The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas on October 6, 1961 · Page 1
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The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas · Page 1

Ottawa, Kansas
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Friday, October 6, 1961
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OTTAWA HERALD OTTAWA, KANSAS. FRIDAY, OCTOBER 6,1961 7 CENTS TEN PAGES Agree On UN Leader MUM'S THE WORD-Joan Ochs, 17-year-old Ottawa High senior models one of mums being sold for school's homecoming next Friday. Activities will begin with football game against Atchison. (Herald Photo) Side Swipes WAUKEGAN, Dl. (AP)-Comedian Jack Benny loseed the grip on his billfold and the stork was quick to take advantage. In a rash moment Benny announced he would open a $39 bank account for every child born Thursday in Waukegan, his home town, and 13 mothers delivered 13 takers. Births in Waukegan have been averaging four a day, but the redoubtable miser of radio-TV fame apparently picked the wrong day to step out of character. "I'm getting worried. This is costing me money," said Benny when informed of the mounting births late Thursday night. He retired before the final count was announced. In keeping with his favorite age—39—the $39 is to be left in trust for 39 years. Illinois banks compound interest semi-annually and at 3 per cent each of the 39-year-olds will collect $124.57 in 2000 a. d. Benny was in Waukegan to tape a television show in a new junior high school named in his honor. Tagged Along BERLIN (AP)—A Communist policeman caught two East Berlin j'ouths early today cutting a hole in a fence to escape into the U.S. sector. He fired a warning shot in the air then he threw away his submachine gun and joined the flight to the West through the same hole as the refugees, West Berlin police reported. FOOTBALL GAME TONIGHT Opponents: Ottawa High Cyclones vs. Rosedale. Place: Cook Field, Ottawa University. Kickoff Time: 7:30 p.m. UNITED NATIONS, N.Y. (AP) —The United States and the Soviet Union were reported agreed today on U Thant of Burma as temporary U.N. secretary-general but many problems remain. Informed diplomats said the. chief of Burma's U.N. delegation is acceptable to the Soviet Union and the United States. There was no confirmation from either the U.S. or Soviet delegation. A U.S. spokesman said, however, that Ambassador Adlai E. Stevenson conferred on Thursday with U Thant. If the agreement is affirmed, still to be worked out are the two basic questions of how the interim official is to be elected and what his powers will be. Before leaving for Washington and talks with President Kennedy, Soviet Foreign Minister Andrei A. Gromyko threw cold water on a small nations' plan to name an interim secretary-gener al with five assistants in place of the Soviets' controversial troi ka plan. "We think three is best," Gro myko reiterated to reporters. Presumably this would call fo naming undersecretaries from the United States, Soviet Union and a neutral nation to work in close concert with the acting secretary general. The advisers would hav no veto. If Ambassador U Thant gets the top post, this probably would result in an executive composed of a Communist and two neutrals with only one representative from the West. Chest Donations Up To $8,216 Contributions to Ottawa's United Chest Fund totaled $8,216.50 Friday, reported Mrs. Charles Anderson, secretary. She said nearly all of the donations so far had come in through the advance gifts phase. Only one (air share report An- had been submitted, Mrs. derson said. Workers already have been calling for donations in door-to- door drives in residential areas. The door - to • door canvass downtown is to begin next week. The total collected so far represents about 37 per cent of the $22,097 goal. Ford, UAW Continue Bargaining DETROIT (AP)-Full bargaining teams from Ford Motor Co. and the United Auto Workers Union return to national contract talks today. It promised to be the first extended session since 120,000 union workers struck Ford Tuesday morning. Progress at the national level was expected to depend on how successful the two sides had been in reaching local agreements during the past 48 hours. National talks had been in recess, except for two half-hour sessions Wednesday, while both company and union officials tried to work out differences at 47 local bargaining units in the national Ford empire. Six members of the union's national bargaining team spent the recess in the field. The company, likewise, dispatched top management officials to key plants in efforts to effect settlements. Monday 38 local agreements had been announced, including 12 locations which had no new demands. Kill Red Troops In S. Viet Nam SAIGON, South Viet Nam (AP) —Provincial guardsmen, in a bayonet and pistol assault, have killed 46 members of a Communist battalion southwest of Saigon in the swampy Mekong Delta, the government announced today. Rayburn "A Little Better" DALLAS, Tex. (AP) — House Speaker Sam Rayburn, suffering from extensive cancer, looks a little better today, his physicians said. They reported in a bulletin that ] Rayburn no longer was under sedation and was resting comfortably. Rayburn 79, entered Baylor Hospital Monday after he failed to respond to treatment in his home town of Bonham, Tex. He left Washington Aug. 31 for his home saying he wanted to rest for what he called lumbago causing pains in the back. Doctors said Thursday after extensive tests that the cancer has spread to such an extent that no further surgery was anticipated. One Miss In "Mr. Roberts" Anne Machin will be the only girl in the cast of the Ottawa High School junior class play, "Mister Roberts," Nov. 21 and 22. She will play Lt. Ann Girard, a Navy nurse. Other leading roles are Rick Jamison, Mister Roberts: Ben Park, Doc; Alan Rybolt, the Captain and, Rick Winchester, Ensign Pulver. Others in the cast, according to Jane Feuerborn, speech and drama teacher, are Bill Graham, Jim Fouts, Bill Douglas, Bill Hewitt, Paul Stevens, Max Spooner, Pick Snider, Roy Dunn, Terry Reiter, Tony Warren, Rex Houston and Chuck Simms. The dates were changed from Nov. 16-17, she said, because they conflict with those of the community theater production of "Blithe Spirit". The. battle, Wednesday, was the latest in a series and brought the total Viet Cong reported killed in the past 10 days to above 250. It seemed another indication that—while there was concern about the threat from the Laotian border to the north—most of the actual fighting is still in the delta Only viistors permited are members, of. his . family,, a .hospital spokesman said. region. The communique said civil guardsmen and militiamen, not regular army forces, fought in the latest battle in Kien Hoa Province, about 60 miles southwest of Saigon. Government losses were listed at three killed. Nasser Ready To Concede? CAIRO (AP)—President Nasser, virtually conceding the death of his United Arab Republic, says he will not oppose efforts of the revolutionary Syrian regime to join the United Nations and the Arab League. In a dramatic address whose conciliatory tone astounded observers in Cairo, Nasser declared "there is no need for a political or diplomatic blockade of Syria because the Syrian people would suffer." Only a short time before, the Cairo press had been denouncing the rebels as imperialists. Following The Echo The U. S. Echo satellite will move northeast at a position 60 degrees above the horizon north of Ottawa at 4:34 a.m. Saturday. Sat., Sun., Carry Out Special — Whole Fried Chickens $1.00, 5-9 p.m. only. Homemade Dounts, 35c doz. Colbern's Restaurant. CH 2-4190. Adv. The Weather COUNTY FORECAST - Generally fair warm and windy through Saturday; more humid Saturday; high today and Saturday in the 80s; low tonight 50s. , High temperature yesterday, 81; low ! today, 52; high year ago today 78; low ; year ago today. 68; record high this Sate. 95 in U»; record low this date | 28'in 1852; hfurly temperatures, | hours ending 8 a.m., today: B a. m. 10 a. m. 11 a. m. Noon 1 P- 3 p. 3 P * P- 5 p. 6 p. 1 PI P m. m. m. m. m. m. m. a. 75 77 .64 • p. m. .69 10 p. m 61 73 U p. m 80 Midnight 60 80 78 73 67 U m. m. m. m. m. m. m. m, 68 58 57 55 51 54 53 Says Scarbeck Paid By Poles WASHINGTON (AP)-A State Department security agent said today former diplomat Irvin C. Scarbeck told him he accepted about $400 from Polish agents after dealing with them over a period of months. Scarbeck is on trial in federal court on a charge of turning over four secret documents from the American Embassy in Warsaw to the Red agents after they caught him in bed with a young Polish girl and blackmailed him. The Security agent, Kenneth W. Knauf, testified Scarbeck told him about the money payment and other details during an interview at Frankfurt, Germany, June 5. Whether Knauf s testimony will be presented to the jury will be determined later by Federal Judge Leonard W. Walsh, who is presiding. Because of a defense objection to the testimony, the judge agreed to hear it first with the jury absent. Knauf quoted Scarbeck as saying he had met regularly with the Polish agents during the first several months of this year, and that they protested he was not giving them documents of any importance. Knauf said Scarbeck told of becoming concerned about what might happen to the Polish girl, Ursula Discher, 22, because he was scheduled to be transferred from Warsaw in June or July. He was second secretary in the U.S. Embassy there. Scarbeck therefore pressed the Polish secret police to provide a passport for Miss Discher, Knauf said. They kept pressing him to provide more important material, Knauf said, and finally agreed re luctantly to furnish a passport for Miss Discher. She left for Frankfurt April 15 and Scarbeck followed a few day; later. Indict Teamster Business Agent WASHINGTON (AP) - George Roxburgh, business agent of the home local of Teamster President James R. Hoffa, was indicted by a federal grand jury in Detroit today. The Justice Department announced the indictment here, say- ng Roxburgh was charged with aking illegal payments from an employer. Local 299, which he represents, s one of the largest in the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, with about 15,000 members. Deputy Atty. Gen. Byron R. White said the Detroit jury named Rosburgh on six counts, including two of conspiring to receive illegal pa3'ments from firms employing members of his local. It Looks Like Fine Weekend TOPEKA (AP)-Kansas, which has had more than its share of weekends spoiled lately, is in line for fine weather for the next two or three days. The weather bureau said today that the pleasant autumn weather should continue with warm days and mild nights with no rain forecast. Highs today were predicted for the 80s throughout the state. Highs Thursday ranged from 75 degrees at Pittsburg to 88 at Hill City and Russell. Overnight lows were from 41 at Goodland to 55 at Concordia and Manhattan. Says War Threat Must Be Ended WASHINGTON (AP) - Soviet foreign Minister Andrei A. Gromyko arrived in Washington for Berlin crisis talks with President Kennedy today, saying the danger of war over the explosive dispute 'must be prevented." Gromyko declined to say whether he has brought a new proposal from Soviet Premier Khrushchev. Asked whether there was danger of war over Berlin, Gromyko paused, then emphasized: "One thing must be said—the danger must be prevented." Gromyko was interviewed by newsmen as he stepped from his train upon arriving from New York where he has been attending U.N. sessions. The Russian foreign affairs leader declared the Soviets want to see a peaceful settlement of the German problem, which is now the touchiest major issue between East and West. BUG STUDY-Patty Rule, Ottawa High senior, and Jam Jefferis, sophomore, examine some of insect collections on display in main hall of senior high building. About 140 collections were turned in by biology students. (Herald Photo) Soviet Walkout At Atomic Meet Wall All Right With Khrush LONDON (AP)-Soviet Premie Khrushchev approved today the erection of the wall between East and West Berlin. This was not surprising, since the East Germans closed East Berlin's border with West Berlin Aug. 13 immediately after the Soviet bloc Warsaw Pact members ordered effective border controls to stop the flood of escaping refugees. LOOK INSIDE FOR: Karachi streets picture of bewilderment, Pg. 4. Focus on 4-H membership, Pg. 7. Twelve months of school might solve classroom space problem, Dr. Nason, Pg. 6. Wheat sedimentation test is simple and quick, Brown's Bylines, Pg. 7 Mrs. Khrushchev Says Fallout Shelters Futile MOSCOW (AP) — Mrs. Nikita good example by discarding all Khrushchev told a group of Western "peace marchers" today that the Soviet Union was making no effort to build air raid shelters. "There is no defense in a nuclear war," said Nina Khrushchev, the wife of the premier. "Therefore we are not building any bomb shelters. We are not getting ready." Mrs. Khrushchev made her remarks after spending an hour exchanging pleasantries and debating disarmament with the marchers, who arrived here Tuesday The debate took place at Moscow's "House of Friendship," where Mrs. Khrushchev's aides served tea, chocolate and apples. Most of the marchers did their best to convince Mrs. Khrushchev that, if the world refuses to disarm, one country should set a Boy Is Killed In Cowboy Game SHELBY, N.C. (AP)-A 14-year- old boy accidentally shot his brother, 12, in the heart and killed him early today in a game of cowboy. Coroner Ollie Harris said the death of Bobby Ray Wilson of Rt. 1, Shelby was accidental and no inquest would be held. Harris and Sheriff Haywood Allen gave this account: The parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.C. Wilson, were at work and a third son, J. C. Jr., was burning trash outside the home at about 6 a.m. Johnny Lee Wilson, playing cow: boy inside with Bobby Ray, picked up a .22 rifle and, thinking it was not loaded, pointed it at his brother and fired. its armaments. Mrs. Khrushchev declined to agree. "We do not want to be the only ones who throw our bombs into the ocean," she said. She added that in the past 40 years, the Soviet Union has had many unfortunate experiences with war and does not want to be in a position where it could be trampled upon again. Thirty-one persons from the United States and Western Europe participated in the march, which began in December of last year in San Francisco. Among those having tea with Mrs. Khrushchev were: Bea Herrick of Chicago, Millie Gilbertsen of New York, Jules Rabin of New York, and Regina Fischer of New York, mother of U.S. chess champion Bobby Fischer. VIENNA, Austria (AP). - A Swedish nuclear scientist, Dr. Sigvard Eklnnd, was inaugurated as director-general of the East- West International Atomic Energy Agency today. The Soviet chief delegate, Vasily Emelyanov, walked out in protest after a sharply worded, attack on Eklund and the Western powers. The remainder of the Soviet delegation stayed in the hall. Emelyanov, in a statement immediately before Dr. Eklund was sworn in, declared the election would have "very negative consequences for the agency." He added that Eklund "will not enjoy the support of the Socialist countries as IAEA director-general." He charged the election had been "railroaded by the Western majority in the agency." Thursday night he announced that he would advise his government to withdraw from the 76- nation atoms-for-peace agency in protest against what he called "complete lack of international collaboration " U.S. diplomats took the view that the Soviet threat to withdraw from the agency was part of the Kremlin scheme to paralyze the United Nations Says Ranney Bought Boat PIRAEUS, Greece (AP)-A wit ness testified today that American Roger Raney, on trial on charges of killing two Greek sail ors last year, had purchased a small boat to sail to Spain. Constantine Nelas, a Greek who met 26-year-old Ranney on a liner from the United States, said he had invited Ranney to visit him in Greece, He said Ranney bough! a launch, named Falconet, to travel to Spain, where he said he planned to work as a commercial photographer. Ranney from Chanute, K a s. went on trial Thursday. Protest Shootings In Berlin BERLIN (AP)-The three Western Allies sharply protested today to the Soviets against two shooting incidents involving Communist East German police in Berlin's French sector. British Commandant Sir Rohan Delacombe called on his Soviet counterpart, Col. Andrei I. Solov- yev, to deliver the protest on b*> half of all three Western commandants, an Allied spokesman announced. Delacombe told Solovyev that the incidents resulted from "dangerous and irresponsible action" by the East Belin Communist police. Gen. Lucius D. Clay, President Kennedys personal representative in Berlin, this morning made an on the spot inspection of the dangerously tense sector—the Bern- auerstrasse. The street, divided by the Communist-built wall now cutting through Berlin, has been the scene of two shooting incidents in the last two days. County Schools To Get Monev ^ Franklin County high schools with driver education classes will receive a total of $10,169.48 from the state department of education to help pay for the courses. Checks were being mailed today from Topeka Ottawa High and others in the driver share education the money. county classes with will Prescriptions—Raney, CH 2-3092. adv. Easier Path To Your Purse WASHINGTON (AP) - Uncle Sam today unveiled the new, simplified, two-page form 1040 to be used in paying the tax on this year's individual incomes, It presents the best effort of the Internal Revenue Service to use plain English instead of legalistic gobbledegook, and it eliminates one tax form entirely—the old 1040W. The new form is printed on better paper in bigger type. It will arrive in December in a revised 1961 instruction book. Here is an example of the difference: The first question on the 1961 form will say simply: "1. Wages salaries, tips, etc., and excess of allowances over business expenses." On the form for 1960 the same line read: "1. Enter all wages, salaries, bonuses, commissions, tips, and other compensation before payroll deductions (including any excess of expense account or similar allowance paid by your employer over your ordinary and necessary business expenses. See instructions, pp. 5-6." IRS Commissioner Mortimer M. Caplin, who promised Congress when he look office.that he'd try to make the annual struggle with tax forms easier on taxpayers, told a news conference: "As long as the tax form has to mirror the tax laws, we cannot have complete simplification. But we think the great bulk of people can be better served with this new basic two-page form," The new 1040 is for taxpayers whose income came from salaries and wages and who did not receive more than $200 of dividends and interest. The old form 1040A, the punch card form, continues to be available for those with less than $10,000 total income. It has been only slightly revised. Taxpayers who have more than $200 of income from dividends, or interest or who have income from farming, partnerships, businesses, annuities or capital gains must use additional "schedules," attaching them to the new 1040. One feature of the new form gives Caplin particular pride, he indicated; the entire tax computation has been brought to the first page of the return, eliminating the need for taxpayers to flip pages back and forth while carrying numbers in their heads. Eliminated also is the question whether you owed any federal tax for previous years. "We have that information." Caplin said.

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