Covina Argus from Covina, California on January 30, 1909 · Page 8
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 8

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 30, 1909
Page 8
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LIVE NEWS FROM VALLEY POINTS IR WIND ALE. Wallace of T«oft Angeles was vi u her wieo, Mrs. .\orman Anderson, this week. The Frwindal'' Miscellany ('lub will meet February !> a I lie- home of Miss Virginia I'oot. on Or;:ngo avenue. Miss Mamie Spoor moved lo (iion- dora the first of this v/< ok, where, she will reside for the spring iiiontiis. K. If. Coffman and Charles <"ofTman at''- among those fiom this neighborhood who attended the automobile show h'-ld in Los Ang'bs this week. William Waterhoiiso is expected home today from Cirlar Rapid j , Iowa, who;.lie has been on a short business trip. The residence formerly ooeupi"d by Mr. and Mrs. ''harles Spear is now bo- ing occupied by the lattor's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Mai hew Malney, Sr. Mis. Louis S'-vallow entertained Wed no-day at lunch Mrs. J. M. Whilso!, Mrs. H. If. Cnshman and Mis. O-iborno of W'hitticr. Mr, and Mrs. Habcook of Pomona vi«- iled their nephew, Mr. .lames HeaUi, a/id his family, over the week end. Mrs. Clinton Heath was also a guest at the Heath home. Mrs. S. J. MeCrackcn of Uiddick, low;.', and Mrs. William Hiddiek of Los Angeles, have b"on guests of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Mei,d a part of this week. The Misses Hears, who have been spending Iho past months as the guests (d' Mrs. Catherine McKibben and Miss Marv .McKibben, left this week for Han Diego. .< The Misses l/eola and Leila, Irwin onloi'fained a merry party of friends Sunday. Their quests w re Miss firace Fisher of I'asadena, Miss Amelia Mc.'Vea, Miss Anna, Odoll and the Misses J'lackman of Cuvina. Mr. and Mrs. l''rauk i)ev"iidorf had as their dinner gucsls Tuesday evening Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Douglass, Mr. and MIK. Daniel Itoihard, Mr. and Mrs. lien J''. Thorpe and Miss Lillian Douglass. A delightful little curd party was enjoyed during I he evening. Mrs. L. K. Amidon of Highland I'ark is visiting lior brother, L. II. Root, this w.'-< It. .Mrs. Amidon leaves February Jut for Lindsay, whore she will join her daughter, Miss Marion Amidon, who has a position in the Lindsay schools. Miss Joule llastoy id' Wellington, Kansas, was called to Irwindiile by I he illness of her father, Mr. John Mauley, who with his wife arc visiting Mrs. J. M. Crane, Mr; llasloy hsis been ill with pneumonia for the past throe weeks but is now slowly gaining in Htrongth. Drs. Reed and Jennings, who have been attending M I'M. Wiiliiim lilt/ for the past, two weeks, com-mlted TurRday with Dr. V,. H. Smith of LOH Angeles. Only Iho slighloHl hope as to Mrs. Kll/,' recovery in crforlaiiied. 'I I or brother, Andrew Miller, and her uncle and mint, Mr. and Mrs, Buhr of Los Angeles, have boon with Mrs. l?il/ since the first of the wock. ParalyniH in due to clot of blood on tho brain. A petition is being circulaled among the stockholders of the A/.usa Valley Water Company asking that a change in tin 1 by-lawH of Hie company be mado v.hich will periiiil. llin board of directors to appropriate sullicienf funds to construe! a reservoir on the land purchased from Mr. Snodgrass for that, purpose. Two-thirds of I he company's slock is required for Hie carrying of this measure. Miss (irace liiddick of Los Angeles, who formerly lived with her grandparents, Mr. ami Mrs. Daniel Mead of Oiango avenue, and who was a student in tin' Cuvinn school, made her debut as Holoisl at SI. Agnes Calhedral in Angeles last Sunday. Miss I'.iddick has been a member of the SI. Agnes choir for the past two months. This choir is one of {he best trained in Hie city, being under the direction of 1'rof. La mbcrl. On accouiil of the weather the regular meeting of the Haldwin I'ark Woman's ('bib was postponed until Friday of this week, when il met at Hie home of Mis. Worlev on Orange avenue. The program was as follows: I'nper on Curlent Kvonls, Mrs. Minimi Power; Origin of the Names of the Months and the Adjustment of the Calendar, Mrs. Wor- lev; Pu/./lc game, ''How Old Are Vou.'" Mrs. Kllsi Hall; Reading. Mrs. Lulu Da\is; Music, Mrs. May Davis. The nrxl meeting will be held a! the home of Mrs. Lulu Davis of Baldwin I'ark. Miss llessie Snavi ly, seeond daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Suavely of I'liente and Vincent streets, became the bride Wednesday evening of Mr. Carl ISrililigton of Los Angeles. The cere mons was performed at li:!!'i at the I ie of the bride's parents, Rev. Ward, of the San Dimsis Christian church olti dating. The decorations wire ol \ in lets and ft stooiis of smilax. Miss Snavelv, who is considered one ot Mie most beautiful young ladies in this part of the valley, made a lovely biide ill her suit of C ream while Panama cloth, with hat to match. Only the immediate family of the bride, M r. and Mrs. F. T. Richardson of A/.usa and Mrs. Ward of San Dimas, witnessed the ceremony. The young couple left at once for their future home in Los Angeles. They were escorted to the car by a party of friends who t«.:;.k pains to inform all the passengers of Iho happy estate of Mr. and Mrs. Hruingt ui. Dr. Hiisxfll of VV;,i:a SValln, \Vnnli., was a (/iii-nt of Mrs. and Mr*. \V. W. HcIN but. Wftrrk. 1 giio-ts bi'if Friday at flio homo of Mrs. If. C. Howor were Mr. and Mrs, M. A. Sr-hwenocn of San Diego and Mayor and Mrs. V. M. (Jreovor. Dr. and Mrs. Charles Sweeney and Misses Anna aiid Ivlifh .•dv-on-v of liriuf Fall", Montana, are visiting Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Powell. Word him-been received bv the oily board of directors (hat tin; .*l(i.i>;/o donated by Andrew ''arnogje for a public library was at Hi" disposal of the library o. A house and lot on Holdana ayinue souMi of Iho Santa I-V railroad has been sold recently by Charles Kvans lo T. M. (JilloNwaior. W. I'. Harms made the sab' find reports tho piii-e f.-eivrd JIM .fill'). An "At Homo" was given last Friday afternoon from U till \ by the fac- ully anr| stud'-nfs of Hie Citrus L'nion High School. Many of the friends and parents of tho scholars enjoyed the do- lightfnl nodal hour. One. of (.lie. most enjoyable social events of tho winter was the whist party given last Friday evening by Mrs. K. C. Thomas. The house was proflily decorated with rod flowers, which wore most, effect!voly used in tho parlor and Iho dining room, whore a "Dutch luncheon '' was served. The guests of Iho evening were; !)r, and Mrs. Howi r, Dr. and Mrs. Coulter, Dr. and Mrs. Fllis, Dr. and Mrs. Hills, Dr. and Mrs. Rico, Mr. ami Mrs. I'. C. Daniels, Mr. and Mrs. (',. I,. Smith, Mr. and Mrs. A. Kafz, Mr. and Mrs. J. M. I'rowa, Mr, and Miss Kelt-hum, Mrs. L. I'. Mileholl ami Mr. C. Smith. FARMERS' CLU1>. The Farmers' Club mot last Saturday Lit! !r> Tiger afternoon at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Flliott. The. chief feature of the session was a very interesting and in- HIOH SCHOOL NOTES. P-it,' Ti«er Pasndeii.'i Sqnoak Roar structive ;.ddress by J. H. Norton of Iho Citrus Kxtiorimontal [-'arm at Riverside on "How to Huy Commercial F> r- jtili/or," Hie addr'-HH being followed by ' a.n animatid di'i-nision. Kov. W d. t Conlcy presented a report on tror: plant- i ing, ! A n invitation WHI aco/.f.ted to n'ford the next mooting ,,f th<- Monday After- roon 'tub ;;* tii 1 - dub house, to tal'c up Hie matter of fr<," planting in eitv and nr ighborhriod and h"!;r K. J. Harper, eijy forester of LOH Ang"lo«. A committee consisting of Messrs. If. M. Douglass, W. I'. Watts and X. D. Mnysoy was ap|i-iinlod lo act in eon- junction with the Kxohango to iaiio- rluee and lc "p up a supply of ftuit in Iho Charrilc-r of Commerie. N. D. Musxoy was appointrd a ro'ii- iniMr-o of one lo see that tho Pacific I Kloctric, Iho Southern Pacific and Cham- ; ber of Commerce \v re kept sujiplied with booklets. A recitation, " Huying Uie C'hristmas Cifr,'' by Miss Marie Thompson, wa« inneli enjoyed, ami j dainty arid dclioioiis refreshments wore j served. Sunday fluslc at Presbyterian Church. Next Sunday, February Sth, Mrs. Wiseman of Long Meach will sing at the Presbyterian Church. This will he an unusual musical treat, for the people of Covina, as Mrs. Wiseman is recog- ni/.ed as one of our leading Southern California sopranos. She will sing two numbers, OIK; being Ra irdegirrr 's song, "Have Ale, O Hod,'' and the other an ohligato soio, assisted hy the (|iiartette, "Heck Ye. the Lord," by Varloy Roberts. i This Sunday Miss Thompson will sing "These i\ri: They" from (laitl'H " ilolv City." CHARTER OAK, Miss I va Fiinlc Hpenl Sunrlay with her friend, Miss Lottie Sl.owi II, Mr. Houle has boon visiting Mr. M. MacMillan for I ho past week. Mr. arid Mrs. (ioodridi were guests of Mrs. W. !•:. Kent for Hie week's end. Mi. Rowland of Illinois is hen' 1 looking over his properly, lo where -ho will bring his children ia a short, time Mrs. F. Sc«.|,t and Miss Jennie Frater al tended the Slock and Poultry Show in l/os Angeles Thursday. The Misses Kit ridge of Pasad"iia nro {having Hie house on the old Caldwell place remodeled, whore they to rind live noon. COVINA VS. AZUSA. A/USA. Mr. and Mrs. S. M. M\all ..f \l :i v \ ill.-, Kent lick V, who « i I i \iMiing la -t -pring al tin 1 holm--, of A. (' ami Flank i:...-b!>.-, ha\ .- d,-r;.|, d !•• I- i-ali- 111 \ .M.-a. M :. M * a ' . \\ '." i ,'i> been loi v: a i •- :i -• >i •' ' •- I ill Ui "'• i :• I ,,>• '.lii- •_• i .,-•• -':.'•-. ! - pii i '••! - i i • , ^! ;:, I,",,.. ,'•-.- 'l' .!. \i. < '. . Proposed Series of Gymnastic nnd Athletic Contests. Director Loguo, of the C. C, C, and A. (J. is in receipt, of a letter from the A/.lisa AHilctic, Club, which rondo in Iho nature of u challenge. Tho proposition they put up to Iho club hen- is to arrange a Ho.rioti of gymnastic, and athletic oonloHt,-), to take, place alternately at Covinn and A/.usa. The events I hey propose number fwen- ly-Mcven in all, and in a general way met with the approval of the members hole. The program includes s f anding and running high and broad jumps, I wo and three broad jumps; slamling, running and hitch kicks; running high dive, I wel ve-poiiud shot put, chin and dip, parallel anil hor'r/.onlal bars, Hying rings, mill, work; last of all, a tug ol' war. Of course this is simply a provisory list and in all probability will be revised and extended when commit.! ces from i'lich club get logcther some time next week, to arrange I lie details of this exhibit ions. The A/.usa boys propose having the contests extend over several meetings. Probably two a month; one al Covinsi and one at A/.usa, running about live events an evening. A .small admission could be charged, and possibly medals would be awarded to first-place men. A cup or trophy of some kind presented to (he winuiiii; club would stimulate coin pet it Ion. Al.-io a pii'.e for the best all around alhb Ie v.-oitb! be an incentive for exeryone lo get in and try to do home! hi ug. The enter! ainmeii! s need not be con- lined lo athletics alone. Al the Covina end there is plenty ol' musical and dramatic tab-ill. With the assistance of all Ilie active members, and their friendi, a decidedly successful program could be produced, and a general interest aroused in the good work thai Hie club is accomplishing. i-mcli an event as the tug of war would give the boasted strong men of this town a chance to get out and show what they can do. '"o have this event close each evcuiii)' 's performance should furnish a lot of excitement and would no doubt prove a strong drawing card. After next week a lull account of tin- joint commit lee meeting \\iil lie gi\en. Then it will be up lo the people here to get in and cany the scheme i hroiigh successfully. The president of the governing board wishes to inform the friends of t!ie club that suitable books and maga/ines for the -reading room \\ill lie much appreciated. Two basketball games are scheduled for Thursday evening, February •!-•the C. C. C. nnd A. t'. vs. the High School, and the Fl Monte High School vs. Covina High, girls' teams. The games will take place in tho club gvuinasium. t'oolman's Hall. Ac-! robatic stunts of various kinds will be; run in Intween hah cs to (ill out the. luoLMam. A small admission \\ill bo ! I ^ | charged to di fra \ e\pens l >. ; LINCOLN CENTENARY. HARPER TO ADDRESS A COVINA AUDIENCE A public meeting will bo addrrswd by F. J, Harper oily forester of Los Ang'des, on the subject of r>rmiinont;il tror s, in tho Woman's f'lub House next Monday afternoon a I '•'< p. m. Admission free. All welcome. Mr. Harper is a brother of Mayor Harper of Los Angeles. MOMDAY AFTERNOON CLUB. The melting last Monday itfti-'rnoon was devoted to tho "Wild P.irds of California." The program was to have been in charge of Mrs. Jt. O. Simpson, but owing to her unnvoidable absence, papers on the subject wore read by the Misses Ilcrron and Heath and Mrs. flris- wold. Mrs. I 1 !, (i. Prather contributed a poem by Henry Van Dyke. Next Monday will he "Forestry May," when a public mooting for both men and women will be addressed by K. J. Harper, city forester of LOH Angeles on the subject of "the growth of ornamental trees for shade nnd beauty in our gardens and ntroots." This meeting will be under the joint auspices of the "Fanners' Club and the Monday Afternoon Club. TO THE PUBLIC. To the Citi/.eiiH of C'ovina and vicinity: The undersigned dairymen respectfully stale that owing to the high price of food, etc., t|n price of milk to our patrons from February 1 will be as follows: Per gallon, ,'ifi cents; per quart, !) conls: pint, ,~i cents. To those purchasing tickets the priiTM will bo the • COV'IXA HAIRS' CO. W. O. P.ROI'SH. DELINQUENT NOTICE. Ollieo of tho Covina Irrigating Company; princ/ioal place of business, Covina, Rowland Township, County of Los Angeles, State of California. There arc delinquent on the following described stock on nocount of assessment No. -17; "levied on Mocomhor "nd, llltl.S, the several amounts sot opposite Iho names of the respective shareholders ns follows: Xo. N'o. Name. Cerl. Shares. Ami. Cecelia Foenan.. . . !!»P_' lid $!."").<»> And in noeor.lnneo \vith laxv and nil order of tho hoard of diroctoM, made on the L'nd day of December, A. I >. P.nis, so innnv shares of each parcel of such slock as may he necessary xviil ho sold at public auction at the office of the companv in Covinn, Cal'n'i.i hia, on the loth dav of February, A, I). 1!>H!>, at the hour of 'J o'clock p. m. of said dav, to pav s:iid dolini|Ui-nt assessment ther |og"lhor xx'ith the costs of advertising and expenses of sab'. I! !•'. KMWAIi'DS, Secretary. Covina, Cal., January L! I, IDO'.i. Christopher's "Cream of Quality' "Oh How Good" is the praise that has given Christopher's Cream and Ices an international reputation The dependable cream for formal and informal entertaining. Try it. C. F. CLAPP tjolc A(Hlit Hoar! >n- -Hnsol veil. That it would be a bottrr policy for the United Statr-s government to givo more extended aid t-i the building of Agricultural and Industrial Schools raflior than the bnilrl- ii.g of so many war v< ss'ds. Covina High Hchool proved herself (he l!ig Tiger of Pie debate which of. eurrod Flidav '-veiling, January 22, with Pinad'o.a Hi.<.;!i H-hool. We won the ill-bate by a score of :.':)( '2-'.', to 190 \-'.', and now, besides having Pasadena '« S'-alp hanging alongside Santa Ana's, we liav the greatest number of points up to date of any High School in the Debating ly-ague of Southern California, namely. )n7. Hy H o Vior-k on Iho ovr-i.'ing of tho debate, standing room was at a premium in the Woman's (.'bib House. At K:l."i tho Pasadena dob gation arrived, Si) in nitmbrr. and confident of victory. Amid yells and songs and tho waving of banners, they marched down HIP aisle, to their seats ami started to show us that wo wore not to bo compared with Miem in tho matter of yelling, but under Sam Allison, our capable and energetic yell loader, we convinced them that we know a thing or two about yeJling, and during tho rest of the evening Pasadena was out of the rare in yelling as well as debating. fi; a lull of the pandemonium, the timekeeper for Covina, Adah Wayc, came to the front of the stage and road the rules of debate. Then the first speaker on the affirmative, Otis Castle I of Pasadena High, opened the debate. (Castle's diction and argument were I good. The speech of Albino Power, | Covina's first speaker on the negative, impressed the audience. In argument and diction f:he surpassed either of the Pasadena speakers. Although this wsis her first debate, in speaking and rebuttal she excelled many more experienced debaters. Tho second speaker on the afHnnativo, Irene Howen, did well, although on account of her Sow voice man}' persons in the audience wore unable to hear her words. Her argument was good. Walter Asehonbrenncr, C'o- vina's second speaker on the negative, scored the big hit of the evening. His delivery vas very nearly perfect anil his speech interesting from start to finish. Tn delivery, argument and rebut!al he excelled his opponents, and completely riddled I heir arguments ia the few minutes of rebuttal he was allowed. Asehenbrennor is one of the bfst debaters Covina High has ever had and he will be missed next year, as he graduates in -funo. The period between the end of the speeches and the announcing of the judges' decision was well filled by two selections by the orchestra, and under the excellent leadership of our song leader, Alice Atwood, we fairly buried Pasadena in a flood of school songs. The mass of red and white banners I waving through the audience imparted I a riot of color to the scene. The club house and the stage were beautifully decorated with long red and white streamers, this combination being the colors of both schools. Upon the stage, which was handsomely decorated with fonts and potted plants, Covina and Pasadena banners were hung. j As soon as the judges, Superintendent ! A. N. Wheelock of Riverside, Superintendent J. H. Monltix of Los Angeles, and Prof. E. Shepherdson, head of the llrainiag department of the TJOS Angeles : State .Normal, had come to the conclusion as to the winning school, their decision was announced. Amid a dead silence Miss Waye read the decision, which aliowed Pasadena 190 1-1! points and Covina 201 L'-.'i. The yell which went up from C'ovina, upon hearing the good m ws, almost split the roof, and our debaters were overwhelmed with congratulations and praise. ('ovina has reason to be proud of Lor victory, for if we win the next debate we stand a. very good chance of being awarded the championship of Southern California. Jlere's to Covina! May she win her next debate! Siss—s—s! Hoom! .\li--h-—h! Covina! I Some class to the girls' basketball team! Saturday afternoon, January 1 '.'•'• i not ice the date!) they played the F.I Monte High School girls' team, whittling by a .score of 111 to 15. FJ Monte was in the lead until the last three min, utes of play, having a score of l.~> to 11, v. lieu the girls braced up and won live points in quick succession. The game was the lifth one of the League to be ! p : ay< d and was witnessed by a good- si/ed crowd. Prof. Clayton of Los An. g'-les iligh was referee, and Katherine •oai-h of the I'. S. C. girls' fresh- 'ani, was umpire. liood work, It 's now up to the boys' team at Fl Monte, and they'll do it me in the near future. Hertha Ott, until recently a at Los Angeles High School, ered ('ovina High as a member Freshman class. mid year examinations, which ikon bv nislv man !< K irls! to ilel'e some li Mi*s st iiilent has en! of the 'The were helii liiis wei-U, \M-V a small privi-iita^v of the stinlents, the majority having been excuseil from taking them beran-M- of obtaining ilil per ceil', or o\ er ill tlhir studies. Ot' those who took the examination* many were compelled to lake them solely on account of poor i|"|portmei!t ; that is, they whispered too much when they tiie.ught the teacher wa>n 't looking. Monday eV'-ninj;, January '2~>. two more basketball panics of the High School champioii-ihip series were played. The first Bailie was the Sophomores vs. the Juniors. The former walked merrily over their opponents, winning by a score of l!' to tin- Seniors and easy victo'.y for by a score of 1'J Wes'.ev Nigu. i lar meinbei- "t operated upo-i for appelolle.t I*. •Ill b •f I The next, betvvi reshmeil, Seniors. 1 I. of the llloM popll- lie Senior cla-s. was ,',-diic-day afternoon At the present tune I'- '-at a- t a \ orable a> • ' !'•;•. " Niu:^ s i".i^- -,i'i :n I l.iui •_•••. ativ , :',,- , :;'. . t- ..f ': THE DEPOT GROCERY AND MARKET will serve you with the best. Our slock is carefully selected and cannot fail to please. OUR BLENDED COFFEE Twenty-five cents per pound, roasted and blended for the Depot Grocery is unrivalled. OUR MEAT MARKET is noted for the quality ot its goverment inspected meats, hams and bacon. Fresh eastern oysters in bulk a specialty. ROBERT CRENSHAW Our motto: Prime goods and moderate prices. Phone 22 BEN F, THORPE CEMENT CONTRACTOR / Manufacturer of CEMENT IRRIGATING PIPE All sizes carried in stock. 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