Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 18, 1912 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 18, 1912
Page 5
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THE TOLA DAILY REGISTER, MONDAY EVENINq NOVEMBER 18,191^. OUR 15th ANNUAL LINEN SALE, Began Saturday wtth a Large Mwd and Lasl^TDI Wednesdail^ening, \ovember 20qi This is not a new sale, but a sale the folks of lola, Allen and surrounding counties look forward to each year with great anticipation^iprS OUR GREAT ANNUAL THANKSGIVING LINEN AND HOl'SEHOLD SALE. We've been preparing for it for weeks. We are determined to make it the biggest four days selling evo^n the history of our store—even greater than the big smashing event of a voar ago. Fifteen years ago we held our first Thanksgiving Linen Sale in lola—which was a great success—and eadnucceeding year our Thanksgiving Linen Sales have been better than the preceding ones. THIS YEAR WE EXPECT TO BREAK ALL PREVIOUS RECORDS, and if price and quality count ^anything we will accomplish our aim. liny J our H:iiiiik*>r«*hi<>is at lliis hit: sale— while you Ii;n«- a hirer a>»<irtm?iit to rbo«>e llieni ironi. I,aii:-s' ik-rchipf.s in p'.nin Unon. fin- lirojd.-yv (orn-rs injtiul. sp-:j:il. <-ai-b--.'>C' Orh .T > ii,tn.]kervi:i.-;s in i-lain and fancy, taih . , and l.">e TliH best liii- of I.;iiii.-s' HanilkfTjliiefs wf liavf tv"r <'AI):- n —WMrth a sv-^at lieal more— Thai.kseiv Sal- i-rir,- ... 'ii^C M-v.< .M-'-I ••i-i;--! !:iit;:.; Iiatiiik-r* l;iefs— •'^P'-i-ial lUc EXTRA SPECIAL: 25 dozen heavy Bleached Turkish To\vei<. 23x41. l)ouo:hi expressly for ihis sale. v\ori !i double, the price. ThanksiriviniT Sale. ... IT'^c TABLE LINE Thank.^ you for Table Lineru-^ a.>^sume greater importance as Thanksgiving approaches for, v.<;giving feiist is not complete unless it is spread on a brand new Table iPoth. »r their beauty, serviceability and inexnensivenes5. Note the Rig Reductions: very good housewife feels that the big Our Table Linens are commended to TABLE LINENS. Ta:'l'> Linens. sa:«> |)ricf.. _ 7.V TaiiK- Linens, sait* pnct- T ''le Unens sal^ pricf... $1.'>') ': iile I.!n?ns. sale price 4 *<- \\V have fl;e best line of tli>* i-.iost beautiful pattern;; in tl .'.i" IJnens \v have ever shown, such as: I*an.>iy patfern.=. Hose. Pansy and Stripe. Fl<-ur de Lis. Dots and Pansy. MominB Glory F«»rn and Leaf. Ma- 1)1.' L"aves and Plain with floral border: Thanks- Riving Sale price, yard A'Zf il.-2'> Table Linens, sale price-- J)8c $L:>" Table Linens, sale price $1.19 ?LT .T Table Ljnens, sale price $1.4.'> $2.0'i Table Linens, sale price ijd.GT $2.'.0 Table Linens, sale price ' S'^.IO NAPKINS. $12'. .\..!.l.;n.-. por linden $1 .'.'I .\apkii;s p> r dozen $1.7 ."i Naiikiiis. |)er dozen _ $2 .00 ."^'aiikins. |.er doz.-n $2.2 -T .Vapkin^. per iliizt-n- $2 »;o .\apkin .-i. I'-r dozen $2.7.'. Napkins, p.-r dozen . . . -. Napkin.-. p»-r dozen $3.2."> .Napkins, per dozen - $3..%t> Napkins. peMlbzen $3.7.'. .Napkins dozen - . i^'t $4.0fi .Napkinji'Ver dozen . . -- <» $4 "'0 .Napiy^, per dozen _. ... $4.7.'> sy/kins per dozen . - _ - ?i:i .9S $.'«.0(i JRpkins, per dozen EXTRA SPECIAL! Twenty Wool Ores.«es, all the season's style.-, in bn>wn. kltft and black, also five Silk Dresses.jfiooil styles These dresses .sold reglilar up to $12..'>0_,'| Thanksgiving Sale, choice S5.4I> These are exceptional values. *L1» *LB: *L;9 PATTERN CLOTHS. and .Napkins to man h. .\ beautiful assortment to choose froui. such as Kose Itorder and Dot Center: Petunia and Ribbon': .Narcussus and Scroll; .Anemone and Scroll: Jasmine and Bow Knot; Tulip or Poppy patterns: Plain Bar Striped: also a lot of Lunch Cloths with .Napkins to match. lln.iMi H»-is. on sale for. $4.7 ."i Sets, on sale for $3.. "/I Sets, on sale for.. $6.0o Sets, on .-ale for-_ .-J $€.'.0 Sets, on sale for._ $7 00 Sets, on sale for-_ $S.i>') Sets on sale for-. Sets, on sale for.. --ST.89 -SjKJ.OS -S !«.10 -S4.98 --S.">.48 -Sj?5.98 - .S«.98 --«7..'J9 W90I Dress Goods in Serg*^. Novelties Panamas, etc.— a-' snqd assortment of colors, regular .'prices $l .riO $t.2"' and $1 a yard, on sale, per .vard..- '(>9C Wool and Cotton Dress Goods, most all colors regular ."<ic and t ",."r value, on sale, yard . ' SHOES. Thanksgiving Sale price.s. I'jdies' and .Misses' Siioes button and lace, kid. patent and gmi uietal. new styles oir regular $2'>» Slioes Thanksgiving .^a!e price S'i.lO EXTRA SPECIAL! Twenty-five Silk Messallne Petti­ coats, new s'yies, most all shades, pink, blue, black, gray, yellow, emer- ''dli, green, etc. Kegular price $3.7." to $.". Tiiank.-^^iving special S2.98 Come with the Crowds to the One Big ThanksgiviDg Sale and tai(e Advantage o! the Big Savings SrPI 'LY YOfR 1 rilJLST.M.V.^ .MJCDS NOW in Scarfs. Sfpiares. <'er .!-.r f 'i ar.d Doilies, in Plain Linen Kyelet V\'.);' y.^hv IruU Cluay and some very fine iaiji'.rt U \' ccs incluiie.l in this lot. Read the jirites: 2TiC values. Sale pine 'iO^ ;iOc values, rale price .- ._. *23c :','c values, .sale price : — 50c values, sale price 42^ 7.">c values, -ale price ^. _ iViC >'•(: values, .-ale pri<. (JTC $L"" valuws. Kale price^ S '-iO • il '•'< values sale ;.rir.--^ -.^1.19 $-1.11 valuer, sale price. . -Sl.GT $2.."." values, sale prife. $3 .-0 values, sale pri< e S't.lO $4.7.'' values, sale j.rice _. 98 $';."'.0 value.;, sal' piiie .-5*.'i.48 You will find many Special Bargains in all Departments not mentioned in this ad. TOWELS AND TOWELING At Thanksgiving Prices;. : ..• T.v.i.;- ; • r.-cilar I'rice 7'-c. - - r.w- :-E\ 7'.:" -..ihie. Thiujksgiv- -- ---."ic n 4 .'»C . ; :•• ri and s<a!loped edges. 'i-K- 1 •A-... -:'e iN\;>.. v.^rv sjieciallv priced. - - He SHEETS "."c S !ieets Thanksgiving Sale price ... •'."o Sl .-ets. Thanksgiving Sale prUe .. . "^.'.c- .>^;.-e!s Thanksgiving Sale price jl,,.. -;>i....ts. ThankspiUng Sale price PILLOW CASES IV pillow Cast*?, sale price. . 17>3C Pillow Cases, .-nile price .„ -'vc Pillow Cases sale prio- . . . J-.c Piire*- Cases, sale price S'c Pillow f^ases. sale price .-. Stic i.v- . EXTRA SPECIAL! 4.'x"''. I'illtiw Cases, cood (ju .Tlity. bought e-pe<i ;i ]iy fur thi? faie worth I'e: Tl aiik.-gMiig Sale, each ". .. JJf BED SPREADS T!.pr.k.-s:i\ ini; ^.ile I'f Quilts in plain cut corners, fringe,] and sraliop'il—a wid. r.iage of patterns to choose «'r'>;u. Spreads. ThanksKiving Sale pri. e ... .. . .--!>8e l*ic |-$I-'< Bed .Spreads for..*l.l9 $:1.<M . rw Spreads tor .fitt J1.7.'. Hed Spreads fiT #I.4.% S:lBed Spreads lor . ;CI.10 f 2 "o Ped spreads for i\XlS $4 e" Bed Spreads tor . .xi3.44 f2.27. Bed S;'read< for »L;9 $4..^O Bed Spread.s for ?X«i9 $2.-." Ik-l Spreads for Bed Spreads for ..»"4.I.» EXTRA SPECIAL! One l,.,r of tiaint.v svxic-. '.Tnry Whit- ^:tripeO \"t >ii Wlute Waisting etc. valuvs' ..11 T*«. .vrj; " i.-si-'ng .ia.e ;rice. tier vard. only . - - ...... 1 LACE CURTAINS , Thanksgiving Saie of Uice I'urtaiu ; spcci.T:;? j from per pair - - SI TO FANCY WHITE .A I'RONS I.ace and embroidery trii. 1. 1 ii. sgiving Sale irices. 2V values on sale at i"v •'•c va' :• s on sale at .. .-4ii" S.V values on sale at.,-. .iTc 7'c val •< >n .-ale at... —tec 4.V values on sale at --37c values on .~:.le .M ViC I 3 TlintiL <i!rh in:.- I»rlr«« will xioe on a -ct. meni K larL -i-. lilac k t'.ni- •. ^•ale pi I r"; liriiwu t ..rieV tron. WhlTe Ko\ •- Isal.ella K..>. .-^ K;is-tan y.w.'r Black .s. Jap -Mini; S- • Bla< k K>.>\ t; Ked K'i\ Sets ; Ciiina Sa' ;.' I Black KusMai! Browrr flea\^-: AtJericaii .Mi:.k . .Many o;l..:s S\VEATERS 0:;e Ii ^t Wi};;e ("oat Sweaters, .-oiled bu: a !:!?> uat. r niake them like new; \vcr"h re~-'j;ar uji Thanksgiving t'ale S2.49 SILK KiM0NXs7~ In p!ain color- and fancy Japanese patterns, the la'est styies: values up to$*j .:.i' Thanksgi-.:ug Sale .-S3.98 jou Ironi to #T.'i(l nii« Mliilc the a»»ort. .-^cis. T; .i!iksj::ving lo fii-Vi ^.'..iMi to >\:t.tM >ll>.7'. to ir-i :Xi» . I: *i;..Vi to rHJ^^t *i.Vtiit to *»0 .W ?^2.1 lo tXLiit ':>\ Siiefiai piic .-s. In Our Ready-to- SUITS Thanksgiving Sale of Ladies' Suits in . all the latest modes and weaves. Every Suit in the house goes in this sale— these are the greatest bargains ever offered you in Suits Note the prices: $?..'• no Sul^s. on »al«. . $"ooo Suits, on nale $27 .'-o Suits on sale $2.".. 00 SiiUs on sale $22 ">0 Siilts, on sale , $20.00 Suits, on sale.. $17 '-O Suits on sale.. SI.-,.00 Suits, on sale. $12 r >0 Suits, on sale. $lit.!».'. Suits, on sale.. !H18..-|0 HIIU).*)"; .*i;i.7.-» SHll.7.1 !i(10.<N> —#7.98 —J^J.98 Wear Department COATS Thanksgiving Sale of Ladies' Coats. Eveiything that is new. Prices like these have never been attempted by any one else at this season of the year. These Coats are under marked from $5 to SIO less than you would have to pay elsewhere for^similar ones. Read the reductions: $?.0.00 Coats. $27 .'.o Coats $2 ."..ii'i Coats. $22 r,0 Coats, $20 .00 Coats, $17..'.0 Coats. $1 .=1 .00 Coats $12 r.O Coats, $10.00 Coats, $7.'.0 Coats. $fi.'.o Coats sale sale sale sale sale sale sale sale .-ale sale sale prii pnc" price price • price, price., price price price, price, price. _ S22..".(> I9..10 7.."»<> -#j ;$.*.».'» -#ii.*>.'» —S9..K) —«7..'-»l» --JM .7.'» -SM .."><> Sloys" and G'rii" luntlet Gloves-^ Warm Hned . 'pi' .•. • . ..Mr Chi 'i n s Yarn (ipne.; uid Wiitens priced . 1 ,V. iOr ilirls •;• • .Mitten- \.ariii line.l, on Fa!e. at . . . .iOc Uidl.s" iiiid I ..ilrea - Kl't ,, ves In black uR-; .ors. Tliank.-<i\ .ns pn •. pair .M. ^leJO to iSMt THANKSGIVING SALE OF BLANKETS F!:.tnkets pric'H speci.illy •'"•' T*^. *L #I..fW, to pair. U'wl Blanket-i to ^'etO Beacon Filankets. ; ..r .. . ^X9^ Comforts on „ale. . .>t 4o iajW (Jilting Klanu'.:U. ar.i 5c, .^'ac, Ute Calicoes all colors, yard EXTRA SPECIAL! $1 .".0 and $-'"> B:ladcioth, iii03t all colors special, yard 98<' $12.". and $1.00 Broadcloth, special, per yard 79^ EXTRA SPECIAL! Thanksgiving Sale ^! Ha«d Bags— leath.T Bagi with .i;i't and bronze tr!-:!;iin^. new sb:; . r<rular $1 .25 \,r;ii . rpecial. eSch. -J 93 <i'

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