Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on October 12, 1949 · Page 18
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 18

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 12, 1949
Page 18
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Oct. 11,1949 Maion City Globe-Gazette, Mason City. ^venture Callh '' ••• •--. SYNOPSIS Frances Phillips visits kindly old Judge Grimes In Boston to discuss her late Aunt Becky's will. Two years hen-re, under ccf- tiin conditions, she will Inherit this estate. On her way up to the Judge's office In the elevator., Frail observes a very battled younf man, one obviously Just out of uniform. Because he chose, to remain on army duty overseas, Fran's brother Ken has appointed his buddy Myles Jail-ray to watch over her affairs. She resents the fact that she must account to this stranger for her every move, jaln his approval of the man she m»y choose to marry. Hungry for adventure she accepts a Job at the Sargent Art Galleries in 'a small Maine town. At her first gay dinner party she meets up with her ex-beau, well-born, charming though •weak, Blake Sinclair. Judge Grimes had warned her against marrying him. Gene Sargent, an old school fiend of Fran's, is in love with Blake and is frustrated and nnhappy. ' CHAPTER 5 ."HAVEN'T you accomplishment enough on your record to offset your foreign policy bad mark?" "I hope so, but there is more to It than that. His family has loads of the moolah, have been citizens here since the beginning of time— mine goes back only 2 generations —it produced a Colonial Governor. The house built on the land he acquired was the largest in the town, it's a knockout in architecture and grounds, is opened when a charity stages one of those Historic Landmarks shows. It was called Shore Acres then and the name has stuck. He's my friend, he's a grand guy, but he's had all the breaks." "Ours is a democracy. A man doesn't need wealth and a social background even to become president. You'd better take a refresher course in American history." "I get what you mean, but 6 years in the service added to what he had before will fire the imagination of the voting public." "What were you doing through those same years?" "Slaving at a desk in Washing' ton for 3 of them. It wasn't my ', fault I didn't get into the fight. - Had 15 pounds sweated off me the • day before I went up for examination, and say, is that something to do' for one's country? But they LORING her hair. Stupid, why had she given him that lead? "My dear Fran." "Don't call me that." "Dear or Fran?" "Neither." "Sorry, being with Ken so much I got the habit of thinking of his kid sister as Fran. It won't happen again. Get this. Personally you went out of my life when you refused to meet me at Judge Grimes' office; nevertheless, I shall carry on my trustee duties in .every detail. Mrs. Sargent has given the high sign to her husband." As she rose he drew out her chair and added close to her ear: "And I mean in every detail. That's a warning to watch your step." * * A voice singing, "You're So Sweet to Remember" drifted from a concealed radio as hostess and women guests entered the book- walled library where soft , green hangings were pushed back' from the long open windows. I'll wager Myles Jaffray never will think that of me, Fran decided as she dropped to a deep rose-color pouf. I stepped off on the wrong foot with him. "How come the shiver, Fran?" Gene Sargent's pale pink skirt billowed as she seated herself behind the coffee table. She dropped a cube of sugar on the saucer of Sevres cup. "You can't be cold so near that gay little fire behind you. Didn't pick up Try and Stop •By BENNETT CERF- late George Kittredge, one of the greatest professors in •*- Harvard's history, was lecturing a class on the day preceding the annual football game with Yale. Knowledge that the class was not exactly concentrating upon his dissertation impelled the professor to pace up and down the platform even more energetically than was his usual wont. Suddenly he made one step too many and fell off the platform onto his face. He was up again before a student could help him, shaken and bruised, but still composed enough to observe, "Gentlemen, I believe this is the first time I ever have descended to the level of my audience." * * * Kay Wister has a five-year-old friend whose parents set forth in their most elegant finery to attend a wedding. Impressed and excited, the youngster exclaimed, "What fun, mommy! Come home and tell me who won!" .' Copyright, 194D. by Bennett Corf. Distributed by King Features Syndicate. SCOH'S SCRAP BOOK By R. J. SCOTT did you?" bug tooay, wouldn't pass me." "I'm sorry you were disappointed. You won't quit the congressional fight because another candidate may be or has been proposed? You won't give up, will you? The easiest thing to do in the world is to give up." "Not a chance. I'm right back in there pitching. Miss Trent's news knocked me out that's all." for a minute, "Perhaps she is mistaken. Is she an authority on the political situa- • tion?" "Authority! That ; woman is a ' law unto herself. She is the po- . litical arbiter' of this country." "Is your potential rival inter 1 esting? Having met you I would ; like to see him. Maybe I'm psychic, - maybe I can see the winner in my •': crystal ball." "Hey, soft-pedal. He's the man at your left. This dinner is a sort of Hail to the Hero welcome home to him.' Fran thought of the man's laughing eyes, of the richness of his voice even when hushed when he said, "I take it you don't care lor 'littleneck clams, Miss Phillips." How had he known who she was? They hadn't met before dinner. "What is your hero's name?" she whispered. "I'd like to know, 1 can't very well say 'you, there,' when I speak to him." "Jeepers, do you have to ask? His service record has been front page stuff in the local news for 2 days. Airborne division. Made some spectacular jumps. He has been decorated and redecorated. He's Myles Jaffray, Major Myles Jaffray." Myles Jaffray! Fran was unaware of her shocked repetition. "Did I hear my name?" the man at her left inquired. He turned his back on his hostess as squarely as etiquette permitted. Not Ken's Myles Jaffray, she reassured herself while her eyes clung to his as if hypnotized. "If you don't like clams you do like raspberry with marrons, don't you?" His voice broke the spell of unbelief. Was he warning her that she was attracting attention? "Mad about it." Would he notice the hint of .vibrato in her voice? "I am a person of very strong likes and equally strong aversions." "And loves and hates. You re telling me. You have stepped into the glacial age. You were gay, responsive and charming the first time I spoke to you. Didn't know who I was? Since then you have discovered?" "I have. You know I didn t want to meet you. Why did you follow me?" "Follow you." His low incredulous voice, his brows raised in 2, sent a wave of color to "No, must be a reaction from the excitement of the dinner party. I'm a temperamental person." "I'll say you .are, if you call this boring evening exciting." Her mouth, which nature had intended to be lovely, had acquired a discontented droop at the corners. "You are wearing yourself to shreds at the Gallery. You go into everything you. do up to your elbows. That suits Dad to a T. He's a slave driver. The New York Galleries are a business, this summer project is an avocation, his pet and pride." "It is fast getting to be mine. I'm thrilled over it. I was late getting home tonight because I wanted to make sure we were ready to receive the paintings tomorrow for our — notice that our — one-man show the day after." "That leads up to what I want to' talk to you about, this is my chance before the men come in. Mother and I think you should be nearer the Gallery, you waste so much strength getting back and forth." As she filled the gold- lined cups with dark, liquid amber the aroma of coffee fused with the scent of burning pine cones. Surprise halted the raised cup on its way to .Fran's mouth. When 2 weeks ago she had begun to look for a place to live — delightful as this home was, she wanted to be on her own — Gene and her mother had protested vehemently, had insisted that there was plenty of room at Rocky Point. What did this sudden change of front mean? The reason that it was to save her strength • was a phony. The 2 places were but a JO-minute walk apart, she' had her own car to use in bad weather. "Your friend Gene doesn't happen to have green eyes, does she?" As clearly as if it had been spoken to her ear Judge Grime's question echoed through her memory. They had been talking of Myles Jaffray and Gene's story about him and her sister-in-law. Myles was here now and- u.s. MILI-IXR.Y A.IRP1.A.NE V/AS ONE. MA.DE. Br -ffo Bfl.0-mE.RS A-ND 1909 M T-T. ME.YE.R, VA.. ^ . . ..ix AMER1CAH HlsVoRY,T>fwrtl<:rt MOB.E'fHA.H . PEOPtE PERISHED GROUND PESrMXo, WS-, IS LARGELY UHKKOWK <0 -WE WORLD BECAUSE rf FIRE, i QC-f-S, 1671 - ONLY 25O PERSONS WtU'f _ SW>DLE- HORSE. PopuLA-'flOM oT -IHt UHMED S-IA.TE.S 850,000. ROOM AND BOARD By GENE AHERN IIP IT ISNT THE ACTUAL MAKING UP OF THE BEDS THAT I OBJECT TO---IT'S THE STOOPING OVER SO MUCH THAT AGGRAVATES AN OLD INJURY IN MY BACK I GOT FROM GOING OVER, NIAGARA IN A BARR.EU/-U/VI'-.., '•.- IT WAS IN 19O7-I" \b*»- ALL RIGHT -I'LL f SWITCH JOBS WITH YOU, RATHER. THAN LISTEN/ • v --- FUNNY, YOUR. NIAGARA BACK NEVER BOTHERS YOU IN THE YARD WHEN YOU STOOP OVER. TO PICK UP HORSESHOES IN YOUR PRACTICE PITCHING/ •(& _ PAINS WHEN WORKING to-n "For Pete's sake, you look as if I had knocked you out, Fran. We don't want you to' go, we are thinking of what is best for you." . (To Be Continued) County Teachers Meet Garner—About 70 Hancock elementary school teachers were present at a meeting held at. the courthouse recently. Fifty-eight of the group were rural teachers. Chief topics for. discussion were the teaching of 'phonics and the use of library books. The teachers were given material on these and other subjects for future use. DAILY CROSSWORD Sixty-eight per cent of Japan's eligible women voters cast ballots in their country's last general election, Januarj r , 1949. DEAR /AOAK= DO PEOPL.E THAN OTHERS DEAR- AUDAH= DID YoU KNO\AJ THAT THE MAN WHO WA*S SHOTTHBOLiSH THE HEART DlOATTDIE" BECAUSE HfS HEAP5T WAS /AJ H!S MOUTH ? MRS LLOXD WiL.I-.IAMS 's AJuMSXULt ^ .ACROSS 1. Fertile earth 5. A short- sound, vowel mark 10. Not difficult 11. Run again 12. Questions 13. Precious gems 14. Music note 15. English streetcar 16. Gill (abbr.) 17. Period of being a hoy 20. Notch 21. American Indian 22. Farm building 23. Like ale 24. Exclamation of contempt 25. Civil wrong 27. Looks into carefully 30. Half ems 31. Shop at a military camp 32. Land- measure- 33. Flower 34. Music note 35. Undressed kldskins 37. Cry 39. To bar by one's own act (Law? 40. Needy 41. Kind of rock . A2. Taverns DOWN 1. Injury 2. Tree 3. Beast of burden 4. Belonging to me 5. Food in general 6. Quantity of paper 7. Blunder 8. Boorish 9. Flag 12. Large pulpit 13. Malayan boat 15. Small bird (W. I.) 18. Periods of time 19. Dagger handle 20. Same as Jehovah 22. Roll of cloth 24. Bogs 25. Plagues 26. Onset 27. Platform 28. Gatherers; of eels 29. Break suddenly 31. A crinkled fabric GO HOME, ELMEr?--YOLJ CAN'T FOLLOW ME TO THE OFFICE .' Yesterday'* Answer 33. Heathen image 36. Greek letter' 37. Gained 38. An age 40. Jumbled type 21 32, 26 1 21 2O 22 GO HOME,ELMER- NOW, DONT FOLLOW ME OR YOU'LL GET LOST! DAILY CRYPTOQUOTE—Here's how to work it: 1 AXYDL BAAXR is LONGFELLOW One letter simply stands for another. In this example A is used for the three L's, X for the two O'a. etc. Single letters, apos- trophies, the length and formation of the words are all hints. Each day the code letters are different. A Cryptogram Quotation YOU FOLKS SEEM A LITTLE DUTY... LIKE FROM AN "EYE" TREATMENT.' s SITM-SL-ATI;, THAT'S CORRECT. BUT VMKO ARE. "MAUN Dl" MEN 11 WONDEBFUL! WONDERFUL >'. IS YOUR CAPTAIN, WONDERFUL, HE SAYS.' BETTED BEING YOUR TEAM TO THE. DUGOUT,SIR ... AND YOU CfcH DtClDE WHETHER YOU WAUT TO PLAY BALL WTW THE "EYE" OR BE HOLDOUTS... LIKE US.' SEAMEN, SIR... ANDK SYMPATHETIC \NELCOME TO YOU/ ANY LETTERS FROM OUR MYSTERIOUS RABBIT TODAY, MARTY ? 10-11 IO-II R L RIOR I OLI I RISV UGLS ID SINCE HE JOKES ABOUT 50SERIOUS A MATTER AS GROWING OLD THE ,^-R-RITER. K OBVIOUSLY A MON! • • AN' IT'S GREATJLXREUEVED I AM/TIS TRUE.! AYE!--AND THIS ONE REMOVES A CERTAIN OBSTACLE BRIDGET.'READ BE YOUR GUIDE. WRITE YOURPROPSX A6E.IH5IDE.I YOU CLAIM THE SAME AGE EVERY YEAR, 50 KEEP TH15 CARD FOR NEXT YEAR,DEAR.! I'MNOTANEASYONETOFOOL-•• • REMEM&ER? WE WERE PAW AT SCHOOL 1 . <t WHAT "^1 ERRAND? }, I WAS ON MY WAY TO THE STORE.. GRANDMA ASKED ME TO GET HER SOME ) FLOOR WAX/I WELL, AT LEAST NOW I WON'T HAVE TO RUN THAT ERRAND; li<: NOW, NOW! ALL BUT IN TEARS,AREMT YOU? MAYBE THIS ISN'T AS BAD AS YOUT -—/ = LOOKS MIGMTY HOPELESS TV4E ISS WILL FIX ( BUT I'LL LOOK / WITH My HAIR LON6 ( PROMT AND 6HOCT ISJ THERE NOV/! TelAT ISN'T SO BAD,IS IT? BAD/ WHY I NEVER DREAMED IT WOULD LOOK SO GRAND \\ Z KUZ GTOC, ISV VI C — D R I W L D G L I Z L. Yesterday 1 * Cryptoquote: WILD A3 THE WJNOS ACROSS THE HOWLING'WASTE OF MIGHTY WATERS—THOMSON. Plsiributcci by Kins Fcftturcs Syndicate MEAN you DONT KNOW YOUR OWN HUSBAND RS.VVESCOTT?/ IT'S JUD// We CAN T RND HER... AND SHE LEFT THIS / F5RHAP5 SHE S WITH STEFAN.' WHERE IS HE, MRS. r WESCOTT? WHAT WRONG, OAKY DOAK5/ HOW CAM YOU BE SO NOJHSIDERATE/y L15TEU DEUCIA/ YOU'RE A SWELL AND VERY BEAUTIFUL BUT I'M NOT60IWG MARRY YOL ' AMD PARSOKI BRQWK1 SAID HE'D WAIT " ALL WIGM' FIXED KWOW WHERE ;ET A MARRIAGE LICENSE OAKY/ PERMAWEHT WENTVMITH DEBE>X A OVER TO e>uy A NEW coN-J VEQTlBLE.f YOU HEARD S FINDING THE) MOW NICE YOU IN YOUG. UNIFORM.' MON is MILITARY SCHOOL? BlXWELL \ PE PORT INS FOI3. DATE / I REGRET > 00 NOT HAVE KAPIO PATROL- CAN THE POLICE PICK HIM UP EN ROUTE S SUSPECT SiGHTSEEWG- BUS BOUND 1RTHE FYRAMIPS THROUGH TH HEI.IOP01.IS, NOTED A CONSTABLE IN KHEDIVA SECTOR REPORTS A MAN FITTIWG SWiS'PESCRIFTlON

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