Covina Argus from Covina, California on February 6, 1909 · Page 5
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 5

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 6, 1909
Page 5
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, •-' *Q~ - -.~—T" 1 '"." -..-,:" •\t£5i5^^)~ "'""i^ • f. M&ocal Events, Vo Mrs. Mnry Worloy of Los Angeles is the guest of her sist'er, Mrs. A. Warner. Miss Hn/.o] Clifford is ill with an attack of (p'insoy. If. A. Crawford is building n h.tnd- come new bungalow on West Center street, The Ladies' Aid of Hie Methodist Church met on Wednesday at the I le of Mrs. Whitsel. Mrs. E G. flap] i *.f Los Angeles spent a fe\v days Iliis week :,t, the home of her son. Phil, Mr. Ben T-\ Thorpe rofuni'd last night from ,1 hiiuino-s iiip to his <-o- inent works a( Pirn. Mr. and Mr*, f )-.<-•) r ?-.P!lor aM'Mided tin? Kansas picnic in E.-e^fbiko park, Los Angeles, last Saturday afternoon. Mrs. Elinor Thomason, who has been seriously indisposed during the week, is now much better. Mrs. Kate 0. Swain of Whittior spent Tuesday and Wednesday at the home of Mrs.' E. P. Warner. A special number on the program for the high sehool concert, Feb. 10th, will be a sextette from Lucia di Latnmer- inoor, manuscript by E. W. Groom. Mr. and Mrs. L. S. Case of f'hippewa Falls, Wis.. are expected on Sii'.urdav to visit tho former'a sister. Mrs. A. Merrill. Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Piatt and Mrs. Harold Guthrio are guests of Mr. and Mrs. A. II. Crawford, being old friends from Fort Wayne, Tin]. The Ladies' Aid of the Christian Church were entertained with, a social mooting on Thursday afternoon at the homo of Mrs. Annette Crawford. Mrs. Hannah Worley in seriously ill with heart trouble. On account of her age, her condition is causing grave anxiety. Mr. and Mrs. McPhorson of Salt Lake City, who have br-on spending two •weeks at; the homo of Mrs. Carrie Preston, left on Friday for their home. Mrs. L. G. T'Yehter, who has been spending the past- six months with her aunt, Mrs. C. E. Hepner, has returned to her home in Los Angeles. A pleasant evening was enjoyed at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. P." Watts on Wednesday, the guests being Messrs. and Mmes. ,T. H. Simpson, W. Q. Custer, A. M. Ponce. Guests of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Miller on Sunday last were Mrs. J. R. Mason of Masonvillo, Colo., and D. P. Flory of Los Angeles. Mr. Stanley Jocelyn, the eastern artist who is the guest of Messrs. Ralli and Ruble, spent this week in Los Angeles. Mr. and Mrs. Ben F. Thorpe entertained at dinner yesterday evening, the guests-Being Col. and Mrs. F. M. Chapman and Mr. and Mrs. G. N. Atwood. Mrs. Hannah Heckman of Pomona, Kan., is a guest at t.ho home of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Fesler, she being an old-time friend of Mrs, Fesler. "Grandma" Finch, who is visiting at the home of her daughter, Mrs. W. IT. Ovcrholtzer, is quite ill with la grippe. Mr. and Mrs. F. P. Hill and daughter. Miss Liita, of Stockton, Kan., are'visit- ing with their daughter, Mrs. >T. M. Finher. Mrs. En n is ' and Miss Pomorov attended the Los Angeles Comity 'Presbyterian meeting on Monday last. These meetings are held on the first Monday of each month and are of great, interest to all members of the churches in the district-. Luncheon guests last. Saturday at the home of Mrs. C. E. Smiley wore 11. A. France of Kawlings, Wyo.;'.\. L. Reader of Snake River, Wyo., and Mrs. Ferris and sons, Verne and 1,'alph, and .1, ("i. 'Richardson of Los Angeles. The last: tour stayed over Stiaduv. Guests at the home of l>r. and Mrs. X. 1). Mussoy t.his week were: On Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. A. I-;. Hacker of Monrovia, and oa Tuesdav, Mr. and Mrs. Frisbie of l)<-|,roit, Mich., the latter being on a wedding tour in California. T)r. and Mrs. Francis Shirk and family of Lost. Springs, Kan., accoinpanie by tho latter's mother, Mrs. Rvan, Lincoln, Neb., are, weeks in Covina. pleased with the country, and expect to return in the near future to make Covina their home. Mr, and Mrs. B. F. Kdwards have as their guest this week a relative from Wellington, Kan., Mr. J. .1. Miekley. Eleven years ago Mr. Miekley's father visited Mr. and Mrs. Kdwards at their Covina home and ever since the has been anxious to come to California to verify the wonderful stories told bv his father, lie is now satisfied ''that, not half had ever been told." Mr. and Mrs. Win. As.-henbrenner last week entertained their coii.'iiris, Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Senger of North Dakota. They are delighted with the orange groves and expect (after disposing of their property in Dakota) to return and make Covina their home. Mrs. S. f). G. Anderson and daughter. Miss Mary, who have been verv ill '.vita the grippe for the past two weeks, are now convalescing. The Lrdies' Aid of the Methodist-; church nut on Wednesday in the I eh n vch. Get that happv look by having your: clothes cb aned ,->nd pressed bv IT. ! Harris. ' 121 i of spending a few They are much ar.d pressing. First, door onst corner Citrus and .Italia. Chas. H. Harris. 2t Mi:-s D.>ri-- lios'uthal returned on Sunday to her home in Los Angeles after spending a week with her sistir. Mrs. T\\ .1. (line. The Piaraca boys of the Christian church held their monthly business meeting on Thursday night at the home t' their t <achor, MY:'. W. G. Conley. Mrs. A. J. Wilkins and daughter. Miss lioatrico. left on Tuesday for their nine in Highlands at'; or s;e nding a .•d k wit h relat ivos h-.-i-o. Work done by me is- done r'g'-.t. ('has. K. Hani-, denning and pressing. .Ins) . ::st cm-, t i;nts. and Italia. Pinna; lnilii. Senator Huller of Idaho and Covina presented his son Charles with a now •M'a nicy Steamer toi'ring car to c,'io- n-ale his birthday, which occurred on ho 12!(th. Mr. .E. .T. Harper, city forester of Los Angeles, Miss F. M. Griswold and Miss Hawes were dinner guests of Mr. mid Mrs. W. M. Griswold on Monday last. Mr, and Mrs. Wesley Hodges entertained at dinner last Sunday, the guests being Dr. and Mrs. J. 15. Reed and sons Wallace and Tom, Prof, and Mrs. R. W. Groom, Rev. and Mrs. Harry White mil sons Horace and Reginald. Miss Madge Young, who has been it tending school in Los Angeles during the last year and ha;-, been often Ihe ^uest. of relatives, the .leanings and Atwood families, left this week for lor home at Imperial. Complimentary to her house guests, Mrs. Ransoinc, who left, on Saturday ir her home in Los Angeles, Mrs. (i, X. Atwood entertained on Kridav with a, luncheon, other guests being Miss Lilian ('line and Mrs. Wood, both of Chicago. Mr. and Mrs. .T. A. Emtis entertained lit; "high tea'' on Thursday of last week, in honor of (he Rev. and Mrs. P. G. Stevens, the latter of whom was unable to be present on account of sickness. Other guests were Mr. and Mrs. W. II. Collins, Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Griswold, Dr. and Mrs. G. D. .Ton n ings. Mr. Carpenter and Mr. Warren of Kansas City are here for a two weeks' stay with T. B. McCormick and R. C. Pollard. Mr. Carpenter is a brother- in-law of T. B. McCormick and both visitors are thinking of coming back in the near future to reside. They started with R. C. Pollard yesterday on a fishing trip to Santa Catalina island for a few days. There will bo a mooting of tho Monday Afternoon Club this afternoon at 2:30, as announced at the last, meeting. Mrs. Hazzard is unable to bo present but there will be a talk on physical culture with illustrative exercises. As the ladies will bo asked to take part in these exercises, they arc advised to wear loose clothing. Hostesses Mines. Burpee, Atwood, S. S. Aschenbrcnner and L. Harris. The homo of Mrs. G. .1. Reynolds was the scene of gay festivities last evening, when the Philathea (girls') Clans of the Christian Church, of which Mrs. Gilmore is teacher, entertained Mrs. Conley's Baraca (boys') Class. The chief feature of the evening -was the farce, "Men Not Wanted," which was welj rendered by eight charming young ladies. However, the men were so hospitably treated that they were sure the mandate did not apply to that; evening. A musical program was given ami refreshments served, consisting of sandwiches, salad and chocolate. A charming galaxy of sweet voting women were entertained on Tu'osdav afternoon in honor of their bride-elect friend, Miss Letitia I'.naklev bv Mrs. Harry White al Ihe Methodist 'parsonage. Each young lady brought a di-di towel, which she hemmed and embroidered with lo-r own initials, so that the happy bride may be able to idea !i/,. her house work willi the memory of pasl and present friendship. Musters wore also feather-stitched. K'ef resli menl s were enjoyed and a verv pleasant afternoon spent. Hesides ' Miss Mroakev theie were (.resent the Misses Josio Reynolds, May Cofrmaa, Nina Cadv, Nellie Moxlcy, Rena Wilson, Marv Arm' strong, Minnie Heath, Anna 'lleath, Miaou. Chas. Siewerl, Virgil Honham, ''has. Gass. OUR AOENTS: Warner, Wfiitsel & (o. Home's Grocery Poorou Salary Uunfty in. Ser the week a I vited. ening through l-lxery one in- Christian Church: Sunday -subool !):15. Preaching 11. Mi. and Mrs. A, B. Frost of Michigan, parents of Adelaide Gail Frost of Mil bo bit, India, will ;;peak. Anthem by tho ohoir. Junior I). Union service in observance of Christian JOndeavor Day t!:30 in Christian Church. Union service ill Presbyterian Church 7:iH); address by Judge Curtis D. Wilbur. All are cordially invited. Methodist services: Tho pastor, Ruv. Harry White, M.A., will preach at 11 n. in. on, "Jehu, a Alau who Miasod (jircutnoKs. " At 7:110 this church unites with the others in the eervice addressed by Judge Wilbur at, the Presbyterian Church. Sunday- school 11:15. Junior Leaguo !i. Senior and Intermediate Leagues nt G:UU. Services in the Church of the Holy Trinity -- Heptuagesiina Sunday: Holy C'.u.iimmion, 11 a.m. Subject, "Ttie Mission 01 (iod's People." Evensong 7 :UO p.m. Sunday-school U'45 u. m. (JILertory antheui by tne choir. Worship at tho Baptist Church: Bible-school 9 -.'15 a.m.. Preaching at 11 by the pastor. Evening service dismissed for Judge Wilbur's address at Presbyterian Church. Morning subject, 'The Perfect Ideal for Life.' B.Y.P.U. (5::.0p.m. Topic, "World Wide Endeavors." Leader, Paul Ayoun. A cordial invitation to nil to attend these services. Presbyterian announcements : Sunday-school 9 :-15 a.m. Preaching by pastor Jl a.m. Subject, "Value of Knowing What Wo Know." Junior Endeavor 3 o'clock. Union Y.P.C. E. C:15 at Christian churoh. At 7 :!30 Judge Wilbur ol! LOH Angeles will address a union meeting. All are moat cordially invited to those services. Paul (.). Stevens, pastor. Lyceum Lecture Bureau Course. The dales for the remaining riurn- berH of the lecture course have been set as follows : Philharmonic Quintette. Thursday, Feb. '25th. Alton Packard, the Cartoonist, April 7th. jCiov, Kolk, May '21st. One other 1 number, date not announced. /letlfoilisl Revival Service. In acont-flanco '.vitb an action falcon by ibe official buiird Homo time ago, (lie piiHlui' of tin; Methodist Church JH arranging for tho holding of npoc- i ial Korvic.os noon. A .singer of v.ifle o.xperiencn and genuine Kiioeos.'i in ro- vival work has resei ved t middle week of April, and a series of cottage prayer meetings in the different sections of the community will be held soon. At the home of Mr. a;,.I Mrs G. Atwood the Five Huadn-d i bib we d' ligiitfully entertained "ii Tbiir-d; evening. Th" parlors weie gait 1 ,- ill mined ami decked with liouei--, ;n potted plan! s. and later ii. t i,.- <• • .-ii ii :t da in' v cnllai inn ;v;i- ..•[•'. ,-.| j,, t di M in;; rnnin. All the IM.-I.'.I .. i - nf i ••bib \ve;-e pr.--.-M. !i;i in.-i'.• M ... ai Mine-. A two.-!. 1'.,!'. r. (-1-. .-i,. F';,-,-i.. 1 lap|:. Kl.inlt. I,.-:-•,•,,,! i. h, HIGH SCHOOL WINS BASKETBALL. The hif,'li school deflated Hie second team of the C. C, f. k ,\. C. in a yanie of basketball Thursday evening in Hie club gymnasium. The -.Indent plawrs had all the bent of the contest tin-oil ghoul, running up a total score of L'S to 10. The winners displayed superior form and team work, that enabled them to keep the club players from gelt ing many opportunities* to shoot for tin- basket. They also i-ooniod to l>e better conditioned, and at times ran their heavier opponents completidv oil their feet. Sig-:lad, for the club, played his position at renter very efficiently, while -N'ii-'K, who tilled H H . same piaeo for the high school, was a particular .^lai at landing the ball in the net. Tom R( ed played a good grime at forward. (Jail and Adiif, guards, also doHerve mention. The school bovs fouled repeatedly, but Middaiigh for UK- <'hr'n- tiari CnJturiiM failed to make mauv of his throws stick. Lavinan and Cm), man at tiiu>--< did Mime rattling good work in guarding H,e hiL'li -:e(.,,,,) (",,, ivai-ls. (jut '.', i re iiiiable lo k'-.-p tiioi/i ci.-. ere. I a;! r I,,- I ime. < nn^ider;ibie ;, ra-i -'-i;ien f wa-- ;irou-(.| by tiji- |:l:i\.-r- .;.'-. :i._' ;. ' tin- e v n, i.a -, i, in j Lincoln Anniversary i Following is the. Lincoln Annivor- :sary program lo be given at, the Co- j vina Union High School on Friday evening, February 1 '2 : ! Song, "Arue.i iea, "High School. I A Tribute to Lincoln, Arthur Bix- JEROME REYNOLDS REAL ESTATE Orange Groves, City Property \ Walnut and Alfalfa Ranches ? lorf; t'lii-ist ian Worke CM,I. AND 1.1ST V(H K' 1'KMUM': KTV lVicc with A. M. Pence, K'ecd Hlk. coviy.-v. CAT,. Mi's. J. ('. Dock nf Poirnila unsthe yne-it fur » few ilay.s of Ibis week nl the h, mm nf ;\!r. anil Mrs, ,1. 11. I leai h. Mrs-, i-'rank Mai-.shnll ii'id .sun nf Pniiiniui were liinelienn gnesls last Monday of Mrs. .11. M. llnnser, Miss Minnie Ilntebisun <>f Long I'oiii'h ridnrnrd lionu> Imlay after a ploiiHiint, week at. tbe linnio of linr lini- thor, Mr. (5eo. lliilcluHiui. /ininiuriiinii, a (ouriNt from Ohio, was llii! 'rinirsdny <if old tinio frionds, Will tidodric.b mid niotbcr. Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Arm el a work in Ijtia Angolc.s, liis nro gnosts of t,bo InUor'.H Hi.stor.s, Minos. Boll and Parka. Tlio following (iliangoH linvii IUHMI made in tho PaiMlhi lOlocilrio time table: C!ar liMiviiiK C'uvimi ohanged from 1:50 p.m. to 1:1(1 p. in. ; ear leaving LO.M Angeles eluinged I'nnn '2 :fiO p.m. to - : III p.m. For Rent, Exchange, Lost, Found Miscellaneous. Money to loan on good Heourily He.o A. M. Pence, Phono 1<J!H). tf For Bale — A liidlo.n' .Racyolo, al- nioHli new. Prioo %'lfi. Mrn. Lincoln, Charter Onk. It Indignation will never bo hrot on by W.W. & Co. 'H pantry. Fui'iiishod room to Kent,-— -Kiirjnlri! nt 124 West C(jlloK») Htrcot, Covina. Lost — rJotwoon Covimi aiul nity rcnervoir, a Rood lap robo. Findur pleuso return to Ar«i.iH ollloo. For Sale — (3ood Barley bay. Meat Market, Pucntc. Tel. 4 '228. CandloH made to nrdor for parties, ico cruain bricka and tanmloK, Contodtionory. Voii'll know wliy it'.s HO p when your nup in Illled with J.'romicr Blond Coll'ee. W. W. & Co. For Kent- • (Jond flvo room honne on tho Han Bernardino road. Jmorno Keynoldu. Drink to mo throe or four l.imeH if it IH Premier Blend Cnlfoo. l''or Hale; by W. W. ,V. C 4 i, Wlien yon are hniiKry and don't know what yon want, try \V. W. <v (Jo, 'H pan I r.V. OyHlers all the time at. Orei ( irneory. Fresh and dim, do/en. If J'laee your spare c.ash in I he Valley Savings Bank, u nafe mont at, -1 per eenl. Jf Mary JH left alone \vith iipplou and fniir W. W. A- !Ht- three (/'o. 'H Spangled Manner," Commemorution Kong, "Slur Jligh School. K.'.cerpis Iroin Ode, Marian fjiven. Selet'lion, High School Hand. Heading, "Lincoln," Hryant, j Karl Phille-o. i (jetty.HburK Speech, J'Yfcd Churn I berlcri. Hurnor of Lincoln, Myra Uurpto. Kong, "Flatf of tho Kree," High School G'horuH. Ki-adinK, "O! Captain, My Cap, -\ thorouKhbrod poultry and what, will nlie havit loft? Three apples. For Hale f/oud nunleni hoiiHe on Cuntor Hlreel. Lot fidxlVfi, K""d Intrn, funoi). I'rinn ^'JfiOO, ouH,y terniH. II. Armel, (Jnvina. ti 'J()p For Hair- VOIUIK driving mure, harni'hH and hunt'}'. I'rico IJ'iO. Hee Kay (,'arlei, Bunila Avc., liotwcou Cit.niB and (Jrand. I Ip All yunr trnnhles will he wafted away upon the balmy Honthern xephei'H wiien yon drink Premier Blend C(,ffee. W.W. ,t Co. WANTK1J All kindn of poultry; alHo hoef OOWH and ealvoH. Hen.l (joHtal eard to JHH. H. Hanrlorn, Han fjabriel. a-'^Of) For Hah) Kurly HOH<) Heed pota toeH, three ineulialoiH, a brooder and for ] i-f al t in-. . I'M.I'.-., .. I -- i.- L.dian e!,,|.-. ;,,, . ' • :;>' t.-r.-.| i , i i.e l!. i;:;- I,, ,| I., |, , indi t, .-.I-, t i,;, t t"-,r I'e-i r 1 1,;,! tain," Luella Kobertw. i | f)n Monday last Kncampinont No. ; 10-', J.O.O.K, held their annual in- 1 Htallation cerenio/iy. Tho following are the namea of the i/fJieern inwtallei) : O. I'., J. K Obavei ; S. W., J. O. , HotiHf-r; S., H. L. S|.(sneer; treahint-i, M. L. Mfhuci-t; J. W.. K. M. How ma.'i; trustee, Otto Andeihr//i and Xel i-.() Mi.rteii.-.en. A nuiiiber fit' visiling Lietbien fif/i/i Axusa atl(:nii(:ii tin: p.i'.it'UXiiiy, v.i)ieh folluv,e(| |;y a i-''XXl .H'<eiiil ti/iii; and an eje/aui <i\,n ' tor SUM ! '-r. hatching. H'JH. tf K, C. CAHAU, Phone For Hale Kuoalyplnn wood at, ?!!t.£/0 per cord. Two blocks withl of r Hehool, (,f J. Jl. AdamH. Phone 1 1 17. tf Fit/' Jr-iald A-. loan /;,',/)i-y on lu (Jovina, on raneh Bert H. lle, J( |rickn, Barry of J'anadena iicl.iri and inip/'/v cd i<-iil (v'jlal.e at, lov<i- i il. eiiirent iale<). Write 'it' telephone them at. I'madena <,i- eall up J. W. P/e/,tiHH, <-'.,yina Muslin U *i't'} ^ « I*** aerwearSale ViV are novv o!l\-rm<.;- (.no l,ir;.;v -1 .'--.siu-Im.. :it. of Lilies' muslin undenvo.-M 1 1ms i . v-.-r hem nlT.-n d at. tlu-sc' prices in Cm-ma. No catch >,-, otlii-cc-iu pi ices. A i i straight prices on the- lu.-st valuo of ",-iuui-. Ladies' long skirts, deep t':.r-,.-i e-n-e;-- . liesl q in ' i I v Lo. <- fUniin-e, o rov, s fine tneks, two ibib-. ; . -.-,, , V s b:ee in.~,erl ion, bire wide ba nds I inseri i in , deep tcl .-(•>. rnllle, willi wide biec e:lre. eslra . . l'iii-v.i-1 co\-.---,. Mi..-l.:eil and iriin- l.oin,' sMits, t\sd drop rnws ni".| is.- '-! ''. • i- • ii- ' I neks, biM.iil i n -ert ii 01 ba oil, iU< -|i "';,•' empi-uiilerv ru II le, g,md <|i,,i i n \s \\ i -. s. ^ .".. Ol l i -, u 11. L.MHV skirts be-i ,nu-lin and' '• : " lil '-' "rawe,,, fnll sb.ip.-s. swiss. tucked, pie.iled, trinnu-d P-'''l' b'ce^i nd,,ad.-t y miles in l.-u-e and inseilimt. >()(-, ',',-e, --e. .>.-n-, .-or, d.v ;md ,.ie. Hoe, ;rl.oi), 5l.:?. ; ;, i?1.,-n eacb . . .. Ladieseuibroideredenrs.Msedv- Missi ' s< :1 " | l children's drawers ers, cut full, best quality -'• "d pel I ,e«,.it s al prices tu suit embraidcrv triininod 7.M- ' l )1|ri 'baser. Covina Peoples Store *(* 1.1 Ounjor £K\ »»t /i more Meek of inysterous looks and sighs and flutter- ings of the heart, then FEB. 14. Our line of Valentines are going better than rte anticipated. We'Oe sold lots and H?e still haOe lots of good ones left. Better hurry though before the last final rush. "Muff Scd" SEASON FOR DECIDUOUS FREE PLANTING (let your trees now of Armstrong (ovioa Norseries j Peach, Apricot, Plum, Apple, Walnut Hall' ;i million KiiealypLus Tri:i-s re;i»ly I'or planlin;.'-. All kinds ol Lurry vitu-s. We: can supply ;niytliiiijr you wisli in tlic oni;inii:iil;il lines ; CAM, US MY IMfONK OA' COMI-J IN AND Sl'li'l US Home Phone 125 222 Past College St. S»7^VWS^/$^iWSS«MSVtt.^W^^^^ We Believe that a careful "ronsidfration of the business methods of this hank, and the service its renders its customers, will lead you to conclude; that it is to your ;ul-; In do your banking business with us. The Covina National Bank Capital -roO.OUO -J 1 '•'• ! , and a.-.k to J-ave a itati» cull <,n you. l,t S a f e a r i d ible Knel

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