Covina Argus from Covina, California on February 6, 1909 · Page 4
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 4

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 6, 1909
Page 4
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The Covina Argus COVINA, CALIFORNIA. Entered at the Posloffice Covina, C;il., "GREATER COVINA," Thr- i.ev/ tnareh bv U. W. firooni »nd COVINA, CALIFORNIA. d"dicri'i.! to Ihe i-\<\7i-:i* of C,,yin; ( v.-il!«••/, will I.e p!:'ved fo; 1 t:./ fir-.: time al. t he coni'i-rl l-'i o. ' :>. Ml 1 ' 1 '. FT RE as scr.oml-clasft matter. Published every S.i hirday by tin: Co vina Arjnih I'liblisliiiic; Company, Inc. , I l.i '•!•. ji-fii.^r i,; • .,<. n;e ^' -i;' a < " " ' n 'e|o'-|r ' II l''l id; •/ li 1 .',! Ill '•!.' I 'I! I!' 'i '<!:* J. L. MATTHKV/S - Publisher ii,, ro..-i,ia ll;e br^.'vii". 't'i.e bia/e •.•,;•-. the :<•--'.ill of ;• leai'.y i<;: •<.: ; i: '• ''ive !r> ^^ (| j. (l ^ |,.,.,..,,,,,,| |-.,.,I,H '-:! ia<, i:>i'in Sl.'HHCKIl'TlONS: ,, |( , ,,||,.y [,.,..,...,,.,, v.,.; folie-e -,..,,,\ One Year in ad v;:n<:r, - - ?l.. r 'i (Jadilio ••t\-<<\-. !•'••)-'mr<< <:•'. .Mr. L. '"Kix Mor.His Three Months Single Copies - - - A nvFK risr •:'s: Display adveriiv men) al reason: rates. I'rir.':-. on a pp!i' a t i'm. Chan made ;.s per coilt ra',1. Tyitiei" •. ."' ].i-r line e.-if.h iiis'-rt inn. f/e^al notice 1 ; • l.i n per i m,n in .^crl inn, ;~'l o:ril.s -,n I,--/ (\ 111.1, v in- COVIXA. Febuary. f>, \'ff>. New Cadillac Thirty This car is absolutely .51550, which includes horn and ,'ivrr lamps. 32x.S 1-2 tires. Think of this The Cadilbic people in iVw Angeles have already taken 254 orders for Cadillac cars. Doesn't that speak for itself? The factory has notified them that they <'fin only have 7>oo cors out of 12,000. It v/iil pay you to look into this oar if you are. in the market,, v'v e ran make a few prompt deliveries by having had our d'', up sinc.i. June 2o, Call and M.;(.: us and have a demon- tr;,tion. Horm- J'hoin.- 4'); 234-242 West Third St., Su;i:,<.t, KV-d. 4'Jl. . POMONA, CAL,. OS L E R & MATT H EWS ENDORSED BY DENTISTS Euthymol Tooth Paste Buy it from W. W. NASH W PHONE 12 "t? COVINA, CAL, g iSS^Ri&^QaQQGaQe&&Q!S>Qg&» I'a-iti- Li 1 ' l'i,' i ,i;i , -•• ' el • il ill •_ eolll :.;< I. V. I til i i 11;/ ',i ! al ihi 1 - 1 p'linl he h;. j . mad" n..'iny fii'-nd-; VEHICLES OF THOUGHT. a,,,on;r the n-",-, as fhrre was no day The .lirtioiiery in a newspaper olli-e too wel, no hour loo late, but what lie is ll«ed for 'two thiny to pre-s i would eheerf ally re,,;,.,' Iro'ibleM on t lie bunches of flowers that, have been Merit j I' »•"*, >'«' i( '"' "'" "u'Mdc or nmde of in by admiring friends of the editor, ! your residence or business bloc,;. lie and 'to look up Hie meaning of vvorrls '« "" exi-crl in his line and we reeret. eni|doyed in article* written unsolieit.ed | <" *"e I''in leave f.'ovina. by members of America's budding 1 — literati. The editor looks them up to prof, cl his friends, the readers of his paper, and substitutes ordinary, Mon dav-iNorniiijf words that do not, ad. li chloroform on the brain. Th"n perhaps NEW HIGH SCHOOL. The work on the site of the new Hehool is very favorably in spit" of the continued wet weather. he ".an Hipiare it with the correspondent, j <•,„ ,M,, r ,d;iv afternoon the trustee:-) of aflerv/ard maybe. The uia rveloiin, . j (,,. nj,,|, Hch-.ol, together wilh the ar- \\-ri\.'n\X*'. of I'lalo contain no polysylla- ! eh it cH and eonf rnetor.-;, me), on the Lies. Splendidly loiinded fenl enees , (_,,.„,H P ,|.J and establisiii-d the j^rade lirie'i. that. Mealier lar;.;e, euphonioii". words! '|'l|,. folio v.-int; contracl-i were a!r:ii \vith little I'ffecl nave Uiat of "oniid. |,; : |'i;,e for vacinun ir.'/cr-pei', ij'!l"i; ere pas-ini; out lo be numbered amon^ ; |.vi sl"e| loid<ers. :fii!:': fnrnit nre for the deai) thin|.'s of Ih" proud past. | |.,),,-,., j,, lv ; , ,,,| ,,' | M . r ( |,.pii rime nf.s, .f^s I.",; Oratory, wherein the poor old Aineri |,i;.c|; boaid u , if-l'i"). can (.;iyle in swiine; by Ihe mek until;. V.'arra nts have been drawn to dale to the humane ollicers nhoald irlerfere, in;||,e a niou nl s of iMI.Mfifl, and eonlrnetu b'-ia^ laughed out, of our halls of lej;in : |i.| | ( , i;,,. amount, of ;•. 10,7 I!), lalure. ('Iain words, beautiful as chiseled nioniimenl"; nlain wiiid". direct in ' altaek and mea., !•,(,', are in tn- montlis of the American penole. ('Milvlc could! 1 ' QNii HUNDRED YJKAF.S. of Dickens would con.'., in'i'der the'ban "' !l1 "' ""' ''''''I'."'' Abraham !-iiie,,|,,. of the editor's pencil. Von will be . To H.os.' \s ho 11 v, d li tide, 1 h IM a.l m l a- obliged to look for a more tremend prone-poem than Lincoln's (irltyslmr^ address. It, is a lesson in simplicity. Search carefully for simple word. Yon will tfiiiii rather UIH.II lose, in dignify. A PUZZLE SOLVED. Our fellow citi/en, VV. I'. Watts, has conceived a. ingenuous and practical motliod of mipplyiiie; our niniierouH tourist, viditoi'H w.ith n phjuniue; »ml l.ooth- Homr, houvenir of (,'ovina 'H <triinf(i> proven. Mr. Wntl.H, in c.oiijuiicl.ion with .\Tr. (yiiininirifrH, him coiiHtruc.ted a number of natty little crates bound with wire, having a wiro handle and each ('ntii.i'i inine; dim do/.cn seled.ed oran^i'H, in the center of which is placed a copy of the piclorial folder of Covina HII|)- ]ilied by tho Hdiivciiii'.s in-(! placed on sale at, C'ummini,'s' confecliouery Ht.dro; price °.fi cents each. ]\fost visitors from other states who have never seen oranges (jrdwinj^ before, naturally feel a desire to help themselves to an orange or two when they find themselves for the first time in close proximity to a j^t'ove. When the number of touirsls was small the few oranges taken were not missed, but. with the continuous iatlux of visitors the habit, becomes a cosilv one to the growers. The visitors would yladlv istralion, in the Hlirrine; times of Ihe f'ivil war, it, possildy Heeins more im- porlanl, that we preserve Ihe, memory of this Krcaf man. The whole life of Lincoln was of the boy who worked and won, typical of the American boy who may UH- pire to the. highest honorn. fn view of the importance of thin centennial mini versa ry the directors of the public library have secured a bronze tablet with the ever-living words of the Oef.l.yHbiir^ nddress of Abraham Lincoln en^rnvcd thereon, that they may be in plain si^ht before the children and to those older n source of inHpira- tion to n. nohicr life, n truer c.iti/en- Hliip. Tho tablet will bn in plac.i nt the library on p'liday |i. in., Kebniary l-th. This nddress is displayed iifion Uir> walls of Oxford University as an example to the students of hnw much can be H.'iid in the fewest possible Kn^;- lish words. If n foreign nnivi-rHily is compelled by its elocpieiice to ;;ive it HIK-II n. place of honor for its r!i"lorieal qualities alone, how mu"h more should it be displayed in ev.ry school, in every library, in everv home in A mcric;i. (•:. ii. r,. Rich Delta Land in Kings County $45 per Acre We have for sale in tract to suit purchaser (>40 acres of rich delta land near Tulare Lake. Soil is deep sedimentary deposit, best in the world for alfalfa' which grows to perfection hero. Land is subirri^aied. Alfalfa land in vicinity produces $40 to $50 per acre without irrigation. Only 3 miles from growing town and million dollar beet sugar factory. Near one of the largest and most successful Jersey farms in the state. If you want to buy rich land at a price which insures handsome returns, investigate this proposition. H. flatthews REAL ESTATE ALL DAY M1SKIONAKY MEETING. Mon I'd of Mission W:IH held nianv t'oiin the olliei- churches in the no piece where (hey could buy il in Hinail ipiant il ii'H. \\'e conora! nl-i I,. Mr. \VnltM in Holvinj. ||!i H prnld, ni in wlnit M'e believe will be a .satisfactory and pleasing manner. Pomona. In the miirnine; the de\-i,linns were lead by l>r. b'oyal .1. live of I'.i 'lin;;. 1 , .\friea. After a busines sess'on all i III e I est i 11;^ ailiile^s \\','ls eivell b\' larv mi fiirlini^li from India, on ''The < hi Idrvn. (lurs a liill einpo\\ erine boards of edin'iit ion I' 11 "! India'.i.'' Luncheon \\as served in lo .-,e;> rebate .la pa nei-e from whiles in ''''' ''liurch parlor. ANTI-JAP SCHOOL BILL. Tlie California assembly, on Thursda v i M I ' M . Men/.ies, a I h sc hoo I •;. 'I'll e a u uoii uc e me of the passing uf Ihe bill w;n wind lulled by hi 1 . Shepherd of I'o.noiia, and Washington and in Ihe ai'lernomi the lirollier Waters of I'omona sail:.; a sa- in i s-, i o na n ey. ''(ioNernor .lauie:-i (iilleil, Sacra uieiili), California legislature has passed H bill e:-;chidiiitf children from the public schools? This is the inos', of- tensive bill of all, and in mv judgment is clearly uncon-,1 it ul ional, and we Hhall at once have lo lest il in Ihe courts. Can it not be stopped in (lie legislature i>r by veto? "Til LnlKiKK ItooSKVKl.T.'' The governor lost no time in inforiii- iiiK the I'residenl exactly what had happened and assuring him (hat h" would do his best to stop the bill in the fcenalc. Mrs. Men/.ies of India, the h'ev. and Mrs. II. II. (iiiy of the I'hilippinei, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas, mis siouaries of India, and Mr. and Mrs. frost, parents of Miss Adelaide (iail (''rust of India. An address was j^iven by I'r. (!ny on I lie .lapani'se work in Los Aiie;eles, ''Our '''Own Centennial Kuterprise.'' Win was pledged by those pre-ent to build u home school and chinch for tnis work. In Ihe evenini,' a praise service was rendered by the choir, including; vocal duets by .Mines. Madder, and I'M^ar. and by Mrs. Hertha Heath and Miss The Key. \V. (!. Men OFNASCO ^^tn*l •* mtJ ^^*r^S Smooth Surface An absolutely new process that'ts all weathers Kerckhoff-Cuzner Mill and Lumber CQ. Home 148, Hunsct 253. Covina, Cal McCKAKY BROS, are prepared to make contracts to move buildings of every description, heavy machinery and tree moving with promptness and despatch. We have the experience of years in the business and guarantee our work. McCrary Bros. ARGUS BLOCK Phone 5008 Covina, Cal. LOOK! LISTEN! If you want to see that nice new AUTO Laundry Delivery Wagon, just drop a card to Lorbeer Bros.' Pomona Steam Laundry, the ablest and most up-to-date laundrymen in the valley, and tell them to call for your laundry or give you their price on work. We call Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Work strictly up-to-date. POMONA STEAM LAUNDRY Subscribe for the Hraus, W A Placing ON SALE I '/.les spolie i , J ndia. ANNUAL MEETING. ANTI-RACE TRACK BILL. | (In Tluil'Hilav afternoon the Califor-! nia senate passed the (Mis Walker bill' ' n 'e ' '• ''• ( '• ^ Athletic Club has abolUhine; race track b.ltine; bv a \ ole I become a prominent feature in Ihe so of lilt lo 7. This bill has alivadv passed !'' ial lilV "'' t 1 "' . V " I1M K ""''n of our town. Ihe assemblv and (iovernor (iillelle has i lls success has been phenomenal and declared that he will sie.n il when il ,'"' u ' members are heintf added to the is passed up to him. The nice t fi.-k j''"'' ''""'' »''ek. men, lieaded bv T. II. Williams, presi-i Tl "' lirsi : '" ll ":'l me,'line; was held d.'lit ol Ihe California Jockey C||.I, and "" 'l'»'es,|nv ""'I l'"' vacancies caused I-:. .1. Hiddwin, are very sore al the| liv l1 "' expire,I lerms of (i. N. A two,.,I passing of this bill, which they say"' 11 " 1 •'• '•• Mnllhews were tilled by the will destroy all racing m California, i'' ll ''' t "'" llV "'•dainai ion of Mr. O. r. and llov declare thev uill liyh, < |,e I, L "- 1 "' all<l M ''• "'• Ni Aluood. bill in the c,.nils lo Ihe end. : ' l ' 1 "' '"' w l "' 1 "'' 1 or-ani'ed with Mr. Alwood as president, l'r,,f. A. II. C,,|. Kns. \ ice pi, si,|e,,i, and Mr. .1. Man- DEFEAT OF THE 'ki'wi. a, s,.,-r. iar\. ANTI-JAPANESE BILL - thousands of dollars worth of goods at cost and less. The stock of J. A. Edwards Hemet was bought at 45 cents on the dollar and we can afford to sacrifice some get cash to pay for them. Note the prices: Sale at Uroailwcll's Store. 'Ihe l> ^ : - i a I MHi a^ain^l llie J :i pa ne^e Was decl-r,e'\ defeated III llo \-.-elll blv ,,,i \\ 'eon. -s.i i . win ii .iii i an al! -Men's I'ltitliiii^ nt your nwn priee. day d'bal- 1 hie,.'. anraiieii laid 1 haVt'fiO men's suits VM'ftll trim ! : " '" ' L '"''' "'' #1'2 .In-All I.. Slii at eri.hfi. The pants nbiiii 1 are \\tntli \\liat ue ask. lUO men's hats sM.i'O oaeli. 10U ni'ii's Nil. 1 leiiidii tree.-, lor Sale. !•'. C'. f'J.fid hats £ 1. l.'i. 1 IHI pairs'.s yeic, (iraini avLMiiu:. lip 'heavy ;b,it'= ^l.t!,".. Good Shoes at Low Prices Women's Goodyear welt, kid, blutcher shoes, all sizes, at $2.00 Women's nurses' shoes, rubber heels $1.65 Women's kid Juliets, $2.00 grade $1.39 Women's patent leather oxfords, all sizes 85c All W. L. Dcuglas $3.50 and $4.00 shoes $2.05 A new line of the handsomest turn oxfords ever seen. Street and evening goods, regular $3.50 grades at $3.00 F.ven the Acme shoes in one style meet you at.. .$3,00 All Crockery one-half off. Boys' clothing one-fourth oil. Men's 1'riestly's rain coat:* ;it cost. Several $30 overcoats one-half otT. Hosiery Several manufacturers of guaranteed hosiery have advised us that parties in Covina have written for their goods. We sell several makes of hole-proof hosiery, as well as other lines of advertised goods. Why not try your own town before you send away for goods. Lace Curtains. New nets at cost. Prices mean nothing on curtains. See them. Yes at cost. Bed Spreads $1.25 bed spreads ............................... 85c $1.50 bed spreads .............................. $1.00 $2.5o bed spreads .................. , .......... $1/J5 Special prices quoted on large bills. THE BROADWELL STORE

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