The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas on October 6, 1961 · Page 4
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The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas · Page 4

Ottawa, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 6, 1961
Page 4
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OTTAWA HERALD Television Log Page Four Fridav, October «. 1961 From Our Readers Local Communists? In regard to the article on communism, I can see why Rev. Leopold Hoppe wrote as he did after I read my letter again. In my wording, I had made it sound as if I were talking about our churches here in Ottawa. But what I meant was some churches in general were spreading the communist doctrine. I know of none here in Ottawa that •practices or teaches communism. But communists are people of all walks and trades of life. In my article I also said that "there were communists here in Ottawa." But that was only told to me here by a well-known Ottawan. I should have written that there are communists all over the United States and possibly This And That by jph some in Ottawa and that is why we need to teach our children the differences between communism and our democracy. I am glad Mr. Hoppe challenged me as he did. And I believe more people should take that stand and let their opinions be known. More people must realize how serious the communist threat is. Many persons have thanked me for my letter to your paper and I am grateful to them. But I think more people should speak out also. Mrs. Jack R. Elder, 628 N. Locust. (The Herald welcomes the opinions of its readers on important happenings of the day and thanks Mrs. Elder for taking time to express her opinions Ed.) Channel 4, NBC Iridaj Karachi Streets Bewilder KARACHI — The streets of this city are hot almost all of the time, dusty much of the time, muddy some of the time, and, at the height of the monsoon season, impassable in m a n y places. They present a picture of life too bewildering for us to paint satisfactorily with words. We can only sketch details. . There are enough small cars, with a few old American models looming up among them, whizzing along the left-hand side of the roadway to make crossing a street perilous. Camels pulling platform wagons on which most of the freight is carried. Bicycles. Tiny donkeys hitched to two-wheel carts. Other carts pushed by men. Predominant are the rickshaws. They are three - wheel motor scoters with the driver sitting in a jump front seat, steering with, a handlebar arrangement, and with two passengers reclining in the seat behind with a canopy over them to ward off the sun. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of them. They buzz through the traffic like swarms of flies, taking a passenger on an average trip for no more than a dime or 15 cents. It is not the vehicles but the people that make the scene. The broken sidewalks are crowded with them. A few stride briskly. More stroll in an enervated way. Most squat on the heels, lean against buildings with their legs sprawled out, or b'e full length, resting or sleeping soundly with a stone for a pillow. Among the men coats are even rarer than hats, and neckties are most exceptional. Cotton trousers and shirts with knee-length tails worn outside, mostly white or khaki, pf*vajl?'ibut robes and rags and droopy, ankle-length drawers are not infrequent. The boys wear shorts with perhaps T-shirts added, and the common laborer! breechclouts. Red splashes on the sidewalks prove the presence of betel nut chewers among them. The women wear colon or muslin saris. Robes that reach the ground. Shapeless sacking. Knee - length robes with pantaloons to cover their lower limbs. The women, in fact, wear everything except dresses as we use the word. A few of the women have black veils which hang down over their shoulders and completely cover their faces. Wives of strict Muslims, they live in purdah, which means, among other things, that throughout their lives only the male members of their immediate families ever see as much as their noses. There are street merchants, with no more stocks than can be carried in a large handker- chie'f, who have their wares spread out on the walk. Water - sellers, with their supply in a goatskin slung over their shoulders. Women with rings on their fingers, rings on their toes, rings hanging from their ears, and rings in their noses. There are shoehsine boys. Tea-sellers squatting beside their urns and three or four cups each. Women with bunches of twigs for brooms sweeping up a fraction of the dirt from the gutters. Women with diamonds implanted in the sides of their noses. Women with babes at their breasts forlornly seeking alms. Old women, whose rags fail to conceal shrunken breasts and withered legs, asleep on the sidewalk with flies swarming over them. There are tailors, watchmakers, and other artisans sitting cross-legged in their tiny shops that are perched about four feet above the sidewalk. There are pestiferous ,newsboys, sweetmeats sellers with their trays around their necks, bearded mullahs, beggars extending festering stumps, police under pith helmets, porters carrying their loads on their heads, fakirs, hawkers of fortune-telling cards. Whatever else may be said of the streets of Karachi, they are different. 8:tlU 4—Picture et the Day 5—Barij Show u—Popeye 13—Huckleberry Hound &:;;» 4—Highway Patrol . 6—Early Show 9—Popeye 13—Film • :40 13--Sport» wltn DCT Nelioi i:5C IS—Business Newa »:55 5—Sports 13— Weattiei with Gordon Jumt «:00 4-5-13—News U—Man From Cochist 6:10 4—Sports B—Weather with Johnny Tales «:I5 4—News, Huntley-Brtnlcley B-13—News with DoURlas Edvrarda CtfO 4—Sea Hunt 5-13—Rawhide B—Ernie Kovaci 7:00 4—National Velvet 5-1"—Kav.'h'.db 9— Hatlmwaya 3:30 4—Detectives 6-13—Routn 68 9—Fltntstones *:«0 4—Detectives 6-13—Route 68 9—77 Sunset Strip 8:30 •1—Dinah Shore 5-13—Father of the Bridt 9—77 Sunset Strip • :00 4—Dinah Shore 5—Third Man 9—Targer-Corruptors 13—Twilight Zone 9:30 4—Dangerous Robin 5—Eye Witness 9—Target Corrupotrs 13—Eye Witness 1U:'JO 4-5-9-18—News 18:10 4-3—Weather 18:15 4—JHVII Faar 8—Studio Five, "So Proudly w» Hail" 9—Peter Ounn 13—Weather 10::;0 13—Sports 18:30 4—Jacli Paar 5—Studio Five (—Peter Gunn 13—Five Star Jubilee 10:45 9—Big Show, "The Broken Slur" U:M 4—JacK Pa*r n—Studio Five 9—Impact Theater 11:38 4—JacB Paai 5—Studio Five 9—Impact Theater 12: BO MtdnlcM 4—Reporter's Scratch Pad 9—Unity Dally Word 12:20 5—Studio 5 Late Show, "Return of Sophie Lang" Saturday To Your Good Health Nerves Cause Blisters By DR. JOSEPH G. MOLNER "Dear Dr. Molner: What causes outbreaks of •Little blisters' on the hands?-Mrs. J.M." There's a substantial observation among many doctors, and I'm sure I'm not exaggerating when I say "nearly all doctors," that this is the sort of thing that often has some connection with jitters. I am not saying that "nerves" is the sole cause, but I can't help concluding that "nerves" can hold the balance of power. We know that tension has all sorts of physical effects. Nervousness has the nasty and natural habit of jumping in as a "trigger" for some condition that hasn't quite had the steam to break | out under its own power. Skin irritations, stomach up-' sets, headaches and asthma; are outstanding examples of* this sort of problem. Today j we're discussing skin. . I have the strongest belief j in the reality of "psychosomatic ailments," but I sometiimes I lose patience with people who put all the emphasis on the D*- »awlner "psycho" and ignore completely the "somatic." The whole point of the word, of the idea, is that many of our problems are a mixture of both. When a tense, high-strung individual has persistent skin troubles, it is no less than common sense to try to help that person live a more placid, calm life, and to quit trying to be a perfectionist. Sedatives or tranquilizers may help for a bit. But the "somatic," or physical condition is still there, too. So for these "little blisters" on the hands, and sometimes elsewhere, here are some of the possibilities: Allergy — sensitivity to something you touch. Poison ivy is obvious; but other plants, even potted ones in the house, may have a milder effect. Metal jewelry, paint, glue or stain used in a hobby are just a few other possiilities. Another is nummular eczema or "housewife's eczema," which doesn't happen to be limited to housewives. Anyone with a naturally dry skin who frequently gets the hands wet is a possible candidate for little patches of blisters or rash. The defatting action of soap and water can bring them, too. Doctors, dentists and dishwashers sometimes encounter this problem. Are you taking medicine? Aspirin, headache remedies, tonics, laxatives, vitamins, or any medication have reactions in some people. Oddly, sometimes a drug will cause a rash or skin reac- tion to appear again and again in the same spot. It's known as a "fixed drug eruption." There are still other possibilities: sensitivity to sun, nutritional deficiencies and some rather uncommon metabolic conditions. To help sort out the likely from the unlikely, consult a skin specialist. Often one visit will do more good than siv months of hunting around for the cause by trial and error. Dr. Molner welcomes all reader mail, but regrets that due to the tremendous volume received daily, he is unable to answer individual letters. Readers' questions are incorporated in his column whenever possible. Auld Laiig Syne 25 YEARS AGO Nadine Teeter, daughter of Sir. and Mrs. Dean Teeter, of 503 Willow, fell from her bi cycle and suffered a cut over the right eye. David Price, of Williamsburg was injured when his left shoulder was run over by a wheat drill. Water ran over the Osawatomie city dam for the first time in 98 days. 50 YEARS AGO Mr. and Mrs. 0. M. Criswell of Trinidad, Colo., were here for a visit with her sister, JIi's. J. R. Dodsworth and husband. A big season was being planned at Ottawa's Fairview Golf Club. The handicap committee for the golf tournament was chosen, the mem bers being B. D. Bennett, L. C. Jones and J. B. Topping. The committee for the ladies' cro quet tournament consisted of Mrs. R. S. Hubbard, Mrs. F. C. Dodson and Mrs. R. A. Harris. The building of the Shomo Jewelry Store was being given a fresh coat of paint. Prayer For Today » • By one Spirit we are all baptized into one body, whether we be Jews or Gentiles, whether we be bond or free; and have been all made to drink into one Spirit. (1 Corinthians 12:13.) PRAYER: We pray Thee. Father, that love and understanding may reign in our hearts in spite of our differences. Unite us in faith and into one fellowship with Christ we pray. Amen, and unifying spirit of Christ wt pray. Amen. 8:r>5 5—Moment of Meditation 7:0(1 fl—Farm Reporter 7:SO 5—Postmark Mid-America 7:45 5—One-way to Safety 13—Learn to Draw 8:00 4—Cartoon Carnival 5-13—Captain Kangaroe 5—One Way to lately 8:30 4—Pip The Piper 5-1S—Captain Kangaroe 8:00 4—Sharl Lewis 5-13—Video Village Jr. 9—Farm Hour 8:39 4—KICK Leonardo 5-13—Mighty Mouse 9—Comic Club 10:00 4— Fury B-iy—Magic Lund of Allakazajn 9—Whlzzo and Crew 10:30 4—Make room for Daddy 8-13—Roy Rogers 9—Whlszo. and Crew 11108 4—Up Date 5-13—Sky King 9—On Your Mark 11:30 4—World aeries 5—Judo 9—Magic Ranch 13—Pre-Game Show 11:43 4-13—World Series 15:00 Noou 4— Series 5—Jack Mitchell 8—Movie 13—Series 13:30 4-13—World Series S—studio Five, "So Proudly We Hail" '4-13—World Series 5—Studio Five, 1:38 4—Series 5—Studio Five. 8—Bowling 2:80 9-13—Series 5—Studio Five 2:38 4—Series 5—Studio Five 9—Dan Devine 3:oo 4—TV Teen Hop 5—Championship Bowling 9-13—College Football »:15 9-13—College Ball 3:30 4—High School Ball 6—Bowling 9-13—College Football 4—High School Ball 5—Three Stooges 9-13— Football «:30 4—Mr. Magoo 5-13—Game of the Week 9—Football l:*o 4—Bullwinkle 8-13—Qame of the Week 8—Bowling 8:38 4—Jeffs Com* 5—Lets Oet Grov.'ing 0—Bowling 13—Football - 4—News 5—Newefc Weather 8-13—Scoreboard 5—Sports with Rarold Uack 8:30 4—Wells Fargo 5-13—Perry Mason 9—Special 4—Wells Fargo •-13 Perry union 9—Special 7:30 4—Tall Man 5-13—Defenders 9—Leave It to Beaver x:90 4—Movie, "Titanic" 5-13—Defenders 9—Busing. 8:30 4—Movie 5-13— Have Gun Will Travel 9—Boxlni, 8:45 9—Make That Spare 8:00 4—Movie Spectacular 6-13— Cunsmoke U—Lawrence Welk 4— Movie Spectacular »—Third Man M — L.v.Yfonue '.Velk 13-Blue Angels 10.-HO 4—News and Weather 6-13—News - Weather 9—Straightaway 10:15 4—Movie, "Grapes of Wrath" 4—Movie, ft—Movie, "Boats Malone" 8— Movie, 'Prince and the Pauper" 13—Football ItiOO 4—Mime 6—Movie 9—Movie 13—Football 11:50 •—Mevte Channel 5-1$, CBS 5—Million Dollar Movie 9—Movie li-.-Fo'Jtball .2:00 -Wrestling 5—Million Dollar Movie 9—Big Show, i-1:1(1 5—Late S.tow "Devil's Island" Sunday 8188 5—Light Time 13—Oral Roberts 8:15 5—Davcy & Goliath 1:30 4—Scared Heart 8—Talk Back 13—Davey and Goliath 8:15 4—Chris topers 13—Christian Science 8:08 4—tmlusirj on Parade 5-13—Lamp Unto My Feet ..'- -It Is Written 8:15 4—Americans «t Work 8:30 4—This Is the Anirwer 5—Look Up And Live 9—Directions 2 13—Herald of Truth »:45 9—War We're In 10:00 4—Frontier of Faith 6-13—Camera Three 9—Womens League Bowling '8-13— News 10:30 4—Faith foi Today 5—Christophers 9—Wonderama 13—Washington Conservation 10:55 13—News 11:110 4—This Is The Life 9—Wonderama 13—Look Up And Live 11:15 5—N.F.L. Highlights u - :io 4—World Series 85—Football 9—Metropolitan Movie, 13—Pre-Uame Show "4-13—Series 5—Pro Ball 9—Metropolitan Movie 12:30 4-13—World Series 5—Football 9—Metropolitan Movlf 1:00 4-13— Series 9—Special 1:30 4—World Scries 9—Special 9—Football 13—Series ?:00 4-5-13— World Serie« 9—Bowling 4-5-13—Football 9—Football 5—NFL Scoreboard 13— Series 3:00 4—Bowling 5—Movie, "Boot's Malone" 9—Pro Football 13—Film 3:30 4—Bowling 5—Million Dollar Movie, 9—Pro Football 13—Film 4—Let's Oet Outdoors Channel 9, ABC 5—Million Dollar Movie 9—Pro Football 13—Amateur Hour 4:19 9—Pro Scoreboard 4:30 4—News Analysis B—Million Dollar Movie 9—For Ball 13—College Bowl 5:00 4—Meet The Press 8-13—Twentieth Century 9—Funday Funnies 5:15 9—Scoreboard 8:38 4—Best of the Post 4-13—Mister Ed 9—Maverick • •88 4—News u-13—Lassie 8—Maverick 8:38 4—Disney's World 5-13—Dennis thr Menace 9—Follow The Bun 1:88 4—Disney's World 0-3K—Eil Sullivan 9—Follow The Sun 1:30 4—Car 54 C-13-Ed Sullivan 9—The Lfwraam. 8:00 4—Bonanza 5-13—0. E. Theater 9—Bus Stop 8:38 4—Bonanza 5-13—Holiday Lodge 8—Bus Stop 9:08 4— DuPont Show 5-13—Candid Camera 9—Adventures In Paradise 9:38 4—DuPont Show 5-13—What's my Line? 9—Adventures It Paradise 10:00 4—News, weather 5—News, Weather 9—Way of Thinking •3—New* 10:18 4—Movie Speiticular, "Road to Olory" 6—Twilight Zone 10:sT* 13—Weather 18;38 4—Movie Spectacular 5—Newa 9—Open End 13— Michael Bhayne 10:40 5—Five Star Theater. "Mrs. Parklngton" 11:08 4—Movie Spectacular 5—Five Stai Theater 9—Open End 13—Michael Snayne 11:38 4—Movie Spectacular S -Five-Star Theatre »—Open End *'9—Daily Word This Evening's TV Highlights (1:00 Channel 9 — "Man From Cochise." A bandit pulls a series of robberies, then returns home. Probably pretty tired. 6:30 Channels 5-13 — "Rawhide." The drovers find the remains of a raided and burned wagon train. If memory serves, they found some of those on the drives they have made before, or Channel 4 — "Sea Hunt," or Channel 9 - "Ernie Kovacs." This is the first of a series Kovacs will present from time to time this season. All will have his zany type of humor, which, though zany, is good. 7:00 Channel 9 — Start of a new comedy series, "The Hatha- ways," starring Peggy Cass and Jack Weston. 7:30 Channel S — "Flintstoncs." The interesting - sounding title for this evenings' offering is "Alfred Brightrock Presents," or Channels 5-13 — "Route GO." Ethel Waters stars in this one, or Channel 4 — "Detectives." This one stars Edward G. Robinson. 8:00 Channel 9 - "77 Sunset Strip." A fella has ideas about killing another fell? 8:30 Channel 4 — "Dinah Shore." Dinah is back with the first hour- long program of the season. The show will be seen every fourth Friday, or Channels 5-13 — "Father of the Bride." The series starring Leon Ames. 9:00 Channel 9 — "Target: Corrup- tors." Wendell Corey stars in this one, or Channel 5 — "Third Man." It's about the original score of • symphony by Beethoven. 9:30 Channels 5-l.'J — "Eyewitness." or Channel 4 — "Dangerous Robin." Late movies include "So Proudly We Hail!" 1943, Claudette Colbert, Channel 5, 10:15. Ottawa Herald . Mam Published dally «weept Sunday and Holidays. Second class postage at Ottawa, Kansas. Robert B Welllngtoa Editor Guy Snedake' publisher Subscription rate* to trade area—By mall, one month .85; three months, $2; six months, 13.75; one year. |7. Subscription rates outside trad* ares —By mall, one month, 11.50; three months $4.25; ,sl> months. 18.00; on* year, 113.00. MEMBER OF THE ASSOCIATED PRESS The Associated Press is entitled exclusively to the use for publication of all the local news printed In the news, paper as wall M all AP newt dispatch. KEEN TV SERVICE L14 S. Main GH 3-3490 OTTAWA U. Vs. C of E. (College of Emporia) Sat., Oct. 7th 7:30 p.m. Listen to Play-by-Play I Over Station WIBW 580 on your dial Rush Evans and Jerry Holley NEW Self Service THE NEW IS HERE! MILK Distributed in Ottawa by DICK BLANTON Fairmont Foods MONTGOMFRY WARO Ottawa, Kansas Ph. CH 2-1378

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