Covina Argus from Covina, California on February 6, 1909 · Page 1
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 1

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 6, 1909
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»•'* Faulder, (Mr*. H. M, F. H. FABRICK-HARDWARE F. II. FABRICK- PLUMBING ^ GABRIELAALLEY tv 'ft s 'An l^f jfa VOL 3T COVINA, CALIFORNIA, SATURDAY. FEB. 6, 1909. INO PROFESSIONAL CARDS DR. STEVENS OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN Phone 298—Argus Block Dr. Olinda K. Stevens. Tuesdays and Fridays & JENNINGS, PHYSICIANS AND BURGEONS J. D. REED G. D. JENNINGS 8-10 a m 10-12 m 2-4 p m, 7-8 p m 4-6 p m Offices in Reed blk., Phone 40. Residence of Dr. Reed E. Badillo st. Phone 48; Residence of Dr. Jennings on Reynolds addition, E- Badillo St. Phone 299. COVINA, CAL. P. J. CUNE, —DENTIST— Office hours: 8:30 to 12, 1 to 4. Home Phone 47 Office: Bank Blk., - Covina, Cal, |)R. W. W. SCHIPFMAN DENTIST Over Argus Office Covina, Cal. Phone 284 ADDRESS BY E. J. HARPER, CITY FORESTER OF LOS ANGELES. Fanners' Club and Monday Afternoon Club Unite For a City Beautiful. city for or an individual itself "will never " £ § H. WEDGWOOD ARCHITECT AND BUILDING CONTRACTOR Residence, Cienega, near Grand R.F.D. box 204 Phone 3065 . v ANDREW M - PENCE ATTORNEY -AT-L AW ; i '"" "V " Phone 1039 . iRced Block Covina, Cal. QEO..L. SANDERS, ATTORNEY ,AT LAW Offices 325-333-335 Wilcox Building, Telephone, Home 42S LOS ANGELES, CAL. ######**###*#***** # * * We Can Sell Your Orange Grove # * * * * # # * * # * * * * * * # # * * * # Our branch office in Los Ange- les, 525 So. Spring street, en- * W buyers. List your property with us. Covina Realty Co. W Afe- ^H sir :## Room Only. "Standing room only" would fitly describe the conditions at the Methodist Church during the series of sermon-lectures being delivered by the pastor, Rev. Harry White. Mr. White treats the subject in a broad and comprehensive manner, taking in connection with the life of the Master the consideration of such topics as, "The Condition of the World at the time of the Advent of the Christ, and the Meaning for Christianity of the work of the Older Civilizations;" "Prevailing Conceptions of the Kingdom;" Jewish Sects and Parties, and the Theories for which They Stood. " The words of appreciation heard on all sides show how deeply the people are interested in tbase uimple and straightforward treatment of these large themes. Rev. W. 8. Myers at the Naomi Avenue Christian Church in Los An- yeles addressed a conference of workers at the Christian Church Thursday evening, looking to the coming revival. The evangelist, Rev. S. M. Martin, of Seattle, Wash., has held two revivals during tbe last two years with 50 additions in thf NaoiM Avenlie church. "A country, a which lives only attain its fullest powers." This was the keynote of the eloquent and impressive address given by Mr. Harper last Monday afternoon to a crowded audience composed principally of members of the above clubs. Mr. Harper had been requested to give suggestions as to plans for the beautifying of the city, which subject is occupying the minds of many of our prominent citizens. His first advice was with regard to San Bernardino boulevard, that in another generation it might, become a world-famed beauty spot. It should widened to i!5(J feet, with a parking ot 75 feet down tho center filled with nr tistic grouping of palms and other trop growth; a fifty-foot drive oacli side, leaving a parking of ST 1 /.- t'oet on each side in which ho would plant rubber trees which he conceded to be tho most, beautiful of nil evergreen shade trees. He said in part: "Von have a beautiful climate and beautiful groves Your churches arc better than tho average in small towns. Beyond a few pines and peppers yon have practically no trees. Do not plant eucalyptus, but do not cut down tho fine row south of town. Plant Stcrculia for narrow park- ings, Magnolia in the lower portions, Black Acacia, Acacia decurrens whore there is more room, Pepper, Camphor, .Tncaranda, Live Oak, Deodar, St. John's Bread or Carob. Of deciduous trees the European Sycamore, Tulip, California Maple, Umbrella, Spanish and Horse Chestnut. Palms "arc good around groves as they have no lateral roots to sap the soil. Phoenix Ganar- iensis is the most graceful. Ordinances should bo promulgated enforcing uni- forraity of kind and spacing, and protecting against the utility companies. No one should be allowed to plant or remove, a tree without permission." A PRETTY WEDDING. A very pretty wedding occurred on Thursday evening, in this city, which is of much interest to many in Covina and Salem, Ore., Miss Lotitia Breakey, for several years an assistant in tho Covina postofHcc, becoming the bride of Mr. Edwart C. Siewcrt. Tho wedding occurred at the now and beautiful home of the young couple, recently built by the groom on East Badillo street. The ceremonv was performed by the Rev. Harry "W. White, D. D., pastor of the First M. E. Church of this city. The bride and • groom, supported by tho bride's sister, Miss Mattie Broukey, as bridesmaid, and Prof. Karl Leebrick, as best man, on- lered tho prettily decorated parlor to the strains of Mendelssohn's Wedding March, played by Mrs. A. A. Siewert, the ring ceremony being used. The bride looked very young and :)rotty and was tastefully gowned in a beautiful creation of white net over white silk. In her hair twined a deli•ate wreath of orauge blossoms and she carried a magnificent shower bouquet )f white carnations and maidenhair ferns, flowers being her o-ily ornaments. As her going away costume she wore l wisteria colored' chid'on broadcloth, with white picture hat. The tall and stately bridesmaid was gownr d in a nessnlino silk of golden hue. After u wedding supper served by Mrs. ,). D. Moll'at the happy couple left iinid showers of rice for a trip to San Jiogo, and on ami after March 1st they will be at home to their friends at heir new home on Kast Madilln street. The bride, an orphan, win, lias made i ler home with her sister, Mrs. A. M. FVnco, is a lovclv girl and her ir.^ts if friends in i ovinn and \icinity unite n wishing her a happv ami pru'ipi'i-ous ife. The groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Siewert of Salem, Ore. He is a voung nan of .sterling qualities. At present e is head salesman in the <'ovina Fur- lituru Co. '.s establishment. ORANGE WEEK IN THE EAST. This srnsou the California Fruit Growers' Exchange are greatly extending the scientific system of advertising which they so successfully inaugurated in the East last season. The modus operand! is in this fashion. All the large centers of population will be divided into districts and a special train of fruit shipped to them at stated intervals. All fruit dealers in the district will be notified beforehand by circulars: "That all newspapers in your territory will carry hard- hitting inO-line ads telling the' people how good 'Sunkist' oranges ni">; how much better flavored the California seedless oranges are this season than ever before; how beneficial they are as an nrlieie of daily diet." Placards advertising "tfunkisl " oranges and "Sunkist" lemons will be distributed amongst them, and they will be urged to' innk« tempting ,IJ H . plays of oranges and loinons boMi in their windows and inside their stores, as nothing i.s more inviting than a nice display of ripe, perfect fruit. And no fruit is more tempting than oranges They are beautiful in'color, svmmelrical in form, and fragrant with the delightful odor of the groves of California's sun-kissed foothills. Largo hal'f-pa"o ads will also be used at intervals hoost- uig the sale of "Sunkist" oranges and directing purchasers to their local dealers. This opportunity of participating in a groat systematic, advertising scheme will bo eagerly welcomed by the retail dealers and the rivalry engendered among them in endeavoring to make tho best displays, will not only mako a Uirgo market for oranges and lemons but by adding tone to thmr H lores will attract a bettor class of trade and soil other goods as well, thus securing the BASEBALL SUNDAY. A good baseball game is scheduler for next Sunday afternoon, betwcei the Covina team and the Sunbright Babes of Los Angeles. The visiting team has an extremely good record winning -'2 out of lid games. The North Pasadena team, that gave the locals such a close rub a l'e\v weeks ago, wen beaten decisively by these speodv plav- ors; in fact, nearly all the good amateur teams around hire have been de f on ted by them. Manager ('overt is determined to givi tho public the best baseball possible, and no such team as last Sundnv's imposition will get, a look in, if lie seen them first. For the Hitnbrighl; Babes, iioroiiia and Potollo will occupy the main positions. C. K-tirly and'King will compose the battery for (.'ovina. Admis- 25 cents. BASEBALL FAROE. Last Sunday afternoon a farcical exhibition of I he great national game was given on the grounds south of town Manager Covert arranged for a game of baseball with a supposedly good loam from Los Angeles, but when (he Lyening Mows aggregation arrive,] on the field in (heir variegated costumes, and a like knowledge of baseball, the fans started to roar. Tho homo team was stunned for the time, and while they weren't, ' looking three runs wore (dipped' over. This is about all that happened, however, as tlm final score, 12 to •!, in favor of C,,. vina, indicates. • Tho features of the game were the spttballs by tho city team's e^-big league i box artist; (f) „„,[ ,,]„, * nouncodly poor playing of every one of' tho Covina boys. Tho details' were bettor forgotten. Concert •Covina Union ttfob School Orchestra and Bauo TKflomans Club Douse, Covina fivenlno, jfebruarg I9tb, 1009 Zi&mfssfon, 50 cent0 Seats reserves at Ciapp'* without ema cbarfjc Another Big Week We ag<-iin invite you to visit us the coming week and see the demonstration of Something Entirely New We are not going to tell you what is here, except to suggest that for the sick room or for those unfortunate people who have stomach trouble, this demonstration will be of interest. "If you can't come, phono" HOUSE MOVING. The large two-story house with its icavy brick chimneys, formerly the evidence, of the late ('Jeorge Smith, was jccesH^ully moved from the site of the i-w High School to its new location on !ust Center street on Saturday last by he McCrary Hrother.-i, honac movers of ;ung Heach. It was a heavy move and he operation was watched with inter- at by a number of our citixcria. font ines (it telephone and elec.tric light t'ire hail to be cut, but the. building k'as placed upon its new foundation* without receiving the slightr-Ht damage ti Thi.-i i.s a good oppoitunity it anyone h»ving buildings to move j D ritilain ill.- services ot' r-.-ifful and ! Jlllfietcrit lll-'Il. ; success and popularity of the move- nent. Last season tho ojierations along his line was confined to two states, but he success was so marked that this cason's operations will embrace, six states. The first, special sale which vill In. known as "Orange Week" will nke place in tins Omaha and Kansas 'it.y districts, commencing l-'i-brnarv ith. From February Ifith to t!0 will be "Orange Week" in I,,wa and lllinoiH, and on February i-'^rl the special sale will ''ommenci' in .Minriesola and Soulli Dakota. As soon as this territory has been covered the sales will commence again lit Omaha am! Kaunas <'ny and the .same groiird gone over again during the months of March and April. The trains ot' fniit for all these will be start'd from California a( two Weeks before the ad ,'crl i:ii"| of special «nlos. Whr-n v-'e consider the (,'reat strides thai hnve been lahly made in eitriis cultivation, the vast r-api'al invested, the thousands -if acres of land planted to "roves and that an army of LT),iiUi) men j.s employed in the cultivation a nil hai iiij» of California orniigcs and lemons, some idea may be f'orrrn d of the magnitude of ||,e industry and the pressing need of systematic ,'ind scientific methods in marketing and advertising tly crops. sales least dale .,<: -i; r PRESBYTERIAN MUSIC. The people (it Covina will be favored with an unusual musical program at the Presbyterian Church Sunday morn ing, February 7th. Mrs. Wiseman of Long Ucach, who is recogniy.ed as one of the leading vocalists of Southern California, ,vi)l jfing "f Know That My Redeemer Liveth," from Ha/idel's "Messiah." She will also »iiiK. with the assistance r<f ttir- quartet, the obligate h'<lo in "Seek Ve the Lord," by Varlr-v Kob- erts. For '(:'• ev.-ljing Ver 1 , ice tiir. quartet i.a'.i- :rriai,;_"'l two nuriih>-ri and .\Je--r-. Hlan.'haii! ,'nvi W"ll-. v/il!" (!;•• dn.-t ••Abi.t- W,ii, M..," by <;,-„.".•-,,.,,„. Mr. A!-- '.'.'. ,\i..|..|-,,i, .-.,li ,.-:;.-. .-,,:, -it !;..- ,...'..,. u. l,.,t j. -..., . j,-, -. EBERSOLE—HEFNER. At the home of the bride'H mother, hurBday, I'Vk -III., at H ,,. m., Mj^ Lose Violet 11,'pner, e|,|,. H | ,|; n , K |,,,.r ,,f Mrs. Minerva llepne,-, was united in holy matrimony to ,(„),„ K n ,nk Kbr-r- sole of Lordshiirg. Tin. ceremonv was performed by I,,.,- pastor, |{,, v '<; p Cheinbr-i'leii, under a II immense while wedding |,e||, hung under an arch of palm leiivesi The rooms wr-re tastily decorated with calla lilies ami festoon's ot Himlax. The brir|>. looked very >:vvccl in ;i gown of while silk Innsdo'wn and carried a boui|iiet of carnal ions ami maidenhair ferns. Her traveling unit, was a brown tailor made bioadelofh. The ((room wore Hie conventional black, After a Wedding breakfast tin- happy young couple left, on Hi,- :',:'.',lt car for a brief we.lding trip, and IIJMMI their return will he at home to their friends at their new home on 1'iieiile street on and after Feb. l.'.lli. l!r,t|, arc ^ nil \. U.-ite.s of Ilii. Lord-dilirg College and Hie wedding is the outcome rrf /,/, attach meat formed while attending this in stitnlion r,f learning. They have many fiiends in Covina and Lo'rdnhiirg who are showering congratiilations on the happy pair. THE DOCTOR HAS RETURNED. The many friends of Dr. ./. C. Ooodcll will be pleased to dr-ar ||,al lie and his lamily huve returned to ''ovina to stay. The doctor will resume his practice of osteopathy at his former offices in the First National Hank /{njlding and his residence is Fast Ce-iler street, tirnt housr- east of Citrus avenue. WILL OPEN ART STUDIO. Miss O. M. Lawrence will open an art studio in the building former!)' or- copied by the Seven Day Advcntists opposite Hotel Vendome, to teach paint ing in oils and water colors; painUfi;.' on china a specialty. Mi-is Lawrence •/.ill hold her opening reception and ex on Tiieiday, rVbrnarv '.I, to who'h • •,<•/'.• r,ji.. i-. r-or<lia|! v in 1 , if-.I. Mi--. Viana D-ar-loif ol Ml. I '' ': is I : I /'"I I '•>•' II ' ! •/ I '. -|,e;ii| :r I.'.. I.•,;/,.• ',! I. I :r',r,l. M I-. (I M. DIRECTORS OKKICKKS G, K, AiularHnn (J. F. Clapp J. H. Klllolt W. II. Hollliiiiy II. Ili-llmun W. It. MOl.MlMY, I'n.-Hldnnt II. M. IlniiHer .1. O. Ilniiiim- ('. Mcnofurj A. I'. Knrdiliotr . MAIKJO II. IIKU.MAM, Vl.:o .1. H. KU.IOTT, Vice I'nm. W. M. (ilUHWOU), (;ii,i|,|,. r Capital and Surplus $90,000.oo Covina IDalley Savings ffiaith Covina, Cal. DIKKCTORS Ocn. K. An'liiriirjii J. It. Kill..11, Marco II. Ilnlliniii) W. II. MolMrliiy II. M. lloiim.r A. I'. Kmrkhnir OFKICICKS A. I'. KKKCKIIOKK. I'r.tii II. M. UO|;H|;|{, Vlc.i I'rc W. M. (JIllMVVOU). CiiHh Capital and Surplus $42,000.oo Opening /VXeircH 3rd einci -4th We: wish to announce tlic ojicninrr of an eiitirdv new stock stylish, np-to-diiti: s|>rin^ and siirntner floods. Al! are cordially ited. Next to Warner, Whitsel .V Co,'« New Store Ultlg. <5rabam ('itrus Avenue ('ovinu, ('ul. || Suit Your System Clothes do not make folks, but, "Tell me what you eat and I'll tell you what you are." We can suit your system from a bouncing breakfast and a lively luncheon to a delicious dinner. Our goods all guaranteed. Suit your system here and j wear alovely complexion. Yours for business, Home's Grocery I'hom

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