Covina Argus from Covina, California on February 6, 1909 · Page 2
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 2

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 6, 1909
Page 2
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Tho Chinese Hoe. Tho Chlnefo farmer fltnivis feroivl 1/> Bonn In nil tho world. Thin IH all the more romnrknhlo flare; he ha:; really po few Implement:) with '.vhk-b to Tori; the mnrveln ho produce?. His only 1m plemen'tH are (he hoe. tin; plow and !.!ie hnrrow. r.eyond there tho Chine:" farmer never dream;', of de-drii:^ an;/ other, The «f tbe«o tools f-'oeii,- 1 never lo bo out 'if hi'-? hand.s, for It I- tho ono iljion vvhiHi bo relies the most. and Is his most effective implement. It. COVINA INDUSTRIAL DIRECTORY. ARCHITECTS. C. H. Wedgwood, W. E. Allen, Chas. E. Paige. ATTORNEYS-AT-LAW. Andrew P/l. Pence. George L. Sanders. AUTOMOBILES. Covina G-ir.irje & Machine Shop As- nociation, Rco Garage. BUILDERS AND CONTRACTORS. Clarence Allison, M. B. Fclsom, J. L. takoH the place of the spade b, ; Moxl'-y, G. W. Coolman, U. G. Kring, Knxlatid, though Ihe la(t<T Is ri'-vor put H. Van Bontlcnsen. to such extensive and general u.-;e:< {>:> ] BANKS, tho hoe, The Chinaman ran do nny- First National Bank, W. M. Or is- thing with It but make II «po:il-:. A wold, cachi'-r; Covina V-illey Ravings farmor v/ell on In years ran oa-:ily be ref'o;r:ii/ed a::iii!.-l a number of v/ork ln;;tne!l b.V the <•«•,:.•<• l:!s hands! have taken from i,-, \i\\\.;.'. th- hoe In lh» many ;. ear", of loil in his field;!. \VIlii It, if he I •) a poor man and has no o.x'.-n lo pio.'/ tho f.;ro:md, he tnriiH n|) Hi" coll '.'.here h" I f'.n\t>ii lo plant l;i 4 rrop:;, and \vilh il \i<> deftly and v/lth a (.urn of his wris-'f lovHr'. out. the sur f.'ifo HO that. II Is tniido r'-ad.v for t.h<- Koed. Wilh a broad bbided hoe he dips to (ho bottom of a ulream or of a pond, drawn ni» thfl soft mud that has fjiith- crod there and, with a dextorotw Hwlnp;. flln^n tho dripping hoefnl on to hlH fifth! nenrby lo Increase Its rli'lmosH by this now deposit, f.ondon KlriK. Extract of Knowledge. An nrtl 1 lo on "Kxainlnallon Humor" In a periodical called Normal lOrhoes contains Homo #ood "howlers." They ai'fr liom 1 Ihe le.'i* IntorenUm.' for com- Intc from stndentK In training fur le-i'-h- ofH. A criticism of William Ill-ike th;-l "as a child he was pri-em-ion-; In po (•try, but In laier year.-! il ib-v-l'.ped li'lo do^ma t i.-iiii," i'< a le'Mon In Ihe al'l i.f b< I (IK Iliarl leilla I •. while Ihe r'lii/M'!: that. "I he works of Ihe lime wop- i:;>:'N ly satyrs" Is i|iiaint, tlionHi obi i' us. Of eour-'e there Is bo'/;'lln:.; ov r propo;- name:-:. Then' I; noihhi^. Indeed, :'<> f.'ood as the do'-crlpi ion of < 'romv, (-11 as "a man whh <-u:n''< g f:-:iiiire-! acd havliiL? a lar;M- rrd, \ ilh .'!'ep r". HeJoilH eoiivp | |(,n:< lienea 11|," or I il<ca."e of Ihe l.ipsi'd man" who, havln;; by way of oNcepilon allond'-d clnircii, admltled to Ihe roHor's wife that he had benefited, for he had learned that Sodoru and f/omorra!i wore two cities, whereas he had alsvayu thought they were man and wife. — Mane.hoHtor (iiiardlan. Fat and Disease. If the Medical liecutil l;i ri^hl, man IH pursuing In the mailer of bodily weight svhal. Is bad for kirn, a rnmMon t.rl''k, and woman pines fur a id;;,-i'-il Ideal that, would mean lo :•; I:;'•.• if achieved, somelhlnf: r;:r" IT U'on.on lo (Jo. .\!o.-:| i:;i'!i :•" r In: fal. .MoHl \ l /oinen ('!'•! ' • j)r. I'.ratidi'oth J-'ynii.iu!.; <!r: v titndy nf life l;i^iir;i;i'-e •,/( i people past the :i;_;e of liiirly 1 or If below normal v/c::.In lh.-»i iii-'.Y do If al ornbove Mbiml.>:••!. 11'art (iis oa.'io Is as rare ammiK I lie iiiiilerl'al an It IH common with tli" I)- 1 .".v.v t'oJk, and this IH true also of l',ri;:ii;'s disease, apoplexy, paralysis, cerebral cunjces- tlon.H and clrrhos-ls of Ihe liver. Only It) pneumonia and luberciiloslH do the underweights carry a ^renter rlMk. In all the ruse-; \vhleh IK- examined l>r. Symoi'ds found not a slu;:le fal man who reached Ihe up- of civilly years, wldle forty-four Khnrt weights |ianso(] this mark. I Tho Dent Pride. A (Hied KiiKlbdiman while In Newport talked most entertainingly lo a tcrtmp of ladles about anerstral pride. "An< e.'.l ral prld" Is an e\eellolil thill;.;," he said, "bill (hero are heller thinuM. \\'e have Imuc felf In (in-al llritaln thai there are bet lor I hin:rs. I heard Ihe sonllmeiil ralhi-r neally e\- pivs in! las;t Mea-ion by a din-he.-s. Ib-rs IH a |;Tral family, bill sihe was; talking to a yiiiin;.; marquis wlmse family 1°, Inrnmpnrably i;realer. Me Is a ralher , p,, rn ,iiuj Supplies. worthless, la/.y, dlsslpaled ymiil'.; mar ijiil i, and ho hoaslod to the dueho-:s al 'Sil bis peinilo. 11 'I ma very proud nf my ancestry, you know.' he elided. "'Yes. 1 said the duchess, 'and you have cause in be, bill I wonder how Bank; Cov/ina National Ban 1 /', V. O. English, caBlii-;r; United States 3.-iv- ings Bank. BAKEPIE3. Home B,ikf,-ry, fitsvcns f: Matn?!/, proprietor!,; Warnor, W h i t '• c I Corn pany. BUTCHER 3HOPO. Covina VaM':y Market, Fr?nk Keri- dall; North Side Market, Robert Crenshaw. BARBER SHOPS. The Owl, Marshall & Cheney; The Richelieu, Heaseltine & Lewis; The Stag, J. O. Talbot. BOOT & SHOE REPAIRING. Covina Shoe Repairing Co.; Llndop Repair Shop. BICYCLES. Covina Cyclery, Franz Richter; Pioneer Bicycle Shop; The Bicycle Repair Shop, G. D. Davis. BLACKSMITHS. Johnson & Nigg; A. J. Rooks; J. N. Wilson. CONFECTIONERY. O. B. Evans (Palace of Sweets); Cummln^'H Confectionery. CEMENT PIP£S AND BLOCKS. Bon F. Thorpe; Patrick H, Tally; Bonhsm & Ritchie. DENTISTS. Dr, F. J. Cline; Dr. J. C. Barney. DRUGGISTS. C. F. Clapp; W. W. Nash. ECLECTRICAL APPLIANCES. Pacific Light & Power Co.; Roy winde r. ORCHARD FUMIGATION. Siowell Fumigating Co.; Houser- Ohaver Co. FURNITURE. Covina Furniture House, W. Q. Cueter, prop.; Brow & Son, New and Second-Hand Furniture; Hull, Second- Hand Store. DRY GOODS, BOOTS AND SHOES, GENTS' FURNISHINGS. The Broadwcll Department Store; The People's Store. HARDWARE. F. H. Fabrick; W. L. Hurley. HOTtv.LS. The Hotel Vendome, HARNESS. The Covina HnrneBS & Saddlery Company. IMPLEMENTS, Twomey & Diller. IRRIGATION. Covina Irrigating Co.; Columbia Land & Water Co. F.XCLUSIVi: INSDUANCI.J. I 7 . W. Sherwood. JEWELLERS. F. E. Wolfarth. LAUNDRY. Covina French Hand Laundry; Pomona Steam Laundry. Pomona Sanitary Laundry. LUMBER. Kerckotf-Cuzncr Co. LIVERY STABLES. Avenue Stnblcs, J. W. Keefer; City Livery Stables, Charlca Smith. MILLINERY. Miss Sara Reckard. MILLING FEED. San Gabriel Vniley Milling Co.; J. H. Matthews Co. MACHINE SHOP. Kellnr & Thomaaon Co., Inc., Manufacturers and Inventors of California W. M. ORI8WOLD RESIDENCE. It i<; an id'-a. which npp'al" to tli<- -' n' iati-afal to !nke a r-cr/.v little li'irnc wliii-!i H ii.'iH'i'ved tiy as <: "'-iaf ion'-- :md ' ah: r!/" aad iinprov- it with t lie la!e--t modi-Mi id"!iv. A woll-bllilt, -ijiia;.-. j t'.vo S'-TV «f I'ni't n I", tin- old ):oii'-i- wa.- •,vi-II adapt-d lo '•xpnasi'iii, and \- now -'•i-mi'l !•< rioar- ; i! tii" valley. On th" ca'-1 ' idc of rci'-i-p: i«m ,'md 11 v; n s/ rofoi- 1 -: :';-'• bi^ bay \'/;-ii! tv, -; bill!! oil! an 1 ! t.M'ia';: tin- ,!'i?'tli .'!'•'• a:- ; o •-vio''- 'il:'----. -o lliaf alHir;ll»)l 1h'- -i'. II-''i' lb'ii!'"'i on ;•!! '.id'-i by" 1 - ::;:!ai. i'-iib'-r ;ii;ii p"|p'-r t'•'•<••', tii<-'-' : I" '-e -itiia'i"d .-Mid : i imiie-i! thai tie- i; --,-'• i 'k'i'Ird all da V :: ''• !i t.lir- J.'!"' i-.-i- -",<" •••;'• n- . !'; -V.ii- ;•' -, I- i,did - o •/. o: i!.." in-ii; ni :• i i -. !'':"!!; -!. aid i,-i r i i t' '•• PASO ROI!F,F..S HOT SPRINGS C)n fhr- f.Vi.'ixt LiiK-. The f-fjual of any in ti? ( : world ;ind set in the tnid-t of sttcli '-•Inna'jV cono'lti-aii a- c:on-.t ; :nt!y invite •n il:'.: op'-n air. .-\ dciiV.litful pl.'ice for \" •', r-t: 1 !;. 1 'ratioti, co;i- titiition;il trcnt- IH-:;! : r;nd r''(.r< a!i'.:;. Tli-.- r,c-,v bath lio'i >:. ".i:h it- ~\]]>('•;',i c--pii;,m'.-nt. is nn- ri-.-.-d'-'! by aiiylliin.' i:: t!ii- rouutry. Ily- •!':•••.pal'ii': treiitiii' IT -, nnd iiati.s, swim';);:".' i/'i!';-, irr';:-!' b:;l'n-. i '':rl it i;l:irs •i '.-'<)( "i'Ii;-.I<\ i'.M !l-r: ol ; !-iri-;s. \Vhai, ar:- 1 yon riding (or ihn "HUTU Idif-ense" in ymii 1 oninye (-'rn\r : ? Kv"r |'.ry a Krominj.! knife? ii.'p at Kclliir- iThotrason Mf«. Co. t.f •n.'! •-.,', i-l- ',! a -, i' It ha H'l-'ilili 1 bn'f' t. riM'l a ••< lil'le o:i!'l! 'linii't; i-'.-oia and pa '•'inibiii'-'l. • To Hi" rear are Id'lrdicii and pantry, with odd and i nn vcnicnt little, r-njj- boards in all available nooks. t'pstairR t.lif bedrooms are larfje and airy, arid t.lio bathroom of lati'Sit, liy- ^ienic, arran^etnent. A liaadHonio brick fireplace g'ivc.s an air of comfort to the living room, al- tlioa^li fiirna'-e In-at jiermoati-H tlir: •Striking fcnlnrei of UK: lower rooirip. are tli(' Hplendirl finish of tlm oak wocd- work with its shade of yi-eiTi-hrosvn, the work of Afr. Keiser of A/,ii«a, and tlir: concave moldings at. the junction of walls and ceiling, leaving no haunts I'm- viiderH, NOTICE TO CREDITORS. No. 13051. In (lie Si'p'-i-ior ('oart of Hie W(a ! e of * a i i !'"i /i i:'. in and for l!;e f'onnl\' of In 111" Mailer of Ihe Ivdafo of Orvii h. Ma:.t;'!d. llrc'-asi-d. Netiee i-! lierrhv fjiven by the under- .tinned, executrix of t.lio estate of Orvil I), Alaxfield, deceased, to the creditors of, and all persons having claims against, t.lio said decerined, to exhibit, tli" same with the necessary vouchers, within four months after the first publication of this notice to tho said executrix, at the ollice of R. U. Hid well, (i)cadora, I ios An^elcH Co., ','ak, wlii'di said office is hereby designated as t.lie place of hnsiacHs of said executrix for said eslale. |);.lc'd tliis )'.i)l!i day of .'faiiuriry, A. D. limit. ?,i i;^. KM MA ^iAxi''ir-:i,D, Kve.Mil rix of Said 1 . Cleiidora, ('a!,, AMoraev for said exec-utrix.' LEGAL NOTICES Si!i!Ht;ons. In tin: Justice's Court of K.nvl.ind to-,vns.hip. (bounty of lyOs Anyolt's, State '.'f (Jalif'irniti. Slate of C-ilifornia plaintifl", vs. J. K. Jackson, and K. I'. I.'avid.son, defendants. The people of the State of California send greetings to:J. F. Jackson and K. I'. Davidson defendants. You are here directed to appear in an action brought against you by the above named plaintiff, in the Justice's Court of Kowland Township, Los Angeles County, State of California, and to answer before the justice at his office in Covina, in said Township, the complaint filed therein, within five days (exclusive of the day of service) after the service on you of this summons, if served within the Township, in which this action is brought, or, if served out of said Township but within said County, within ten days; or within twenty days if served elsewhere. And you are hereby notified that un'ess you so appear and answer .said complaint, n.s above required, said plaintiff will o.uise your default lo be entered and lake judgment for any money or damages demanded in the complaint as arising upon contract, or will apply to the Court for the relief demanded in the complaint, together with the cost of suit. Given under iiky hand this second day of January, IvlO'J. W. P. Marshall, Justice of the Peace of Rowland Township, County of L<os Angeles, State of California. FOR SALE Five room house and barn, lot 5Cx175, fenced, close lo Citrus avenue and electric road. S1800. Lot 50x175 adjoining above, full bearing Washington navels. SS5U. Four room modern house, two porchcs, bath, cellar, electric lights, large lot 00x175. E. College St. £2500. Five room house and large lot 00x175, in center of town. $3500. Large lots, 00x175, full bearing navels. $025. Large corner lot 05x175, solid to full bearing navels, close to Klcctric road. $1500. Business lot on Citrus avenue, 55x155 with enclosed yards and sheds, 55x80, hauling way on either side. The finest site in town for any wholesale, business. Close to electric road. Price $6000. Good terras can be had on all the properties. J. H. MATTHEWS REAL ESTATE Sole District Agent Citrus Avenue Covina, Cal. Pjravc Pirc Laddies. ( 'often receive severe burns, putting out fires, then use Hucklcn's Arnica Salve n and forget them. It soon drives out pain. I 1 'or Hums, Scalds, Wounds, Cuts and Hruises its earth's greatest healer. Otiickly cures Skin Kruptions, Old Sores, ftoils, Ulcers, Keloris; best. Pile cure made. Kelief is instant. 25c at C. F. Clap]) s. No. 13,27.1. ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE WHY ORDER OF SALE OF REAL ESTATE AND PERSONAL PROPERTY SHOULD NOT BE MADE. In t!ir- Kup.-.-rlor T'oin-t of the State of California, In ;in<l for tho County of Los hi tlii- Mulb-r of tho Kslatr: of (illberl I.) I i-i-.-;•,•„ |ii'<-c-:!i-i"d. II i:- iiidci(-(l, by the Court.. Hint. :d! pf-r- s--in;j in;i-tv.-:t'd in tin; e--t,-iti> of «:iifl <h-- i-i--i.--i-'|, .ippi-nr tiit'iii'i: tin; s;iiil Superior Com-l (in Miiiiil.-iy, Hi'.; f;i.!i d.-i.y i,f J<Vl,ni- :iry. ll|i>:i, n t IK ii'i-lnck n. m. nf until ii:iy, ii!. lii'j <:fiurl K' i-f s.iid Kii|nvrior Ciiiirt.. I )i-p 111 ni'-iit L' thi-rf'Of. in Uie dmrl ti'iiiM--. in sni'l (.oiiniy of (.IIH Anm-li-K, ^•l-ili- nl' C;illl''iriii:i, In ;;hn\v cause \viiy an onli:r slumlil not lie Kran:.-il tii tli--i .-xi-cnlni-s of urilil r.-l.-it.- Ui H'-ll nit of the | i-i-:i| c^t-iie niK.t iiersi'iiiil in-uiierty ot snid j AIM! n copy of tin's order be, pul>- nt li.'nst. four KiicccHsivij \vi-el<H in Ihe Covin;i ArKiiH, ,-i newspupor printed iind published in said Connly of LOH An" JAMKH C. RIVI-:S, .Tiiflije nf t.lie Snpi.-rior Court. ])iib-d Jiinniirv ."i, ]!iO{l. AHNhJR Al.Kt:i-:D DAVIS, \v. M. <;Kis\vor.rj, lOxoentiii-s of a:t!i.l Estate. Al.ti'1'in'y for siii'l KstMtn. JUST RECEIVED A new anrl up-to-date supply of Cards and Folders fur vour photos. Sj eei.V priei-s d'lrini^ September. C. W. Tucker's Ki )H.-\KS AND Si:ri'I,IKS I'ovina, C'al. Open All Year Why Not Sec Yoscmitc This Winter? !t is a magnificent sight. It is a quick, comfortable trip. Daily train service, and good hotel accommodations. For through tickets and further information, see SOUTHERN PACIFIC OR SANTA FE .. •or address 0. V. Lehmer, Traffic Manager YOSEMiTE VALLEY RAILROAD Merced, Cal. MONEY TO LOAN. Oscar Miller. THANSFF-R. Covina Transfer Co., Hutchison Bros., Props. NURSP.RIES, Covina Nursery, J. W. Armstrong, your iinceslrs- would feel iiboul vniiV" !prop.; A. W. Poolcy: Arthur Ynrnell. OSTEOPATHY. Drs. Stevens & Barren. PHOTOGRAPHERS. C. W. Tucker. PHYSICIANS. Reed & Jennings; Roxle E. Bates, Dr. Lewis Thorpe. PAINTING. C. H. Klstler; S. E. Coons; A. H, Crawford. PLUMBING. W. Sides; F. H. Fabrick; E. L. Jackson. GROCERIES. Warner-Whitsel Co.; J. F. Home; Robert Crenshaw. Answers. j REAL ESTATE. 1 Hazzard & Welch; J. M. Stanton; Not u Bargain. 'Pollard & Hutchlnson; A. J. Reetz; "Iio you think that Miss Kldder WHH A. Warner & Co.; Sanders Realty Co.; having fun with meV" nuked Chaw Hit. Jerome Reynolds; Covina Land & "Well, old chap. Kl v <» ""' the details," , Loan Co., William Clark, J. H. Mat- was -\wthur's response. thews; Covina Realty Co., Douglas & -V,,u see, I had m.v bull t, rrier with 'Miller; Edwards i Wildey Co.; I. C. me. and I said ... her, 'Thai ,!,,« knows ; Fairly; George Covert Co. Half n League. The class had Ju.-il tbdshed reciting •"J'he Churp 1 of Ihe I.ltfht l'.ri|.;ade." "Now," .said the leacher, "can any one present tell me Ihe meaning of those words, 'Haifa leiiKiii'V' " I'p shot (he hand of Thomas JOIICH, itKed . leven, football ciiptaln and In- domliab'e fullback. "I'loasc, sir, It means they couldn't •-;ei enough eh:bn to make up Ihe full league." Some one had blundered. London 1909 Model «y • • nps • / Kissel Thirty Motor 4 1 .; .\.-P4--oO h. i>. Wlioul I'.ase U>7 in. Floatituv Rear Axle. I lU-am Front Axle. Scloctivo Transmission. Rear Springs ;-4 Jvliptic. Woi^hl— 2000 Ibs. Timken KolU-r Bearings. Assessment Notice. Columbia L:md and Water Com- , puny, principal plnce of business, / Ciivimi, Kowliind Towiialiij), County nf Los .\nj,'olf;S, Htiite of t,'nlifornia. Notice is lierohy i,'ivon thnt iit a inert inn of the (liri:ctc;rs, held on tliei> j tdeventh day of .laimary, 1SHJ9. an'" i assessment cd' -llHi eeiit.s pti share I was lovieil upon the Ciipital .stuck uf the above named curpuratinii, pnyitble immiHlintel.v tu the secretary, at, the oilii'.o of tho company at, Co\ina. t'oiinly (if Los Angeles, Stale of California. Any stuck upon which this assessment shall lemain unpaid on the Nth day uf February, lIKi'.i, will be delinquent, mid adverti.sed for sale at public anotion, and unless payment IK mailo In'fure, will bo snl<l on the 7th day of March, 1909, at 1 n'olmtk in tho afternoon, at the otllco of the company in Covina, Coiintj- of Los Aut>eltia, State of California, to pay tlui clcliiKiucnt aasesHinent, tonother with tho cirnt of advertising and expense of sail). J. II. MATTHKWS, Secretory. Ct.vinu, Cal., January 11, 1'JOO. . New Pomona Double Plunger Deep Well Pump Head W as inii'-h as I dn.' And she said, 'Dnu't you think $l.."it( was too much to pay for him':'" ('leveland l.vader. The Right Bone. "i'n-d, dear. I feel It in my Indies thai .Mm lire Koin^ to take me to the Tl.uaIer tonight." "\Vhi'-h bone. durlintjV" "I'm nut sun-, bul 1 think it's my \vl.-jldciie!" I\:m-,:(S t'lly Independent. Apprehensive. ROOMING HOUSES. William McLeod; J. H. Mann; J. H. Whittnker. SIDEWALK CONTRACTING. Bonham & Rltcha. TREE PRUNING. William Summers, Ed. Goodnight. ....... TAll.OHri. D. M. Sutherland; Charles Harris. cleaning and pressing. TEACHING. Mad.uiie Van Vliet, voice culture; Robert Philleo, violin; Prof. Groom, school music and vocal and instrumental instruction: Mrs. Harry Dam Speed- 45 miles per hour. Kissel Thirty Roadster $1500 Kissel Thirty Surrey $1550 T'-.- I U.H.! ii> b,. |.i\ej for ercl. piano; Mrs. John Brunjef., piano; ni.VM-lf. Cdii'it de I'.mki' I'ppii'bea- Mrs. Ben F. Thorpn, voice culture; Hi-, (•!.--- My d,-;u- 1 idy. is iliere any pus- Miss Mela Brunjes. piano; Bess Welch, BibilJU >!' tldi bi-i"U » --;i RICO jf intstuU- voice culture. i'i )V i N A DELINQUENT NOTICE. ()ili 1 -e of the I'ovina Irri^Mtin^ Comp;in\ ; priucip:il place of business. Cn- vin:i, It'owhii.d 'I'liwusliip. '''un^y ot' I.os Aiiiti-h-s, Stsite of t'ulit'urn i. 'I'lirrc :iri> il.-liiupn-iit mi the fullowin-; desi-iibed >tm-k mi account of' assessment .Nn. 17, levied nil December -lid, I'.ios. i he .-i-^eral amounts set uppnsite I lie nanic-i ,,f tli,. rrspe;-iive shareholders \«i. Xo. Name. ( 'i rt. Shan s. Anit. ( ', ,-eha ret-iian.. . . I'.'l'J Iio .fl'i.UO And in a.-, .'i-lance with law and ;ni nrder el' tin' board i-t' dirt cturs, made ,>n li.e Ji..| day nf Dt ceinb.'r, A. 1). !l'cel of ,s>ary will [h," ortic.-- i >, n. j -a I: s' Hi l •' \ 1 ii a . * a 111 • i r u la , !< • i; day ..; i'. bn!ar\'. A. D. | al !!..- i --;:- "! - ii '--luck p. m. --1 j ! i \ . ; -1 | -i v . -a: -i •!- : i inineli 1 a--e~s- j 1 i., r.••'•!. t _ : :.' 1" « '•' i. i lie CoM.* i ,,:;:-!:._; :•.:.•( , \:- !--. - of -ab'. ; !-. I ! I i\\ \ KI >S. S ,-r, i.i. v. j i:-.-, i' ,! , .Li:, .ar^ - l. ';;' •-.'. ' ' [BUILT IN THREE SIZES, From Ten to Forty Horse Power It is the smoothest running- deep well pump because J, there are no dead centers, no jerk or jar, and no danger^of breaking the pump rods. Be sure and write for our big catalogue. Watch this space for further information. Pomona Manufacturing Co. Pomona, California Covina Orange Groves We have a lar^e clientage buying good orange groves. If you want a quick sale, list 3 our grove with us. "IT I'AYS T< i SKK 1'S" EDWARDS & WILDEY CO. 212 I.augh'lin liUlg.. Los Angelo I). W. Nk'Donald. Cuvinn n-uruientative Home jihuiie 1205, Covina i

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