The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on June 11, 1892 · Page 1
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 1

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 11, 1892
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2. HUTCHINSON DAILY NEWS, SATURDAY, JUNE 11,1892. NYE TILLS THE SOU WILLIAM GIVES US 80ME BEAUTIi" WORD PICTURES OF NATURE. The rieasuat Tiuk of Weeping tin VViit <-i- melotu to Make Them Sprout— 1lu\: Nye Kemp, nimsvlf Ho Rnrrly llonn::- fol—A better from n Mnrriftl Mint. lOopyrUjht, 1803, liy EdK»r W. Nyo.l BUCK 8HOALS, N. C, Juno, This in a great pleasure resort, consisting of seventy-five acres lying along the French Droail. It is frequented by myself and a wealthy mini who is Vmilil- ing mo n house overlooking the river. Til a estate lies on this side of the French Broad, So does the man who thought he could dig me a damp "well at a depth of eighty feet when ho knew damp well that he could not. I hurt aimed to celebrate the landing of Christopher Colum- DUB this summer with a considerable amouut of explosives, but I have already used my allowuueo in this well, and did not make very much noise, oither. olive groen ouHhe outside ami slmdius down on the inside to a bright lemon color or straw. Every shndo of gn-.'ii and yellow make up this beam if-. I (lower, and the tree is often covered wii li it, though it grows seventy or eigi.;y foot high. Ever and anon through the sli:>'iy woods, as one rides, he gets the flash cf a scarlet azalia twenty feet high, v r smells the rich and penetrating odor "f the cnlaoanthus, as mellow and sweet a^ the bouquet of a peri. The lnnrel covnr> the sides of the mountain now. and if you keep your eye peeled you will slB : the sharp explosion of red lire which Bhows that the oriole is looking for the early rising worm in the ferny glen. The rhododendron is also now on deck with its mighty waxen flowers and its wonderful leaves of rich and varnished green. From Hickory Nut Gap Mr. Vanderbilt has brought this season, 1 presume, a half million of these lx-nuti- ful natives and transplanted them to his grounds on the French Broad. They will look woll and add to the value of his estate—possibly also sending my own up thirty cents per acre, which on eight acres gives a neat advance of $2.40 to the keen and thoughtful proprietor of Buck Shoals. There are also several of tho rarest and most curious orchids growing wild here, which dnmfomid and delight the botanist, the florist, the phrenologist mul the veterinarian. One of them especially is very beautiful, and has a name to it with which I am now picketing my cow. CRYINO ON THK MELONS. Ao 1 pen these lines I see the man Blowly emerging from the well. He is tho man who has been digging the well. He has a stem look and a big dynamite cartridge in each hand. Come to think about it, he did not say that he could strike water at a depth of eighty feet. It was n foeblo man who afterward turned the contract over to this one. I am building a house and studdery here on tho estate aud learning* how to till tho farm, so that by piecing out the crop with my salary 1 can maintain three North Carolina hens aud possibly add a guinea in the fall. Whoii George and 1—George Vanderbilt and I—camo here to show the Tar Heel horticulturist how brains would overmaster a sluggish soil, and how with a course of careful rotation of crops and by tickling these overshot farms with tho hoo we could mako them laugh —a low, gurgling laugh—we did not know that each acre of these Venetian red hillsides needs a livery Btable and a feed store on it to enrich it. We are learning that with sotno sor row and irrigating our watoruiolons with tears. Wo exchange work, weeping oh each others ^-atermelons. My tears go farther than his and knock the striped bugs quicker, he thinks. On a good day I can cry over quite a patch. Cow poas are used hero a good deal for bringing up the soil. I never heard of them before. They are of no use except to bring up tho soil. They do not make good soup, and they are not a ttorieul- tural oxliibit that one would go very fur to attoud, but for impaired soil and loss of fertility they are highly spoken of. Wot down tho farm with Apollinaris water, then put on camphor tar to prevent moths from eating the young sassafras which grows here quite plentifully, and as a foliage plant rattles with the hull thistle and jiuison weed of the vulgar aud nasty north. Now dust off the farm, as there might possibly be remnants of soil on it. Next mix auough whito lime with your red hillsido to give it a creamy shade. Homo put blueing in their farms here. Now fertilize tho abutmonts of your farm with chaos from tho barn and summer fallow tho laud. By autumn you can turn tho soil over and cross plow. This will bring tho under side of tho farm to tho Burfaeo. This should havo a top dressing of guano, and if you have in tho house two or three carloads of shad roe that is pretty gamy, you will liud that it will startle tho soil and possibly give a great stimulus. At first 1 ovorstimulated my farm and gavo it a headache. 1 put on it several of Zola's works and then added some other fertilizing material, which gave tho soil what tho physicians call hyper- nutrition, followed by overexhilaraliou and then coma. My peas havo been planted three times, and each time eaten by rabbits. When I first camo hero 1 put up on my grounds this notice: : No shooting on theso grounds excopt: : for polfllc&t rvutwiiB. : : Moonlight lynching putties will also : : please not hitch to these trees. : E. W. NYK. : As a result, tho estate is covered with wild game, aud yesterday 1 tried all tho forenoon to overhaul u turkey that hud apparently stolen hor nest, only to learn at noontime that she was a wild turkey and rather better than the average as a roadster. But the fatigue and face of nature in western North Carolina at this season of the year makes you scream with delight' Every curve in tho road gives one a new, and beautiful picturo of the far blue mountains, the near green of the foothills and the magnificent forest and wood flowers at your elbow in the foreground. North Carolina has tho widest range of .varieties iu useful and ornamental woods of any locality in the world, 1 reckon. In the radius of a few miles all kinds of oaks, pines, hickory, maple, elm, ash, etc., without end, aro found, and among others tho tulip tree, u beautiful ornamental wood, especially when it is ourly and well finished up. On this tree grows oaoli auuunor a big tulip, expecting It at that tlmo I only lost 14 tP.y Bill was liorc at work ywunrdny I rotlo yunr mule after tho llcens which I thought It would Hfl all rlto vrllti yiu • 1 want you to tnko your payout of my uiiges for It 1 huvo £ot iny wlf<i with rnc hen: I hope it will Me all i-iK- with yuu 1 ni:i put In better time ami have no oeeiislon l<> He away J innrricd a Mi.'.s livallne HlameluNS They Ray shu W m*d( r a Kooii eharaelt-r I want to no if you havo any objection of ine ki»:.)ln her with me on your place nleafco rite to me at oneia 1 want to no II it is nil rile of nio a rifling your mulo your truly (Name suppressed, as the man is ."till living near me, and feeling tolerably robust this season. He also threatens to keep hens.) CHARGE OF THE LIGHT BRIGADE. Violet Bowersox writes, under dato of Juno IS, from East Miggs: "What are your habits regarding care of complexion and skin? How do you manage to look always so young? Could you give UB your programme for preserving so wonderfully your elastic and rosy appearance?" Certainly there can be no roason why tho world should not have the advantage of a valuable experience, especially when it is so useful to good health and au attractive appearance. I ariso in the early morning, bidding dull care bo gone, mid almost at onco proceed to take a tepid bath of twenty minutes, followed by a shower bath of five minutes and a rest of thirty minutes. The faco and throat are then subjected to a gentle friction of elder flower water mixed with a half goblet of warm water. This removes all impurities from the pores and gives the surface a clear, ivory hue. I got onto this in PnriB. Scented oris powder is then rubbed into tho hair and brushed out again, taking care not to leave any . i it at tho temples or nape of the neck. A delicate cream, containing tho juice of tho lettuce, is then spread over the face and throat. After ten minutes it is removed with a linen cloth. This is Baid to removo the drawn or tired look contracted in society so often while trying to think of something to say which will not betray evidences of thought. Valontine—-a mixture of rice, powder and bismuth—is next applied with great care, producing a clear alabaster whiteness, with a trace of luster, and toning down tho hot aud hectio nasal flush which is liable to come upon those who allow the nso of a strawberry on the top of their cocktail. The eyebrows aro then smoothed with I a baby brush, leaving a touch of farde I in dieu. Then with a leather estampe lay under each eye a delicate Bhudow, which increases its brilliancy and gives also a touch of gentle remorse, which in Bociety indicates that wealth has made one blase. Tho above iB tho secret of my young and well rounded appearance, and 1 give it here that all may, if they will, bo beautiful. Sometimes when I have not the time for the above programme, especially while hero in North Carolina, I simply bathe in the branch, afterward running up and down an unfrequented path for twenty minutes before dressing, and avoiding so far as possible the haunts of the coon dog, which is very plenty here, and does not recognize mo without dressing, though he generally prefers me that way, 1 find. Then I come back to the branch, rub briBkly with a nose bag, dress and begin my literary work for the day. Any one can lie well and beuutiful if ho will obey these simple rules. A St. I.ouln Survivor Telia of the ltnttle of Ilttlaklnvn. From the St. Louis Globe-Democrat Mr. John Cramer, residing at 1329 North Eighth street, is a survivor of the battle of Balaklava, the siege of Lucknow, and many other unpleasant events in the world's record for the latter half of the nineteenth century. Sir. Cramer seriously objects to some statements recently made to a reporter for the Philadelphia Inquirer, and published in the Globe-Democrat of yesterday, by one Bernard McKernan, of the Quaker City. He says that McKernan's statement that he possesses the only Crimean and the only Turkish medals in the United States is an^rror, as he, Cramer, is the happy possessor of such medals. Me- Kernun states that only survivors of the famous Light Brigade were recipients of the Crimean medal. Mr. Cramer says that every survivor of the battle of Balaklava was presented with this medal, and that every soldier ' participating in the Crimean campaign was made the recipient of the medal designed by the sultan and popularly known as the Turkish medal. Mr. Cramer states that he served two years in the Crimea, in the royal artillery, and witnessed the charge of the Light Brigade, was in fact, working a gun that was playing upon the Russian batteries that the immorial brigade charged with such sad results. "The Light Brigade broke through the Russian lines," says Mr. Cramer, "and were immediately surrounded. They turned and began to cut their way out. Notwithstanding tho fact that they were surrounded by Russian cavalry the Russian batteries kept pluying upon them, shooting through rank after rank of Russians in order to reneh the Englishmen. The. batteries killed three Russians for every Englishman they laid low, but that was by no means a remarkable proceeding for the czar's ofllcers. They would kill a dozen of their own men any time to reach one Englishman. I once saw them blow up a fort containing 500 of their own troops in order to kill a few Englishmen. 1 went into the Crimean war as a volunteer. I was under 111, and only soldiers over that age cpuUl be compelled to serve in the Crimea. I I was the first volunteer. After serving I two years I returned home. I then enlisted in the East India company of artillery, Haveloclt's brigade. I served through the Bengal mutiny. I went with my brigade to the relief of Lucknow. We got in, but could not get out. We were hemmed in hy the Sepoys until relieved by Sir Colin Campbell, I came to America and served during the last two years of the civil war in the United States navy. 1 core nothing for notoriety, but think such reek- less statements as those made by the alleged Philadelphia survivor of the battle of Balaklava-should not go un­ contradicted." Mr. Cramer is apparently about 50 years age, is hale and hearty and apparently able to undergo the hardships ot another war or two. on sale July 1st and 3d, with return limit of July 1.1th. The Omaha convention will be largely attended by an enthusiastic crowd from all points of the country. Even if you arc not a delegate, It Is a good chance to see Nebraska's chief city. Talk with the A. T. and S. V. agent about it, and get aboard when the train goes by. A Word to I.nilleH. Ladles who desire a beautiful clear skin, free from pimples, boils, blotches and other eruptions, should commence at onco to use Br. liunn's Improved liver pills. They will also remove that heavy look about your eyes and make them bright, and will cure headache from whatever cause it arises. Remember, you arc only required to take one small pill at bed time, which is eon.ted with pure sugar and will sot gripe of produce any unpleasant sensation- Sold at 25 cents by C. B. Winslow, druggist. 8 -31 ABE YOU HUN11Y FOR A HOME? If so write to Geo. T. Nicholson, G. P. & T. & S. F. R. R. Topeka, Kansas, for a copy of the new edition of Oklahoma folder, containing full account of Cherokee Strip and Chickasaw Nation. DO YOU WANT SOME YELLOW GOLD? It can be easily obtained in the neiv mining camp of Cripple Creek, Colorado, near Pike's Peak, directly reached via Santa Fe Route. The sensation of 1892. ARE YOU THINKING OF GOING EAST? The Democratic Convention at Chicago, June 21st, and the Na• . tional Educational Association meeting at Saratogo, July 12th, affords good chances to buy reduced rate tickets via Santa Fe Route, A COOL RECEPTION IN HOT WEATHER, Can bo had by buying tourist tickets to Colorado, on sale beginning June 1st. It will pay you to investigate what the Santa Fe Route has to offer, before making final arrangements. J. W, TRPFOBD, Agent. A LITTLE ltUN'lN THE WOODS. This is followed by a light breakfast of cold coon and possum sweetbreads broaded. f Speaking of letters, tho following was written tjo a neighbor of mine hero last year by a man who was working one of his farms. Much of the keen delight and excitemeiit ot reading it is lost wboz|^.t gets into type, but still the eager, yet repressed, enthusiasm of the groom in referring to his bride, who is under a good character, according to rumor, together with tho vague unrest that haunts him regarding the mule, will strike tho reader even if thu Ticktown orthography aud Keeley iustitute penmanship are torn away: TICKTOWN, N. C. Decomhcr tho 13, 111. 1 DfcAU M a. B.: 1 rote U) you yesterday tnor/i- ln« 1 got married on hut night 1 wotllil of told you In my other letter But I was not ''Late to bed and to rise will shorten the road to your home, in the skies. But early to bed and a '"Little Early Riser," the pill that makes life longer and better and wiser. Beam's Midland Pharmacy; Fall to Do Our Duty. Everybody has at times failed to do their duty towards themselves. Hundreds of lady readers suffer from sick headache, nervousness, sleeplessness and female troubles. Let them follow the example of Mrs. H. Herbechtev, Stevens Point, Wis., who for five years suffered greatly from Nervous Prostration and sleeplessness, tried physicians and different medicines without sue cess. But one bottle of Dr. Miles' Ner­ vine caused sound sleep every night and she is feeling like a new person. Mrs. Elizabeth Wheeler, Laramie City, Wyoming, who tried all other remedies, declares that after three week's use of the Nervine for Headache, Nervous Prostration, etc., she was entirely relieved. Sold by A. & A. Drug Co. Trial bottle free. A WASIUNGTON LKTTKK. One Firm in Buffalo Spend* More Money nl (lie Kiifrulo I>u»r-offlco tlinu ull (lie IlnnkH and Neivn- pnpora combined. A Washington (I>. C.) letter myn, that the post-oflleo uuthoritliw at Washington report that one firm in Biiffnlo—tbo World's Dhpon- sory Medienl Association—spend* annually one hundred thousand dollars ($100,00(1) for stomps alone, in carrying on their extensive proprietary business. This is moro than all the banks nnd newspapers ot liull'nlo combined s|ieml for postage. Hero's n firm which has grown, step by step, through many years to greatness. Tho reason for this wonderful growth luis been that they have faith in what they sell, so much faith thut if they can't benefit or cure, Ihey don't taint your money. Fpr many years they hnvo licon selling Dr. Pierce's remedies—one, Br. Pierce's Golden Medjail Discovery, for regulating mid invigorating the liver and purifying the blood; tho other, Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription, tho hope of weakly womanhood, and they've been sold for years, sold hy tli? million bottles; sold under a posillee. (ituirantee ot benefiting or curing, or. your money will be refunded. _ THREE CENT COLUMN. Advertisements inserted In this depart ment will be charged for at the rate of one- half cent per word; they must beinserted for a definite number ot times and paid for when Insertion commences. This rule will be strictly observed in all cases. RAILROAD TIMETABLES. Hock Island. KABTWAHD. No. Mall and Express No. 24, Night Express *No. 04, Freight Accommodation wKsrWAnii. No. 33, Mail and Express No. SI, Night Kxprcss •No. US. Freight Accommodation. 8:fi0 8:50 0:20 a. m 0:55 p. m; 2:00 p. m, it No. 21 runs to Pratt only. _ No. 2,'l runs through to Dodge City and Liberal. c , , •No. fi*dally except .Sunday. •No. 03 daily except Sunday. • Missouri Pucllle, KAHTWAIID. Local Freight (dally) leaves St. Louis Mail (dally) leaves W.&C.Acc. (daily) mixed leaves. 8:00 a. m 0:23 a. m 5:30 p. m 0:57 a. in 0:57 a in 7:22 p. in Local Freight (dally)'leaves.... W.&C. Accidallyimlxed arrives Oars run through to St. Louis change . Chair Cars to Denver free of charge Is the short line to all points west. P. J. LRIMBAOH, Agent H. C. TOWNSKKD, Gen. Pas. Agent. without This Hutchinson & Southern. •No. 2, Mall and Express... tNo. U, Freight and Acc'n.. ARRIVES, 6:25 j>. in 11:30 a. m •No. 1, Mall and Express... tMo. f>. Freight and Acc'n.. DEPARTS 7 :20 a. ra. 8:3U p. m. w WANTED. \NTED—Good, clean rags at the press room. •Dally. tDallv except Sunday. Close connections made at Hutchinson and Kingman with diverging lines. rVNTF.D—Hy a lady wno needs W ANTF.D—Hy a lady wno needs and wants work, plain sewing, sunbonncts aispectalty. At 422 Fifth avenue cast. tf W ANTED—Agents at once. Ladles or _ gentlemen, ' " employment, street," Liberal wages and steady Inquire at No. 10 South Main tt $75 to $250 w a oVJg & Co.. 2.000-2-4-0-H Main Virginia. made monthly for H. F. Johnson street, Richmond, 20t Denver & Utah V.Ex Callfornial &Mex. Urn, olor ado| night Kx.. Freights... "reight. ... W ANTED—A woman who la a first class washer to come to the house on Tues- No. 118 E. Sherman tf days and Saturdays, street. W ANTED—Every business man In West era Kansas to know that I am manufacturing Rubber Stamps in Hutchinson. Work delivered day following order. A. M. Carr, 11 and 13 East Sherman. tf W ANTED—A good, smart business man with $200 or S300 capital, to take charge of an otllce for an old established arm. Best of references gtveu and re quired. Address "D. 1{." NKWS office- tf New Yorkl Limited Ex., Chicago Ves-| ttbulc Ex'ss Cannon ball, Missouri river night Ex. Freights Freight CMcn&o, Kansas & Western ltnllrouU. Uutchlusou Uxtvuslon. C UT KATES—To Pueblo.ColoradVi Springs, Denver, Kansas City, St. Louts, Chicago and Cincinnati. Kailroad tickets bought, sold anil exchanged bv C. C. Krnest, the ticket broker, opposite Midland hotel. sMIt W E offer agents big money, in exclusive territory, our new patent safes, sell at sight in city or country. New ageutstlrst In held actually getting rich, one agent in one day cleared 8S0. So can vou. Catalogue free. Alpine Safe Co., No.' :|U:!-371, Clark St., Cincinnati, O. Trains. % p Leave Hutchinson. 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Hayden and paying for fnls ad, 5t FOB SALE. S EE Moore & Crisman for a 0-room house. 2t TTIOR SALE—Old papers In packages of 100 _E for sale at the NBWB office. F OR SALE—Large steam Singer Sewing machine. Enquire at this office. tf N'utioiml Itiuilts In Good Condition. From the American Hanker. E. S. Lacey, the comptroller of the currency, takes a very hopeful view of the financial condition of the country. The present condition of the national banks of the United States is in the highest degree satisfactory," he declares. The losses incident to the liquidation which followed the semi- panic of November, 1SSI0, ihave been largely charged off and made good by legitimate earnings. The scarcity of loanable funds incident to tha,t period of necessity gave away to a redundancy which reduced interest rates below their normal condition. This was largely due to timidity on the part of investors, and to the fact that want of confidence was felt in the paper offered. The satisfactory crops of last year and the fair prices which they brought, together with the other favorable conditions, have placed business generally upon a sound basis. This has brought into the market a reasonable amount of legitimate paper, and has enabled banks to invest their loanable funds at remunerative rates. This is evi deuced by the fact that the unnecessarily large reserves held by the banks a few months since has now contracted to reasonable proportions, indicating a healthy degree of demand nnd supply so far as loanable funds are concerned. The report of the condition of national banks at the close of business May 17, will show that the banks are well supplied with funds for all legitimate purposes, and that their general business is in a satisfactory condition. The promise of good crops generally throughout the United States makes it reasonably certain that the remainder of the year will restore the general business of the eountry to its normal tone and volume," CROUP, WHOOPING COUGH and Bronchitis immcdiatelv relieved by Shiloh Cure. For sale by A. & A. Drug Co. WILL YOU SUFFER with dyspepsia and liver complaint? Shiloh's Cure is the remedy for you. For sale by A. & A. Drug Co. We truly believe DeWits's Little Earley Risers to be the most natural, most effective, most prompt and economical pillfor billiousness, indigestion and inactive liver. Beam's Midland Pharmacy. For lame back side or. chest, us. Shiloh's Porous Plaster. Price 25 cents For sale by A. A. Drug Co. IOR SALE OK TRADE—The Zane house and furniture, near Rock Island De pot. Wm. Mangold, proprietor. Ot F OR SALE—Two good houses In South Hutchinson at a bargain lor cash. See Frank W. Roberts, No. 3 South Main st. Ot F OR SALE—Two Job printing presses at a figure that Is away down below actual value. Inquire at once at the NKWS office, or write for description. tf TJTOR RENT- JC well Democrats, Take Notice. The committee on transportation of the delegation from Kansas to the national Democratic convention to be held at Chicago June 21, 18112, have selected the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe, as the route by which the Kansas delegation will make the journey, and have authorized me to publish this announcement, W. C. PERKY, Chairman of Committee. In connection with the above, we beg to state that the rate will be one lowest fare for the round trip. Tickets will be sold June 10 to 29 inclusive good to return including July 0. We will arrange a special train, handsomely decorated, on a schedule which will enable parties from all points in the state to join at convenient Kansas junction points, or at Kansas City. The exact date and time of the train will be announced later. Additional information can be obtained from the nearest Santa Fe agent. The celebrated Bandana club of Leavenworth, the Democratic Flambeau elub of Topeka and other prominent Democratic organizations will accompany this train, GEO. T. NICHOLSON, G. P. andT. A., Topeka, Kan. W. J. BLACK, A. G. P. and T. A. s. Physloluu unll Surgeon, Office over Sldllnger's drug store, telephone, 10; residence, 00. D DR. .1. E. STEWART, Practice limited to Surgery and Diseases or Women. THAT HACKING COUGH can be so quickly cured by Shlloh'B Cure. We guarantee It. Sold by A. & A. Drug Co' Ou to umahii. Special excursions will be run via the "Santa Fe Route" on July 1st to Omaha, Neb., for persons wishing to attend the national convention of the People's party at that city July 4th. One fare for the round trip. 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STEWART, Eye, Ear, Throat and Nose. Glasses properly adjusted. J. W MAOUIRE, M. D., Treats Eye, Bur, Nose and Throat DUoasos Carefully. Office, No. 110 North Main. Residence, 008 North Main. J G. MALCOLM, Physician and Surgeon (Homeopathic) Office 112 1st avenue east. J.«WETHEHBY, Pliyslclun and Surgeon. Diseases of w men a specialty. Office In Montana block, First Ave.cutrance. J L. CONN, Dentist. Parlors corner of Main and First avenue over Keddcrsen's store. ATTOHNEY8. rNO. W. ROBERTS: Attorney at Law. Rooms 2, 3 and 4, Mo. 3 South Main. L ESLIE & CRAWFORD. Attorneys at Law. Successors to Swigart & Crawford. Penney Building, opposite Court House. Hi Attorney at Law. Office in Hutchinson National Bank bullfltng Atchison, Topeka & Santa fe. In effect on and after May 22,1802 WKSTHOUNl). Leave Kansas City: 10:45 a.m, 10:55 a.m 0:20 p.m.: Arrive Hutchinson. 0:40p,m. ll: Kip.m 45a.m. .1:30 p.m. 3:43p.m. |(l:40p.m. Leave Hutch,' lnson. 0:40p.m |fl:l«phn [s-.oaa, 05p.m EASTUOUNU. Trains. Arrive Hutchinson. Leave Hutchinson. 0 ll:17ain]ll:i7aml 8 10:00pm 10:01pm| 30 4:00 pm 1:20 pm 44 8:a5amH:'.l0anv Arrive Kansas City, |4:40,p ra a-AO v in 00 a m' No. 3 carries through Pullman and tourist and Denver, making connections at Pueblo and Colorado Springs with through sleepers for San Francisco and Portland, via. Salt Lake. No. 7 carries through Pullman sleeper to Dodge City and through coaches to Pueblo and Denver. No. 4 carries through Pullman and tourist sleepers, also chair cars to Kansas City and Chicago, also Pullman sleeper to St. Louis. No. u carries through Pullman sleepers and chair cars to Kansas City and Chicago No. 8 carries Pullman sleepers and chalt cars to Kansas City and St. Joseph, Mo. GEO. T. NICHOLSON, O. T. & P. A., Topeka, Kan. J. W. TKDrOBD Agent Santa Fe Route. H-itchlnson. -jol BOARDERS "WANTED At the old reliable barn of J. H. M'CLURG, Corner of Second and Walnut, adjoining Brunswick hotel. This barn is neat and clean, having all been overhauled and white washed, and is well ventilated, conveniently located and the safest barn from fire in the city. The proof of this is that insurance Companies give the lowest rate of insurance on it than any livery barn in the city. It is also furnished with electric light, telephone and water. Horses delivered and sent for. Satisfaction is guaranteed to all our patrons. We also keep a few first-class rigs, safe single and double drivers. Rigs and harness new. J. H. M'CLURU, Prop. The Celebrated French Cure. Warranted " to cure J! or money rct'uudea. IB BOLD ON A POSITIVE GUARANTEE: to euro any form of nervous IIIR- eiiao m iny din- ordc.rol -hogen­ erative orgaiiH of either sox lvhetunr arlufii; tvom tho excet? ... aivo USG of Stimulants, Tobacco oc OpUmi, or through youthful indiscretion, over indulgence, &c, BUOU aa Iioaa tit Brain Tower, Wakefulness, Bcartnp down Palunlii the hack, Semlnul WoaknCMe, Hvnterla, Norvoim Prostration, Nontunml fciuisfdoua, Lcticir^lioe?,, Dl&zinos.i, Weitlt Memory, IJOBS of Power and Impotency, which if neglected oftoti lend to E rematuro old ago and insanity. Prieei'.lA'O a ox* 6 hoxea for ?5.Q J. Sent by mall on receipt, of nrloc. A WJCITTEV GUARANTEE la fdron f 0L every $5.00order iccc-Wefl.torefund tho money if al**rmtt»eiitcureisnotcffcotcd. Wo havo thousand* of toot imon in \H from old and young of both sexes, "who havo been permanently cured by tho UBO of Aphrodltino. Circulars free. Mention paper. - Address ^ M THE APHRO WIEDiClNE CO. Western Branch, P. 0. Oox 27. PORTLAND, OREGON. Foe Hale by A. & A. Drug Co. MILLION DOLLARS Would not tempt the busy bustling, brainy American to part with the price less treasure of good health, which he can gain and preserve by the UBe of those ,«afe, effecttve and unfailing M. WHITELAW, Attorney at Law, Office ewer First National Bank. Entrance on Sherottn street •y ^iHTJCblDE & GI,EASON : Attornoyti at I,uw, Office, 1, S, il, 4, over No. 24 South Main St. * rr »A,YU>K & TAYLOR, 7T»' Attorneys at I,aw, | qoccy ^iltilrs, Masonic Temple. MIIESE lEGHUUffiMEDlB with which the great Lee Wing Brothers speedily and permanently cure every form ot nervous, chronic, private aud sexual disease, lost manhood, seminal weakness, errors of yovth, urinary, kidney and liver troubles, diseases of the heart, lungs and throat, diseases of the blood or skin, diseases of the stomach and bowels, rheumatism, neuralgia, paralyBls, dlspepsla. constipation, syphilis, guonerhea, gleet and all weaknesses and diseases of any organ of the body. LEE AWING'S remedies cure where all other means fall. Consultation and examination free, and only a Binall sum for the renlL edles. Call (or consultation, or write aywS touis fully, enclosing stamp for reply. LEE WING BROS'., 1613 Larimer street, Dever.CoL

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