Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 5, 1954 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 5, 1954
Page 3
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Friday, February 5, 1954 HOPE STAR, HOP8, ARKANSAS SOCIETY Phone 7-3431 Between 8 A. M. and 4 P. M. Calendar Friday, February 5 Oil Fridny, February 5, the R'ose Garden Club will meet at 3 p. m. in the home of Mrs. Harry Shiver. Mrs. Garrett Story will be co-hos- Monday, February 8 The Union Meeting of the Womans Society of Christian Service of the First Methodist Church will be held Monday, February 8, at 2 p. m. at the church. Mrs. John Gardner, Jr. will bring the devotional. Circle 2, Mrs. Albert Graves, chairman, will have charge of the program. Si, The Wcsleyjin Service Guild of 'The' Methodist CJitirch will meet Monday February 0, at the home of Mrs. V. D. Keelcy. with Mrs. B. B. McPhcrsoh leading the program, and Mrs. Roy Stephenson. devotional leader. A report will be given by the nominating commit- too.- Tuesday, February 9 The Hcmpslcnd County Class- FINAL DAY MOST FEARED MAN IN THE SOUTHWEST! (fb .49 V COlUMBU PICTURE JOHN-HODIAK ROBERT STACK JOY PAGE CORNEL WILDE of Sherwood Forest" Chap. 9 'Jungle Drums of Africa' "Shaving Mugs" Cartoon SUN. & MON. "HNliST PERFORMANCE BYAlSj ACTRESS SINCE 'JOHNNY BELINDA'.'" EDNA FERBER'S PULITZER PRIZE NOVEL STERLING HAYDEN<NANCY OLSON News & "Northwest Mouse' Cartoon room Teachers Association will meet at Brook wood School on Tuesday, February 9 at 7 p. m. Miss Helga Loew, a teacher from Germary, will be a special guest. Mrs. A. E. Hostess To Slusser U D. C. The Pat Cleburne Chapter of the United Daughters of, the Confederacy met at the home of Mrs. A. E. Slusser on Thursday, February 4. Associate hostesses were Mrs. J, F. Gorin and Mrs. S. L. Reed. The Slusser home was attractively decorated with arrangements of early spring flowers The meeting opened at 2:30 p. m. with the secretary, Mrs. Pat Casey presiding. The Salute to the Flags was led by Mrs. J. J. Battle, and Mrs. Gus Haynes led the ritual and the Lord's Prayer. Following the reading of the minutes by the secretary and the payment of dues, the president, Mrs. H. C. Whitworth, took charge of the meeting. Mrs. Whilworth read the stale president's monthly report and letter. Mrs. Slusser is the state president. Guests of the chapter were Miss Helga M. Loew of Germany, Mrs. Roland Pearson and David Pearson. Miss Loew .gave an interesting talk on conditions in Germany. A round table discussion followed her talk. David Pearson then entertained the group by singing "Sweet Little Jesus Child" and "Last Hose of Summer." The hostesses served individual cherry pies topped with whipped cream and coffee to €4 present. Births Mr. and Mrs. Windcll Thompson announce the arrival of a daughter,!,. Winda Jean, on February 4, 1954. „• Regardless translation, Sunday School Lesson By William The E. Gilroy, D. D. passage of Scripture that we call "The Lord's Prayer" is found as it is commonly recited in our churches in Matthew 6:9 13; and, in an abbreviated from, in Luke 11:2-4. In Matthew 6:12 the petition is rendered (In the Authorized Version) "forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors,"' while in verse 15 the reference is to "trespasses"" 'and the forgiveness of trespasses. This led to some confusion in the public use of the prayer, embarrassing to one like myself, as a minister-journalist conducting services in many different churches. Methodist Churches use the word "trespasses," and, in general, churches that have their roots in the church of England con- to this practice But a for voluntary, but not use, has the word formform Worship," obligatory "debts." The matter is not one of major importance. The meaning in each form of prayer is the same, as Matthew 6:12 and Matthew 6:14 make plain A more questionable Ihe entire Prayer of matter is omission from the the closing words of doxology as in the Authorized Version of Matthew 6:13: "for Thine is the kingdom, and the sower, and the glory, forever." These words are omitted in the recently published translation in the REVISED STANDARD VER: the prayer ends with the petition, "Deliver us Tom evil." A footnote mentions .hat the words of doxology are added by "other authorities some ancient." The recent translator have evidently omitted the words 'of doxology because they were not n other ancient manuscripts that considered more authorita- Coming and Going Mr. and Mrs, Lonnie Brooks of Tucson, Arizona, former residents of Blevins, were guests of Mr. Brooks' parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Brooks in Blevins last week. They also visited other' relatives and friends in Blevins and Prescott. Mr. and Mrs. Syvelle Burke have returned from St. Louis where they attended a shoe convention. Mr. and Mrs. Melvern White of Tempe, Arizona visited Mrs. White's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Bonds in Blevins. They visited in Hope and Prescott. also their guests Thursday night, Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie Brooks, Mr. and Mrs. Melvern White of Arizona Mr. of this, of the new the product of a representative group of Protestant scholars should be adopted in public worship, which I doubt, it is my belief that both in private devotions and in public worship the Prayer in its full form, with the doxology, as in the Authorized (King James) version,jwill continue to be used. Again, the matter is not one of great importance for the petitions is each case are the same. My own impression is that the recent translators would have been well advised to continue the Prayer as in St. Matthew's word's reserving for the footnote the and Mrs. Arlis Brooks and Jane of Hope, Mr: and Mrs. O. R. Wilson and Carolyn of Prescott, Mr. and Mr. and Mrs. Ira Brooks had as Mrs. J. J. Bruce, and Mr. and Mrs. Dallas Hugg, Norman, Carolyn, It takes time and practice to be able to npply makeup in a way that will truly fiighllglrt your best features arid minimize defects, But the improvement you can make will be more than Worth the effort. Using two or three shades of powder base, for example, can do'.wonders for the contours of the face. Our square- faced plrl applies a dark base (lower center) along the jaw line. She'll lengthen her chin by touching it with a light base. Now (right) she stops to adjust earring before leaving for day. She wears her hair fluffed slightly over temples to balance width of jaws. Coat collar also helps to add illusion of length. The long-faced girl (upper center) applies Unstick here, adding a bit of fullness to lips that will help shorten chin. She has applied dark shadow to chin, light to sides of face. Her sweater's round collar (left) helps to shorten chin. Fluffed hair adds width. Donald, Larry and Janice of Ble-i of thin £ s - Ayres to Film a Story of Religion By BOB THOMAS HOLLYWOOD I/PI — "When man nderstands, he no longer fears; when he no longer fears, he loves; when he loves there is peace" This is the principle that will guide Lew Ayraj on a trip to film the story of religions around tlie ivorld. He will abandon his acting career for the piobal Itour, which wul finance himself. I visited him in his home on the peak of the Hollywood hills, v he leads an almost monastic life. Lons one of- the town's most serious irinkers, he talked earnestly of his mission. "I'm leaving Feb. 21 by air for Japan,' he explained. "I'll fly all ;he way because it would take me .years by boat to visit all the :laces T want to see. An old friend, Bob Duncan, will go along an'd help -ne with the cameras and re- co'.-ding equipment. It would be too much for, one man. . I'il spend'about two weeks in each' p lace, perhaps longer- if I "ind 1 need more time to get the materir.l. I hope to get a variety DOROTHY DIX Double Cheating Dear Miss Dix: Two years ago I married a boy I had known for three years. He was in service and I moved near his camp so we could be together. Even then, I wasn't sure whether I had married him for love or sympathy. Shortly after I became pregnant, he went to Korea, and I returned to my folks. While my husband was away, I fell in love with another man, also married and with one child. We can't stay away from each other, though we don't want to break up our homes. I know definitely that I don't love my husband, but is it a mistake for me to stay in our home for the sake of our baby? I know that in any circumstances I shall continue ^to see the man I love. Won't you please make a suggestion? Mrs. O. E. .Answer: Just what sort of suggestion do you want? You're now MBS — 7:30 Take 8:30 Have A Heart. a Number; re- vins. • LAST DAY DOUBLE FEATURE • RUTH TERRY ROBERT LIVINGSTON "TELL IT TO A STAR" JOHN WAYNE — in — "NEW FRONTIER" POWDER SUNDAY ONLY jtarring RORY CALHOUN CORINNE CALVET CAMERON MITCHEU • FENNV EDWARDS • "Cheese Bungler" Color Cartoon » Comedy, "Chime Antics" • Travel, "Johannisburg, City of Gold" UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE, WE WILL BE OPEN ONLY ON SATURDAY AND SUNDAY NEW OPENING TIMES —— SATURDAY — Boxoffice opens 11:45 A. M. — Show Starts 12:00 Noon SUNDAY — poxoffice opens 12:45 P. M. — Show Starts 1:00 P. M. REVIVAL BEGINNING FEBRUARY/ at the HOPE GOSPEL TABERNACLE 321 North Main HEAR EVANGELIST JIMMY BROWN % ' From Mobile/ Alabama Services $ach nighf at 7$Q wept Saturday Good Singing and Preaching • Come Hear this Talented Young Evangelist IVIRYOHi INVITID to this Revival H- I i .. ' • ,' *r. j)i^f A, M, • - .,tyN&& 44k Mwl ' "• Vift.. i. ^ •'-• E t'tt 1950$ X M, somc places, I'll cord the ritual ;,nd liturgy of the major reliong; in others, I'll do interviews with church leaders. I hope t:> present the major religions of the world without controversy. There will bs no attempt to make odious comparison. "That's why I want to do this job on my own. If I accepted support frcm organizations or even the S.'ate Department, I couldn't remain as impaitial. I am a Christian, but a layman. I belong to no paiticular church," Hew did he decide on the trip "You know how'I have been interested for years in the brotherhood or man. There comes a time when you have to 'do something; it is not c mere vegetable. So I decided to make the move. I've had 25 good years in the movie business. The producers are not exactly Breaking down my door with offers, although I still make a jgood 1'ving frojn pictures. "I like acting. I always have. But I think it'3 lime for me to do something positive to satisfy my great curiosity about life. I have looked into evaiy religion. Now could like to help other people to learn." What will he do .with his films "Oii3 thing is definite: I will take them on p. lecture tour. I want to convey to people the personal contact I have had with these religions,. I don't know how w-.'ll it will go over, but I'm willing to talk in any place, from the biggest auditorium to a tent I might have to put up myself, "Other things might come out of the films. There may be possibilities for presentation on a show like Omnibus o. - even a theatrical film 1'ke the March of Time. But that remains to be seen." Top Radio Programs KCMC Television ' .^Saturday, February 6th *4;.00 Test Patten '4:30 Mystery Theatre ' Feature Theatre News Headlines News, Weather, Sports .The Big Picture Amateur Hour NBC Two for the Money CBS I Married Joan NBC Medallion Theatre CBS Channel 6 Theatre Sign Off: 5:30 9:30 6:45 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:33 I'D! 35; doing quite a job• of double •cheating. Of course, there's only one right thing for you to do; in fact, it's not only the right thing, but also that which is wise, sensible and expedient. Continuing on your .present course will cause ; you heartbreak, disillusionment, the loss of your child.' What, have you to balance these possibilities? A brief spell of stolen love, if it can be called love. As you see it in cold print, does it seem worthwhile. Try Being a Good Wife Yo.u have, by your own admission, a good husband. Why not at leajjt give him the break of trying to be a good wife? Give yourself, say, six months to act the role of a conscientious wife and mother. Di op the melodramatic part of a lovesick heroine for at least that length of time. By the time your self-probation is over, I bet you'll have decided home, husband and baby are enough to fill your'life. You certainly have no guarantee your friend will break up his home, even if you abandon yours, and I'm sure it takes little imagination to foresee your future in that case. Minus ihusband and lover, you'll face a hostile world alone. Isn't it belter to settle for the certainties of the present, even though they may not be. as alluring as: you'd like? The realities you have are certainly enough for most women. Dear Miss Dix: I'm a girl of 17 and haye had quite a few dates, but suddenly my seem to trust me. have a fear that mother doesn't She appeal's to something will happen to me. T try not to cause her to worry. Now, she won't trust me to be alone in they house with my boy friend, who is a Very polite, considerate young man. Florrle Answer: Your mother is right in not wishing you to be alone in the house with a boy. The situation, for one thing, could easily arouse ugly gossip. Mom's anxiety is quite usual for teenagers' parents. Looking back we can see how needless most of the worry was, but watching our youngsters grow Up, < and realizing the many pitfalls into which they may fall, is bound to make us concerned. Continue to show that you are trustworthy) and Mom will get over her worrying. Dear Miss Dix: My husband is a fine, considerate person when sober, but when he has been drinking, of which he is guilty occasionally, he tells me he doesn't love me and wants a younger woman. Shold I leave him so he can have what he wants? B..L. Answer: Since these spells occur but seldom, you'd do better to stay. You wouldn't be happy at all it you left your man. J don't hold with the proverb, "In vino veritas." I think an overindulgence in alcohol is much more likely to produce false statements. (Released by The Bell Syndicate, Inc.) TV Station Sale Is Discussed MEMPHIS ifl — Executives- of WHBQ and WHB -TV and of ,the New York firm which wants to buy the Memphis radio and television stations huddled here today Continued takes 6 guy! w'HTt * fit give P (toa* feieir break Hk«* that, ifnd I don't IsijoW it/* *ftflS icve lalk makes "Sehsjg i«j 3. Surprise hfm Vifa -J clal wifely atfcntlojsgf suet example, tutting the la sell, polishing the family el pumpift? ufy ft tint lire. *B 6* joy tlMt ilgfits tig husbniii's •fiteary fkct- fr than repay you, 4. able money youf 'Jtusbattd fi dulgti in we'ekW pdrKef j the buys at nig l oihce« tirobabl y dirtens of 'jeoti your own Vieiphbofhood , be glad to givt thelt Btisirffi you instead of a professMdnl dry. One wife earned &6? money this, way her $ band bought her ft chine on their wedding .\afttif ary, tnd now she can; 'h twice as much work, Th6w.« py come- "life* is the talk' whole comrm«if&. *» *f 5. Wiry -tag- along *Hh t every 'iSmfetfiffHtr husband,*, aUs$''^»^ not lit W at laast otfe 'vacation , by 1 , each ,nd, why £#' not >«• jspst-e^t: '* - few mofi the inteiwtJfigt things 'fife to tell you when he him promise W a sea shell. • '"• Any wife with can probably think" 'Up J flcfeei feel rtiore there are ment to keep^yjitfc jti Remember,' ~'•"""" wife does for more he feels he "loves herself alono. 1 other ctfmulftUnjj/ways L tof$ hot marriage '-<-•'"^'•'".-^•f"- band's ,lie»rt ; The big idea i«; foV t 4 1 * 1 * i"*i ^'A**-! to discuss jjrire, f aymemir! possibly, possession?,* -;»«!<** General Teleradio/'vlric sidiary of her Co. recently ^p lion dollars for the* George S. ' Benson Harding College'**! ' o^nar ofc th& ita^iore called' the offer -aijcerilablll John, radio represented the 'pro?; «l.*.nl*.H«.««. *.l 4—Jij-iji. ** W*Ji£fc2f*. purchase - - . HELP for Coi the very first dos?."p|pggi is loosened, you breathe: ,„, " Tf "vj. **V^» iff *£-f*V 1^1 CREOMUl:SI< Mil.vos Coughs, Ch*|^C<!Wi^f -" Sl " 1 gives you a// these features ..i . •'. 'f at lowest prices! . ,|^ > ' •> <n i^i.f /.*i"< , w J»i YORK (0 Listening tonight :NBC —7:30 Bob Hope; 8 Phil and Alice; 8:35 House of lasi. 'CBS - 6:3£ Julius La Rosa; V Mr. Keen's Drama; 8:30 That's Rich; ABC'— 8 Ozzie and Harriet; 8:30 H. Hornblower; indication that some ancient authorities omitted "For Thine is the kingdom and the power, and the gjory." The point, however, does illustrate the high integrity with which these recent translators did their work and their zeal for honesty and accuracy, , according to the evidence and their best judgment. One question that might be raised is whether Jesus intended the Prayer to become, 1 as it has, an exact liturgical fprrn. or, rather, a model "after thi§ manner" for all praying.' For the Prayer js wha.t all prayer should be — not .petitions for "things" or for Rersona} ben- *«• V <* rt i t POWERED FOR PERFORMANCE i ENGINEERED fOR CCONjpMYl Striking New Luxury-Line Styling. Here are the best-looking Chevrolets of all time. Available in 161 model-color combinations! Luxurious New Modern-Mpde Interiors. Richer fab* rics-vinyl trim-interior colors keyed to exterior colors in "Two-Ten" and Bel Air models! k, New Power In "Blue-Flome 125" Engine." More power-more smoothness-more economy-with this brilliant Powerglide engine, New Power in "Blye-Flame ! 15" f nglne, The "Bluer Flume 115" Engine slip gives you new compression power, finer performance and portant gas savings. Highly Perfected Powerglide, Now yovj can the finer, thriftier Powerglide. automatic (ransu)|s» sion* on all Cheyrplet models. Extraordinary Fpur-fold Economy,U) LQwest-pri9e(J line (2) extremely ^yy operating 90^$ (3) $$&$$* tipnally low higher resale value, New IPW Price on Power Steering.. control, Available on a.11 ridels,* ' New Power Brakes f$r Vo first and the outstanding rolet's field. Do rmjqh you. (Available on New Automatic Window a button tp f9W the frpn); seat wp \ with the same ea^e, $$I Air Corp.? ii\, i ,J^m/>

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