Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on March 3, 1976 · Page 1
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 1

Carroll, Iowa
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Wednesday, March 3, 1976
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Iowa a place to grow Carroll Daily Times Herald Vol. 107 — No. 44 Carroll, Iowa, Wednesday, March 3, 1976 — Eighteen Pages Two Sections Delivered by Carrier Kach Kvemng for 60c Per Week 15c Copy Calls for Tax Increases; Hearing March 1 5 Preliminary Budget Reviewed by Council By James B. Wilson The preliminary 1976-77 Carroll city budget submitted to the City Council calls for a 6.9 per cent increase in money to be raised from property taxes to finance the city's general fund and an 18.9 per cent increase in the total amount of money to be raised from taxation. But there were indications the increases might be greater before the budget is given final approval. In reviewing the budget Tuesday evening, the council proposed deletions of $17,060, but recommended additions or increases totaling $35,800. That would mean the taxation Precedent Feared on Legal Fees By Iowa Dally Press Ass'n. DES MOINES — Attorney General Richard C. Turner has cautioned the Legislature that it should carefully consider the precedent that will be set if a particular bill on legal fees is enacted. A bill has been introduced in each house to appropriate $250,000 to the Monona County Land Association for legal expenses in a suit in the U.S. district court brought by the Omaha Indian Tribe to have certain land in Monona County declared part of the Omaha Indian Reservation and title vested in the tribe. In a letter to Lt. Gov. Arthur Neu and Speaker of the House Dale Cochran, Turner noted that the Monona County Land Association is an association of most, but'not all, of the landowners who are being sued by these Indians. "Former Congressman Wiley Mayne, Sioux City, is the lead representing the Monona County Land Association. But there are other landowners represented by other attorneys, who are not part of the Monona County Land Association. Additionally, some of the landowners are represented by a title insurance company, which guarantees title to those owners," Turner stated in his letter. Land owned by the state of Iowa is included in this litigation and the state executive council has contracted with outside counsel to represent the state's interest. "The case may take years and cost all defendants, including the state, hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees, costs and expenses through the federal courts," Turner asserted. "This bill," he continued, "would apparently single out some of the landowners, and provide them with free legal services, up to $250,000, but would ignore other landowners, including those represented by the title Fees, Page 2 for the general fund operation .would increase by 10 per cent and the total increase would be 21 per cent. A public hearing on the budget will be held at 5 p.m.. Monday, March 15 in the council meeting room at the Community" Center. Final budget approval by the council cannot be given until after the public hearing. Under the original budget the general fund expenditures to be covered by property taxation would increase from $564,601 to $603,753. Total property taxation expenditures would increase from $757,784 to $900,714. The biggest single factor in the'increase in the overall taxation figures is for debt service to retire bonds for the Community Center, Recreation Center and street improvement projects. Debt service costs in 1975-76 totaled $65,585 and are projected to be $213,584 in 1976-77, an increase of 225 per cent. In reviewing the proposed budget, the council recommended the deletion of $5,000 to purchase bleachers at the city baseball field and $5,000 for legal services. Errors in the budget overstated airport expenditures by $3,000 and the city's share of operating the county landfill facility by $4,060. But the council added $15,000 as the city's share of purchasing a front-end loader for the land fill and $20,000 for the purchase of land along the Raccoon River Parkway. In addition, the co.uncil recommended an $800 increase in the original figure recommended for police training programs. These changes would produce new figures of $621.493 to be raised by property taxation for the general fund, and $918,454 in the total figure to be financed by property taxation. The budget could increase even more because of expenditures connected with the development of New Hope Village. The preliminary budget appeared to contain $29,250 for ca.pital expenditures for water service expansion and $30,915 for sewer service expansion, the two figures totaling $60,165. But city officials have estimated the project will demand an outlay of at least $88,000, leaving a deficit of about $18,000 between the budgeted and actual cost figures. And that deficit could become even greater because there will be other areas in the city opening for development that will require some of the $60.000 budget for expansion. A breakdown of expenditures in the general fund area of the budget compared to one year ago shows these figures: Police Department: Up $24,597 from $203,816 to $227,713 or 12 per cent. The largest increase is $18,500 for the purchase of new equipment for the joint city-county communications center. Last year only $600 was spent in this area. In addition, at the request of Mayor Schechtman the recommended $300 for the training of police officers was increased to $1,000 at Tuesday's meeting. Fire Department: Up $3.700 from $15.700 to $19,400 or 23 per cent. The increase is mainly in department salaries. Street Lighting: Up $11.535 from $52,000 to $63.535 or 22 percent. Library: Up $9.916 from $56.270 to $66.186 or 18 per cent. Salaries account for over $4,000 of the increase, new office equipment purchases are also projected at $4.000 more than last year. Parks & Recreation: Down $69.748 from $184.226 to $114.478. Salaries and employe benefits^are up $5.000, but last year the city spent $65.762 for capital improvements including construction of a shelter house, tennis courts and a basketball court as well as $8.803 in consultant and professional fees for those projects. Next year's budget calls for only $3.500 in capital expenditures. Golf Course: Up $2.261 from $45,534 to $47.795 or 3 per cent. It was reported at Tuesday's council that the golf course operation lost approximately $10.000 last year and a study of the fee structure at the course is now under way. Swimming Pool: Down $16.450 from $42.900 to $26,450. The new budget projects a Council, See Page 8 Program to Curb Farm Thefts Told Set Storm Jobless Sets Wa-tan-ye Week — -Staff Photo Mayor Ronald Schechtman signs a proclamation declaring next week "Wa-tan-ye Club Week." Looking on are the Carroll. Wa-tan-ye clubmember. Dorothy Wohlenberg. left, and president. Mrs. Augusta Bartosh. Wa-tan-yV1s a business and professional women's service organization. The club will have a display in the Wilke Drug Store, 519 N. Main St.. window next week. Jackson Wins, Udall Second; Bayh May Quit After Showing BOSTON (AP) — Sen. Henry M. Jackson, the victor in Massachusetts Democratic presidential primary, is turning his attention to Florida but says its primary next Tuesday will not be decisive in gaining the nomination. Rep. Morris Udall of Arizona ran second in the Massachusetts vote Tuesday and was clearly the leader among the party's liberal candidates. Sen. Birch Bayh, another liberal, was seventh among the eight Democrats and may decide today whether ' to bow out. An aide to the Indiana senator said Bayh planned a meeting in Washington today with key campaign aides. In Florida, Jackson will face his most serious challenge from Southerners George C. Wallace and Jimmy Carter. Wallace ran third in Massachusetts and Carter fourth. President Ford, meanwhile, said he was pleased with victory over former California Gov. Ronald Massachusetts, where Reagan's name was on the ballot, and in Vermont, where it wasn't. ' With 94 per cent of the precincts in Massachusetts counted. Ford had 105,616 votes, or V62)per cent, and 27 delegates, to Reagan's 58,848 votes, or 35 per cent, and 15 delegates. In Vermont with 96 per cent of the precincts counted, Ford had 25,270 votes, or 84 per cent,.to Reagan's 4,769 write-in votes or 16 per cent. Carter got nearly half the vote in beating two other major candidates Tuesday in Vermont. He conceded, however, he was "overly optimistic" in predicting a finish in the top three in Massachusetts after winning New Hampshire's primary a week ago. He did not campaign as extensively in Massachusetts as the others. The lineup in Massachusetts with 94 per cent of the state's 2.133 precincts reporting was: —Jackson 151,762 votes: or 23 per cent, and 30 delegates. —Udall 120,254 votes, or 18 per cent, and 21 delegates. —Wallace 115,506 votes, or 17 per cent, and 20 delegates. —Carter 96,031 votes, or 14 _per cent, and 16 delegates. —Fred Harris 52,333 votes, or 8 per cent/and 6 delegates. —Sargent Shriver 50.078 votes, or 7 per cent, and 8 dele- Politics, See Page 2 The Carroll County Sheriff's office has announced a Rural Crime Prevention Program of farm identification. The program will include the placement of identification numbers on farm machinery and identification confetti in grain. The program is an effort of three state groups to combat the rising rural crime rate. Ice Downs Wires in Wide Area A heavy ice build-up on utility lines caused power and telephone outages in the Carroll area Tuesday night and Wednesday. .^^>,^,...., . Much of Carroll was without electrical power for nearly two hours Tuesday night, many electrical outages were •reported in the Lid- "derdale-to-Coon Rapids area and telephone service to Churdan, Glidden and Lanesboro was limited Wednesday morning. About 1,000 customers in Carroll were without electrical power for an hour and 55 minutes, beginning about 7:30 p.m., said Darwin Petersen, district consumers service manager for Iowa Public Service Co. here. All of the downtown business district was darkened. Businesses along U.S. 30, from the eastern railroad overpass to North West Street, were without electrical power for the period. A discount store manager reported customers were cleared out of the store when Lines, See Page 2 Area Forecast Winter storm watch Wednesday night and Thursday. Snow increasing Wednesday night and likely to continue Thursday. Heavy accumulations possible. Lows Wednesday night lower 20s. Highs Thursday in 20s. Chances of measurable snow 70 per cent. Sheriff John G. Longnecker's office will provide an individual identification number to any interested farmer and even loan him a tool to put the number on his machinery if needed. Before doing anything else, a farmer who wants to identify his machinery should stop in the sheriff's office for more information and an identification number. After assigning the number, the sheriff will record it in a file which will have ID numbers for all participating county farmers. Numbers may be put on machinery either by a tool purchased by the farmer or one the sheriff will loan out. Each piece of equipment will have a visible ID number and one which is hidden. The sheriff said that even if the "'visible number" is removed, a stolen piece of equipment could be identified by the hidden number. Federal, state and county agencies will receive a directory of farmer ID numbers which would enable them to locate the machine's. owner. The directory also will include the location of the hidden ID number. "This is a good system,' Longnecker said. "When a tractor is bought, only one plate bears a serial number. Iowa has no registration or title laws for farm machinery. No proof of ownership is needed to sell a tractor, etc." "Hydraulic cylinders have been a big item for thieves in Program, See Page 2 Watch for West, North By The Associated Press A winter storm watch is in effect Wednesday night and Thursday for western and northern Iowa. Weathermen said snow is likely in the northwest, snow and freezing rain will extend in a band from the southwest through the central counties to the northern part of the state. Showers and thunderstorms are due in the southeast. Weathermen said the snow could become heavy in the northeast and some areas in the freezing rain belt could receive heavy ice accumulations. But during the day Wednesday, weathermen were uncertain of the precise path of the storm that was developing over the southern Rocky Mountains. Occasional snow was expected to continue in the northwest Wednesday with a chance of showers in the southeast. Pay Fraud Bill Ok'd DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — Unemployed lowans would be required to prove they sought jobs from three employers to draw jobless pay under legislation approved 46-0 by the Senate Tuesday. "I have stacks of letters here, case after case of people committing fraud," said Sen. Clifton Lamborn, R-Maquoketa. "This is the only way we have of getting at people drawing unemployment that should not." The provision was added to the bill which would reorganize the Iowa Employment Security Commission by replacing the three commissioners with a single director and rename it Job Service of Iowa. The bill goes to the House. The measure would require the employment office to furnish names of at least three employers seeking workers to Fraud, See Page 2 Inside Interest grows in restoring old Iowa mills as bicentennial nears—Page 10. Women's news—Page 4. Editorials—PageS. Deaths, daily record, markets, late news—Page 2. Sports Manson holds off Breda comeback. Cherokee ousts Carroll, LV-A eliminated, Manilla whips Manning. Scranton loses—Pages 11. 12 and 13. Smith: Out-of-State Travel Expenses 'Out of Hand* By Harrison Weber {Iowa Dally Press AliocliUonl DES MOINES — State employees traveling outside of Iowa ran up a travel bill of $941,357 during the year ending June 30, 1975, an increase of 23.5 per cent over the previous year. The figures are contained in a report issued Wednesday by State Auditor Lloyd R. Smith who feels out-of-state travel expenses have gotten out of hand. Smith is recommending that the Legislature make a "line item" appropriation for out-of-state travel for each state department. ' the report shows that state employes took 4,859 out-of-state trips in .fiscal 1975, compared to 4,270,in fiscal 1974, a 13.8 per cent increase. The out-of-state travel bill was up $179,020 over 1974 when the cost was pegged at $762,337. The .out-of-state travel cost of $941,357 does not include the employees' salaries. During the period covered in the latest report, 20,281 days were spent outside the state or an equivalent of 78 full-time employes for the year, Smith said. When the employes' salaries are included, the travel bill exceeds $2 million. The report does not cover in-state travel, which probably exceeds $14 million a year. , "It appears,'/ Smith said, "that more and more federal and state employes' associations .are being formed and "this increases the demands and excuses for more employees to leave the state. It also appears that more departments of state government allow employes to go to out-of-state meetings or conferences pertaining to new legislation.. "Departments could send fewer employes to these conferences and have a written report from those attending, to be given to others, or send along a tape recorder." Additionally, Smith said a federal freeze on travel may have resulted in more expense Department Social Services Public Instruction Development Commission Highway Commission Revenue Department Health Department Public Safety Conservation Commission •< General Assembly Employment Sec. Planning & Programming to the state. The state auditor suggested that efforts should be intensified to have conferences or conventions held in Iowa. The out-of-state travel bill of $941,357 was broken down by Smith in the following manner: transportation, $423,036; $167,270 for meals, OUT-OF-STATE TftAVEL $251,062 for lodging and $99,987 for miscellaneous expense. The average cost per trip was $87.06. Average cost for meals was: breakfast, $2.22, lunch, $3.01 and dinner, $6.47. On lodging, the average cost per night was $18.75. Heading the list of individual employes in out-of-state travel was Trips Taken 1974 545 307 163 219 284 156 287 223 87 268 168 1975 486 290 194 555 . 297 248 207 219 118 360 153 Total Cost For Trips 1974 1975 $89,000 $103,890 60,258 65,610 43,007 64,640 41,307 59,712 36,883 52,747 32,447 50,485 38,501 41,594 31,183 32,568 21,322 32,359 36,755 32,458 27,962 27,420 Increase -Decrease $14,890 5,352 21,632 18,404 15,864 18,037 3,093 1,384 11,036 4,297 541 Per Cent Increase -Decrease 16.7 8.9 50.3 44.6 43.0 55.6 8.0 4.4 51.8 11.7 1.9 Raymond Andrews of the state revenue department with 20 trips and total expenditures of $8,299, followed by Dean Arbuckle of the development commission who spent $8,156 on 9 trips, some of them to the Mid-East as part of a trade promotion. Others include: (Agency, trips, amount) Emil Grulke, Revenue, 17, $7,176. .Douglas Leggett, Social Services, 33, $6,457. Del Van Horn, Development Commission, 13, $5,497. Victor Preisser. Transportation, 16, $5,027. Keith Hefferman, Development Commission. 16. $4,797. Brian Becker, Revenue, 21, $4,776. Abe dayman, Employment Sec.. 15. $4,578. Gary Owen, Development Commission, 13, $4,155. Wintry Beauty — -Staff Photo The icy conditions of the last couple x>f day's have been blamed for power outages and other problems, but this ice-covered tree in front of the court house was a thing of beauty at midnight. The icy reminder of winter may be with us for awhile. A winter storm watch has been posted for much of Iowa for Wednesday night and snow is forecast for the weekend.

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