Covina Argus from Covina, California on February 6, 1909 · Page 8
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 8

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 6, 1909
Page 8
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LIVE NEWS FROM VALLEY POINTS IRWINDALE. Mr. A very nml hi« <i ter, Air". Hi<-l,«. ' ^ ^ lent Innt Fridnv with friends in l.o.ig I •'''•-" AM- M r, and • Airs. Ri en lie e n I e r' M I n' d - of r/Mrk l-:ilrn friends from (,<>n I't'uwii IM w<-< l AIl'S. K,.' H. Tholllfl! 'ill. '.vliO liM" lic-ll ill fur UK- print three -,vi-'••!•:•-, i* re|>i,rtcd Mis* Nellie Danicl-i of pji^ndi ti;i v.'iii on Moml.' 1 v :nnl Tuesday of her Mr.M. L. /(.' (foot. Mr. ;iii'l .Mr*. ''I'M !•!'•< ''offinMn '••pent S.i'iinl.iv and Sunday with friends in Ail'- : . 'I'. .|eil'cp(oll. visited Alt-i. Tlll'lici of l'i;ilto I his w-'-k. Mr. nnd Mrs. Curl MrMiigtorr of ],<,-' An;"le-.- were week en.; gi;est" ;il tlie )i,,me of Mr. Mnd .Mr-, ''hail'--; Suave!; . Itev. M. Deardorf of lown, wlio i- condiicl ing npci';;il inieiini;-; I.rethrcn church, is vKiling ;it Hi tit KCV. ('a orgo riiriiilierlcn. Those enterl;iinei| l,y Mr. nnd Mr*. If. <!. <'a->ad on l;i ij t Hnridny were Mr. Mud Mr*. Ivlwnrd Sorgy nnd MOII nnd 'Air. Mnd Mr:-!. Klwnin of I-ox Angeles. Mr. Mild Mrs. Xillen have moved from Hie (I. ./. Keynold V properly to the •property they Imve recently piirelmseil on I'.ndillo Mild I'<:ir;inc;i Hlree),M. Mr. ('oiile.r of I/OH Angeles IIMH pnr- cliMHeil four ncrcM of lii'Mrin;; w.'iluut.H located jilHl. off of I,(irk Kllen avenue from II. l''oK(er. .Mrs. Kininii. ('.-infield nf Alhnrnlirfi nnd l)e Forrest, Keichnrd of Hollywood Were Week end guests Ml. Ilie homo of Air. nnd M rH. Daniel Hei'dmrd. M i'H. Dnlti'H of Los Angeles Mnd "Mrs. (i. Spec r of l/Mrk Klleir MVemio Hpenl AIondMv IMS!, week celebrating Hi" Idrlli- d;ry of their ho.sless, Mrs. Alive Hlonn. '''he liom... of Mr. nnd Mr.M. A. ''ollrin was the Heene of ;r pleasant gnrliciirig HiindMV when Mr. nnd M IH. Mnrion Colirin nnd child nnd Miss Hessic ALid- i u on of I'onionn. were enterl n ineil ill. dinner. Mr. iiuil Mrs. Frnnlt Klledge nnd •fiirnily Mtlcnded M fniiiily reunion Sun- liny nl l.lie home, of Mr. and Mrs. Simons in I'dHJiiliMui. The all'air was in honor of Mr. and Mrs. K. 101- ledjre and Miss Klla Klled^e, who leave Hoon for their lioinr- in Kansas. Miss Veda Heath and three of her classmates from Pomona College spent. Knnrlny at. the home of parents, A play entitled ''Men Not was given as a mirpri.Me to "Illlcl" of L'>s A r;«_'.'deu visited her l,ro)her nl hi-i ho.'ne on l/nrk Kll'ii In' 1 ! Sunday. Ali'.'i Fi MnkIVH Tnvlor of I/OM A nf>< l'" j wn« M re'"-nt j;:ie--il of Ali-M Ada !>••••.'-n- dorf. Mrs. I'laiK-h Dayeiniort ol' ' visiied tier gr a ,'id|.;r.r''n! •*, Mr. a>i '!. N, Ijiirui, o\'i r tlie week end. Mt'M. Johnson returned -this W her home on l/arl; Kllen avenue F'd r net "old ttie same two lots and one adjoining them, which is improved by a H.torv-riri'1-a-lidlf bungalow, rind ]>'•• longs l'i VV. P. Tavior. 'o I'. H. Knapp. M;ina!/er Divigh! I'riggs, who was down from 'amp i'incon last week r 11 [ior)ed that two inches of HJMHV recenllv fell at the cHmp and !)e;intiried flic mountain ycen.ry for ri'-ariy a d;,-v. Th' waJer i: the j'r, er IKM been verv high and tl;.' -l;n;e mad- tin cro^virigs v. ith dil'ii-nlty. Mr. an-l Mrs. f{[ig;--< S ( ,eaf I several i',:iv~ at the home of Mr. and; Ml'. If. 11. P/ri ;_"..'.•' .••nd returned ('- l;.n '•'Ml I he l,i -t nl' I he u I e |<. to 17, The .Seniors w re Jiandi'-apiif,,] in not hnvin Wesley Xigg, one of M.rir bent players, on their team. The lineup was as follows: Seniors. Sophomores. ! I e juier ....... Forwards ......... R'-cd ......... Forwards . Av.-!i.--nbrr'nri< r A llisoi' ........ ' ent er .......... Ward f»ai| ........... Hnnrds ........ W.h.on I lodges ........ < '.nards ......... Ad:<if If thi" state of thingf continuiv. Hie Sophomore-.- and FreshncMi W'll be own- I /os ,V rigclc". The Hv, • -ar o'd w/n of Mr. ai:d M: [,. I). VVood'An; ! h, wlio has !/• "n - i-ioiMly ill for -eyei-.-il d-iys. i •> ".!iy!,l inijiio 1 . ed. He has been "nfl'i-rinii vi 'icmoi I h;i;.'' u nf I lie no-i. whi'di ale ) re-,ull of a • omp!i'-;ited li";irt trouble. Horn, to AI V.-illey Vi"W, Mi--. BALDWIN PARK. nd Mr--. Koekiidg on of Lark k ;it the home of Mi '. I'ow> r. Mrs. T. \Volf ef | U'df"- daughter. Mr-,. D. .1. Slni lirsl of I hr- week. Vv'olf nrnl Miss Lillian A riJ.'eleH visited M ru. I lie ing 'he sehuol between th'ln. Hew.']!", I .f nrri'ir- nnd Senii ; i-«J Vonr time- h mo''ed repnlnf i'»i for- •-;< oei'ioi i' v in v. i-o'iai nnd nlh!etie:-i is fust fading, a ,'. a v! S:i(n:-ilny nfieriK on, J;m. .'!l. u t. n liirjie ' '".nili'i' of hi(;''i school u.t.'idenf s *'o;m>'d i O f ;i l!ie;i!"i' purty, tnkiiitv the V2:'.',i) fur I to I,M 1 - Auj^'ie-^ for tlie :if t eviioon [•'r- I Co i ni;i iM-e of ' ' The .Meridinni of Venice '' • Kll'l'l-it tl <• M:i.i'-'1''e 'I'henter. A veiy ( . r) . i joy;tl'!" Mnd in 1 -! nifl ive tiiiie wns re- ' licit Hull lui" entered f'ovinn (iiifhj THE DEPOT GROCERY AND MARKET •will serve you with the best. Our stock is carefully selected and cannot fail to please. OUR BLENDKD COFFEE Twenty-five cents per pound, toasted and blended for tlie Depot Grocery is unrivalled. OUR MEAT MARKET is noted for the quality of its goverment inspected meats, hams and bacon. Fresh eastern oysters in bulk a specialty. ROBERT CRENSHAW Our motto: Prime goods and moderate prices. Phone 22 CHARTER OAK, Mrs. F. A. Godfrey is tin possessor of a new piano. Miss Kit ridge of Pa^adcri) TIII sday in oyerseeing the work on her' ii"vv home. j Dr. :n.d Mrs. D<-itri"l> and the for• rner 's brrithe;- and wife of Pilfsbnrg j were among those who made the trip I"'" 1 " 1 I to Ml,. Wilson last week to enjoy the I beautiful snow-dad mountain scenery. The following iii" tried pupils in Vine- ami District, have not been absent or Air. iitnl Mrn. .[II.IIICH llciilh.' Her (fiient,H were M'IHH Miunie Done;|nH of Hollywood, MinN Alice Mavis of Hun I'.crmir- dino Mild MisH Alice Newlon of Ocenri- nidc. Air. nnd Alrw. U, I 1 '. Mnxson enler- tuiiir'il witli » Inr^e I'nmily dinner Hun- iliiy. Thoir ^iirHlH were Mr. nnd ATrs. Kolierh Mnncer of Wnlriut. ('enter; Mrs. ,1. H. Alrtxniiilrir and Mr. A. .1. Alexander, Mr. and Mrs. T. K. MeMie! I of I'll Monte; Mrs. Reynolds of I'nitnl.e; Air. and Mrs. .fames Alexander and MitiH Mary JOIIeil^o of Irwindale. 'J'lm Trvvijidnln PliilnHiea Hoeiety f^ii- tortaincd l;lic .BnruKii (!lul) of l.lio f.'liriB- tiiui Kriday cv(!iiiii|^ at Hie home of Airs. 0, J. ReynoIdH on Vincent Hlrect. The Hi\vntH niiinliored alioiit, Hev- entV-flve, of the inombers of the two sociel i(^s. AVnnted" •fhe fi ll( ' H ' H i tliciHo taking part li«'m« Aliss I-ola Keefer, Miss Mnlicl lleckerl, AliHH Nellie llccluM't, Miss Uuhy Kt-cfer, Aliss Ktliel llonser, Miss Mary Klleil^i>, Miss Kdiin Sniivuly and Minn Anna 'Reynolds. Several readings and miiHi- I'.'i! numliern were ulso enjoyed. This community has hee\\ Hiiddencd by the death Monday evening of Mrs. AVillimn Kit/, Mrs. Kit/, came to Ir- %vindnl<< as a bride a year and n half iiH" and hiiH won many friends by her HWi'e! nml conlidin^ ninnncr. About a month iitfo wliili; examining Die yas plant by the li^ht of an irrinMline; lurch Mr. Ril/. was badly Imrncd by Hie explosion of some of the escaping HIIM. The shoi'k 'IM thoii^hl to have biil'Mt n blood vessel on Mrs. Ril/.' brain, as she IIMH snlVered with paralysis since I he birth of her little son Iliree wecd<s a^o. Mrs. Ri|/. was twenty four years of aye nnd wa.s a native o 1 ' Austriii, when' In r parents and several brothers anil sis |i-rs reside. Her youngest, brother, An ilrc\v Miller, and her uncle and ,-111111, Mr. nnd Mrs. Hush of l-os Angeles, have In en with her during her illness. The funeral services Were conducted by Rev. Father Rllfeal of the Ml. Joseph parish, l.os Angeles, Wednesday morn- i"«Aliss Mae ('nlViiiiin enteltainrd this I'Veninn at her Inline on San lierna rdino Roail in IHOIOI- of Miss Anna Sprolle of l.o-, Angeles. I'ro^ri'ssivi- card ;,'a;nes Were played in the parlors which Were decorated with \'nde|s and sinilax. Mainly refresh menls ueie ser\i'd al the closi' of the evening. Those invited »vere Aliss Anna Sprolle, Miss llessie and K'lllll I .cebrii-Ii. Mi-.-, Mallie Mreakev, .Miss Nina I'ady, Al i^s tinil and .Miss Ruth Leech, Aliss Virginia Root, Aliss Wilson, Airs. Sieuvrt. I'n.!'. 1^ l.eebricli, l'!d and Almon Siewerl, W:il lace Reed. I'Umer Kiny, I'raiiU Sii \cn-, l harles Wallers and Sam Leebrick. Tlie Irwiintiile Alisi'cllany t'lnb met Tiii'sda\ f alternoon ai Hie home of .Mrs. I.. II. Rout on ()rari({e avenue. The af t. •moon was devoted to the study of the ncjjro problem. Airs. Imo^eiie (fi!- inure, who has been a Ira' her in the Southern Si.ties for inaiiv \ears, read a paper on the ideas of (lov. Vardaman as to tiie ne^'io i|ihslion. A story il In-truing the racial priddems tl'al coti- i-tanlly are coiuino In-fore the uhile Southern population u •»•« read. Mis- Ada Mcvi-ndtirl' san^' M \.i.i] Suit!, in ^oiij.;-. ;o-rohlp;uiled bv tin- banjo. 'I'l.e III-M no el i nj; \\ il I In 1 hi Id I 'i-bnia i \ l"il i. al • ' l M aii^,'.- < 'ic-t . ' ' lie 1..IU..- of AM -. <:. .1. Revn.dd-. Ail-- .lo-.e II.l-l, V -p.-l.t T.'. • ,., . : ii;. -". -I ..f A! i-.. ll.-ors M.,'1.1-! : . .-:' i i. •. M a. The Misses <". .1',. and M. K. Deacon I of I .OH Angeles are spending the week on their ranch. Mr. Hradshaw and family have moved to Covina and Mr. K. W. Pcabody and family have taken possession of their home. Mr. W. I!. Ro;:s of Cambridge Springs, Pa., who is making his winter home, in Pasadena, has been out looking over his Charier Oak properly. Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Cole of Nniod.'i, X. D., arrived last Saturday to spend the winter with their uncle, Mr. H. C. Miic.c. They think orange groyi s and sunshine a great (real, h.'iving come here from where the thermometer is '10 and •!'! below most of (.lie time in the winter. (lardy during .hiniiiiry nnd have received n (jrnde of eighty or above- in all studies: One Hall, Harold Mochridye, Power, Louise Cower. AZUSA. The SMII finbriel River Rock ('rushing ('(/ni|i!iny e.nlar^eil their capacity about I. wo moiiths 11^0 and are now criishiujr eleven cni'losids of roc,l( daily. The Cncilic, Rock ''rushing T'ompany are installing irineliinory on the forty Meres of lurid which (hey own west of lown. When the buildings and equipment are in place, they will represent an in vest mi nl. of about $5000, On account of the. rain the regular rncel.iiij.; of the Woman's '.'bib was postponed one week, I'Vlmmry 1'llh the program will be as follows:' Italian studies, Mrs. K. V. Rice; social studies and discussion by Hie club. Mrs. J. IT. Anderson enlerlained iri- .Mr'-i. .Inliii M.'ivis entertaiiu-d fhe Wornnn's ("bib l-'ridny, February oth. (/ineoln Day w.'is observed bv the fol lowing program: I'io^rnphy of Lincoln, .Mrs. lirack.'d I ; (Jetf ysbiire; Address, Mar^'iirfJ. Heath; Reading. ".My rnjilain," .VFrM. Klvvell; Lowell 's Trib- Mrs. K. K. Pierce; Houtherii HOIIIJM, nr'Xl. meeting will be held February Kith Ml the home of Mrs. Klora A vrcs of I rwindale. WALNUT CENTER. Mr. K. M. IxMrd is erect ijicr ;i biiui on his property here. Revival meeiinjjs are being held in the Mountain View school house bv church workers from Whitticr, .Air. ('.. F, Stevens nnd Mr. Roy Cook left. Thursday for a. hunting trip in the neighborhood of San ./nan (,'apis- (Tiirio. HIGH SCHOOL NOTES. Wesley Xigg, who was operated upon last, week for appendicitis, is out of anger and is rapidly recovering. It is Ihoiij'hl Hurt he will be to be around again in a couple of weeks. Roy flooded 's smiling face is once more seen in our midst. "Ooody'" evidently prefers Covina High to Hit! sagebrush and end us of F/scondido. Wel- formally last Hat.nrday afternoon, the come home, "Ooody," glad to see, you back again. debat.e between Hie Fresliman- ladies being invilcd fo come for afternoon and bring their sewing. Those present, were the Me,ndaim>s P. (',. Hophoinore and .Innior-Senior division.'i Daniels, Mann King, Kmirin Rice, ]•}. R. of the classes in argumentation was Stcwarl, .1. K. Hill, K M. Collln, Col- cnhonn 'Miase, Mnrr of Detroit, and Miss Annii I'.each and Miss Wilson of Pittsburg. Mrs. J. .1. Ayorn will entertain at linielioon on Hattirday, 'rVbmary 20tli, in honor of Dr. Aland Mackey, who is lit the IICIKI of the Prrmbytnriiin (fos- pilal at Pao Ping Fn, (Iliiiui. About ten ladies, will bo present to meet Miss Muckev. At 'J:-I e same afternoon Dr. Mackey will address Um Missionary Society and its friends at the Presby- W. C. Hanies reports Hie sale of two lots on ('enter street, just east, of Hie Presbyterian Church and belonging to P. L. Hudson of Kl Paso, Texas, to Dr. II. M. Coulter. Later in the week Mr, held at, tlie. high school Tuesday, Feb. L'd. The ipionlion was, " Resolved, that tlie. capital of California should bo re- rnove.d from .Sacramento to Berkeley." Tho mighty Juniors and Seniors went flown to defeat before! the invincible Sophomores and Fresh men by n score of (17 to (12. Some good nuiteriiil for future debates was developed on this occasion. Monday afternoon, Feb. 1st, the last of the basketball games for the cliam- pionship of the high school was played. The Seniors nnd Sophomores had each won two garneii, thus eliminating the Other classes from the contest, and leaving the championship to be decided by a game between them. The Sophomores seciiri'd the championship easily, walking over the Senior's lo a Kcore of 127 BONMAM & RITCHA Cement Contractors IvKT US FICUK'K ON ANYTHING IN TIIK C1CMKNT LINK SIDKWALKS AND CURBS OUR SPKCIALTY We ;ire experie-tux'd a-UK:nt uu-n and employ only skilled help. Hume photic U)(>7 Security And Obliging Service The First National Hank not only affords absolute security to it depositors but takes especial pains to make everyone who comes into the Hank feel at home by rendering the most courteous and obliging service. Your account, subject to check is cordially invited. i: Capita! .7^11,ouO Surplus S4U. HIM) as a m--.'n!icr of the Freshman 'I'he Sophomores have org.'uiixed n baseball 'earn and are now prepared to d"feat any oth'-r cla-'H upon short notice. Marion Adsit is captain and hert Hull irranager. Our next: debate will be with Hollywood high school. The time and question have not yet, been determined upon. As Covina has the higher score she will therefore, submit the fpiestion and name the place, which means that. the debate will be held at CuvinJi. More particulars later. Owing to the illness of Wesley Xigg the (iormari club, of which he is president, postponed their last meeting until Feb. 8th. The question for our debate, with TCI Monte is, ' ' Kesol veil, that the unrestricted immigration of the Japanese. into the United States constitutes a menace to our country.'' Covina will defend (he negative. The debate will take place, at Covina on or 'before March 201 h. The baseball fever is coming on at the high school. -The boys have been out, practicing hard this week, when the weather permitted. Thnro will be some good games played in the near future. ARTHUR T5IXHV. REAL ESTATE SALES. • f. M. Htiirifori rtqxfrfs the following real pHhitn HII!PH: Ton ;ii'roH navels, 14 yuars old, situatn corner of'Badillo Ht:rr,-;, and A/.HHJI avontio, tho property of Mr. DC I/iinccy, to Alwln Ifarnist, of KnHlr-ni Illinois. Price $12,001), prop reserved. 'Mr. Jlarnist will Iniild a nice home on tin- property. Ten acres on WoHt Cypress avenue, the property of D. S. Dowries, to 0. C. Buckingham and A. J. Wilson, orange buyers of Ix>s Angles. This plnco ha.s n now hiin^itlow npon it and is in bear- iii),' Valencias. Price $\4.r>i)(). Ilotli tliesi: were cash sales. The Brand final louch to tha Suu- clny dinner—W. VV. & Co.'s pastry. BEN F, THORPE CEMENT CONTRACTOR Manufacturer of CEMENT IRRIGATING PIPE All sizes carried in stock. Reinforced Concrete Buildings a Specialty Yard West Cypress Avenue Telephone 4037 Hurley's Hardware COVINA, CAL, We carry a full line of Builders' Hardware Our Tools and Cutlery are from the best manufacturers See our Stoves, Heaters and Ranges of every description Washing Machines end Hause furnishings Painters' Supplies Wire /Watting and Pottery •v , •t^4 -* ,1. /r~ A. & 4* -> #, .51 4. 4* <& 4. ff. t}- XT- JsH 4* 4* 4. 4. 33* ,5t Jw flt S -Ju DELANO CALIFORNIA We own four thousand acres of the richest land in the San Joaquin valley which we can prove to you to be as good EARLY ORANGE LAND as there is in the state. Every foot of this land is guaranteed to be absolutely free from alkali, hardpan or any other injurious substance. Alfalfa at Delano is a Fortune Maker Anything you put in the gpsund will grow Five inches of water per day is guaranteed to each twenty acres. The price of the land and water is only ««* $125 per Acre fg Terms Desired * •4* -4. Our local representative is JEROME REYNOLDS, Covina, CaL £ He has seen the land and will be glad to talk with you about it, *** S. f. MORSE DEVELOPMENT (0. Incorporated * Capital Stock $300,000 Fully Paid Up Office, 351 S. Main St., Lo$ Angeles, Cal. £ DIRECTORS ^ JOHN HAYS HAMMOND HARRY PAYNK WHITNEY LEWIS S. THOMPSON 4* HARRIS HAMMOND S. F. B. MORSE &. REFERENCES First National Hank, Los Anyeles Crocker National Hank. San Francisco First National Hank, Delano l''ir>>t National Hank, Yisaha 'I'he National Hank. Yi^alia Dunn Mercantile Agency Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce Los Angeles Realty Hoard Title Insurance and (Guarantee Co., San Francisco. *r ( V I ( i (

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