Mr. Waller .1. Aschenbi'i'Miii-r Trombone Mr. ''harles II. Ward Trombone Heading .-'elected M I'M. I mi,gi-iie L. (i 'illiore. 1,'eu-i ic -"The \Vnyside ' 'h.ipel ' ' WilHon Si I ec I ion from " Faust '' < i mi and I Val«e M '101 li< | lie " Sweet I'emein l.rance ' ' St. ''lair i March -"lie Molav •"oinmandcry '' Hall | ' "The Slai- Spangled I'.an in T. " FOR THK Lenten Season IN CANS Salmon Kippered Herring Broiled Mackerel Shredded Codfish Anchovies Sardines in Oil Sardines Smoked IN BARRELS Bloaters Herring Codfish Mackerel Barracuda Salmon Bellies "If you can't coma, phone" DIKECTOKS O. K. Aiulei-Him c;. !••, ciiinn J. It. KllliiU W. If. llolliiliiy A. P. Miirco If/ Ili-llimni W. If. IIOf.MDA V, Pn-MliU-nt. u. M. MAitr.o n. IIKU.MAM. vi™ PI-CM. .). 0. llou.-ici- .1. U. KU.IOTT, Vl.-o 1'ie.i. C. Menel'co W. M. • (JIUHVVOU), Carlilcr Capital and Surplus $90,000.oo Covina tPallcy Savings JBanh Covina, Cal. fJi'D. K. Andc J. It. Kllloll. Murcit II. Iltt mi's OKKICKKS w. n. iiniiiiiiiy A. I*. KKI(I:KIIOI-'|''. ivciiiiient II. M. MOIIH.T II. M. IIOIIHKK. Vic., 1'rcMlilenl. A. I'. Keri-lili.,ir W. M. (ilU.SWOI.I). Cuiililer 11 M i e- i-arel'nl iale her • o t e I i 11 g :! there iremeut A NEW ARRIVAL. Ovviu-r-i nf horse-* and other livestock will In- pleased to hear that Itr. <<. W. Clossoii, veteiinary surgeon ami den- tint of Los Ang'-leH, after looking over the ground, ha* determined to locate aiiiuiignt in and ha?i established hi* oflicc at the Avenue Stable.*, N'orth Citrus avenue. Homo I'hoae ',',n. The. doctor is .staying at Hotel Vcndoiio. until In.- can si-cun; a resiliency. CHICKEN THIEVES. •OIIK- ehjeken thieves visited st of Mr. William Ovcrho!t/. •Ii-Jht on Thiirsduv n.,.rn A. M. P C.,\'i na I Ifa.'-rt • , I-.' . »:.'.•>: H. J. I ,,.. il.-'i: M. Pre.-.M--. >> He ;:i ;.. : . :,i ; h |ji f. i- th I tlie hen -r befori- ii g and t hieY. 1 I,,- IN MEMORIAM. A r' Sur iJixljy, ' J1 Thi- Angel of l)cath has again come 'o I'oiina High S-diool and from amoii^ u-^ lias ^oi.e one of oiir nto-t (oval, be^i lovi d a/id in u.bers, WeMey N'.^L'. Onl'.' a few iiioiillis have gone l»v ^iiii-e \ve hi-! our ii,- i '(d iiiiisic mas I, l. I'/ol'e,-.ii l-'il/'.M-i-.ild, and now. while I ne memory of his pa.i.sing i.-v <iill l/e-n within our minds, comes this second ler iible lo-,s, filling our hearts afresh with viiriiw and pain, and i-ansing us to ri-a li/.e mole than ever the frailty of h:i man life. Scarcely a month ago We-, h-y was among m happy a/id smiling, th.- picture of health. Little ilid v\ e then think that v/ithin a short time he would be gone from u.s to that I'nkuowa Land from whence MO traveler returns. One day we missed him from the school. ''Wen' is sick,' 1 soon went round from mouth to mouth. Next, we heard news. He hud be,, n operated upon for appendicitis a/id his eoi: dition was grave. Then he rallied a/id it seemed that we should HOOD him with HI otii-e more. lint, we knew not the will of (Jod. AH Wesley wan .,u the high ro;id to reeovcrv a n-lap-.e oeeurred and in le.-is than a few hour-* •/••• heiird, with mi/ids nMa/jciJ I/:- the .-ho-if. he was gone tiom iis to the .,/ tl.e M'e-ii :• .'•!_'_' VV.-li .'I pe/r'ei-l t'/j.,- of .'. I •;' . . "I •' M_':; -eh .'d -< .'!••;. I -l,o..:., , COVINA WILL MEET BUNBIIIOHT UABEH The Covina baseball Nam is pitted agai.'i-'t a c,'as',\- ag^re^a I ion of dia mond /nlisls nivt. Hi.inlav a ft ernoKii. |-'a i l I ',' and Kipg will be i,n I he honje filing line I'm the limiiei-,, while the i.-n,i| line iij, will be in artioii in t he olner posit ions. Following a- i-lij>jieil from the Herald will give the local en i thiiiia^s'-t a good Jjne on the \'i oto/s: i The Siinbi-ight liahes aie branching ;out as big league baseball p|a\e/i, ha-. ' int; Mcimd H.everal fa-,(. men to jiliiv on ! their team. The name of the ciub will .hereafter be li/iow'n in the Hnndav ranks , ;n the WcHter/i l-'i a I e r/ia 1 Association. :having pun-hilled new niiiforiiiy of dark . gii-en with orange trimming, with a i large Teddy bear on the left breast. i The suits are of the finest material that !can In- bought for the money, costing i^l I'i. They will play their lirnt game in I in A' suits with the fast ''ovinu cpib on the I ovina diamond. Manager I'edrolii j is out with a den' to the amateur ha :<• ball world and HUV-I hi- 'n willing to Let ;m;iibies, chalk or money thai, he can hold jjis >i-/,n with anv of the teams in th" ;ni'"-e||ane<,,;rt r;ink-,, barring none Tl.e ll/i>- Up of the i-luf/ will be ,'/ i fol lov, - : I'.otelio. eat .-he/ ; |<..;. I, | ;i | ;i I, i, ••I ' .•'.'.:•: fil ••! l,:i-e ; I .,(,,, ... .-,,,, | |,-, ., . .- '•' II: I''' f I .'; M -. • ' 01 I . lo|i : ,|l I.- ',', ,1 -,,|| i i M ! I,-i •• ; '-. .-':nlili.- |. t I lie).l • i I'. :,..": - ','• , ):• M. .(. -),-, !•! ,. ,,-..-,.. Capital and Surplus $42,000.oo EucalyptusWood AIJ, SIXKS AND f.KNCTHS I''()K STOVK OK I-'IUK I'LACK $Q.5O p^r cord 'I'wo bl.n ks west oi i^r;iiiiniiir srliool. BERT H. HKNDRICKS ,1-djxl IM7 i I Special Sale Next Week .Iain*, i'ri:H<;rveb aiid Mariualarle.s, SJ 1- Ciirtih Hron. C;inrn-il Kaspberric v ), 'iOi: i:an» for I,'. S. C,mn»:<\ l'<:iicbe», 20c cani Im i'ie Apric.otH, 20n I;.JIIK inr ........ I>uniplin^ applex, 15,c(;;in-v f<>r I'rt:»to ('.aimed 1'riinea, 2-.c catm f'/r Koa<>t JSeef, 2v; caiii» /or . I.S in .is 5 NOW IS YOCK ( HA.\< Iv, vVMILl', OOuUS LAST. Home's Grocery I 'hour » : - I •••••••••»•»•••••••»••* *»••••••••«••••••••• »••»••*••*

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