Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 15, 1896 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 15, 1896
Page 8
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The Newness That comes with each season's change of weather is very apparent in the amount of activity displayed among this various departments in our store. All are engaged in .ref- ceiving their new full assortments. Goods were never handsomer than this season. Prices were never so low for new goods. . I Have You Heard From Maine? Great Heavens, How It Rained New Dress Goods Are perfectly charming, Such varieties in elegant Novelties both in black goods and colored effects hay a never bei- fore been shown in any store at such popgjar prices. ! Double width plaids and cheviots at 12J£ and 15 cents per yard. Kery cheap and very desirable for Bch'ool dresses. . 3I61ialr boucho norolties and Vigorous Figures at 30 cents a yard. Beautiful color combinations 3S and; _,, '•,'.''-.: ,„ ' , , , „ ' , n . . > ., . . 0 , _, „. Black: dress silks and colored fancy 40 Inches wide at 48 and 75 cents. , „ ^ '-, -, , I colored-silks are yerypi-ett^ln design Now brocaded novelties, Crepons, I an(J fa OTS Jg-,u' a this se«on can be French and English Serges, Crepe and ; b M ch . ..••.. j Vrllll novelties, heavy Sicilians, etc.,! ' worth much more. ' i - ' ; THEY'RE STILL VOTING Trees, Rocks, Hen, Kids, Every- thing Going for McKinley. ' MAYBE YOU'VE HEARD! Drop in and take a look for yourself and see these and many more that are not mentioned, THE GOLDEN RULE. It Will Take the Official Vote to Find a Popocrat. THE GLOBE. Is the money saving iustitution of•. Transport. • It lightens I'ho expenses oC living, by lessening the cost of necessities, Now Fa.ll Goods magnificent in volume, variety aud beauty received'/bought direct from the manufacturers, paid for nil discounts saved, and io -be sold at price that credit houses can't match. The store jammed full pi'-'clean, sparkling now goods, •will please everyone'who sees them.' We vnvait your verdict. HEN'S &UITS 100 Men's plain aud fancy cheviots woi'vli 90.00, bur price 73 Men's black, blue finished worsted worth ?S.OO, our price 100 Men's plain and fancy cassimcrc w.orth ?10.00, our price .,« 3.DO . 0.00 . 7.00 100 Men's black and blue imported-clay worsted worth $15.00, our price 10.00 BOY'S SUITS. 100 Boy's suits all colors, good fitters from 1-1 to 10 worth $5:00, out- price ':'. 3.00 79 Boy's black, blue, and fancy cheviots, well trimmed and made, worth 57.50, OUT price '.,. '.; 5.00 185 Boy's black, blue, and fancy imported worsted . equal to custom' work, worth $10.00, our price 7.50 SCHOOL SUITS. 100 Tweed suits, good fitters, well made at $1, 51.50, worth JJ2.00 and,.? 2.GO Boy's -Scotab. Tweeds, newest fall patterns $2.50, ?3.00 and $3.50,worth .$4.00, .f5.00, and. .- 0,00 Knge pants, ages 4 to 15, special lot 15 • All woo! 'Scotch cheviots worth 50c, our price 35 Corduroy, all colors, worth 75c, our pr ice 50 Remember our stock Is all now and we have all up-';o-date novelties all our goods are marked in plain figures, strictly one price. No Misrepresentation, oouie, see for yourself and be convinced what we say are facts, THE GLOBE. Strictly One Price Clothiers. CORNER FOURTH AND MARKET STREETS. $2O.OO Will Buy a Good Winter Suit -OF- W. D. CRAIG. 426 Broadway, Second Floor. He Has No Rival. The Ltader of German Comedy Chas. A. Gardner, "KARL" In His Grand Comedy '' "FATHERLAND" DEL. i. SMITH, Sole Manager. Large.iuj.d Brilliant Company. All Special Scenery Carried. New Comedy Scenes. Beautiful and Catchy Music. Now Tyrolean Dances. Karl Gardner's Latest Songs: "THE LILY'. Hnntcr Song, Knrl's Invitation, Bncctms and' fflne. Soup Bubl>l», Robollnk, German Swell, Spinning .Wheel,- Alpine >i, (Zionists Prices 7Dc, -COc, 35c, and 25c. Seats 011 sale at Johnson's Drugstore John Rauch is recovering from a slig-lit illness. - Sixteen children are bein^ cared for at the Orphain's 'home. Old papers for sale at the Journal 'office. 20 cents a hundred. . If you want pure spiceu for your preserves you can get them at Ben Fisher's drug store. Wanted.— A servant at 210 Eighth 'street Must come well recommended, No washing or ironing. Hood's Sarsaparllla puilfles the blc,od overcomes that tired feeling, creates a'a appetite, and gives refreshing sleep. 'Simon Goss 'is the possessor of an .enormous pear, grown ou the Wostslde. It tips the beam at exactly one pound. It, is the ku'prest pear reported this sea- sou. '•Dad" Bolau, the ball player, who was hunt in a fall from' a street, car several weeks ago, is able to bo out after being confined to his bed at St. Joseph's hospital. Don't fail to attend the grand opening oC clothing, gents' furnishings and •hats fit Mic Hub Thursday evening, Sept. 17th, from 7 to 0 o'clock. Souvenir given to everybody. . . The regular meeting of the W. C. T. If. will be held ait the Home for the -Fiiiendle-ss, Wednesday, Sept. ICth. at. 2:30 p. m.— Mrs. E. L. Gralble,' Presi- de.U't, Mrs. Mary J. WflshlwrD, Ssc. Miss Kate Parish of. this city now stands twelfth in the Chicago 'Chronicle voting contest, a. gain oC five points over the previous week. • Over throe thousand votes were sent for her last w.eok. The contest continues until Oe- Republican Meeting's. Republican speakiugswill be heiil.at the following places in Cas-s coumy: . Tuesday evening, Sept. 15, Young America, Geo. W, Steelo, W, T. .'Wilson-, J. B. Smith. . Wednesday evening, Sept. Hi. -Gal- vestou, Goo. W. Steele, D. C. Justice, E. B. McCouucll. Thursday evening, Sept, 17, Walton. Geo. W. Steele, D. B, McConnull, Claud Bishop. 1'Yiday evening, Sept. 1.9th, -Shady. Nook school house. Clay township,-Q. A. Myers. Friday evening, Sept. IS, Center school house, Washington township,, : Geo. W. Steele, D. C. Justice, .'Geo; , Walters. . .'!' Saturday evening, Sept 10, . Twelve Mile, Geo. W. Steele, Geo. Funk, Mayor McKee. Saturday evening, Sept. 10th, Hazel Patch school house, Bethlehem township, Harry Whistler. Monday evening,'Sept. aist.Waver- ly, Senator Boyd of Noblesville. . Monday evening, -Sept SI, Waverly, Geo. W. Steele, S, T. McConnell, Mayor McKee, Tuesday 'evening, Sept. 22d, Young America, Senator Boyd. Tuesday evening, Sept, 22d, Fox Den school house, Jefferson township, Q. A; Myers. Tuesday evening, Sept, 22, Clymfir's, Geo, W. Steele, D. C. Justice. W; T. Wilson. ' .Wednesday evening, Sept, 23d, Walton, Senator Boyd. •Wednesday evening, Sept. 23, West Sand Ridge school house, Noble j township, Geo. W,, Steele, Col. Cromer, Frank Swlgart. " Thursday evening, Sept. 24, Galveston, Senator Boyd. - Thursday evening, Sept. 24, Lucerne,, Geo. W. Steele, Q. A. Myers, . Geo, 'Funk; Thursday even-lug, September 24th, Pleasant Valley school house,' Deer Crook township, D. C. Justice. :Frlday afternoon, Sept. 2oth, Broadway rink, Roswell G. Horr:; iFrlday evening, Sept 25, .Galloway school house, Jefferson township, Geo. W, Stoele, S. T. McConnell, iffrank Swigart. - Saturday evening, Sept. 20, Royal Center, Geo. W. Steele. Q. A. Myers, D. B, McConnell, ThcTO-turus from Maine indicate that it is likely that Tom Rood has pulled through. Unoilldal returns at 10 o'clock hist '•veiling showed Republican gains iu every precinct over 1S04 when the State'went'38,!)7S Republican. Those gains indicate a plurality of 30,000. Tlie IJi-puXiKcau plurality in 1S02 ^-ns ,12,,7i22 ajid the figures' showed an im- uii'iise pi'in, Invt it. was .not all. Later rctiinis showed a probability of over 70,000. based on the following special: Indiaunpolis, Ind., Sept. 1-J-.—One hundred :i.nd iiinery-/ive towns give 1'owers. Itepublift.-in. J2,211; Frank, ropoeni-t. 13,001;^ Clifford, Sound Money Democrat. U04; scattering, 7GG; rowers plurality 20,300. The same towns iu ISO-! gave Cleves, Republican. 32,4-lS; Johiisou. Democrat, 10,572: stuttering. 3.00ft; Cleves plurality, IS,-' S4G; net Republican gain over 1S04, The total gain in the vole is, as will be seen, about 10,000. The total vote in 1S04 was 10S.271. The largest vote t"i-st"was 1-14,071 in JSSS. The total v6te given iu the special is 5G,SS2 and as tha't shows .in increase of the vote Yon are Cordially Invited to Attend the Opening of the ... Hub Clothing Co., Successors to HARRY FRANK THURSDAY EVENING, SEPT. 1JTH. From 7 to 9 o'clock. The Military Band will discourse music during the evening. A Souvenir given to everybody. Messrs, George Lucy and D. C. Climar our salesmen will assist us in ushering and would be pleased to see their friends. Very Respectfully, Bcrwanger Bros & Co, 314 Fourth Street. PERSONAL. OL' lu.OOO it: is probable the vote will ri!. i u;li tli;tt of TSSS. Thus a tliird of the vote shows a Republican gain over JSfM. of 12.521, Indicating a total gain of flc.000 and a total plurality of over 70.000. "As Maine goes, so goes the Union." GALVESTON HEETINQ IS OFF Mrs. Marvin Smith is sick. Pro!', Louis D. Eichhoru is sick. j Mrs. Carrie Hadabuagh and sister. ' Indianapolis, j Dora Cavlu lias recovered from a slight ill ness. 1'earl Hunus'li has returned from a visit with friends ;U Chie.igo. F. E. Howe leaves today for Arkansas, where lie has business interests. Harry Herrifield has returned from a visit with friends at Milwaukee and Chicago. E. W. Gohl nwd IT. E. McGinnis, with their wives, are visiting at Williamsport,'Ta, Sauii .Tones left yesterday'for Craw- A GRIEVOUS INSULT. He Wanted a Drink and the Officer Offered Him Water. Delegation From There to Join Wednesday Night Crowd. ANOTHER BIG SPEAKER. RosweJ] G. Horr to Addressthe People Friday, Sept. 25. Another speaker of national reputation Is 'promised to address the;people- of Oass county before Ihc end ! of the month. Roswell G. Horr of Michigan, has becoi.secured to make aa .address at the rink on Friday afternoon, Sep r tomher23th, Ex-Congressman Horris well known as on eloquent. speaker and his service in Congress "covered--a period when the greater• part:of'the• financial legislation now on the statute books was passed, and he Is thorough-, ly informed on 1 the question. ' There will be no Sound-Mouey meeting AVednesday night, Septuniber ICth lit Gtilveston. The speaking at that place hiis been declared olt. For the reason that a big delegation of the citi- 'xens of Galveston wish to joiu in. the big demonstration arranged for Wednesday night, the minor meeting has .been postponed. The Republican? aud Sound Money Democrats from Galvestou will add Quite considerably to the members of the country delegations that will go to swell 'the evening parade. .. • ATTENTION CITIZENS. There will.be a meeting of the Reception committee a.tthe Council chamber Jl.t 7:30 this evening to consider ar- f.-ingomeuts for the reception to Hon. J: T. Brooks. Citizens generally are invited to be present and take part. ,T. T. M'NARY, Chairman. ANOTHER FOOT BALL TEAH -Sunday while Charles Seigncr, . the Sixth street barber ,was riding a bicycle on Broadway . near Twelfth street, tha.liandle -bars became loose and he ran sTjnarel.v luto'a'horse driven by F-ra'nk Amoss, The horse kicked the unfortunate wheelman in the breast, inflicting a painful ' Injury. He was. much improved yes'tordny. BROADWAY CHURCJ-I RE' OPENED. ' There were special services Sunday morning at the Broadway Presbyterian church.- After a month given to ini- •provin-g and decorating the interior of tjho house of worship, the re-opening occurred yesterday morning. The sermon of'the Hev. H. Atwpod Percival was appropriate to the occasion,,and eiglit members were added ; to the church. -The auditorium of. the hand-: some church is much improved. New carpets cover the floor, the seaits are finished anew', and'artists In decora- tion'have bestowed well directed ef- 1 forts upon the 'beautifying of the.a-n'di- eneo room. The congregation ..of the Broadway church "ra'ny feel 'pleased, wltli -their remodeled temple.- Pastime Athletic Club Organized by the HcKinley Drum Corps. The L. A, C. foot bull team will have a rival in the field this fall, and that .at. h'ome'.''y,;TJie-Pasitime Athletic club was'.-organized last night by. the boys of the McKtnley drum corps, and they will, hare' an eleven in the field'within a.:-week, hard- n.t -practice. Following .a're/the'inembers of the club: . ;Bert Patterson, manager; Tiliie Sample, treasurer; Mel Gordon, captain; Lew -Benica, George Case, Claire Kay, Mel Gordon,-.George Parker, Fred G'ro- .ver, Lee Rollins, • "Wallace. Routh,- Clm-les Huffman, Wirf Huffman, Har- -ry Gonser, Ed Medland.. Xhey'havfe scoured the" use of the rluk.as'a meeting place,, ajidltlio mem- •bership, while at preseBt!/ composed largely of members of tfi;e-~McKinlcy' drum corps, is not-by any moans confined thereto, but all young fellows in-. clined-:to athletics will be welcomed. fordsville, where he will re-cuter Wa- ba.sh college. A. L. Ugborii risi-tea ms sister, Mrs. H. H. B. Moore o'f East High street on hist Sunday. Mayor McKee and George Gamble were at Perrybnrg Sunday at the home ot Mr. Gamble. Leo Nussbaurn of Morion has been visiting here several days, returning home yesterday. Mrs. M. Michaels and'daughter, Miss Rosa, left yesterday for their new home at Marion. Mrs. William Foster will leave in a few days for St. Louis where she will visit relatives for several''weeks. Miss Ma.bel Doggett has return*! to Hamilto'n, Ohio, after a pleasant visit with relatives and friends In the city. - Mr. and Mrs. 0. .T. Stouffer went to •Wabas'h yesterday to aittend the funeral of Mr, Stonffer's cousin, Frank Pearson.' 'Dr. .T, Ogborn of Lafayette was the Kiwst of hi* daughter, Mrs. H. IT. B. Moore of East High street over Sunday. . • Wesley Walton was at Peru Sunday. Arthur WiJley of the Psmhaiidle offices is visiting at. his home in Zanesville, Ohio. Wabash Plaiudealer: Mrs. Cott Burnett, of Logansport. is the guest of he; parents, Mr. aud Mrs. W, P. Stauffer of I lie southslde.. JI;)rold Pcrciv.-il leaves this morniu^ for Evnnston, 111., where-lie will at tend Lake Forest Military Acadeim the coming term. Miss Edna Sklmior has returned from Peru after a short visit with Mbss G-ertrude Winters, are visiting at Miss Dess Diebert, Plymoutli- News: 'Miss Mrytle T. Parks, of Martiusville,-.7iid., who has been the guest of the Thaycrs in this city, left at noon today tor Logansport where she will attend the wedding of a friend, Prof, and Mrs. L. D. Eichhoru canie up Saturday from Lafayette, aiid are BOW residents of the city. Prof/Eieh- .horu will 'have the supervision of the music department of the Logansport public schools. The Rev. E. W. Parker and wife, missionaries to India, left Saturday for Now York City, after a pleasant visit with the family of E. T. Parker on the Wtestside. The missionaries will (sail in a few day's from New York. .The safety THE LADIES; pleasant effect and perfect- with which ladies, may use Syrup of FJgs, under all conditions, It their favorite remedy. To pet ,the true and genuine article, look for the name .of the California Fig Syrup Company, printed near .the bottom of the package. For.sala by all responsible druggists. - • "li business iu my line don't pick up pretty soou, : ' remarked Capt Skeltou last night, "I don't know what the boys will find to keep 'em awake nights. It's awful, this depression; why, there has not been a drunk toniglit aud " The Captain almost had the breath knocked'out of hiorjust-at-this point by a short, thick-set, little-big man, who rolled around the corner and landed plump up against the officer. "'I begsh yo' ptird'n, shir, I begsh yo' pard'n, Isli they a plash nighabouts et a thi'sty man c'u'd git a drink or sumfin? 1 ' the little-big man asked, in a thick voice, bowiug elaborately to brass buttons and blue coat. The captain sized him up, and as the little-big man wavered back and fortli in an -endeavor to stand still, be looked earnest In his desire for a drink, "Come with mo, my good mail," the captain answered, "and I'll find you a drink." The minion of the law led the HtUe- big man down Fourth street to the court house puinp and, seizing the handle, soon offered his .-thirsty friend a cup of cold water. "Whnsh thash?" the little-big man inquired. '•That's water," Captain Skelton answered. "VTater, water! ow wow! oh! be off wid ye; tryiu' to fool a poor man now is it. Take yer old dirty water. I don't drink if, tliash what I won't." And the lirUe-big msui stripped off his coat, bared his arm and squared himself for a light. He had: been insulted la a . most vital spot, his th'trst, and- was ready to fight. As the captain wag not in the humor for a fight, be executed a flank movement, and got behind the little-big 111.111 and towed him into Jail. He registered as plain J. Fitzgerald, and the turnkey put the single, expressive word, "Drunk," after his name on the slate. Louise Port was agreeably surprised at her home on the Westside last evening by about fifty of her friends the occasion being the.anniversary of her birth. 'Elegant refreshments were served, dancing and (social games were Indulged in and a general good lime was had. CAN'T BE BEAT. When Quality and Perfect Shaped Shoes Are Considered. First—Our new dark brown genuine vici kid, patent calf, trimmed lace, hand welt, 5-t-OO Second—Our new No. 13 Savoy toe, heavy sole, kid, lace and button, school shoes, equal to many 53.50 shoes, for -• ?2.50 Third—Our new coin toe, calf vamp, kid top, button or lace, a nice dressy shoe for school, only $3.00 Fourth—Our new style welt shoes, excellent value, .warranted, only.$2,25 . Fifth—Our genuine' vici'kid button, new style, patent, calf, 'trimmed, ?1.50 only , •Sixth—Our women's ruBber sandals, which we will sell' for'." 19c Seventh—Our women's storm rubbers vre will sell at 23c Eighth—Men's rubbers we will, sell it ;.. 20C Filling's shoe house, 412 Broadway, . "jogansport.lnd. ' •

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