The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on June 13, 1892 · Page 1
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 1

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 13, 1892
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A LIFE BLEMISH. Dr. Talmase on the Folly of Remembering Part Sins. Bow Fretful Christiana Continually \*x «od by Asking Pardon for That Which lie Promise* to Remember No More. The enormous audience which thronged the tabernacle at Brooklyn last Sabbath morning had fresh evidence of Dr. Talmuge's originality. The value of n retentive memory every one knew by experience and had heard extolled from their schooldays up, but they learned from Dr. Tnlmnge's sermon that the art of forgetting is worth cultivating, and that there is the highest possible example for its exercise. His text was Ilcb. viii. l'J: "Their sins and their iniquities will 1 remember no more." The national flower of the Egyptians is the heliotrope, of the Assyrians is the water lily, of the Hindoos is the marigold, of the Chinese is the chrysanthemum. Wo have no national flower, but there is hardly any flower more suggestive to many of us than the "forget- me-nots." We nil like to bo remembered, and one of our misfortunes is that there are so many things we can not remember. Mnemonics, or the art of assisting memory, is an important art- It was first suggested by Simonides of Cos 500 years before Christ- Persons who had , but little power to recall events, or to put facts and names anddatesin proper processions have, through this art, had their memory reinforced to an utmost incredible extent. A good memory is an Invaluable possession. Uy all means cultivate it. I had an aged friend who, detained all night at a miserable depot In waiting for a rail train fast in the snow banks, entertained a group of some ten or fifteen clergymen, likewise detaiued on their way home from a meeting of presbytery, by, first, with a piece of chalk, drawing out on the black and sooty walls of the depot, the character of Wal tor Scott's "Marmion," and, then, reciting from memory the whole of that poem of some eighty pages of fine print. My old friend through great age lost his memory, and when I asked him if the story of the railroad depot was true, he said: "I do not remember now, but it was just like me." "Let me see," said he to me, "have I ever seen you before?" "Yes," 1 said, "yon were my guest last night and I was witli you an hour ago." What an awful contrast in that man between the greatest memory I ever knew and no memory at all. But right along with this art of recollection, which I cannot too highly eulogi/.e, is one quite as important and yet I never heard it applauded. X mean the art of forgetting. There is a Bplendld faculty in that direction that we all need to cultivate. We might, through that process, be ten times happier and more useful than we now are. We have been told that forgetf ulness Is a weakness and ought to be avoided by all possible means. So far from a weakness, my text ascribes it to God. It is the very top of omnipotence that God is able to obliterate a part of His own memory. If we repent of sin and rightly seek the Divino forgiveness the record of the misbehavior is not only crossed off the books, but God actually lets it pass out of memory. "Their sins and their Iniquities will I remember no more." To remember no more is to forget, and you cannot make anything else out of it God's power of forgetting is so great that if two men appeal to him, and the one man, after a life all right, gets the sins of his heart pardoned, and the other man, after u life of abomination, gets pardoned, God remembers no more against one than against the other. The entire past of both the moralist, with his imperfections, and the profligate, with his debaucheries, is as much obliterated in the one case as in the other. Forgotten, forever and forever. "Their sins and their iniquities will I remember no more." This sublime attribute of forgetfulness on the part of God you and I need, in our finite way, to imitate. You will do well to cast out of your recollection all wrongs done you. During the oourse of one's life lie is sure to be misrepresented, to be lied about, to be injured. There are those who keep these tilings fresh by frequent rehearsal. If things have appeared in print, they keep them in their scrap book, for they out these precious paragraphs out of the newspapers or books and at leisure times look them over, or they have . j them tied up in bundles, or thrust in pigeon holes, and' they frequently regale themselves and their friends by an inspection of these flings, these sarcasms, these falsehoods, these cruelties. . I have known gentlemen who carried them in their pocket books, so that they could easily get at these irritations, and they put their right hand In tho inBlde of the coat pocket over their heart aud say: "Look here! Let me show you something." Scientists catch wasps und hornets and poisonous insects and transfix them in curiosity bureaus for study, and that is well. i But those of whom I speak catch the wasps and the hornets and poisonous insects and play with them and put them on themselves and on their friends and see how far the noxious things can Jump and show how deep they can sting. Have no such scrap book. Keep nothing in your possession that is disagreeable. Tour up tho falsehoods and the slanders and the hyporcriticisins. Imitate the Lord in my text and forget, actually forget, sublimely forget There is no happiness for you in any other plan or procedure. \ Another practical thought: When our faults are repented of let them go out of mind. If God forgets tliem, wo that debt. All is right now. Start again." And the next day I come in and say: "You know about that big debt I owed you. I have come in to get you to let me off. I feel BO bad about It Icannotrest Do let me off." Yon will reply with a little Impatience: "I did lot you off. Don't bother yourself and bother me with any more of that discussion." The following day I come in and say: "My dear sir, about that debt. I cau never get over the fact that I owed you that money. It Is something that weighs on my mind like a millstone. Do forgive me that debt." This time you clearly loose your patience and say: "You are a nuisance. What do you mean by this reiteration of that affair? I am almost sorry I forgave you that debt. Do you doubt my veracity, or do you not understand the plain language in which I told you that debt was cancelled?" Well,, my friends, there are many Christians guilty of worse folly than that While It is right that they repent of new sins and recent sins, what is tho use of bothering yourself and insulting God by asking him to forgive sins that long ago wore forgiven? God has forgotten them. Why do you not forget them? No; you drug the load on with you, and 305 times a year, if you pray every day, you ask God to recall occurrence which he has not only forgiven but forgotten. Quit this folly. I do not ask you less to realize the turpitude of sin, but I ask you to a higher faith in the promise of God and the full deliverance of Ills mercy. He does not give a receipt for part payment, or so much received on account, but receipt in full, God having for Christ's sake decreed, "your sins and your iniquities will I remember no more." Not only forget your pardoned transgressions, but allow others to forget them. The chief stock on hand of many people is to recount in prayer meetings and pulpits what big scoundrels they once were. They not only will not forget their forgiven deficits, but they seem to be determined that the church and tho world shall not forget them. If you want to declare that you have been tho chief of sinners and extol the grace that could save such a wretch as you were, do so, but do not go into particulars. Do not tell how many times you got drunk, or to what bad places yon went, or how many free rides you hud in the prison van before you were converted. Lump it, brother; give it to us in bulk. If you have any scars got in honorable warfare, show them: but if you «mve scars got in Ignoble warfare, do not display them. I know you will quote the Bible reference to the horrible pit from which you were digged. Yes, be thankful for that rescue, but do not make displays of the mud of that horrible pit, or splash it over other people. Sometimes I have felt in Christian meet• ings discotnfitted and unfit for Christian service because 1 had done none of those things which seemed to be necessary for Christian usefulness, for I never swore a word, or ever got drunk, or went to compromising places, or was guilty of assault and battery, or ever uttered a slanderous word, or ever did anyone a hurt, although I knew my heart was sinful enough, and I said to myself: "There is no use of my trying to do any good for I never went through those depraved experiences," but afterward I saw consolation in the thought that no one gained any ordination by the laying on of the hands of dissoluteness and infamy. And though an ordinary moral life, ending in a Christian life, may not be us drumatic a story to tell about, let us be grateful to God rather than worry about it, If we have never pluugedjnto outward abomination. It may be appropriate in a meeting of reformed drunkards or reformed debauchees to "quote from those not reformed how desperate and how nasty you once were, but do not drive a scavenger's cart into assemblages of people, the most of whom have always been decent and respectable. But I have been sometimes in great evangelistic meetings where people went into particulars about the sins that they once committed so much that I felt like putting my hand on my pocketbook or calling for the police lest these reformed men might fall from grace and go at their old business of theft or drunkenness or cutthroutry. If your sins have been forgiven and your life purified forget the waywardness of the past and allow others to forget it. But, what 1 most want in the line of this text to impress upon ray hearers and readers is that we have a sin-forgetting God. Suppose that on the last day—called the last day because the sun will never again rise upon our earth, the earth itself being flung into fiery demolition—supposing that on that last day a group of infernal spirits should somehow get near enough the gate of heaven and challenge our entrance and say: "How canst Thou, the just Lord, let those souls into the realm of supernal gladness? Why they said a great many things they never ought to huve said and did a great many things they ought never to huve done. Sinners are they; sinners all." And suppose God should deign to answer, lie might say: "Yes, but did not my only Son die for their ransom? Did He not pay tl\e price? Not one drop of blood was rAalned in his arteries, not one nerve of his' that was not wrung in the torture. He took in his own body and soul all tho suffering that those sinners deserve. They pleaded that sacrifice. They took the full pardon that 1 promised to all who, through my son, earnestly applied for it, and it passed out of my mind that that they were olt'onders. I forgot all about It. 'Their sins and their iniquities do 1 remember no more.'" A sin-forgetting Godl That is far beyond and far above a sin-pardoning God. How often wo hear it said: "I can forgive, but I cannot forget" That Is equal to saying: "1 verbally admit it is all right, but I will keep the old grudge good." Human for- hove a right to forgot them. Having giveness is often a flimsy affair. It once repented of our Infelicities and does not go deep down. It does not misdemeanors, there is no need of our reach far up. It does not fix things up. repenting of them again. Suppose 1 The contestants may shako hands or, owe you a largo Bum of money, and yo, passing each other on the highway, are persuaded I ain incapacitated to they may speak the "Qood morning," pay, and you give me acquittal from or the "Good night," but the old cor- that obligation. You say: "I cancel diallty never returns. The relations always remain strained. There is something in the demeanor ever after that seems to say: "I would not do you harm; indeed, I wish you well, but that unfortunate affair can never pass out of my mind. There may no hard words pass between them, but until death breaks in the same coolness remains. But God lets our pardoned offenses go into oblivion. He never throws them up to us again. He feels as kindly toward us as though we had been spotless and positively angelic all along. Many years ago a family, consisting of tho husband and wife and a little girl of two years, lived far out in a cabin on a western prairie. The husband took a few cattle to market Before he started his little child asked him to buy for her a doll, and he promised. Ho could, after the sale of the cattle, purchase household necessities and certainly would not forget the doll he had promised. In the village to which he went he sold the cattle and obtained tho groceries for his household and the doll for his little darling, lie started home along the dismal rond at nightfall. As he went along on horseback a thunderstorm broke, and in the most lonely part of the road and in the heaviest part of the storm, ho heard a child cry. Robbers had been known to do some bad work along that road, and it was known that this herdsman had money with him, the price of the cattle sold. The herdsman first thought it was a strate- gem to have him halt and be despoiled of his treasures, but the child's cry became more keen and rending, and so he dismounted nnd felt around in the darkness, and all in vain until ho thought of a hollow that he remembered near the road where the child might be, and for that he started, and sure enough found a little one fagged out and drenched of the storm and almost dead. He wrapped it up us well as he could and mounted his horse and resumed his journey home. Coming in sight of his cabin he saw it all lighted up and supposed his wife had kindled all these lights so as to guide her husband through the darkness. But no. The house' was full of excitement and the neighbors were gathered and stood around the wife of the house, who was insensible as from some great calamity. On inquiry the returned husband found that the little child of that cabin was gone. She had wandered out to meet her father and get the present he had promised, and the child was lost Then the father unrolled from the blanket the child he had found in the fields, and lol it was his own child, and the lost one of the prairie home, nnd the cabin quaked with tho shout over the lost one found. How suggestive of the fact that once we were lost in the open fields, or among the mountain crags, God's wandering children, and He found us, dying in the tempest, and wrapped us in the mantle of His love and fetched us home, gladness and congratulation bidding us welcome. The fact is that the world does not know God, or they would all flock to Him. Through their own blindness, or the fault of some rough preaching that has got abroad in the centuries, many men and women have an idea that God Is a tyrant, an oppressor, an autocrat, a Nana Sahib, an Omnipotent Herod Antipas. It is a libel against the Almighty; it is a slander against the heavens; it is a defamation of the infinites. I counted in my Bible 204 times the word "mercy," single or compounded with other words. I counted In my Bible 473 times the word "love," single or compounded with other words. Then, I got tired countin g. So I set open the wide gate of my text, inviting you all to come into the mercy and pardon of God; yea, still further, into the ruins of the place where once was kept the knowledge of your iniquities. The place has been torn down and the records destroyed and you will find the ruins more dilapidated and broken and prostrate than the ruins of Melrose or Kenilworth, for from these last ruins you can pick up fragments of a sculptured stone, or you can see the curve of some broken arch, but after your repentance and your forgiveness you can not find in all the memory of God a fragment of all your pardoned sins so large as a needle's point "Their sins and their iniquities will Ire- member no more." And none of that "will surprise you if you will climb to the top of a bluff back of Jerusalem (it took us only five or ten minutes to climb it), and see what went on when the plateau of limestone was shaken by a paroxysm that set the rocks, wliich had been upright, aslant, and on the trembling crosspieces of tho split lumber hung the quivering form of Him whose life was thrust out by metallic points of cruelty that sickened the noonday sun till it fainted and fell back on the black lounge of the Judean midnight. Six different kinds of sounds were heard on that night which were interjected into the daylight of Christ's assassination: the neighing of the war horses, for some of the soldiers were in the saddle, was one sound; the bang of the hammers was a second sound; the jeer of raalignants was a third sound; the weeping of friends and coadjutors was a fourth sound; the splash of blood on the rocks was a fifth sound; the groan of the expiring Lord was a sixth sound. . And they all commingled into one sadness. Over a place in Russia where wolves were pursuing a load of travelers, and to save them a servant sprang from the sled into the mouths of the wild beasts, and WOB devoured, and thereby the other lives were saved, are inscribed the words, "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friend." Many a surgeon in our own time has in tracheotomy with his own Hps drawn from tho windpipe of a diphtheritic patient that which cured the patient and slew the Burgeon, and aU have honored the self-sacrifice. But all other, scenes of sacrifice pale before this most illustrious martyr of all time and all eternity. After that agonizing spectacle in behalf of our fallen race nothing about the sin-forgetting God is too stupendous for any faith, and I accept the promise, and will you hot all accept it? "Their sins and their iniquities will I remember no more." " now do I lookr" That depends, madam, upon how you feel. 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Arrive Hutchinson. 10:-ir. |(l:40p.m, 10:,Vi a.m.]i»: Hip.ui, •15.1.111. |H:40p.m. KARTBOUND." 0:20 p.m. 1:;I0 p.m. Trains. V, \ Arrive ? llutch: ! luson. Leave Hutchinson. Leave Hutchr fnson. *):40p.iu fi: H;0.-,,ijUl. Arrive K a ii8 an Citv. Trains, ^ Leave P Hutch: in son. ft:H0p in 8:-!0 a m Leave Kinsley Arrive Hutchson. Arrive Kinsley l^:;.0am 1:^0 pm Arrrtve Kansas City. 7:50 a in| K:10 p m. 4:-t0 p m No. 3 carrion through Pullman and tourist sleeping carw to San Diego. Los Angles, sau PranclHco and City of Mexico. No. o carrlcn through Pullman sleepers and chair cars to Pueblo, Cotoradao Springs and Denver, making connection* at Pueblo ami Colorado Springs with Lhrouch uleepers for San Francisco and Portland, via. Salt Lake. No. 7 carries through Pullman sleeper to Dodge City and through coaches to Pueblo and Denver. No. 4carries through Pullman and tourist sleepers, also chair cars to Kansas City and Chicago, also Pullman sleeper to St. Louis. No. 0 carries through Pullman sleepers and chair cars to Kansas City and Chicago No. H carries Pullman sleepers and chair cars to Kansas City and St. Joseph. Mo. GEO. T. NICHOLSON, G. T. & P. A., Topeka. Kan. J. W. TKDfcXillD, Agent Santa Fe Houte. IPitchlnson, BOARDERS WANTED At the old reliable barn of J. H. M'CLURG, Corner of Second and Walnut, adjoining lirunswick hotel. This barn is neat and clean, having all been overhauled nnd white washed, and is well ventilated, conveniently located and the safest barn from lire in the city. The proof of this is that insurance companies give the lowest rate of insurance on it than any livery barn in the city. It is also furnished witli electric light, telephone and water. Horses delivered nnd sent for. Satisfaction is guaranteed to all our patrons. We also keep a few first-class rigs, safe single and double drivers. Rigs and harness new. .!. II. M'CLiUKO, Prop. COME and TAKE DINNER WITH ME TO-DAY. \ How often have you asked a frienda to do this and been mortified by flnd -1 ing your meat at dinner not fit to eat?| This will never happen if you buy your * meats of Thompson & Co. Three doors north of the Reno House. Telephone No. 11. Be Beautiful BEAUTIFY AND DEVELOP THE FORM.] Onr Complexion JHcochPerror*MMlr»«l $j Wrtnkloa can bo ab »olutefy removodt also BOP flaoua hatr, Xrecktes, aouo, eczema, pun K rflB, molcil, moth patahoi &nd bfftek ho » only Bpaclaimt that successfully ae \-.--r- v«i beautllfos Oio puuyllmbB nnd bust lutonotl-rouDOW and healthy oneauponfictentllto principle*. Complexion Bleaoh jotSbotUoi \ Panit, to remove Buperfluoua hofr.. IJp uouira.. Orown Bzqutslte.Face Powder u Famous Tttllet Moak V.V""M 3-1 Medicine with full Instructions to boouttf y and develop the form -.ii-'ti.' Goods sacra rely packed and transmitted by oxpn -'J an receipt ol remittance, or It oeslroO, oar. (orwaf " MOB. State Btraet, OsUCAQO, l"

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