Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 18, 1912 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 18, 1912
Page 6
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6 THE lOLA DAILY REGISmEt. MONDAY EVENING, NO VEMBER 18.1912. 503 BUSHELS ON FIVE ACRES (resli mmt basis to accumulating 5tnok8. Tills ypnr tlie jMickors a-.o ahli' to ]jui prices dowji. liut not lo ktH'p tliem iluwn. The market has I . 1 i . jinaileonly a sIlRbt sain this we*k, but. Corn Hjifcii-d by Winner of llie Fir^t.'tho leplina hi finii, top today $T>".. A IM£ or IBE IKONHEK i'ritt ii WuKuiinpr Tiiuti'st Shows l 'ii <,<ibllltlc«. . Au)il.'i>ii, K :ULK., Nov. lo.'—Fri'il Browu. wlioBO faiiu is northeast of Musrotah; Krow 203 9-12 bu*!ie!s o( corn on ^ivc ncr«» of land, and nron the first iprir.e of $30i) oKerwl by B. P. Wagfjoner last spring for tiw largest yield on /Ivevacres of ground in Atchison i-ounty this year. J>juls G. Cook, norihwPttt of \orton- ' viilp. took the second prir.e of $100. H»' [ Talscd 4T!| buKhnls. j bulk $;:.:. to $ ' Shppji ri'coived this \^ek 33.900, la;-! I 1 wock .",2,711(1. samp week last year 4i.-\ .'••lit. iJiiy»?r.s sat on the fence Mondavi wb<-n tliere was a good run here, bii: j since tli/n they have Increased ilu- spppd of their movemt^nts in buyin;; Btuff, »:Iiui tiupidies few days having: put" sellers in comntaniL Price-! 1 art! uy 1.". to 30 cents.-^good lami.> worth J7.2.". to JT..iO, feeding lanifs j around JtiiBJ. fat ewes $4.60. wetheix .r. A. aiCKART. I .\farket Corresponden.' i s( iHMM- F .\n3fn« i> AL.ISKA. .1. A. ili^bop captured the third prize i of $75. IJe lives in Bcnion township, i,„,„i (.'ardi-ns Possible Within lb- Eouth of Effingham, and raised 4. J 4-i t irrtic CIrele. bushels, i i • ^ crcerc. CHAPTER IX. George iDelfelder, near Effingham, ralJ'ed buKhels, and got the fourth prize of $2."i. • James i>UC(/y of Potter look fifth money, which was a two-row rultlv.i- tac Instead uf <-as!i. Mr. .\l<Coy had 435 buHjiels. Acrott the River. He dropped bis band upon hen, clasping the clinging fingers tightly••Y <-8, we can make It." he answered onrid»-ntly. "Walt until 1 make sure Hiir.-aii of KdiicatloliJ is oumiere." products are of a ^i'^;^ He had flight recollection The school farm nioveniefll has p<i.- j etratud Alaska. From the°lkcbopi :it j Klukwan, in SouHiern Alaska come.- uj baski'i of iiotatoe.^, turnips, ^rj;"t::. and «)tlii-r v.'K<tabli"s consigned to tii- ' '"' Tnili-d .Sl.itt's Si'»"<:'al of lli< of the Twenty Ifarmor.s .-nii-red iho cos.iesl. ^ ^,^,1 ,^^.(,,1,^ ,|,:,| vvoul.l \„- r.-iiiarkabi.) Oti'-a.u ar this point, although he bad and the smallest yi-ld for live acres was 283 busfiels. Tll.i: .\M» PKIMKTON TIi:. in a far inori- pioiiitious iliinale ih:i:ii A^'ssed il often enough at the luiown th.ii of .MasUa. j fords, both above and below. Yet Tlt>- .sciuHil at Klukwan is <in<' of , ihese crotsltigs had always been ac- coraplislifd with a horse under him. I pulilic !.<lio(ils lor ii.-itivcs iiialnlain*-I ' l.> ili<' Kiii'inii of K'diicarioii in .MasK. . Ill a niniil.ii of Kardcnini; is c.-n- li.-i! on witli ilisli!i<'t profit lo lli' isihool and iln- coniniiinity. The t('a< i.• cr from Sliun;;nak. wiihiii the Ar<•^'" FIfly TardFleld ( by YaleaO'inish ' oi the (ianie, Prlnretop, .\. .1.. .Nov. 10.-- I'linc.- ton and Y'ale in their annual ft.otUal! [i;iay play-! e<l each oth.'r to a G to fi tie. So ev.-ii-1 |„,.,i{i,|„ ,,l i; njulv Kardons and f..i.; iy were thf> t.'auis niatdied thai n.-ii;i- j j;,.|„„ji ^airf. ns. M M in>tru<-r. er had the pi.wei' to rush the ball t'Miii,. s< hool i hihlr.-n an.l adults in so; ; battle on Cnivcrsfty PiWd today play-; r,-,,,„r,^ ihai. h.' supervised Ui a touebdowu. Kach ti-ani put a si.on'- wall defeiiKc, and all tio- scorint; ^va^ done on goals from the fi.-ld and a ;;oal from iilaceinent The result of th<^ prriigfi!- iia- E.itlsfaclor|^ to both .<;i<ics and CopiH-iai- ]',, ly to the thousajidK of ITineeton rool- er.s who .«av« t*i-. - ': f:->.:ii I 'le *-ands of the f..: ,ns; ;!asi ;• w m'nutaa o> ,nay. T'.io '-.erd of •' e ^ Va;e «as Pump.=Iy the ?a lie for the ie< erybody ctpected r.> la the cye-t of who. coniinsr into nd titue when ev- » hear the tinic- kecpcrs whistle blow, giving Primc- •on a victory, booted the ball for a field goal from the .">i>-yard line, tUiiif; the score. '.Hf!, S (.i':l. plaulini:. ii.ninj; p<ilat<i cy.- . spadinj;, lio<-in»;. rakinj;, ihinning a'. \vv<'il!iii;. Iraii.-planlin;;, wan-nnj;- i. tact all tin- opi-ralions ne<'i>s>ary t •. suci'-ssful L 'ardenin!; (,)n<'-lhird of ; Set .•ipart as a model gardi •;. on lliis hi •xpcnmrntiMl wr.h din... • lit Pv"i 'U!:. i-. I'n", iiallv oli'aili U tltfid .-'uiipl> i'( v<-j;<-lali|i-< fill usi- •.. cooking cla:s'-; Kaililiic- rui-nlii i cas. niiahnr.ns. carrot.^, in.'is. la. • l..>g >.'S. iiolatiies 1< kohl-Liiu, !>;•: •-nips, and a otl.'-r v<>^i>lal'o's i'.ui well in this .\ritii' fiardcn; onioi..-. Leans and cucui.ibtTS un^u^•cl•^ ful. however. M Kaglc. Fort Yukon. I'nalaska a'. ' Klawdck similar results in gardmirr; are reiiorted. In Fnalaska the scln." farm at Ihst contained only a few pU.;- A.C.irClURO of the wafer at Tlietr feet, all 'was deathly still. Kven the Indian fire had died out. .:iid it w:::; hard to conceive that s«v. :- »vi'i<- hidden behind that black veil. ..nd that Uiey two vere «ctuai;y tleeiiig for their lives. To the girl n 'A ;is like soaie dreadful delirium of El.i r-. !' i' "be ii.;.n Lit the full atrnKgle. r!i> I,; was a star well down in the su i-ii h. ehose to guide by, but beyond .*!.• nui.-,i trust to BO <)d fortune. • a «i;rd be llfied her again to .••.•i..u!di i, and pushed on. TI;e v.a'ir la.'i inepcr. shelving off rapidly. •! n lo-•• well above bis waist, an-t v. ::h '!ir lenl current so that be w.i.-i I t^iiip- llvii to li-an against it to ni.ilii'ain halance. scarcely venturing r.iiuard .1 font at a time Once he Btumblvd o\< v si>ini- obslructuin. barely av-'.^ring a fall; he fel! tb- swift clutch of b. r hi.g'rs at his throat, the ipiicl; ;.ilju=iiiient of her bod.v. b'.i' hi r Ups ;:av« no utterance of aliinii. llis groping feel touched the edse of a hole, and he turned, fac ing the curr'iit. t:;uiiig his way care- The farth«r tally until ne fouinl a passage on stolid could per- bottom. Mt of driftwmul swtrled and a knowledge of where the trail ran. Hut li» knew the stream. Its peculiarities aijlli dangers. It was not the volume of ivuiter, nor Its depth he feared, for wide as It appeared stretching from bank lo b;Aik, he reallied »» shallow sluggishness. The peril lay in quicksand, or Ihi; plunging Into some uiis»»<'n hole, wbern -*he sudden swiil of water might pull tlvuji under. .Mone be would have risked .1^ recklessly, but with her added weillhl In Ills arms, he realized how a single j false step would be fatal- j ^hore was iuvlslble; he I celve nothing but the sUphl gl»-am of] di^wu uut of ti.. lOKlil; a water soaked water lapping the s.ind at his feet, us Hmb. sii:K!!.i: aK.ncst biin be^^re it It floued slowlj,. tuiiselesaly past, aud was ev. i, t., • u. druised one arm. and beyond, the dim outline of a narrow then dodj;- 1! I^ist liki- a wild thing, tand ridge Kven Ibis, however, waa i It-avlii*-' a >;litt-r of foaiu behind. The bi^i"" ••••••^'^'H^ ; ntsira ^rTinf^ L k IV i ^i I., Il h &. u ,1 WMtH J iilitu. „ ^„am\ I This is aiT unnatural condition- a little rest each day and Scoff's Emulsion after ev^y meal gives nature the material to restore strength. Scott's Emulsion \s a' strength -buJWtug. curativei food and totiic to ovrcommi toeabnts* anJ faligae —Contains^ no alcohol or dnig. It fiocsn't stupefy the ncr\«s. it feeds them. ^xptetant and nunins mothara aluiaym n^ed Seott'a EstwUion. Scot! A B-nrnr. nionmerld. .N. J IJ-'S .UK. T.tFT IS V (;00I) LOSEK. ,,-^c^t^^.- r..-rT^n- v-'"^ ^vheat and some kltchei • LIVESTOCK KLVltn. y. vegetables, but this year a more aiu- bitious expeviiueni was made. T' • Kansas City Stock Yards ,Xov. 1" — Cattle received here this week. C2.10i>: last week. ^6,900; same week last year ^ 61.600. The ran was below especAa- j Alaska sett i .i :i.-iits. lions this week, and the jnarket has &d\-anced 15 to 30 cents on nearly everything, middle gradr>- uf calves being a notable exception. tU:it kind selling a little lower siace the middle ofthe week. Smal'.er reieipt;: are expected next week, thouirh lo.iding at pclnts on the range has l.een pretty heavy this week- Supply from nea r- by territory is dwindling, and every week the undertone ot" the general market becomes firmer. Short fed steers have been offered in largi'r numbers'this week, but killers have taken them readily, up to $10 00 here. Prime steers would bring close to $11. Beef offerings at the markets Is deficient in point of numbers of cattle, and mare so iti pounds of beef. In one day t^i's we.^k here fifty loads of common trashy i-attle from .Arkan.-as and Lou- '=!3na came in, ticUing at $;"..2r. to $4.2.'. Iji^eiy. including the steers. Wien :ir:'cs arc not irflatej as they arc now if is stu;f would not p.-iy carriage charges to market and il would not be offered. Some of the little steers are five or six years old. having ai>- parently waited that long for a decent market for themselves. Colorado beef steers sold hero yesterday at the highest priced this fall, a ten car consignment from Marcos bringing $C.75 to J7,T.">. Panhandle yearlings sell at f' $C 7.=; this w -^k. ran.iro feeders ^- ^^i" to $7 i"\ PanhanuK- cows $4..'0 fo 50. mountain cows and he!fer.= Ja.lii •o $5.75, Teal calves IS 00 to $10.t"'. , stock calves around $7 t'O, hulls i- i::- to J."..7,', Ucgs received here this v-eek 59.S0O, la^t wevk SC.9( MI . «ame week laj^t year .^.'.t'.t'O No\euilKT is logltally a month on p.-rk, ami not oftener than three times in thirty years has the tuarket gune u)> when l>acJjer» wer» trying to chaug^ frtnu a children not only worked a school g;;: den in which each hail a patch of t." own. but also cultivated a larg.-r lai • at some distance from the school. Although ine s.-ason is short in tb.- he v«'!;etaliles i . ten attain good growth. In Kliikwa tlic leniperature ranges fnmi !il in t'. summer to 1'7 l)eh)w zero in ilie wint> at Khnw-I; iliil.Ircn w.-ie abb.- . bcjiiu preparini; their ground by i' first, ot .\i>ril. aiij elsi-wher.- iiianv . the v.jietabl..-; were in l.y .May. encouraKeiuent, proving the shallow- . sand dci ness of the stream. Hti turned about, bis face so close he could see her eyes. ••\Ve shall ha»e to try It. MlsB McDonald; you must permit me to carry you." "Yes." "And whatever happens do not scream—Jujt cling tight to me." "Yes." a little catching in her throat.! yet not before the girl "Tell me first, please. Just what It Is I tatcly on the soft sand. s gicw darker, more distinct. 111.. u;:r. r be>;uu to grow shal- lo.v. the I MI;*:II:I clianging from mud lo sand, lie slipped and staggered in the uncertain fo-jtiag. his breath coming In nuickt-r ?asps, yet with no cessation of eftort. Once he felt the dread td suck atK >ut bis ankles, and broke III Ills ".Swan Sling" a «i PreNldeut He! Shen.- Onl) kindly liniiior and FiinH'>l I'hIINoiih). Into a reckless run. splashing straight lif' New York. .Nov It: — I'rr.sident TafiJ s :inu his ".Swan .Soni:" a? .•Iii.jf r-xecu- j live of t'lie nation toni.uiit .-\s the . gue.'-t of the I .OTUS club, the pn-sident ' re-iiioiide.I ut the "Tin- Pre..;!- j ileni" iri a Hp <'i -;ii which many of his ^ 'H .-iror.-. coii?ii!ered tin- most r.-iiiark-' al'le III' ha- evi-r made lie >!iif»< j from ciav.' to L'i 'ay and from the p ;iil- o-i.liliy wiiich !ie said foniNvears in the Wiiiie Ilou'-e had tauj:ht l:iui to a discus>ion of-.iirolilenis which face the; nation .He laiiphe.I at ih.' oiiicom.-; of the epTlion .;:IUiIed wilin II.- Sliok" • ..f ^ome of the plans of l',-e.-;iil.nt-i!. I Wii.on iiiiil l .-.-K iiiMl with i;.'ii:l.- .-ai-j r a-m William I ' iSi van j In ills >.*riiius momi'nt^ tii»* pie -i- j •leaf .aiii.'-i'.v a'l .'r,-at<il the ai!mi>-- Jioii 111 ih.. li.iM- of I'onmt.-^s iif 11. .-IIII.. Is o'' ••! I':- ill. Ill's I al .iiiei; ilivlare.l tiiai a s!\->.-ar t. riii in lb.- pi ••-iil-iit y uas en <iiii ;h tor any man; aihocal.-d !-rroii:;I\ til" placinu in lin- ii»il .-. T\i>-.' of i.rtii tically .-v.-ry officer in the •.;o\ .•!nment ••ervic.'. and hin ;.<i broa.l- ly that l'i>n«^re.-;>; <hoii'd pr -ii .Ie fur .•v-pre-idents that ihc> nee-i not !i -.\er the dienity of the i.o.>iition they hav.' he!d when they en'cr. in*i> private Bring in your choice heavy birrls, but keep all light weight and inferior one.'^- loi- Ghnstmaf;. A large per cent of the Turkeys thai are only Number Twos now will make good Turkeys and grade Number One a month later. Watch market rei»ort in this j)api--r fo;- prices on Turkey.^. ^ • Coghill Commission Co. PHONE 370 THE NORTHRUP NATIONAL SANK IOL,l, KAiNSAS OTEB F<»I:TV YK.lItS OF CONSF.UVATIVK lUNKIN*; l> OILA Dppo.silorr fiir (be I'nlled .States, YXaXe of Kaii*a>.. aail Alien <"o »-^t} UFFK Kl£S: !•: J .MM.I.KK. President 1. 1.. .\')!:Ti!UlP. Vicc-rre..<l MKI.VIN KKONK. ra.:hier V. A NOKTlII'fP. Vic-frcHt. K. J. roKFKY Asst. t:ushier li P. .\Ol;TI lie! f. V,. .• I'rPHL CAPITAL $.50,000.00 SUKPLUS $2 (».pnfl.0O TOIK lUSIXESS SOLU:nKI» Intrrr«t Paid on Time Deposits Safrtr Uepo.ili I:« M • ri>r Kent forward. inMiap at the water's edge, was Testing you fear." "Quicksand principally: >t Is tn alt these western rivers, and the two of us together on one pair of feet will Standard llemedv fur WniiianN UK now re< r,>;iii. the world over js 1.-. dia K. Pinkhani's Vipgetabl** Compoui • and fair iiiinded pbysi<-ians recogni-. its worth and do not hesitate to )>r. scribe U. For nearly forty years this famoi root and herb medicine has been pr. I eminently successful in controllin the diseases ol women. .Merit aloii could have stood this test of tiiii.-. Prof. Sawiell f the high school tor'• th.-' music |H-riod this morning to di.- cuss the war In the Balkans. Tl.. professor gave an excellent accoui of the proRress of the war and I; consejquences to the jiarties engag. DEVON ARROW COULAR CUJSrr PEABODr^CQWOTR- Her Figure Trembled In Hie Arms and Her Eye* Opened. make it harder to pull out of the suck. If 1 tell you to gut down, do aoj UuSckly." "Yes." "Then there may be holes out there Strong as llamliii was. his muscles ' trained by strenuous out-door life, he . l.-iy th 'Tc for a moment utterly helpless, more I \iiausfed fVom the nervous strain Iinleed. than the physical exer- i liuii. Me bad realized fully the des' perate na'.ure of that passage, ezpect- i i.'ig every step to l)e engulfed, and the I reaction, the knowledge that they had I actually attained the shore safely, left him weak as a child, hardly able to comprehend the fact. The girl was upon her feel first, alarmed and BO' licitouii. bendiag down to touch him wjth her bund. "Sergeant, you are not hurt?" she questioned. "Tell me •foM. aro not hurt 7" "Oh. no." dr::rging himself up the bank, yet pantliig as he endeavored to speak cheerfully. "Only that was a rather hard pull, the last of it. and I am short of breath. I shall be all right in a moment." There was a sand-dune Just beyond, and he seated himself and leaned uKainst it. •1 am boginiiing to breathe easier already," he explained. "Sit down here, Mi33 ^IcOonald. • We are safe enough now in this darkness." "\'ou are all wet, soaking wet." "That is noUiing: the sand ta warm yet from yesterday's sua. and my I clothes will dry fast enouglt. It la beginning lo grow light la the east." The faces of both turned In that ^direction where appeared the first twl- liBht approach of dawr. \\\ i' 1. poslte »U>>re, ucro*a the g!i,i..i m \\a ! lor, and l»evo«d apiKNtred lUo dttu out ia the bottom 1 dou't lulud thosu so, ....... auch. although these cavalry boots j le no help in swlnualni; " "l cat* nwlitt," "Hardly m your cloth.>«; hut I ami'""' ^ I'is chief r.-s:ret. t!ie Pr.'-iiient r-aiil. was tha'. lie had been iinabl.> to ir- fluenre the I'nited Slate.: Senate T,. ratify the .I'rhitrarion :r<ari<^t w;t.i Franse ami threat Uritain In spite o.' that 'act he would iea\e offici* uiti' rbe (b-eji.-c; eraTituii- to ta.- .\ni'Ti' an people the honor tii.-y hail civ.-r. Iiim tifid with the belief en< null pro):r..^~ '.'.ail I.e.-n a- lomi.ii.ilxd in li!.- nlmini.-lration to uarr.Tnf .'lim f.eiin---i that lie hail don.- J.'u! , L-O.>I 1 for .his country inimoroiis ref.-ienc.-s to the bur- •Icn^; 'if the White Mouse, to his stic- •eo.'.or and To Hryan brought forth round after round of apjilaus" Tlie I're-^iilent <Ii>se<] !ii< SII-.T I; »it'. :i loa-t to his .-i:;-'or: "M.-altb nml -iicre-s to til., able, distinmiished and liatriotic gentleman w !io is to be'— anil he lais'.'il his .!;Ia:-s wliil»> !iis lie.qr- ers ro>e to their fe.-t—'the next Pre.<i- i!ent of the Fnited .^tates" PubISc I nill .-ell at Public Sale at niy place ni' rr^iiienrc tiii i\u- old tVamer farm, f mile* ••inith «f llunih»|.It ami « m 'tes nerth ;ri i '..aiinle. nn ' Thursday, November 21. 1912 lUzinning at 10 oVNick a. i.... the I 'lilliiv.ia;: .ii~«-i :;nl i-e.-ly; tilVKS INSTANT tlTlOV, Morris ti Howard. Iirugs;isi<. le- ,iort that A Sl .Xta .K KOSK of siiiiple buckthorn bark, ijlycrin.'. '-tc. a.- compounile.i in Adler-i^ka. the Oermai; appendii-ifiH remedy, stops consifpa- tion or gas on the sionach INST.\NT I.Y. Mahy loia people ;;re i.i ins helped IIKAH IIOItSKS AMI t (UTS. 1 Kay mar. y.-ars old. with loal hy l-.or.;. ; 1 -^iiaii yearling iinii.- ci.;f>; I f;»an y.arlin>; horse eolT^; I \r.:\ draft co!;: I browii't ci It; I ;o!- rel road^T.-r colt. iMi IIKAB ( ATTLK. " mil. li co'.\s: ! (omtng "-v.-a."-o!i! lieiter-:. ^ooii on"s and wiMi calf; (ijaiiiig<i!il st.-ers; is p|>rini- calve.-. In s heifer.-; 1 L"-year- old |i:!r:iam hull; 1 yearling v.liite- facf lii:U. lola Daily Uecistcr. November 10, l'.ll2 Cat 9ct t' r >.':H <Te COCDCB, witL fjvs o'-tcrs of c7 .-<rcuti7a datec and priunt tlmn at thu. af.ict wi'.h the cTpcnia i >i :r.-je cTr\3 >ial t-crain Kteppetit* may atrts ef Dicticnarr i.c!ectc<l f»lUc!j cov..r» t%c ilfirs «.+ U-..- cott of pccldnir. »pr«n from tbe fsctor;. chceUir^. clerk VZro clL^sr neceuecy EXPENSE iteeu). mxti ffvcefT* your cbotce of t &cte J 7..-ti I M^C L^ : ' ' The $4L00 (Ltl^'C i'In?tr ;;tir>r .s i.i t!ie an.^OIn^•cmcntsfromday today.) I fi^y^ This dicliun .iry is Kor : .oy the original pub- f W EBSTERSAN''^^"S -f Wtb .-tc.'":; dictirnary or by their succsssrirs. -f' U ^A4n ltist !ieoNi-Vc;i.!r(;;.- .tompihtion by tlic world's wt M.OM.A grcat":t authorities fr .:nUa (;ir.;t inivcrsities; is bound in incnONABVfull Limp Lcit !;i.r, rcci'jlr-. startH^d jn gold on back and niostralcd siJcs.1 priatcil c:i I!:Lk !•:••.' r, v.i::i ; .1 <<J ;;<;i and corners {rounded; bcaufiiul, strong, dr.i. ill.-. li- ilr< «''• r ta ' I c..r.!..i:T.; llicre , > are maps and over 6 JO 6ul >,io:-:.s i;c.-:--;i :'-;r- ! : 1 t >• t'u' ^olor plate 1, ru ;tiTO -as suii'.cii? i ,.y v. :., i.-- , .-.i , • -. J educationa' charts .ii'l the lat- t I'l 1 • . •• .: . I'. »jat thiSiolBrc .S!" Consect^'^vo -.- -. •: . • ar 1 'I... F.xpcn:* \ t;onu> of i 98c I -niei $3.00 u New; i »• . . WEBSTEniAN f't^', "» «''.'. ,'•'>• «Q19 ' .-^n? — »..:IC 1 J 1 * . 1 .A - . f .*. • . • I -r JI.O h. .• '• r. ... Ilii: n>:; .«i V,- • • \: . olive , •"ir-i'.;->,',f>V .1 IJ I-' H c';*it| [lint), pi.! t-aeij in guld 5 '.•lt >:K : hai ntnc V . all e.jl EXMBM Z B MUO IX with tqvtre •-^ SIX' i-. SIX t ^o™ X CwM«uti*o Ce-.ip <MM mad tiio ; v.oaiccjii «a <.vuw>u< -ai Uw 4oC 2 Aor Boot hr M.n. r:j- r- :lad to know tt, u «v «»rthi»l»«a. You A>uld keep Ntloat at I «a *t, aud th« loles am* npv«r r«ry lars*. Are you cady nowT" She gave him her hands kDd .atood ip. The Sergeant drew lu a long -ircath and transferred the huwrsnck o her shoulder. "We'll try and keep that from (et- 'Ing soaked. It we can." he exslaliwd. There is no hotel over In thoaa aaad- lills. .Now hold on tighu" He swung her easily to hia broad boulder, clasping her'slender figure losely with one arm. "That's It! Xow get.a firm grlp.-l'U arry you all right." To the girl, that passage was never -lore than a'dim memory. Still par- ially dazed from the severe blow on ler head, she closed her eyes as Hamin stepped cautiously down Into the tream and clung to him desperately, xpectlng each moment to be flimg orward into the water. But the Ser eanfs mind was upon hm vtork, sai very detail of the struggle left Its n press on his memory- He aaw the irk sweep of the water, barely, vte- ble in the gleam of those tew stars noi>scured by cload. and felt the alug- ish flow against bis legs as he moved^ be Imttom waa soft, yet bis feet did ut sink deeply, although It was rath- r dlfflcult wadliiK. However, the clay ave him more confidence than aand uderfoot, and there waa leaa d ^sth of ater even than b" *«« anticipated, le was wet only to the thighs when e toiled up on to the low spit of sand, nd put the girl down a moment to atch a fresh breath aud ezamiae the loader stretch of water ahead. They ould see both shores no-w. that which hey had Just left, a bladK. lumping, .jm^outliuo- Kxcejit jor the lapping iwwn river aud hill, how«vrr, r*^ matned In Impeuetrablw darkueaa. Tha mlnO* of Iteth *^^BUlve'» rfTertin* lo the same s.-^iie—the «r«-cked Stag* with its .|e,i t paii^eutS.'lM wtthlu. Us hsvage \\.-.iih<rs without. She lirte«l her beoii, and the soft light reflected on her iacc. "I—1 th.iiik Oofl we are not over there now," she said faltertngly. "Yes." he admitted. "They will be crtepiaK .11 closer; they will not wait much lonci.-r. Hard as 1 have worked. 1 can't realize yet that we are out of those toils." "You dill not expect to succeed?" "No; frauicly I did not; all I could do waa hop.-—take the one chance left The slightest accident meant be- traytfl. 1 am ashamed of being so weak just liov,, but It was the Strain. You see," he e-xp!; lued carefully, "I've been scouiiag tb.-^ough hostile Indian country mostly day and night for nearly a week, aud then this thing happened. No matter how Iron a man la his ner\-e goes back on him after a while." "I know." "It wasn't myself," he went on doggedly, "but it was the knowledge of having to take care of you. That was what made me worry; that, and knowing a single misstep,- the slightest noise, would bring those devils on us, tvhere I couldn't fight, where there \ *-as just one thing I could do." There was silence, her bands pressed to her face, her eyes fixed on him. Then oho queiitioned him soberly. "You moan, kill me?" "Sure," he answered simply, wlth- oDt looking around; "1 would have had to do it—Jjit us thouBb you >k*ere a alstl :^r of ml-ie " • (To Ue Coatlnufd.) The nianv friends of .Mr. and .Mrs ('. K. Taylor, who left here some time ago and have lieen living in Chictigo will he pleased to learn that .Mr. Tay- 'or haK secured a posit ior. as auditor with the Hiiiiiley t'ompaiiy of l.;iPorie Indiana, a $•".('O'lii cono-rn engagei! in making threshing engines nnd trac lion engines The Taylors have moveii lo l.«JI'i>rie, their address t-.-inj; !'U' MaplPi .Xvelitie. The \o|e on llie suilsiige amcllilllleni -i.<>u^ lo be Sheudilv valniii.i: in tiivoi of ihat iiieMsur»-, I'p to .Saturday iln fouul^"* wbteh had l-e\w>vtcd shos\.-' iii'ivjoiitles of l.N.tSt In fa\<»r and iMiU niiaiiiiti Uie anieiidinent IcniiiK a iie> n.ivjorlty tor U of ovei I2i>'><>, «h( h Is practical ns<ufatii e that ii caritnl 1 J US To Darken VAC and Restore G.'-ay and Fr .i 'ed Hair , to Its Natur::! Color. It U easier to ; rc=;- rv _ th'* color r.i the hair than to ic.t it, altlioutili it is possible to tl-; b-;h. (Jur gra;i<l- moUiers undcVsl<»^u t';'.- .•^•jcrd. 'ihey made a "saiTe U..1," their dark, clossy hair lo.ijj alter middle life waa dus to U;is fact. Oar mothers have p-ay hairs before they ere fifty, but tli.-y are beginninij to appreciaii' t^ie v.-isdom of our CTandmothcrs in usirjj "§ar;e tc-" their hair an'l ar.i fast folIovri;iij suit, t be present ge.ncratiori has the advaii- ..i^e of tlic past in th.-it it can Rt-t a •••ady-to-u.^oj)repwratijn_ca!led Wyeth'g 3 lirs a .TJ S'Jii''ht:r Hair Rcmetiv. As a •calp t..>r:i' and colcr restcrer tKis prep- traticn i.-j vastly si:;>erior to the .irJinary j ''sat^o tea" mai-.-«l y cur frar.'Jrnothers. i The gr.ivr'Ji o-.J beauty of tlie hair ' Jcp'-ndi on a ':taithy ccsJIiion cf the <c3lp. Wye'.h 3 £ar:c' ar-d Sji:'hur Hair itcT.eclytpic'.iykilU the dn-jdn-'JT germs A'hich rob ih-. hair of its life, coi'.>r and I'astre, ma"!, i tho --icalp clean.and healthy, gives the hair strengtJi, color and beauty, and ma'.:cs il grow, # Get a .SO cent bottlu from your drucEtst today. « lie will ijlve your n.oney oack if you are notsatisf; -d after a fair trial. Special Agent—S. R. BurrelL ir, llo.-ell POILTKV. hi .ke .us: i;> FFFI). Al )OC :i 2it» kaffir corn in hrail .some seed corn, some swe.-t corn see:! VM^l IMPI.KMF>TS. I S' • i -niakiT i«. lii^ wayon. 1 ruii- .•r-iir- ; im>;:;y. j ..'I \vaj;oiis. 1 Su- jieiior CISC <li;li. ; <);i\.-r gang plow I .ii.-^c .-iti 'l •i...k. I -sville disc cul.- •i-.aior. i l:;i .-y I'...- riiiiig <ultlvator. I .leiii:.! ami i .\ew Oeparture «:!:kinf; . ii .vaicr I J-.-^.-ciion har- •nv.. 1 .';-.-'-ciion liarr .i.i. 1 .Mct'omiick •;io\ver. T .^l <-Cor !i ;i' k I. ay i-;;k>-. 1 iJane !iu< k rake I en- lj-it;ch walking plow. 1 .Mch'ce !j-iii(li .stump or road plo-.v. 1 H-incj Oiivrr v.alkiiig plow. 1 ilonblp-shov. 1. a U.- of carpenter (fools, s't .-in^I- ::ar:;"-s. Th..- iniide- f .rents ar- all i:- w I IIOrSKIIOI .J* CIMIDS. I I k ;tcl ).-:i C.I I P I!! -:. I Koiii..l Oak >tove. I l!iu.- l?.!l cream separator, new; 1 .N-'-';.] ioii lard pies:-:; 1 :{ii-Kal- loii iron k-:'!.- Maii> other articles. TKRMS OF SALE—All sums of Jlo .OO apd umJer..caS-h ii; Land. All sum>i over $10.00. a credit of 12 months will be given, p;n. has-r giving note with approv.^il security, bearing 7'. interest from date if paid when due. If not paid when due to draw 10': front date of sa!*-. credit sales. No property to be removed until settled for t'OI.. II. I>. S .MtM 'K. Aurlioiieer. W. A. HYKHI.EY. flerk. l.unch l.y the l.adi.s' Aid of the t'oita»;v i;ri.\e Church. i until stfiiieu lor James D. Rile PuMic SBIB I wlU H »«n ut I'wUHr Vurlluu. S wUfs west uud a wlW v««th l«»ltt. 3 uillo M«Hth uud I mU<"> MI«< <>( Pi<iua. 7 W II CN u «>rlhne<>l ut liuniliuldl. uu Tuesday, November 19, 1912 IWelnntuv at U» aVlwk, a. «u i\w («U «wlwc drwrllwd |»r«per»js N Hi ;\n HOUSFS \M) MVl.KS. 1 l-a.\ mare, T ye-ns old. in foal :•> l)ok. vvt U^i': I black Kcliilnp. >; yeai> old. VM KtiiO; 1 black lillcv i' years oid. wt ll"o; 1 yearling; mill.'; I >('ati •:tay horses, wt .•:!iiii: I lih«-k mare, .-safe ill loal. wt. lo"."; 1 y.-arliiii; Jolt .•\lra Kood : iiFAi) or « rni .K. 1 f;« sli cow. .'. years old; 1 < ow years old; I 2-year-old heifer; -J steer calves; 1 luMfer calf; 1 suckling calf. _ 10 HEAD OF IMM.S. I Imroc mail- !io^, 1^ montlis oh!: 2 t'olanil fiiina so-.vs wi;li t; pii;s cac-i; •• shoals will average IT.'. Uis. eaih; -1' lii-ai|: oi otiier ;-!i.iais v..if;hing Ill'- i-aih I!ig 1 t;..n K\IOI IMPI.EMFMS. ETt. 1 N'eut.Mi. »in:.m. ;t'i ituh; 1 Pou! .Ml'"orn.ick irower; I •.•si' • lii-l(ic,t t.a;i.iiv: 1 i!!sc cultivator x^iih shiH.I att.".:'m.itit; I V.shovel cultivator; I -t -shov .'l cultivator; 1 walking cultivator; 1 old wapon; 2 H-imh ••. aik:ir.: [lows; " good : ii^gles; 1 corn i^.in''.'. .\%.r>; 2 sets douhle work harnes.s; 2 sets sinpi,- 1,0rness; 1 fase lister. v.i;l! planter; 1 14-inch riding ';.low; 1 12-inch walking plow; B-inch gaiden p!o« ; 1 .Vo 2 Illuebell cream seiiaraloi'. ii-arly new. cost JtiO. IT.'. heilKc iKSts; 2"i> chickens; 120-egg incuhator an<l liri.oder Old Trusty. 2i'0 l>'i. c<irn in <-ril>: my undivided inter- .-t iti acre ; ..r kaffir corn iu sho. k TEK.VS OF SALE—All sums of $loo') ani under, ca.-h in hand. All sums ever Sit".I'M. a credit of 12 months will he given, imnhaser giving note with approved .security, hearing 0 per c»nt inten-st from dale if paid when due. If not paid when due to draw 10 per cent from dale of sale. 4 per cent discount for cash on credit sales. No proiierty to be removed until settled for. FOE. r. S. BISHOP, Auclieneer. IJ. IE HOWEFS, rierk. LUNCM ON TMK CKOU.VLlS. Smith & Bolin ( urt. P OM ; "l call'-! to ; an oix-nini; for ni.?." Editor: "Yes, iher.': hind you. Shut it as idea se."—Satire. if you had on. you rii;ht he^o out Alvin French, .-of .«:.-a:;le. W^sh., who has been here visirliig his sister, Mrs. \V. il. i;bhelnian ind -Mrs. Leslie Stewart, left this afternoon for l.ake Charles. 1^. Vrcount of the Intemallnnal Eire Stork Exposition. Cbli -aso, \utem> her 30 to nrrpinber 7.19l:i The Santa Fe 8611!= excursion tickets November SO. . I")ecem1irr 1 and 2. to Chlcato and return for J22 .'*tt. limited for return until Uocember 1i>, I!'12 AV. B. RAl^TO.V. Agent CHICHESTER SPILLS )'eanl .>M '>uDc>bSMat.AInr>X>Ilablo SOiD BY DSL'GGiSTS EYERYHIiERf

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