The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on June 11, 1892 · Page 3
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 3

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 11, 1892
Page 3
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0. HUTCHINSON DAILY NEWS, SATURDAY, JUNE 11,1892. More than One Hundred and Thirty- Four Millions of Dollars Ave lwliintl the indemnity we offer. Look at the lifit: Wurman \m Co. Krceport. II). Huy.'il IimCo. Liverpool, Kng. American l.«n Co.New;,rk.N-I lloyMnn In* CVi .Uonlon. Maw Mrltlsh American Inn Co. To ronto, Oanadu Concordia Klre Ins Co. Milwaukee, Win Parragut Ktre IHHCO. N Y.. . ILamhurK llrnatn lus Co. Germany Milwaukee Mechanics In* Co. Milwaukee, Win New Hainpslilre Kin: Inn Co, New Haven Providence WaHhiugton Inn Co. It 1 Peoples' KJrc Ins Co. Nil Otieeri /nttCo, of America..,. Syndicate 1 nft Co.Mlmieapnll* Paul Y* and M. St Paul. GREAT REJOICING. HOW THE WAS SI Minn Metropolitan Plate mas*.... Lloyd's pmtc UliMW. N. V Plilellty anil Canuallty. N. V. Union Central Mfe Iim. Co.. tilnn.O Commercial Union Ins. Co., London, Eng Northwestern National Williamsburg Ullynl N. V... WcHtcliestcr of N. Y UurlliiKton of llurllnnton.ra. Manriiester of Manchester, EIIK Praiikllii l''lre of t'hll. Pa... .•Etna of Hartford, Conn Kmnlovcni Uabillty American. Casualty Ins. Co... f'!.1171.2'.:t 14 :I.-I .74-:.4 O:I un :MK!!.4«i on uin.Hon oo 7II1.H7H 00 oo :ni7,7'!:t oo i,(i»K,;iii."> oo !,H.-, 10 I.H.'lll.tlfll (10 I.4HII.IIII:I oo H!24.:i71 11 :).0IHI .470 00 ;',ii:),ri54 oo U.017.H04 no ,:ni'j.oii4 oo :i(i'j.on4 oo l.r.K7,007 00 H ,00 .'I .H22 04 i.-i.r.70,o:i4 oo i,«:m.'.:42 oo 1 ,527.17 :1 00 l.iiBA.r.m oo •; oo ;:.047.oi4 oo 17:1,-177 00 or> .1.775.700 00 ;i.20ti.r>nii 00 CONVENTION NEWS RECEIVED IN THE CITY. Total SKll.:il '.',,-i8H 2 :i In I how; companies we insure all kinds of property against fire, lightning, tornadoes, cyclones nnil windstorms; insure plate glass against accidents: write nearly fifty different plans of life insurance policies; insure against accidents of all kinds: issue ae- oiilent tickets, it ml do many other tilings Mint luek of spnee prevents our telling here. \Vc also Insure Growing Crops Against Hail, Winne & Winne, TELEPHONE 10, U. CORNER AVEHUE A and I Hutchinson, Kan. Mr DIED. Iitme* KliodfH lllcil of F.i'.v si|Ktlus Last l-:veniliK. Mrs. .Minnie, wife of .las. llhodes, died last evening at 8 o'clock, of the dreaded disease known as erysipelas. She had lieen ailing for a long time, hut it was only u few days since that it was discovered that her case, was so serious, and the announcement to the public lust night that she was dead cast a gloom over her many friends. Mrs. llhodes was born in Ontario county, N. Y., on May 10, 1852. On the Mrd of February she was united in marriage with James llhodes. They came to Kansas in July, 1887, since which time they have been continuous residents of the state, and respected citizens of the same. Two years and eight months of that time have been spent in this city, where the family have many warm friends. l''or the past two years Sirs, llhodes lias been connected with the clerk force of The Grand, formerly in the cloak department, but since the fire, in the dress goods department. She was a ile-voted member of the Christian church, having become tv member of that body at the age of 12 years. Her dying testimony was that she was going home to rest, where she desired to see all her friends and family. She leaves a husband and four children to mourn the loss of n wife ami mother and a host of friends who sympathize deeply with the bereaved ones. The department in which she worked in the Grand was draped in mourning tu-day, and the clerks cast many a sorrowful glunce at the post of duty which she. will never more occupy. The funeral will occur to-morrow at Haven, at 10 o'clock a. m. Friends of tin- family are invited to attend. The management and clerks of the Grand passed.the following resolutions this morning: WiiKiiHAS. Tile management and em­ ployes of thellraml have heard with deep sorrow of the death of Mrs. Minnie Uliodes, one of tbclr employes and associates la business; and. WHBUIIAH, She has always been a careful guardian of the Interests of her employers, and a friend to her associate**. Itesolyed, That we extend to the bereaved husband and motherless children our heartfelt sympathy In this sad hour of bereavement. Kesolved, That a copy oi these resolutions be furnished to the family of the deceased, and a copy to the Daily NEWS for publication. MANAOHMHNT AND KM 1 'LOYKS TtlK GttANll. itosti ,lars. This is the season for rose jars und .1. M, Urchin, as usual, is to the front with a large line of them. They are very line ware and elegantly decorated. The ladies of Hutchinson and vicinity are in invited to call at his store, corner of Main and Second avenue, and examine them. l.nrRi' Crowds Congregated at All the Itul- lelln Hoards—Kiieh One Anxious to See Ills Favorite Win, Hut Iteiuly to Yell For the Nominee—Kftlelent Work by the •Wealern 1'iiloa—The >mvs Furnished riirlleulnrs Twelve Hours Ahead of All Other Papers Coining Into the City. During the entire days of Thursday and Friday and until late on Thursday night the anxious populnce thronged the space surrounding the various bulletin boards in the city, each one in the best of humor, and eacli one inter- terested in the welfare of his favorite. That each one had his personal preference was to be expected, but all admitted that from the timber on blind no mistake could be made. The throng around the Western Union oilice were free to admit that 'if it became apparent that neither Blaine nor Harrison could be nominated, that the gullant protectionist, Muj. Me- Kinley, was a grand and satisfactory compromise. Hut latter on when it became apparent to every one that the president would be nominated on the first ballot, our citizens with one accord exclaimed: "If it be the sense of the body of men comprising the Minneapolis convention, that President Harrison is the proper man to act as standard bearer for the Republican party,we are in the ranks." And when the d eision of the convention was made known there was an unanimity of voices, "Hurrah for Harrison." and everybody put on the political sword and shield. That the convention had a set of candidates from whom to select that made it an impos -l slbility to commit an error, was admitted by every one. And now that the selection has been made every Republican is in harness eager for the fray with "victory" as his watchword. Personal preferences have been swallowed up by the great and decisive itction of the convention, and all along the streets you will hear men admitting that President Harrison is the strongest man in the union. " Not only so, but the Democratic party, which anticipated so much discord in the Republican ranks, have been knocked silly by the united action of the party of liberty and equal rights, and the "unterrifled" are at sea us deeply as ever. That Harrison and Held, will leadthe party to a grand victory is admitted by nearly everyone, and our streets are thronged with men who were di vided as to personal preferences until the voice of the convention was heard, but who arc now marching arm in arm with the Republican banner waving aloft. One of the most pleasant things thut has attracted our attention during the past three days, was that of the Western Union ofllee in its endeavor to do the proper thing by the public. Mr. Carswell is a gentleman of unusual ability as the manager of the affairs of an office; and the force of assistants with which ho has surrounded himself as operators and messengers have but few equals. The action of the Western Union in furnishing free bulletins from the convention has been most highly appreciated, and Mr. Cars well and his force of assistants have been therecipentsof many pretty com pli merits for their efficient work, as well as for their gentlemanly treatment of the public. Everybody is in good humor. The Harrison and Blaine men have shaken hands across the chasm, and in every instance they join in hurrahs for the ' Hoosier President." Dr. .1. S. May has offered his Blaine ilag for sale, and where it once floated can now be seen a Harrison flag, and Doc is saying: "I am satisfied with the voice of the masses." The NKWH furnished its readers with full particulars twelve hours sooner than any other paper coming into the city, and our readers have not been slow to discover our advantage over most of our contemporaries. In fact the NEWS can be depended upon to furnish news not only reliable, but "on time." house, but the - audience present was not much of tin inspiration for elegant specialty work, and the audience was treated accordingly. Mr. llyron Leach, as Joe, the darkey was good. In fact if the management hail advertised the fact that Leach was one of the east it would have added materially to the size of the audience, as Mr. Leach is a favorite in Hutchin- j8n luxiu Decree or Honor. Last night Crystal lodge No. II. Degree of Honor, and those who were absent missed a treat. Quite a large delegation of ladies from Fidelity lodge No. 02, Nickerson, were in attendance and witnessed the team work and drill under the new manual adopted by the last grand lodge. Among other matters of importance the lodge passed resolutions accepting the invitation of No. 77, A. O. I'. \V., to give a joint and public installation o» Friday night, July 1st, and a committee was appointed to prepare a literary programme. Among the ladies present we met! MesdamesA. A. Michaelis, J. D. Uced, Alice Stober, Ella Corp and Jennie Whitesides of Nickerson. After closing the lodge quite a delegation of ladies and gentlemen accompanied the visitors to Cunningham's ice cream parlors where they regaled themselves with cake and ice cream and passed the evening very pleasantly,, and to our visitors we say. come again. Children*' Unv. The following is the programme for Childrens' Day at the Lutheran church: Organ Voluntary—Invocation-Gloria Patri. Kespouslve reading of Psalm '.24. Address of welcome by a primary scholar. Childrens' Day greeting song. v -Prayer—closing with Lord's prayer. Greeting song, by the school. Recitations by three primary pupils. Duet, by the Misses Plate. Recitations, by Lhe/lc Aberlv. Solo, by Miss Mattle Ueberllg. ltecitatlon, by Miss Coatland. Music—Anthem. Primary class exercise. Recitation, by Miss Dora Plate—The Crv of the Motherless. Duet—MlHses Alice and (.Jertie. Recitation, by Howard bawer. Solo and chorus—solo by Miss Lulu Wellis. Object of the offerings. Male Trio—"Come Unto Me." Announcements—Gathering of offerings. Cousecration hymn— "1 am Thine, O Lord." Henedlction. PATENT EAVENWORTR KANS Try King of Kansas Flour, SI.25 a sack. Price List of Star Clothiers Cut-Price \Wmm Will Make You Wink the Other Eye If you compare our prices on summer cloth-' ing, underwear and hats. In short, we have every article marked down fully THE CASH GROCERS. 21 South Main. SUGAR. Ill lbs Granulated SI 00 20 lbs Light lfrown 1.00 22 lbs New Orleans 1.00 COFFEE, Arbueklc S .20 Midland 20 Santos 20 Mocha and Java .13% CANNED GOODS. •I lb can Tomatoes '. $ .10 a lb can Pumpkin 10 2 lb can Corn 10 2 lb can String Beans 10 2 lb can Lima Means 08K Kplrltiml Meeting. At K. P. hall, No. 12 !i South Main street Snnduy at Hp. m. Lecture and platform tests, giving names of spirit friends. Drs. (Irabendiks and Concan- uon mediums. For Kent or Sill*'. My residence on Sherman street cast. 2t J. M. JORDAN. GET YOUR CHRRIES. STRAWBERRIES RASPBERRIES This week at FURMAINPS. •.'2 Nortli Main St. New Olttee. Mr. Parks, representing the Commonwealth Loan and Trust company, lias located a western office in this city. He chose this in preference to several other contemplated points for location, particularly on account of our railroad facilities, but largely, also, on account of our being located In the very heart of the best part of the state. We welcome Mr. Parks to our midst and hope that his stay among us may be pleasant and profitable. His desk will be found with A. 15. Smith Ai Co., on Sherman street west. The St. Felix Sitters, A very small crowd witnessed the performance by the St. Felix Sisters company tit the opera house lust night. The play was gauged on the saSne scale, and whether they can or can not givo a good entertainment is still a question in the minds of Ihcnii} who wer« there. The singing ot the slstert, was us good as bus ever been heard in the Ills Jjouble. J. A. Dix, of Kansas City, was in the city yesterday and last night, and as strangers would get a glance at hiin many were the remarks concerning the rcsemblauco between Mr. Dix and Chauneey Depew. Mr. Dix finally discovered that he had actually been mistaken for the great orator and statesman, and a smile of pride and s^itisfai tion crept over his face. He stated to the reporter that it was no uncommon thing for himself to be taken for Depew, and that persons had also upon many occasions approached him and iddressed him as "Mr. Forepaw." A Utile l'libiee. Aside from the rloor ornninentations in the Midland tonsorial parlors owned by Henry Hoffman, and spoken of in yesterday's NKWS, we might mention a lot of supplies received yesterday evening, which include the latest and best things in the way 'of bathroom brushes and conveniences, as well as hair brushes, shampoo brushes, keen razors, soaps and toilet articles. Mr Hoffman's place of business is fust be coming a little palace. A Finn Suuiple. In the Valley State bank hangs a sample of early May wheat, pulled from a field in Harper county, which for quality can hardly be excelled any where. The berry is perfectly formed and the heads are filled with ripened grain. Cutting of wheat is the order of the day in Harper county, and finer crop was never garnered. An Karl)' Illril Dozens of Harrison flags adorned the residence of John Chapmen yesterday, within ten minutes of the time that the wire announced the result of the ballot. He claims to have hoisted the llrst Harrison llag in the city after the nomination took place. Ho regards the ticket as being a very strong one. Strawberry .Festival. The festival to be given by the Sons of Veterans at the G. A. K. hall next Tuesday night promises to be a grand affair. Aside from an excellent literary programme, speaking and music, the delicacies of the season will be served. You are invited. No admission fee at the door. 2. lb can Succotash.. 2 lb can-Peas 2 lb can Rlackberrics 2 lb can Raspberries 2 lb can Gooseberries lb can Strawberries lb can Peaches Uj lb can California Peaches... d lb can California Apricots..: '4 lb can California Green Gage '4 lb can California Egg Plums '4 lb can California Pears \-i lb can California Quinces.... % lb ean California Cherries... Gallon can California Peaches.. Gallon can Cali fornia Currants.. Gallon can California Gooseber's Gallon can Apples 1 lb can Macke 1 Hi can Salmon 1 lb ean Oysters lb can Oysters SUNDRIES. a lbs lieans 3 lbs Rice IS lbs Oat Meal 5 lbs Hulk Starch Sour Pickles, per gallon. Hams fireakfast Hacon Lard .08 a • 0SK •10 .10 .10 .10 .15 .20 "20 .20 .20 .25 .25 .25 We always do and always will, because we are the acknowledged LEADERS OF LOW PRICES, which makes the trade come our way. Low prices and best goods are what you want, NOT WIND. See our 15 cent men's wash coats. See our §1.50 to $8.50 men's.coats and vests. See our 15 cent men's shirts. See our Manhattan shirts, §2 to $4, best made. See our Wilson Bros, underwear and ties; they are. known by reputation. ' See our line of clothing—known to be thabest in market. ' f See our boys' suits and compare with others. If these are not ten per cent, lower in price- we will make your boy a present of a suit, so; You Can Wink the Other Eye. PRICE- N CLOTHING-, MENS FURNISHINGS & HAT' .ii .11 .10 THE Hutchinson; Music COMPANY. $100 IN CASH TO BE GIVEN AWAY! To the party or parties guessing the time or nearest the time it will take our candle to burn. Th<i candle is 12 inches in diameter, about 33 hi inches in circumference and S feet r, inches in height. Come and get guess tickets. Candle will be lit July 4, 1892. UEA1.K11S IN Pianos and Organs. LARGEST STOCK West of the Missouri River. Only first class goods handled. All thoroughly guaranteed. A full stock of sheet music and musica merchandise. aired Piano tuning department in charge of J. A. Me G A UGH AY. Write for terms and prices. Hutchinson, - - - Kansas l A New Time Card, A new time card will go into effect on the Missouri .Pacific Sunday, June 13. The train that formerly left here at 4:10p, m. will leavA! at 5:30, arriving at Wichita at ":25 p. nr, anil several other iinpcrtimt changes will be made. for the new curd. Wi.teli For II. McKitrzie & llailey have purchased Kentk'kVgroeery store and in a few days, will have something to tell the people through the columns of the NKWS. .ftfateh for it. -•'peoiul Sale. On Monday und Tuesday Miss Nellie Xt »H $f ^ttl.-' SJ VC » special sale on trimmed hate for ladies. Ladies, this Is yowch»BW|«r ft bargain. 2t Low Shoes for Hot Weather. All the New Styles in Ladies' Fine Bootees, Prince Alberts, Oxford Ties, Southern Ties and Opera Slippers. Gentlemen's Oxford and Southern i Ties, at YOUNG BROS. No. 12 North Main. and teams that are Handsome Steppers, \ Go to the LIVERY BARN OF SMITH, MILLER & CARPENTER. On FirBt Avenue West. Tolcphone No. 139; J. JZ. IF 1 . PLATE, The Grocer and Baker, Keeps constantly on hand a line line of Teas, and a f ul line of Groceries. NO. 113 NORTH :MAIN STREET, HUTCHINSON, KANSAS. If so, see L. G. DUPLER, OF HUTCHINSON. 22 SOUTH MA He haB just received a large invoice of BLANK BROS.' FAMOUS CANDL THE BEST MADE. Every MAN who would know the GRAND TRUTHS, the. Plain Far Old Beorols and tho New Dlacovorlea oX Medical Bclenco as appt Married Life, .faould write for our woitderftit little book, "A TBBAT1BB FOR. MKN OSW." To any earueat inun we wm flop/ JBatlrelr Free, in plalu aealed.povor. "A rotuno from tbo THE ERIK MEDICAL CO., BUFFALO, N.

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